An Awkward Dinner

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns(#9756RJ)

This particular evening finds Vesvesris in the caverns during the dinner hour - not at all unusual when most of Ista Weyr is filtering in and out for a plate or three. However, she's not alone, for a change; tucked away in a seat as close to one of the corners as possible, she's accompanied by a tall, dark haired man whose knot identifies him as a Telgar greenrider. And Sris is even dressed a bit nicer than usual - long, dark skirt and a long-sleeved, cream-colored blouse. He says something; she smiles, and their food is slowly disappearing, even if their mugs appear to have been rejected in favor of a glass or two of wine.

Open mouth. Close mouth. Open mouth. That is the reaction of a certain bronzerider as he enters the cavern and he gazes at the various occupants as normal, though one is clearly not as normal, for he's caught staring at Sris and the unknown rider, and he almost starts pouting. But then he's straightening a bit, shaking his head and deciding to find a table, though with the majority of them full, he's pulling a pair chairs towards the corner one, his greeting a grin. "Evenin' Sris-dear." He offers as his only inquiry of permission.

It isn't much later that a M'iken comes along into the caverns looking for dinner. She always been a bit tunnel visioned when it comes to food so it's straight for the tables for her. Only when she has a nice plate full of food in one hand and a mug of water in the other does she happen to look around at the people around her. She nods a bit to some people and smiles at them before she finds the person she's looking for. Having never met Vesvesris in person, L'ton's been pretty good about keeping them from meeting no doubt, she doesn't realize it's her that L'ton is sitting near and attempting to talk to a bit. So she just sits next to him like any other day and smiles at Sris and her 'mysterious' companion. "Good evening." She says, making herslef comfortable and drinking some of her water.

Vesvesris frowns a little as L'ton's greeting reaches her; her companion, too, looks up as the other man approaches, staring carefully at him. "Evening, yourself, " he answers for them both, pointedly not moving his seat. "You must be L'ton." Shaking off her frown, Odeleth's rider offers a noncommital, "Plenty of room at the other end of the table, L'ton. This is Daeth's rider, Er'ik of Telgar." She spares the bronzerider a quick glance - enough to show that her eyes are kohl-rimmed and her mouth, stained a becoming dark red. Use of cosmetics aside, she returns M'iken's smile a bit uneasily, but it's friendly, nonetheless. "Evening."

"Aw, what's the matter lil'bit? Ya dun want some more company? Ah figured Ah'd find out how yer kitten was. Shards, Ah bet ya and Mi here could talk all 'bout the critters." L'ton is clearly not deterred by the forced greetings of the two, for he's settling down comfortably in his chair, and draping an arm over M'iken's shoulder as she joins them. "Er'ik, Ah assume ya've been enjoying yer time at Ista, nah? Far better than Telgar, Ah think." A hand is run through his hair as he just looks at Sris more closely, though he's withholding any comments on it for now.

M'iken blinks a bit at the two riders she doesn't know personally, but nods lightly to Er'ik when he's introduced. Then there's the mention of a kitten and her jaw drops a bit in realization as to who this lady is. "Are you Vesvesris?" She'd love to elbow the bronzer in the ribs but she doesn't and instead sits there feeling probably about as uncomfortable as Er'ik there.

"You could have asked me when you saw me the other morning in the bowl, " Sris replies easily enough, frown back in place. Glancing back and forth between his companion and L'ton, Er'ik's brows furrow a little, but his small smile and subsequent reply are both delivered smoothly. "Of course. I must say that the - view and the hospitality far outshine what Telgar has to offer, " he remarks, smile widening a tad as Vesvesris' flush deepens; between a glass of wine and the compliment, the typical Sris-reaction would be to avert her glance to her plate and murmur something inconsequential. But the young woman's smile, while shy, is also - promising. Or maybe that's just a trick of the lights. Mi gets an embarrassed look. "I am, " she confirms, almost apologetic. "You must be M'iken. It's nice to meet you." And whatever else is going on between her and the other occupants of the table, her 'nice to meet you' is, perhaps, the most genuine.

"Sris is a real nice lady. Ah'm glad ta see she's found… someone." L'ton shakes his head slightly, before his attention is on the pair of brownriding girls. "Oh Sris, Ah think its nice that yer smiling again. How is yer kitten anyway?" And then he's giving M'iken an encouraging squeeze, to reassure her, clearly fine sitting there. "Ah would have asked the other day, but Ah had ta get back ta what Ah was doing. And then Carrot's causing all sorts of trouble, so Ah figured yers is prolly doing the same." Peering at Er'ik, he tilts his head. "Ya like the kitten, no?"

M'iken nods lightly, a blush sitting on her cheeks when she replies. "It's nice to meet you too." She's always been curious about meeting Vesvesris, but never imagined they'd be meeting while in the company of the men they obviously quite like. The squeeze from L'ton is reassuring, but it doesn't change the fact that he's going to get a jab to the ribs at some point that night. "Carrot's not causing trouble, he's just a little more active than my sea shells can handle is all." She turns her attention to her food.

Vesvesris toys with her wine glass, taking a swishy sip before answering. "Kitten's fine when she isn't busy trying to claw up my leathers. Thank goodness I've a spare pair." Her voice is only slightly strained; despite not expecting this extra company to go with her dinner date, she's apparently decided to make the best of it - probably for her and Mi's sakes. "Noisy little thing, " Er'ik comments, "but fluffy enough. She does have a way of awakening you at strange hours of the night, or so Sris tells me. Found Telgar quieter, but she's hopeful that the caterwauling will decrease as it grows up."

"Ah was gonna say, if'n ya weren't pleased with her, Ah dunno if Ah could put up with ya seeing Sris. Ah mean, ya clearly make her happy, but… Ah still plan on keeping an eye out on her. Though, Ah think Zip'd be more willing ta do that, even if she's the one that needs to be watched." And L'ton is rambling now, shaking his head. Perhaps its Zip growing up and talking about boys that has made him so protective of Vesvesris even now? "Ah think they're both lil'monsters. Long as they dun grow up ta be like their mother though, Ah think we're all good. Becky's a terror, but she's good at catching stuff."

M'iken raises a brow at L'ton then and chooses not to say some of the things on her mind and settles for other things. "Zip doesn't need anymore watching than she already has. If anything I think she's feeling smothered and is gonna end up doing something just /because/ you're making a fuss over things." Things being boys talking to his daughter. It's kind of hypocritical when you take into consideration how much of a flirt the bronzer is. She turns her attention to Er'ik then. "My ball of fluff thankfully wears himself out durring the day and sleeps a good amount of the night. Or at least I think he does. Meluth keeps a good enough eye on him so he doesn't go jumping off the ledge or anything." The daddy of a brown was probably about as excited over the kiten as his rider was.

Vesvesris stiffens, expression turning a trifle outraged. "I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, " she says firmly, giving L'ton a hint of a glare. Or more than just a hint. "I don't need your permission or your approval to see anyone, even if you are my /friend/." Her look softens as he brings up Zip, a small grin tickling at her visage instead. "Zipalla'll be fine. Give the girl some breathing room; she'll appreciate it." And since she and Mi appear to be of one mind about this, her grin lifts just a bit more. See, the women know best! Right? Er'ik, meanwhile, gives a slow, languid smile. "Oh, L'ton, I assure you that I am /very/ pleased with her." Clearly, he's not talking about the kitten with fur anymore.

"Ah just want what's best fer ya, Sris. Yer still mah lil' brownrider, even if'n we ain't together, and ya know it." But now it seems that he's teasing her more to get a reaction than anything else, chuckling at Er'ik with a wink. "Well, Ah did mah best, Ah really did." But then he's stick staring at the pair of women who are suddenly in agreement, shaking his head. "Ah just ain't ready fer no grandbabies. And, Ah know some of them boys ain't up ta no good. Ah was hoping the pony would keep her busy, but." But, it seems that he's outnumbered, so he'll just give up the argument. Mostly. "If'n she has a baby, one of ya can have it."

M'iken grins lightly at Sris's outrage, though it's only because it's basically what she was thinking herself on that matter and Er'ik gets a bit of a snerk. "I quite like mine as well." She gives L'ton that elbow in the ribs now, feeling it an appropriate time to remind him that if he's not carefull he'll get hurt by one of the two brownriders. "Who says she's gonna go off and have a baby? There's nothing wrong with a bit of flirting and dateing now is there." She eyes the bronzer a bit. "She learned it from watching you after all."

"I'm not your little anything, " Sris replies to the contrary, adding, "nor am I little." She gives him a completely incredulous look at what comes next - grandbabies? "L'ton, she's /thirteen/. If she has a baby, you've only yourself to blame for setting a poor example for her since you brought her here. You go around impregnating every woman on Pern that you can get your hands on - even on accident, as it were - but your daughter can't go through the normal process of getting to know boys her age as she grows up?" 'How hypocritical!' is left hanging unsaid. Mi just gets another grin; once they get over the uncomfortable factor, they might just get to be good friends, after all. "More wine?" Er'ik offers as he refills his glass with the last of what's left in their skin. Sris shakes her head; if she's so publicly criticizing L'ton, she's probably already had enough.

L'ton sulks a bit. "She might! There was that girl at Xanadu who was only 14, and she thought she was pregnant. And, Ah mean Pazinnia t'was only 16. Ya dun think it can happen, but then it does, and then.." He shakes his head a bit, and waggles a finger at Sris. "That ain't mah fault. And Ah've been shardin' careful ta not put any ideas into her head." So he thinks. As Sris refuses the wine, however, L'ton is quick to reach for the remainder of the skin, giving Er'ik a look of, 'Women.'. And then, he's realizing he was elbowed all that time ago, and he's staring blankly at Mi, blinking a few times. "Ah just dun want anything ta happen ta her. Or ta ya." His gaze flicks to Sris, "Or ya." And his gaze drifts back to M'iken, with a soft sigh.

M'iken leans over and gives L'ton a kiss on the cheek for his troubles. "Don't worry so much, you'll end up with an ulcer or something. I'm sure Zipalla knows well wnough to behave what with so many people waiting in the wings to beat up any boy who does anything seriously bad to her." She shrugs lightly. "Maybe you should get to know some of these boys and then present her with serious cases of why you don't like them. 'Beause they're boys and you're a girl' doesn't exactly count."

"Especially when she's only thirteen and not likely to get beyond hand-holding. She's just getting past the 'boys are icky' stage, remember." But apparently, that's all the child-rearing advice Er'ik will let Vesvesris dish out for one evening; perhaps he nudged her foot under the table, for they're both standing up a moment later, handing their dishes off to a passing server. "We have more - pressing matters to attend to, " the greenrider informs them calmly, "so I must bid you both goodnight. You owe me a new skin of wine at some point, bronzerider." And Sris sighs, shaking her head at her former weyrmate. "Honestly, L'ton. There's a lot you have to learn yet about how to manage a teenaged daughter." But to Mi, she simply adds, "Good luck keeping him in check - and with your kitten." And then they're off, her companion's arm nestled possessively about her waist.

"Just remember, she learned it all from me." L'ton feels the need to practically shout after them as they head off, ignoring the statement about the wine - someone else can deal with that. Of course, a variety of people turn to look at him and he just rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to M'iken, pulling her chair over and wrapping his arms possessively around her in turn. "Stupid man.." He mutters softly as he rests his head on her shoulder. "Sorry 'bout that. Ah.. yeah."

M'iken smiles lightly to them both and waves. "Good night." She says in a sing-song kind of voice. When L'ton pulls her chair closer and wraps that possesive arm around her she can't help bit giggle a little. "L'ton, honestly. You could attempt to not be so hostile about them. What if she thought that about me? I wouldn't like taht too much." Though she could tell they might turn out to be pretty good friends should the occation arrise.

"Ah dun like him. Ah just dun like him. Ah want her ta find a nice boy, not some stupid greenrider who's prolly just hanging with her cause his lil'boy is too busy somewhere else and he's trying to make him jealous." L'ton mutters some, shaking his head, before looking at her rather pathetically, with wide eyes and a bit of a pout. "Ah tried ta be nice, though. Its just…" Ugh?

M'iken makes a none to pleased face at him. "He seems like a plenty nice enough guy to me. And not /every/ greenrider is out after the tail of some other man." True most have the disposition, but she knows a couple greenriders who are happily with other women. She turns her attention back to her food, though it's a bit cold now and that makes her frown. "You'll make a girl jealous behaving like that you know." Yeah, she felt that twinge in there, even though she knows Sris would probably sooner make sure L'ton could never have children again than go back to him.

"Aw, sweetheart, Ah dun mean ta do that ta ya. Yer my Mi, and yer stuck with meh. Ah just can't help but want the best fer her after 8 turns, though. And, Ah mean, Zip looks up ta her too, and yeah." He shrugs a bit, and then looks up at her, giving her a bit of a nudge. "Ah mean, ya'd want Ram ta be happy, no? If'n something happened ta him and Ysa, Ah mean." And then he's peering at her plate, then back at her. "Ya want meh ta get ya a new plate, since Ah ruined that one?"

M'iken shrugs lightly. "I know, I know. And that's not exactly the same thing. I was never weyrmated to Ram." If anything she feels like there'll probably end up being a show down between him and L'ton if anything ever happened to tear apart her best friends happy union. "Nah, this is fine. My own fault for tlaking too much I suposse." A little grin pops up on her lips at that.

"Ya were barely talking, though.." And then he's reaching to poke at her elbow, shaking his head. "By the way, yer elbows are way ta pointy. Ah think ya should eat that plate, and another one, so they dun hurt so much." He teases her a bit, draining the stolen wineskin, before leaning back in his chair, but leaving his arm over her shoulders. "Ah know, but, Ah still love ya, so ya dun need ta worry 'bout that, kay Mi?"

"Too much eavesdropping then." M'iken counters. The comment on her elbows though makes her laugh. "I'm not goign to get fatter just so it doesn't hurt when I elbow you. That's the whole point of it anyway." She's not the least bit interested in that wineskin and is glad doesn't offer it to her, means he knows well enough to not bother. "I know you love me, which is why I'm not angry or /more/ jealous." She smiles at him then, picking around her plate for the warmer bits of food.

"Aw, but ya'd be cute all pudgy." He teases her a bit, poking at her side, before shaking his head. "Ah hope ya still talk ta Sris though. Ah mean, yer sort of similar, and Ah think ya'd get a long. Dun let meh put ya off her. Or her off her." A soft sigh, and he glances over his shoulder at the way they went before squeezing M'iken again, still seemingly a bit upset by their exit.

M'iken purses her lips at him. "The only time I'm goign to consent to getting pudgy is if it's a baby's fault." And that's it. She likes the shape she is currently. "And I think Sris and I might get to be friends, eventually. We seems to agree at least on Zipalla." She gives him a wink before leaning into him a bit when he squeezes her again. "She's a big girl, she can take care of herself. She put up with you for eight turns after all." She keeps her tone light, just teasing him a bit.

"Ah bet ya'd have fun taking the twins out ta. Ah mean, maybe ya'll could go on a trip or even just ta the beach or something. Ah dunno.." He shrugs a bit, apparently trying to get M'iken to build a bridge, considering he likely just burnt one. "Ah still think yer both crazy, though. Some of them boys are six er seven turns older!" Or, at least that's his story, and he'll stick to it. And then he's poking her again. "Baby pudge?" He asks slightly hopefully.

M'iken grins a little at the thought. "That would be fun." She says with a nod. "Go to the beach with the ex and her kids." She snerks at the idea of it. Her parents would probably throw a fit, but then, they're pretty old fashioned hold folk. "I think you're exagerating with the age range there. Though if you're not, there're some young men around whom I need to talk to." When she says that she clenches her fist and her knockles pop in sucession, which she blinks at.
"Humm, it would be nice if they did that all the time. That would be usefull." Then at the poking of her side she just shakes her head. "Not yet." Is all she has to say on the matter before she's putting a peice off cold meat in her mouth. At least that's still good to her.

"Aw, it can't be that weird. Ah mean, the twins are pretty good, and Zsrist is good ta, and Zip's real good with watching, ta. Ya could make a day of it, and have a picnic, and have all sorts of fun. And maybe ya'll be able ta find out a bit more 'bout that Er'ik?" Ah, there's the ulterior motive behind it all. As her fingers pop, his eyes widen slightly, but he shakes his head. "Ah just dun trust some of 'em, so Ah'm watching real good." As she stares at her own fingers however, he just sits there, biting his lip and sighing softly, without saying anything else. Oh well.

M'iken smiles at the idea and then there's the mention of the ulterior motive and that just makes her flat out laugh. "L'ton, I can't beleive you're trying to get me to do your dirty work for you. I don't remember ever seeing Er'ik in Telgar while I was there so he's after my time, but if you want I don't have to bother Sris about it and I can just hop up to Telgar for a visit with my weryling master." She grins at him lightly, more sneaky in her approach on information gathering than L'ton apperently. The fact that she's willing to go 'between' to get this information though is a clear enough signal that she's given up on the idea of a baby for a little while.

L'ton widens his eyes, trying to look innocent in his request, before he grins broadly at her reaction. "Wait, ya will? Really? Ya'd do that fer me?" And then he's giving her a squeeze looking rather thankful. "Thank ya, Mi, really. Ah mean, Ah dun wanna cause ya no trouble, but.. Ah really wanna know. Something just dun feel right, and.." He shakes his head a bit with a soft sigh. "Ah dunno." And then he's absently twisting strands of her hair while he ponders quietly.

M'iken nods lightly at his disbelief and then gratitude. "Of course I will, but only so I can prove that you're over reacting." She kisses him on the cheek again. "I think you're just not used to seeing her with someone other than youself is all." She can't really blame him for it either. Even though she's used to the thought of him flirting around and Dhon chasing every female dragon on the planet, she isn't so sure she could stand to see him serious with someone else.

"Ah dunno, Ah mean.. I dun think it bothers me, but…" L'ton sighs softly, with a shrug, before his grin widens greatly at the kiss. "Well, whatever the reason, thank ya lovey." He offers softly, the last of the wine apparently gone from the skin, for its slung over the back of the chair to be forgotten, and he's peering at her plate. "Ya done yet?" He asks, in the same tone as an impatient child on a long trip.

M'iken smiles at his grin then sighs lightly at his impatience. She's still hungry but no longer in the mood to actually eat. "Yeah I guess I'm finished." She says picking at her food a little more, only to abandon it for the rest of her water. Ah, at least that makes her tummy feel like it's full. "You have somthing else in mind you want to do?" She asks, wondering why she can't just sit here and pick at her food for a good protion of the evening.

"Maybe Ah brought some sweets back from Ierne, and Ah want 'em before Carrot finds 'em?" He offers as a reasoning, before shrugging a bit, taking a finger and sticking it in her abandoned food with a wrinkled of his nose, before he licks off his finger, and looks back at her with a grin. "Ah mean, if'n ya dun wanna go, Ah think Ah can prolly eat them all myself." He teases her lightly, with a grin.

Ok, so he knows how to get her to go along with what he wants, offer something sweet and M'iken will follow anywhere just about. Would be a dangerous trait to have if she were ten turns or so, but she's old enough to know who to follow and who to not follow. "Humm, well, I think my tummy could do with something sweet after that." She points at her plate and grins. She leans in to give him a proper kiss. "You're to good to me you know that?" And with that she's standing up and gathering her dishes to hand off to a poor candidate with dinner duty.

"Ah try.." He winks at her, watching the poor candidate get the dirty dishes before he offers her an arm, with a grin. "If'n ya come home with me, lil'bit, Ah think we can find lots of sweet things fer ya. And a fuzzy kitten, ta." L'ton continues to tease her, before he shakes his head. "Nah, Ah can't ta good. Ah just like sweets too." Or at least, that's what he'll say as he escorts her out, mumbling softly to himself. 'Mmm, sweets'.

M'iken gladly takes the offered arm and smiles. "Ah, sweets and a fuzzy kitty. That sounds great." She walks along beside him, laughing under her breath at his day dreaming of the sweets back in the weyr.

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