A Kitten for M'iken

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

M'iken is busy lounging about in bed, nothing pressing for her to do at that moment so she's taking advantage of the break in things to do and is reading that romance she'd been looking at in L'ren's book store when she'd told L'ton she'd gotten Meluth to agree to move. By the look on her face things must be tense in the story, then she's suddenly trowing the book down on the bed. "For cryin' out loud you are so frustrating!" She yells at the book. She crosses her arms and falls back into her pillow, leaving her legs crossed and her put out frown on her face. The poor ceiling was probably wondering what it had done to deserve a glare from the brownrider.

"Aw, dun be angry, my Mi, Ah promise, Ah'll try ta be less frustrating!" For it seems that L'ton has wandered into the weyr just in time to catch her outburst, shaking his head. "Aw, is mah little Mi pouting?" He teases her quietly, shaking his head, as he moves to stand at the end of the bed, hands behind his back absently as he watches her. "What's got ya so sad, babe?" He questions, tilting his head.

M'iken looks up at the sound of L'ton's voice, reluctant to let go of the frustration boiling in her veins untill he asks what's got her sad. Then she sits up and sighs, smoothing her hand over her hair back towards her pony tail, tempted to pull it out so she could throw her hair tie at the book.. and the temptation wins. She pulls her hair tie out of her hair and throws it visiously at the book. "That book, was written by someone particularly mean. I just want to strange the main character. She's just so indecisive about which man she's more in love with and it's causing more greif that it should. And I don't know why these men let her treat them this way." The way she talks about it, you'd think this was hapening to real people. Then she huffs loudly, still seething over the book.

"Indecisive huh? Ah think that sounds a lil familiar, though Ah think if'n it ends up like Ah bet it will, Ah'm sure she'll pick the right guy, ya know?" Not that L'ton has any first hand experience or anything with romance novels, but you know. While she's still huffing and seemingly sad, he shakes his head. "Ah have something fer ya, but Ah ain't sure Ah should give it ta ya, cause ya might throw it, and ya really shouldn't, cause that's just got good." Unfortunately, though, the gift gives away its presence with a muted 'Meeewwww'.

M'iken raises a brow at L'ton, curious if he'd been reading her book behind her back, but then he metions having something for her and she looks honestly surprised; only now noticeing that he's kept his hands behind his back this whole time. "What is…" Then a pittiful little meow comes from his direction and she's instantly on her knees, moving closer to him. "It that, what I think it is?" Her face has a bit of a hopefull smile growing on her face. It had been so long since she'd played with any kitties.

L'ton suddenly has M'iken's full interest, and as the woman creeps closer, he chuckles, finally moving to settle down on the end of the bed, and he shifts to settle a small orange kitten on his lap, the feline mewing a bit as he tries to gain his balance, sticking his claws out to catch himself on L'ton's pants, causing him to grimace slightly. "He's not ta much passed weaned. Ah figured ya could name him, though, ya know?" He offers with a grin, letting the kitten explore.

When the kitten appears, M'iken's jaw drops and she's inhaleing deeply through her mouth like she's about to squeal or scream or something over the little animal, but she holds it in and her very brightest smile finds it's way onto her face. Watching the little orange kitten explore the bed is almost more than the brownrider can bare and before she even /says/ anything she's attacking L'ton with the very deepest, hardest kiss she can pull off without knocking him over and sending the kitten sprawling. "Thank you so much." She says when she finally pulls back. She settles next to him and taps the kitten lightly on the head. "I absolutely love him." The kitten bats at her finger and she can't help but play with him, ignoreing his little claws and giggleing when he falls over. "I'll have to think of what to call you." She coos at the baby feline. "I can't jsut come up with a name for you off the top of my head.

"Heh, Ah'm glad ya like him.." He offers while she tries to hold back her excited squeal, and suddenly he's got a M'iken attacking him, and he's happy to kiss her firmly in return, shifting to settle around her, leaving a arm looped behind her lightly while he watches her interact with the kitten. "Ah thought ya'd like him better then the lil grey girl Ah have ta. Ah ain't sure who Ah'll give her to, though Sris always seemed ta want a kitten, maybe she'd be happy. The beastcrafters got her now." He explains slowly, reaching to give the kitten a bit of his own poke. "Ah mean, it ain't a baby, but Ah think its cuter."

M'iken smiles at L'ton and nods. "I'm sure she /would/ like a kitten. I mean, who wouldn't? I would suggest giveing it to Zip, but I think she's a bit occupied with the pony right now." She says with a little chuckle before picking the kitten up wiht one hand and scratching behind it's ear, getting it good and purring. At the mention of it not being a baby, M'iken's haert hitches just a little and her smile diminishes for a moment. "Ah, yeah it's not, but you're right kind of about it being cuter." She kisses it on top of it's head lightly. The fact that she was about as near to having a child of her own as she was even 5 turns ago makes her stomach hurt a little to think about so she tries her best to /not/ think about it. "Maybe I should ask Meluth if he has a name that would suit this little guy." She says, attempting to brighten back up her smile.

"Ah figured two up here might be a bit much - Ah think we're gonna have our hands full keeping him out of trouble as it is, ya know? And, Ah bet Sris would like it, ta. Something fuzzy ta have." Always a good thing for the ladies. As her smile falters, he wrinkles up his nose, gently rubbing her back. "Aw Mi, ya just gotta relax. It'll happen soon enough, ya know? Ya were betweening a lot, fer a while, and now its a new place, so who knows. Besides, Ah still love ya just as much, no matter what." He reassures her, snuggling closer as he makes faces at the kitten over her shoulder. "Ah bet he's got some input."

M'iken now that she's thinking about babies and all the reasons she could come up with as to why /she/ doesn't have one, her smile's all but gone. She sets the kitten down on her lap, letting it curl up and get comfortable like the adorable bit of fluff it is, and runs her fingers over it's head lightly. "I know I shouldn't worry about it too much, and honestly I feel like I'm being selfish when I /do/ worry. Like maybe I jsut want one because everyone else wants one." She shakes her head a little then, trying to get the thought out of her head without sucess, but leans into the bronzer, not wanting to look him in the face. "I just can't help but think there's something wrong with me." The purring of the kitten on her lap does tug a smile back out again, no matter how small it is.

L'ton wraps his arms loosely around her middle, settling her against him, sighing softly as he rests his chin on her shoulder. "Sweetheart, Ah would love ta have a baby with ya. Ah really really would. And, Ah really hope we do, but if'n it takes a little bit, its okay. If'n ya want, we can go talk to the Healers, though, and they can try and figure out if there actually is anything." He tries to comfort her, leaning slightly so that he can gently massage her neck, peeking at the kitten and giving her cheek a quick kiss as she smiles a little bit.

M'iken tenses at the thought of going to the healers and asking them to look her over. "Thanks." She says genuinely. "I don't really want to go to the healers unless it's absolutely nessicary though." She turns her head and kisses him lightly. "I don't mean to be depressing. Though I wonder if I could talk you into trying extra hard to get me pregnant." She gives him a mischevious smile and a wink then, snuggling against him and ducking her head a little in an attempt to look cute.

L'ton chuckles, pulling her back against him, trying to not disturb the kitten as he kisses her neck and steals a long kiss. "Ah think Ah could take manage that. But, ya know, its so hard ta have ta do that.." He teases her gently, as he nips at her ear, shaking his head. "Dun be silly honey, Ah'm happy ta crawl into bed whenever ya want, but we should probably find the little kitten a better sleeping place before." He grins, giving the sleepy kitten a gentle pet.

M'iken sighs happily at the kisses, ah yes, she loves it; and smiles at L'ton slyly. "Always nice to hear that kind of thing from you." She says with a wink. Then she pulls away only to lift the kitten off her lap carefully, causing it to yawn, and carries it over to her couch and sets it down there, stroking his head lightly. "You sleep here for a while little one." Then she calls out to Meluth. "Mel, you make sure this kitten doesn't go falling off the ledge ok?" She apperently get's a positive answer because she's soon crawls back into the bed, kissing L'ton as soon as she's able.

L'ton smiles, a content smile on his face, as he nuzzles her a bit. And then she's moving the kitten to another spot, settling him on the couch, and L'ton is watching her every step of the way. "Ah'm sure he'll probably sleep the rest of the day, ya know? Ah mean, he's just a little thing." He reassures her, patting the bed next to him, wrapping his arms around her as she rejoins him, more than willing to return the kiss, pulling her down to stretch out across the bed.

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