Flirting With a Candidate

It's fairly late, but the Weyr is never empty and the lower caverns are no exemption - though the number of people milling to and from are significantly diminished at this hour. Jainika is among them, padding in from the living caverns in bare feet with a pair of wedge sandals hanging from the fingers of one hand. She rolls her eyes a little as a couple of stray weyrbrats come skittering through the caverns, a nanny in hot pursuit, and doesn't quite make it to the barracks - she pauses and leans against the door to the hot springs, looking a little sullen. "/Ugh./"

L'ton has thought about chasing after the nanny and the weyrbrats for a moment - particularly as one of them looks particularly like him - but then the weyrsecond seems to change his mind for he's turning back from the door that they went through to cross the lower caverns again before she spots Jainika, and he meanders towards her, leaning against the wall and giving her a wide smile. "Hey sweetheart." He offers cheerfully.

Jainika seems ready to doze off where she stands - she starts a bit at the sound of L'ton's voice, stretching a little and managing a slightly less dour smile when she spots him. "Hey there handsome." She resists a small yawn and straightens up, dropping her shoes on the ground to step back into them and trying to tame her hair a bit. "What're you lurking around so late there, eh? Making sure none of us is stirring up trouble?"

"Gotta make sure y'all ain't causing any trouble, ya know?" He grins, resting a shoulder against the wall as he watches her, arms folded in front of him. "And making sure there ain't no ladies falling asleep in the middle of the caverns, and causing everyone ta get distracted." A teasing look, and he reaches to pat her on the shoulder. "Long day, hm sweets?"

"I think most of us are too tired for trouble at the end of the day," Jainika retorts, managing a small smile. "So I'm surprised you don't find more ladies falling asleep everywhere." She yawns a bit and moves a step closer, apparently pleased that she looks reasonably presentable. "Too long for my tastes. I was supposed to be on a morning shift, but the girl coming in after me was sick and I got roped into staying. My duty as a candidate and all," she adds wryly. "I feel like I got duped."

"Well, that means y'all are also too tired fer anything else, which is exactly what Ah think they're hoping for, ya know?" L'ton grins at her, offering her an arm as she steps closer. "Aw, that ain't no good babe, that's a long time ta be on yer feet, ta. Ah promise, it gets better afterwards, if'n ya can make it through candidacy and the first few months of doing everything fer everyone all the time, with a baby dragon on top of it."

Jainika chuckles as she takes his arm, pouting a little. "As if we can't be trusted to behave without being exhuasted." Jainika flashes a smile that suggests she likely can't be. "I'm perfectly well behaved when I like to be." She stretches a bit, giving a little shrug. "As long as I haven't got to do it again tomorrow I think I'll be alright … just haven't been on my feet for that long in a while." She grins. "We'll see how the baby dragon works out. I'll try to be as industrious as I'm expected to either way."

L'ton leans against the wall more securely even as his arm is taken, and he grins. "Ah think they know us riders ta well - we just can't avoid ya candidates, and they think its fer yer own good, ya know." And considering he seems perfectly happy to help Jainika get away with mischief, it probably is for her own good. "Well, if'n there's no baby dragon, at least going back ta the resort'll seem like a vacation, won't it?" He teases her.

"You don't seem to be trying too hard to avoid me," Jainika teases, doing her best to look coy - she certainly doesn't seem to mind the attention. "Vacation … I suppose that's true." She toys with a thick curl, looking thoughtful. "If a bit anticlimatic. But the other candidates are fun enough, it's been nice getting to know them at least."

"Well, ya dun seem to mind that Ah'm not avoiding ya, so Ah think its all okay, no?" He arches an eyebrow right back at her, giving her side a bit of a poke. "So, yer at least enjoying yarself? Not cursing meh fer putting ya into all this work, without any fun ta balance it out?" And then he straightens a bit, tilting his head. "And no one's gonna come after meh fer taking ya away from their love fer candidacy?"

Jainika starts a bit at the poke, biting back a surprised laugh - seems she's ticklish. "Whyever would I mind? Not like we're doing anything wrong anyway, certainly talking's allowed." She winks. "I'm having a decent time, yeah. My parents're pleased, and if I wasn't keen enough on standing to suck it up and slog through the work I'd just give my knot back, eh?" Jainika toys with the white loop on her shoulder for a moment. "Way I hear people complaining I think they forget they can say no." His last question gets a sly smile. "No worries, there's no one missing me. Who'd given you any trouble at least, I think."

L'ton arches an eyebrow as she bites back a laugh, and he's quick to give her another poke, to see if she has a similar outburst, lips twitching as he grins. "Aye, talkin's allowed, but Ah seem ta have enough of 'em giving me a look of 'leave me alone' that ya never know what's going around." Glancing at the knot, he nods slowly, "Ya're always welcome ta change yer mind. And, they can say no, but Ah wonder how much of them just like to act like its so hard." An overly exaggerated sigh, and he acts relieved. "That's good, Ah dun think Ah could take yer boyfriend or girlfriend coming after me."

Jainika seems relieved when he doesn't poke her again - she sighs and relaxes against the wall again. "Well, if they're going to be sour to you then that's their problem. I for one never mind some friendly conversation." She toys with her hair a bit, tucking it behind her ears with a small frown. "Mm, good point - I've never dealt with that well, I hate folks who play the victim. A little griping's not so bad, but if you feel that slighted by it y'might as well get on home." At his sigh, she chuckles, giving him a reassuring pat on the arm. "No worries, I don't play well with the jealous sort either."

"Well, that's certainly welcome news, at least fer meh, maybe?" He looks slightly hopeful at this statement, it actually showing on his face for just a moment as he reaches to tip her chin up. "Just dun let them get ya down. If'n ya want ta be here, just make the best of it, and they'll either make it er they won't. But, Ah bet they won't."

"I'd imagine it is … but you'll have to wait til after the eggs hatch to sort all that out," Jainika retorts, her eyes warm though her voice is teasing. "I'll manage alright, yeah. Can't say I have high hopes for some of them either, but it's not up to me in the long run."

"Ah think the dragons have some sense. Ah mean, there was this boy that stood with us and he was just unbearable, and the dragons didn't even stop ta look at him. Here, or anywhere else, that Ah know of." L'ton rambles a bit, betraying his careful consideration of her first words at the same time. "So, should Ah be looking forward ta when those eggs hatch mah dear?" He winks, grinning widely.

Jainika wrinkles her nose. "It's mean of me to hope that happens to a couple of my fellows, I suppose." She stretches a bit and straightens up, releasing L'ton's arm as she starts to head towards the barracks. "You can if you like …" She winks. "I certainly am. I reckon I ought to get to bed though …" She wiggles her fingers after him as she starts through the door, grinning. "See you soon, I'm sure."

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