Conversations of Cousins

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupents afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.
A wide selection of wines, spirits and juices can be ordered from the barstaff, and a constant pot of klah is kept brewing. Towards the end of the bar, a large machine can be seen, its copper fittings gleaming in the light - a klappachino machine for those with more 'refined' tastes.

It's an average well, mid-afternoon at the Sands. That is, it's not very populated at this point, or likely very much entertainment going on. Pi's found herself a booth and is sipping on some sort of red liquid, one arm sort of sprawled gracefully across the table. If there's one word to describe her overall status it would be bored.

L'ton is surprisingly free this afternoon, at least, he has made himself free, for he's wandering into the Sands, a younger man in tow. A younger man who looks rather embarrassed and is quick to excuse himself at the first opportunity. Of course, that leaves L'ton alone, and looking for company, the bronzerider quickly setting his sights on Pi, and sliding into the booth with her. "Hey ya."

Pi glances up briefly to spot the person who has taken residence on the other bench and just peers for a moment. "Hey." And then her head promptly falls to the tabletop, luckily next to her drink and not knocking it over. "Wake me up in a couple months…"

"Aw, lil' Pi? What's wrong?" L'ton carefully reaching across the table to give her a gentle shake, only after he slides her drink further out of the way. "Ya can't fall asleep, tis the middle of the day.." And another gentle shake, and his head is tipped to try and watch her face.

Pal is very wise in some ways, and very dumb in others. The wise would be moving that drink away as she flails her arm about a little in attempts to lazily bat his hand away. On the other hand she does lift her face and give him a glare. "Nothin's wrong. Just Ah'm tired of wingleadin' an' Ah ain't seen meh boy in…" oh dear, she has to think about it. "Couple sevendays… Ah think."

L'ton has clearly lost all of his survival instincts long ago, for even as she lazily bats at him, he's reaching to try and grab her wrists to prevent any hits from actually landing, and his sighing softly. "As yar weyrsecond, if'n yar nice ta meh, Ah could prolly arrange fer ya ta spend a sevenday studying stuff at Fort, ya know.." He offers with an amused tone, watching for her reaction.

Pi there's a definite grumble at the grabbing and she tugs at her one caught wrist… the other is sort of flopped at her side. "Ya could… but he's busy too…" Yup, she's whining at this point it would seem. In fact, it's rather definite. "Why do Ah always pick the ones tha' Ah ain't gettin' ta spend time with?"

"Ah dunno, why do ya? Ya just need someone who doesn't have anything ta do, cause then whenever ya have time, they'd have time ta." He offers, trying to be helpful, really, giving her hand a bit of a squeeze before letting go. "Well, if'n ya've got some time, maybe he can arrange some ta. Ah dunno." And then he's giving her another bit of a shake. "What else is bugging ya, hm?"

Pi lifts her head again, all that effort just to stick her tongue out at the other. "Yeah.. but Ah ain't found one of 'em… not tha' Ah like." She just happens to like the stupid busy ones. "Ah dunno…" Right, she's very specific as she pushes against the tabletop to get upright again and start sipping her drink once more. "Ah think Ah love V'gay.. but Ah still miss Gabi.. an now Ah ain't seein' him much so what if'n the same thing happens?"

"Then it happens, lil'bit. Ah still miss Sris, but Ah have Mai, and Ah think Ah just want Sris ta be happy, and have a good guy. That Er'ik is bad news, but she thinks Ah'm just jealous, Ah think." He shrugs slightly, leaning back in his seat then, watching her. "Ya should enjoy what ya have with 'em though." Valid advice from L'ton? The world may be ending!

Pi most definitly grumps at that and quickly downs the rest of her drink. And now Pal will never know what that was, and exactly how alcoholic it was. She takes prompts from him sometimes you know, and that's not a good thing. "Yeah… An he's really good in bed…" So, there was definitly a good amount of alcohol or plenty glasses earlier. Well… maybe not quite as many as she realizes what she said and promptly blushes. "Uh.. Ah mean.. cuddlin'…" Right.

"Given what Ah've heard, Ah'm sure he is, Ah'm sure he is." L'ton just offers without even blinking, apparently no longer phased by such random admittances. "As Ah said, enjoy it while ya have it, then. If'n its suppose ta work, it will. And, ya're always gonna miss Gabi, cause she was important." The things he's learned in the last months. "Can Ah.. do anything?" Like order another round for the greenrider?

And she's got him alll too herself. Well, other than flights for the most part. How Pi managed to tame a rake is an mystery. And aww, our Pal is all grown up now, and shouldn't have asked that question as he gets a definite Look in response. "Ah'd say transfer meh but Ah ain't leavin' here. Make 'em send meh boy here?" not happening as he's weyrleader for now. Ah well. Those comments come /after/ the Look wears off.

"Make sure he ain't there the next time that Elara's gold goes up, and Ah'd be happy ta handle his transfer he." He quickly reassures her, a smile with it to solidify the words. Despite the Look that he's given, he's willing to try and offer helpful advice. "Ah told ya Ah could arrange some time, but ya didn't seem ta want that."

Pi grins a little at that. "Well, got any insides ta ya know… let meh know when she's gonna rise? Ah wouldn' mind." Oh yes, she could distract him most definitly, at least she hopes. "Ah know… Ah know… Ah'd rather get things so Ah can retire.. but Ah don' think Zh'ae's gonna be ready… though Ah bet he's better off than Ah was when ya guys made meh take it.."

"If'n Dhonzayth says anything, Ah'll be sure ta let ya know, if'n Ah can. Ah dunno how much help it'll be but." L'ton tilts his head with a chuckle. "Ah think ya did just fine. Ya just gotta find someone else ya trust, ta saddle with it, so then ya can. THough, if'n ya do that, Ah might have ta saddle ya with Weyrsecond." He teases her further, with a wink.

Pi can't help but grin a little. "An' course Dhon knows, he always does. But ya'd better not chase, Ah ain't lettin' ya go ta Fort." Nope, her Pal stays here. But next he gets a very very serious Look of well, murder. "Ah'd kill ya… and Ah /ain't/ taken any more shardin' titles."

"Ah dun chase Seniors, if'n Ah have any say at all. Weyrsecond is bad 'nuff. Ah dun wanna be Weyrleader, R'sul made me promise ta not do that. Not even here, cause Sharix is real scary. Her bed once was more than 'nuff fer meh." ANd for L'ton, that's a valuable admission. "Not even Senior Journeyman with them crafters of yours, down the road?" And he just grins at her serious look.

Pi can't help it, she's grinning. "Good, cause if'n ya'd did Ah'd hunt ya down an' drag ya back, shardin' title or no." Sadly she won't do that with V'gay, ah well. "Ah don' wanna know… ain't really well, talked ta her much." Probably better that way, huh. "Nah.. Ah'm happy where Ah am. Well, if'n Ah didn't have the wingleader thing an' could spend more time with the beasties."

"Just make sure she dunno yer mah cousin, if'n ya do get stuck in her office. Ah think she's out ta get meh, after that clutch at Western." Oh, the perils of some of the weyrwomen. "Ya know ya'd love ta have all sorts of beasties and all sorts of stuff fer ya ta play with. And Senior Journeyman Pi sounds pretty good, ya know?"

"Right… Ah think she'd guess it ifn' she ain't deaf, blind or stupid." And don't you dare call your weyrwoman stupid. Stretching her legs out under the table she likely manages to get a boot to his shins, unintentionally mind you. And arms stretch up over her head with a nice satisfying pop. "Nah, Ah ain't fer titles."

L'ton shifts a bit, wrinkling his nose before he's giving her kick in return, though its quite certainly in retaliation, "Well, still. Dun try and point it out, er anything. Ya know?" Cause that would be stupid. "Ya'll learn a bit. Titles have their advantages, ya know. And Ah know ya enjoy it too."

Pi squeaks at the kick and gives a definite pout while crossing her arms over her chest. "Sometimes but it ain't worth it…. ya know, yer girl's in meh wing… an Ah like 'er." Take that as you will.

"Ah dun think she likes girls, though. Ah think ya'd have better luck with Sris. And she dun got anything ta do, Mai's got her craft stuff. And finding stuff out fer me." Clearly L'ton took that comment one way - likely the opposite of what she intended.

Pi gives a definite eye roll there. "Right, Ah know where ya mind is now…" Grump. But then there's a headtilt as the rest is kind of confusing meant the way as the first. Aw, a tipsy confused Pi. "Well, Ah had /meh/ craft and ya didn' care." So there! "An' Sris don' like girls either ya know, plus sounds like she's got a boy, if'n ya like 'im or not."

"She ain't gonna have that boy, once she realizes how awful he is. Ah know Sris, she ain't like that." L'ton is quick to deny it, shaking his head hurriedly. "And, she's got ta much craft stuff fer ya ta be able ta spend any time with her. Ya might could catch her in the stables, though." A common meeting place for the two lovely Istan women in his life?

Pi rolls her eyes slightly. "Ah mean fer Wingleader, ya know anyhow.. ain't talkin' bout stealin' her fer meh own." Cause well, she'd likely rather steal Pal. And that's not exactly in her plans for anytime not even far future. "But, mayhaps we'll have some fun in the hay?" Not that she won't play with him. "Ah should meet Sris' boy…"

Mrowr? "Oh, fer Wingleader!" He offers with a grin, but then he's shaking his head. "Ya could just talk ta her, and see what she says. Ah mean.." He shrugs a bit more. "Ya might could. Hay is always fun." He agrees, and then leans forward, looking left and right, before dropping his voice. "If'n ya do, and ya dun like him, will ya say something? Ah mean, yer her friend… And Ah'm just worried."

Pi smirks at the other and gives her head a shake. "Still thinkin' with the wrong brain, least ya don' change." And it's even said affectionatly, almost. "Hay /is/ fun.. well, mostly… there's downsides ya know." And she's playing with him, as always. "Mayhaps.. if'n ya buy meh a drink?"

"All ya have ta do is say ya want one, sweets." He teases, and then he's waving for a round, getting a nod of acknowledgement from the bar, before he's grinning back at her. "Yeah, it can get a bit sticky, but blankets are good, ta."

Pi was thinking more scratchy, the stuff actually isn't comfortable at all. And if you have any sort of allergies too it? Not a good thing. "Annyhow…" yup, change of conversation is definitly a thing to do now. "What've ya been up ta?" Lame, indeed.

"Losing flights, as usual." L'ton chuckles, holding up his arm to show a line of mostly healed nail-sized cuts along his forearm. "That Tarish at Fort got me real good, when her gold first started ta go up." And he shakes his head, before sighing softly. "And.. Mai ain't pregnant yet." He frowns a bit, forehead wrinkled.

Pi can't help it, she's smirking at the losing of flights comment. "Ya won mine ya know." That was awhile ago though. "Ya want 'er ta be? Ain't ya got 'nough kids… Ah don' understand ya guys."

"She really wants ta be. And Ah want Mai ta be happy, and Ah think she sees Zip and all the others, and wants ta have a baby of her own ta have.." He shakes his head a bit. "Ah can't say Ah totally understand it, but." An arched eyebrow, and he grins a bit. "That Ah did.. How's Psy doing, anyway" He comments idly, quite amused.

Pi does frown a little there. "Yeah… not tha' Ah understand wantin' from 'er point either… specially knowin' how yers are." Aw, she loves Zip too. "Psy's good, and ain't glowin' so no gettin' yer hopes up." Finally she actually pays attention to her drink, nursing it here and there, though luckily it's going slowly.

"Shards. Here Ah had hopes, ta." L'ton winks, before he shakes his head and sips slowly at his own drink, twirling it around a tad before he shakes his head. "Mine are just fine. But, Ah guess she's jealous, that she dun have one.. Ah dunno." Not that he'd mind a Mai-baby, but.

Pi shrugs her shoulders a little bit and grins. "Ya know.. some girl's wanna have kids… Ah dun' understand why but, ya know." Kids are not for her, nope. "V'gay wants some…" There's a little nose wrinkle there but that's all. "Luckily he's settlin' fer someone else though Ah dunno if he's gonna have luck, or just get slapped."

"Aw, Ah ain't gotta get ta see any lil' Pi's? Ah think a lil girl of yers would be precious. And ya could name her Zai!" He seems totally enchanted with this idea, for he's grinning widely across the table at her. "Come on, ya know ya want a lil'one."

Pi actually seems to be pondering this for a moment. Nope, it was what to throw at him, luckily she finds a spoon that someone misplaced on the bench and aims for his chest. "No, ain't happenin', not fer a long time an' then Ah'll be too old. Ya got 'nough fer the family ta go round anyhow."

L'ton gets thwacked in the chest with the spoon, catching it as it falls towards his lap, and he just pouts at her. "Pi! That ain't fair!" He starts to sulk, shaking his head. "It ain't the same as if'n ya had one. Just one. Maybe if'n ya were pregnant, V'gay'd transfer here, and ya could keep him."

Pi doesn't seem all amused by that idea. "Tha's just mean… Ah ain't that selfish…" though he wants the baby. "An' no good havin' a baby ya don' want, that ain't fair." And she seems a little pissed that he even thought of it. "Worked well fer Zip's ma didn' it?" Oh… that ain't good.

"Ya said he wants a kid, so ya're just giving him what he wants. And, ya know, it might may ya closer. Ah've seen ya with them animals, ya'd be a great ma." Then, at her low blow, he arches an eyebrow. "That's here nor there. Ah mean, if'n our parents had been willing, Ah think we'd have stayed tagether.." But his good mood has starting ta fall again.

Pi doesn't seem to agree at all. "Ain't fair ta the baby." And maybe, maybe she regrets the comment about Zip. She doesn't say anything though, and takes a nice big um… loosely named sip of her drink. She prefers furry babies to actual ones.. and Zh'ae was enough for her for now.

"If'n ya say so." The bronzerider is still sulking, though he has managed to get distracted with the drink in front of him, for he's taking first one sip, swirling it, and taking another without giving any further input.

And silence falls, made a little less awkward by the availability of a drink as distraction. Finally she blurts out a nice. "Ah feel guilty not wantin' one.. but Ah let 'im know 'fore we got too serious. An'… lettin' him have one with someone else ain't the same but… an' Ah might get jealous… Ah don' wanna be but…" Uh-oh… maybe it's time to put a cork in her rambling. And pouting, she's doing that again as well.

"Then ya need ta talk ta him. Otherwise ya are gonna get jealous, and it ain't gonna work. And then it just won't be good. Promise." L'ton shakes his head, and reaches to give her hand a squeeze again. "Ya shouldn't feel guilty, but ya should do what ya want. But one of ya are gonna have ta make a compromise."

Pi doesn't retreat the hand until /after/ the squeeze, and that's simply to take another drink. "Ah have.. an Ah gave 'im permission. He wouldna without tha' unless a girl got preggers fer a flight." That's a compromise of sorts. Neither exactly the happiest with it but it's better than the alternative in her mind. "Figures he ain't the sort ta settle down but wants a kid when he gets ta it."

"But, that ain't a compromise. Ya said yerself that ya might get jealous. And, Ah promise, it ain't no good with that happens. And, Pi, yer mah cousin, and Ah mean.. we've shared a lot. Ah want ya ta be happy." L'ton narrows his gaze at her, shaking his head. "Besides, seems y'all need ta have another conversation."

Pi peeks up at the other for a moment and shrugs. "Ah think Ah won' be too jealous.. Ah ain't gotta deal with a screamin' kid. Well… if'n he adopts it Ah guess but… at least Ah ain't carryin' it?" Anyhow he's not having a whole lot of luck either way. "Mayhaps it'll jus' be a flight baby.. Ah can deal with tha'." No, not the most sensical there. "Ah want 'im ta be happy an'.. he wants a kid… can' really say he can'."

"If'n he wants a kid, he'll prolly wanna take it home with him. Ah promise, screaming kids ain't so bad when they happen ta be yers. Ah mean, their still bad, but they ain't as bad." L'ton tries to rationalize it at least, before giving her a smile. "It'll work out how it's suppose ta, Ah guess. Ya can always borrow one of mine." He teases.

Pi shrugs her shoulders a little bit there. "Ah know.. Ah ain't ready though. An Ah'll talk ta him, allrigh'?" Again, that's a conversation it's good to have multiple times. Obviously if Mai has problems though it's her, so that saves Pal the issue other than having a rather upset girl. "Ah dunno if'n Ah could survive one of yers…" Even just borrowed, not actually having it herself mind you.

"Zhein is ta young ta be ta bad, yet." He teases her, shaking his head. "Ah mean, his mom is rather nuts, but he seems ta be a good 'nuff boy so far." He winks at her, and L'ton smiles at her. "Maybe if he actually has one ta play with, V'gay'll change his mind, and then ya dun even have ta worry about it." SOlution? Totally!

Pi shakes her head following a winceworthy gulp. "Uh.. no, ya ain't shovin' yer own onta meh. An it ain't like we even get ta live tagether so it ain't gonna work." She also seems to like what turn out to be long distance relationships, isn't she smart.

"Ya should take him with ya, when ya take yer week off at Fort." He's not quite willing to completely give up foisting the Eastern weyrwoman's child off on his cousin, but at least that's the last he says for now. "Ah just dunno how ya do it lil'Pi."

Pal gets a bit of a glare there, though it's not malicious. "Nope, he's yers. An if'n Ah get vacation Ah'm gonna enjoy mehself and ain't doin' that with a lil kid 'round." So there! "Ah dunno either…" didn't end up working with Gabi after all, at least v'gay stays in a stable timezone.

Darn? "Ya should drink a lot, eat a lot, and keep him from all the places he's suppose ta be, ya know?" L'ton finishes off his drink, and leans back in the booth, stretching his arms across the back of the seat as he watches her, falling silent with a half smile.

Pi blinks and peers at that for a moment. "Mayhaps some drinkin' but Ah think Ah can convince him ta stick around other ways… perhaps gettin' him on Pi and betweening somewhere might do it." And the obvious. "What're ya smilin' fer?" She's suspicious, yes she is.

"Yer just cute is all. All confused, and not sure, and all." L'ton shrugs, and he grins. "Ya should take him ta Big Lagoon Hold. Real pretty reef. Ah bet ya could distract him fer hours, and he'd lose track of what he's suppose ta be doing." A bit underhanded, but.

Pi wrinkles her noise… likely cutely in his mind, and grumps briefly at that. "That or Ah'm sure Ah can get the image ta a deserted island somwhere… drop some stuff off earlier, ya know. An' Ah bet Psy wouldn' share the spot." But it's all fun plotting, not like she'd really do that, right? "And Ah ain't cute.. an Ah don' like bein' not sure."

L'ton chuckles at the wrinkling of her nose. "What's so bad about being cute, huh? Girls are suppose ta be cute." He grins at her, tapping fingers on the table. "Ah bet Ah could find a deserted island fer ya, if'n ya really want."

Pi raises an eyebrow at the other. "Yeah, but when've Ah been what girls're supposed ta? Ain't what Ah'm goin' fer." She's Pi, not some silly girl after all. "Ya could look inta it, but Ah don' think Ah'll be trickin' him… ain't good if'n Ah get 'im in trouble." The drink has slowly been disapearing again, what a surprise. Pal's really a bad influence, she can blame this on him right?

"It still ain't a bad thing. Ah mean, ya can still be cute, and a tomboy. Ah think Zip's cute, and she ain't yer normal girl, 'cept that now she's starting to talk about them boys." And then L'ton's forehead is wrinkling up and he's making a face, muttering about sharding boys, before he's shaking his head and waving for yet another round.

Pi grins, oh does she grin. "Zip's yer girl, course ya think she's cute." Which admittedly, she is. "An' yer gonna have ta get used ta it… specially if'n she takes after ya." Which is bad to point out to a daddy, but that's besides the point. Ooh, more alcohol!

"And yer mah girl ta, so Ah can think yer cute ta." He winks, and then shakes his head. "Ah'll get used ta it, but Ah dun have ta like it." Sipping at the new drink, he points back at the entrance, where he came from earlier. "That boy? He's 18. Zip's only 13… Ah ain't letting that sharding boy near her."

Pi raises an eyebrow at the other. "Ah ain't yer girl. Either way ya wanna look at it." Nope, she's not classifying herself that way at this particular moment, and he's not going to either if she has anything to say about it. "Yeah, ain't so good. Older boy's ain't bad but not when she's tha' young." Age difference means more when you're younger. "No beatin' the boy up though, ya hear?" She really wouldn't put it past him. Ooh, more booze. This isn't good. She only asked for /one/ refill

"Ah ain't. Ah just scared him real good, Ah think. We had a good talk, with Dhonzayth there ta. And Ah think he's decided that Zip ain't worth it, least not til she's a little older." No, no maiming. At least not until the boy actually tries something. Another sip of juice, and he shakes his head. "Ya'll still keep an eye on her, right?"

Pi rolls her eyes a bit and stretches her legs up to set them on the Pal's bench. Next to him, on his legs, wherever they happen to go, she doesn't really seem to care. Luckily for him she's wearing sandals and not her muck boots. "Tha's good… an /course/ Ah will, she' meh lil' Zip too ya know."

L'ton shifts a bit, turning far enough to the side to arrange her feet on his legs a bit more comfortably, making no move to shoo her away. "Thanks, Pi.. Ah know ya can prolly talk ta her better 'bout them things too, than Ah can." He shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah just dunno how Ah'm suppose ta act with her no more. Or what Ah'm suppose ta say."

Pi looks a little surprised at the idea of /her/ being better at talking to Zip about that stuff. Then again, she's not Pal so that's a valid point. "Ah.. ain't good with girly stuff either ya know.. an' wasn' interested in no boys till well, lots later." Or girls for that matter. "Ah could teach 'er how ta punch 'em but she don' seem the type."

"No, but if'n she has questions bout.. stuff ya and Sris and Mai'll take care of it, right?" That's certainly the worst part about daughters when they get to that age, after all. And the look on L'ton's face seems to say he'll break down if her answer is anything but yes, at least to that.

Pi blinks at the look on Pal's face for a moment, it does actually surprise her. He doesn't break down that much, even with alcohol in his system. "Righ', course Ah will ya big dork." Not that she seems thrilled with the idea. "If'n she asks." Obviously she doesn't think that's all that likely. "or if'n Ah catch her doin' anything she shouldn'" according to Pi's discretion mind you.

"Just remember she's only 13.." L'ton pipes up, having paused mid-sip to include that as a addition to her comment on keeping an eye on Zip. "But, seriously Pi. Thank ya. Ah… Ah just dunno how Ah could possibly explain that stuff. Ah mean, it ain't like Ah gotta deal with it, ya know?"

Pi giggles there. "Oh, Ah should make ya have the talk bout what she's gonna have happenin' soon.. less she's started already." Right, specific isn't she, though they're in a bar after all. She'll settle into her bench some more with a little smile.

"Ah.. Ah have no idea. Maybe Sris'll have dealt with that." L'ton is perfectly happy to be 100% totally oblivious on that front. "Though, she's almost old 'nuff ta get Searched now, ta, which Ah really hope she does. Ah mean, Ah want mah daughter ta be a rider, ya know?" Legacy, and all. It seems he's quite eager to steer away from the awkward subject, even as he pokes some at her toes.

Pi gives her head a definite shake. "Yer her dad ya know, an she's yer blood." Sris may be close enough but that doesn't excuse Pal from duties. "Ya should at least know, don' care if'n ya both're embarressed." So there. At the mention of search she grins a bit. "Ya wouldn' think our familyed be so.. searchable would ya." But they have a good track record now. There's a nice distracted squeak as a toe is poked and that foot lashes out at him, luckily his actual torso is pretty much out of reach, doesn't mean she won't try.

L'ton leans just slightly further back to avoid the kicking foot, and then he's shifting to put his arms over her ankles, putting weight on them to avoid any more violent outbursts. "Ah dun need ta know her stuff. That's fer her ta know and deal with." He shakes his head again, before grinning. "How do a think Peytah'll do, when them eggs go? Ah bet a nice sturdy brown.."

Pi gives a little bit of a glare. Is it the pinning of feet or the part about Zip? Her toes wiggle as violently as possible for a moment and then she works at pulling one foot back, even out of the sandal if neccisary. It's halfhearted to say the least though. "It's yer business too Ah think, ya might have ta deal with it if'n ya like it or not." Not that her dad had anything to do with it, but Pal's in a different situation. "Least mom told meh what ta expect, Ah hope ya make sure one of yer girl's does. Ah ain't though, she don' see me as a mom." "Uh… Ah dunno? Ain't good at predictin', didn' think Ah'd end with a green." And it turned out perfect.

L'ton arches an eyebrow right back, meeting her glare with a grin, keeping his hold on her feet despite the wiggling and writhing trying to free them. "Now now, Pi, Ah ain't gonna hurt ya, or nothing." Maybe just a little tickle? "If'n she wants ta tell meh, she will. Ah think she'd talk ta Sris though, cause Sris really's like her ma, if'n ya know what Ah mean?" As much as she could have one. "Bah, ya have ta at least have a guess, Ah mean, its a one in five shot ya'll be right."

Uh-oh, Pal's got to remember that the girl is quite ticklish, and the squirming starts as Pi slips down further in her booth unintentionally. "Pal!" is squeaked as the feet flail. Well… that derails any hope of her answering with a guess, I mean really. Counterproductive to conversation.

But Counter-Counterproductive to fun! And so he continues to lightly tickle her feet here and there, keeping one arm over them even as she slides to try and prevent any dangerous kicks to his torso or face, an evil grin on his face. "Yes Pi?" He offers, calmly in reaction to her squeaking.

Slowly slowly she slips further under the table. IF he doesn't stop she may squirm wiggle and kick her way onto the floor and that might be disasterous. "Bastard!" is managed through giggles and squeaking. Yup, she's dignafied, really.

"Ya know it, babe." L'ton offers, still cheerful, but as she slides, he relinquishes his hold on her, moving to slide her feet off his lap and back towards the floor so that she can resettle herself. "Ya know its funny."

Pi gets her feet back but it's too late as her balance is thrown. There's a thunk which is lu ckily only her hitting the floor, not her head hitting the table or bench. Oh there's a grump from down there too. "Ew… it's sticky!" not a pleasant discovery either, and she is wearing decent clothes, if not her girly girly stuff.

L'ton looks rather guilty at the thunk, and he's quickly sliding off the bench to crouch down and half waddle under the table to her rescue, moving to offer her a hand, wrinkling his nose as he discovers for himself that it really is sticky. "Here, Pi hon.." He offers, trying to make up for her being down there in the first place.

Pi gets a guilty look? Yay! But she misses it sadly as well, she's under the table at the time. Aw, but he comes after her and she didn't have to pull him to get that response, how sweet. Arms cross over he chest though and she just eyes him as much as possible in the gloom. Atmospheric lighting doesn't really carry over to under the booth tables after all.

L'ton remains crouched, balanced on the balls of his feet, one hand on either booth seat to keep himself steady as he watches her, tilting his head. "What's that look fer, Pi-Pi?" He questions, wrinkling up his nose as she crosses her arms infront of her. "Ah just wanna help.."

"Well ya helped me down here ta begin with. "Oh, she's most definitly pouting at this point. And darnit, she's not bad at carrying it over into her voice with a tinge of annoyance. Her butt's already sticky she might as well stay a bit longer.

"Well, that's what Ah'm here ta help ya back up.." He offers, and as she pouts, he pouts in return, though in the shadows of under the table its probably all but invisible. "Why ya just sitting there hm?" ANd then he's reaching to poke her a bit, "Ya didn't break something, did ya?"

Oh no, that poke goes too far. "Nothin' yet, but yer up." The hand is caught and she tugs the offending poker. Oh yes, she'll have her revenge. Crouching obviously isn't getting him dirty enough.

"Ah'm up?" L'ton questions, slightly baffled, and its enough for his and to get caught, and then his eyes widen and he's staring at his hand in her, and then at her. "Whatcha gonna do, lil'bit…" Oh noes.

"Ah ain't little" is the expected and classic response before there's a nice big tug to prove her point. Oh yes, she's gone and done it, hopefully not with him in his uniform, then again why'd he be drinking in it. "Ah'm jus' sharin' the experience, ya know."

L'ton, thankfully, has decided that whenever he can, he's out of uniform and in lightweight, just professional enough clothes. At least they clean up well, too, for at the tug he's toppling forward, knees hitting a particularly sticky spot before he's trying to catch himself with his other hand, to prevent falling directly on Pi, with who knows how much success.

Pi pratically cackles, not quite but it's darn close. Obviously she's amused and thankfully not quite squished. Pal's hand would have needed to hit the bench or something though to avoid that, floor would have caused impact and lucky for him as well as it's not pleasant to touch. "Pleasant down here, ain't it."

"Now that was just mean.." He comment idly, as he kneels, trying to figure out how to resettle himself to determine what sticky stuff is all over the palm of his hand. But then, it seems he's willing to try and wipe it on Pi's pants leg, since she's already stick as well. "Ya know it.."

Pi thwaps at the hand nicely for the attempt at sticifying them more and she scoots herself more upright at this point, not that she was too reclined on the floor thankfully. "Well, better with company righ? Well.. guess tha's debatable seein' as the company." Remember this? She gets more snarky when she's drunk, and somewhat unpredictable for that matter.

"Hey now.." He protests again, managing to get a bit of the stickiness on her before he's slapped, and he sniffs, leaning a bit closer to her, as she straightens up, sitting back on his heels. "Ah suppose, though, as ya said, given the company." He shrugs a bit, though his tone is more teasing than hers.

Pi was teasing too, but she likely hides it better than the other, she likes being snarky, it's fun. She purses her lips a little as he rocks back onto his heels and grins. "Not sure how ya survive on a regular basis ya know… kinda stuck with yerself, least Ah get ta leave when Ah want." Not the best worded insult, but that's really besides the point. Moving past him she gives a little nudge though likely not enough to send him over. And then she's crawling up onto his bench, because why not it's better than hers. And time to try his drink while she's at it.

"Well, Ah ain't sure how ya live with yerself either, ya know." L'ton shoots after her, like a little kid just mimicking whatever insult had been thrown at him first, catching the bench to make sure he doesn't go over at all, before he's waddling out and sliding in the bench after her. "Hey!" He protests as she's drinking his drink, and he reaches to try and take it away. "That's mine, Pi!" WHine?

Pi slides the drink closer to her as he emerges, somewhat posseively at that. "What, it's good, ya can get another." Hers! And the mirrored insult doesn't really have an affect, probably due to it simply being reused, that and the alcohol she's taken control of. "Or ya could convince meh ta give it back.. would' recommend ticklin' unless ya wanna wear it."

"And how can Ah convince ya ta give it back, lil'bit?" After all, it might just be easier to go ahead and order another one, depending on her terms. L'ton settles half-turned in the booth, one arm behind him on the back of the seat as he watches her with a grin, though he's not moving to tickle or steal the drink by force.

The amount of drink Pal will get if he succeeds is slowly diminishing, luckily there was enough to begin with that she's not even a forth done. "Mmm, dunno. Ya figure it out." After all, she's not in any hurry. She gets to keep drinking until he manages. "Ya got tired of lil' one huh… why's it bit now?" And she'll distract him as well.

"Ah think it sounds better, ya know?" L'ton shrugs a bit, even as he scoots a bit closer to her, sneakily trying to reach his hand to slide the stolen glass away from her, should she get distracted for a bit. "Ah mean, it just sounds cute, Ah think." And his fingers brush over the glass for just a second, maybe?

Pi gives a little shake to her head at the cute bit. "Nah." Well, maybe it is cute, but not for her. Nope. As his fingers brush the glass she lifts it and takes a nice not-so-healty gulp. too bad she can't just finish it off in one go. Least she'll well, drain about half of it. There's a definite wince and she sets it back down before relinquishing it to it's proper owner. "See ya." Yup, she's leaving now with a definite wobble as she gets up. Thump. Okay, she'll try again in one second.

L'ton is quick to finish what little of the drink is returned to him, blocking the exit from the booth as he stares at her. "Are ya gonna be able ta make it, Pi? Do ya want meh to help ya… somewhere ta sleep it off?" Despite the early hour, it seems that Pi's not really in any shape to go too far. "Ah can prolly carry ya, even."

Pi glances at the drink Pal just finished and smirks. "Nah, ain't trustin' ya ta carry meh. If'n Ah wanna Ah'll find a guy tha's sober." But, he gets a peck on the cheek for offering it seems, or maybe that's to get him to move. "Ah'm hardly smashed ya know." Tipsy yes, maybe bordering on drunk… but not smashed!

"If'n ya say so…" But nevertheless, L'ton is moving, sliding out of the seat to offer her an arm. "At least let meh help ya back. Just ta make sure ya're okay, and no one decides ta have a talk with the wingleader right now." Imagine the scandal! And so, with an elbow outstretched, he waits for her.

Scandal? riiight, hardly. After all, that would be Pi and Pal having a yelling match in the middle of the bowl that included Pal getting socked quite nicely by the girl. Drunk is perfectly fine on occasion, it's not something Pi does frequently after all. "Pal, Ah'm fine. Look, standin'." And sure enough she manages to get to her feet without too much of a wobble and once she's there she seems steady. "anyhow, ya can finish meh drink sine Ah stole yours. Pity ta waste it."

"Will do, lil'bit. Go get some rest, though. And walk slow." It seems that the 2 and a bit drinks that L'ton has had are hardly bothering him, for he's steady enough as he slides back into the seat, waggling fingers at Pi, though he's going to watch her through the Sands, just n case.
Pi probably had quite a few before Pal got there, the last couple seemed to hit her nicely. Fingers waggle back with a grin. "See ya 'round." And with that she makes her way out with only an occasional falter in step. Psy'll meet her out there after all. "Night!"

"Night, lil'bit!" L'ton calls after her, keeping an eye on her til she's out the door, before settling back more comfortably in his seat. Ah, solitude.

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