Corrupting a Candidate

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl(#3560RJ)
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millenia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond that. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run Northwest to Southeast, the bustling epicentre of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the great bowl walls here - north east are the hatching grounds, south the Living Caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr.
To the east, a small entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westwards is another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located towards the southwest.

Its a pleasant day, even as the season is changing to autumn, and Dhonzayth is settled quite peacefully in the southern portion of the Istan bowl, wings folded idly to his back, while L'ton is waiting rather patiently nearby, though he's constantly looking towards the caverns, and watching each person that appears into the afternoon sun.

Jainika comes hurrying out of the caverns shortly after, looking a bit irate - she's fixing her hair as she strides along, trying to twist it back into the loose bun it appears to have half fallen out of. She's in a pale blue sundress and otherwise looking decent, aside from a few scratches on her left shoulder and cheek, though she doesn't seem to be paying attention to where she's going, either, and nearly walks past L'ton even if Dhonzayth is hard to miss.

L'ton arches an eyebrow at the irate expression on Jainika's face, looking back at the caverns just in case the source of the anger becomes apparent, before giving up and sticking out an arm to stop Jainika from actually passing him by. "Hey now, lil'bit. What's got ya so upset? Where ya going in such a hurry?"

"What?" Jainika sounds more confused than irritated, though when she turns (after nearly stumbling into his arm) to L'ton she /looks/ more irritated than confused. "What? Oh, hey - no I'm not, the Sands." She pauses for a moment and mulls over her verbal snafu, and takes a moment to finish tying up her hair before she corrects herself. "I was going to the Sands for my day off. No hurry, I was just frustrated. I got this little blue firelizard a couple of sevendays ago, and he got up on my shoulder and got stuck in my hair. I imagine you'd be a little flustered too, it was quite the ordeal to get him untangled again." She taps the scratches on her cheek. "Not the highlight of my day, I'd say."

"Them little things is always causing trouble." L'ton wrinkles up his nose, shaking his head, even as he leaves his arm out to steady her if necessary. "But, Ah guess its worse fer ya, with all yer hair, Ah mean, Ah dun have any for 'em to get stuck in." As he considers her destination, he tilts his head. "Ah bet ya'd have more fun on yer off day if'n ya went somewhere else. Ah mean, ya can go to the Sands anytime, but how often do ya have a handsome bronzerider ready ta whisk ya off yer feet ta wherever ya want to go?" He offers with a good-natured grin, and a wave of his hand to Dhonzayth to further prove his offer.

"He's quite obnoxious," Jainika agrees, trying to resist the urge to preen a bit. "But he's grown on me. I don't let him sit on my shoulder at all, if I can help it. I've no desire to go chopping my hair off because of some little lizard." She grins in return and quirks an eyebrow, putting a hand on her him. "You think so? I suppose you do make an excellent point … the Sands'll always be there, and it'd be terribly rude of me to turn down such a generous offer."

"Ah mean, mah Hanza isn't ta bad, but Ah know the blues and greens are worse. And, Ah dun think ya should chop off yer hair, Ah think its really pretty, so ya should leave it like it is." He offers with a wide grin, before chuckles softly. "Did ya figure out where ya wanted to, even? Ah mean, have ya been thinking about it, or did ya just think Ah wasn't gonna go hauling you off?" And then he's waiting for a response as he's rummaging through the various packs on his straps to pull out an extra riding jacket, offering it to her.

Jainika takes the jacket and tugs it on, fumbling a bit as she fastens it up. "I'm hoping mine gets a little more agreeable as he gets older." She winks and tweaks a stray curl once she's got the coat done up. "Thanks kindly. It's a pain to keep up with, but I like it well enough." She bounces on her heels a bit, tapping her chin with a thoughtful look on her face. "Well, you hadn't mentioned it since - maybe I thought you'd forgotten, eh. /My/ preference is nowhere cold, and preferably anywhere not on the Island. I haven't been away from here in ages." She winks again. "But that still leaves it fairly open to suggestions."

"Somewhere warm, hm?" L'ton considers, idly tugging on a curl himself before moving to usher her towards Dhonzayth's side. "Ya ever heard of Big Lagoon Hold, hm?" He seems to settle on the hold as he moves to climb up on Dhonzayth's side, before offering her a the strap to give her an easier way up. "Ya ridden before though, Jainika?" He offers curiously, tilting his head, fastening his own jacket as he waits.

Jainika can't resist a coy look as he tweaks a bit of her hair. "I /have/ heard of it, though mostly only that it exists." She pauses and mulls over the prospect of climbing up for a moment, then grabs the strap and (very carefully) follows L'ton's lead. "I haven't in quite some time. We don't travel off the island much in my family." She grins faintly. "Last time I did was a few turns ago to see one of my brothers promoted at the Harperhall."

"Well, its got a real pretty reef, ta, so Ah think ya'll enjoy it." He reassures her, shifting to try and help settle her in infront of him between Dhonzayth's neckridges. "Well, just try and relax. Ah mean, Ah know it might not seem like it, but Dhon and Ah are gonna be here the whole time, ya can grab on ta my arms or whatever, if ya need, but it'll be okay." And then he's going about fastening the various buckles and straps, ensuring that both of them are well settled while Dhonzayth stays still, mostly for the girl's sake.

"I'll trust your judgment." Jainika grins as she settles in, trying to be as ladylike as possible with her skirt without looking too ridiculous. She grasps hesitantly at the neckridge in front of her, trying not to stiffen up too much. "I'll certainly take you up on that holding on bit if need be, believe me."

L'ton chuckles. "Dun worry, we'll try and make it smooth." And he absently pats the portion of her leg within easy reach before giving one last tug on the straps, Dhonzayth taking off only a moment later after a silent exchange between the two of them. And with one slow downbeat their off the ground, and with another they're level with the lowest weyrs. Slipping into a wide circle, they slowly gain altitude until they rise out of the shelter of the bowl, and L'ton leans slightly to check on Jainika. "Ya still okay, lil'bit?"

Jainika settles in comfortably, relaxing under the pat and leaning just a bit to watch the view from the bowl. "I'm alright, I reckon I'm strapped in well enough!"

Ista Weyr - Southeast Sky(#3475RJe)

"Well, then, we're gonna go between. Just remember, relax. We're right here.." He reassures her a bit more before Dhonzayth slips between.

Sky - Over Big Lagoon Hold(#1279RJehs)

Jainika sucks in a deep breath as they emerge from between, looking slightly pale and clutching one of L'ton's arms though otherwise she seems no worse for the wear - mostly startled. "How can you /ever/ get used to that?"

L'ton loosens his hold on the straps, moving to gently rub Jainika's back, even as he tries to calm her down. "Ah promise ya, it took meh a long time. But, by the time ya graduate, ya've done it a million times, so it ain't so bad. And, its better when ya've got yer dragon in your mind with ya, so even if ya feel alone, ya know ya aren't." He offers softly, giving her another pat as they spiral down towards the ground slowly, allowing her to view the area.

Big Lagoon Hold - Dragon Beach
The sand here is warm and fairly soft. The beach is large and the water quite deep, making it the best area for the dragons to bath. There is a sign on the edge of the beach, asking the dragons to please enter the water softly, so as to disturb the boats as little as possible. The docks are off to the left. Occasionally, you will see a holder wandering off down to the reef, carrying a fishing pole over to the fishing spot. The beach is generally open and empty, so the dragons have space to sun and bathe without a fuss, since there aren't any ledges in this flat terrain. Off to the north is one exception. The reef rises from the beach, with large and sharp rocks towards the sea. Even if the rocks look sharp, they have nice foot room.

The heat beats down here, as well as anywhere else around the shore, but a light breeze blows over from the sea.

Jainika relaxes after a few moments, catching her breath and loosening her grip on his arm and Dhonzayth's neck ridge. "I imagine it is … mercy though, I'd forgotten what a fright that can be. Feels like I got thrown in an ice box." Once she's settled down again she leans just slightly to get a good view of the beach and the reef as they descend. "It's /gorgeous/!"

"At least ya know its warm here. Ah swear, sometimes ya come out at High Reaches and ya gotta wonder if yer still between cause its so cold." He jokes before Dhonzayth backwings to the beach, throwing up a fair bit of sand as he lands, shifting rather eagerly as he does so, as if eager to be rid of the people on his back. And so, to placate him, L'ton is quick to undo the straps and climb partially down the bronze's side, waiting to help Jainika dismount with a helping arm.

Jainika laughs and grins brightly. "That's true enough. Glad I said nowhere cold." She goes to dismount as carefully but quickly as she can, taking L'ton's arm as she makes her way down. "Does he ever get tired of that at all, eh?" She cranes her neck a bit to look at the bronze, as if not sure who to direct the question to. "Folks climbing up and down his side like so?"

"Short of a few of 'em that are real rough, Ah honestly don't think he notices. And he learned ta be nice, since a lot of times we gotta cart important people around, and he can't get all antsy." But, the bronze can be antsy now, for as soon as the straps are stripped off he's headed into the water with a splash while L'ton pulls off his jacket, to set that and the other riding gear up out of water's reach. "Well, whatcha wanna see here?" He questions, holding out a hand for Jainika's jacket as well.

Jainika hums thoughtfully as she undoes the buckles on the jacket. "I suppose that's true, I imagine there's not terrible much that could faze him at that size." She shrugs the coat off and hands it to L'ton with a smile. "The reef, at some point. I've never seen anything like that in my life." She tries to bounce on her heels a bit, though the pliant sand makes it difficult. "What else is there to explore?" She grins. "My last field trip was to the mines with the other candidates, so anything out in the open is a bonus."

L'ton adds her jacket to the pile before taking the time to tug off his boots and roll his pants up as far as he can. "If'n ya want ta see the reef, Ah dun wanna get mah boots all wet." But then he's offering her an arm, to escort her in that direction. "Well, how about we wander around, and ya can see fer yerself? Ah'm just here ta make sure ya get ta see something different, so."

Jainika slips her shoes off, wriggling her toes in the sand a bit. "Far be it from me to get your boots damp, Weyrsecond." She links her arm with his, nodding. "Sounds like an excellent plan! Not that I haven't enjoyed it, but I have to say it'll be nice to spend some time out of the barracks and the Weyr."

"Ah can understand that. Ah mean, Ah thought that mah parents were strict, at the Hold, but then there were all these rules. Ah mean, there were plenty of rules as a weyrling ta, but Ah know once in a while a bit of a break makes it better. And, ya should know if'n ya do need a break anytime between now and when the eggs hatch, Ah'd be more than happy ta take ya along, when Ah gotta go places." L'ton absently pats her arm as they wander down the beach towards the reef. "Have ya been following the rules, hm?" He asks teasingly as they go.

Jainika nods again, wrinkling her nose a bit as she walks with him. "It's been a while since I've felt under lock and key like this. All things considered my parents were more lenient with me than most … so candidacy's been trying at times. Even if I wouldn't do it to begin with, it can get a bit frustrating to be told I can't do things at all." She grins at his question, though, and then pretends to pout. "You ask that like you expect I haven't. I've been very well behaved, I'll have you know."

"Nah, just making sure that my candidate's been doing good by me. Ah mean, if'n yer gonna break rules, Ah might as well be the one to help break 'em, heh?" He teases her slightly, shaking his head. "At least her eggs are getting close ta hatching. And, if'n yer lifemate is there, its worth it, and if'n not, like Ah promised, we'll go have a night of drinks. Cause Ah think by the time its over, Ah'll need them ta." He gives Dhonzayth another glance to check on him, but it seems that the bronze is settled quite contently in the warm water of the cove, and rather unwilling to move.

"I promise I'm not casting a shadow on your reputation," she retorts wryly. "I'm on my absolute best behavior." She hums thoughtfully, looking around to take in the sights as she mulls it over. "I can't find it in me to get my hopes up the way some of the others have, but either way I'll be relieved when it's over. It's kept me busy well enough, at least. And I am looking forward to the drinks." She winks. "So either way, all's well that ends well as it were."

"Ah think Ah have a enough of a reputation that Ah ain't ta worried about the shadows. Just that if'n yer breaking the rules, they might say Ah Searched ya just ta keep ya ta myself. Which, Ah have ta say now isn't exactly a bad idea. Ah half wish Ah'd though about it earlier." He shrugs slightly before pausing and moving to hand her up onto the rocks of the reef, watching her with a grin. "As long as ya've enjoyed yerself, and had something ta do, Ah think its worth it. And ya made it out of the mines okay, so, that's a plus too."

Jainika carefully climbs up and gives the hem of her skirt a saucy shake once she's gotten her footing. "Odds are I wouldn't have objected, though I have to say it sounds a bit counterproductive. There's no fun in having me to yourself with the rules in the way." She winks and then looks out at the sea and the rest of the reef, looking delighted at the sight. "I did," she agrees distractedly after a moment. "Well enough. We saw the wall where they carved all the riders' names and my dad's a historian, so I loved that. Do wish Toske'd warned us about it earlier though, I was expecting a typical picnic."

L'ton arches an eyebrow, fingers grasping absently at the hem of her skirt as he winks at her, before climbing up to the top of the reef as well. "Well, riders dun always keep the rules. Ah mean, they /should/ but." He shrugs slightly. "Ah mean, even Lisle was living with some rider while she was a candidate, or so Ah've heard, so really.. if the riders are the ones who are gonna yell, if they're the ones doing it, who cares?" He rambles a bit, and absently rests a hand on her shoulder as she looks out over the reef. "Ya should get him ta come up here, and see the wall. Ah bet he'd enjoy it. Maybe when they come fer the hatching?"

Jainika rests a hand on his, quirking an eyebrow at his admission about Lisle. "Is that so? Scandalous." She seems bemused rather than disrespectful. "I suppose I can see why it's against the rules though," she muses. "If anyone's being taken advantage of. But I trust you're not the sort." She winks and then her eyes widen a bit as she mulls over the idea. "Oh, that's a wonderful idea! My dad would really love to see it. We could go see it after the eggs're done."

"But of course." L'ton agrees, rather amused by the situation himself. "Ah honestly dun see the big deal, though. Ah mean it never used ta be an issue, but now they're all picky 'bout it." And to think of all the pretty candidate girls L'ton could be wooing! "But of course Ah'm not the sort mah dear. Ah never take advantage of anyone." He bows a bit with a grin, before nodding. "Ah'll make sure that he gets to see it, if ya want, if ya happen ta Impress. Ah'm good at ushering people around."

Jainika grins as he bows and then shades her eyes as she looks out over the reef. "Mmm, I trust you, L'ton, no worries. I'm sure no one will find anything questionable about you taking impressionable young candidates out for field trips by yourself," she teases with a wink. "I'd very much appreciate if you took him, though, on the odd chance I'm not able. My parents are good folks. Dad'll talk your ear off about it though."

"Pi'll have a laugh at that. She thinks Ah can't be trusted at all, specially not with pretty girls." Which is probably true at least fifty percent of the time. "Well, they best not!" He agrees with a wink in return, and then he's picking his way a bit further down the reef. "Ah promise Ah'll take him, its really not an issue. Ahd, trust meh, Ah know some people who can talk. Shards, maybe Zip'll wanna go ta, and Ah'm sure she'll soak up everything he has to say."

Jainika chuckles as she carefully follows him down the reef. "Well, now, at the very least I'll trust you not to take advantage. Some folks go willingly, that's hardly your fault." She wobbles a little as she nearly loses her balance, then rights herself carefully as she follows along. "Who's Zip, then? I'm sure he'll be happy to share. He mostly teaches, nowadays, and loves it, so any excuse to go chatting about that kind of thing's good for him."

"Zip? She's my daughter. She just turned 13, and she just loves ta listen ta anything people'll teach her. She's real sweet though, usually." He shakes his head a bit, with a grin. "Then Ah'm sure he'll have a willing pupil, ta. If'n he's not careful, she might try and tag along afterwards, too." And then he's quickly reaching out an arm to steady her as she wobbles, and tries to wrap his arm around behind her after she rights herself, to avoid any more issues. "Hey now.." He warns her softly, shaking his head.

"Aw, well, I'm sure my dad would love to have a tagalong." She chuckles. "He's almost always complaining about the state of his apprentices." Jainika leans into him a little as she stumbles, enough to catch her balance but not enough to knock him off his. She wrinkles her nose and pulls a face, pouting a bit. "Hey now yourself, I can hardly be blamed if it's a little slippery, eh?"

L'ton keeps his arm lightly around her waist as she pouts a bit. "But what would Ah do if'n ya fell, that'd be no good. Ya should just let me make sure that ya keep yer balance, ya know?" He offers with a grin, shaking his head at the pout. "Ah've seen enough pouting ta not fall for it, lil'bit." He teases her a bit further, before stepping up onto the next rock, trying to lead her on down the reef. "A'course, the slippery rocks are a good excuse.." He murmurs softly to himself.

Jainika waves her hand a bit, pouting still. "If I take a stumble I'll survive it. I promise I won't take you down with me." She winks. "But I'll have to try harding with the pouting, I guess." She follows after, trying to be more careful with her steps as he leads her down. "I wonder why we've not got anything like this around Ista, eh? It's too bad we don't."

"Up near where Ah grew up, there's lil'reef, but ya gotta go out a ways. Its sorta bad, though, and a few boats have wrecked, so we were always told ta stay away from it." He shrugs a bit, before turning back to give her a grin. "Depends on what ya want to achieve with all that pouting, though. Sometimes there are better ways." He shrugs a bit, before grinning at her. "Ah dun mind ending up in the water, Ah just prefer it ta be on my own terms."

Jainika can't resist a disappointed little sigh. "I never saw anything quite like that at the hold proper's beach." She shrugs and gives him a coy grin. "Well, I haven't quite figured that out yet, but if I pout long enough I'm sure I'll come up with something." She can't resist giving him a slight, teasing push. "What, not a fan of surprises?"

"Well, maybe one day we'll sneak back up north, and Ah'll show it ta ya. Though, we can't go by the hold, cause Ah ain't suppose ta be around there." He offers softly, before he's being given a slight push, and he shakes his head. "Nah, but Ah want ta make sure mah companies in the water ta - Ah don't wanna be the one having all the fun."

"/Sneak/?" She sounds genuinely curious as she leans into him again, raising an eyebrow. "And why aren't you supposed to be up there, if you don't mind my asking." She nudges him again and offers a faint grin. "Though that's a rude question, so I reckon I don't mind not getting an answer. I hesitate to ask you to take me anywhere you're not supposed to go." She chuckles at the thought of winding up in the water herself. "Well, maybe I could be convinced to join in. I suppose it'd be rude to leave you all alone anyway, eh."

L'ton moves to wrap his other arm around her with an innocent expression as she leans into him again, grinning a bit. "Mah family, they dun really think that dragonriders are good people. Said we have no values, er nothing. And they weren't happy that Ah was Searched and Impressed. And that Ah went back and took Zip from 'em cause Ah didn't want her ta grow up with 'em…" He shrugs a bit, with a bit of a smile. "It ain't nothing really. Ah mean, sometimes its bad, but Ah've learned ta deal."

Jainika doesn't protest, and drapes an arm casually over his shoulder. "Ah, well." She furrows her brows a bit, giving a thoughtful hum. "Well I'm sorry to hear. I was a little wary to come myself, and I know a couple folks at home who feel the same as your family. But I've liked it well enough." She bites her lip for a moment, considering. "You've got folks like family at the weyr too, eh? Not quite the same, but I hope it helps."

L'ton chuckles slightly, fingers absently tapping on his other arm as he nods. "Ah have a few cousins at Ista, ya. A couple of riders, and one candidate - Peytah, if'n ya've gotten stuck on any chores with him. And, generally Ah've got enough ta keep me busy, it's not ta bad." And then he considers for a bit, before giving her a shake. "How 'bout that swim, lil'bit?" And then he's changing the topic, leaning slightly to watch her face, giving her a grin.

"Mm, I've met him," Jainika muses, grinning wryly. "Aiming to get all your family Impressed? You'll get run of the weyr at some point." She sways a little with the shake, leaning in as he does. "A swim sounds delightful."

"That bad, hm?" He chuckles a bit, giving her another slight shake as she leans closer. Bonus? "Nah, Ah dun wanna run a weyr - Ah think Ah'll stick ta Weyrsecond, cause most of them seniors are scary. Shards, Dhonzayth caught Merkabath the first time she went up, and Ah wasn't sure Ah was gonna make it out alive." He teases, before arching an eyebrow. "A swim it is." And then he's grinning rather wickedly as he starts steering her towards the outer edge of the reef.

Jainika clutches his shoulder a little warily, but follows his lead with a mischievous grin of her own. "Oh, come now, just think - if you can deal with the weyrwoman for the odd flight, you'd have the girls falling at your feet as the Weyrleader, eh?"

"Ya, but weyrleaders don't have time ta take pretty candidates around Pern ta get them ta like 'em better." L'ton replies cheekily, with a wink at her, before he's giving her a slight push off the reef towards the water, starting to loosen his hold on her as he does so. "Swim time…" And then he's smirking, as if he did something smart.

"Oh come now," Jainika teases, rolling her eyes good naturedly. "As if you've got to take them around. I'm sure they like you just fine either way." She winks and then she stumbles, clumsy enough on her own to be thrown off-balance by his small push - she lets out a noise of surprise, grasping to pull him with her as she starts to fall back into the water. "You could've warned me!"

"Ah dunno, do they like me fine enough without having ta haul them around?" He asks, just as she catches him as she loses her balance, and the slippery rocks do him in, for he's tumbling towards the water even as she does. "Ah did!" He tries to argue, though the majority of it is probably lost in the splash of him entering the water.

Jainika comes out of the water looking thoroughly soggy, her hair a wet mass of curls half-clinging to her cheeks. She fumbles with pushing it away, trying to finish pulling it out of the bun it's already half fallen otu of. "You did not," she retorts, pouting. "I thought you were joking!" Granted, that's her fault, but all the same. She shakes her hair out a bit, going to splash him. "They like you just fine even when you push them off reefs, I'm sure, eh."

"Well, Ah suppose that's good news fer meh, huh?" And then he's moving to awkwardly try and push the hair out of her face and escort her back towards the reef. "Well, Ah did say it was time ta swim, ya didn't seem ta mind the idea ta much, really." He continues to tease, and then as she's pouting, he seems to break one of his own rules, and hers, as he tries to give her a quick kiss. "There, that'll make it all better. No need ta pout."

Jainika doesn't seem to mind the help with her hair - she leans into his hands slightly, though she soon begins to slightly resemble a lily-pad as her green skirt billows up around her in the water. "I'd say good, eh? I think so." She winks and then she starts a bit, looking a bit bewildered before she returns the quick kiss. "Is that how you cure all the girls' woes, L'ton?" She grins faintly and looks a bit pink in the cheeks, though maybe it's the shock of falling in.

"Only the ones that dun seem ta mind if'n Ah do." He states simply, as he gives a strand of hair another push, absently pushing at her floating skirt, shaking his head. "Aw, are ya blushing lil'bit? Ah would have thought that's why ya were pouting, but Ah guess Ah was wrong.. or maybe ya still dunno?" He seems happy enough, despite his sogginess, as he continues to half-tease her.

"Ah, well." She pushes at her sodden skirt, wrinkling her nose as it begins to sink slightly. "Maybe so, but we've been in the sun a while. Who can tell?" Though she blushes a bit brighter now that it's been noticed. "I can't say I mind much," she muses, biting back a faint grin. "And I suppose I do feel better."

"See, Ah told ya it was a cure all." L'ton beams smartly as he pushes absently again at her floating skirt, before looking back at her. "Ah suppose it might could just be the sun." He lets her have that bit for good measure. "Well, as long as ya dun mind, because ya did say that ya trust me, and Ah wouldn't want to abuse the trust of mah favorite candidate."

"This thing is a pain," Jainika mutters, getting her skirt under control slightly before looking back up at him with a wry smile. "I promise, I'm not easily taken advantage of."

"Ya should just sort of tie it to one side, then it won't float 'round so much. Just like, pull it and loop it." Why L'ton is able to offer that feedback on skirt control, though, is anyone's guess, and he'll probably never offer an explanation. As she smiles up at him, he arches an eyebrow. "Well, that's good ta know. In other words, if Ah'm gonna do this, Ah need to start running again?" And then he's planting another kiss before quickly moving to scoot away, hampered as he is by the soggy clothes, just in case.

Jainika quirks a bemused eyebrow at his suggestion but follows his advice, managing to get her skirt into a rather awkward, soggy knot at her side. Her eyes go a bit wide at the second kiss and then she follows after, splashing him as best she can as she paddles. "Oh - now, there's no need to run. Did I say that, eh?"

"Ah dunno, did ya say that?" He glances over his shoulder as he manages to get shallow enough for his feet to hit, and he's slowing to regard her. "Maybe ya're just luring me back, so that ya can try and get a good hit in on me for it. Even though Ah think it was fun." L'ton continues to offer possible explanations for why he shouldn't run, though it seems he'll find out which is true for he's no longer fleeing.

Jainika stumbles a little as she starts to hit the shore - it's difficult to paddle and try to walk at the same time. She wrings her skirt out a bit better as she stands, knotting it up again as she saunters after him with a pout on her face again. "As if I'm the sort to resort to violence." She grins faintly and leans in close, going for a quick kiss of her own. "… so no worries."

L'ton hesitates to wait for her, wrapping his arms around her once more as she leans in close. "Well, ya never know.." He starts to ramble again before she's stealing a quick kiss and it seems his words are cut off, and he's left to simply grin instead, before he shakes his head, and moves to scoot her towards the shore. "We should probably try and dry off, at 'least a little." He offers, still grinning, and giving the knot of her skirt a nudge as he heads the rest of the back onto the beach.

"No need for violence." She grins as he does, amused by the rambling. She nudges his hand away from the knot of her dress and goes to hold it in hers, following him back to the beach. "I /refuse/ to go home 'til I'm dry, I can only imagine how poorly soggy clothes'd fare between."

"It ain't pretty, lemme tell ya." He agrees, even as he flops down onto a smooth stretch of sand, well out in the sunlight, and he's tugging her hand to pull her down with him. "Ah promise Ah won't take ya home til yer all dry. Ah dun wanna freeze ya after all, even if it means warming up again after." It seems that while the humans have given up the water, Dhonzayth has no intentions of doing the same, for he's still out there, floating amongst the small boats of the hold, quite relaxed all the while.

Jainika falls into the sand next to him with an "oomph," undoing the knot in her skirt and spreading it out so it dries a bit better. "I can't imagine warming up'll be easy if I've got to wait for my clothes to thaw," she says wryly. "I don't know that I'd like to try it out."

L'ton chuckles softly, shaking his head. "Sand is suppose ta be soft, silly." As she stretches her skirt out, he scoots to stay away from the damp fabric, but tries to slyly set his arm back around her back. "Ya, Ah ain't sure its really worth it, in the end. Ah mean, not really." He shrugs a bit, and glances out towards the water then back at her. "Ah hope ya really aren't mad at me."

Jainika chuckles and relaxes, leaning back a bit as he slides an arm behind her. "Ah, well, the sand is, the falling's not. It's a long way down." She winks and then looks out at the water. "I'll be happy to stay out here til we're both dry." She tilts her head to give him a wry grin. "And I promise, I'm definitely not mad. I didn't hit you, did I?"

"That ya didn't, that ya didn't." L'ton agrees with a grin, "In fact, Ah think ya actually did this.." And he gives a kiss to put an action to his words, and then he's chuckling, letting her settle against him lightly. "Well, good thing ya ain't in any rush ta get back, because Ah'm definitely not. Didn't Ah tell ya this was better than the Sands, though?"

Jainika pecks his cheek just after he kisses her again, chuckling. "Mm, something pretty close to that, at least." She wriggles her toes and then her fingers a bit in the sand, settling in comfortably. "Much better than the Sands, I agree. Company's a lot better, for one," she adds with a small wink.

"Well, if'n ya'd been set on the Sands, Ah probably could have been convinced ta tag along, at least fer a bit. But then Ah'd be stuck sharing ya with them boys ya're a candidate with, and Ah think Ah prefer it this way ta." He agrees, before settling back on the beach, one arm pillowed behind his head as he stares up at the sky, turning his head to glance at her now and again. "Though, Ah dun have drinks fer ya, so."

Jainika waves a hand and wrinkles her nose a bit. "It's nice enough, but I have to say this has been a much nicer trip." She chuckles faintly and gives him a mischievous grin. "And I'd so hate to force you to share."

"Would ya now?" L'ton continues to pester a bit, poking at her side absently with a grin. "What's that look for, lil'bit? At least Ah know ya can't push me back into the water." He shakes his head a bit, giving her another poke. "Huh, huh?"
"What look - oh, hey! Stop that!" Jainika is cut off as she bursts into laughter, doing her best to squirm away from his prodding fingers. "/No/, I'm ticklish! Quit it!"

Oh, that might just be the worst admittance ever, for L'ton's face lights up as he hears the word 'ticklish' and then the poking begins anew, and he's actually sitting back up to make sure that he can get a better angle. "Maybe Ah think its fun ta poke at ya, hm? Ah mean, ya are laughing, so ya gotta thing its fun too.." Poke!

Jainika huffs and tries to wriggle out of his reach, laughing hard as she tries to squirm to safety. "Quit that! It's not fair!" She huffs and tries to catch her breath as she struggles to nudge him away. "No more!"

"Aw, why's it not fair, lil'bit?" He questions with a tilt of his head, though his tickling mostly stops. Only mostly, because he's still giving her a poke now and then, scooting after her even as she squirms away. "Ah ain't sure why Ah should stop, Ah mean, yer so much fun ta mess with."

"Because —" Jainika can't seem to get control of her giggles - she nudges at his hand again, red in the face from laughter as she tries to relax. "Because it's just not! You play dirty!"

"Ah don't play dirty! How can ya possible say that Ah play dirty, hm? Ah mean, all Ah'm doing is tickling ya.. if'n ya weren't ticklish, it wouldn't be an issue, would it?" Logical, at least in his mind. But, as his hands are nudged again, he gives up his attack, and settles for just giving her a bit of a tug. "Better, lil'bit?"

Jainika exhales and stretches out as he stops poking her, finally managing to relax a bit. "Tickling is hardly fair if I'm so ticklsh," she huffs, pouting at him as she catches her breath. "It's terribly mean!"

"Fine, fine, Ah won't tickle ya anymore. But, ya're so funny when yer all giggly and squirming. How could Ah not keep tickling ya, hm?" L'ton grin widens, and he flops back on the sand as she starts to relax. "Ah'm not mean, really.."

"Thank you." She sticks her tongue out at him as she relaxes back into the sand. "Glad you found it entertaining at least."

L'ton absently pets her shoulder, shaking his head as he repillows his head on his arms. "Ya might as well relax, we've got some time before we'll head back. If'n ya wanna wander, we can, or else we can just sit here." And then the bronzerider is idly stifling a yawn, shaking his head a bit, with a grin. "Though, the sun is nice.."

"Wandering'll be nice, when I'm a bit less sodden." Jainika plants her hands in the sand, leaning back a bit. "I'm feeling horribly waterlogged at the moment, I have to say. So I'm in no hurry."

"Well, if'n ya weren't a candidate, Ah'm sure that Ah could have offered a solution ta that sogginess, but well, til them eggs hatch, Ah dun think Ah can say it." L'ton chuckles softly, nodding. "Fine, when ya dry off 'nuff that yer dress dun way as much as a horse, we'll go see what else we can find."

Jainika grins slyly at L'ton. "I reckon I get the general idea if what your suggestion might've been, all the same." She wriggles her fingers in the sand a bit, looking out at the sea again. "I wonder what sorts of things they've got hiding around here?"

"Well, then Ah suppose its a good thing Ah didn't say it. Wouldn't want ta embarrass ya unnecessarily." As she wiggles her fingers in the sand, he moves to push sand over her hand, starting to bury it. "Ah dunno, Ah bet they've got the normal hold things. Whatcha hoping there is?"

Jainika chuckles and wiggles her fingers in the sand again as he buries it. "I'm hard to embarrass, but it's likely good you didn't say it anyway." She stretches her legs out, flexing her feet a bit. "I don't know, anything exciting, eh? Something secret, who knows."

"Ya sure are easy ta please, ya know that, lil'bit?" He shakes his head with a grin, continuing to pile sand on top of her wiggling fingers absently. "Maybe there's a neat cave, or something. Though, Ah guess after the mine ya've had enough of them caves, haven't ya?" And then he's flipping over to lay on his stomach, propping his chin in his hand as he regards her idly.

"Maybe I am." She chuckles, rolling her eyes a bit. "What's the problem with that, ah? Means I'm a cheap date." She winks at him, shaking her hair out a bit as it starts to dry. "A /big/ cave is fine. Mahdetoske insisted on dragging us through the most cramped tunnels he could find. It got a little claustrophobic, after a while."

"Ah'll have ta keep that in mind. All Ah have ta do ta Impress ya is haul ya to some little hold that happens ta have a reef and a few secret places, and Ah'm in good, right?" He brushes the sand off his hand, before reaching to tug lightly on her hair as she shakes it out. "Fine, a bit neat cave, and something else fun. Maybe we'll be lucky - Ah ain't ever crawling through them little tunnels, ever."

Jainika can't resist a bit of a laugh. "Well, it's partly the company too, you know. That wouldn't necessarily work for everybody." She grins. "I'd definitely avoid the mines. I'm not sure how he came up with that little excursion to begin with, but had I been forewarned I'm not sure I'd have tagged along."

"Well, obviously Ah'd there with ya, so that should cover the company, right?" A wink, and he shakes his head. "Ah've been in from above. Ah'll keep it that way. Though, if'n ya had gotten stuck, Dhonzayth and Ah would have come ta rescue ya, as best as we could." Dhonzayth has finally had enough of the warm water, for the bronze is pulling himself ashore, and its only at a look and a silent reprimand from L'ton that the bronze's path shifts to slightly further down the beach, where he won't negate the drying out that they've done.

"A dashing rescue?" She clasps the hand not covered in sand to her heart, pretending to swoon. "I should've gotten stuck just o see how that faired. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it." She watches Dhonzayth as he moves, biting back a grin as he changes course after L'ton's look. "I heard this morning the eggs may be hatching soon," she says offers as a bit of a non sequitur. "Have to say, I'm pleased to hear it."

"Maybe we can demonstrate a dashing rescue later, just ta see what ya think of it." He winks again, and then L'ton is slowly mulling over her other words, nodding. "Soon, definitely. If'n yer are lucky, before Merkabath takes ta the sands, because well, Ah would not want ta be there with rocking eggs /and/ two other broody queens." Tis a death sentence for sure.

"S'long as I've not got to go back into the mines again, I'd enjoy the demonstration." She grins wryly and wriggles her fingers a bit more into the sand, enjoying the warmth. "Ah, I hear it's the best thing to hope for. Though wouldn't it be a pity if she took to the sands if the eggs started hatching? What an awful coincidence."

"Ah think at least one person might get buried, some of 'em dig and dig and dig and dun even bother ta look where they're going. Even Dhonzayth's been smacked a few times while they were laying." Imagine an itty bitty person. "Well, Ah'll try and figure out something great ta rescue ya from, that won't involve a cave, deal?"

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