Collapse on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach(#7117RJs)

Xanadu's beach has seen it share of odd sights over the course of generations of Pernese using it. But has it ever seen a canine dressed like this one? Bit the canine runs full out, his tiny paws a blur of motion, the silky pink and white check baby's dress hanging half off his tiny brown form. In hot pursuit, giving chase at good speed, is a certain redheaded greenrider. "BIT! COME BACK! I haven't adjusted the hemline yet! It's uneven!" Faster the little dog runs.

L'ton is unlucky enough to be walking the opposite direction of this very confusing sight, though as the speed of the little canine increases, the distance between them decreases, and suddenly the Istan bronzerider is faced with a very difficult decision. Try to grab the fleeing canine and risk life and limb? Let the fleeing canine continue to be pursued unhelped or hindered by Eiriana, and risk life and limb? Or try and snag the greenrider to keep her from the pup, perhaps earning a bit of his respect and letting the dog calm down, while still risking life and limb. After a moment, it seems the dog is past him and he's left trying to snag Eiriana instead, stepping into what he supposes is her path, with his arms out. Well, there's that decision.

Tonny needs to remember something very important about Eiri. She has no brakes. And even if she had the ability to stop, she lacks the self preservation instincts to do so. This could be bad. The petite greenrider, as full speed, spots the obstruction in her way and starts to reverse but it's too late! Like a green dragon after a long flight, she crashes into the waiting arms of L'ton, squealing as she bounces off of him. Several things can now happen, either she, over balanced backwards, is going to end up on her butt, or she's going to over correct and land on top of him. In the way of all things Eiri, she topples forward. Crash again anyone?

L'ton has clearly been inheriting the lack of self preservation instincts that seem to plague Eiriana - perhaps he's been spending too much time around her? Either way, his own balance is thrown off as she crashes into him, and his arms flail a bit, before he's suddenly finding Eiriana crashing forward into him once more, and then he's falling backwards, still having not regain his balance, towards the sands, grasping at the greenrider as he does so, yelping loudly. "Ahhh!!"

Luckily for all involved, including Bit who stopped to watch the action from the safety of the top of a sanddune, sand is soft stuff and makes for a nice landing place. Unluckily for L'ton, he's a very soft landing place for Eiri as she looks to be going to land right on top on him. With a loud squeal she comes tumbling down. Bit snorts loudly from his perch on top the sand dune. That will teach her to put a dress on him! He turns around, ready to stalk off and chew the thing to pieces only to find himself surrounded on three sides by firelizards. Amused, or as amused as firelizards can get, looking firelizards. His tail hangs low between his legs as he slinks off leaving the pile of humans and amused firelizards to their own devices. He has to go put his pride back together, thank you very much.

As L'ton ends up on his back in the sand, and suddenly there is an Eiriana not only on the ground with him, but quite on top of him, his breath is quite totally knocked out of him, and he finds himself stunned for a moment, even as his fingers tighten on Eiriana's arms. Finally, he shakes his head some, sounding rather amused. "Hey there, lil'bit." He offers, patting her back gently, before tilting his head to the side to watch the retreat of the embarrassed canine.

Eiriana's eyes are quite tightly shut once they have reached ground level. A quick stock of things is taken. Legs? Unharmed. Feet? Still attached. Hands? In working order as she proves by gripping Tonny tightly. Arms? Hrm. They seem to have something attached to them. And for that matter the ground was much softer than expected and it talked! Magical talking ground! No wait.. "Tonny? Why'd you stop me? I have to catch Bit!" But notice the little female's complete lack of trying to get up at all at this moment. She might even be accused of cuddling!

L'ton seems to be alive, for Bit is headed off in another direction, and Eiriana's not actively beating him, despite her semi-vocal protests to his stopping her. "If'n ya stop chasing 'em, usually they'll stop running, then ya can sneak up on 'em, and finish what ya started." Tonny tries to justify his actions, absently giving the greenrider another gentle pat on her back, and as is probably normal for L'ton, he's making no move to rush her away, even moving to loop his arms around her, should she decide to stay.

"But Tonny! That's Zira's new dress! I was just fixing up the hem and he was doing fine until I accidentally poked him with a pin. The big baby. If I don't get it off of him, he'll chew it all to pieces!" And little Zira, not a fan of pink in any shade, will celebrate with a giggle. But her mother sniffles just a touch. Even so Eiri isn't making a move to get off the bronzerider. She props her chin up on her hands on his chest, snuggling down to stay for a while. She isn't moving unless forced and the looping of his arms around her suggests otherwise. "How are you anyway? Still up to your eyeballs in candidates at Ista?"

"Ah'm sure Ah'll be able ta find stuff so that ya can make Zira a new dress, ya know?" He reassures her, not seemingly too concerned by the loss of the dress, and seeming to just ignore the fact that Eiriana was using the dog to model the garment. Of course, it is Eiri. As she props her chin on his chest, he grins and her, tightening his hold a bit. "Ah'm alive, Ah think." He teases her lightly, before nodding again. "They're everywhere, and Leslyn's gold's on the Sands now, and Ah Sharix's is due any time now ta." Too many angry golds all in one place. Imagine how fun the hatching will be. "Ya all in one piece still, mah dear?"

"But it was such a pretty dress. I liked it." There's another long sniffle from the greenrider. She turns large blue eyes on Tonny. "I liked the pink check I bought for her too. Ziria got one in yellow." A mother's dream to dress her twin children alike is dashed but the promise of new material makes her grin. She yawns a bit. "By the way, you need to have a talk with your daughters about crying one then the other for hours." She giggles softly. "Two golds at once. That is going to be fun. I hope you have enough healers to keep track of them all." She checks one hand out and shows a small scar. "Other than this, I'm okay. Your children like to have late nights though."

"Aw, maybe Ah can find some pretty check, if'n ya really want. Maybe some sort of pretty green er something, ya know?" He offers, as the bronzerider grins at her, shaking his head. "Ah think ya just need ta put her up with the nannies, so ya can have yer nights to yerself, all sleepy and everything else." He offers, before pouting a bit as she holds up her hand, and an arm is moved to grab her hand, and he kisses the scar slightly. "Whatcha do, lil bit?"

"Green?" Eiri's blue eyes turn very eager. "Maybe green and maybe get more in purple. Enough to make both of them dresses. Then they'll match!" Eiri is one of those people doomed to make her children dress alike. Pity any little boy that gets born to her. He's doomed to have lots of light colors and purples and greens. Poor thing! "But I don't want to put them up the nannies. My little girls need me." At every imaginable hour of the night when good little Eiris should be sleeping. She smiles at kiss. "My hand slipped when I was cutting up some fish for Becky. Which by the way, do you want a kitten?"

"Ah'll see what Ah can do, hm? Green and purple, Ah'll remember that." L'ton agrees hurriedly, seemingly willing to actually fulfill the request no matter the trauma it may cause the girls in future years. Or any future boys. "Well, maybe just like 2 nights a week. Ah mean, the nannies'll come and get ya if'n anything happens, and then ya can get yer sleep, and maybe Ah can come get ta see ya again?" He offers, pouting a bit, though his pout is thrown off by the word. "Kitten?" And then he's considering it, blinking slightly. "Uh, sure? Ah guess Ah might could even take two of 'me, if'n ya want." Oh, to torture other people with animals.

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