S'ya's Flight, Take 2

Xanadu Weyr - Beach(#7117RJs)

It's a cold gray morning and the water is awfully choppy, the waves crashing into the sands and foaming from all the churning. It's an awful day for a swim, but for the glowing Sophyrinth the weather is just right. The petite green finds herself darting in and out of the water, trying to evade the waves but failing miserably. Every time she does so she lets out a piercing trumpet of glee, obviously enjoying herself. "So, love. Can we not go to the Meadows and play?" S'ya asks with a grin, shaking her head a bit as her lifemate continues the game. Seems she's stuck so she makes the best of the situation by staking out a spot and doing a little dance of sorts in place. Gotta keep herself warm with the little she's wearing after all.

Dhonzayth is always attracted to greens. Particularly proddy greens. Most particularly proddy greens who happen to be trumpeting gleefully as they dive in and out of the waves. And so the bronze has taken a detour to the beach to pursue said proddy green, spreading his wings widely, offering amused trumpets in return to Sophyrinth, though he's not yet willing to dive into the water to mimic her actions. L'ton, it seems, was just as drawn to the beach, though perhaps simply because Dhonzayth's attention has told him exactly where the greenrider he was seeking was. And indeed he's found her, and he's quickly crossing the beach, shrugging off his jacket and attempting to drape it over S'ya's shoulders before taking her into a warm hug in greeting. "Hey mah lil'greenie." He offers cheerfully. Good mood?

For Laera and Kereth the day is just beginning as well. Taking a walk along the beach before the present themselves for the first run of the day. She is wearing her leathers, though her jacket is currently open to reveal a cotton and lace camisole underneath. It can get a bit warm in some of the places she delivers so at least she stays comfortable beneath the quilted leather. Kereth already has his delivary straps on, the one with extra loops for attaching larger bundles on. As they pass the playful green, Kereth gives a trumpet to his former playmate. His favorite little greenling from when he was a weyrling. Laera pauses in her steps as she notes her lifemate has paused and looks out to the surf, "Now ain't that a sight?"

Aoriya has had one thing on her mind so far today, fishing! A pole in one hand, a bucket in the other. Then there's Dhonzayth, and Omasuth rushes forwards eagerly to greet Sophyrinth with a goofy little growl. "oh boy, its never just a good day fishing for you. oh well….." She abandons the bucket, rushes forwards and makes a leap for L'ton, trying to cup her hands over his eyes. "Guess who Tonny." She giggles.

Kersenth is here, waiting on the beach for his rider. Y'sar makes his way towards his brown from the direction of the weyr proper, a stack of papers in one hand. He's holding them tightly, concentration on his face as he tries to keep them from blowing away. Kersenth warbles to his rider and resumes watching the antics of the green in the water. The brown dragon shifts his weight, rumbling with a desire to join her in play. Y'sar clamps down mentally, frowning, "No, you can't get wet, we have to get back to Eastern. I've got records here I need to read, about sea rescues Xanadu has managed, and some notes from their Galaxy wing."

Continues her little dance, even if no one's watching, at least she thinks no one is. But then L'ton is trying to keep her warm and she's all smiles. She flutters her eyes at him before shrugging off the jacket and grabbing a hand of the bronzers in order to twirl herself. "Morning, love! Fancy seeing you here." She's about to move in a bit closer when Aoriya pops up, placing her hands over the man's eyes. S'ya takes a moment to blink, slightly surprised at the newest arrival before dissolving into giggles. "Seems you are popular today, love." She doesn't hesitate in moving to her next victim, having caught sight of Laera. She sends the girl an animated wave, beckoning her over, even the unfamiliar Y'sar is called. "Come keep me company, loves now that L'ton is preoccupied." Sophyrinth continues her game, trumpeting back to the familiar bronze and blue. She pauses however when she notes that she's playing all alone, well that just won't do. With a low warble she calls the males to the water, moving her haunches slowly and as seductively as a green dragon can as she makes her way in.

Kersenth can no longer resist, and when Y'sar's mind is occupied with a few papers that are blowing away from him, the brown makes a beeline for the water, splashing in with a delightful trumpet for Sophyrinth. "Kersenth, wait, no!" Y'sar cries, frustrated, "I have to get back, I'm a Wingleader now, I have responsibilities…" He blinks at S'ya, confused. "Sorry, do I know you?" he calls back, fumbling with the papers and crinkling a few as he tries to get a tighter grip on them.

L'ton twirls himself a S'ya, so it seems, for he's grinning at her widely. And then there are hands over his eyes, and he just grins. "Hey there, baby-doll. Ya came ta see me again? Decided ta make up fer breaking mah heart?" And L'ton is teasing Aoriya even as he ducks out of her impromptu blindfold, moving to wrap his arm back around S'ya even as his jacket is abandoned for the time being. "Ah ain't that preoccupied. Besides, there's more than 'nuff of meh ta go around, ya know." He offers with a wink to the brownrider and the greenrider in turn. Dhonzayth spreads his wings widely at So's warble, as he croons back, starting to creep slowly towards the waves, large body awkwardly held low to the sand as he stalks the young Xanadu dragon. As if a bronze dragon could be stealthy.

As Kereth heads toward the water at the beckoning of his 'childhood' friend, Laera barely has time to get to him and get his straps off, "You just wait a minute here…" Laera calls to her blue and quickly gets the straps off, "Only for a little bit, we have to report in half a candlemark!" She calls out to him before shaking her head at her blue as he bounds out into the surf bugling to the green. Not seeming to respond to the sultriness just the call to play. "Now S'ya your girl has got my boy all distracted…if we are late for another shift for it I will point Senk at you this time." She says with a laugh.

Aoriyatries to shove the bronzerider aside, a booted foot reaching out to try and stomp on his toes and squeals cutely to S'ya. "Not so popular as you it seems. That's such a beautiful gown, you have to tell me what weaver you got it from." She leans in cutely to get a look, at the collar of the nightgown, the collar yeah, not the chest, the lacey see through, see everything gown that lets her see, well, everything! "Ooooh my! You're gorgeous!" Her foot feels out behind her to try and stomp on L'ton's nearest toe once more. She grins hugely as she tries to push herself between L'ton and S'ya. Omasuth lets out an equally eager rumble and ducks down on his knees to look adoringly up at Sophyrinth. His long brown tail twitches in mimickry of a kitten and the noise coming out of his muzzle sounds like he's trying to purr! He's cuter than a big clunky old bronze any day of the week isn't he? Look, he's all painted with flames and everything, how could he not be cute? "Oh Tonny, I don't doubt that, but is there plenty of you around for the hoard of children you have? He's got like, a dozen of them." She tells S'ya. "He never comes around to see any of them either. I mean, how rude is that? I should know, I had two of them."

Enter R'aul and Erisith, quite popular with traveling around, but that generally happens when you are in transportation. The bluerider is looking a bit nervous, though, as he gives the gathering crowd a glance around before clearing his throat and standing tall, turning a wide white-tooth grin towards S'ya. "Am I missing a party here, or something?" he calls over to the proddy greenrider, though no there's no recognition on his face from the last time he had met S'ya. Erisith has been called as well, his dark wings ruffling as he grumbles and makes his way in, but he hangs back on the sands. He stares out at the waves and the other dragons as he hunkers down low and sulks, even if his whirling eyes cannot remove themselves from the glowing green.

Y'sar's confusion and frustration is met with giggling and wave of the hand. "Course not love, but does not mean we cannot be friends." They way S'ya says the word 'friends' however leaves much to be imagined. She offers the man a wink, beckoning him over with a wave. New meat! When L'ton captures her again however she gasps, turning on the spot to better face the man. "Oh, I do not share well love. Not today at least." She slowly waggles a finger at him with a smile that's full of innocent mischief before she slips away again, flowing like the water her lifemate is calling her suitors to. "Oh put all the blame on me, love. I will set Senkyou straight. Not like anyone could be mad at me anyways." She beams at Laera. But then Aoriya is paying her compliments and she bounces over. "Is it not just adorable?" At the L'ton brat army comment she giggles, patting at her stomach lightly. "Well whatever number he has there is one more on the way! And yes, a party in my honor. After all am I not just stunning today?" With all the males gathering around her Sophyrinth pauses, looking over each draconic build, got some good lookers this time! The green stretches out slowly, displaying herself for all to see that glowing hide of hers. She spreads out her wings delicately, and inclines her head as if bowing to the others, signaling the dance is about to start.

Y'sar grumbles as Kersenth splashes in the water, getting his straps sopping wet. "I had lunch in there," Y'sar bemoans his brown. Then something clicks in his brain and makes him pause. "Oh, no. No no no, not now. Why, why does this always happen? Always at the worst time, it happens! No, no Kersenth, you can't, no, you can't." But the brown is not listening to him, and Y'sar's protests are in vain. The man looks around for a safe place to stash the papers, lest he lose them during what he thinks is about to happen. A large shell is found, and the stack of papers shoved beneath it. For good measure, he piles sand on top of the stack as well. Then he brushes his hands clean and walks slowly, like a man to a trial, towards S'ya. "Hello, I'm Y'sar," he introduces, incase there isn't time later. Kersenth rumbles softly to the green, his voice rising and falling in an ungangly melody.

Of course, the only reaction one can have with a pretty lady ducks out of your hold is to pout, and so L'ton does, though lucky he's enough to avoid the various attempts at injury that are directed at him by a certain Igenite. Dancing away, he scurries after S'ya, though his attention does drift to the other young women present, just for a moment to get a good, admiring look at each, before his attention is back solely on S'ya. It seems that Aoriya's comments have simply become idle background noise with their repetition, for he doesn't even bother to comment on it, merely ducking after S'ya. "Then baby, ya can have meh all ta yerself, just like normal." That's the right thing to say, right? And Dhonzayth is more than happy to stare at So even as L'ton is entranced by the green's rider, for faceted eyes are turning a bit faster, excited hues of green and yellow intermingling with their normal blues. As she stretches and prepares for the great dance, Dhonzayth mimics her, bowing lower to the ground, as if willing to accept the invitation, ready to audition to be her dance partner as he spreads each wing out in turn, primed for the dance off.

Kereth slithers out into the water, making hardly a splash as he gets out deeper into the water. On one level this is still the game they used to play when they were younger. Just a game of chasey, one he used to let her win until she did get fast enough to actually make it sporting. Now…something deeper calls to him. This time..somewhere in his mind he has decided that this is not a time he should let her win. As she rises, so does he pause to rise slowly from the water as well. Well and ready for this 'game' of chase. Laera just approaches the cicle of people around S'ya, slowly being fed those inner urges from her lifemate. But with Laera…who is to know. "I am going to have to talk to your tailor…that is lovely.. I wonder if she would do it in lilac…" Laera says as she moves closer to her to trail her fingers along the short hemm of the gown. Her gaze shifts up to the riders around her male and female and she gives a mischevious grin before looking back to S'ya, her emerald eyes dancing.

Aoriya giggles and bobs in a happy bounce. Her clevage, which is quite ample, bounces as she tries to take S'ya by the hands. "Oh yes, parties are always good. You deserve a party! You're such a gorgeous girl." She purrs, turning coquettishly at S'ya. The normally hot tempered brownrider simpers winningly as she turns gooshier than anyone had ever seen her. Her grin is goofy as she fixes her halter top. "We could get some wine, convince a harper to come out and sing for us. oooooh, I should have worn this cotton dress my sister made for me. Its absolutely gorgeous scarlet. I should show you its adorable!" The proddy happiness is infectious! Somebody better quarantine the beach! Omasuth purrs, tail twitching as he returns the bow to Sophyrinth, warbling and crooning his appreciation. If his lifemate can flirt he can too! Aoriya turns her back so that she's between L'ton and S'ya. "Ooooh, yeah, that's because a porcine like you wants his cake and to eat it too! I'm surprised you haven't turned into a boar Tonny-girl-pig!" She pouts. "S'ya and I are having fuuuuuuun." A leg is cocked upwards, ready to perform the patented super-antibronzerider-kicking-in-the-nutbags-fighting-power-of-awesomeness fighting combo! (tm) "Tonny piggy want his baaaacooon, he wants his greeny baaaacooon. Come on S'ya, lets go someplace fun. Tonny-pig needs to lose some weight." She attempts to manuver the green rider away from L'ton, grinning winningly in that girly way women have when they want to hold a pajama party, and the icky boys can get out.

R'aul rakes his eyes from the greenrider's toes to the tip of her head, only trailing them back down to stop at certain areas before he decides that he's had enough. Well, not really, he still stares, but he nods his head now and his grin only gets wider. "Well, there is no better party than that, I imagine. My charming young lady, I will gladly participate in anything that you are host to." And the bluerider shakes back his lovely blonde locks, flashes a grin, ignores everyone else but the greenrider. Erisith is the other way around, he's checking out his competition even as his attention keeps returning to Sophyrinth. His wings unfurl out to their wide expanse, and one tips elegantly towards the sands, until it just barely rakes it in his own bow to the proddy green. As well as in preparation, as his lean muscles tense and his claws dig into the sands in anticipation.

S'ya can't seem to decide where to go, so many riders, so little time! Her hazel eyes dance with delight as they each pay her attention and compliments, her usual girly giggle ringing out clearly in the misty morning. "S'ya, love." She says to Y'sar with a wink. As Laera traces the fabric with her fingers the riders grins, grabbing up the girls hand quickly and giving it a quick kiss, her eyes lingering on the girl. "I will see if I can track her down!" At Aoriya's mention of singing she quickly snaps her head in her direction. "No need, love, I am the best singer in Pern after all." But then L'ton's manhood is in peril and she quickly throws herself on him, embracing him. "Love, you must take care of that. I may need it later!" She's giggling however as she gives the man a kiss on the neck, obviously not too phased by Aoriya's actions. Once she feels the bronzers manbits are safe she releases him, moving away from the men and closer to the water before giving R'aul a wink. Yup, she caught his leering, bad boy! Suddenly however she goes stock still, a look crossing her eyes before she kneels on the sand. Yes, it is time. Sophyrinth doesn't think twice, bugling to her pursuers before taking off, spraying them with mist as she climbs the gray skies. Time to fill this dull morning with some glowing light!

Kersenth was ready for her, the brown springing out of the water with sheets of spray sliding off his massive wings as he rises. The sodden straps might slow him down, but he has no thought for that piddling matter when there is a green to chase, to dance with, to woo. He rises after her, focused only on her form and not the other dragons who have joined him in the quest which only one may win. Two, if you count Sophyrinth. The water falls dejectedly back to earth as Kersenth rises easily out of the water's grip.

Aoriya looks up, seeing the take off of Sophyrinth. "Waaait, S'ya, darling….. ooooh….." Omasuth springs headlong into the sky, rushing to get a headstart on the other males. Crooning and warbling appreciatively. «Sophyrinth, Sophyrinth, where for art thou Sophyrinth!» The flame colored brown croons smittenly as he propells himself headlong into the skies after the green. Sweeping back and forth to get the best nightwind to fit the stars he sails by, the brown drags his right leg through the water on takeoff before beating for altitude, spiraling upwards fearlessly after the green. «My dearest, my darling, there is no star brighter, no maiden fairer, no song sweeter than thee!» Aoriya kneels next to S'ya, head bowed by the waters edge.

L'ton is saved by his favorite little greenrider it seems, and he looks rather smug and quite content as he's got a S'ya wrapped around him, and he's free from the torture of Aoriya. But then she's darting off, and he's following, even as Sophyrinth darts off the beach, and Dhonzayth is left to begin the dance. Mist from the green showers him, like glitter raining from a catwalk over the stage during a particularly touching piece, spattering over his wings even as he pushes off to begin his careful routine. Wings down, body up, sending a cascade of water droplets down towards the beach and his now-frozen rider, and then the well-practiced steps begin. Up, up, up, towards the sky, legs and limbs pulled tight, straight back for the perfect form. Can't make a mistake, not in this all important scene!

As the green takes to the air Kereth is not far behind. This 'game' he has played many times with her before. Perhaps not for such stakes as this though. His muscles bunch up before he launches himself to the air his wings snapping out in one downstroke after another. His whirling gaze sharpens on the object of the chase, all the other makes ignored. Watching for any of the familiar tricks she used in their weyrlinghood games. Laera just grins as S'ya kisses her hand, leaning forward to give a kiss of her own before the rider moves away to save the Bronze's manhood. Her own sharpened gaze follows S'ya as she kneels to the sand, herself removing her flight jacket and dropping it to the sands beside Kereth's straps. She has no huge tracks mountains beneath her thin cotton top, but what is there is still bright and perky, needing no binding to keep them that way..as yet.

R'aul's face lights up when she winks, and he offers his own wicked grin in return as he sidles up closer to the greenrider, only to have her go down in the sand. His smile fades as the others approach her instead, but he stays hovering nearby, waiting to see what her next move was. Erisith is ever the patient creature, but he is also well prepared and experienced. So the moment he saw the green rise just an inch, he kicked off with powerful lanky limps, bellowing out a challenge to those other suitors chasing before he beats his wings to gain altitude at an alarming speed, gaining height for her ever-present shadow. He's ready to watch her dance now, his mind attuned to her every graceful movement.

Sophyrinth isn't waiting around for the boys, not when the entire sky is open and waiting. She hurtles upwards, her tiny wings beating furiously as she twirls and dances on her own. One, two, three! One, two, three! When she's got enough distance she pauses briefly, scanning the group that's coming up after her. It's half a second really and then she's free falling, her wings tucked in as the wind brushes harshly against her hide. She's falling towards the knot of chasers, seeming happy to go kamikaze on them. But suddenly she unfurls those dainty wings of hers and she halts in midair. She bugles a challenge to them before darting off again, taking the time to dab in some more aerial acrobatics, looping seeming to be her trick of choice at the moment. She's not really getting very far however, focusing too much on the aesthetics her solo dance, the distance is closing but she's still in the lead.

Kersenth knows he can not match the magnificent green in aerobatics, so he does not try. No, he is the male in this dance - strong, supportive, ready and waiting to assist and catch her after her leaps and pirouettes are finished, before the curtain goes down and she takes a final bow. He moves smoothly through the air, with grace and to some unheard rhythm pounding out in his own mind. He closes his eyes for a moment to enjoy the rapture of the chase, hanging, waiting, pausing, before he rushes onward again, a rising crescendo of passion after the dancer green dragon.

Omasuth twists and turns after Sophyrinth, continuing to seranade her as he twirls and turns and whirls after her. Phantasmic fire has blown into the ball tonight, ravaging the skies in pursuit of the maiden. Grace and beauty, faint and fleeting glory. It is an operatic ballad he carols to her, as she falls, he accelerates to try and capture her, but then she's twirling off again and he creels mournfully. Wait don't go! The brown catches a sharp gust of wind and bucks upwards above the cloud of males, as he rises he heedlessly plows through them, a whack of the tail here, a shove there, a swipe and roar there. Then he is above it all, looking down on the drama that unfolds before him, crooning melodically as his gaze travels lovingly towards Sophyrinth. The roar, the bass roar of thunder, the beating of the kettle drums that adds sharp booms to the symphony of sky and stars. He dances through the air, twirling as agilly as a strapping brown like he can do.

With the entire sky as one's stage, the possibilities are endless. With no wings to avoid, no curtains to cut the show short, each and every move can be displayed to its full advantage, the strengths of the dancer utilized, and the passion exhibited without restraint. As Sophyrinth hurtles upwards, Dhonzayth's a bit slow to follow, as he's mesmerized by the rhythm of her movement, the graceful spins and twirls of her body, the boundless leaps of motion through the Xanadu sky. And then he's following in her shadow, her unseen partner, willing to help with the lifts and the jumps should the need arise, yet letting her rely on her own talents for the loops as he merely hovers near by, waiting for his next cue. The rhythm of his wings has slowed, as her forward progress is minimal, and he's waiting until her solo dance turns into something else.

Kereth keeps his strokes stead against the air as he surges into the sky, his lean body cutting neatly through the air currents. Flying more than anything always came easy to this blue. We won't talk about his first hunting lessons. As she pauses for an Ariel display, Kereth does a loop of his own to try to match her, swirling his body to show off his own display. Two can play at this game that is for sure. So it is not about speed…but skill. We can do this. Between each loop he does beat ever nearer to her. There is a trumpet of approval from the blue as she does a rather spectacular move, almost distracted for a moment from the chase to admire the dance. As the chase wears on he has slowly gotten more irritable about the others that who have joined in «This is our game…go find one of your own!»

Erisith is a teacher, but he understands grace and the art of a dance, but most of all he joins her with a calling bugle of his deep baritone his eyes attached to that slim twirling figure of glowing green. His lean body twists with a macabre agility of skinny legs twisting, body bending nearly in half, and those large billowing wings beating as the bass of his musical voice. While his aereobatics are not as eye-pleasing as Sophyrinth's, he tries to match the tune erupting from deep in his belly to her gentle sweeps, only for it to break in silence at the anticipation of her sudden dive. He kept well out of the way of the suitors in this flight, leaving the rage against the other males behind to focus solely on the green, but now he had lost ground, and his body torpedoes down to cover the distance he had lost between them.

Sophyrinth seems set on creating a larger gap between herself and those hoping to join her dance, focusing all her energy on shooting forward as rapidly as possible. She's determined to be in the lead but eventually her desire to twist and turn overcome her and she's back to her heavenly acrobatics. The green falls into a barrel roll towards the choppy waves, letting her talons trail along the waters surface before she's speeding back up to the sky proper. Once she's gained her former elevation she starts to fade, her wing beats becoming slower and her twirling almost non existent. But she's a determined little dragon and she's not about to go out without a bang. She's got one more trick up her sleeve and so she sets to twisting her lithe body through the air, seeming almost snake like in the gray sky. Suddenly however she ceases her antics, her left wing falling a bit as she utters a small cry of pain, having pulled a muscle. It's all too much for her now and so she lets herself fall, secure in the belief that one of her suitors will end the dance for her.

Kersenth does not follow her down, instead gambling that she will rise again - and rise she does, and the chase resumes. When she falters his heart and mind give a sudden thud of dread and compassion. Angling forward, he moves forward to catch her, for that final lift before the dance ends, and becomes a duet of the two of them. He tries, dropping below her, strong wings fanning out, to catch her, to twine with her, and be with her for this moment, this dance, this dawn.

Dhonzayth is unwilling to let the petite green gain too much distance, after all, he wishes to be her partner for the show, and partners never abandon each other, merely fade temporarily to the shadows when the need arises for the attention to be on one or the other. As she dives towards the water, he tips downwards after her, though dropping only a fraction of the distance she does, letting her incorporate the water from whence the dance started into her routine once more, and then he's rising with her again. Yet, it seems that the lithe dancer has encountered a problem, a problem that a worthy and competent partner should be there for. And so he's attempting to duck in, improvising the remainder of the solo-scene with her to make it seem purposeful as he tries hard to twine necks with her, wide wings spread in preparation to keep them both aloft for the glorious reception of applause that will hopefully follow for all their efforts.

Omasuth curls and whirls after Sophyrinth, complimenting her grace with his own and with warm, melodic croons of appreciation. Then the snake manuver and he powers his way afterwards, an eagle bent to capture his serpant, he will sweep her off her wings and alight with her upon the glittering mountains far distant! Then she falls, she pulls a muscle, the dancing princess has been injured! He must rescue the princess! Singing in delight, in excitement, in pure joy, in elation, Omasuth darts forwards, a shooting star as his swansong tears the night with its beauty. A dramatic twist, a graceful turn, and he is within catching distance. A roar of longing and he reaches for her, oblivious to all others.

As Sophyrinth dives Kereth actually pauses in his flight, flapping his tired wings slowly to maintain height. This he does recognize from their games. His whirling gaze follows the other chasers and then settles on Soph once more to watch her movements in case she changes tactics this time. Then as she reaches the pinnacle of her flight again he makes his move stroking his wings hard against the air once more to catch her. As she faulters and the cry of pain she utters he trumpets his own concern and desire to help her. To give into all her wants and desires, «Let me catch you and I will help you land safely!» He cries out to her though still there is another inner drive that pushes his faster then even his concern. As he nears, his tail reaches out automatically to her, claws extended to catch her.

Erisith follows Sophyrinth down to the water's surface, above the gentle undulating waves of the ocean as he keeps sight on her tail, on her wings, on every inch of her body, an unwavering force that pulls him towards the petite green. His possessive streak urges him forward, spraying mist with his strong beats before he catches a sea breeze that helps him gain lost altitude. He does not rise above her this time, only trails her from below, waiting for the inevitable moment when she will drop back into her next move. Her faltering catches him off guard, and his melodious voice turns into a pained creel of surprise. Such art, such beauty! How could he leave her to suffer the humility? He rises up from the depths, dark body slicing the skies as he shoots towards her dropping form, hoping to snag her out of the air, up back to the skies to properly end the dance her glowing body was made for.

Sophyrinth continues her lonely fall, her wings tucked gently away so that they may rest after her outstanding performance. It's time for another to take over. One after another her potential dance partners miss, failing to capture her petite frame in their grasping claws. Suddenly however she finds herself safe in a pair of familiar claws belonging to Kereth. She allows him to steer her on, warbling happily now that the dance has finished.

L'ton considers for a moment, to grab after S'ya even as Dhonzayth missing his own grab high above, but then it seems that something has clicked in his head, for almost as soon as Dhonzayth has spiraled down to the ground to land, L'ton's got his jacket on and is on the bronze's back, taking off again in a shower of sand.

Omasuth shoots too far and wails, tripping at just the wrong step! Nooooo! He has been once more denied that beautiful broad emerald back of flowers! He's fallen to the wayside like a rock, abandoned in the cold waters of oblivion! Oh how can fate be so cruel? The brown sings the night's final swansong as his flames are extinguished in a graceful spray as he lands on the water.

Kersenth veers off with a dejected creel, winging down to his rider. Y'sar gathers his papers hastily and climbs up into the wet straps, winking between and most likely catching a cold in his haste to leave.

Erisith has overshot his target, offering an angry crack of his whip-thin tail at the entangling couple as he passes them by. Lost to the other blue, he veers off and beats exhausted wings towards the shore to wallow in his grief and moan all the way home to his rider.

Ista Weyr - Inner Weyr(#8253RAJL)

Evening time is ment for relaxing. Even Carrot had gotten used to the idea of relaxing more durring this time of day and is curled up out near Meluth somewhere. M'iken's not exactly where, but he's not raising havock and that's all she cares about. Right now she's curled up in bed re-reading that history book she bought from L'ren more than half a turn ago now. My how the time flies. She's moved about a million times since laying down to read, but right now she's laying with her feet on her pillow and kind of with her head hanging off the side of the bed.

Evening is only made for relaxing when one hasn't just lost a flight. Because then evenings are made for pouting, or rather trying to distract oneself enough to avoid the pouting. And, what better way to avoid the pouting than to corner one's unsuspecting weyrmate? Which, it seems, is exactly what L'ton's doing, for his suddenly in the weyr, Dhonzayth's landing muffled, stripping off his jacket as he strides across the weyr towards the foot of the bed, attempting to tug the book out of her hands wordlessly.

M'iken blinks when her book is pulled from her hands, her first instinct had been to hold it tighter like she was dropping it, but she let it go when she realized it was being taken and not falling. She frowns slightly up at L'ton from her upside position. "L'ton?" Then she really closely gets a look at him and recognizes that look on his face. He hates seeing it there, but at least she knows something she can do to make to go away. She turns over then and lifts herself up onto her knees so she can pull him into a long kiss.

"Hey, ya.." He offers once has her attention, his face actually breaking into a wide grin as the book is set on the closest surface. "Ah hope ya dun mine me interrupting yer history lesson there, lovey.." He teases her gently, even as she kneels some, and he's wrapping his arms around her tightly, eagerly returning the kiss. "Ah mean, Ah suppose Ah could let ya get back ta it, if'n ya wanted me to." He whispers in her ear rather teasingly.

M'iken smiles and shakes her head. "Of course I don't mind." She 'Mmmms' lightly when he holds her tight and accepts her kiss. She laughs a little then. "The past is no good you know if you don't take advantage of the present." She runs her fingers through the bottom of his hair then and slips her other hand down the back of his shirt a little. "But if you want me to go back to it, I suposse I'll resist the urge to pull off your clothes and have my way with you." She teases back.

"That's funny, Ah was thinking Ah might have ta do the same ta ya." He arches an eyebrow suggestively, even as his head drops forward slightly as she plays with his hair, and he's sighing happily. "Mmm, Mai.." He murmurs softly, burrowing his face in her neck and planting a variety of kisses and light nips along the side of her neck and her collarbone as his hands slide under the back of her shirt and press her tightly to him. "After all, All Ah could think about getting back here was how wonderful ya are, all stretched out with meh." And then he's pushing her shoulders slightly backwards.

"Then we're of a like mind." Her back arches into him lightly at the kisses to her neck and a small sound or pleasure escapse her lips when his hands slip under her shirt. "I was thinking something similar to that this afternoon, made working nearly impossible." She grins devilishly at him and when he's pushing her back she lowers herself slowly back onto the bed, her hands keeping hold of him to try and pull him down with her. Her feet stay beneath her for now, quite comfortable, untill he decides they need to be away from the edge of the bed.

"Were ya now? Why didn't ya have Dhonzayth bring meh back? Ya know Ah'd always come back fer that, no matter what." L'ton arches his eyebrow slightly, fingers trailing to brush over her stomach as she arches her back, before he's grinning happily, kicking off his boots and following her onto the bed, scooting towards her on his knees as he's pulled down with her, wrapping his arm back around her waist and returning to the light nipping at her neck, progressing to her earlobe. "Ah knew there was a reason Ah thought ya were perfect fer meh."

M'iken makes a bit of an embarassed face, despite her smile. "Well, I was trying to be good and it makes me look wierd when I'm skinning an animal and my mind's actually on you and I'm suddenly all turned on." You can see her dilema.. Those lips are getting dangerously close to her ear and when they reach it she lets out a little gasp. Even though she knows it's comming, it doesn't change what that does to her. Her hands find thier way up his arms to his shoulders and the squeeze tightly. "Ah, and what's that?" She starts to writhe a little, pushing back against the bed with her shoulders to push the rest of her closer against him.

"Well, then its time ta stop skinning the animal and come find meh. Ah dun care." He chuckles, even as she looks embarrassed. "Cause ya love me enough ta put up with meh, and ta humor me when Ah come home and need ya, no matter what else yer doing." And even as she gasps slightly, and squeezes his shoulders, he's chuckling a bit more nuzzling her ear a bit, to see if he gets a repeat of the reaction, his hands rubbing her back and the backs of her legs as he stretches out next to her, pulling her onto her side so that he can hold her close. "And that ya think of meh randomly, like Ah thnk of ya."

M'iken snerks at that. "I can't just leave an animal half skinned." The nuzzling to her ear makes that sound much more difficult to say than is ever should and while he doesn't get a gasp, he does get a wimper of a sigh. As soon as she's getting pulled onto her side one of her legs finds it's way over him to pull herself as close as possible. "I see, well then, that's some very good reasoning." She smiles lightly, though she's a bit jealous taht he gets to think clearly and she gets left with the befuddled head. So she's leaning forward to kiss him deeply.

Post flight Ton is hardly a clear-thinking Tonny, though perhaps he can manage a coherent thought now and again. But then she's kissing him and he's quick to loop his leg through hers, keeping their ankles close as fingers slide into her hair, pressing gently into her scalp as he eagerly returns the kiss. "Sure ya can.." He murmurs finally when he breaks away, gaze flicking to her lips. "Ah can't just leave ya clothed, though." Because that would be as wrong to him as a half skinned animal would be to her. And so he's trying to tug her top off without further delay.

Sparatic coherent thought counts as clear thinking, at least to M'iken it does. Her hands clutch at his shirt when his hands slide into her hair, hanging onto him for dear life. She only vaugely registers what he says, but the tugging at her shirt is more than enough for her to get the idea and she's helping him along with getting her shirt off. She inturn seeks out his shirt to try and pull it off. "On good turn deserves another." Apperently pulling her shirt over her head is enough to sober her head up enough for a smart remark.

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