The Aftermath of a Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)

"S'ya?!" Pause. "Eiri?" And with each name, the voice that is echoing through a cluster of weyrhomes seems to sound a little more despondent, and a little more needy. Evening is passing along at Xanadu Weyr, and L'ton is wandering, weaving and winding through the trees. \"S'ya?!" Pause. "Eiri?" And with each name, the voice that is echoing through a cluster of weyrhomes seems to sound a little more despondent, and a little more needy. Evening is passing along at Xanadu Weyr, and L'ton is wandering, weaving and winding through the trees. "Lil'bit?" And he's sighing softly as it seems neither of them are where he expects them to be.

Ysa was just returning home to the weyr from another long day of doing what all Juniors do. Well, what she does… sit around and procrastinate getting things done. Ellamariseth was trailing a bit behind, rumbling every so often and turning her head back in the direction of the clearing, obviously not ready to go home just yet. "S'ya? Eiri?" The goldrider echoes the calls, looking up from a few sheets of paper only to find a very familiar bronzerider in the trees, and her brows go down. "/You/," she says instead, a hiss through her teeth. "What do ya think you're doing over here, Ton!" She waves the sheets over her head, trying to get his attention, while one hand plants on her hip.

"Looking fer S'ya or Eiriana, whatcha think?" L'ton mutters as he just stares at Ysa, apparently unphased by her hissing greeting, for he's not running. "Ah just need ta be cheered up, and Mi's visiting some people, and looking fer some stuff, and… Ah didn't wanna go home and be by mahself." And then it seems he's done defending himself, for he's slowly starting to wander again, sighing softly.

Ysa arches her brows at him when he stares. "What for, huh? I can imagine, though." She turns into a glare and she frowns, tucking the sheets under her arm as she stomps foward towards the bronzer. "Ya need cheering up? What about your weyrmate, who looks even more depressed everytime I go visit her?" She's not letting him off that easy, as she's starting to move after him. "Hey, 'm talking to ya, L'ton! Ya can go a day without visiting another of your gals!" Ellamariseth, seeing an escape, moves off the edge of the forest to hang around the fringes.

"Cause they're silly? And Ah wanna see S'ya's fish, and Ah wanna see Becky's kittens, cause Ah wanna see if'n they're as bad as Carrot." L'ton rambles a bit, before stopping his wandering, and swiveling back around to stare at her. "Ah told ya, Mi went out. She told meh she was gonna go visit y'all's weyrlingmaster at Telgar. And she told meh she's fine, so Ah think yer just jealous that yer not happy, so yer making it seem like she's not happy." Now, however, he's glaring at her.

It is Ysa's turn to stare at him. "Nice excuses," she says finally, shaking her head and then running her free hand over the unruly locks. "M'iken's still trying to get pregnant? Cause that's how she was last I met ya, and Telgar's a long place to fly straight." But when the conversation gets thrown in her direction, her eyes widen in shock before she laughs. "Jealous of what? Having a weyrmate that goes and gets other gals pregnant all the time while 'm not? As much as Mai says she's okay with it, I doubt that's got to be her real feelings." She glares right back, hands on hips.

"She says she's gonna give up fer a bit, cause she's tired of no being able ta go. Ah mean, we went to Red Sands, and Ah was sure ta fly straight, just in case. But, Ah dunno. Ah want her ta go see the healers, but she dun wanna." L'ton sighs softly, rolling his eyes. "Yer jealous that yer weyrmate is no where ta be found now that he's lost a flight, and Ah'm sure he ain't looking fer funny animals ta play with. And, that lil'weaver is at Fort, ta." And it seems that L'ton's just as willing to pick on Ysa as she is on him.

"She said that?" Ysa doesn't seem too pleased about that news. She glances back towards her lifemate, as if planning on heading over there for a chat before turning back towards the bronzer. "What? So it's a flight now, huh?" She crosses her arms stubbornly against her chest, the papers taken up in one of her hands, the edges crinkling by the force she was using to hold onto them. "I guess you're talking 'bout that old girlfriend of his. I think after the last turn I can trust Ram 'nough for him to have found himself a cold lake." But the way her eyes dart back and forth to her lifemate make it obvious that the news struck a nerve. "And instead of calling on Mai, you're here to warm up to S'ya in bed?"

"Ah dun want that, Ah promise. Ah promise, Ah wanna see the fishtank, cause Ah wanna make sure she didn't break it. And, Ah was kinda thinking of taking one of Becky's kittens fer Sharix, ta see if'n maybe she'd stop messing with meh. Ah.. Just didn't wanna be alone, and Ah thought if'n Ah had a good distraction, Ah wouldn't miss Mai so bad on her trip." L'ton doesn't comment any further on the old girlfriend, instead letting it stew along with his other words.

"Uh huh," Ysa says, obviously not quite convinced. "It's not the tank ya have to be worried about, and 'm sure that /she/ doesn't just want ya to check in on her fish." The goldrider knew that girl's antics well, apparently. She purses her lips out towards the clearing, as if expecting something else now before turning her glare back on the bronzer. "Ya got to be alone sometimes, Ton, that's just how it is. If you're going to get yourself a weyrmate, and ya say ya love her, then it's only right that ya actually prove that." But she turns on her heel towards her weyr, snapping a "Stay," to him before heading in and returning with a bottle of whiskey, hoping to find him still there when she returns moments later.

"There's a difference with being alone, and being with someone, though. Ah dun see why ya dun believe me. Ah ain't a bad person, even though ya seem ta be blaming me fer everything, when Ah've been told everything's fine, and Ah assure ya, Mai and Ah spend plenty of time tagether." He rolls his eyes as she stalks off, and he heads the other direction, picking a tree to lean against, with his back to Ysa and her weyrhome, ignoring her even as she reemerges.

"You're not a bad person, but ya do make stupid decisions," Ysa tells him quickly, still not pleased by his defense at all. "Doesn't look like everything's fine when I was there." She doesn't take too long retrieving the drink, so she's stalking back to him, minus the papers of course, only to shove the bottle right in his face. "Ya drink, ya have some company, and then ya go home. That's how it should be." But then she pulls the bottle back quickly. "Ya say there was a flight? Guessing ya lost yourself as well?" Her green eyes look him up and down as she takes a step back.

"Sometimes Ah do. We all do. Ah think it all works out though. Ah mean…" He sighs softly, shaking his head. "Ah dun wanna drink. Then Ah will do something real stupid." Least he's recognized that? "That young goldrider. Tarish, er whatever. Some Eastern rider won, but Ah dun pity him." And he's holding his arm up to show it to the goldrider, displaying a series of gashes resembling nail marks down his forearm. "If'n Mai was there, Ah would have. And, it ain't like Ah've drug ya off, so ya got nothing ta worry 'bout."

Ysa looks at him in surprise when he declines the drink. Afterall, losing a flight usually required one. Not that she actually knew how that was. "A /gold/rider?" She's suddenly in a dark mood again, and she pops off the cork of the whiskey and takes a swig herself, letting it burn on the way down and only making a face. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think Ram goes out and hunts every sharding proddy gold now." And she's getting her suspicions that he does. She doesn't give the marks too much attention, scowling now. "I wouldn't let ya drag me off, anyways."

"O'course, the way it seems Ram's been visiting Mai when Ah ain't there, if'n Ah had gone back ta see her, Ah wouldn't be surprised if'n he was there with her anyway. Ah just.." It seems he's only half listening to Ysa's words, as he's rather caught up in his own thoughts. As he sighs softly, he ends up reaching for the whisky bottle to take a long drag before he's thrusting it back at her, and wrapping his arms around his knees, resting his head on them. "Sometimes Ah wonder if she'd rather be with him than me anyway. Prolly thinks he's more fun, ta." And, cue the transformation from lonely to depressed - oh, the joys of losing a flight.

"I told Ram we should visit Mai more often, cause she's all lonely with ya not around." Ysa goes back to glowering at him again. "It's only right for her to have some friends 'round to keep her company, too, even if ya gave her that ugly ball of fur." She snorts when he takes the bottle from her, and then grabs it for her own quick drink, coughing a bit this time, especially at his next revelation. "Not with with /my/ Ram. Mai's my friend and R'miel and I are together now, so it's not like back in Ierne those first months." And she takes another drink at that thought. Damn depressing musing bronzers were making her insecurities grow worse. "If you're there more often," drink. gulp. cough. "Ya wouldn't be thinking this."

M'iken isn't used to the area around Xanadu. She just hopes she isn't going to end up lost or something. "Darn that Dhon and not knowing the exactly location of his rider." She mutters to herself. And Ella had only been helpful in effectivly distracting Meluth long enough for her to sneak off. Then she happens to hear too very familliar voices and she's able to stumble upon a depressed looking L'ton and a frowny Faced Ysa. "Hey." She says with a little wave, suddenly feeling /very/ selfconsious after catching the last part of what Ysa says.

"Ah am there whenever Ah can be. Ah heard Ram's Weyrsecond now, y'all learn that there's a lot ta do. At least ya have a competent Weyrleader. That weyrling might as well not be there, cause Ah'm still stuck with it all. And, Ah understand ya visiting, but she keeps saying that he came ta visit her, and he made her cry, but she won't tell meh why. And, Ah just… Ah dun know how I feel." And then suddenly the new voice registers in his somewhat muddled brain and his eyes widen and he just looks at M'iken, even perhaps sightly guiltily.

Ysa nods slowly, her mood perking up just the slightest at the mention of her weyrmate's promotion. "Ch'tra's a Xanadu rider. Only met him once so, gonna have to get used to him," she says, staring down at the top of her bottle with another shrug. And her eyes snap up again, confusion on her face. "Made her cry? He came to me depression, too… 'bout her and her problem and—" Why not ask the source? "I thought ya said she was in Telgar?" she snaps to Ton, waving the brownrider over with a frown now. "Hey, M'iken," she starts, and then turns to look between the two of them, as if expecting an explanation.

M'iken looks kind of like she might run for the hills, untill Ysa waves her over. So she awkwardly makes her way closer to them. "Ah, I was in Telgar, but then Er'ik showed up and I couldn't really ask a lot of questions about him other than things I was willing to sak him personaly.. Like how his day was." Her face drops at hoe patheitc that is but it's too late now. So Mai's mission as a spy was a faliure this time, but she would do better this time. "So I asked around where you were and found out you were here and since I've ungrounded myself for the time being I figured I'd drop by, only to find a dejected Dhon who only gave me a vauge idea of where you were." She says to L'ton. "I wasn't really expecting to find you both together." So she babbles, lots of people babble.

"See, she was." L'ton pipes up, rather snappish at Ysa, glaring at her for a long moment before he's resting his head back on his knees. "Ah came ta see Eiriana ta check on the rest of Becky's kittens, but Ah think she's out. And Ysa's yelling at meh. And Ah dunno." And so he lets the brownrider do the babbling, for the time being remaining rather curled up and depressed, not adding any more vocal input at least for now.

Ysa isn't going to let the bronzer off the hook that easily, but she doesn't seem to have much to say when M'iken does clarify it. "Doesn't look like she was too busy that ya wouldn't ask to see if she can meet ya back home," she says instead, shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes. "Cause ya deserve it, going 'round Xanadu right after ya lost a flight." Which can only mean one thing. But her green eyes turn up towards the brownrider's babbling and she frowns. "Good thing I caught your weyrmate here. Ya haven't seen Ram, have ya? Seems that one also lost the flight," she huffs, glaring down to her bottle. "And I told him to keep ya company, not make ya cry."

M'iken makes her way carefully towards L'ton, listening to Ysa with a bit of a frown on her face. She settles down beside him and wraps her arms around him sort of and kisses the side of his head lightly. She nods lightly to her friend. "Thanks Ysa. I appreciate it." She gives her a smile before she shakes her head. "No I haven't, sorry. I was kind of more concerned with seeing if L'ton was alright." Alright meaning not meandering in a cloud of depression, even if he'd been with some other woman, at least she'd know he was alright. She really is apologetic about not even looking for Ram, but what's done is done. Though she's mentioning him making her cry then and she frowns at the subjects they might have been talking about. "Well you know Ram, he's good at picking just the worst sunjects to talk about at just the wrong time."

"Like how about how much he wants ya?" L'ton spits out suddenly, even as he shifts to rest his head on M'iken's lap as she settles down next to him, wrapping his arms around any part of her that he can easily get to. Sulking for a bit more, his gaze flicks upwards to Ysa, as if saying, 'I told you' and then he's going back to his pouting. "Ah mean, Ysa says he's been keeping ya company, and Ah know the two of ya have yer thing, and Ah know he made ya cry, and ya won't tell me why. If'n ya dun wanna be with meh, Ah understand." And so the bronzerider continues to mope, but despite his words, he's not exactly loosening his hold on her at all, even as he looks at Ysa for more reassurance.

Ysa watches the pair of them with her whiskey bottle hanging loosely in her hands, one arm crossing over to clutch at the other. "He doesn't want her," she snaps back to Ton. There's a muddled triangle here of riders snapping at other riders, apparently. "I told him to keep her company as friends, what kind of gal do ya take me for, anyways? Company and /company/ are two different things, but apparently ya don't know much of the difference." The goldrider was getting angry again at him and his accusations, and she glares further, shifting on her feet uncomfortably at where it was going. "Ya forget that Ram's with me, don't ya?" She takes another swig and another glance out, hoping to see the familiar bronze soon.

M'iken sighs lightly at all the hurt feelings and tempers rolling around in the little area, blushing lightly at it all. "Look." She starts, trying to make her voice sound calming and running her fingers through is hair. "R'miel made his choice didn't he. And I was talking to Ysa about the possibility that maybe I'm just not capable of having children, period; and apperently some how Ram found out about it." She isn't going to say right out that Ysa told him, because that might not be the case, he could have weasled it out of her. "So he thought he'd talk to me about it and I was already feeling utterly depressed about the whole thing and I started crying." She continues peting his hair, lightly. "So now you know. And this last time he brought Lyram over for me to see and I got to hold him and it was just wonderful." She has to blink a bit to convince her eyes that it's not time to cry and she smiles up at Ysa once she has them under control, though her nose is still a bit red. "He really is just so beautiful." She loves that baby, yes she does.

"But, Ah know Ram. Ah know he'd try something, ta make ya feel better. No matter if he's with ya, Ysa. Since, clearly ya're willing ta accuse meh of it, but not yer own weyrmate." He tightens his hold on M'iken slightly, as she explains why she was so upset, chewing on his lip some, trying to figure out what to say. Just as it seems that something comforting might have formed in his brain, for he starts with a, "Ah'm sorry, Mi.." There is a pause, and then he's shaking his head. "That doesn't mean that ya dun still want ta have him over meh, though. That ya dun want me anymore, either. Or that the two of ya'll have yer own fun, when Ysa and Ah are stuck with other duties." Dejection.

"He wouldn't," Ysa growls through her teeth at the bronzer, glaring. Add a bit of alcohol and her anger just spikes all the more. "'m sorry that he brought it up, Mai. I know how that makes ya feel and all." She corks the bottle before she ends up taking another long drink, and holds the neck tightly in her grip, glaring at the bronzer to the point that it wouldn't be a surprise if she swung that bottle at his head. "This how ya treat someone ya love? Mai's a gal that ya can trust and all you're trying to do is push these thoughts that she'd cheat on yah." But she laughs at the thought. "Not that she wouldn't since you're doing it anyways. Don't see what your concept of weyrmating is, really." M'iken only gets a frown at her compliment, though this was less in anger and more in confusion. "He took Lyr :between:?" She shifts on her feet again. "Was he okay? He didn't take it the trip bad, did he?"

A ball of guilt forms in her stomach over Ysa's defending her, but she's careful not to let it show on her face. "L'ton, if I wanted R'miel over you, I would have gone looking for him instead of you. We landed near Dhon, you can ask him yourself who I was worried about if you don't beleive me." She lets those words hang heavy over his head, because it's just too easy to make up a lie about how she was looking for him and ran into Ram and post flight-ness.. and the rest would follow. But she's here with him not Ram. She distracts herself from her guilt by turning to Ysa's questions about her son. "Yeah he handled it just fine. Brought him all the way to Ista and came out with a happy baby. He was just all smiles and giggles, especially when he saw Carrot." She smiles at the memory.

"Ah'd rather have someone Ah love be happy with the person she loves." L'ton mutters, mostly at Ysa, though possibly not loud enough for the goldrider to hear. He turns his head to look up at Mai, watching her for a long moment. "Ah know yer here fer me.. And Ah'm glad. But.. Ah just have ta know… Have ya and Ram…" He trails off, shaking his head as he tries to find the word. "Have y'all been together, when he's been visiting ya when Ah'm gone? Ah.. Ah just want ta know, so Ah can come ta terms." He rambles a bit, eyes glued on her face, even as he waves a hand in Ysa's direction, apparently seeking blindly for the alcohol bottle.

Ysa nods her head slowly towards M'iken as she makes her defense. "See?" she says, though she's also starting to get sidetracked by all this talk, especially when it was concerning someone she loves. "I would've preferred to be there when Lyr went :between: the first time," she says to M'iken, though it was the wrong person to argue that with. The comment about Carrot only makes her look more uneasy. She shifts again, her brows drawn down as she catches the bronzer muttering, but not quite clear on his words. "What do ya…" But she shuts up, her browns furrowed down so low that she might be forcing her own headache into her head. The grip on the bottle is tight enough that she wasn't going to relinquish it right away, but she pops out the cork and hands it into the bronzer's hands, knowing that he needed it as much as her, which is why she holds out her hand for it back.

M'iken smiles lightly at Ysa. "I'm sorry. But don't worry, I didn't let him play with Carrot. That cat's still too active to be let near a baby." She knows Ysa does /not/ like Carrot and so she didn't let Lyram near him. She hears what he mutters and just shakes her head with a sigh. "Then you need to stop behaving this way. I know most of this is post lost-flight, but still." She looks down at him and doesn't bother smiling, the quetion's eatting a way at him she can tell, so she answers as seriously as she can. "No. We haven't." She says softly. Then a bit more loudly so Ysa can hear clearly. "Ram was saying he'd like to take us all out drinking to celebrate his promotion. It was supossed to be the next time we were all in Xanadu together, but I don't think anyone's really in the proper shape to go out enjoying themselves."

L'ton sits up just enough to gulp from the bottle, before giving it back to Ysa, and then he's hiding his face in M'iken's stomach, unwilling to move. "Ah still dun wanna see Ram." He mutters, as he continues to sulk, letting the women folk talk all about the baby and the kitten and not willing to get caught in the middle - he's already got beaten once in the child-rearing discussion, no need for it to happen again. "Ah dun want any more drinks, either."

"I hear from the Healers that kittens are bad for babies, anyways," Ysa says with a frown. There was definitely going to be a problem in the weyr whenever her bronzer got home. She takes back her drink thankfully, but it's just a quick sip that she takes that time around. She was just standing there, anyways, and she was feeling just a bit uncomfortable with the fact that her weyrmate wasn't back yet, post-flight. "Maybe not with M'iken," she finally mumbles, glancing out towards their weyr. She shrugs both her shoulders at the brownrider and tries to offer her a smile, though it looks more like a smirk. "Yah, and we're missing a few people." The important one, of course.

M'iken nods a little. "That's true. Some other time would probably be best. Prefereably not after a flight." She rubs L'ton's arm lightly before patting it. "Alright you." She says softly. "I think it's time to go home. I'm sure Ysa's wondering where her man is and probably wants to go looking for him. Right?" At least that's how she's reading Ysa's body language. "And I've gotta do something to get you out of this dejected, depressed stooper." She tries to move him off her lap so she can get up.

L'ton whimpers a bit, but then he turns over to look at Ysa, blinking a few times at her, but then he's being half-shooed from M'iken's lap, so he reluctantly gets to his feet, watching her with wide eyes, waiting to simply follow along after her, without any further comment, it seems. Is he all whined out?

Ysa shrugs her shoulders to both of them. "Yah, come 'round to Xanadu more often at least, to see Lyram as well." She wasn't too fond of taking him to Ista, afterall, as she wrinkled her nose for a moment before shaking her head. "We'll figure drinks out at another time." He looks down to L'ton for a moment, shrugging again. "Best do what she says. That's the only way she's going to get ya into shape, anyways." She sighs and runs her hand again in her hair until it catches a knot, only to swing the corked bottle over her shoulder. "Got stuff to do, anyways."

M'iken smiles lightly at Ysa and slips in a hug. "I'll come around more often, I promise." She pulls away and takes L'ton by the hand to drag him off in search of their lifemates. "He'll be up and flirting again in no time." She gives the goldrider a wink then, tugging L'ton closer while they walk.

L'ton waggles fingers at Ysa, managing a half smile before he's looping an arm around M'iken as she pulls him close, and he just leans against her as he follows her lead. Though, after a moment, he glances over his shoulder once more, as if he wants to say something, but he ends up shrugging it off, heading out with the brownrider.

Ysa hugs M'iken back, half-heartedly before nodding her head slowly. "Yah, ya do that," she says, looking increasingly distracted. Her lips quirk a bit after L'ton and she waves back, turning towards her weyr with a bit of a wobble to her step, most likely the alcohol, and trekking the short distance into the safetly of her place, with the drink sloshing all the way.

Ista Weyr - Inner Weyr(#8253RAJL)

After much coersion to get both L'ton and Dhon home, M'iken is finally able to drag him over to the bed and if he's still so willing to be lead around, she basically pushes him into the bed before climbing on top of him. "Alright." She says softly, giving him a full real kiss finally. "Go ahead and say whatever's on your mind and I'll respond honestly." She moves his bangs to the side a little so she can see his eyes clearly.

L'ton is still much like a puppet on a string, though he manages to get down from Dhonzayth's side without too much outside influence, and he follows M'iken inside, flopped down on the bed, and resting his hand idly on her hips as she settles on top of him. And then he's biting his lip, watching her with wide eyes. "Do ya want something ta happen with ya and Ram? Am Ah really doing that bad a job? Are. Are ya as unhappy as Ysa said? Ah.. Ah dun wanna be making ya said and wishing fer other stuff." L'ton's questions come out back to back, and then he's ducking his gaze, slightly embarrassed by them.

M'iken takes in all of his questions and thinks them over carefully but not for too long. "I do wish sometimes that something could happen physically between me and Ram." She hold up a hand for him to wait for her to finish before he can begin to interject. "You are doing a wonderful job though, really you truely are. I mean it every /single/ time I say I'm happy with you. True I do spend a /lot/ of my time waiting around for you to come back, but I understand you're busy, I'm not a very selfish little girl who can't wait for you. And you know it makes me that much happier to see you when you /are/ around." She runs her fingers over his lips lightly, just wanting to touch them and keep them still for a moment. "You know I love you, right?"

L'ton starts to say something as soon as the first response is out of her mouth, but then she's silencing him, and he settles for chewing on his lip, sighing softly. "Ah wish ya had something else ta keep ya busy.. Ah dun want ya ta feel like Ah'm always gone, and yer always stuck alone." But then he's actually managing a bit of a smile at the finger on his lips, slowly nodding, without a word.

M'iken smiles a little in response to his attempt at a smile and leans in to kiss him again. "You already gave me something to keep me busy." As if on cue Carrot jumps up on the bed then straight onto M'iken's back. "See? He even knows when I'm talking about him." She chuckles a little until the kitten starts clawing at her jacket. "Hey. It's not's enough you've clawed up most of my underwear, now you have to go after my jacket too?" She shakes the kitten off who immediately goes running across the weyr to roll in the little pile of shreded panties he's laid claim to. She sighs but smiles anyway.

"Ah know, but.. Ah feel guilty. And, Ah feel like Ah'm keeping ya from someone ya really wanna be with. And.. Ah love ya a lot, and Ah want ya ta be happy, and all Ah keep hearing is that yer unhappy, and Ah'm a horrible person, and then Ram's gonna steal ya away from meh, in our own weyr, and then Ah dunno what Ah'll do." The kitten is just watched with wide eyes, as he shakes his head, incredulous, and unsure what he can say about the feline.

M'iken just shakes her head a little bit. "L'ton." She says soothingly. "Think about what you're saying. You're not keeping me from anyone." If anything it's Ysa that keeping people away. "What would I do if you pushed me so far away that I left you for someone I can't have anyway? Ram's not going to choose someone who's apperently defective as a woman over the woman he loves and his son. And that's just thinking about it logically. Throw in the illogical and you wind up with the fact that I'm head over heels for you despite the fact that your lifemate over there just /needs/ to chase every proddy female on the planet which drags you away form me and potentially into the arms of all kinds of other women. I do /get/ jealous you know. But I know better than to get huffy over it since there's nothing we can really do about it." She she ends up ranting at him a little when she'd ment not to.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly at her works, lifting his gaze to her, and wiggling to try and sit up enough to wrap his arms around her. "My Mai… Yer not defective. Yer perfect, and Ah love ya no matter what, even if'n ya can't have any children… And why didn't ya just tell meh, sweets?" He sighs softly, burrowing his face in her arm, and giving her a tight squeeze. "Ah'm sorry 'bout Dhon, Ah am. Ah.. Ah can try and tell y'all, so ya can come ta, so yer there with meh, if'n Dhon loses?"

M'iken subconsiously snuggles into his chest. "I'm not perfect. How can this be perfect? I didn't tell you because I thought you'd make me go see the healers to be sure and I don't want them to confirm my fears." Then she's shaking her own head. "You don't have to apologize for Dhon. He is who he is." Truer words.. "Though I would appreciate that." She really does appreciate the offer and she leans up to kiss him as a thank you.

"Really?" He perks up a bit, actually offering a smile to her then, before he's cuddling into her again, and then moving to pull her down to stretch out with him. "Ah'd like it if'n ya went to the healers, they might be able ta do something. Ah mean, Jeri had her baby, and she didn't think she was gonna be able ta." L'ton tries to be supportive though, giving her a gentle poke in the chest, and then a kiss. "Yer perfect cause yer ya. Ah'm just afraid of losing ya, ya know?" And so he keeps a possessive hold on her, at least for the moment.

M'iken nods lightly. "Meluth still feels the sting of loosing to Arinith last time, I'm sure participating in more flights will be good for him." She tries to do her best to ignore the healers remark, but shrugs lightly at it. "I'll think about it." It's only a half lie, she'll worry over it, but wheather or not she actually goes is another thing entirely. She makes a happy hum in the back of her throat when he holds her all possesive like. "Ah, you know, I love it when you hold me like this." Makes her feel truely wanted by him, even if it could be compared to a child who likes to play with everyone else's toys and then doesn't like to share his own.

L'ton pulls her close and gives her a long kiss. "Then its a deal.." And he tilts his head with a bit of a smile for her. "Ah love holding ya like this. Specially right now… Ah'm glad ya came ta find me, Mai.." And with puppy dog eyes, he's pouting at her. "Ah really really mean it.." And then he's pulling her close for another kiss, to prove it to her.

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