Rupa's Flight

Saynth's napping on her favorite part of Ierne, a little wallow dug out just for her to curl up and bake in the sun with just the tip of her tail twitching every so often. Rupa's there, handy caked in gray from handling one too many rocks, though she's got her pants rolled up and her jacket tossed somewhere along the beach so that she can wash her hands in the cool ocean. She wears a sleeveless shirt, making a fresh scarred wound on her shoulder rather obvious, not that she cares much. Saynth still favors one of her sides, though it doesn't show in her position, still napping away.

Dhonzayth has fled to the Ierne beach while L'ton wastes his time here or there, doing goodness only knows what, and so the bronze soaks lazily amongst the waters of the weyrhold. Only partially submerged, his pale wings and muzzle remain out of the water, watching the others on the beach, particularly the dozing green and the others that catch his eye.

Hesketh wings rather carefully down onto the beach. His rider has been deposite somewhere up near the weyrhold itself and he… well he's out to explore his old home. He begins to wend his way down towards the water, pausing now and then to whuffle at something on the beach. When Saynth is noticed his pause is considerablylonger, gaze roving over her hide. He dips a polite bow, just in case she should happen to only be feigning this snooze, and carries on towards the sea. A shame his attention does not follow his feet, for he ends up with a snoutful of water when he does turn back to watch his path.

R'miel is here on official business! Very official. Meaning, he's here to visit L'ren but he hasn't gotten far when Arinith decides he needs to go to the beach. Night now. The bronzer doesn't seem to mind though, since he's sort of avoiding going back home to his own place. The two stroll over to the beach, Arinith bounding straight for the water and giving a trumpet to the other dragons around, inviting them out to play. The small bronze paddles about in the water like an overgrown dog. R'miel gives Rupa a wave meanwhile and heads her way.

Or'un and Aslianth walk along the beach, the bronze playfully darting in and out of the water. His large wings flutter quickly every time the cool waves lap over his large feet. He trumpets happily and finally seems ready to submerge himself completely. He pauses for a moment, seeming to calculate something before he sets out at full speed, crashing into a rather large wave head first. It doesn't phase the bronze however, seeming to relish in the warm day, such a difference from their new home.

Rupa doesn't seem to notice any of the other dragons around her, and even less to the riders that might be frolicking with them or wandering. She's busy pulling a small stone out from her pocket, giving it a good scratch before putting it back to the waves and washing off the dirt caked around. Saynth, however, has noticed some change to her surroundings. Playing dragons and she's missing it? She shifts onto her back, stretching out completely before dropping her maw open in a wide yawn. Her jeweled eyes blink open, gazing at the bronzes and others assembled only to offer a low hum in appreciation at their appearance. There's that that lustful color in her eyes, bleeding in, as her glowing hide seems to gain an even brighter tone.

Dhonzayth seems to have decided to let the others play away, while he's settled, saving his energy even as he enjoys his surroundings. What energy he is spending, however, is focused with few exceptions on Saynth as she begins to stir, and that hide begins to take on an even more attractive hue. And soon the Istan bronze is dragging himself from the shallows and onto the beach, pale hide spotted by the sand he picks up on his trek, as he warbles to Saynth. Morning!

Hesketh recovers from his unintentional ducking and turns back towards the beach properly. Ah, the maiden awakes. He dips his head once more in a polite bow, wings flaring out to the side as he does so and tail sticking out rapier straight behind him - were it possible for him to kiss her foot from where he stands you can bet he'd give it a try. The other males, those scurrilous knaves, are given the barest of glances but his attention is for this fine lady before him.

R'sul's entrance is almost the complete opposite of Hesketh's. He's in a rush, looking flustered to say the least, and has a look of one being hunted. The closer he gets to the sea the more he slows down. "Oh no. Not now." A glance round the others assembled and he turns to make his way back up the beach again to safety.

R'miel isn't about to be ignored! Especially not by a blonde beauty like Rupa. He slides up right next to her and grins. "Hello! Working, I take it?" Wow, so lame, Ram. The bronzer does turn to look at the number of male dragons gathering… uh oh. He's spots Or'un, who gets a short glare, then big boss R'sul. The latter gets a shout out and a wave. Not letting him get away that easily. "Hey R'sul!" Arinith turns his attention back to the beach as sleeping beauty awakens. The bronze paddles out to shallower water to shake out.

Aslianth is rather busy breaking through the waves, enjoying the day to the fullest. Or'un decides to just watch, settling himself on the sands to watch his lifemate play. He does notice Rupa and R'miel however, frowning at the latter but saying nothing. He scans the beach to see who else is there and spots the lone green amidst the male dragons, and she's /glowing/. The bronzer frowns back towards the water, relieved to see that Aslianth has yet to notice Saynth, having waded out rather far.

Saynth's eyes are on the dipping of Hesketh. Fortunately, she missed his nose-plunge earlier. Well, not quite so fortunate, because she would have fun it really amusing. But overall, his dragon-bow seems to have caught her attention, and she gives a rumble, which then turns into a low hiss as she flips around quickly, sending sand spraying about. Males! Right! With the sleep out of her mind, she swings her head around and gives them a good loud trumpet of a challenge, wings ruffling. Rupa, all the while, was flaking away at the stone. R'miel's approach does make her look up, only to frown at the bronzer. "No," she replies, her amber eyes looking him up and down. There's no sign of recognition. They don't linger on him long as she looks past him to the shore, and she glares. "Saynth," she hisses. "Not /now/ of all times."

Dhonzayth rumbles at the other bronzes that he seems to recognize, or at least should recognize, wings flipping out and sending bits of sand this way and that. Sails are stretched out to their full extent and he crouches low to the ground, more of the beach attaching itself to his hide, creating lumpy patterns as he trumpets, returning Saynth challenge eagerly. Yes, now.

Hesketh responds to the challenge like a knight in the lists, rearing back and adding his own bugle to the call to arms. Call to wings? His innate sense of chivalry holds him back from just charging and ignoring the others, but there's a thinly veiled urgency about the way he moves slowly back towards the beach. Time and place, here and now, he awaits the signal.

R'sul pauses, caught. "R'miel. Hello. I just need to be…." Somewhere else? Anywhere else? he swallows audbily, trying his best to not look at Rupa or anyone else on the beach. A quick glance back to Hesketh and he looks, for a brief second, like he might burst into tears.

R'miel frowns as Rupa shows him a very clear look of ignorance. He scratches at his chin a bit. "I'm R'miel. Don't you remember, we met at the tavern here a few months back…" Probably not, since Rupa had been drinking quite heavily at the time. "You had those maps with you…" He tries to jog her memory. Ram turns to blink a bit at R'sul. Then the flask comes out of his jacket and is offered to the man. Arinith is quick to respone to Saynth's trumpet with one of his own. He bounds over to her to get a better look.

Aslianth pounces atop every wave that he can, his tail wagging behind him wildly as he continues the game. But the trumpet issued from Saynth is enough to catch his attention, whirling eyes focused on the green now. A new game is ready to start it seems and he's up for the challenge. Or'un gives off a groan as he watches the bronze leave the water, only stopping to shake off some water before heading right for the green, like a big bronze magnet drawn to that glowing green one. Opposites attract, right? Reluctantly Or'un moves towards Rupa, drawn to her in the same fashion but not going as willing. Once he reaches the group that's starting to form around her he nods. "Greetings from High Reaches." He offers as properly as he can muster, staring at R'sul with a furrowed brow. Grown men don't cry after all.

Rupa shakes her head fiercely, hoping to dissuade the green from flying or perhaps answering R'miel. "No, never heard of you," she says, turning her eyes back to the bronzer, if a bit unfocused now. "I nearly always have maps. Sorry," she says, frowning, though she doesn't sound the least bit. She starts making her way out of the water, stone fisted in her hand angrily. Upon passing Or'un, she has to stop, giving him a long stare and a nod. "Yah, Ierne's duties to High Reaches," she mumbles, a bit distracted. There's a twitch starting on the woman's face. Meanwhile, the glowing green doesn't seem too interested to those challenging back anymore. Saynth gives the closest males a snort. As if they'd catch her, prepared like that. Before she spins around, away from her rider who has taken to moving back towards her and the rest of the dragons, and with a wiggle of her tail, she takes off! A new game? Absolutely! But she's got every intention of having these bronzes eat sand as they crash back tired before one of them can even get near this little green.

Dhonzayth snorts at Saynth from his crouch, bits of sand flinging from his muzzle as he does so, rocking weight onto his hind limbs in preparation, spread wings balanced, poised for the crucial first downstroke. And then she's off, the game has been started, and players need to take to the air! There is no time for questioning, the glowing goal which he must claim is quickly escaping. Despite his preparation, his larger size slows his launch into the air, and then he's working to gain altitude. And they're off!

Hesketh starts the charge as soon as the signal is given. His wings snap out and he lunches almost straight upwards, sending a wave towards the shore and showering water down into the shallows from his back. He watches the others closely at first, in no mood to get into a grande melee at this early stage. Let them fight, oafishness should never win a Lady from the skies.

Almost without thinking R'sul grabs the flask from R'miel, sinking down onto the ands and taking a long drink. This done he sinks his head down onto his knees. Knees, safe thing knees. He studiously does not look at any of the other riders that are present, striving to keep some control on his sanity.

R'miel pouts a bit. How could someone not remember his face? At any rate, the woman doesn't seem to be in the mood for talking, and who could blame her with the dragons like that? But that wasn't going to deter this bronzer from hovering close to her. He does decide it'd be in poor form to bring up her daughter right now, though. Arinith feels the rush as the smaller green takes off. Time to go! His sails unfold, and then with a jump and a stroke he's airborn. He pushes himself to catch up with the green form, there were lots of big dragons about, so he'd need to be cautious in this pack. He sticks to the outside as they make their ascent.

And eat sand he does! Aslianth manages to catch a mouthful of it when Saynth takes off, quickly spitting it out and shaking his wings before launching right after the green. Games, he loves games! And he knows this one well. He might have not started off too great but he's sure to make up for it as he soars after Saynth. Or'un gives a heavy sigh, moving a bit further from the group as the chase is underway. He finds a place on the warm sands and takes it for his own. He silently watches Rupa, his gray eyes seemingly colder than usual.

Saynth's a green of many skills, most of them in the air… even with the two puncture wounds she's gotten, her wings were still in perfect condition. So as she beats them to gain altitude, her head swings back to regard the pack of males. There's a warble given to the bronzes, silliest of all. Like they even stand a chance. Her glowing jungle hide is a streak as she makes her way up and up to a decent height, wings stretching to get a bust of air to get her even higher. Once she's managed that, she tucks them away and dives straight to the shallows with a cry of delight, twisting her body around once completely before she stretches them out to catch the sea breeze, skyrocketing again. Rupa didn't manage to get to her green on time. What she would have done, who knows. But the riders to get a glare now, her teeth bared, completely setting the blame on them. She shoves the stone into her pocket and points one finger at them. "/Don't/ follow me," she growls, spinning around and stomping off to her weyr just nearby. Whether they follow or not, she'll most likely go into a corner and huddle, waiting for the day to end.

Dhonzayth has no intention of trying to mimic each and every move of the significantly smaller green Saynth. After all, that would be a fool's errand, and while he may be a fool, he's on a quest, not some random trip. And so he rises even as she does, continuing to gain altitude and using the various winds and thermals to spiral upwards to what he seems to deem a suitable altitude. Of course, as he gets there, the green is already beginning to dive towards the ocean below, and then just as quickly soar upwards, and Dhonzayth merely maintains his steady pace, steady altitude, trying to stay in the same area as the green if nothing else. Meanwhile, it seems that whatever L'ton was doing, it has finally occurred to him precisely what was going on with Dhonzayth, for the bronzerider is practically tumbling over himself as he sprints onto the beach, hair mussed and shirt open most of the way, as if he was in a significant rush. Sliding to a stop, he turns upwards to stare in the general vicinity of the dragons, before spotting Rupa just as she disappears, leaving him standing rather baffled.

Hesketh angles sharply upwards, aiming to get above her no matter what. He tracks her movements, not allowing himself to be drawn in too far too quickly, after all one must never give away ones intentions to ones opponents. Eye contact is impossible in this situation, her movements impossible to read, so he plans ahead for her inevitible rise to glory. And then… oh then….

R'sul gets to his feet slowly, head down, hand clutching the flask as if his life depended on it. He trails after Rupa despite the warnings, despite the fact that he stumbles a few times as he tries to think of something safe. Think of Niva! That's safe. Niva angry, Niva shouting, Niva… oh shells no don't think of Niva. Think of… paperwork! Yes, that's safe.

Arinith pushes himself upwards to make sure that those deep jungle greens stay into view. His sails catch the wind so he can gently swoop up, until he catches the thermal that's lifted Saynth upwards and he gets a boost from it as well. He gives himself one more push upwards, then loops around to dive after the tiny green. He gives an excited trumpet to let her know they were right behind her. He twists slightly, to make sure he wasn't absorbed into the pack and could stay safely to the outside of her.

Aslianth? A /silly/ bronze? Of course not! The dragon trumpets to the green in all seriousness now as he watches her ascend at a much faster pace than he could ever manage. He beats those huge copper wings of his relentlessly none the less, taking advantage of whatever air currents he can in order to follow Saynth. When he's finally nearing the green she decides to dive down, leaving him rather confused for a moment. He dips down as well finally, but doesn't mimic the green exactly, not venturing as far down as she does. And so when she returns to the sky proper he's not so far behind anymore. Back on the sands Or'un watches Rupa head off, his eyes following the greenriders every move. But he stays still, either because of her command but most likely because he doesn't want to. She's not the type he'd want to follow anyhow, bruises are never fun.

Saynth's dive isn't the last, as she mimics the waves. Well, large waves, as she swoops and climbs, swoops and climbs, having too much fun in just her flying. There's a bronze close on her heels that she warbles too, draconic laughter in the air at his effort. Too much, too soon, for this little sprite. She dips her wings down, body angling, and she makes a sharp turn that takes her out towards the deeper ocean instead. She catches sight of the stragglers in her turn, warbling too them. Better catch up unless they want to lose her!

Dhonzayth still seems to have no intention of mimicking the waves - either the forest green one that flies through the air, nor the deep navy ones that crash onto the beaches of Ierne. And so, as the green's energy is spent in swoops and climbs, rises and falls, Dhonzayth's left to conserve some of his. Each of his larger wingstrokes allows him to keep up with the green, even as he falls into a glide now and then, never letting Saynth get too far ahead of him. As she warbles, even as its to another bronze, he responds in turn, and banks at his higher altitude, turning out to the open seas even as she does.

Hesketh doesn't follow her dives, flying an almost straight course now that he thinks he has read her mind. As she turns he does too, staying above and tracking her. Stalking her. Slowly he increases his speed and prepares for the final charge once he's within range. These ner-do-well's need to be taught a sharp lesson, one does not simply pursue a lady as if she were a piece of meat! He drops slightly, deliberately getting in the way of a brown he deems unworthy - but then again he deems them all unworthy of this prize.

Arinith tries only a couple of times to mimic the small green's wave-like movements. But such arial acrobatics are diffult for even a small, slender bronze like Arin, and he can't keep it up. Instead he turns his attention to gaining a bit of altitude on the lovely female. As she makes a quick turn to zip towards the deeper ocean, he slowly turns to swoop around and head her way. He wasn't as close to her now, but he was still close enough to see the details of her leaf-colored hide.

Aslianth continues to fly after the green, much nearer to her now than ever. But she's a quick little thing and without warning she shoots off again. The bronze offers his own roar to answer Saynth's taunt as she leads the pack before attempting some aerobatics himself. He manages to dip down and pull up again, adding a bit of a twirl before leveling himself again. See? He can do it too! Sure that little trick cost him, a much faster midnight blue passing him by, but he's gotta enjoy the game.

Saynth rumbles. Saynth croons. Saynth starts losing momentum. Though it has little to do with being tired, which she is starting to get there as well, but more because her agility tricks are not helping her move /forward/ as she tips that way, weaves sideways, spins higher before dropping straight down. Flights are all about moving around to her, whether up and down, forward, or side to side, happily experimenting with each shift in the wind. She actually seems to forget the chasing males until they are very literally surrounding her. There's a startled bugle as she dodges claws, necks, and tails, her wings beating frantically in the fray, hoping to regain her ground /ahead/ of them, but she doesn't look to be getting out of this death trap.

Dhonzayth knew that it was a trap, to fall into the silly flight patterns of the green! While the Istan was willing enough to veer and follow the various streamlines of wind criss-crossing across the ocean, he was also willing enough to stay at just about the same altitude, letting the green tire herself out. Yet, it seems that she's slowing long before Dhonzayth expected, and the pale dragon is actually caught offguard as she's suddenly in his midst, and he's trumpeting a bit in surprise, shifting and trying to dodge her frantically beating wings, even as he stretches out limbs and talons to try and snag her and help her regain her momentum.

Hesketh drops, arrowing downwards to scoop the fair Lady from the skies. Wings tucked in tight, tail straight as a lance, he arrows towards her. Silent for the majority of the flight he finally lets out a bugle, the cavalry is coming, no longer shall she be beseiged by these ruffians. At the last second he reaches for her, twisting around that he might waltz her out of the skies to safety.

Arinith gives a trumpet at Saynth makes a miscalculation. As she swoops past him he leans to follow her closely, only to find that the gang of dragons has also followed her. As she moves this way and that they close the distance rather quickly, and he finds himself in the worst possible situation for a small bronze - surrounded by a crowd of other bronzes. Time seems to slow down for the bronze as his folds his wings back. The other dragons simply turn into obstacles for him as he attempts to snake his way through to claim his prize.Saynth rumbles. Saynth croons. Saynth starts losing momentum. Though it has little to do with being tired, which she is starting to get there as well, but more because her agility tricks are not helping her move /forward/ as she tips that way, weaves sideways, spins higher before dropping straight down. Flights are all about moving around to her, whether up and down, forward, or side to side, happily experimenting with each shift in the wind. She actually seems to forget the chasing males until they are very literally surrounding her. There's a startled bugle as she dodges claws, necks, and tails, her wings beating frantically in the fray, hoping to regain her ground /ahead/ of them, but she doesn't look to be getting out of this death trap.

While Saynth is busy enjoying her aerobatics Aslianth is busy closing the gap between them. He's got a lot of air to cover after all. His wings beat back frantically as he notices the trap that the green has lead herself into, the eager dragon limbs trying to snatch her up. She's in check, but the game isn't over yet. The bronze dives towards a gap he spots in the group, his large claws extended before him as he maneuvers through it. Once that's accomplished he lets himself drop down towards the green, righting himself up and with a twirl, flying straight for Saynth. Check mate?

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