A Gift for S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr

Sophyrinth is pacing the weyr, her eyes whirling madly as she does so. She finally pauses, her head turning towards a far corner of the weyr and it finally becomes obvious why she's freaking out. S'ya is heaving into a pail, her hair drawn back in a pony tail, as she goes at it. Lovely. "Do not worry, love." She manages a bit weakly after finishing, moving to wash off. Sophyrinth doesn't seem soothed however, the green warbling anxiously as she shuffles in place.

L'ton apparently was hovering outside the weyrhome, trying to rebalance some particular object or other, but then there is a very worried warble, and he's quickly entering the weyr without a knock, looking around worried. "S'ya? Lil'bit?" And then he spots her and he grimaces slightly. "Oh, lil'bit.." He offers softly, the box in his arms carefully set on the nearest flat surface.

S'ya is quick in her recovery and clean up. "Tonny, fancy seeing you here." She says a bit more animatedly as she catches sight of the bronzer. Sophyrinth, however, doesn't seem happy to see the rider. It's his seed that's doing that to her lifemate after all! She issues a low hiss but eases up soon enough, deciding that L'ton might serve some purpose. "Oh, hush you. Be nice to our guest." S'ya says with a grin as she moves over to L'ton. "Come to see me, love? I am afraid I am not in the prettiest of states at the moment."

"Oh sweetie, Ah dun care. Ah'm so sorry yer sick, Ah really wish ya felt better." And he moves to offer her an arm, even as he gives Sophyrinth a bow, and tries to act pleasant. "Ah did bring ya something, Ah hope it might cheer ya up a little bit, ta. But, if'n ya dun like it, Ah'll find something else." He motions at the box where its sitting, still waiting for his hug.

At L'ton's compliments, and mention of a present, S'ya's face brightens up. The hug is given, and it's her usual full embrace. No kiss this time even if she did scrub extra hard. She takes up his arm, moving him towards the box. "Oh? What is it love? But really, you should not have troubled yourself!" The color is returning to her face as she examines the box, her hazel eyes flashing back to the bronzer as she smiles. Sophyrinth seems pleased at the bow but still watches L'ton carefully, whuffling the pair every so often.

L'ton chuckles, and puffs back at Sophyrinth as the green whuffles them, shaking his head and wrapping his arm over her shoulders, reaching with the other hand to open up the box, revealing large sheets of mostly clear glass joined together into a five-sided box. "Ya can have some fish. Maybe even some real pretty ones from Paradise River, er something, if'n ya want. But, Ah thought ya'd said something so."

S'ya watches anxiously as L'ton opens the box, her eyes going wide as they catch sight of the glass, comprehension dawning quickly. "L'ton! You should not have bothered yourself so!" She carefully runs a finger over one of the glass panes, smiling to herself all the while. "Oh love, it is perfect! And I know just the fish to put in here too." The giggle she issues has a slightly sinister ring to it, but it doesn't last long. In a heartbeat she's thrown her arms around the rider, hugging him again. "You are just perfect, you know that?" Sophyrinth doesn't seem to put off by the puff, she's too busy examining the tank pieces. They're so pretty!

L'ton looks rather proud of himself at S'ya's reaction, grin broadening into a wide smile, moving to give her another hug. "Ah'm glad ya like it, lil'bit, Ah thought it might give ya something ta do, when ya ain't too sick ta even walk around, ta. And, Ah mean, its the least Ah can do. Ah know ya said ya wanted a baby, but." He shakes his head some, offering her a reassuring smile. "Good luck catching whatever it is ya want, though." That part he's not going help with. "Ah ain't perfect, and ya know it, S'ya." He shakes his head, still grinning.

S'ya moves away from L'ton, eyeing him slyly. "Well, perfect in your own way then. And I still hold to that, morning sickness is nothing. Really, you just happened to come and see the worst of it. But I just cannot /wait/ to see what the baby looks like." She gives her belly a bit of a pat before settling down at the table. "So, how do you build this thing? Does it come with instructions?" Someone's eager to get the tank up.

L'ton chuckles. "Ah'm sure it'll look just like ya. And then ya'll have the first of yer army." Since L'ton has quite enough of his own army already alive. He absently pats her hand before shaking his head. "They promised me t'was all set up. Just take it out of the box, put it where ya want it, and fill it up." He reassures her, moving to rip the top portions of the box, to widen the top enough to pull the tank out without too much issue. "Where you putting this anyway?"

"Ooh, even better!" S'ya says quickly, sitting up a bit when L'ton opens the box fully. When he asks where it should go she looks around the Weyr, her eyes falling on a long table. "Over there would be nice, close to my bed too." She gets up, moving to take off a flower vase and some other things that are occupying the space. "Oh, I hope the baby has your eyes, love. You have such lovely ones after all." Her hands make quick work of the mess, placing the trinkets on the floor.

"Well, Ah guess we'll see huh?" L'ton chuckles slightly, as the tank is slid out of the box and he carefully checks it for any damage before shifting it in his arms moving to the indicated table, settling it in the middle once its cleared off, careful to avoid each trinket now on the floor. "Ah dun suppose ya'd be willing ta have a Z name, mah dear S'ya? Ah mean, Z isn't too far off from S, ya know?" He offers idly, as he shifts the tank to make sure its settled neatly.

S'ya takes a few steps back in order to watch L'ton place the tank on the table, a finger idly tapping at her chin. "Looks good there, love." She says happily, Sophyrinth behind her warbling her approval. "Z?" She pauses for a moment, obviously not having expected the request. But she's quick in coming to a decision, bobbing her head. "No problem! I have not come up with anything yet but let me know if you do. What was your full name, love?"

L'ton takes a few steps back to stand next to S'ya to examine the placement of the tank for himself, before nodding, seemingly as satisfied with it as its new owner, for he's folding his arms infront of him, grinning at her, and nodding. "A Z." And then she's agreeing and he's giving her a hug, thankfully not sweeping her into a twirl for now. "Pallaton." He offers at the question, shaking his head. "A mouthful, really." He offers. "Ah guess we'll have ta think of stuff, won't we?"

S'ya is all touchy-feely today! Even more so than usual. She squeaks a little as L'ton pulls her into another embrace, enjoying every minute of the attention. "Pallaton and Myesha? Zallesh would be cute for a boy." She offers, flicking a strand of her hair away from her eyes. "Maybe Zyalla for a girl? Oh, it would be nice if they were twins!" She can't help but entertain the thought, giggling to herself.

L'ton is always touchy-feely, and that's what sometimes causes problems for the poor bronzerider. He leaves his arm around her waist, resting his head lightly against hers, with a grin. "Ah like 'em, Ah do. Ya know if'n ya have a lil girl she'll keep ya busy ferever, cause she'll be just like ya." He teases her, before tilting his head to look down at her. "Ah think ya've plenty of time ta come up with names."

"Oh, I hope I have a boy first." S'ya idly glides a finger over the bronzers neck, smirking a bit. "If I do have a girl, well, I am sure she will have more sense than me." She's hoping at least. "And you are right about that, a few more months before I pop. But Tonny, I wanted to ask. How many children /do/ you have?" She moves her head a bit, the better to watch the riders reaction and answer to her question.

"Ah could use another boy. Seems that every time Ah'm told Ah have a kid, its a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with girls, but." He shakes his head hurriedly, trying to make his words seem well, not bad. "Who knows, maybe when ya pop, ya'll have some totally different name that ya want ta use, that ya dun think of til right then." He lifts his chin slightly as her finger brushes over his neck and he grins, unwrapping an arm from her to count carefully on his fingers, eyebrows scrunching up for a moment as he does so. "Ah think 20, unless Shellie popped and hasn't bothered ta tell me. Ah really see 4 of 'em, though, cause their moms all have 'em."

S'ya watches as L'ton counts his brood, her lips pursing a bit as he continues. It looks like she's ready to cry and when he finally announces the number she does. It's all because she's laughing though, her amusement at the bronzers offspring getting the best of her. "Twenty, love? How /do/ you keep track?" Wiping a tear away from her eyes she sighs contently, shaking her head a bit. "Well, I have a good feeling about this one. I think it will be a boy. Number twenty-one, well, twenty-two since Shellie is due first." Sophyrinth gets to her feet suddenly, crooning to her rider eagerly. "Ah, I almost forgot I have a voice lesson today. I found someone to teach me here while I am weyrbound."

"Ah dun, not really." He admits softly, with a wink. "They tell meh when they need a present for 'em, and Ah find something fun." Though, how much is by circumstance and how much is by choice, who knows. But as she excuses herself, he waves her out. "Go, go. Ah'll fill this up fer ya, so its ready when yer done, and then Ah'll be out. Though, do tell meh whenever Ah can do something fer ya lil'bit." And then he's ushering her back towards the door.

S'ya is herded out and doesn't seem to mind, turning quickly to give him one final hug. "I would kiss you but, well, I still feel a bit icky from before." So she settles to blow him a kiss instead, winking as she heads off to her lesson. "Take care love, and thanks again for the present!"

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