M'iken Moves In

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)
Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

While the major pieces of furniture are still present in L'ton's weyr, it seems that Vesvesris has taken some of her favorite pieces for her own use, and the place does seem a bit sparse. Of course, some of that may have been done intentionally by L'ton, to accomadate whatever M'iken has decided to bring with her. Surprisingly, though, a vase of flowers is settled on the table, and L'ton is hovering on the ledge while Dhonzayth dozes, hand to his forehead as he waits with an impatient look for the Ierne brownrider.

It's not too far out that Meluth pops out of 'between', bringing his rider and some of her things along with them. It takes the brown a moment to spot Dhon and his rider, but once he does he makes his way over to their ledge; kicking up plenty of wind before landing once L'ton is out of the way. Unstrapping herself quickly, M'iken slides down off Meluth's back and almost immediately goes to hug L'ton, obviously quite giddy over actually moving in with him. "Goodmorning." She sats with a bright smile.

L'ton is standing straighter, waving an arm high in the air to catch Meluth's attention, retreating inside as Meluth lands. And then he's moving hurriedly to meet M'iken midway, unwilling to let her take the time to get all the way to him. Giving her a tight squeeze, he shakes her a bit. "Ah can't believe yer here! Ah.. Ah'm so happy, my Mi.." He babbles, giving her another squeeze before turning to look at Meluth, with a grin. "What comes down first, hm?"

M'iken laughs lightly as she shook about. "I can't beleive I'm actually here myself." She says, swinging her ponytail back over her shoulder. "My stomach's all aflutter right now." Her smile actually getting a bit brighter. Meluth grumbles a bit at her but settles down so it's easier for her to get her stuff down off his back. "Umm, Well I guess we can just start from the front and work back. I didn't even bother trying to get him to carry the sofa, which I hope you don't mind my bringing, I just pushed to out of the weyr and Mel's just going to go back and carry it over in his hands. He claims life will be easier for him that way." And L'ton thought /he/ was babbleing. She sneaks a quick kiss to the bronzer's cheek before climbing back up to get her stuff down. It's basically all her clothes acting as sea-shell wraps and then all her leather she's been hording to work on projects on her own.

"Well, ya shouldn't be! Ah promise, Ah ain't gonna like bite er anything, now that yer here." And then L'ton reconsiders, seemingly changing his mind, shaking his head. "Well, maybe." That is open, for later perhaps. Then, though he's tugging on her ponytail lightly, and then moving to eye the various packages. "Ah've been missing a sofa, so it'll be nice ta have it again, ya know." He agrees, nodding slowly, and then moving to help catch the various packages as they're let loose, watching her with amusement.

M'iken gives L'ton a sly grin at the insiuation of him maybe biteing, but only chuckles lightly. "Becarefull with this one. My shells are in here." She says tossing down a bag filled with her clothes and shells. Thankfully she wasn't one to keep everything she came across in her life, so she really doesn't have that much actual stuff. So while she's removing things, Meluth takes to looking over the ledge at the goings on below.

An eyebrow is arched while he watches her for a moment, winking, and then carefully catching the dropped bag, moving to settle it just inside the entrance to the weyr before going back for the next round, watching Meluth watch below with amusement, and then looking back to M'iken. "He's not been on a ledge in a while, has he?" He questions, moving to undo what things are within easy reach as he waits.

M'iken shakes her head lightly. "No he hasn't. We've been kind of grounded for a while ya know. He's been under the water more than he's been in the air the last turn or so." She says tossing down a bundle of leather. She happens to look over the ledge herself to look at something tells her is particularly interesting and nearly looses her balance on his back. "Whoa!" She flails a little before Meluth's head is /right/ there and he tips her back the other direction to fall off towards L'ton. "Oof! Thanks." She says, a little flustered.

"Well, now he can sit and watch all he wants, ya know?" L'ton offers happily, catching the tossed bundle of leather, holding it in his hands as he watches her take a long look as well. As soon as she starts to overbalance, though, the bundle is dropped and he's clammoring to try and stop her, though Meluth gets their first, and then he's catching the falling M'iken, hurriedly steadying her. "Careful love, Ah couldn't take ya falling off the ledge yer first day here." The bundles are eyed, and then he's motioning her inside. "Get 'em settled, and then we'll go ta get the sofa, hm?"

M'iken grins as she's steadied a little bit of giddiness over the fall having her giggling lightly. "Thanks." She says again, this time to L'ton. She let's herself be ushered off to get her stuff settled in. "If I did fall off I'm sure one of you would jump after me or something." She waves her hand between L'ton, Mel and Dhon. "Well at least I know one of you would." She says nodding to her lifemate. She pics up the pack that has all the shells she's spent the better part of the last turn collecting from the beach and heads inside, actually taking a good look around this time and smiling to herself.

"Well, Ah wish Ah could say Ah'd have jumped, but Ah ain't no good at flying like those two are, and we'd just end up with a bigger problem in the end, Ah think." L'ton chuckles softly, waving a hand as she pauses, and looks around. "Welcome home?" He offers, somewhat unsure of whether that's the right thing to say, and then while she's peering, he's gathering up bundles to take them further into the weyr.

M'iken turns back breifly and grins at L'ton. "That we would." She walks over to his bed and sets the pack down, just a habit to use the bed as an unpacking point. "And thank you. Though I think Meluth will just have to find someplace else to sleep." She says looking back out at the dragons. It really is kind of cramped, what with Meluth being the size of a small bronze..

"Dhonzayth usually decided he was gonna go sleep on the star stones, usually he only wants the couch during the day." Or if something exciting is going to be going on, because then he wants to know what's happening firsthand. He follows her towards the bed, settling down next to the pack, leaning back on his hands. "And, if'n there's anything else ya think we need up here, just say something, and Ah'll go take it from stores."

M'iken nods lightly. "I see." She eyes the two out on the ledge, and grins at Meluth's fasination with the goings on of the weyr. She puts a hand on the pack, not really motivated to open it jsut yet as she'd just packed it. "Well, you've seen my weyr, you know I'm not one for having a lot of stuff around, so really just what you have now it perfect.. except for my couch of course." She ammends with a grin. It was the first peice of furniture she'd ever bought just because she could and it was comfortable, so she was a bit attached to it.

"Ah am rathre attached to yer couch anyway, Ah must say, so Ah'm perfectly happy ta have it here." He agrees, giving the hand that she has resting on the pack a bit of a tug. "Sit down fer a bit, Mi, ya just spent all that time resting, and Ah dun think Meluth is gonna wanna go anywhere fer a bit, so ya might as well relax." He tries to convince her, patting the spot next to her as he looks around thoughtfully.

M'iken grins a little and lets herself be tugged down into place on the bed. "Ah, you're right. He's to engrossed right now for me to be able to talk him into going back right now." She bumps up against the bronzer to nudge him a little. "You know, I think you're rubbing off on me. I actually got called a flirt a little back." She gives him a sly smile before plopping backwards to lay on the bed, a sigh escapes her lips at how comfortable it is.

"A flirt, huh? Who thought ta call ya that?" He teases her slightly, nudging her back before flopping backwards to stretch out next to her, lying on his side to watch her. "Ah dunno though, my shy little Mi, a flirt? Ah'd have ta see it ta believe it, Ah think." He teases her a bit, and reaches to rest his hand absently on her stomach, with a content sigh. Dhonzayth croons at Meluth slightly, swinging his head a bit at a green that lands on the next ledge over.

M'iken makes a face at him, grinning lightly. "Actually, R'miel's little brother. But honestly I don't know where he got the idea from." She gives him a wink and tucks an arm under her head to prop it up a bit. Her other hand rests on top of the one that's on her stomach, her fingers tracing over his hand lightly. Meluth takes his attention away from the bowl and turns to look at the green, crooning at her politely. That's right the mommy brown is asking how the skies are around here. Silly dragon. "If I haven't flirted with you, then I don't think I'm much of a flirt." After all, most of L'ton's converstaions are generally very flirtatious.

"If'n Ram's lil'brother's anything at all like Ram, Ah have ta say that's like the pot calling the kettle black, ya know?" L'ton rolls his eyes some, shaking his head as he grins back at M'iken. After a moment, he flips the hand on her stomach over to fold his fingers around hers, smiling at her. "Well, just cause ya flirted with meh, doesn't mean yer a flirt. Just that ya couldn't resist mah handsome good looks." A smirk crosses his face, before he winks at her.

M'iken laughs a little. "He certainly is. But he only said it cuz I called him a flirt first." She says with a nod. She laces her fingers in around his, quite comfortable there actually. Then she opens her mouth to protest her flirting with him but then she just has to laugh and nod her head. "Yeah, that's pretty much how it is." She says, leaning over to kiss him lightly. "Though I don't feel so bad at not being able to resist when just about no one else can resist either." She says with a wink of her own.

"Long as ya can forgive meh fer that, my Mi?" L'ton asks slightly pathetically when he gives her a soft kiss in return, shifting and apparently deeming her a suitable pillow for he's settling his head on her shoulder. "Well, Ah have ta say, Ah can't resist ya, not since that first night.." He sighs softly, lifting his chin to watch her. "Ah tried so hard ta be good that night, ya know, cause Ah didn't wanna scare ya off."

M'iken shrugs lightly after the kiss, a smile on her lips. "If I had a real problem with it I wouldn't have bothered moving in with you. Just so long as you don't mind my own bit of unconsious flirting." She says with a silent chuckle. She nuzzles his head lightly before he lifts back up to look at her. "Well then, your hard work that night paid off pretty well, didn't it." She taps him lightly on the nose before moving to get up. "Come on you, help me with this?" She asks patting her pack. She knows if she puts it off much longer then she might just not do it untill she's gone through and lived out of the pack untill all her clothes have been worn.

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