Ista's Hatching

Shot in the Dark Egg shifts suddenly in the sands, the first movement amoungst the group of twelve, heralding the beginning of the clutch. After it sudden movement it grows still yet again.

Ankhepith yawns, curled safely around her own clutch at the rear of the sands. A glance is cast across at Umniyath every now and then, but it seems the two are at peace, for now at least - that may change as the eggs hatch.

Umniyath looks down toward the wobbling egg, before a low humm eminates from her throat. Yes it is time. Time for the hatching to begin. It is not long before people are gathered and humming vibrates the walls of the Weyr. Lisle appears from an alcove to the side of the sands, and heads up to the platform behind the sands, waiting for weyrlingmasters and others as well as of course the candidates.

L'ton has managed to secure himself a spot on the platform generally reserved for the clutchparents, though what he had to do to manage is anyone's guess as he has played no part in any of the various clutches that are scattered throughout the hatching grounds. Yet, there he stands, hovering questioningly close to Lisle, moving to rest a hand lightly on her back for support, gaze settled on the eggs as they begin their dance.

A series of tiny wiggles come from the odd little Feeling Single Seeing Double Egg, as if each side is tugging the other to follow it. If ever there was doubt before that this is truly one egg, it can only be emphasised by this odd battle of wills between the two bulges.

Ch'tra appears from one of entrances, not too far - thankfully - behind some of the others. He looks around for a moment to get his bearings, and then calmly walks to the platform and stands next to L'ton for the sake of being next to the Weyrsecond. Though for some reason, he's covered in a fair share of … rock dust?

Shot in the Dark Egg yet again jerks with life, moving quite frantically in its little mound of sand, before a series of cracks start to slither across it's surface. Through one of the cracks a single talon appears like the tip of an arrow poking out of the cover of the bushes.

Leslyn appears, hurrying over towards Ankhepith and not towards the platform. The others on the sands get a quick wave, but she's here on calming duty. Taking up a spot sitting on Ankhepith's foreleg, she gets ready to watch.

As L'ton steps up behind her, Lisle looks up to him and gives him a thankful smile for the support. She takes a deep calming breath before looking out over the sands. No matter how many times she has been through this, it is just as exciting and nervewracking everytime! Her gaze shifts from the rumbling eggs to the entrance, "Where are they?" She asks with concern before a sigh of relief as she notes the candidates start to arrive.

Feeling Single Seeing Double Egg jerks from side to side, each movement getting more and more violent as the battle of the double egg continues. The end must surely be in sight, but which half will be the victor?

Distracting the Hero Egg begins to shake furiously, the being inside seemingly in a hurry to escape from its eggshell prison. Every shudder seems to set the egg rocking in its sandy hollow, each rock taking longer to settle than the last.

L'ton smiles in return to Lisle, nodding his head as if reassuring her that he's not going to go wandering away either, leaving his hand lightly on his back, even as he takes careful note of the candidates as they arrive, attention mostly on one of the young women, and a blonde haired young man.

Shot in the Dark Egg gives another violent tremor before the crack deepens from the point of the pale talon and the egg cracks open, the dragonling slowly slinking out from his hiding place to sneak out into the open sands. The Star Dusted Midnight Blue Hatching then pauses and looks around quietly seeking out his chosen.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Star Dusted Midnight Blue Hatching >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This young blue seems to be dark as night, as if a part of the sky has descended to the sands. His limbs are long and sinewy, each tipped with pale blue almost white claws. The dark midnight blue hide is dusted with palest of blue specks as if he brought the stars with him as well. There seems to be a greater concentration of stardust along his spine, making his ridges stand out like blue diamonds atop his dark back. His head is well proportioned for his age, though it is at the end of a rather long neck. Ghostly headknobs and pale nares mark striking features on his otherwise dark face. His inky wingsails stand out for their size compared to the rest of his forms, the spines of which are a striking white blue on the underside like comets shooting off from his body.

Jeread enters the sands and takes a moment to bow to the dam and sire of the clutch before moving off and joining the candidates already on the sands. Then starts as a blue hatchling makes his appearance on the sands.

Michael moves himself onto the sands. He's so nervous he keeps pulling on his fingers trying to crack them (but being unsuccessful). He takes only a brief glance to the stands before turning to bow lowly to the clutchparents and the weyr's leader. He gives Lisle a smile then rushes to get into line and watch the eggs start to wobble. Then one of them cracks and he exclaims. "Oh shards! Look him!" Point point, as if everyone's not already looking.

Oelannis gives an awkward bow, finding a place just in time to catch sight of the first hatchling. "They were kidding when the said 'now', huh?"

Peytah is one of the first candidates to actually set foot on the Sands, and its there that he lingers, on the threshold, gaze not on Umniyath and the rocking eggs, but on Ankhepith and her quite still ones. Then, however, the first dragonet has suddenly appeared from the moving eggs, and he's hurriedly moving to join the others in a bow to the dam and sire before joining the ring of white.

Jainika stumbles out onto the sands after the others, looking pale in the face and just shy of terrified. She grabs at the nearest candidate's hand - and dips forward to the clutchparents in a respectful bow, then lets out what could almost be considered a bark as the first blue hatches. "Already!"

Where once were two, there now is one. The Feeling Single Seeing Double Egg splits, the almost perfectly halved shell left lying on the sands as a lanky bronze takes his first steps out into the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Precession of the Equinox Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Polished bronze, burning with the clarity of a newly forged monument, swirls over the rounded head and slightly pointed headknobs of this leggy bronze before pooling in a patch of darkness at the base of his neck. This purity of colour seeps down over his slim body — muscle, sinew, and flesh melding together into an almost perfect sculpture, though overlong limbs dominate his form. His haunches shade towards brass and his long legs are stained with the taint of verdigris at his feet, a flaw echoed at the very tip of his smouldering copper tail. His wingspars rise like a solar flare, bright against his body, and flecks of fire sparkle across the sails like a meteor shower in a bronzen sky.

Fyra was still hopping on one foot to get her sandals in place as she runs after the trailing candidates, still a bit wobbly on her feet as she was recently awakened. She rubs her eyes with the palms of her hands, the runs her fingers through her hair a bit to have it look somewhat decent. Not that the hatchlings care. Her blue eyes stare up towards the galleries for a moment, searching for familiar faces before she gives the clutchparents a shaky bow. "Shells," she says finally, blinking as the first hatchlings start dropping out of their eggs.

Distracting the Hero Egg wobbles dangerously, its rhythmic rocking tipping it almost entirely over with each movement. Faster and faster it rocks, cracks spreading across the shell.

Delynni strides out onto the sands, bowing quickly to sire and dam. The first hatchling is out! Delynni grins as the blue makes his appearance. "Wow, neat, a blue and bronze first." She moves further onto the sands, looking around for Dryssa.

The Aquatic Redundancy Egg gives a little shiver, twisting itself a little deeper into the safety of the sands before stilling once more.

Mahdetoske steps in with the others, bowing as they do, and taking his place on the sands. Whatever apathy he'd been so determined to create in himself, watching the eggs burst forth around him wipes it out, and leaves him simply staring.

Dryssa goes wide-eyed once again when she sees the eggs rocking and cracking. "Oooh… this really is happening, isn't it? It's certainly different from right down here on the sands, isn't it?" She glances at Delynni and gives a quick nervous smile before her eyes go back to the dragons. "Look at them!"

Aryll goes through the motions of bowing to the clutch parents before moving off to stand next to Fyra, an excited look on her face as the first hatchling arrives. "Blue, not bad for a first. I had it pegged on green but can't always be right." She says before her gaze falls on the bronze, shifting her feet a bit as the candidate dance starts.

Khaine moves out with his heart in his throat, bowing to the clutchparents before moving off again. He blinks as there's a blue - and then suddenly, from another egg, a bronze. He looks for Toske quickly, paler than usual, and tries to get out of the way before he's jostled. No kidding about the "now," indeed…

Ankhepith rumbles as an egg close to her clutch starts moving, dropping her head to nudge at Leslyn as if she should do something about this.

Star Dusted Midnight Blue Hatching continues to look around him, quietly inspecting all those arrayed on the sands. His whirling gaze shifts over each face until it locks on to one person in particular a young man from Beast craft named Castor. Star Dusted Midnight Blue Hatchling looks over the boy from a distance before suddenly rushing toward him, which starts out a graceful journey, only to trip on his over sized wings landing in the sand before the boy. Castor stands there in shock for a moment until the dragon lifts his head from the sand and in that moment it is obvious an impression is made. Castor quickly kneels next to the blue, "Of course Chiroth…I will help you hunt down some food." And so Castor becomes C'tor, helping the little blue up dusting the sand from his hide and follows the Weyrlingmaster off the sands.

Precession of the Equinox Bronze Hatchling spreads his wings, carefully shaking off the remaining lining from the inside of the egg. He pauses to stare intently at one drip on his right foreleg, watching it closely as it trickles towards the sands. A moment later his snout drops to scratch at the trail that it left

Delson steps out onto the Sands amongst the rest and gawks for a moment, weyrbred or no, then remembers, collects himself, bows and stretches out into the loose ring the Candidates form around the eggs.
Delynni hops eagerly over to Dryssa. "Come on! Lets get in the middle so we can see everything." She tries to take the other candidate's hand. Then the blue has taken his partner, and her heart flutters. "Come on." She urges again.

C'nor runs out at the back of the candidates, sheperding the last of them into place before he hurries off to the side out of the way while he gets rid of his jacket and looks around for some water.
Oelannis strides off, skirting behind the other candidates as she finds a place that suits her. Best view. Right here.

Jeread watches as the blue chooses C'tor and gives a cheer as impression is made, "Congratulations C'tor!"

Michael makes sure to squeeze himself between Fyra and Aryll. "Hm, I was hoping for a bronze first. Isn't that good luck? Seems to have been for my brother at least." He watches the first blue pick a partner, then frowns a bit. "Ah well, one down already. That blue was in a hurry. Still plenty of eggs!" Yeah, he's comforting himself outloud.

L'ton notices Peytah's hesitance, shaking his head at his cousin's actions, before his attention is drawn back by the sudden arrival of not one, but two new dragons. "Good show, Lis-dear." He murmurs, even as his gaze drifts to Jainika, shaking his head at her nervousness. "Its okay, Jainika.." He mutters, more for his own benefit than hers, as there's no way it would have traveled to the girl's ears.

Dryssa breaks into giggles and applause when the first impression is made. "Congratulations, Castor!" She follows Delynni over to get a good view of the rest of the eggs, still watching with amazement and nervousness.

Leslyn lacks the power to stop eggs moving, though she tries her best to give some kind of comfort to Ankhepith. The quiet conversation between the two seems to calm the gold a little, but there's a definitely tinge of worry in her eyes as she watches the hatchlings.

Fyra gives her head a mighty shake, probably to wake her up a bit more. "Blue's just as good as any, unless you're betting," she tells Aryll as she steps into place, already shifting nervously. "What do we do again?" She blinks up in surprise towards Michael, her jaw dropping a moment before she turns to the first impression. "Wow," she says intelligently. "But they're hatching so fast already!" Her eyes are on that bronze, though, following him.

Distracting the Hero Egg crashes to the sands, shattering the delicate shell into a myriad of tiny pieces and revealing a dark brown hatchling almost entirely enshrouded in his own wings.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Volcanic ash stains the hide of the abnormally thin brown dragon, highlighting the dull muddiness of his hide and emphasising his skeletal look - every muscle and bone that goes to make up his frame can be easily seen and counted through his lacklustre hide. His forehead is overgrown, nose shortened an upturned at the end, and each dusted with dust-like specks of white. His haunches shade more towards black coffee, an oil-like sheen streaking down the back of each leg, while his tail appears to have been dipped in molasses. Huge glassy wings, almost devoid of colour and definitely too large for his frame, shimmer in the slightest light, casting an odd haze around him and across his brittle alabaster talons.

Mahdetoske glances to the side and grins wickedly at Khaine. "Feel like we're lunch, yet?" he teases as he moves to spread out a little. Ah, Castor, you're a lucky man.

Jainika goes grasping again, swatting accidentally at Khaine's hand as she tries to grab one. "Impressed already? Is it always so fast? Are you ill? I'm ill. I shouldn't have had anything to drink. And a bronze too, I hope it doesn't catch anyone. In the bad way, you know." Harper family or no, Jainika's reaction to fear is clearly uncontrollable wordvomit. If she's noticed L'ton, it's not evident - though she could clearly use a reassuring face. "Sweet Faranth I hope my parents don't see me get sick."

Lisle watches as the dragons emerge from their shells and at least one quickly sets to and impresses. There is actually relief on her features now. It is happening and nothing she can do can hinder or stop it. Her gaze shifts to candidates, seeking out certain faces in the crowd even as she reaches for L'ton's hand. Must hold on to something.

A series of small jumps comes from the Aquatic Redundancy Egg as it now begins to untwist itself from its sandy home. Each spin of the shell shakes a little sand free, and soon it pitches over to one side in the widened hole it's made for itself.

Aisling follows along beside behind all the others, close to Delson. Thankfully, his bow pulls her nerves together and has her remembering her manners and curties deeply before hurrying off to the line of candidates.

Aryll smirks as a thought crosses her mind, an evil look sent over to Fyra. "Hope the Hatching game comes in handy today, these eggs seem to be in a hurry." When Michael joins them she eyes the boy before laughing. "Bet you walk off with a green." She does eye the bronze though but her eyes catch sight of the next egg shattering. "Brown, oh, he's nice looking!"

Delynni steps back at the brown's sudden appearance. "Wow, what an entrance." She comments as she reaches for Dryssa's hand and squeezes, hard. "And a nice looking brown while we're at it."

Khaine latches onto Toske, looking only mildly excited. Terrified more like. "Not yet. But this is really happening, isn't it?" he stammers, wild green eyes flickering from bronze to blue to bronze and then to the brown that newly hatches. He actually latches onto Jainika with his other hand as well, saying to her, "If you throw up, I'll be right behind you. Please don't…."

Delson jumps a little as that egg breaks apart nearby and one hand lifts to push his bangs out of his eyes so he can see better. Hatchlings. Hatchlings moving on the Sands. The darting of his eyes to and fro speaks loud and clear about his thought process: Watch out. He does sneak a peek Aisling's way and gives her an unsteady grin then reaches to snag her hand. "Not quite like the game, is it?" he mutters, watching, watching as another egg starts to move.

Ch'tra shifts a little bit on the platform as he watches the going-ons, looking a little bit uncomfortable though his face is spreading into a wide reminiscing smile as he watches C'tor impress to a blue, and the Equinox bronze hatch. Oh, the memories, but at the same time, he's appart from the others on the platform, keeping a careful eye on the candidates.

Precession of the Equinox Bronze Hatchling moves awkwardly — not stepping away from his shell, but twisting to try to scratch at an itch on the back of his neck where the egg goo is beginning to dry. He throws his head back to try to bite the offending itch, but there's no way he'll reach it. His head drops back down to his foreleg again, scratching at it urgently. This is most unpleasant.

Oelannis wipes a hand across the back of her neck, sweating already, "You think the sweat is part of the process.. how the hatchlings tell who they want?" She asks to no one in particular.

Fire and Fur Egg starts to wobble slightly, rocking this way and that in a seemingly random manner as it's occupant starts to move around inside. The motion increasingly becomes more and more frantic as time goes on.

Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Hatchling is reluctant to drop the cloak of his wings, for he remains curled up for a moment, lacking in actual shadows to retreat too. However, soon enough he's on the move, dodging across the sands left and right, knocking Peytah down without hesitant, practically chortling in a draconic manner before he's proceeding down the row.

The Aquatic Redundancy Egg rolls completely out of its hollow on the sands, now visibly cracked by the hatchling inside. It bounces off another egg, rolling a little further towards the candidates before shattering completely and spilling a rather squashed looking blue onto the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Fallen Foul of Fate Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While not wildly different from the other hatchlings of his clutch, this small blue appears to be slightly squashed. Tiny head, muzzle slightly flattened, is plumed in teal, darker over the crown and with a pale, powder blue streak across the front of his eyes. His torso and wings seem to be larger than the proportion of his body might recommend and are marked with the faintest of brown shading. While a pure sky-blue coats his wing sails and stubby legs, his flanks are splashed with a vague hint of light green where wing joins body. A short tail is streaked with darker hues of blue - cerulean, navy and midnight appearing in uneven striation, before it comes to a blunt end.

Michael chuckles a bit. "These hatchlings have been calm so far…." Of course there were only three of them. He peers down at Aryll. "Green is better than nothing…" He wipes his brow a bit, then shifts his feet on the hot sands. He should have gotten thicker sandals. "Ooh! Another blue."

Jeread spots the brown as it makes it appearance, and watches as it knocks down a candidate, "Shards that looks like it would hurt….gotta keep your eyes on the hatchlings."

Dryssa takes a deep breath to try to calm herself, squeezing Delynni's hand in return. Despite her normally cheery and carefree attitude, the whole experience clearly has her very on edge and more than a little scared. "It's all happening so fast."

Peytah is sudden bowled over by the shadowy, almost evil looking brown dragonet, and the blonde-haired man finds himself sitting on the sands for a moment, shaking his head. Yet, then he's slowly realizing the heat as it soaks through his white robe, and he's scrambling to his feet just in time to see yet another blue emerge.

Mahdetoskecringes as Peytah is sent down, and gives Khaine's hand a good hard slap. "Don't you cling to me. Shards, you're worse than those girls. You stand on your own, no use me getting mauled because /your/ lifemate decides I'm in the way." he reminds sharply. Clumping, BAD. ACK! Out of the way!

Delynni eyes the Aquatic egg as it breaks open, a blue breaks shell. "Alright, lots of blues." She nods at Dryssa. "I know. Oooooh, this has to be the time!" She insists, jaw clenching. "I love blues, oh please let this be the time."

Fallen Foul of Fate Blue Hatchling hatches upside down, emphasising the almost comical proportions of his body. It takes him a moment to separate wings from feet, stumbling towards the line of candidates as he does so and nearly falling on top of the latest Shipton to grace the black sands of Ista. It seems his clumsy walk has accomplished his plans, no matter how unorthodox it was, and as Peytah calls out "Vroliath!" he gives a happy flip of his wings that suggests maybe he's not quite as dumb as he looks.

Fyra bobs her head towards the bronze dragon, the one she was staring at. "Needs to find himself someone to take care of all that itching," she says with a snort, starting to get into the hatching, her arms grabbing onto the hem of her robe to wipe the sweat off as she shifts her feet. "Well, they're not running at us yet, are there?" But she spoke too soon, as she turns to glance at Aryll, she catches sight of a candidate going down, making her jump a bit.

Striking a Balance Egg decides it is now the time it must make it's move. Half of its siblings have departed their eggs, half yet to go. What better time make your first move. There is a tremor of the egg, yet it moves little from it's spot on the sands.

"Another blue!" That's Jainika's noisy squeak, and she shudders as she spots Peytah fall - and then, promptly, get claimed by the blue that just hatched. "Better than a mauling, I imagine." She leans forward enough to spot Toske on Khaine's other side and stick her tongue out at him briefly. "Some of us are just a little put off by this whole experience!" And some, like Jainika, are becoming unavoidably more shrill as it goes on.

Aryll does a double take at the brown however, having noticed something. "He's a bit bony though, en't he? I mean, colors nice but he obviously needs to put on a few pounds. Oh, we've got a downer!" She calls out, catching Peytah getting barreled into. "You know, on second thought you on green would be terrifying. Going proddy all the time that is, this poor Weyr couldn't hand that." Fyra gets a grin before she moves off to the girls other side. "Get ready to run, Fy. Never know when they'll come at us!"

Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Hatchling was unsuccessful in his first attempt, as it seems that the boy he'd headed straight for is not already on his feet again, but being paired with a blue. And then there's a candidate suddenly leaning forward infront of him, and he practically hissing, swinging his tail at the offending form, aiming to connect with Jainika's knees in what he hopes is a rather painful manner. Cue more chortling.

Striking a Balance Egg's tremors grow, now rocking side to side in its little wallow of sand until suddenly it falls over onto it's side pointing toward the candidates arrayed before it. As it falls a dark wet talon pierces the crown of the egg and a crack follows down the top of the egg. Another talon pokes through the crown making another crack appear down the egg, followed by a third before the movements pause. Resting a moment before it's grand entrance.

Horn of Plenty Egg beings to roll rather awkwardly upon its narrow end, spiraling upon its sandy bed.

Khaine is slapped away and winces a bit, moving off from Toske entirely, putting space between them. "Right. Thanks for reminding me." He lets go of Jainika too - or tries to, unless she's hanging on too tight. He's moving out of the way of that hatchling bowling people over, though. And trying hard to not start panicking. No way does he want to get mauled. Especially by THAT one. "Look out, Jaine!" he calls, perhaps too late.

Mahdetoske turns to cringe at Jain pointedly, when he spots the tail her way. Eyes widen in alarm as Toske tries hauling their trio back sharply. "JAIN!"

Fire and Fur Egg continues to wobble about frantically in it's hollow of sand, until all of a sudden it rocks violently to one side with a resounding impact. It settles back into it's hollow again and is still for a few moments before another tremendous impact from inside rocks it to the side again

Aisling is kind of awestruck with all the hatchlings wandering around. "This is amazing."She says quietly. She jumps a bit when the awkward blue finds it's way on top of Peytah, but she smiles when it seems he wanted it that way.

Michael grins a bit. "We could use a little action on the sands. Oop, there goes someone." He shakes his head a bit, then gives Aryll an evil look. "I bet you'll impress to brown and your dragon will catch mine all the time. And you'll be stuck with me. We'll practically have to be weyrmates." He laughs before turning his attention back to the wandering hatchlings.

Delson runs his wrist over his forehead as the heat of the Sands already starts the inevitable progression of sweat down his face. "Shells …" he mutters under his breath as Peytah falls but then just as soon Impresses that blue. The Candidate shakes his head as if to clear it, maybe a little overwhelmed. That shrillness in Jainika's voice draws his attention briefly and when the brown takes aim at her his eyes widen and he winces visibly. "Eeesh …"

Precession of the Equinox Bronze Hatchling needs help, there's only so long he can do this on his own and the itches are spreading thick and fast. His movement towards the line is remarkably sedate for one in so much discomfort, but he heads directly for one boy sure from the start that this one could help him. He settles a little away from the dark haired boy, twisting to try to reach yet another itch on his back before crooning insistently at him.

Oelannis worries at her lip a bit as she watches falling candiates and hatchling attack farther down the line. Maybe she shouldn't have joked about mauling? Kharma keep your distance!

Striking a Balance Egg suddenly resumes its movements once more, pieces starting to fall away around the creature as it continues to poke through the shell before enough bits fall away to reveal the Harmony of Design Green Hatchling. She slowly unfurls her jade form from the egg, taking time to remove bits of shell from her hide. No rush, they will wait for judgement in her time, not theirs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Harmony of Design Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Balance and beauty are the two words that perfectly describe this hatchling. Her jade green hide shows nearly every shade possible for the colour. Her neck ridges are a dark green, even in colour themselves as they flow down her back. The colour seems to slowly wash down her sides going from the dark green of her spine, fading to an apple green along her sides and flowing neatly to a pale yellowish green on her belly Her slender neck is not overly long , drawing on the apple green colour of her sides, while her head knobs are the much darker green. Her wings are well balanced as well, being not overly large or small and on its upper surface being the same colour as her upper body, while the lower surfaces take on the pale colour of her belly so that from above she looks as uniform as from below.

Jeread winces as he see's the brown's tail heading for Jainika's legs, that one seems mean definately a good idea to keep away from him…

Fyra shakes her head to Aryll. "Wasn't down for long. Maybe it's a lucky thing, getting tackled by a dragon?" she says with a giggle towards Peyton and his newly Impressed lifemate. She gives a clap to the pair, only to wince again. "Jain!" She looks a bit uneasy now, as it is someone that she knows, completely forgetting about the other hatchlings on the sands.

Dryssa's excitement and wonder turns to outright terror for a moment when the first candidate is knocked down onto the sands. Her eyes dart left and right as she tries to make sure nothing is sneaking up to inflict a similar fate upon her. "This is kind of… scary, isn't it?"

Jainika's eyes go wide and her mouth opens - either she can't say anything or she's got the good sense not to go screaming at a hatchling. She starts and stumbles back, though the spade of the brown's tail manages to connect with her shin before he moves on, and she falls flat on her bum looking thoroughly startled. "/It hit me!/" Aside from a rather nasty red mark on her leg, she seems more surprised than hurt as she struggles to stand. Or she hasn't processed it yet. "I didn't do it!" Whatever it was.

Aryll gasps as Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown attacks one of the Candidates. "Shards, that dragon's mad! He took Jainika out, did you see?" She composes herself soon enough however and then it's back to sand watching and frowning at Mike's comment. "I'd move Weyrs." She says with a shake of her head. "And if I Impress certainly hope it en't that one. Shards, however does get paired with him sure will have their hands full, eh Fyra?"

A rather chubby girl bends over to pick up a small shard of shell that fell from one of the newly impressed dragonets, a brief, but polite, cough from a candidate behind her reminding her of the fact that her robe is a little on the short side.

The Youthful Innocence Egg doesn't move, it's really not in the mood for dramatics or jumping. It does seems to be expanding, however, the base beginning to spread outwards ever so slowly. It would be easy to miss.

With one final violent movement the surface of Fire and Fur Egg gives in and splits from top to bottom as its occupant explodes outward in a flurry of flailing wings and limbs. Carving a deep furrow into the sand on its exit the hatchling practically buries itself before it comes to a tangled halt on the hot sands.

Stranger Than You Dreamt It Brown Hatchling is suddenly startled out of his run by clapping and a startled shout, and his cape-like wings flail outwards suddenly. Stop that! And then to make sure that the blonde haired girl does, he's shoving his weight into her with a snort at the short girl next to her. Yet, instead of fleeing this time, the brown stays right where he is. Is this his partner?

"Jaine!" It seems that L'ton's warning the girl quite vocally now, and its likely all he can do to not jump off the platform and go tearing across the Sands. And so his fingers pluck absently at the back of Lisle's shirt, betraying his nervousness, taking a deep breath as it seems that the girl will at least be okay, if sore. "Sharding brown.." He mutters to Lisle, with a shake of his head.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Lady of Fire Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blockier than normal, this jade green dragon still retains a powerful presence despite her caricatured appearance. Her muzzle is slightly elongated with a short low-slung jaw line squaring off her snout. Sweeping back along the ridge of her muzzle two small furrows lead up to a pair of deep-set eyes, evening off as they reach squat headknobs. Her body is squat and solid, the hide pitted like an old statue, uneven patches of malachite giving her an almost cracked appearance across well muscled legs. Her belly is a paler jade, the same colour echoed in her translucent sails, encrusted with a thin line of dirt that will never wash off.

Mahdetoske reaches down to help haul Jain up when she's knocked down, but is quick to skip back and giet himself some space. He glances around for Dryssa and Aisling, grinning maniacally. "Scary? This is /GREAT/!" the man enthuses. You know, the guy who jumps off cliffs for fun.

Horn of Plenty Egg has begun to crack apart, its carefully crafted shell full to bursting, the wicker-hued shell beginning to peel back from one end, unspiraling.

Delson's attention snaps around as that bronze hatchling draws near. A moment later he's scratching hard at the back of his neck, like he just can't stop, then he blinks in stunned surprise, jaw falling open. "Uh —" (of course). Then the lad's only got eyes for that dragonet, stepping forward to fit his hand into that patch of drying-itch-inducing goo. "Inimeth … yeah, yeah we can take care of it, yeah."

The Youthful Innocence Egg is definitely bigger around the base now, there's no deny that bump that's growing out of the side. A few cracks begin to spiderwed over the delicate shell, aging the shell and bringing it ever close to breaking.

Aisling blinks as the bronze dragon decides it wants Delson and a smile pops up on her lips. "Congrats Dels." She gives him a little wave, and nods.

Khaine is torn. Literally. Jainika falls one way, Toske pulls the opposite, but in the middle is Journeyman Harper Khaine. Someone's grip has to give. So of course it's BOTH of theirs, and his sweaty hand slips off Jainika, who he'd been letting go of, and Toske, who had a precarious wild grab anyway, so he too falls. But pops up a moment later. No way is he staying down there… with wild hatchlings everywhere…

Jeread smiles as Delson impresses the bronze, "Congratulations Delson, way to go!"

C'nor sees one of the impressions happen nearby and he moves forward quickly to get D'son and Inimeth. "This way please and we'll get him some food and later on some oil as well." He waves a hand towards the weyrling barracks. "It'll be safer out of the way as well."

Delynni says calmly. "Its alright Dryssa, stay alert." She tells the other candidate. "oooooh" the harmony green hatchling has her squealing in delight. "Oooh, congratulations Delson!" She calls to the newly impressed bronzerider.

Michael blinks as Jainika gets a nasty laceration on her leg. "Sheesh! Jainika, are you alright?" He looks down at Aryll. "You ain't kidding." But he's quickly distracted turning to look up a candidate's robe if he can get a peek. Underwear. Shards. Looking over he watches as Delson impresses to the bronze. "Congrats, Dels!"

Dryssa somehow manages to notice Delson's impression through her fear and the chaos of the entire scene on the sands. She manages a little smile and quick burst of applause for the boy. "Congratulations!" She's quickly back to being on guard for the hatchlings still wandering the sands.

Oelannis exhales, even giving a bit of a chuckle as the bronze impresses. "One less. Someone better catch that brown's eye before he decides he has a taste for gore."

Lady of Fire Green Hatchling shifts around in the sand until her head emerges she looks around and then clambers out of the furrow she's made. Standing on unsteady legs she shakes her head to clear out the sand and takes a few tentative steps forward.

Fyra relaxes for a brief moment seeing that there was nothing to worry about with Jainika. Just a bump, was all. She snorts to Aryll, grinning at her comment, only to find that said brown was aiming towards /them/, of all people. "Run?" she squeaks out to her friend, only to blink in surprise at the hatchling shoving himself at her instead, and she wobbles for a moment, teetering, and then topples onto her bum. "Uh, Zaruath? Who is staring?" She blinks in surprise at the brown's eyes, tentatively reaching out a hand before she swings her head about at the others. "Okay, okay, we go!"

D'son is scratching away at that itchy spot and barely registering what's going on around him. C'nor's voice breaks through though and the new Weyrling blinks twice. "Huh? Oh, yessir, 'course sir." He looks around, face suddenly bright with a smile, to wave back at his former fellows and moves off with the Weyrlingmaster.

Reddened Crown Egg stirs, rocking gently back and forth, but it seems to be in no hurry, content to bide its time before the main event.

Jainika flashes Toske a stunned but grateful smile, then hears L'ton's yell, jerking her head in his direction. She's shifting her weight to the leg the dragonet didn't manage to catch. "/It hit me/!" As if he wasn't already aware of that. And as if it's a tennis match, all heads start turning towards Delson, and she yells (rather than waves) her congratulations. "Good on you!" Then it's back to sussing out the damage to her shin. "That's gonna bruise." She very carefully starts edging to the back of their little crowd.

Illusions of perfection can only last so long. The Youthful Innocence Egg is ready to give birth to a new form, breaking apart slowly and carefully so that a young green dragon can make her entrance into the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Nature's Bounty Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Average in size and proportion, this young green's form is solid and quietly graceful rather than dainty or sinuous. Her hide has a palour to it, as if bright sunlight were falling across her lush grassy sides and blurring blades of colour into a near perfect springtime meadow. The richer shades of oak leaves wash across the shadows of her haunches and shallow neckridges, adding whispers of depth that enhance her headknobs, strong jawline. Wide wings are a sharp meeting of the two shades — shadow creeping along the spars while autumn yellow, a shade much like dried grass, spreads across the bottom of the sails.

Horn of Plenty Egg suddenly shatters, no longer able to withstand the pressure from within, the willingness of its protected gift to break free. And so, the shell falls to the sands, leaving one last gift to the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Breaking the Trail Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dusty sands, shades of yellow and near tan, mingle upon this gold's form, casting her coloration into muted hues from tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Trail dust gathers most noticeably upon her wide shoulders, the golden brown most prevalent along her sides and upper limbs, succeeded in overcoming the old gold that creeps upwards from the underside of her body. Blunt wings are satin sheen gold, the translucent sails supported by golden brown spars for their wide width, carrying the dust out to the very edges of her form, as it attempts to envelope her completely. The ridges that run from her almost masculine-shaped face along her back are the lightest by far - an evenly spread flax - in direct contrast to the ebony talons on each of her short, yet muscled, limbs.

Delynni smiles at the dragonets appearing. "Lots of green dragons this time." She says with a chuckle. "Oh man, a gold." She shakes her head, "a bronze, a gold, a couple blues and lots of greens and one brown.

Aryll smiles at Delson's Impression to the bronze. "I wouldn't have pegged him for that." She says but then there's a big mean brown dragonet right next to her and she jumps back. "This things out for blood! Careful, Fyra, he's sharding crazy! Fyra? Zaruath?" She blinks at her friend, completely confused by what she's seeing. Before she can say anything else however the pair is departing and she's left with Michael. "She, Impressed /him/?"

Mahdetoske Toske whistles and cheers for Delson as he's led off, though he wouldn't expect the newly minted bronze rider to notice. And then there's even a gold hatched, which makes this a pretty ripe bunch of eggs, doesn't it? Lets see if the gold is in as bad a mood as the brown…

Oelannis lets out a solid, "Oh!" When the gold hatches, "Good thing I didn't bet.. I'd've been out a fair amount.." And one must always look after their marks.

Khaine blinks as he watches the egg he liked most rock and then hatch… And he rocks back with wide eyes. "For Faranth's sake," he says to nobody in particular. For some reason. He scrubs a hand through his hair and backs towards the back of the group as well, clapping for Delson and the others belatedly.

Breaking the Trail Gold Hatchling remains in her shell, just sitting for a long moment, as if she's inspecting the situation, weighing the pros and cons, and then, only then, is she getting to her feet without a backwards glance at her parents, striding with a slow careful pace towards the white ring, quite happy to investigate now that she's free to do so. As one candidate dares venture out of the circle though, she's snorting at them, as if telling them to get back in line, passing by the boy.

Dryssa blinks as she sees the gold appear, dazed for a moment before her attention zaps back to the others. "Wow… I'm with you. Didn't see that coming." She calls out to Oelannis. Then she's back to hopping from one foot to the other, staying light in case she needs to suddenly duck away from a charging dragon.

Harmony of Design Green Hatchling slowly goes through the motions of cleaning her hide of the hatching debris before stepping from the shells that have housed over the months. Poised and elegent she is, every movement calculated and thought out. She pauses to regard the line before her for only a moment before her gaze settles on two holder girls. Slow, precise movements carry her toward the two spoiled holder girls. The green looks over each one as if measuring them against the other. She leans forward and sniffs Sareesa, the leader of the pair before snorting as if in disgust and looking over to her friend. Harmony of Design Green Hatchling lowers her head and bumps it gently to Mairana's chest. The girl blinks in surprise at the green, looking to Sareesa as always she did before the green bumps her chest again and Mairana suddenly looks back to the green wideeyed, "Oh yes Venuth…of course I am the one for you…" She cries out before the Weyrlingmaster walks Maira and Venuth off the sands, leaving a stunned and seething Sareesa in their wake.

Jainika starts as she spots the big brown heading for Fyra, opening her mouth as if to warn and then deciding against it. "Oh - oh, mercy, that poor girl, getting stuck with him -" She'll realize at length that Fyra's not getting stuck with anyone, but she's still stinging (literally and figuratively) from the brown's rebuff. When the gold hatches she pauses, her eyes widening a little. "Damn, Toske. I'm gonna be broke now."

Michael just stands there looking like 'o.o' as the brown dragon heads towards them. Then he stops infront of Fyra and seems to settle down. Mike looks to Aryll and stammers. "I… who.. why. She's going to become ten million times worse with that dragon! Er.." He look to Fyra. "Congrats…" Then he notices that a gold has broken loose! "Oh wow! She's pretty…"

A boy at the end of the line has been visibly going though cycles of hope and disappointment with every egg that cracks and as yet another hatchling passes him by he seems to almost give up, rocking back and forth on his heels and looking down at the sands.

C'nor makes his way back out onto the sands having seen D'son back. Just in time to get another one. "Fyr and Zaruath, This way please we have food and things to help with the itching." He waves his hand towards the weyrling barracks.

Reddened Crown Egg's cautious rocking movements have been steadily increasing in speed and intensity. Fine cracks begin to appear on the shell, as the movements become more frenzied.

Delynni cheers. "Three cheers for Fyra!" She calls out, sidling over to Dryssa. "Its okay Dryssa," She sounds like she's trying to convince herself. The gold gets a chuckle. "Wow, she knows what she wants." Then the green finds her woman. "Woow. Cool." She nudges Dryssa. "maybe the gold will like you." She suggests.

Nature's Bounty Green Hatchling gets to her feet, carefully checking herself over to make sure the tumble from her egg didn't damage anything. After meticulously inspecting her wings she turns her attention to the candidates, giving them the same inspection she herself needed. There, that one. With a joyous croon she bounds towards Jeiron, almost knocking him from his feet in her enthusiasm. As she dusts him off J'ron can't knock the smile from his face, the burly woodcrafter not caring who hears him declare, "I love you too, Simiroth."

Lady of Fire Green Hatchling takes another few steps forward, gazing at her fore feet with each step. Coming to a halt again her head rises and slowly scans around the sands, taking in more of the surrounding area. There's nothing there of particular interest however and it's back to watching her feet as she starts to move again, a little run this time across the sands.

Reddened Crown Egg is moving at quite the pace now, several cracks running up and down the shell. An erratic tapping sound emanates from the egg, as the dragon within starts hammering on the cracking shell. Suddenly, a talon bursts out of the egg, quickly tearing at the shell to create an opening large enough for the hatchling to escape.

Mahdetoske laughs at poor Jain. "Are you now? Well, I suppose I could spot you a few marks~" he teases, then laughs more as Fyra gets the brown. Now THAT is appropriate. Faranth help them all…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Multi-Faceted Little Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
One of the most obvious things about this brown dragon is his size, he's quite small in both length and wingspan. His posture doesn't help in the slightest, he's hunched forwards as if he was crammed into a shell too small for him, as though he'd be longer if he had had a chance to grow properly. Perhaps the oddest part though are his head-knobs, overly large on his slightly knobbly head. In colouring, he's a riotous mix of browns, from the golden browns to the redder shades, in two different patterns. On his underside, from his chin to his tail tip, the areas of colour are small and uniform, almost like scales. The rest of it is a mess of uneven patchwork shapes, nothing if not bold.

Fyr realizes that the sands are pretty darn hot, so she pulls herself up, digging her feet into the sands. She wobbles a bit more, uses Zaruath to steady herself, and the bobs her head towards C'nor. "Y-yes, 'course," she says, still a bit surprised as she uses a hand to lure the brown off where he indicates, passing just one last glance over her shoulder at those remaining.

Breaking the Trail Gold Hatchling is an independent creature, and as such, she's bound and determined not to follow the expectations of anyone else. And so as a young girl attempts to coax her in that direction, she pointedly turns and heads the opposite way, though he does pause for a moment to look up at the boy rocking back and forth in disappointment. Now now. But then, she's wandering more, though she seems to have some sort of direction now.

Jeread is turning this way and that trying to keep track of all the hatchlings on the sands, then pauses as the gold is hatched admiring her before he continues to move again.

Multi-Faceted Little Brown Hatchling stands there in the remnents of his egg looking around the cavern, bits of shell still stuck to him in parts. He gives a little shake and those bits fall to the sands as he steps forward. The little brown looks curiously around the sands for a moment before taking a step forward to finally seek out his mate.

Oelannis scans the sands, quickly loosing track in the chaos of who's impressed and who remains. "So.. Oh! Another brown. And.. the gold?"
Did the Surreal Perfection Egg just move? It seems still, though there's something different. Perhaps it was just an illusion caused by the heat.

Dryssa snorts in laughter briefly at Delynni's suggestion, glad for the humor to release a little bit of the tension from the hatching. "I think I'm hardly the goldrider type, Del… shards. I'd forgotten just how fast this all happens!" When she catches sight of Fyra and her new lifemate departing, she remembers to yell out another goodbye. "Congratulations!"

Aryll nods her head to Mike, obviously mimicking his feelings. "I can't believe it either. I mean, that things /evil/." The gold is looked at of course but not much more attention is given to it, her mind still on her friend's departure. Finally she brings herself out of it and actually moves closer to the tall boy, maybe ready to push him forward if another demon like dragonet heads their way.

Aisling can't say her congratulations fast enough as the different dragon's impress. She just smiles at them and turns her attention back to the dragonettes wtill wandering the sands and the eggs still yet htched.

Delynni sighs, there are only three eggs left. She crosses her fingers behind her back. "Come on…. please….." She begs quietly. "Please" She says softly as she looks from the green, to the brown, to the gold." Then Dryssa's exclamation, and she laughs. "Definately not!"

Jainika furrows her brows a bit as she tries to keep up with the trio of hatchlings on the sand - it's a little difficult with all the excitement. She tries to migrate behind Toske a little. He's quick on his feet, at least. "Yeah, I wagered against a gold - I mean really, aren't you supposed to be able to tell off the bat? Though I lost an eighth on Fyra too …"

A ripple races down the side of the Dawn of a New Age Egg making the waterfall like colourings shimmer in the light on the sands. A moment later a second ripple follows the first, racing away from some unseen impact on the terracotta tip.

Multi-Faceted Little Brown Hatchling walks almost daintily along the line, a little brown he is only a little bit bigger than his blue brothers. He pauses in front of a young starcrafter ever so briefly. The boy just grips the hands of those either side of him, a mix of eagerness and nervousness on his face. Yet…the little brown moves on.

Almost appearing from nowhere a newly hatched bronze is suddenly visible on the sands. As he steps forwards several try to figure out where he came from, and it's only the sliver of black stuck to his forehead that announces the Sting in the Tail Egg has hatched.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Forged in the Fires Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Forged by a master in the fiery pits of the underworld, this bronze's hide has been touched by the hues of liquid sacrifice. Deepest blood red tinges his hide, dark bronze forever tainted by the copper rivers as they outline each of his powerful muscles making up his torso. Great wingsails of hammered bronze are reinforced with spars of dark iron, the same hue present in spirals along each of his forelimbs, like gauntlets strapped to a great warrior. Mighty haunches darken to a hue difficult to distinguish from mahogany, the same saturated color casting his tail into shadows, making the size of his already large form seem hard to judge, only the coppery ridges down his back providing a clear line of where he ends and the shadows begin. Yet, despite the ambiguity of his back, his head is a series of straight, neat lines, creating a square muzzle painstakingly crafted to perfection, the true look of a fighter from his defined eyeridges to his blunted headknobs.

Khaine glances over towards the stands with a strange look on his face. He glances back around again, though, just behind Toske and Jainika, watching without saying anything else. He's got his hands balled up in his white robe, though, the knuckles equally whitened.

Michael gives a comforting smile to Aisling. Basically an inviation to come stand by him now that Delson was gone. He looks down at Aryll as she moves closer to him, but doesn't say anything. He stretches out and shifts in the sands a bit. Then there's another bronze freed from his imprisonment. "Ah, another bronze. Pretty strong clutch."

Breaking the Trail Gold Hatchling locates what it seems is a promising trio. After all, talk of wealth is always good to listen too, even if there are far better places to discuss it than on the sands. After all, one never knows when a trap will suddenly befall you. And so, as a young woman begins to edge behind her fellow candidates, the gold hatchling is quick to put a stop to it, snorting loudly in her face.

Mahdetoske replies dryly, "I think we -all- lost money on Fyra." then turns to cock a brow quizzically at Jain. "Lady, if that gold is coming for you, I'm no more willing to be /your/ sacrifice to her than I would be Khaine's." Then his attentions are back on the prowling BEASTS, and he notices yet another bronze. "Whoo boy."

Surreal Perfection Egg moves again, this time more obviously. The shell expands then contracts, almost as if it were taking in a breath through those shadowy nostrils on the shell. Another 'breath' causes cracks to spread all over the shell, a few fragments of shell breaking off.

The more ripples race down the Dawn of a New Age Egg in quick succession, thin cracks appearing on the tip and snaking down the waterfall so that each ripple makes the egg bulge awkwardly.

Lady of Fire Green Hatchling runs across the sands, it's ungainly and very wobbly and then she leaps into the air. To be fair it's not very high but still an achievement for one so young, the pounce is good, though the landing is as expected in one whose legs are so wobbly and she goes down in a heap. Raising her head with a roar she shakes sand off her again, her gaze fixing on one of the candidates for a few moments. Getting to her feet again she walks over more slowly and nudges her head hard, straight into a girl with light red hair.

Delynni eyes the bronze and gold, shoulders slumping a little. The Surreal perfection egg, and the Dawn of a New age egg get a hopefull look. She squeezes Dryssa's hand and squares her shoulders.

Oelannis peers down the line curiously, trying to gauge where the pointy claws are and where they aren't. "May as well be playing roulette.."

Surreal Perfection Egg heaves in another breath before splitting under the pressure from inside. Two blue forefeet appear, then the two back feet. Both wings appear at the same time, and with an almighty heave the remainder of the shell splits in two.

Mahdetoske pauses as the gold growls at them, eyes widening. "Oh /SHELLS/." he hisses, then very quickly leaps to the side and the heck away from the gold and Jain. "TRYING TO KILL ME?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Studies in Symmetry Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Cloud-like dapples of silvery blue adorn the frame of this blue hatchling, spring showers mixed with the promise of light. A hint of winter's grey shadows his chest, and darkens his legs to a velvety slate. High summer's sky, when the sun is the brightest, flows down his back and spreads along the length of his tail. For each change in his colouration a matching one appears directly opposite, each flaw on his hide has a twin, save for the grey raincloud shaped splotch on his nose - that alone is unique, a birthmark that will forever be his shame.

Multi-Faceted Little Brown Hatchling continues along the line of candidates until finally it stops before a tall blonde woman. The little brown looks up at her curiously as if deciding something..or remembering something. Finally he sits down in front of her and touches his brown muzzle to her chest, his gaze intent upon her copper brown eyes.

Forged in the Fires Bronze Hatchling straightens from the shell almost immediately, taking a moment to shake free the last shard, the last remnant of his great battle before he's swiveling to regard not the candidates, but his parents, puffing up his already large form to snort at them, as if in some sort of challenge.

Delynni gasps at the little blue hatchling. "Oooooh, he's gorgeous." She breathes. "Beautiful." She breathes. "oh please." She says quietly as she takes a deep breath.

The ripples of the Dawn of a New Age Egg come thick and fast now, the shell flaking away with the continual assault from inside. It's only a matter of moments before the shell gives way completely, shards draining off into the sands and leaving a slender green hatchling in its wake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Chasing the White Horses Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sunlight sparkles over cerulean-tinged green, shades through aquamarine, and buffets against the deep sea green of this young dragon's turbulent colouration. Pale sea foam crests her head, cascading down her neck and washing up against wingspars the colour of fresh seaweed. Where wings and body meet a darkness forms, wrapping around her legs, staining her belly, draping across haunches, and finally trailing to the tip of her long tail. Brightness finds her legs once more, shading them the colour of a pine forest, but still with an ever-present blue shimmer as if reflected in a pond. Her wings seem the only part of her that is truly green, but even across the seaweed stained sails is a faint hint of aqua when the light hits them just right.

Dryssa watches with wide eyes as the last of the eggs hatches. "That's… that's the last of them, isn't it? I can't believe they all went so quickly. Look at them all, they're gorgeous!" She's just gaping at the scene for a moment, then she can't help but grumble a little. "I wish they'd let me bring my camera down here."

Jainika rolls her eyes at Toske, still trying to weasel her way around. "Hardly, Toske, don't -" She grimaces at the feel of a hot blast of air in her face and then pauses to stare, her eyes going wide and her mouth winding up in that soundless, surprised "oh" yet again. "No," is the first thing she says. "No, that won't do, that's not it." She drops a hand to the gold's square jaw. "Vaeonath," she mutters. "The name's Jaye." And, by some miracle, she manages to resist the urge to faint.

Delynni laughs at Dryssa, shaking her head. "I doubt the would have, but you can take pictures of the aftermath." She says with a giggle to the other girl. "But yeah, they do do that." She tells Dryssa.

Studies in Symmetry Blue Hatchling takes his time in studying the world around him - the egg that one was his home, the sands below him, his parents. It's when he turns back to the candidates that he finds something he doesn't like, and tries to stare down his own nose to see the problem. He has… a flaw? With a squeak he runs at the line, looking for someone to help him out. His eyes find brown and he runs towards it - brown hair, brown eyes, brown sandals, tan skin. It's Eliavy, a plump girl from Keroon, that he skids to a halt in front of and his nose is quickly buried in her robe despite her assurance of "Cieraveth, you're perfect."

Khaine just… stares as the gold approaches and then… Impresses… Jainika. Right in front of them. "Congratulations," he finds himself saying, eyes locked on the gold. Or at least he hopes he's saying it. He's not sure anymore with the crowds and the dragonets and the noise. He can feel his lips moving, though, so he MUST be saying something.

Chasing the White Horses Green Hatchling blinks in the light, looking a little confused about things. She sits for a moment, head tilted to the side, staring off into space, before blinking again and beginning to investigate this place. Spying another dragon being led from the sands she heads over in that direction.

L'ton doesn't know whether to cheer or sulk as the gold finds none other than Jainika, and the bronzerider is left rather stunned. "Wow.." He murmurs to himself, shaking his head, before glancing at Lisle. "Ah want a drink with ya tonight, cause Ah seem ta have lost the one who promised it ta me. And one goldrider's good as another." For drinks at least. But then, he's clapping for the youngest goldrider nevertheless.

Lanis blinks down at the brown as if really seeing for the first time. "Pleggath… we're going to have to think up a nick-name for that one." Chuckling, she wipes her face, crouching down to stroke his head knobs, "Food it is."

Jeread grins as the gold chooses Jainika, "Now there's a pair if ever there was one…Congrats Jaini!"

C'nor comes rushing back out onto the sands grabbing some water to drink as he pauses to watch what is happening. "Oh shells." He mutters as pretty much three impressions happen at once. Jainika is the first one he gets to. "Vaeonath Did you say? Food and oil for the itching this way." He tells her trying to usher the pair off the sands.

Aisling had started edging closer to Michael untill a lovely green lady makes her way up to her, very loudly and exuberantly untill she right close to her. She blinks at her lady of fire before nodding. "Alright, alright." Then she's being butted in the direction of the food. "Geeze, Tejath. I'm going." She frowns lightly at the dragon, but she's blushing lightly. She gives Mike a nod since she won't be standing near him after all before leading her lifemte off the sands.

Forged in the Fires Bronze Hatchling seems to have gotten bored quickly trying to get a reaction from those far out of his league, and so instead he's turning towards the white ring, making his way past each candidate in turn, lunging at one here and there, before moving on as it seems their slow reflexes have disappointed him.

Aryll continues to watch the sands quietly, her brown eyes shifting over the rapidly emerging hatchlings and those already roaming the sands. It's in this search that she catches sight of Jainika's impression to the gold and she smiles. "This is gonna be an interesting Weyrling group." She comments before shifting her feet in that all to familiar dance.

Jaye stumbles blankly after C'nor, nodding as she (and Vaeonath) stumble after. "Uh … right. Right." She waves a hand dimly to no one in particular, and stumbles off.

Michael blinks as the little gold hatchling bonds with Jainika. "Oh wow. Jain! Er, Jaye. Congrats!" He chuckles. "Things are really heating up now!" Two more impressions are made. "Aisling, congrats!" Mike's head is in a whirl, both from the heat and from all the excitement. His eyes move to the other hatchlings left on the sands.

Chasing the White Horses Green Hatchling pauses in her investigation of the sands, another movement catching her eye and making her go back in the direction of the eggs. Eyes lift to stare at her mother, and she quickly begins to back up away from her. Another pause, another change in direction, another focus. At least this time she's heading for the candidates.

Mahdetoske watches Aisling leave the sands with a slightly wistful smile. Aaaaah, left for a dragon. SIGH.

Lisle watches silently, just gripping L'ton's hand as each impression is made and none gets hurt too bad. Her gaze shifts to the remaining candidates, gripping L'ton's hand a little tighter. She nods absently to the bronzerider's question, though says nothing yet as she watches the bronze and green out on the sands. Who will they impress?

C'nor sees Jaye off and then is running off to get to Lanis and Aisling. "Okay girls, this way please food is this way, if you could let your lifemates know I'm sure they'll be happy to follow." He waves the way towards the barracks with a smile.

Delynni chuckles at the green hatchling, and eyes the bronze hatchling warily. "She's cuuuuteeee!" Delynni squeals as she watches the white horses green hatchling. "ooooh, just flat out adorable!"

Lanis mumbles a "Hm." In response to C'nor, stroking Pleggath again before standing up. "I would guess dinner is this way." And off they go.

Dryssa keeps right on applauding and shouting congratulations as Aisling and Jainika both find lifemates and depart from the sands. "Woohoo! Way to go!" She's grinning ear to ear now, some of her fear gone as she glances back to Delynni. "So many of our friends found lifemates, isn't it wonderful?" She then watches the remaining green wander.

Forged in the Fires Bronze Hatchling pauses at a young man, straightening as he regards him. Turning his square jaw this way and that, the bronze hatchling seems to regard those other things that have his attention. Well, that simply won't do at all, and so gauntlet laced forelimb are reached to tug on the young man's shoulders, as if to turn his attention back, and only, onto him.

As the bronze chooses Michael, Lisle smiles and reaches for a pendent around her neck, "I knew he would.." She murmurs before looking up to L'ton, "Yeah…definatly a drink..I think my promised partner is also going to be busy.." She gives a little laugh at irony there before looking back to the sands and the green left to impress. "Almost there…so many left.." She murmurs as her peridot gaze shifts around the sands.

Chasing the White Horses Green Hatchling finally reaches the line of white, and her choosing is quick. Or is it? She bounces up to a blonde girl, hesitating beside her for a moment before moving off a little way. It's only when she pauses and turns back to make sure the girl is following that Impression is confirmed.

Michael is indeed distracted! When the Fires in the Bronze Hatchling touches him he jumps and nearly falls over. Thankfully he manages to stay upright. His eyes lock onto the bronze's and they seem to experience a moment of complete solitude even on the crowded sands. Then K'ael, or the candidate formerly known as Michael, nods. "Azaeth. Yes. Let us feast before battle!" He pats the bronze's shoulder a bit.

L'ton gives Lisle's hand a squeeze before shifting to loop his arm companionably over her shoulders instead. "Ah could have told ya that. Though, like Ah said, things'll work out how they're suppose ta Lis-dear." And then he's giving her a squeeze and stepping back to leave her in the spotlight.

Jeread smiles as Michael impresses the bronze, "Congratulations Michael!" he continues to keep an eye open in case any of the remaining hatchlings decides he's in the way.

Dryssa looks dazed, maybe even stunned when the last green looks into her eyes. She lets go of Delynni's hand and takes a step to follow her, then another. A big wide silly smile crosses her face. "I… didn't realize you'd be so big, either. It's… it's great to meet you, Vyanath. C'mon, let's go!" Giggling as she shakes off the complete shock, she departs the sands right alongside her new green companion.

C'nor makes his way over to Michael and Azaeth, "I don't know what battles you're talking about but the food is this way." He tells the pair as he points towards the barracks.

Khaine lifts a hand to rub at his face as the bronze Impresses, and then the green does too. "Congrats!" he calls to the duo, just before he glances back to the entrance. All that's left are shells, now. And he wants to go. It's getting too hot even for him, who is patient enough with it.

Toske stares incredulously as Dryssa gets the green. "… NO. No no no no nooooo!" he groans, falling to his knees in dismay. "You dragons can't take -ALL- the hot girls and wisk them off into Weyrlinghood!" he cries, clearly more upset about -that- then not finding a lifemate. SOB.

Aryll gives a jump to when the bronze chooses Michael, staring over at the pair before laughing. "Always a scared, but congrats Mike!" She calls after the boy, watching as he moves off the sands with his lifemate. Her brown eyes now turn to view the sands once more and it's during this time that she catches the last impression. "Congrats!"

Delynni droops, watching Dryssa impress. She wipes at her eyes. "See ya, Dryssa, Vyanath." She says quietly, watching the green go. She turns around so she can't see them go. "Cotton tree fluff on the wind." She says quietly.

Jeread looks over and sees those who've been left behind with him and gives a wry smile, "Glad I never made any wagers, I was all wrong on every count…oh well."

As the last dragon impresses and is led off the sands, finally Lisle releases L'ton's hand and steps forward to the edge of the platform. "I know you all had expectations on these sands today. Dragons chose you to stand and perhaps there is yet a dragon for you either here at Ista or on the sands of another Weyr. For now, go to your families. Enjoy the meals that groaning the tables in the caverns. There will always be another chance." There is a sympathetic note to her voice, yet hopeful as well to those gathered here.

Khaine, thus released by Lisle's voice, heads off the sands without a look back.

Mahdetoske spends a moment mourning the loss of some very cute laides, then gets up with a sigh and heads off after Khaine. Fuuu.

L'ton lets Lisle give her speech before offering an arm to the weyrwoman with a grin. "Ah think that ya could use that drink as much as Ah could, mah dear weyrwoman."

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