M'iken Agrees to Ista

Ierne Weyrhold - Book Place(#7619RJ)

Evenings in Ierne are always nice and M'iken would usually be out on the beach reading right now, except she's finished the book she bought the last time she was in L'ren's store and is now looking for another to catch her interest. The brownrider is walking up and down the isles and her eye catches on what looks like a romantic story about a farmer and the daughter of a Lord Holder. She plucks the book off the shelf and starts reading the first bit to see if she'll actually be able to read something like this.

L'ton seems to actually be meandering into the store with purpose, for he's headed almost immediately towards the children's section, carefully pulling various things off the shelf, flipping through a few pages before putting them back on the shelf. After a few attempts though, it seems he's found something interesting for its tucked under his arm and he keeps browsing.

The book is actually more engrossing than M'iken gave it credit for and is walking towards the little grouping of pillow chairs in the back of the store. She nearly runs into a few of the shelves and has to steady one before it falls over and creates a mess she knows L'ren would definately not appreciate. "Oh goodness." She mutters, shaking her head at the bookshelf.

L'ton ends up with a few various books beneath his arm, turning to look and see what else is there when suddenly the shelf infront of him is suddenly teetering. And then there's a recognizable voice and he leans around the shelf, grinning as he sees M'iken. "My Mi!" He greets cheerfully, moving to offer her a hug.

The apperance of L'ton from around the bookshelf has a bright smile popping up on the brownrider's lips as she accepts the hug and attempts to give him a kiss. "L'ton, what are you doing here?" She asks happily, hiding the book she was reading behind her back; a little embarassed that she was about to be caught reading a love story.

"Looking fer books fer the twins, they're 'bout ta turn 2, and Ah thought some nice picture books would be good." The books are held up as proof, and then he's chuckling after the kiss, trying to turn her to see what she has. "What're ya hiding there, hon? A book on babies?" He teases her lightly, craning his head to sneak a peek.

"Oh, that's so cute." She actually squeaks a little, looking at the books. When he's trying to turn her around to see the book she purses her lips at him. "No it's not a book on babies." M'iken's not about to give up the book though and does a decent job of keeping it behind her back and out of his sight.

"Heh, Ah figure that Sris'll probably end up getting 'em all sorts of clothes, so Ah thought some books would be better." He chuckles, and tries to wrap his arm around her shoulder to turn her, continuing to see. "Then whatcha reading babes?" He continues with interest. "What reason do ya have ta hide it from meh, hm?"

M'iken nods lightly. "Yeah, she probably will." She ends up pressing herself up against him to keep him from turning her. "It's just a story, and I just don't want you to see it." She says, tilting her head a little and smiling at him. "You think it would be alright if I make the twins something for their birthday?" She actually blushes a little, she's never met these little ones and here she is wanting to make them something just because they're L'ton's kids.

"Ah dunno why its all about the clothes, but, between her and the others, it seems that they have more clothes then they can ever possibly wear." L'ton shakes his head, and abandons his attempt to see the book, instead wrapping his arms around her as she leans into him. "Ah think they'd get a kick out of it, ya gotta see 'em, ta, they're real cute."

M'iken relaxes a little when he gives up on the attempt to see the book and smiles happily. "I'd love to meet them. And I'll make something super cute and fun for them later tonight." She had the perfect thing in mind and was goign to have fun making them. She glances down around a couple of isles to make sure no one is around to see them. "So I was wondering. Say I moved to Ista, am I going to need to find my own weyr? Or is there a nice bronzer somewhere I can share with?" She needed to know so she could plan things right, so she was a bit like her lifemate in this aspect; nothing wrong with that right?

"Then next time ya come ta see meh, we'll go get 'em. Ah'm sure Zip would love ta meet ya ta, and she's real sweet." Of course, he is slightly partial to his first born child, but who isn't? He tilts his head to watch her gaze around, before trying to catch her gaze again. "Ah think Ah know a real nice bronzerider who'd love ta have a pretty brownrider living with him." He agrees with a smirk.

M'iken looks quite happy over being invited to meet his kids and even happier that he's actually oing to let her stay with him. "Thank you thank you thank you!" She says, wrapping her arms around his neck and attempting to kiss him nice and long. When she pulls back a bit she's still smiling. "I had to ask since I finally got Meluth to agree to move." She gives the bronzer a wink.

L'ton is more than happy to tighten his hold on her, the books set on the closest shelf to free up his hands, returning her kiss willingly. "How could Ah say no ta ya? Ta have ya there with meh, ta wake up next ta ya whenever? Ah think its the greatest thing ever. And, Ah think my weyr's a bit empty, and ya'd always make it better." And then he's moving to twirl her around, thankfully missing the shelves. "Ya mean ya're gonna come fer sure!?"

M'iken can't help but blush over what feels like a bit of gushing over her but the twirl has her laughing with the thrill of being picked up like that and spun. "Yeah, I'm comming. It took being a bit of a bad guy to Meluth, but he finally got the picture. So yeah. I just needed to know if I was going to need to look for my own weyr someplace. You think Dhon'll mind Meluth being there?" That's really the only worry left in her mind now.

L'ton burrows his face in her shoulder as he sets her feet back on the floor, giving her a squeeze as he continues to seem thrilled. "Dhonzayth's real good, Ah promise. He dun mind others at all." He straightens up, offering her a wide grin as he reassures her. "Ah'm so happy! My Mi's coming to be with meh!"

M'iken plays lightly with the hair at the nape of L'ton's neck while he's burried in her shoulder. "I'm glad. I told Mel he'd better not bother Dhonzayth too much with all his nagging." She giggles a little then, "Then he promtply informed me that he doesn't nag, he just give good advice that he sometimes has to repeat for other's benefit." She smiles and blushes lightly at how bright his smile it. "I'm happy too. And just when I was starting to get my weyr to actually look like I live in it." She gives him a mischevious grin and shakes her head a little.

L'ton chuckles, and moves to absently tug on her ponytail before pulling her back against him, giving her another squeeze. "Ah'm sure it'll all work out. Ah mean, Odeleth wanted nothing ta do with Dhon, so Ah mean, Ah think anything'll be fine by him. Dhonzayth'll probably just sit there and let him go, though, nagging er advice, whichever it is." And then he's moving to steer her back towards the chairs where she was originally heading. "Come sit with meh babe, and Ah'll help ya get whatever ya want over to Ista."

M'iken follows along to sit with L'ton, tucking the book she had under her leg. "I'm sure Dhon can put up with someone who hates him, he can deal with someone who just wants what's best for him. Right? And I don't really have that much stuff, but I appreciate the help anyhow." She says, scooching her chair closer to L'ton.

L'ton gives her arm a tug even as she's moving her chair, trying to convince her to sit directly with him. "Come here babes, sit with me." He grins at her, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure it'll be fine. And, we'll keep 'em in line, cause ya know, if'n we want it, they'll manage." The book is thankfully ignored, less he bother her more.

M'iken gives in to the tugging of her arm and moves to sit on L'ton's lap, because she can. "Ya know. people are goign to look at us weird for sitting like this in a bookstore of all places." She says, even as she cuddles up to him and slips an arm around his neck to drap across his shoulders. "And that is true. They'll behave well enough if they know we want them to be behaving." She says with a considering nod of the head.

L'ton wraps his arms tightly around her waist as she settles in his lap, giving her ponytail a gentle tug and planting a kiss on her neck as she wraps an arm around him in return. "So, what brought this move on, sweetheart? Ya seemed like ya weren't really sureā€¦ Not that Ah ain't thrilled ta have ya with meh, so that we're not always bouncing back and forth."

The kiss to her neck throws her for a momentary loop as she wasn't expecting it, and she's fluttering her eyes and shaking her head just a bit to jump start her brain. "Don't just do that anywhere." She hisses at him quietly, pouting a little at him. "I wanted to move almost from the beginnning, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to talk Meluth into it is all. I mean he likes you alright no your own, but.." she sighs lightly. "You know how he is. But I got him to see things my way so yeah. It /will/ be nice not having to look for an excuse to go to eachother's Weyrs."

"Don't do what, hm? This?" And L'ton's grinning at her before leaning to kiss her neck again, trying to keep from chuckling as he does so. He continues to keep a hold on her, grinning. "Ah understand, Ah understand. Ah'm just happy he changed his mind. Ysa was real happy fer us ta, Ah think, from what she said. Ah think its good for both of us, ya know?"

M'iken is expecting it this time so it doesn't have much of an effect on her. "Yes that." She slips a hand onto her neck to attempt to block any future kisses there while they are in the store. "Ysa was pretty happy, wasn't she. Though I think she's the only one who really has been, unless Dhon's been happy over the idea." She could just remember R'miel warning her to not fall for the bronzer, and she'd thought she was doing a good job, oh well.

"Aw, ya dun think Ram is happy? Ah thought he would be, given the way that Ysa reacted." He offers softly, tilting his head a bit as she puts a hand on his neck. "Hey now, why dun ya want meh to do that, hm? Maybe Ah want to?" He protest softly, to avoid drawing attention to them. "Ah think Dhon's happy cause Ah am, and yer happy, and Ah'm happy."

M'iken shrugs lightly, "Well, it's just that he told me specifically not to fall for you." She says with a slight grin. :And I don't want you to do that here because I will make a noise that someone will here and I /don't/ want anyone else to hear it." She says, going through a very round about explination. "And besides, just cuz I like that doesn't mean I want you doing it just anywhere."

"Aw, sweetie. Fine, Ah guess Ah dun wanna embarrass ya, cause then yer gonna change yer mind and not wanna move in with meh anymore, cause y'all be angry at meh." He sniffs, pouting at her. "Wait, he told ya not ta fall fer meh? That's not very nice of him.. Ya should do what ya want." He offers, tightening his hold possessively. "Though, he couldn't help meh falling fer ya."

M'iken chuckles a little. He knows how these things work, but the brownrider didn't think a little embarassment would keep her from moving in with him, infact it might just make her want to move faster. "R'miel was just worried about me is all. I'm sure he still is, but you're right. There was noone telling you to avoid me or anything like that and then, how could I /mot/ fall for you? I mean honestly." She gives him a wink and crosses one leg over the other so she's more inclinded towards him.

"Ram's worried 'bout everyone but his own wellbeing, Ah think." L'ton offers good-naturedly, moving to rest his hand absently on her thigh. "Ah had ta have a pretty lil woman like ya, no matter what it took. Hell, from that time in the tavern, it t'was all over." Getting patting her thigh, he grins. "Ah'm sorry Ah pulled ya away from yer book, though, Ah'm sure it was good, whatever it was."

M'iken smiles lightly. "You know its kind of nice having him worry over me though. Granted now I have you to do it, but at the time it made me feel pretty special." She says giving L'ton a sly smile. Then the book is mentioned again and she blushes. "Nah, well, actually it was pretty good. But I can read it whenever." She says blushing again over the silly bit of romance she'd read.

L'ton chuckles a bit, shaking his head. "Ya do have me ta do it, and ya can bet Ah'll be worry 'bout my Mi constantly." He gives her a squeeze. "So, when do Ah get ta have ya with meh at Ista? Ah dunno how long Ah can wait, or else Ah might just come home with ya tonight, ta make sure ya come with meh." The book is glanced at briefly, and he just shakes his head. "Still, ya know."

M'iken grins and shrugs. "Well, I was waiting to see if I was going to be staying with you or not, so I haven't even started packing anything." She taps her own chin lightly, thinking over timing. "I think you're just going to have to come home with me tonight." She mock sighs and shakes her head. "Drats." Then she smiles brightly at him.

"Drats indeed, sweets." L'ton sighs in return, before moving to steal a long kiss as she smiles at him. "Oh, the sacrifices Ah make for ya, my dear." He continues to tease her, squeezing her thigh gently. "How 'bout we get them books and head back, then Ah dun have ta worry about embarrassing ya with my excitement, hm?" And he attempts to nip at her earlobe to prove his point.

M'iken nods, the squeeze on her thigh makes her face flush and the nibble at her ears, well, she had to bite her tounge to stop that reaction. "Yes, getting books and leaving before you do something." And she leaves it at that before climbing off L'ton's lap and grabbing her book and heading for the counter so she can check out.

L'ton watches her flush, chuckling, and winking at her. As she wanders away, he watches her go with a pleasant smile before he slowly gets to his feet, stretching and retrieving his books to check out as well, resting his hand on her waist as he waits in line, taking the now full bag, and moving to escort her out. "Shall sweet sweets?"

That little bit of contact on her waist makes her feel so many things all at once; excitement, contentment, posessiveness even. Once they're all checked out, M'iken smiles at L'ton. "Let's shall." She chuckles lightly, a bit of giddiness that just seemed to accompany L'ton's presance creeping into her.

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