Gold Ankhepith (Leslyn) Rises (1)

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio
This is the patio for the Sable Sands Nightclub and Bar, what would on a regular weyr be the dragon's ledge. The ledge's surface here, however, has been filled and leveled, leaving a smooth floor upon which are set a number of small, round wooden tables and high-back chairs, all painted a glossy black. The tables are arranged to take advantage of the view, looking out over the broad plateau to the ocean beyond, a perfect frame for sunsets on a clear evening.
Small speakers set deep into the corners of the ledge's overhang relay an assortment of quiet tunes from inside, either recordings or live entertainment as the day offers. The entrance to the weyr proper has been walled off, and a wide set of double doors have been built into the wall. Mounted above the doors is a electric-lit gas sign, the blue letters spelling out the club's name: Sable Sands.

Dragons> Ankhepith is awake but tucked up against one of the rails of the feeding pens out of the way of the world. Her head is tilted upwards, eyes fixed onthe skies. Waiting. Waiting for something yet to appear.

Leslyn coughs and leans on C'nor's shoulder. In one hand she has a cold drink, the other hand is fanning at her face over and over again. "Too hot." It's almost a whisper, before she adds more loudly, "Definitely too hot."

Dragons> Dhonzayth is drawn to shiny objects. Particularly gold, shiny objects. Most particularly, gold, shiny objects which are settled amongst the edges of the feeding grounds. The pale bronze slips through the air, low to the ground, headed for nothing other than the feeding grounds, and once he's there quickly backwings to the ground, a trumpeting rumble sending the few beasts not smart enough to run at the flight of a dragon scattering a bit further away.

Dragons> Cairokelth watches Ankhepith for a moment, rustling his wings as he readjusts his weight one the ledge he's occupying. Looking down at the beasts mulling in the feeding pen, his eyes show a momentary flicker of orange-red, betraying his thoughts of ripping one to shreds. Alas, he restrains himself, and settles his head on his forepaws. Well, at least, that is until Dhonzayth arrives. Letting his own trumpeting rumble loose through the Weyr, the small brown throws his wings open and leaps from his ledge, taking up a spot on the ground cleared by fleeing food.

L'ton catches the tail end of Leslyn's complaint, the bronzerider pulling gloves and jacket off to toss them over a nearby chair, moving to gather up a drink of his own before speaking up. "Quickest way to solve that is to take off clothes, ya know." He just had to throw that out there, for general knowledge's sake. And then, at a bit of mental rumbling from Dhonzayth, his eyes open slightly more, and he shakes his head, muttering to himself. "Would save time later, it seems."

C'nor is looking a touch uncomfortable right now, more that he doesn't quite seem to know what on earth to make of the fact that Leslyn is leaning on him. He has a glass of chilled fruit juice in his hand as he listens nervously to her. "It is a touch hot, but this is Ista, it's always hot unless you're flying to high or out on a boat in the sea breeze."

Dragons> Ankhepith barely glances at the males as they descend, each one getting the briefest of glances before she goes back to watching the skies. Above a few clouds race each other across the blue, but whatever it is she's seeking is not there… yet.

Leslyn shakes her head, "Too hot." She glances over towards L'ton and frowns at him. "You wish. I'd rather not fall out with Ves again over a man." She does, however, loosen a few of the buttons on her shirt. "I don't suppose you feel like taking a trip to Xanadu? My dad already left, I'm sure you could cathc him if you hurried."

"Ah'm perfectly happy right here, ya know. And, Sris said its okay, if'n Ah just look." L'ton offers with a grin. "Besides, Dhon's already all caught up… Ah can't pull him from his new shiny." Though he moves to settle nearby to C'nor and Leslyn, he leaves plenty of space, and gives C'nor a look somewhere between sympathy and jealousy.

Strolling towards the area where a few have gathered, M'roc runs his fingers through his hair and offers a smile. "Igen's duties," he offers. There isn't much to be said when there are no previous acquaintances in sight and his dragon is in the midst of preparing for a flight.

Dragons> Astath wings in from above, a large shadow preeceding the bronze as he backwings into land silently on the back of a herd beast. With a squeal the herdbeast staggers and falls under the weight of the quiet bronze, claws grip and twist snapping the beasts back with a practiced grace bringing the beast to silence. Whirring eyes coming to focus on the gold.

Dragons> Dhonzayth practically snorts at the smaller brown in the feeding grounds, pale wings flipping open to emphasize his size (What there is of it). As shadowy bronze descends onto a beast, Dhonzayth takes it as a cue of his own, and with a quick hop - like the first learned by new weyrlings - topples a herdbeast with a squeal, the lanky bronze dipping his muzzle to its throat to begin blooding.

Dragons> Cairokelth reaches out to sink his claws into the flesh of a fleeing herdbeast, earning himself loud squeals of fright and pain from the struggling beast. The fight is useless; as soon as Cairokelth pulls the herdbeast back towards him he sinks his muzzle into the flesh, voraciously lapping up the blood. As far as the snort he recieves from Dhonzayth, this brown responds in no way. There's no point in wasting time in someone who will be left behind from the start!

C'nor shakes his head, "Xanadu sounds quite nice this time of year." He replies, the nerves still showing clear in his tone and posture thanks to Leslyn. Another entrant makes his presence known with a snort at L'ton. "I wasn't aware that's how things were done round here." The newcomer is dressed in the colours of Fort Weyr, he is tanned by simple exposure to the weather and seems confident as he walks over to pick up a glass from the serving tables. Selecting a pitcher of something chilled he pours before glancing back over to Leslyn and the others.

Dragons> A lone bird circles the feeding pens, letting out a cry that is soon mirrored by Ankhepith. At last she has her sign and she pounces on the nearest beast, slitting its belly open with practised precision and dipping her head towards it. Something stops her, and with a flick of her talons she slits the beat's throat instead and begins to drink.

Leslyn needs a drink, and abandons both C'nor and her glass and heads for the pitcher. "Need a drink." Is muttered by way of explanation as she looks over first the newvomer from Fort and then M'roc. The latter gets a slight smile, "How do you like things so far, Igen?"

Dragons> Astath isn't quite as refined as Ankhepith but he has the practiced ease of dragonkind behind him and his movements are almost robotically fluid as he shifts the head of the beast with his talons to expose it's neck. Dipping down at the signal of the bird he sinks his teeth in deep and starts to bleed it dry.

L'ton turns to stare at the newcomer, before he shrugs. "Ya're welcome ta think what ya will. Though, Ah suppose Ah should give ya Istan's Greetings, rider." And then he's turning his head back to the now unencumbered bluerider, "Ah've heard its lovely. Though Ah do think Ah prefer here, for now." Gaze drifts after Leslyn as she moves, "Ya can have mine, if'n ya want. Ah ain't dun drunk any yet."

"Here at Ista?" M'roc asks, also reaching for the pitcher. He pours himself a glass and then sits, leaning forwards with his elbows resting on his knees and his glass held between both hands. "It's nice here. No Igen, though," he teases and takes a long swig of his drink.

C'nor seems to breath a bit of a sigh of relief when Leslyn moves away, the sagging of relief is clearly visible and he downs his drink quickly before making a sharp exit. "I'll speak to you about that trip later Leslyn." Muttering "Istan's greetings." As he flees the scene.

Dragons> Dhonzayth lifts his muzzle from his first chosen beast as the gold moves, taking a beast of her own, an encouraging rumble escaping as he returns to his beast - needing no encouragement other than the gold nearby to finish the beast. Crouching low to the ground, tail flicking to and fro, it isn't long before a new sort of prey is spotted, and the Istan bronze is upon a large wherry, flipping it to the ground to begin the process anew.

Dragons> The first beast, now drained, is tossed to the side with all the grace and dignity of a hatchling. Throwing oout his claws to grab at another herdbeast, dragging it back towards him kicking and screaming. Snarling, he lowers his muzzle and sinks his teeth in, drinking in the blood deeply while the tip of his tail flicks to and fro with restrained excitement and energy. His eyes flicker back and forth between the herdbeast clutch beneath him and Ankhepith, hungrily drinking in both blood and glittering gold.

Vesvesris doesn't look very happy as she marches into the Sable Sands, for whatever reason. Okay, actually a /good/ reason, but we'll get to that later. "Ista's duties, " she snaps as she passes a few visiting riders, heading for the bar. Oddly enough, she doesn't order anything to drink, but settles upon a stool and swings around to face L'ton - and Leslyn, since he's watching her, after all. Finally, she manages a more polite sounding, "Good morning." Although, it's directed at Leslyn, and not the Weyrsecond.

The Fortian just smiles at L'ton and holds the pitcher out for Leslyn, offering to pour for her. "Names K'rin, The quiet bronze out there is Astath." He offers by way of introduction, though his warm brown gaze follows Leslyn all the way, studying her.

Dragons> Ankhepith grinds the now drained beast under her foot before leaping for another. This time she wastes no time in slitting its throat and latching onto the spray of blood that jets skywards. With a harsh cry she turns her head upwards once more, calling a challenge to the world before leaping and felling yet another beast.

Leslyn takes a long drink, straight from the pitcher K'rin offers over, before moving over to sit next to M'roc. As she leans in towards him she smiles, reaching out to try to twirl a finger in his hair. "Really? How fascinating." Vesvesris's appearance receives a little wave, "Come and join us. He's from Igen. Isn't that wonderful?"

L'ton, at least, knows when he's in trouble. Sometimes. And, given the brownrider's entrance, he seems to have a fairly good idea. "S-Sris.." He offers, somewhat upbeat and hopeful, giving her a rather ridiculous, toothy grin. "How are ya, babe?" At least his gaze is off Leslyn for now, even though his eyes flick to her now and again, particularly as she settles near M'roc, though they don't dare leave Vesvesris for any extended length of time.

Dragons> Odeleth's a little late in arriving to the feeding grounds, but the stealthy brown planned it that way, of course. Landing directly atop a terrified beast, he slashes into it eagerly, lowering his muzzle to drink greedily. Ankhepith isn't directly gazed at, but he watches her all the same, from afar. In the shadowy male's eyes, she is, for the moment, pretty darn close to perfection.

How did she know? How, in Faranth's name, did this woman know that his weakness was having his hair played with? Nearly letting a moan escape, M'roc has to take another sip of his drink before he's able to look Leslyn square in the eye. "And just what is fascinating, doll?" He purrs, daring to reach out with a free hand and twining a few fingers in her dark curls.

Dragons> Releasing his jaws from the neck of the drained beast Astath leaps high, dropping the beast from his talons as he goes, leaving it to fall in front of another beast. It panicks for only a moment before the silent killer drops on it's back, snapping it's spine with it's weight before it rips open the throat of the beast, draining it with ease.

Dragons> Dhonzayth finishes the second, though his pace seems slow in comparison to Ankhepith's, and as she proceeds with her third, he hesitates a moment before pulling a smaller wherry over, hesitating enough to trumpet a response to the gold's challenge, muzzle dropping down to the beast yet again, wings stretched out around it protectively.

Dragons> Done! Cairokelth throws his head back, havng finished draining his second beast of blood, a defiant and challenging cry ripped from the very depths of his chest. He lets his head fall back to his chest, red-purple eyes whirling rapidly, glaring at the other suitors. Once more, Cairokelth follows suit and reaches out, piercing yet another hide with his talons and pulling it in to drain it's life. His wings are half-extended on either side, ready to go whenever Ankhepith decides to spring.

"Thank you, Leslyn, " Sris replies, giving the girl a full-on smile. Her beatific expression alters, however, first as the goldrider plays with M'roc's hair, and then even more as L'ton offers his totally ridiculous, transparent grin. Smile firmly turned into a scowl, she directs it upon him, mouth pinching disagreeably. "Well, good morning, /darling/. It's a good thing that, you know, I have Odeleth to tell me where Dhonzayth happens to be at such an hour — otherwise, I probably would have slept /right through/ you chasing, wouldn't I?" Her eyes narrow a little. "And if I didn't know better, I'd say that that was your plan all along, wasn't it?" She leans toward him to poke him in the chest, hard. "Of course it was! You just want to - to sleep with her and amble back on home with that silly, look-at-me-aren't-I-amazing grin on your face!" Down the slippery slope she goes. Of course, part of this, we must remember, is Odeleth.

K'rin shrugs his shoulders as Leslyn abandons him in favour of M'roc. He glances round the patio and wanders over towards the weyrling master. "Well i'm the stranger here and I know my Astath doesn't really know the skies around here." He says as he pulls up a chair next to Ves and sits down. Completly ignoring her interaction with L'ton he turns on his suave charm. "So i'm not holding out much hope for his catching this one, but you know if your lad there does and you find yourself at a loose end, I could do with a little help at discovering the famous Istan hospitality?"

"Why you are of course." Leslyn replies to M'roc with a grin, though as he moves to touch her hair she teasingly moves just out of reach and takes another long drink from the pitcher. Ves and L'ton are given a long look each, before her attention drifts to K'rin and she sidles in his direction then stops dead. He ignored her? How dare he. Sh elooks almost ready to stamp her foot in anger and turns back towards M'roc again.

L'ton just stares at Sris with wide eyes, for probably the first time in memory completely speechless. "Ah… Ah.." And he shakes his head hurriedly. "THat's not what Ah meant ta do. Ah swear." He reaches for her shoulder, to hopefully calm her down. "Ah told her all Ah could do is look, Ah swear Ah did." And then he sits there for a long moment, looking at her, and then his eyes widen. "Or are ya just yelling at meh, so Ah'll leave, and Odeleth can catch, and /ya/ can sleep with her?" After a long stare, he shakes his head slightly, murmuring mostly to himself. "Though, that /would/ be hot.." Ahem, back to the matter at hand! L'ton doesn't even spare a glance over his shoulder at Leslyn and M'roc now… His attention is now totally on K'rin, as he just… glares.

Dragons> Odeleth tosses away his first beast, a growl beginning to grow from deep within his throat as he swings his muzzle from challenger to challenger. Dhonzayth, especially, gets a low rumble, though it isn't one of friendly or tolerant greeting, to be sure, not while the brown is casually reaching out to pick off another beast and preparing to drain its carcass.

Dragons> Ankhepith lifts her head from the current felled beast, blood running down he neck as she once more challenges the sky. From somewhere above a reply echoes around — another chaser? Something else? Whatever it was she seems pleased and pounces once more. This beast is given a slight reprieve, only receiving what looks to be an X carved into his side before she finally launches skywards.

Chuckling as Leslyn slides out of reach, M'roc clicks his tongue in a teasing scolding. "Aw, now lassie, why're you doin' this t'me?" He asks, beckining with a waggling finger for her to scoot back to his side. "Aw, now, I'm not /that/ fascinating," he protests, running his fingers through his unruly hair.

Dragons> Dhonzayth should have let off before that 3rd beast, for while he's bent to blood it, Ankhepith picked a fourth, of sorts, before shooting skyward. And so, the bronze is a bit slow from the get-go, having to readjust his wings enough, crouching low to the ground to shoot upwards towards the sky, chasing the gold which seems to be chasing something else entirely.

Vesvesris' eyes widen in surprised anger as she stares back at her weyrmate, gaze blazing. "Don't be a sharding fool, L'ton!" she swears loudly, jerking her shoulder out of his reach. "/I/ don't want to sleep with her, but Odeleth's determined to try to snag Ankhepith if he can, and I'm not going to stop him from attempting!" She catches his murmur, unfortunately for him. "Oh, you think it would be, do you? Funny, I don't remember you saying that when Psylenith flew and you /lost/!" Frustrated, the weyrlingmaster whirls — only to come face-to-face with another bronzerider. "Ista, " she says at last, "is a /very/ hospitable place, bronzerider." She may be smiling at him, but she's boiling with - way too many blurred emotions in her half-awake mind at the moment, so it may not be totally sincere. But hey, he doesn't have to know that just yet.

Dragons> Tossing the third drained beat aside, Cairokelth offers only a snort. now that he's done, he has a moment to watch Ankhephith. His eyes take their turn in drinking in deeply, savoring the glittering gold of her hide. As she springs, Cairokelth wastes only a previous few milliseconds, crouching low to the ground and bunching his muscles before springing into the air.

Dragons> Odeleth lets out a roar as Ankhepith takes to the skies, abandoning his second corpse in favor of rising upward after her. Wings beating steadily, he's obviously working to his size to his advantage. See, he's considerably smaller than the other contenders. Too bad he didn't learn from chasing Sakrienth that it takes more than two blooded beasts to contend for a queen.

Leslyn sidles back towards M'roc, opening her mouth to say something and freezing for a moment. Her eyes dart across the bowl. Too far. She holds a hand out towards the Igenite, "I think maybe we'd better head inside." Her other hand, perhaps surprisingly, is offered towards Vesvesris. "Shall we get a room?"

Dragons> Cereth is a bit late to catch up to the others, and it seems that it's all ready causing quite an impact on the young and inexpierenced bronze as he pumps his wings in an attempt to catch up to the others. He bugles loudly in defiance as he tries to catch a thermal to lift him upwards.

Slipping his hand into hers, lacing his fingers through Leslyn's, M'roc stands and nods. "They're going up," he states, giving the reason why they should be finding somewhere more… private, to be.

A'tien grumbles loudly as he stomps inside, someone's not in a god mood. And it might just because of a certain annoying bronze dragon. He offers a nod to Leslyn as well as the others, "lo."

L'ton steps closer as she flings her shoulder out of the way, sticking his face a bit closer to hers. "And obviously ya don't seem ta think that Dhonzayth has just as much right ta chase as Odeleth does, otherwise ya wouldn't be sitting here and yelling at meh. Ah'm not doing this just ta hurt ya, despite what ya seem to think." Whirling around, muttering curses at K'rin as he goes, he stalks back to where M'roc and Leslyn are settled, just in time to hear her suggest moving. And so, he follows after. No luck with the weyrmate, and no luck with the goldrider. Wonderful.

K'rin winks at Ves. "I'm sure it is darling, but what i'm asking is if you'd be willing to show me some of that hospitality?" He sounds utterly confident in himself, when Leslyn starts to move though he gets to his feet and links his arm round Ves, "This way if you don't mind a fortian escorting you?" He phrases it like a question but he's moving already steering her after the others.

Dragons> Ankhepith surges upwards, taking a pretty straight course up and away from the weyr. Glancing the watre below she tilts a wing and banks sharply east to follow the coastline. Her followers go unnoticed for the moment as she revels in the freedom she has and turns out once more towards the deeper ocean.

N'hil seems mostly resigned as he steps onto the the patio where others seem to be gathering. "I guess this is the place." He gives a wry smile which drops as the party looks to be moving on. "Ah." Rather then step all the way in, he just slips backwards, giving room for the others to pass by if needed. Follow the leader on so many levels.

Dragons> Dhonzayth is trailing as they shoot upwards, though he seems perfectly content to hang back from the pack, each wingstroke pushing him upwards without really closing the gap - a move will be made when it must. Wings push him into sweeping turns as he follows the golden path, following the coastline before heading out over the watery wilderness, a single member of the hunting party after the lure.

Dragons> Cairokelth sweeps his wings out wide, taking a quick and easy ride up a thermal. His throat vibrates as he offers Ankhepith a croon, a testament to his lust — also evident by the violet streaks in his whirling eyes. Over the ocean they soar, following the coastline as it winds eastwards. The small brown flips over in a swift barrel roll; he's not as large as the bronzes, but he's certainly more nimble! Size isn't everything.

Dragons> Astath is flying on his own course it would seem, not quite following the gold directly, his calculations bringing him out and up in silence. The wind snapping around his wing beats the only noise as he fights to gain height, a slight adjustment to his course brings him along the coast, but still rising all the time.

Vesvesris' hand jerks upward — for a moment, her expression is crazed as the dragons take to the air; as Odeleth gains speed and K'rin takes one arm, she seems to calm down slightly. But only just. "Certainly, I don't mind, " she replies to K'rin winningly — whether it's a response to showing him hospitality or letting him escort her, or both, is unclear. And as Leslyn offers an arm, she takes it, as well, sandwiching herself neatly between the two riders. Onward!

Dragons> Quiath gives a snarl of frustration for his rider holding him up on this most important event. The dusty bronze missed out on the extra boost from blooding and barely made it into the air with his straps off. He wings up from the bowl, rather then the field still far below the others but with wings stroking confidently towards the fleeing group. Wisps of jeweled silks shimmer in the light from above and reflect the glimmer of water below as he attempts to catch her ladyship's attention. Maybe if he's pretty enough she'll wait for him to catch up. For this is not his home and he's going to have to work a little harder to find the best path to and above Ankhepith.

Dragons> Cereth lets out a comforting croon as he pushes himself forward, his wings using the currents to lift him upwards. The wind howls its protest against him, and he tries harder to push himself into the sky to catch up to the others, his eyes whirling a lusty purple.

Leslyn squeezes Ves's arm as they link up, dragging M'roc with her as she heads for the hold instead of her weyr. A'tien and N'hil are both given brief glances, and smiles, and she jerks her head in the direction of the hold for them to follow.

Ista Weyr - Guest Room 1
This spacious guest room seems to be in a green theme. The double bed is covered in deep forest green comforter. The rug covering the wooden floor in the center of the room is in many shades of woven green. A wardrobe is in dark laquered green in one corner for the guests belongings. The walls have been painted a sage green complimenting all the other colours in the room.

Dragons> Odeleth is working hard to keep up, but the pace that Ankhepith's setting is almost too much for the much smaller dragon. This leaves him somewhere in the middle of the pack, but beginning to lag toward the end. Frustrated, he wings onward, following her path along the Istan coast. Familiar with the tricky thermals since hey, he lives here, he catches an updraft and sneaks up, slightly above a few other members of the pack. Eyes trained on the young queen, he labors onward.

N'hil trails along after the threesome, smiling some as he does. Well, it's that or he's staring, take your pick. But the smile just gets more intense and his eyes seem to heat as the walk continues till both are nearly a snarl when finally reaching the guest room. Quickly, he hurries towards an open space near the far wall, leans back, and closes his eyes in concentration.

A'tien sighs quietly as he reluctantly follows behind the others, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he enters the small room, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. Yup. He'll just sit and stare at the floor.

Dragons> Ankhepith angles sharply upwards, finding an early sunbeam and chasing up it. Her belly flashing blindingly yellow in the light, and she twirls in the air before suddenly shooting off once more, this time southwards. She punches through a cloud that dares to get in her way, then drops through the next one so she can once more watch the ocean below her.

L'ton sulks as he trails along, shooting daggers into the backs of M'roc and K'rin, muttering under his breath, his own frustration compounded by that of his dragon above the ocean. They've gotta pay attention to /him/. At least one of them. And so, speeding up his walk a bit, he reaches to grab a female shoulder - Sris's it seems.

Dragons> Cereth tries to angle himself upwards and lets out a surprised rumble when the gold is suddenly diving downwards, and with a flick of his tail, he quickly rights himself and speeds forward, hoping to close the gap between himself and the elusive prize.

Leslyn leads her little group into the guest room which suddenly doesn't see quite as large as it did before. "Should have hired the banquet hall." Is muttered quietly, before she detatches herself from the grabbed Ves and turns to look for someone else's hand to hold. Her free hand is waggled towards first N'hil and then K'rin — seemingly either will do.

K'rin tags along and with four in a line to get through a door, there's got to be a bit of give somewhere so at some point during the walk over he attempts to shift his arm to wrap around Vesvesris' waist, leaning in towards her. "This is quite the nice place you have here." He comments softly near her ear, his gaze flicking behind her towards Leslyn as he murmurs. "I think I quite like it." L'ton it would seem is mostly forgotton until he gets too close and he raises his arm as ifto block his attempted grab. "That's not very nice now is it."

Dragons> Dhonzayth is much slower to gain altitude than Ankhepith, though gain altitude he does eventually. At least Ankhepith is an easy lure to follow as the golden rays reflect off her gold hide. Despite the twirls and the clouds, he's attention is set, and without twirls or spirals, the path is straight and clear, and that's what he takes, refusing to drop as she does.

Dragons> Quiath finds luck is with him. Due to the kind angle of flight, he manages to spot one brown catching an updraft and is quick to make use of he warm air himself. Combined with some early energy expendiatures, the dusty one manages to gain some ground which combines neatly with the queen's aerobatics to bring him at least somewhere in the right plane of flight. But luck isn't going to win it so while he spares a moment to watch her fluid motion, most of his focus is put into bridging the last of that gap between hiself and lovely Ankhepith.

Vesvesris doesn't seem to object as Leslyn detaches herself from her; she's far too focused on what Odeleth's doing at the moment. "You silly beast, " she hisses under her breath, "two will /never/ be enough!" She's pulled out of her reverie somewhat as several things happen at once: K'rin's arm goes around her waist, L'ton leans over to try to grab her shoulder, and the other bronzerider attempts to block him. "He's my /weyrmate/, " she spits K'rin-ward, suddenly. "I'd say that gives him an /excellent/ reason to reach for me, wouldn't you say so?" Defending L'ton? What rational part of her mind is left must finally be more awake. Well, sort of.

Dragons> Astath's wings beat relentlessly onwards as he continues to gain height as he follows at an oblique angle to Ankhepith, his path commited to thanks to his earlier calculations.

Dragons> Odeleth is finding it harder to ignore Sris' hissed criticism as he begins to realize that oops, she's once again proven correct. As Ankhepith gains even more altitude, the brown struggles to follow it, unaccustomed to making so many fast maneuvers in such a short period of time. Barely lasting halfway through the flight, he throws back his head to howl his displeasure as he begins to spiral downward. Better stick to chasing more attainable ladies.

All that aggression is going to get anyone's attention, so N'hil smartly looks up. "Easy." He mutters in a tense voice of his own. With a quick glance, it becomes apparent that those three will be trouble and since Leslyn is so kindly offering, she gets a smile and his own hand outreached. "Might want to give them some room." He advices. And it conveniently brings her closer, doesn't it?
"Yar not very nice, now /are/ ya?" L'ton spits back at the other bronzerider, fingers tightening on Sris's shoulder to pull her back towards him, and away from the arm that's at her waist. "Ya, she's /my/ weyrmate, flight or not." And, L'ton's semi-rational mind has him wanting one of the women - and some part of it is that this is the better one to go after, at least for now. As there's some recognition that Odeleth is no longer chasing, he becomes more possessive of the brownrider, stepping closer to her as gaze remains on K'rin. Try him. Dare you. At least for Leslyn's sake, he's not giving her puppy dog eyes anymore.

Dragons> Ankhepith's drop goes on for longer than perhaps she had intended. The water comes rushing up to meet her, but just before contact she changes her path once more and rises again. Determination sparkles in her lust-filled eyes and instead of heading to the clouds once more she heads straight for the pack of males that follow. One last challenge is called to the world. Who dares to tame her now?

Leslyn moves towards the bed, taking M'roc and N'hil with her. As she settled down she waves a hand beckoning the others closer. The flight serms to have silenced her completely now, her only real noise a low giggle as she brishes M'roc's hair again.

K'rin focuses quickly, a huge effort of willpower gives him enough control over his own emotions to withdraw his arm from Ves. "Sure thing, you know where i'll be when you need me darling." He says before he steps away from the pair and closer to Leslyn, he turns away from the weyrmates and allows Astath to filter back in, concentrating on the fleeting gold above and the delectable goldrider over at the bed gets his full attention now.

Dragons> Dhonzayth started to consider dropping after the gold, as the distance between him and her increased steadily, and he ran the risk of losing her. And that would have made the hunt perfectly pointless, would it not? And then, finally the fall ends, and she rises again, towards the males, and he folds his wings to drop towards the pack, towards the gold, wings snapping open as his talons are outstretched, hoping that it will be he, Dhonzayth, who claims victory of this challenge.

Dragons> Cereth seems to take advantage of the golds diving, pushing himself forward, forcing his wings to beat until they're filled with pain from exhaustion. And as she starts to head for the males, he stretches the last bit of distance, hoping to snare the gold in his clutch as he passes.

Dragons> Quiath doesn't follow the golden one down because they all know she'll have to come back up. But he's very much taken by surprise by her head-on attack. Still, he's not one to turn down any challenge, especially one which could so easily show how powerful a fellow he is. All the traveling he's done has given the road weary bronze some insights so with a moment of calculation, he shifts one rose and emerald wing slightly more inwards, shifting him just past one suitor and right into her line of assault. Wings still, legs extend with paws fully ready to impact and then cradle Ankhepith. Now if he can just rescue her before her attack brings her in range of one of those others.

Dragons> Astath's course hasn't changed all that much over the time he's been flying, he knows where she's going, or at least he thought he did. As she comes flying back towards the pack he twists in the air, tucking his wings in quickly so that when he rolls he comes out in the same direction as her, just depends if he matches his speed correctly to her sudden shift. He tumbles round and unfurls his wings ready to latch on if she is still passing right by him.

Vesvesris merely shrugs at K'rin as he makes his way toward Leslyn - like moths to a flame, they converge around the young goldrider. As Odeleth comes back in sight of the bowl, she jolts slightly to the side, clinging suddenly to L'ton for balance. Eyes widening, she's abruptly thrown back into her body, and gasps a little. "L'ton." Somewhere in the simple act of saying his name, there's a fair multitude of things: I'm sorry, flights will be flights, and for the moment, here's hoping Dhonzayth doesn't triumph. And even if he does, she'll likely be determined to keep him all to herself. Besides, Leslyn has more than enough company around her. She won't miss him, right?

Dragons> Those who worship her properly will always be rewarded. Ankhepith lashes out at Astath as she passes him, using him to gain the last little bit of momentum that she needs. Cereth is dodged, Dhonzayth gets a tail slap to the nose for his trouble, and at last Quaith is claimed as her new acolyte.

Dragons> Quiath bellows his joy at managing to save the goddess from lesser worship. His legs neck and tail snap out to enfold and protect Ankhepith while strong wings support the pair on the way down.

The moment Ankhepith passes Dhonzayth, L'ton's focus is only on the brownrider in his grasp, a brownrider who he pulls closer, fingers clutching her tightly as he balances himself. "Sris… Ah.." ANd he doesn't say anything else, simply pulling her with him, out of the room, away from the others, to have to himself.

Dragons> Astath is used as a stepping block and the extra motion sends him tumbling away from the pack, spinning out of control for a few moments in silence before he regains his bearings and whips round to see what has happened. He sees the catch above and simply folds his wings in flush with his body and drops out of sight like a ghost.

Dragons> Dhonzayth seems disappointed as he's lashed across the nose, and trumpets said disappointment as he continues to drop downwards, to begin the lonely trip back to the weyr.

N'hil follows the example of his dragon, just milliseconds behind. He reachs towards Leslyn to draw her in and protectively away from those others around them.

M'roc is forgotten as soon as Ankhepith makes her decision, Leslyn's full attention on N'hil and nobody else. As he tugs her closer she moves happily into his arms, clinging to him as if her life depended on it.

Vesvesris sags with relief as Dhonzayth doesn't ensnare Ankhepith, following L'ton willingly as they dash out of the room. Leslyn's taken care of, so the weyrlingmaster can put one more concern to rest.

K'rin focuses on Leslyn, Ves forgotten about now that it's coming to conclusion, he seems to stumble at the climax, his body twisting out of control momentarily before he groggily recovers his footing. With a shake of his head as his mate drops out of sight, so does he, standing he slips quietly out of the room to find someone else to while the night away with.

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