You Got Her A Pony?

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns(#9756RJ)

M'iken sits at a table, not even touching her lunch as she concentrates on peeling a large section of burnt skin off her shoulder. The look of concentration on the tanner's face probably couldn't be disturbed by anything short of someone comming up shaking her and breaking the skin off from her arm. "Come on. Just a little bit more."

"Ugh, Mi. Not over your lunch… yer as bad as Zipalla." This, of course, causes the preteen who is trailing behind him to start sulking, with a defiant 'Are not!'. L'ton shakes his head at the eldest of his spawn, before moving to settle down in a chair next to the brownrider, giving Zipalla a chair of her own, should she wish to join them.

Pi won't go up and shake one of the newest additions to her wing, but she will plop down across from M'iken after grabbing a plate of food. Pal manages to arrive just moments before her and gets a little bit of a cheeky grin. "Mind if'n Ah join ya?"

M'iken pulls off a satisfying chunk off, a sigh escaping her lips before she turns a look at L'ton. "I'll peel my skin off where ever I like, Just be glad I'm not sittin in bed or something." She gives Zipalla a smile. "I'm worse than you, aren't I." She gives the teeny-bopper a wink before smiling at Pi. "Of course we don't mind."

"But, what if'n one of 'em was doing that in the kitchen, and it was in your food?" L'ton shudders a bit, giving Pi a grin and waving for her to join them, Zipalla nodding at Mi with wide eyes. "Ah won't let myself get burned." She replies rather smartly, before moving to give Pi a high five in greeting, while L'ton is left to shake his head, apparently giving up on the fight.

Pi settles into the seat she admittedly occupied before asking, and promptly starts working on her meal. The woman does pause to meet Zip's hand with her own before giving Pal another grin. See, this is why she lets /him/ do the spawning. "How're y'all doin? Other than a lil cripsy."

M'iken raises a brow at Ton, "I'd pick it out. And I'm not doing it over /your/ food." She sys, giving the man a wink. "I'm doing just fine. And I'm nerly non crispy now. It's nice, but I wish I wasn't white immediately after burning. It's frustrating to go through all that only to be white again."

"Ya just have to build up to it slowly. No more falling asleep on the beach, and I bet you'll be okay." L'ton reassures her, moving to gently pat the brownrider's shoudler, before looking at Pi with a grin. "Managing. Glad that there's a new Weyrleader, even if he's nothing more than a kid. Gives me a bit more freedom, now." Zipalla meanwhile, pipes up. "Ah got a /pony/, Pi. A /pony/." She brags a bit, puffing up in her seat. "Daddy got it for my turnday!"

Pi leans back in her chair, rocking it onto the back two legs in a slightly precarious move. "Ya bought 'er a /pony/?" is the first words out of Pi's mouth as she shakes her head. Least a runner would have been more pratical. "He teach ya how ta take care of it yet?" Was that a pointed look at Pal? Naaaaah. "Ah'll give ya more work outside if'n ya wanna work on yer tan.

M'iken shrugs "That's what everyone always says, but I'm still just as white as the day I was born." She smiles lightly. "He's quite a lovely pony." She comments, remembering the spirited little thing. She picks at her lunch, finally picking up a peice of chicken and eating it.

"She said she wanted a pony, so Ah got her a pony. He ain't ta old yet, so she's gonna have ta work with 'em, ta learn ta handle him right, and learn ta ride with him. They said that it should be good enough fer a coupla turns, and then Ah'm sure Zsrist'll be old enough fer one by time time Zip's ta old." Zipalla doesn't seem all that thrilled about this discussion, for she's leaning between Pi and Pal with a pout. "He's my pony. He's so pretty, ta. Ah'm gonna keep real good care of him, Ah promise Pi!" And as Mi backs him up, he leans back in his chair, grinning happily.

Pi at least has a grin on her face as she shakes her head once more. "Yer pa'd better teach ya everythin bout pony care, ya make sure 'e does." Don't mind her, she's just sicing Zip on Pal again. "What's 'e look like?" Sure she's interested, we're talking about a fuzzy beastie here, those're Pi's favorite.

M'iken smiles as she eats listening to the family talk of ponies and who would take care of what and the like. She just lets Zipalla go into detail about the pony, it /is/ hers after all; she should get to talk and gush over it all she can.
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"He's real pretty brown, and he's got a white star and a white sock, and Ah love him. Ah'm going to take really really good care of him!" Zipalla reassures them all again, as L'ton allows the girl to talk about him, absently reaching for M'iken's hand as she sits quietly. "He'll be taken care of, Pi, Ah promise."

There's the ocasional loud tap as Pi lets the front legs of her chair hit the stone floor, always rocking it back again once they fall. "Ya picked a name for 'im yet?" Pal gets one of those 'he'd better' looks though it's accompanied with a little grin.

M'iken smiles as Zip gushes over her pony. Honestly, if it were Mai, she'd be gushing as well. She laces her fingers in L'ton's and gives him a little grin. "Yes. /Have/ you thought of a name yet Zip? He'll get lonely if you don't think of something soon. The other ponies might even poke fun at him if he doesn't have a name." She's only teasing and the smile on her face says it loud and clear.

Zipalla shaes her head hurriedly, eyes widening at M'iken. "Ah haven't decided yet. Ah wanted to make sure he had just the right name, ya know?" And the girl looks from M'iken to Pi, tilting her head. "What do y'all think Ah should name him? Ah don't want it to be too girly, either." L'ton lets the other two come up with suggestions, since truly, naming is not his strong point, letting the females talk, now.

Pi raises an eyebrow as that question falls to her and the other woman. Shoulders roll in a shrug as she finishes chewing her latest bite of food. "Uh…. Ah haven' met 'im yet. An ya wanna name 'im yerself since he's yers." Makes perfect sense to her after all.

M'iken nods lightly, a smile on her lips. "Ah, don't worry to much about it. I'm sure if you spend some time with him you'll think of something perfect for him." She scoots her chair closer to L'ton and leans against his shoulder lightly.

"Ah bet he'll be real good. The boy who's helping me really likes him too. Ah wonder if'n he'd help me come up with a name. He's a real nice boy, ta." And it seems the girl is already playing on her father's emotions, for she's giving him a sly look while he merely boggles at her as he wraps his arm around her back gently. "Ya don't even have any ideas, Pi?" He lightly teases his cousin, still giving his daughter a rather concerned look.

And yet another reason not to have children… Pi's definitly giving her cousin a smirk there, oh this'll be fun to watch as Zip gets older. "Nope, Ah don'. Haven' met the beastie yet an' all." She's not entirely helpful is she. "So how're ya likin' the wing so far?" That'd be directed with a look over to M'iken, which only makes sense.

M'iken gives Zip a meningfull look. "I bet this boy /is/ very nice. Think he'd mind if I came down and looked him over for a bridle. Your pony I mean." She gives the girl a wink. "And maybe I can help ya think of a name." Then she smiles at Pi. "The wing's being great."

"He says my pony is real pretty, too. And he'd teach me to ride, too." L'ton practically chokes at her words, coughing some and just keeping his mouth shut, while Zipalla quickly nod. "Of course, M'iken. Ah'd love to show him ta ya. Sris said he's real pretty too. Y'all can all come watch me ride when we're ready, too." And a look is turned to include Pi in the invitation.

Pi can't help but give Pal a bit of a Look, if an amused one for that reaction. He shouldn't even be thinking along those lines, Zip's too young, really. And the only reason Pi did? Well, the coughing. So it's obviously not her fault. "Ah'd love ta, an Ah can see if'n Ah can find some extra supplies fer ya ta take care of 'im with. Ya got a lil' storage locker at the stables yet?" She'll just jump between two conversations and two roles. Beastcrafter and wingleader both. "Ah'm glad yer enjoyin' it." Back to M'iken again.

M'iken grins at Zip and can't help but chuckle t L'ton. "I'm sure he's very helpfull. Which is good when you're new to taking care of something like a pony." She gives L'ton's hand a little squeeze, trying to ressure him. Pi gets a smile. "Thanks."

"Ya, Zelsey and Z'via got it for me from home. Said it was my belated party." Zipalla nods quickly. "Its real pretty, too." And it seems the girl is preening again about how good her 'grownup' turnday was to her. Pal gives Pi a look in return, trying to keep from actually laughing aloud at her reaction as well, content to still sit, less he say something up upset one of them volatile womenz, giving M'iken a squeeze back.

Pi purposefully rocks forward in her chair, bringing the two front legs down with a loud thump. Seems she's done eating as well at the fork gets set down. "Well, Ah'll get together some stuff, jus' till ya can get yer own supplies." Or someone else buys her some which seems quite possible. Pal gets a tongue stuck out at him for some reason as well. "An Ah need ta steal ya sometime ta talk." Not ominous, really!

"Ya'll check this guy out, when ya go down, right Mi?" L'ton whispers under his breath to the brownrider, giving her a sidelong look, before he's peering back at Zipalla, the girl seeming to squirm under his watch, and quickly excusing herself and taking off, probably for said stables. L'ton arches an eyebrow at Pi, shaking his head. "Ah didn't do it."

M'iken waves a bit to Pi when she gets up to leave. "See you later then." She says with a light smile. Then She smiles slyly, giving Ton a bit of a wink. "You know I will." She whispers in his ear, looking coy while she whispers in his ear, watching Zip excuse herself. "It's the main reason I offered to go down there speciffically to see her pony. I mean yeah I gotta go down there anyway, but I'll be working, can't really watch the guy too closely while I'm distracted. Right?" She finally gives L'ton a kiss once their table has emptied of young children.

Spin sits crosslegged near a wall, away from the bustle of the tables. In his hands is a long piece of twine to which the brown-haired boy is fastening a string of pale blue shells. His movements are relaxed, languid and unaffected. Every so often, he holds his handiwork up to the light, narrowing his eyes as he considers the craftsmanship from various angles, dangling what will eventually become a necklace with a critical inspection. He seems to be in no hurry to finish, setting a slow pace that seems more focused on creativity than production. Nevertheless, he does evidently have an ear for the errant conversations he can overhear throughout the cavern as they reach him, pausing too to listen to the others, though he has made no effort to speak, himself, for quite a while now.

Pi is sadly across the table from the pair and can't hear that whisper, though she tilts her head to one side and grins as she spots it. Arms go up in innocence as Pal's already denying everything. "What? Ah didn' blame ya fer nothin'." And wasn't neccissarily planning on it. "Can't a girl wanna talk ta her cousin?" Nope, Pi didn't leave, just finished. The kiss gets a little bit if a grin, but she pretends to ignore it for the most part. Yup, her cuz definitly has a girl.

L'ton watches Zipalla leave, turning to steal another kiss from M'iken, with a sly grin at Pi afterwards, tilting his head. "Well, if'n ya want, ya can tell meh now, if'n ya dun mind Mi hearing too." He gives her the option, shaking his head a bit. "Since yer not blaming me fer anything, and all." He looks amused at her.

Xhaine is probably about to be yelled at….again. Why? Because he's riding on his skateboard inside the living part of the Weyr, despite the fact that just a few months ago he was suffering from a fractured arm earned from landing wrong.

The rumble of a rolling skateboard clearly draws Spin's attention, and the boy stops working on his necklace to watch Xhaine, a pleased grin suggesting familiarity as he observes. The grin gives way to a genuine smile. He lifts up a little in his cross-legged position, leaning back more against the wall, keeping silent for now and seemingly content to watch what happens next.

M'iken grins at L'ton when he kisses her again. "Humm, what's up Pi? Now I'm curious what you want to talk about. Unless you would rather I leave while you talk." She picks at wht's left of her lunch, trying to ignore the peeling skin on her arm and not pick at it.

Pi can't help but glance up and over at the racket and tilts her head slightly before simply grinning. Chastise boys for being silly? Well, frequently yes but not for skateboarding inside sort of silly. "Nah, jus' wanna catch up with yer boy, don' gotta be now." She's quite happy to talk to M'iken in reference to Pal instead of actually directing any of it to the man, it's more fun that way. Anyhow, those amused looks are getting on her nerves.

L'ton seems to be willing to exert his rank at the rumble of a skateboard, for the weyrsecond is giving M'iken's shoulder a squeeze before he's swiveling in his chair, raising his voice. "Boy! Either yer out, or that shardin' thing is out. Or Ah'll take ya back to whatever idiot place spawned ya." And from his words, it seems his patience is already strained thanks to his eldest daughter's potential exploits, as he glares across those gathered in the cavern at the problem-causer, before shaking his head and shifting his attention back to the wingleader at his table, nodding slowly, still looking frustrated.

Xhaine hastily jumps off the skateboard when L'ton snaps at him, scowling. Hrmph. Old fuddy-duddies! "Hey…Spin." it takes him a second to remember the kid's name, but he does have a trained memory, after all. "Whatcha doing?" when L'ton looks away, Xhaine sticks his tongue out at him. You sure this guy's a Journeyman?! Kicking up his skateboard, he tucks it under his arm, then sits down next to Spin.

Spin reaches up to brush his long hair out from in front of his eyes, moving to stand as Xhaine addresses him but settling in again once he realizes Xhaine is joining him. "Spin, yeah," he says, without needing to be told that Xhaine's having a little trouble remembering his name. His smile broadens a little. "Nice board," he says. He starts to laugh as the older boy sticks out his tongue at the Journeyman. Finally addressing Xhaine's question, he retrieves the necklace he was working on before the young skater's arrival. "Making this," he answers, his tone making it clear he's responding to the question of "Whatcha doing?" "You?"

M'iken grins at Pi and chuckles lightly. She turns a little when L'ton does and smiles at the boy skateboarding. She's not going to contradict him or anything, but she finds it amusing that the kid's skateboarding of ll things inside the living caverns. She turns back to Pi and gives her a conspireing look. "Well, if we're just catching up, can I join in? I'd love to give my point of view on things."

Pi arches her back slightly in the chair to stretch and gives a shrug. "Sure, though Ah can' really gossip bout his new girl if'n yer there." Gossip might not be the right word for it, as the smile M'iken is getting is most definitly friendly and good humored. "Though Ah'll have ta steal ya ta chat 'bout him too ya know."

"Don't you scowl at me. Ah'll make sure ya're never posted ta Ista again, ya brat. Mah 2 turn olds have better manners." And, unfortunately for Xhaine, L'ton swivels intime to catch the tongue being stuck out. "Yar master will hear about this, Ah can assure ya. We've too many people here for kids like ya ta be causing trouble." And then with an angry look at Pi and M'iken he's wordlessly getting to his feet and stalking off to somewhere else, though it doesn't seem as if he'd stop them following.

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl(#3560RJ)

L'ton has settled into an idle pacing just outside the cavern, running his hands through his hair as he walks, shaking his head now and then and muttering to himself with each step, seemingly pondering a variety of outcomes, after his quick, angry exchange with the resident Harper.

M'iken follows out after L'ton and slips her hands around one of his arms. "Hey, why're you upset?" She asks, soothingly, kissing him a kiss on the cheek. "You look all stressed. Zip growing up a stressful thought?" She's actually slightly jealous over the feeling, but a playful smile played at her lips.

Pi for most definitly not the first time Pi gets to tag along and feel something of a third wheel. Hands shoved into her pockets she hangs back for the moment, letting M'iken defuse the Pal bomb, as she's definitly not so hot at that job, in fact she normally has the opposite effect.

"That brat should never have been promoted. He needs ta be taken out and flayed." This from the rather immature bronzerider, seriously. An arm is wrapped around M'iken's waist, and then he turns, shaking his head and motioning for Pi to join them, seemingly needing someone to distract him. "Ah'd rather have Zip growing up 10 times then having ta worry about idiots like that ruining our reputation." And L'ton still looks anything but happy, as he glares at the cavern.

M'iken hummms lightly, but is more than comfortable in L'ton's arms. She smiles a bit apologetically at Pi, she knows it's uncomfortable being the extra person as she's spent most of her life in that spot. "I didn't think it was so bad. Unless he's been doing this often.." She asks, her smile fultering a little.

At least Pi picks up her pace for a moment until she's walking along Pal's other side before matching their speed. "An Ah'll keep an eye on her 'boy' that yer worryin' bout." Who else does Pal know who spends a bunch of time in the stables? Oh yes, she'll simply let the fury about Xhaine go over her head.

L'ton tightens his hold on M'iken, before moving to loop his other arm loosely over Pi's shoulder. "He ain't no good, that one. Pretending ta be his brother, and everything else." Oh yes, L'ton recognized the source of the problem. And then he's letting the subject drop, and half-grinning down at Pi with a thankful nod. "Thanks, Pi. Ah… Ah'd feel better knowing that she's just trying ta give me a hard time. She's still so young."

M'iken contemplates what L'ton says about the teenager in the Living Caverns but since he's ble to drop the subject she doesn't mention it. She's never seen him assert his athourity before and it was a little weird, but then also kind of comforting. "You'll have two ladies lookin' out for her. Any boy would be insane to try and approach her right now." She says with a grin.

Pi is confused, and it's apparent on her face, but she lets the whole rant go by without asking questions. "Yeah, an' the ones in the stables know meh." Which Pal should understand perfectly well what that can mean. "So, don' worry bout her too much, but she better take care of tha' pony or yeh'll be stuck doin' it."

"Ah wouldn't have given it ta her, if'n Ah didn't think she could handle it. Ah mean, Ah think its better fer her ta have a pony ta take care of before she may be asked ta Stand anyway." L'ton rambles a bit, giving them both a gentle squeeze. "And, Ah know ya'll both keep an eye out fer her, and Sris will ta. And, Ah'm glad, really."

M'iken pats L'ton's chest lightly. "Well you know I'll do anything for you." She walks along beside him. She leans forward a bit to grin at Pi. "So, what was Ton like in his oh so far away younger years?" She asks, trying to lighten the conversation more.

Pi tugs at Pal's arm briefly with her fingertips, settling his arm over her shoulders a little more comfortably. "And yer admittin' yer thankful?" She can't help but prod fun at him, it's her duty after all. "An ya don' wanna know, an Ah doubt he'd want meh ta say."

"Ah was trouble, and that's why Ah'm so worried about mah little Zip." He chuckles softly, grinning at M'iken, as he gives Pi a bit of a squeeze. "Ah am grateful. Ah can't keep after her by myself. Ah think it might take all 4 of us ta make sure the weyr isn't destroyed by her teenage fits." He jokingly offers, before moving to steer them towards the stables, Zip, the pony, and of course, this supposed boy.

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