A Trip with M'iken

Red Sands Hold - Orchard(#6769RJ)

With Red Sands Hold just a short flight from the Weyr, it seems the perfect excuse to enjoy a lazy flight directly over land, rather than resorting to a quick blip between, particularly when the duties one has there are anything but pressing. And thus, its near the orchard that Dhonzayth lands first, quickly moving out of the way to give his companion landing space. L'ton's slow to slide to the ground, as it seems his attention has been caught by the heavy with fruit trees that are nearing picking time as the autumn months begin to shorten the day.

The flight to Red Sands is probably equally enjoyable for both dragon and rider today. The opportunity to straight out fly is refreshing and while Meluth is a bit confused by the landing in the orchard instead of by the hall, he doesn't bother protesting since his M'iken is more than happy to land there. Always a bit heavy on the landings, the large brown kicks up quite a bit of dirt but tries his best not to affect the trees any. "This area's so pretty." The brownrider says before unstrapping herself and sliding off her lifemate. "We seriously need to just take some time and go explore the world Meluth." She says, patting him on the leg.

"Just as long as ya promise ta come back ta me, my Mi.." L'ton offers as he meets her on the ground, offering an arm to escort her after having dropped it after using it to shield his eyes from Meluth's landing. "Ah wanted ta check on how the orchards were, without 'em trying ta distract meh. Ah think we'll have some good tithes, ta, which is always nice." Mmm, fresh preserves. "Ah thought ya might enjoy coming with, and maybe a bit of a change of scenery'd be good. Ah dun want ya ta feel stuck, er anything."

M'iken smiles brightly at her weyrmate and chuckles lightly. "Of course we'd come back. Home is where you're heart is afterall, and I don't think I could live without it." She takes his arm gladly, walking into the gove is quite nice. "Ah, yeah, that's probably a good idea. They'd probably take us over to the little part that's not quite all there or something." At least if they were anything like how she remember's her parent's boss being. He was a stingy old man, but the memory is a good one at least. "And I appreciate you asking me to come. It's easy to fall into a rut doing the same thing all the time." She smiles at him before turning her attention to the trees again.

"'xactly. Ah figured they'd show me a lil'bit and be like, look how bad it is, when clearly it ain't." And to prove his point he's snagging a redfruit from one of the trees, polishing it against his shirt before offering it to her with a grin. "Tis always best ta sneak in, and not even let 'em know yer there." And then he's shaking his head, and giving her arm an awkward squeeze. "Aw sweets, ya should do what ya want… Dun feel like ya always gotta be here or there. Ah mean, ya said ya'd come back, and that's 'nuff fer me ta believe ya will."

M'iken grins and takes the fruit gladly, the only resistance to her taking it comming from the brown behind her. "Thank you." She shoots a cheeky grin back towards Meluth before taking a bit out of it. "Ummmmmmmm, tha's yumme." She grins and covers her mouth as she chews. When she swallows she makes a little face. "I think they'll notice we were here though thanks to Mr. Bulky over there." Meluth huffs before going about trying to move the dirt back to where it's supossed to be. "And I do, do what I want. I'm just a creature of habit though. Let be dig myself a big enough rut and I'll never want to leave it." She shrugs lightly before offering the fruit back to L'ton. "Wanna try it?"

"Oh, Meluth, it'd have come ta the Weyr anyway, dun worry." He offers almost cheekily as cheekily as M'iken is acting, shaking his head at the brown before grinning back at M'iken. "Bah, they dun gotta know /why/ we're here. Maybe we're just out fer a bit of a relaxing stroll. Or Searching fer more of them there candidates." He takes a bite of the offered fruit, before handing it back towards her. "Ah know, but maybe we should fill in yer rut. Ah wanna make sure yer happy, ya know?"

Meluth just ignores the riders and stays about his business, put out about the Mr. Bulky comment. "Hummm, and quite a relaxing stroll this is." She smiles lightly, taking another bite of the fruit. "You know, I like my rut. I go to work, I come home, I play with Carrot, maybe spend some time with that crazy weyrmate of mine.. It's a nice rut." She gives L'ton a grin and ducks lightly to avoid a branch.

L'ton is almost too late to duck to avoid the branch, but luckily her doing so is enough of a warning for him to slide just beneath it. "Well, Ah suppose that kind of rut is a good thing. But, Ah dun want ya ta feel bad about it, ya know?" He shrugs a bit, chewing on his lip and moving to loop his arm around her waist instead as they continue their stroll. "Ah mean, ya are happy right Mi?" At least L'ton has learned something from his experience with Vesvesris.

M'iken laughs a little. "What could I possibly /not/ be happy about?" besides the obvious lack of baby bump, she has everything she's ever wanted. "I mean. I get /you/, and along with you I have plenty of alone time." Which is a relative term when you consider Meluth always being there. "I basically live at a resort, and we go sneaking off into orchards like teenagers." She leans into him lightly and gives him a kiss. "I can't imagine much else that would make me this happy."

L'ton shifts to pull her a bit closer as he leans against a tree trunk, grinning at her and resting his head on her shoulder, giving her a long hug. "Ah dunno, Ah just dun wanna make ya angry, er anything. And, Ah mean, Ah know Carrot's not really a substitute, and Ah feel bad that Ah ain't always always around." Guilt dump! "As long as ya tell me, if there's anything Ah can do ta make ya happier, promise lil'bit?"

M'iken is more than happy to wrap her arms around L'ton and hug him back. "Carrot, is wonderful." She whispers in his ear. "I promise I'll let you know when something makes me angry." She laughs a little, running her fingers through his hair. "And you can stop trying to make me cry silly. R'miel did a fine enough job of it the other night." She /had/ mentioned he'd come over.. right?

"Wait, why the shards did Ram make ya cry?" L'ton suddenly asks, straightening and tightening his hold on her. "What did he do ta ya?" The Istan looks anything but thrilled at this revelation, relaxing only slightly as her hands run through his hair, but still staring at her, expecting an explanation. "If'n he hurt ya in any way…" Friend or not.

M'iken sighs lightly and gives L'ton a bit of a grin and shrugs lightly, keepign her fingers threading through his hair. "He stopped by to chat and apperantly Ysa spilled some of my fears to him and when he brought them up I just started crying." She relaxes against the bronzer and is sure to keep her expression reassuring. "I promise he dind't do anything to hurt me."

"Wait, what are ya scared about, lil bit?" The look on his face turns to one of concern, as he gently rubs her back, though he does drop his chin enough as she continues playing with hi shair. "Ah… What can Ah do ta make it better though? Ah dun want ya ta cry, not for no reason at all." He buries his face in her shoulder once more than, keeping his arms wound around her as she relaxes against him. Nope, not letting go.

M'iken shurgs lightly. "I thought I just asked you to stop trying to make me cry." She says with a little sigh. "I'd rather not even think about some things let alone talk about them." She kisses the side of L'ton's head then and nuzzles against him. "As long as people don't bring it up, I won't cry." It's perfectly logical.

L'ton shakes his head and just sighs softly. "Ah just want ya ta be happy." He reiterates softly into her neck, lifting his chin slightly to smile at her shyly. "Ah'll do anything Ah can though, ta make ya not have ta cry." And then he's giving her a gentle tug, and looking left and right before grinning and stealing a long kiss, and having a rather silly look, though not actually saying anything to accompany it.

M'iken blushes just at the thought of being embarassed and mentally kicks herself for it. She can't help but pout for a moment, but then his one question makes her spill her guts to him. Ah the power he has over her. "I was thinking of something that really doesn't require any clothes, but would probably mortify me if we were caught doing it out in the open like here." She blushes brighter, but grins a bit at him before sneaking a kiss herself.

L'ton chuckles as she blushes, his grin widening as he shifts to rest a hand on either side of her neck, fingers twisting a few loose strands of hair before leaning for a long kiss, still grinning. "Ah, there's mah beautiful Mi." An eyebrow is arched and he chuckles slightly. "Well, Ah'm sure we could find somewhere a bit more out of the way, Ah mean.. If'n ya really want.." And then his fingers are plucking idly at her collar, grin staying in residence.

Ah, that kiss and his hands make M'iken's mind go floating off to a happy place. His fingers just being close to her ears sends a little thrill through her and when he seems more than receptive to the idea of doing it out in the open like this makes her insides tighten up into knots of anticipation. "Well, here's as good as any place isn't it? There's always a chance of someone walking through any bit of the grove and if Meluth happens to spot us he'll throw a fit and neither one of will enjoy ourselves." She leans her body in tighter against his and lets her hands slide down his chest a little, her eyes following her hands.

L'ton chuckles softly, and absently traces a fingertip along the outline of one of her ears, leaning to the other to gently kiss her earlobe before whispering slightly. "Ah'll make sure that Dhonzayth stays between us and him, then.." He chuckles a bit, and then straightens up just enough to slide his hands under the bottom of her shirt, rather teasingly. "Ah wouldn't have thought this about ya sweets. Not that Ah'm complaining."

M'iken wimpers lightly at the touching and kissing of her ears. Ah how that did sweet yet terrible things to her. When his hand slips under her shirt a bit of her mind finds it's way back into her head. "I never would have thought of this for myself either, but when you do things like that it just makes me wanna jump you all the more." She says, reffering to her ears. She runs her fingers in circles on his chest and leans in to rub her nose lightly along his. "You know I have trouble controlling myself anyway." She gives him a wink then and kisses him teasingly.

L'ton is still rather amused by her reaction, as he has a rather happy grin on his face, hand absently rubbing her sides as he arches an eyebrow. "Things like what, this?" And a few light kisses are dropped on her neck, and then he nips at her ear just a bit before leaning back straightening his back under her fingers, smile on his face at the teasing kiss. "Ah really dun think its a bad thing."

The noises that escape M'iken's throat should be considered sinful at the very least, but it's the lightness of those kisses that keep her wanting more. She practically melts into him, shaking her head. "No, it's not a bad thing at all." She breathes at him. "I think you're wearing too many clothes for such a nice day." Her hands spread out over his chest before moving to get his jacket off of him. A light blush settles onto her cheeks again and she refuses to look left or right, this time knowing if anyone /was/ there she'd die right on the spot.

"Well, given yer earlier thoughts, so are ya love, but.." He teases her slightly, as he absently brushes tone of the straps off her shoulder to continue the trail of gentle kisses, though he does pause long enough to shrug his jacket off. And then he's brushing fingers against her pink cheeks with a soft chuckle, attention solely on her. Perhaps if he doesn't look for anyone, they won't look for him?

If they're lucky they'll be left alone, after all, why would they come to the orchards to look for them? Just because they're there to /see/ the orchards, doens't mean they went there on their own. With the jacket gone, now M'iken only has to worry about getting that shirt off him. "Humm, I might be, but you're definately wearing more than I am." She notes as she lets her hand travel down to get underneath his shirt and pull it up some so her hands can explore the skin beneath. When his fingers brush against her cheek she cana't help but lean into the touch, a smile lighting on her lips.

Well, hopefully its early enough in the season for the various hold workers to be busy elsewhere, and for them to ignore the orchard and their busy guests. Pausing for a moment, he reluctantly takes his fingers from her cheek to pull his shirt over his head, messing up his hair in the process, and then he's back to pushing at the straps of her tanktop, tracing fingers along her collarbone. "That better sweets?" He chuckles and nuzzles at her again.

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