Tarish's Flight

Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl(#10535RJ$)
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the weyrleader's complex and junior queens ledges. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag. At ground level on the western wall is the opening to the weyrling barracks, occasional glimpses can be caught of newly paired mates. On the eastern wall of the bowl is the entrance into the living cavern, the heart of the weyr.

The definition of a Tarish is, quite normally, something of a rather absurdly brutal, annoying, cunning, and argumentative beast, that quite literally could chew the head off of the biggest to the smallest of any of Fort's residents on any given day… But, a glowing queen can do the strangest things to some people, turning the most savage into gentle and sweet… Which, especially in this case, is being taken advantage of to the fullest by all the Weyr's residents. Seviadeth, glowing almost to the point of looking gold — amazing, I know! — is perched in the due center of the bowl, showing herself off like the beautiful vessel she is. (Cough cough.) Lazily lounging on her feet is Tarish, who, for once, is clean, primped, and with the occasional visitor here and there, asking her to sign paperwork, asking for raises, the normal things that people do when someone is in an exceptionally good mood. But, despite her own state of strange euphoria, the queen does NOT seem to look equally pleased, growling low in her throat at all who approach; but, that's nothing compared to Tarish's normal attitude, so most people wouldn't even blink. "Yeah yeah, I know it's hard, just try your best and I'll see what I can do, okay?" Kitchen Worker #2 squeals as Kitchen Worker #1 nods, and the two run away from the queen and her rider, leaving them in peace once again. Aaaaah.

Vi'leko, for the most part, had vowed to never return to Fort Weyr, for… personal reasons. Yes, that's right. But sadly, the bronzerider finds himself here once more, leaving the awesomeness of Eastern as he has hidework and other wing-type things to drop off with the Weyrleader. And it just so happened his bronze decided to volunteer him. Oh happy day! "I don't /wanna/ be here, you brown-nosing snot." Vi'leko snarls at his dragon as he unbuckles his straps and dismounts. Hides are jerked forth from pouches and a fist is shaken to the sky. "No more! No more of these shardin' messenger jobs! That's what weyrlings are for." Shidenisseth only snorts in response and jerks his large brazen head towards Tarish. "Oh /LOVELY/! You'd figure she'd be the first freaking one we'd see here." Cursing his fate and his dragon, the Eastern 'rider heads over to the woman. "Eastern's duties, /weyrwoman/." It burns to say. "Here!" Hidework is thusly thrust at the woman. Take iiit!

L'ton should have learned over the many many turns that there are some goldriders that should simply be avoided, and certainly that under most circumstances Tarish is merely one example of that particular breed of queenriders. However, as L'ton strides out of whatever meeting had brought the weyrsecond to Fort on this (fateful?) day, it seems that the list could possibly be revised, given the good vibes that seem to be reverberating from Tarish as seems to be a captain in a good mood, passing along the bounty to her crew. And so, despite Vi'leko's rather disgusted reaction to Tarish, L'ton's offering a cheery one, moving to crouch down near her. "Hey there lil'bit, miss.." He offers happily, while Dhonzayth's reaction to the still somewhat grumpy Sev is slightly less enthusiastic. And so the pale Istan bronze is more than satisfied to remain settled upon one of the many ledges of Fort's bowl, admiring the fine gold finish of the great vessel in the bowl from a distance. After all, one cannot merely go straight for the pirate's gold - you have to have strategy.

R'hem bumbles out of the Fortian living caverns, arms laden with multiple packages and hides — which coincidentally spill across the ground when a hurrying resident bumps into him. "Oh sharditall. No, shut up Zavadoth." The bronze with the ghostly blue wings is lounging somewhere near Seviadeth, apparently immune to the growling of the queen and looking charmingly oblivious to just about everything. Then, there's his fellow wingmember: "Yo, Vi'leko, what's got you in a tizzy?" Nevermind that R'hem's trying to gather up all his spilled stuff, stuffing it beneath his arms as he follows after the other Eastern rider. "Eastern's duties, Weyrwoman. Forgive this guy," a thumb is jutted towards Vi'leko, "he seems to have had a bad day."

Arinith flutters down to the bowl at Fort. The bronze recognizes the gold, sort of. It takes his rider to refresh his memory. Not that he cares at this point, anyways. Her glowing hide is what he's focused on, not her name. At least the bronze knows better than to approach the queen without permission. After his rider has exited the slender bronze hunkers down low and gives her a sweet-sounding croon. R'miel heads Tarish-wards, approaching the gold and her rider cautiously. "Xanadu's duties, weyrwoman." He gives her a nod and a grin. Then there's a wave for L'ton. It seems that whatever's brought R'miel to Fort can wait for now. By the papers sticking out of his pockets it looks like it may have been important, but ah well.

Tsaioth heads in for a low lazy landing near the glowing gold, having been perched nearby on his ledge and watching with increasing excitement. He's one of those older anti-social dragons, with a very even bronze shade all over his body except for his wings, that are such a light bronze that they can be mistaken for a gold's wings. He gives a low rumble to Seviadith as he hunkers down, letting U'nar slide off with a yawn. "You woke me up. Now what?" mumbles the older man, scrubbing at his face. He's gotten a pair of pants on, at least, and his shirt is unbuttoned. That's what the weyrwoman gets when he was dragged away from his name. He smacks his lips together, runs his hands through his graying hair to make it look neater, and blearily looks around. "Aw, shardit, Tsai, what'd you get me in the middle of now?" But he's polite enough to huff at the other bronzers and male riders and cross his arms, giving the Jr. Weyrwoman a few glances from time to time. He'll just stand here and sulk for awhile.

Niyheth is late to arrive, but then again it's simply by chance that he'd be here in Fortian grounds in the first place. The stocky built, murky brown slowly comes in to land heavily in the nearest spot available in the bowl, his head swiveling towards the glowing (and growling) Seviadeth. There's a bit of a snort from the young brown, as if in amusement towards the gold's temper. Uka, however, looks anything but pleased at having to be side tracked - again. The High Reaches Weyrsecond knows better then to argue though. "It's like you plan this." she mutters mostly to herself as she dismounts from her brown, taking a bit of a deep breath before slowly picking her way over closer to some of the other riders and doing her best to not look as awkward as she feels.

"Nothing! No one! Bah!" Vi'leko doesn't quite seem to be himself today. Ah well! Shidenisseth leaves his rider to his 'work', if it could even be called that. Much like the other males about, he seems quite fixated on poor Seviadith, moving over her way. Though he keeps his distance and just acts disinterested for now. It's not his style to croon and make a mockery of himself. Back by the 'rider, nothing of intelligence spews forth from Vi'leko's mouth. Just more mumblings and glaring and blushing. "/Faranth/! I don't know, R'hem." He gives the goldrider a fast glance and leans in to whisper, "She makes me nervous, y'know? She… she knows how to hit. /Hard/."

La de da, whistle, happy giggle, deep relaxing sigh. All things Tarish seems to pull out every few seconds, even as she catches the sight of Vi'leko out of the corner of her eye. "Well /hello/." It isn't the most jovial greeting, but she does quirk a half-smile, and tosses him a lazy salute. "And same back atcha, shortie. What's this? Duty rosters?" She rifles through the paperwork for a moment, but is set off again to look up and see a L'ton above her, as well. "Lil'bit? Yeah yeah, sure, whatever you say. What can I do you for, bronzie?" She finally stands, since the company around her is beginning to grow—this seems to happen often enough, she may as well do her duty and not seem TOO lazy… In this one circumstance in which she actually cares. "Forgive him? It's alright, he's every right to be in a bad mood. I don't blame him." She doesn't? Amaaaaazing. "Whatever." Sevi, behind her, doesn't share the sentiment, and lowers her head to regard the approaching men with incredible intrugue. Bronzeriders. Iiiiienteresting. "And Fort's back atcha, R'miel." The dark woman smirks, rubbing the side of her face. She doesn't much like him, either, but whatever. Today's such a beautiful day, the sun is out, everything is so BEAUTIFUL. So many from so many places! It's a bit overwhelming, but the smile keeps glittering from her face. "Oh, don't give yourself a hernia, man," she casts with a lazy smile at U'nar. "Too great of a day for that!" The joining of the brownrider Uka in the area gets a bit of notice, and she waves. "Keep a smile on!" Oh, Faranth, what evil happy demon is this?

"She hit you or something?" R'hem asks, lips tilting wryly to the side in response to the younger rider, a hand coming up to brush idly through his mussed hair. R'hem's not the neatest person or anything which would explain his wholly unkempt appearance — unlike U'nar's reason (nap!), R'hem looks messy just because he can. "You don't… blame him?" An eyebrow is quirked up and a confused look sent to Vi'leko, the only other rider he knows, accompanied with a mouthed 'this usual for her? She seems like she should be mean'. Zavadoth, spying all of the other males crowding into the air, springs into defensive mode, flaring his odd wings up and out as though to create his own little personal bubble that the others need to stay out of. R'hem, in the meantime, eyeballs all of the other 'riders magically appearing and opts to shove his hands into his pockets, sending bits of rumpled hide -everywhere-. Oops.

"Aye, lil'bit. Ah mean, yer down there and Ah'm up here so. Besides, Ah figure that even though Ah know yer name, ya probably don't know mine, so Ah shouldn't put ya at an awkward disadvantage. Cause that's just not nice ta do ta a lady, not when she'll go running ta the weyrleader ya just spent so much time trying ta get on yer side as soon as ya do something wrong." L'ton actually rambles a fair bit more than normal, gaze flicking from the recognizable R'miel and then to the other riders, keeping the goldrider between himself and the younger of the Eastern bronzeriders, you know, just in case. Unlike those more familiar with Tarish, however, L'ton's survival instincts tend towards the realm of nonexistent, and he's actually trying to drape an arm over Tarish's shoulder lightly, offering her his other hand finally. "L'ton, Istan Weyrsecond." It seems that both L'ton and Dhonzayth are set to avoid wasting any attention on the other males for the time being - after all, the gold and her rider are the ones to woo, and the ones to Impress - though what treasure to flaunt?

Vi'leko stares at Tarish. His eyes widening with something akin to shock. And horror. It's the half-smile that does this, see. While the 'shortie' comment only causes his eye to twitch slightly. He'll let that go. For now. "Are… are you /sick/ or something, woman?" Just in case, the bronzerider does take a step back and hands hover about, ready to protect his manlybits if need be. "A… a smile… on?" Vi'leko chokes this out, breathing suddenly getting hard. "Are you serious? When do you /ever/ smile?" Sending a look over to R'hem, the 'rider can only shake his head spazztically. Other 'riders seem to appear out of nowhere, causing that suspicious look to re-enter Vi'leko's eyes. "What the bloody hell is your problem, Tarish?" He might as well come out and say it!

Evil happy demon or not, Uka isn't quite sure how to go about deciding how to respond to Tarish at first. So all the goldrider gets in return at first from the brownrider is something close to a blank stare before Uka's thoughts snap back on track. Right, smile. Not that she succeeds at that either, as her lips curve up into a half smile, half smirk at best as the wave is returned, although she says nothing in return. So much for not being awkward. Niyheth seems content to stay to the sidelines as the bowl becomes crowded, so long as he can keep Seviadeth within his sights. At least he can observe her then in relative peace, as this brown is far from one to be flashy or bring attention to himself. He'll just wait, patiently and quietly, for the gold to make her move.

R'miel grins to the goldrider. "You seem to be in a good mood today, Tarish. There's only one thing that seems to be missing from this affair, and I think I can rectify." He reaches into his coat's breastpocket, and removes a metal flask from inside. Upon unscrewing it that aroma is unmistakable to those who know it - it's Igen's famous Firewater. Great for getting a good buzz going in just a ocuple of sips. He offers it to the lady of the hour, first. Sevi didn't seem to be in the habit of eating bronzers just yet. Arinith meanwhile is catiously approaching the gold, preening a bit and fluttering his wings. He makes sure to stretch his neck out nice and long so she can take a look at his 'battle scar'.

U'nar seems to be one of the many that should be sharing in the surprise by this… this woman. His jaw drops, and he stares at Tarish for a good long while before it snaps shut and he shakes his head. He might not common around the caverns, but he definitely has heard enough and seen enough from Tarish to be cautious around her. "I'd expect her to bite at any moment, so I'd be careful if I were you," he calls over to L'ton, though he keeps his distance, even when Tsaioth is being pulled closer to the angry proddy queen. His wings give a ruffle, his throat a warm croon, and his eyes rake in every curve of that glowing hide. Oh look! A flower. His attention is momentarily distracted by the little weed blooming below his feet, giving it a poke with his snout and effectively crushing the thing. He keens softly to himself, only to peek back up to his original intentions. Right, glowing queen. There was a reason he didn't associate much with the other dragons… But today he wanted to share it with his rider, of course, who would have rather stayed stranded on his ledge, but he was a caring dragon afterall and made sure the grumpy man got into the fun.

"No? Then don't be so afraid!" As though this is the answer to life's questions, R'hem reaches out with a hand to try and smack Vi'leko jovially on the back, grinning wide and then tilting his head towards the goldrider. "Seems like she's happy enough, right? See, she's smiling!" R'hem even points right at the goldrider's face to point out this marvelous fact, drawing his broad shoulders up into an oh so expressive shrug. "She bites now, too?" is the question aimed curiously towards U'nar, brows arched as though trying to compare this goldrider before him with one that 'bites'. "Sounds like my type of girl!" Who cares if he had -Natane-, the notoriously shy wallflower of Eastern as a former mate. Zavadoth, still, is posturing defensively towards the others, sidling just -that- little bit closer towards Seviadeth as though his bulk can effectively block just about everyone else. He's big, hear him roar. Or not.

Tarish actually beat Vi'leko up at one point, for the record. Wait. Twice. "Don't blame him for being nervous. And… you know. Scared of me. Poor thing, I really am sorry," is her idle response to R'hem. "Real shame we scared you off, too, Fort could use a few more bronzeriders." She almost chokes at Vi'leko's outburst, but after a moment of gawking, just beings to… laugh. "My problem? That's the thing, I have /no/ problems! She's /proddy/, 'Leko! /Proddy/! Which means she's not BROKEN!" That's isn't quite enough to make her this joyful, but the effects of the gold's state of being seems to multiply it by a few million kicks and giggles. "I… see." A simple response to L'ton, as she moves on, idly chatting, while her gold seems to have other things on her mind. Such as, eyeing every single male dragon on the bowl grounds, sending little rolling waves of fire telepathically about. "L'ton, nice ta meetcha. I be Tarish, junior weyrwoman to this here Seviadith." You know, the one growling at everyone. "Good mood? Just weeeee bit. Oooh! BOOZE!" The woman tackles the flask, and swings it down her throat with very little flourish. Aaaaaah. It burns, but Tarish being a seasoned drinker, effects her only enough for a swift "WOO!" and handing the flask back to the bronzerider. U'nar is given an eyebrow raise. "Bite? Whatcha mean? I don't, usually." Usually? That's.. promising.

"You say smile, I say it's the grimace of death. Beware, R'hem! /Beware/!" Dire words indeed. "And… erm. Maybe she did hit me. Like once. But it was so long ago and it was a lucky punch." Vi'leko does the shifty eye thing, before standing up straight and taking the back-smack with only an 'oof' and a sideways look towards his wingmate. "You're… not quite right in the head, are ya?" Looking back towards Tarish, the 'rider only pouts for a few moments, going into a full on sulk. "Sorry? Broken? Shards, are you that dense? Of course she's not broken. And… did you say proddy?" That'd be his cue to leave. Turning on his heel, Vi'leko starts walking towards his dragon, whatever hides left in his hands falling helplessly to the ground. Not his problem any more! "We're leaving! Now! Shid! Nooooow!" But as normal, Shidenisseth doesn't heed a word his 'rider says and instead just shuffles on a little closer to the gold. Do do do do do. All the while, the cry of annoyance continues to erupt from poor Vi'leko. "Nooooooooooooooo!"

L'ton is quite disappointed by the rather… lackluster response of the goldrider, but soon enough she's slipping away from him for R'miel, and his close friend is getting a rather annoyed look. "Ya better be careful. Ya end up with another goldrider, Ysa might have yer bits, after Zevida." The Istan teases him even as he reaches for the flask, his gulp resulting in a considerably more noticeable gasp afterwards, shaking his head slightly. "Ah think we're gonna need that.." For L'ton is now satisfied with just staring at Tarish in a mix of shock and awe, folding his arms infront of him and sighing softly. At least with that laughter erupting from her, he's not getting the vibes of 'run, run while you still can!' - even if he probably should. Dhonzayth is much like his rider, content to remain on the ledge, but as the gold's attention turns on him, he's quite willing to stretch and even preen, displaying his sleek form in return. Dare they engage in battle?

"Oh, got it," R'hem answers just as idly back to Tarish, brows arched before he kind of edges back a step or two as the goldrider begins to -laugh- for no real apparent reason. "Um. Anyway. She was broken before?" A sidelong look is aimed towards the gold and, after a few moments of study, R'hem just looks… confused. That's the only way to describe the way that his face is distorted. Oh, introductions. "I'm R'hem, just so you know. That one — " a finger is flicked to indicate Zavadoth, still hunched over by Seviadeth, " — is my Zavadoth. We're of Eastern." Just in case she's slow and doesn't know how to look at a shoulderknot and all that jazz. "Bite me, please." There it is! The goofball in R'hem has finally emerged. All is well! "What am I bewaring of, Vi'leko? Man, she's -laughing-. Why! I'm so confused." Zavadoth does nearly exactly what the other bronzes do; though he does try to look fairly fearsome, he just shuffles his way over towards the gold, bumping a poor brown out of the way. Oops, didn't mean to crush you.

Uka no doubt looks visibly relieved by this point as she continues to quietly observe Tarish's behavior from a respectable distance. Somehow, the brownrider for once doesn't regret staying quiet. All this chatter on hitting and biting has no doubt put the Weyrsecond in a slightly cautious mode, but her half smile has shifted to one that is actuall genuine. At least Uka can watch with some amusement. Niyheth begins to move a little himself, although he's just about as silent as his rider. While most of his attention is focused on Seviadeth and her alone, he's begun to briefly observe the other males around him. Best to know the competition before the real fun begins, right? He ruffles his multi-hued wings a little, not quite resettling them against his sides as he too sneaks a little closer from his side-line spot.

R'miel chuckles at Tarish's reaction to her gold's proddiness. "Mm. Not broken, just waiting for the opportune moment." Like the pirate she is, waiting on the horizon until the winds were just right. He grins and nods as Tarish takes a nice swig from the flask. Once it's returned to his hand he takes a swig and laughs to L'ton. "Ah, both of those sets will be off the sands by then, so Ysa won't mind too much. And Zevi doesn't like me much anyways, I'd rather be here with this lovely lady." He offers the flask back to Tarish. Arinith locks gazes with Sevi for a moment, his eyes awhirl. Time to set sail?

"From what I've heard," U'nar says towards R'hem with a nod, his eyes unable to leave Tarish now and her strange mood. "My congratulations on her… proddiness," he says, not even giving the gold a glance. He's seeing plenty from Tsaioth, anyways, as the bronze coos, rumbles, warbles, and ignores every other male. The firey mindtouch only makes him shudder in anticipation, and he hunkers down low as he awaits for the queen's call. He'll be a patient little shipmate and take orders, so long as his eyes don't catch sight of something more interesting. But what can be interesting than /all that shiny/?? "Would you pass that along this way, lad?" U'nar calls towards R'miel and that flask, rubbing at his temples now. He doesn't even care to button up his shirt. It might be off in no time, anyways.

Seviadith is quite enamored with the attention, noticing each and every bronze and brown that turns their head her way. Each eye begins to whirl faster.. faster.. a deep crimson churning in as her head raises up from Tarish's level to just high enough to look down at all the men around her. Ah yes. It's time. "Grimace of death? What on Pern are you — uh… Uh… What's going on?" Oh /crap/. It just had to happen NOW, didn't it? Whimper. Tarish turns her eyes around the group, and begins backing up away from the gold. "Uh… I… I'm… Thirst" She's cut off by something monstrous and bloodcurtling; a roar, deafening enough to only be a golds', emits from Sevi as she stretches her wings out, mouth open wide and teeth bared. Her eyes begin whirling faster, and she begins churning the "waters" of the air with her wings, trying to send the people away from her; Tarish distinctly obeys, shielding her face as she turns about and bumps herself straight into Uka. Oh hai. "Whaddooido.." is muttered, and she begins grabbing and the closest people about her; namely, a R'miel, a L'ton, and said Uka. "Why is she" Also, too late; the gold pounds into the air with her powerful haunches, and begins sailing over towards the feeding grounds. Tarish whimpers. "Blood," her only remark.

Dhonzayth> Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Fort Weyr - Weyr of Pillaged Loot

L'ton quickly moves to wrap a stabilizing arm around Tarish even as he shields his face from the rush of air caused by the gold's sudden departure. "Just try and stay with her, lil'bit. Just focus, stay with her, and make sure she just bloods. Ah know yer both thirsty.." Even as the words are out of his mouth, he's reaching hurriedly for R'miel's flask, hoping to cut inline for it before U'nar, to give it to the young weyrwoman. "Just don't panic, she needs ya, and we need ya." And then he's trying to steer her further from the center of the bowl and out of the way, to somewhere more secure. After all, the fewer strange people staring probably the better.

Dhonzayth> Zavadoth lets out a bellow and shoots off into the sky as only a smaller sized bronze can do, ghostly blue wings striking out and dark tail lashing side to side. It's only a few short seconds later until he's in the feeding grounds, making his entrance by promptly singling out a herdbeast and taking it down with a neat slash to the neck and a hungry snap of jaws. As the lifeblood is drained from this unfortunate creature, Zavadoth disregards it, flipping it with a sickening crunch into the fence before launching into the air again. He chooses quickly; the victim, sadly for it, is a male bull, horns at the ready but not quick enough to protect itself from Zavadoth's furious descent.

Dhonzayth> Shidenisseth is not one to be left behind, as the bronze throws his front legs up, wings flapping in earnest as his neck swivels out and a bellow is ushered forth. Raaaawr! Yay! The dragon then leaps into the air and heads to the feeding grounds, completely ignoring the outcries of his 'rider down below. He takes little time selecting a beast and downing it quickly. Talons deftly encircle the head and jerk it free, the limb flying through the air only to land. Pity for the weyrlings who have to clean this up! Shidenisseth lowers his maw to suck the animal dry of blood. Mwaha! Once one is finished, the bronze goes for another, though this time is a bit pickier with his selection.

Uka is caught off guard as Seviadeth suddenly roars loud enough to set her ears ringing. What she also isn't prepared for is to have Tarish bump into her and there's a barely stiffled curse from the brownrider before she recovers enough to not only steady herself but reach out to do the same for the goldrider. So much for remaining out of harms way. "That's a good start." Uka remarks dryly, before adding in in a hasty tone. "But don't let her feed! Just the blood." Stating the obvious, but Uka has never been greatly known for being the best for advice. There's a bit of a smirk as L'ton adds in his own two cents and the brownrider happily goes back to being the silent vic—err, participant in the flight.

R'miel makes a grab for Tarish as well, making sure they all don't go bowling over as the gold makes her sudden departure. He lets L'ton take the flask and hand it to her, then start to urge her back towards her weyr. He's been there before, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. "Whoa! Whoa there… relax. Let's get you to your weyr. It'll be better that way." So off they go! They can all fight over the flask in the weyr, Ram is now too distracted for a drink.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is more than willing to continue to pile attention on Seviadith, as long as there is attention in return. Yet, as her crimson eye become great rubies amidst the river of golden treasure, the Istan's attention shifts to one of desire, and greed begins to show in his stature as he hisses at anything that dares approach 'his' ledge, or becomes between him and the ultimate treasure. In this case, the bounty is gold. As the gold leaves the shelter of the bowl, Dhonzayth is quick to leave the rocky ledge, in hot pursuit of the renegade vessel that is Sevi, spreading wings like sails already attempting to harness the spare winds of the bowl for his advantage, the drop from above catching precious air beneath his wings for that short flight to the grounds, the blood, and the goal.

R'hem follows as the other riders pour into Tarish's weyr, hands tucked securely into his pockets as though to stay his notorious wandering hands. He's a grabby-grabby person, yes he is. "So, Tarish. Um." That's as far as his attempt at conversation goes because there's a grimace flashing across his face prompted by the sickening mental picture he's getting from Zavadoth. "And you used to be -so- neat. What in Faranth's name has happened to you?" A tilt and twist of his body enables the bronzerider to search for his fellow Easterner: "Where'd you go, 'Leko? Oh well."

Vi'leko is not a happy man. Oh no! He grumpily follows the hoard of riders into a weyr, finding himself a nice corner to get sulk in. Angry glares are sent at the ceiling of the weyr, as well as to Tarish, even if the girl can't really help it. No matter! He sends forth the fury of his eyes. Glaaaaaare. The other dragonriders seem to have the goldrider taken care of, so Vi'leko will just keep quiet. Though he does wave a little hand around so R'hem can spot him. Over heeeere!

Dhonzayth> Tsaioth leaps off, beating his light golden wings as he follows after the queen, quick to follow every move she makes. He's a big fellow for a bronze, and probably not as energetic as the younger ones, but he's got plenty of experience… Or at least, he'll tell himself that. He swings towards the feeding grounds, the movement of the frightened beasts catching his attention momentarily away from Seviadith as he folds back his wings and drops immediately upon a large wherry. It squawks, he bats, it struggles, and he yanks on his legs before he finally catches sight of all the other blooding dragons. Right! He kills it immediately after that, lapping up at the blood and getting it all over his snout.

Dhonzayth> Arinith responds to the roar with a trumpet of his own. He lets the other bronzes move off ahead of him, he's too small to muscle his way to the front of the pack anyways. He instead moves to the side a bit, then unfurls his own sails and starts the paddle upwards after a bit of a heave from the ground below. He won't be falling too far behind though, his slender size made the ascent slightly easier for him, even through the ripply waves that the other dragons were casting at him. He's spotted the booty! Now to keep it in his sights while he stocks up for the passage.

Dhonzayth> Niyheth , now fired up by Seviadeth's roar, extends his own wings in response although there is no echoing reply from this brown. Gathering himself into a deep crouch, he springs into the air, wings beating down in powerful sweeps as he takes flight. He goes about taking his time, however and while he's not exactly in the back of the pack, he's not at the front either. They're only moving to the feeding grounds and the brown will need every ounce of his strength - or so he assumes. When the grounds are within his sights, he reluctantly tears his whirling, calculating gaze away from Seviadeth and instead focuses on the herds below. His first kill is quick and to the point - he'll waste no time in blooding, tenting his wings in a defensive manner and still keeping one eye at all times on the gold who's so inspired him to be in the middle of all this.

"Don't panic. /Right/." So, maybe there's still a little nastiness left in Tarish; she's starting to join with the queen's mind, now, and considering the mood the queen was in… It's a tell-tale sign of what to expect from the weyrwoman. The flask is whisked to her lips again. And again. The thirst is overwhelming "Blood," is quietly repeated as she drifts off to her weyr. Drift, yes, as she really isn't sure what's going on at this point; she's taking their advice, and her mind is fully with her queens; even as her nails begin to dig into the two bronzeriders she's latched onto.

Dhonzayth> Seviadith descends into the feeding grounds, the bronze in her hide seeming to fade as she begins to glow even brighter — all but the pronounced patch on her eye, which turns every which way, snapping left, and right, before selecting her prey… And, there it is. BOOM. There's no clean sweep, no breaking of the throat with her jaws — just the quick slam into the ground, as she begins to peel limb away from limb, destroying the poor herdbeast. Yeah. NOT a good day for that sucker. Finally, when the thing looks gorey enough for her taste, she clamps her jaws down, and begins to go vampiric. It's a quick bleed, before she picks it up with her jaw, and hurtles the corpse in the direction of a nearby blue, who just topples over under the weight. « YARRRR! » The mental imprint of rolling waves of the deepest, most intense inferno rolls in with another equally loud challenging roar at all the males about.

U'nar is one of the last ones that follow, since he didn't want to stay standing outside like a fool. But he grunts at L'ton when he takes the flask instead, shaking his head. "Don't let her get completely out of her mind. She needs to focus on her queen, and she can't do that inebriated." And leave some for him, too! He stares at the piled junk around the place, making sure to side-step carefully from the stuff as he makes his way closer to the group of male-riders. "Oh, would you take that away from her already?" he says angrily to the two bronzers with the woman, glowering at them. Jealousy, perhaps, by now.

Dhonzayth> Zavadoth has finished destroying the hapless little creatures that he's managed to drain the blood from, pieces of their frames lying in some weird little half-circle around him. That odd circle on his chest is splattered with blood and, for some reason, the odd colors on his flanks have also gained that little blood tattoo, whirling about haphazardly — very gory. Another dragon, brown by the likes of him, wanders far too close; a swipe of his claws later and the brown is bellowing in pain, bleeding from the shoulder and retreating very -far- away. A low rumble of pleasure later and Zavadoth finds himself sinking low into a ready crouch, predatory in his stance with the flame of volcanos rippling and roaring throughout his mind. Somewhere deep in that mysterious mind of his is a deep appreciate for the way that the queen rips her victims to shreds.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is one of the last males to down a beast, for its only after the great, respectable captain Seviadith has her choice of victim does the bronze lay waste to a rather unfortunate herdbeast, toppling it over and quickly dropping his maw to the beast's throat, leaving it no chance to beg for mercy. And soon the beast is drained, and he's onto his second victim, the bronze vessel taking down a wherry, taking on as much fuel as he can, leaving the heavy meat behind to keep himself light for the chase of his life across the sea of the Fortian skies. And then he's roaring quickly in return, a series of short calls similar to the rumble of cannons firing at at distant target, as a show of strength.

Dhonzayth> Shidenisseth finishes off the second pretty quickly as well, though he did take his time picking out the perfect herdbeast to blood. The corpses of these animals simply being thrown to the side after they are fully bloodied, just like the cattle they are! The bronze waits some moments, his swirling gaze watching Seviadith's every moment, his mind calculating if there is time for one more. Deciding it is so, a wherry is snagged and allowed to squawk in fear for a while. Fear makes it taste better!

Dhonzayth> Niyheth would chuckle, if he could, but the deep broken rumble in his chest seems just about as fitting as he watches Seviadeth's rather brutal kill and the mental imprint that follows shortly afterwards. Such…passion! If that's what it could be called. But the glowing gold is Niyheth's current muse and he'll find no fault in her for now. Not until he can - if he can - nitpick her later. Her roar challenge goes unanswered yet again from the murky brown. Instead, he aims for another kill and the blood begins to stain the one side of his face where his hide takes on a more butterum hue as he drains it dry. Wings remain unfurled by his sides, as Niyheth remains ready to spring in heated chase the moment Seviadeth takes to the skies again.

Dhonzayth> Tsaioth isn't finished with the wherry even after it was completely drained. He tears off some of the feathers, not touching the meat at all, and gets them plastered to his face along with the sticky blood. Satisfied, he skips off the thing towards the terrified herd. How these things never got traumatized and dropped dead was a wonder, but he bounds after a large herdbeast, taking flight for just a moment to drop on it from above and breaking its neck in the tumble. He nudges it, expecting it to move, before giving a dragon-shrug of his wings and chomps down hard on his neck, tearing it out and drinking deeply from the fountain of blood that pools out.

Dhonzayth> Arinith has learned his lesson about letting the lady drink first. Once Sevi seems totally satisfied with her mess of herdbeast, he springs up to pounce on one nearby. There's a quick slash to the throat and the bronze puts his muzzle to the beast, which is still quivering and alive even as it's precious fuel is subsequently drained by the larger beast. Then there's a loud rumble and Arinith is on his second beast, then third. He's going through them like candy, filling his never ending stomach and making quite a mess around himself. There's a bit of a pool forming around his feet as he looks up to watch the gold for a moment, licking his chops.

R'hem wanders over towards Vi'leko, spying that little half-assed wave and taking it as a cue that his presence is welcome. "How'd we manage to get ourselves into this?" Being one of the older 'riders, R'hem still retains control over himself mostly, though every now and then recedes back into feeling what his dragon feels, seeing what his dragon sees. Tarish, surrounded by the other 'riders, is largely ignored — she can be dealt with later if the need arises.

Dhonzayth> Seviadith turns towards Zavadoth, eyeing his treatment of the brown — there's a slight gurgle, before the pirate flays out her wings, and bellows again. She stalks about the area, slashing her body about like a rapier, tail whacking at anything in sight — fences, small greens, stupid drudges who only duck out of the way just in time… But, that's just it. She's wasting time. The goldrider is with her, urging her on, so the gold takes to the skies again, only to dive once more, taking a fat herdbeast's juices for her own. This one, she does tear apart until after she's finished, coating her muzzle and claws with the blood of her prey. Pillage, she may, but she keeps nothing but the blood, before, with another, quieter roar, pulls back onto her haunches, and lurches into the air with the speed only of a smaller gold such as herself, away from the weyr, towards the surrounding terrain. « I will not be trifled with! You will never catch me, ruffians! I would bleed you before you have me! » Aw, how romantic!

Dhonzayth> Carnage finished, Zavadoth's eyes whirl quickly as Seviadeth regards him, frame tucked still into that ready crouch, tail flicking endlessly back and forth while his shoulder muscles work heavily, talons tearing into the ground. As she reigns destruction down on the feeding pens, the bronze watches, waits, knowing only that her volatile temper is the thing that draws him so closely to her. Once she flees for the skies, Zavadoth dips lower to the ground, great wings flicking outwards and downwards for that all important leap, hindfeet tearing ruthlessly into the ground. Smaller than most of his competitors (excluding the odd brown or two), Zavadoth zips and slides amongst the thermals like a steady oozing path of molten magma, melting between dragons with the patience and deft experience of an older dragon. Her taunt, heard clearly, recieves only a bright flare of a mental touch, lava pouring deep from the depths of his being. This shall be an intriguing chase.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth crouches low as Seviadith proceeds to stalk around the feeding grounds, groveling beneath the glare of the Fortian gold, attempting to prove himself worthy of joining the pirate queen's crew, to serve beneath her, to help complete her each and every order. And so, as the queen returns to her pillaging of the beasts of the Weyr, the Istan merely serves as a guard, remaining crouched to staunchly prevent anyone he can from interfering with her. That's what a good crew member does, right? And then suddenly she's taking off, and the chase is on. The golden ship that is Seviadith is, at least in his mind, his to capture, his to bring back to a safe harbor, only after, however, he's possibly decided to participate in various acts of piracy.

Dhonzayth> Shidenisseth does away with the wherry, half-way blooding it and then leaving it to the fire lizards to gorge themselves on it later. He sits back on his ledge, tongue lashing around his blood-encrusted muzzle, a vain attempt at trying to clean up, but failing horribly. A movement, a cry, and a mental voice catches his intent once more, and the bronze wastes not a minute before leaping into the sky, his eyes briefly searching downward as the other males also take flight. He takes his time and mentally eyerolls as the words of the gold. « Perhaps it is just me, » The bronze comments in jest, normally one to be quiet, though for once speaking his mind. « But I am one to believe you are all talk and no action. » That's right, Shidenisseth, insult her! He so knows how to woe the women.

Dhonzayth> Niyheth almost starts for the skies when Seviadith rises up - only then to take another herdbeast to the brown's mild surprise. But then she roars and he knows now is the time to leave the blood soaked grounds in favor for the endless skies. Without skipping a beat, his wings snap open to their fullest length and with a half bound to leap past the carnage to gain footing, Niyheth crouches and springs into the air. It's not an entirely graceful move, as he's not built for grace or speed. But he manages just the same, gaining height and setting his own pace as he soars up in pursuit of Seviadith. Her warning taunt is met by a mental "push" from the brown, one that hints at secretive mists and while wordless, it's intent seems to exclaim 'do your worst.' Probably not the best gold to taunt, but Niyheth has no doubt decided to stick behind and just a little below Seviadith for more reasons then one.

Dhonzayth> Tsaioth missed the first time that the queen took flight, but thankfully she was back down. His second kill was vastly entertaining, as it had plenty of limbs to dissect, getting more blood on his talons even when he thought he drained the corpse dry. He's just trying to pull off its tail when his whirling eyes catch sight of the gold, and with a startled bugle he takes off after her, a bloodied, feathered mess and carrying the shredded herdbeast by the tail for the first few strokes before it finally tears free and falls to the ground, leaving him with his prize. «You've got a little something on your face, dear,» comes the bronze's high-pitch voice, filled with the colors he enjoys and random bits of animals, including a dust bunny. The tail is used to toss out to one of the other chasers, as he tips his wings and catches a thermal to send him to higher heights to watch out for the queen's movements below.

Dhonzayth> Arinith has just slashed at another beast when he hears the softer roar of the gold. He lets the beast trot away, though it doesn't get far, having been thoroughly ransacked by the bronze. There's a thud as it falls over, adding its blood to the sea surrounding the small bronze. Arinith responds to her sentiments with a low croon as the bronzes take off around him. He takes a moment to shake himself out and get a few words of encouragement from rider rider, then his sails unfold again. With a powerful leap skywards he hoists the anchor and then embarks on the journey upwards, the destination being the golden treasure rising above him. Let the battle begin!

Dhonzayth> Seviadith whips her massive sails around clouds, stirring them in her wake — that's right, you watch her sexy bum! She pauses only to dive, taking towards the crooks and tips of the weyr's mountain tips. She winds around them, navigating as if she has a million times, bending around and up and down, but she isn't very clean about it — she has to have an arsenal, right? Behind her, her tail lashes devilishly, taking out rocks and whacking them into pursuers paths, slashing gravel into eyes and.. you know. Fighting dirty. There's no such thing as a fair battle with this one, even if this technically isn't supposed to be a /fight/ — what's the difference? Finally, she dives back into the weyr's massive bowl — let's see how well they take this, huh. « Scalliwags! » Her only responding insult, before slashing her tail at a brown there. But then, without warning, she backwings, which causes casualties for a few unlucky ones — rakes her claws across a bronze's belly, bites another's tail, and then twists in the opposite direction. Mwahaha!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is a more maneuverable ship of a dragon than some of the other bronzes, though hardly as quick to turn to port or starboard as the few browns that have chosen to participate in the pursuit. And so as she spirals around the various mountain tips that ring Fort Weyr, he's quick to dodge this way and that, escaping the paths of the jettisoned rocks, though a smaller one manages to confound him and impacts him along his torso. The hull had taken a hit! Though, as flight can quickly lead to a fight, one must be prepared for anything, and so the pale bronze shifts to and fro amidst the wake of Seviadith, merely trumpeting a response to her outburst before he's finding himself backwinging hurriedly, trying to avoid the rocky ground and the suddenly reversed golden form. Its only with great effort that the bronze remains in the sea of the sky — wings strain to set him in the path that she flees once more, away from the devilish cove that the weyr bowl has become for the renegade queen.

Dhonzayth> Zavadoth keeps up his current tactics, though when she goes to twist around the mountain tips he carefully gains altitude, choosing to forego pretty aerial manuevers for a logical overview of the queen's actions. This, coupled with years of experience when it comes to flights, enables him to avoid the casualties that occur below from the rambling rocks that fall onto unsuspecting chasers. The added height, also, allows him to gain speed for that quick dive towards the bowl — his wings are tucked crisply into his back and his near black tail lashes back and forth, striking a following chaser square in the eye. His bad. Not. Her backwinging takes the foreign bronze by surprise, wings flaring up and out in an effort to halt his considerable speed. This puts him behind the pack for a bit, 'spars straining forward to make up for the ground he lost. Again, that surge of redhot lava courses through that telepathic link, an unspoken challenge made in response to the insults rationed out by the seafaring gold. His small size has allowed him to regain the distance that he lost, finding him once more towards the front of the pack and making unfortunate chasers victims of the merciless slashing of his claws.

Dhonzayth> Niyheth growls low in his throat as Seviadith proves to be quite the challenge to chase after. Having to avoid not only his competition, but any debris hurtled his way throws a rather large kink into the brown's plotting. Darting upwards now as she flies down to the bowls, he uses as much of the thermals and other tricks to keep his pace steady and still be able to keep his mind focused on not loosing sight of her (or wasting too much of his energy in wild antics). As Seviadith goes on the attack, Niyheth keeps a careful distance from her, both increasingly fascinated and somewhat leery now of her behavior. Yet it seems to be what also fuels his inspiration and drive to continue the chase.

Dhonzayth> Quick! Someone cut the 'baby got back' song! It would be so appropriate, as Shidenisseth is checking out Seviadith's booty. Too bad it's suddenly gone as the gold disappears from sight. Stupid clouds. The bronze continues to just soar forward, dodging and weaving in between the mountain tops an— OH GAWD ROCK IN THE FACE! The Eastern bronze rears his head back, his entire body stopping in movement to whip his brazen head about. Hopefully, no one saw that, and perhaps in the goldrider's weyr, a 'rider can be heard snickering with mirth. Either way! Shidenisseth starts moving again, really pushing his little butt to the limit in an attempt to catch up. Luckily, a mini-fight has broken out, started by the gold herself, which aids in the gaining of his speed. Only for him to turn right around as she flies past him. BLAST!

Dhonzayth> Tsaioth was hoping for a nice easy flight into the sunset, wings and tails entwined when the gold got tired. But he shouldn't have really expected that from the pirate queen. So he follows at his higher altitude for a short while, eyes fixated on the that shininess, the gold, the expensive pretty treasure he'd covet… so long as she stays so pretty and bright, then move on to something more interesting instead. But for now, he rumbles after her, and folds back his wings to dive sharply when he realizes it was not going to be so easy. Up, down, his belly nearly skinned by the rocks, and yet still far enough that the rocks and gravel affect those closer behind the little fiesty gold. As she heads to the bowl, he catches the wind and sails up again instead. All that violence! He lets those casualties happen while he hangs back a bit more, waiting for his chance again to dive in for the opportunity. You had to be patient sometimes to get the prize, or else you'd be left without a wing to fight with.

Dhonzayth> Arinith watches the booty! Yep, he does. He manages to keep his eyes fixated on it even amongst the sea of bronze hide stretched out before him. He waits to dive slightly, sticking to the back of the pack and keeping a bit of altitude on the gold. There's a blink as several rocks go wizzing into the crowd. Best to stay back and out of the way. A couple bounce off his wings and he veers a bit and swoops in to get out of firing range. What is this new devilry? He's not sure what a scalliwag is, either, just gives her a loud bugle to let her know he was here, gaining on her stern. But it's suddenly cut short as she's changed directions, and there are claws in his belly! Ow! He snaps at her, swooning a bit because she'd gotten /so/ close. But a few scratches weren't going to stop him! It just gives him a chance to stay ahead of everyone, and his slender body snakes around as he moves after her.

Dhonzayth> Roar! Are those insolent pursuers still there? Outrageous! Seviadith turns again, quick on her tail, heading straight on towards the bronzes that haven't quite turned about in her direction again, before — oops, now she's barrelling upwards, the last breath of speed being exhaled from the small gold. Her head cocks to the side as she rises higher — and higher — and higher into the sky, the clouds beginning to become nearer and nearer. The bugles are heard, and the challenge is risen again, with another roar from her, and a telepathic surge of searing flame to daze them all with the heat of her fury — her passion — her flight. She's isn't just a queen, she's a ruler, a terror of the skies, and they should know it, and feel it. But, she's starting to grow tired, and the nearest ones are overlapping her tail, despite the fact that she's slinging the razor thin tail around as madly as she can. « Cowards, you all are, cowards! »

Dhonzayth> Zavadoth has finished ravaging those males that're nearest to him, successfully clearing a little piece of the sky meant for him and for Seviadeth. This space is off-limits to all but one — being treacherous waters, only the strongest can survive in that turbulent current. Her actions are anticipated and Zavadoth shoots upwards, wearing on his last reserves but still pressing forward, ghostly 'spars flicked outwards and down, driving him ever closer. Her mental surge of flame meets his, melds with Zavadoth's ruthless explosion of volcanic ash and magma, rippling with passion and with driven force. Then: he sees it. He sees her failing, sees that she's doing all she can to ward everyone away with the lashing of her tail. Seeing this, he presses onward, limbs stretched forward and talons reaching, yearning for what only she can give him. Dusted flanks and coppered shoulders bulge and ripple with the effort he has expended towards chasing this fantastic creature. Finally, his first vocalization of the flight is heard: a deep, rumbling bugle is let loose, whipped about in the skies and aimed as a challenge towards the only one who matters: Seviadeth. All of him is focused on her, reflected in the power he unleashes as he uses up the last of his speed, all limbs reaching for only -her-.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is anything but willing to spiral back around after Seviadith again, particularly as she's headed back into the fleet of males that remain in hot pursuit. But then she's taking off to the sky, taking off far into the open air, and so he's left once more in pursuit, higher and higher. There is no fear of collision, there is no fear of possible failure, and no fear of the great pirate that has led them all on a merry chase through the Fortian heavens. And then it becomes evident that she's tiring and he's trying to speed up just a bit, just enough to snag the pirate, loot the treasure, and perhaps later go on for another adventure. And so, with ramming speed he aims to take out the main sails, and he's stretching to loop his neck with hers and keep her in place with the long ties that are his talons, with a trumpet of challenge as he takes final aim.

Dhonzayth> Niyheth has managed so far to escape injury, be it from Seviadith herself or from some of his more fiery competition. But now he's throwing caution to the wind as he deems it the time to strike. As the glowing, tiring, gold barrels upwards, Niyheth responds by surging forwards from his place in the skies, wings working furiously as he pools all his remaining strength into these last final moments. And yet still, he gives no voiced roar or bugle as he silently weaves his way towards the source of his yearning and the one who's piqued his interest with her odd, harsh ways. Niyheth is a brown with a purpose, a need and a goal that he'll pursue stubbornly to the end, whether he succeeds or not. So woe to whoever do get in his way, as he finally shows his true nature and will snap his teeth or swipe if he has too. Seviadith's lashing tail is no worry for him - he'll take the damage if it reaps a greater reward. Now that the space closes between them, his talons stretch out and Niyheth leaves it to fate and time to decide the outcome as the brown arrows in.

Dhonzayth> Shidenisseth is quite tired with the run around, and sharditall, his muzzle stings from where he was hit earlier with a stone. But the bronze pursues as ever, he's not the type to give up, even when the getting is not-so-good. But hey, he's made up some ground, or sky, as the case may be. He's not ever that surprised as Seviadith soars up, up (and away). A roar is issued forth from Shidenisseth, a troubling noise that reverberates over and over and over, the sound echoing back with just as much muster, though the sound is dimmed. The dragon rears his head back as he darts into the sky, going higher but still staying beneath the golden one. Front legs are arched out, neck and tail also prepared to capture the queen the moment she starts her descent. He strains, he reaches, he calls, he beseeches! C'mon, fall into his grasp. Y'know you wanna. Mrow!

Dhonzayth> Tsaioth had a bit of a headstart as he hung back, catching the breezes that'll send him up and up a step and— he tucks in right behind her, wings beating frantically as he watches her fast ascent, squeezing in among the other males. While he wasn't mean, he didn't like them so close, and starts a low threatening growl that shakes him down to the very tip of his tail. The beating wings and the flight had dislodged all the feathers from his face, but the red stains remain from the blooding, giving him an imposing look as he glares to those surrounding him. His! His! Of all the wonderful things he had seen, though rarely collected, he wanted this one, every last bit of her shining hide next to his. Twisted among his. Her insult doesn't move him at all, as he roars after her to prove that he wasn't about to fall back because of it. No, he had determination to get what he wants, and he uses her flaming mind to heat the blood in his body up and send him that extra distance, talons out in hopes he'd snag that jewel right out of the skies, and out from under the other bronzes' noses.

Dhonzayth> Arinith swoops around and follows after the gold, gaining on her still even through her aerial acrobatics. He gets a little too close and ends up with a graze from her tail, so he moves just slightly over her and out of of reach from that sharp scimitar she's brandishing behind her. He gives a loud battle-roar as the flames from the golden treasure in front of him lap over the sandy beaches of his mind. They were all her subjects now, catering to her every whim and riding in her ripply wake. Then suddenly, the illustrious vessel before him is beginning to sink! There is no time to waste, or another will swoop in to rescue the treasure before it sinks to the rocky bottom below. The slender bronze folds his wings back and wizzing towards her, hoping to finally harpoon Seviadith.

Dhonzayth> It's taken all that's in her… She doesn't want to be defeated, to be taken, but she knows her duty. But, even still with the winner at hand, and all the bronze's waiting for that one moment where she falters just enough to grab, she won't let it happen. She can't. Nothing will own her, for SHE is the captain, the ruler, the one that they should fear, and they should bleed for her. But, why, WHY does that one defy her so? « Insolence! » she cries, another roar in tune with the other that was issued towards her. « You will not treat me so! » Oh yeah, she's a bit pissed. She is not a piece of booty, a prize, or a one night stand — she is a conquerer, a devourer, and he should know it! With a one last crying roar, she backwings again, to slow herself just enough for her claws to latch themselves onto Shidenisseth, digging into his hide ferociously as she intertwines with him, trying to nip at his neck with fury… But she fails, as she's overtaken, and won.

Dhonzayth> Arinith wizzes past the gold, having missed his chance as another bronze swoops in before him. Defeated, he returns for his rider so they can finish their business here at Fort.

As Sevi's claws dig into Shidenisseth, so does Tarish's into Vi'leko's as she reaches for him, blindly. Yeah, she's totally overtaken. And someone is gonna HURT IN THE MORNING.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth fails in his final assault, and then he's fleeing back to a safe haven.

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