Chat on the Playground

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quiet to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

The Firelizard Theatre seems to come off lightest of the outdoors areas, but didn't get off scot free - Leaves and twigs cover the area, the worst of these being small branches. Should someone come here of the mind to clean it up, they won't have too hard a time - all this place really needs is a good sweep.

The afternoon sun is gray rather than blue, and despite the summer season, the air is cool from the gusty breeze that sweeps through the area, drawing cool air off the water, and into the Weyr. And its with this backdrop that one could find L'ton in the otherwise empty Firelizard Theater - the normal occupants having fled to other endeavors with the strong wind - and without a child despite the youthful attractions the Theater has to offer. Its there that he sits on one of the swings, absently going back and forth, never too far from the ground, nor making much of an effort to change it.

It was the perfect weather for a nice quiet stroll on your own, since the usually sunny weather had so many people outdoors. Which is what Ysa is doing, without a baby too in this bad weather. She had lunch with her in a basket and actually had the presence of two of her firelizards on each of her shoulders, tails wrapped eagerly around her neck that it was a surprise she wasn't choking to death. Her green eyes catch the familiar bronzer, causing her brows to go up in surprise. It wasn't that she didn't expect to see him hanging around Xanadu, it had just been awhile. "Ton!" she calls out, smirking, and heading her way towards the swings. "What are ya doing hiding out here as well?" Not that she can blame him…

L'ton shakes his head a bit at the sound of his name, looking about like he's going to bolt. But then, the Istan relaxes as he realizes that its only Ysa, and not some baby momma out to get him. "Hiding, like ya said." He offers with a grin of his own, giving the other swing a bit of a push to invite her over. "Ah think Senkyou's baby is part wherry. All he shardin' does is cry. Drove her nuts. Drove me nuts. Prolly driving the nannies nuts even now." Evil brownrider spawn. "Though, why're ya hiding? Where's yer worser half?" Ton asks with a grin yet, leaning to look and see if there's anyone following Ysa.

Well, Ysa wasn't one of /his/ baby mommas, but she was still known to pass off her son to whomever was around for a little bit of a break. But Lyram was still with the nannies and not due to be picked up anytime soon. "I never thought ya were one to actually hide. There's at least two different gals here ya can choose to hide with." She chuckles a bit and takes the offered swing, though the movements cause her lizards to chirrup in protest. The brown flutters off to the ground, where he can wait for food there. "Are all babies like that? Lyr's teething and he won't sleep well anymore." She sighs and shakes her head, only to glance aside to check if anyone had been following her as well. "Working, I hope. I can't stand being cooped up all days in the office only to be in the caverns. /Everyone/'s indoors today."

"The last time Ah was dumb enough ta pipe up and bother Senkyou, Ah ended up with Zalyu in mah arms, a bag on my shoulder, and had a brownrider running the other direction. Ah mean, he is teething, but Ah dun remember Zer and Zvelt being this bad, or even Zsrist. Ah.. Ah think its just his mother." L'ton shakes his head slightly. "Ah dunno who ya're thinking, but Eiri's scary, pregnant as she is, and ya've got Ram. Dun leave ta many here fer me. And my Mi's busy, since she already missed a day." The bronzerider's face falls a little, before he's picking his chin back up with a smile. "Ah dun blame ya - Ah went in there and thought Ah was gonna be smooshed with all the kids playing in there."

Ysa's brows lift even higher as she listens. She had moved the little basket to her lap, where she's busy pulling a meatroll out and tossing half and half to the firelizards, letting that keep them busy before turning to offer one to the bronzer. "Poor L'ton. I saw him from afar the other day, but he was asleep. He didn't look so bad, but with a mother like Senkyou…" Her nose wrinkles and she frowns. She's obviously never going to be friends with the brownrider, much less like her at all. "I'd imagine you'd have yourself a good handful more. That one's still pregnant?" She sighs and shakes her head. "Well, 'm still company for a drink every now and then, so ya don't have to go hiding from me, too. I miss those days… though with Lyram so young, it's tough." She grins now, though, taking in something he's mentioned. "/Your/ Mi?" she questions with a tilt of her head.

"When he's sleeping, he's just fine. But Ah can't get him ta sleep fer more than a few minutes at a time." Stupid baby. The offer of the meatroll is waved off, and he grins. "Ah think Ah'll have ta be taking ya up on that drink, once of these days, assuming Ram dun mind. Or, Ah guess Ah mean F'red, or at least that's what Ah was told his name was at Ista not ta long ago." Nope, not letting Leslyn's random naming of Ram go to waste, its more fun. "She's real pregnant, And Dhon says her Balmaith is starting ta shine again, so Ah'm actually a bit worried. Ah'll be happy when the baby comes." And then L'ton straightens up a bit with a grin. "Aye, /my/ Mi."

"It's a good thing that Weyrs provide an excellent amount of nannies," Ysa says with a chuckle and a nod. "I cannot wait until he's a lot older. Stops the crying, but then ya get the talking." Which might be just as bad… She moves the meatroll back to herself, taking advantage of her lunch break to scarf something down. In between her first bites, she nearly chokes. "F'red?" She turns to him, looking more than curious. "Did he call himself F'red?" She doesn't know whether to be suspicious or to laugh. She shakes her head and moves back to her roll, finishing the rest off quickly. "Flights an' being pregnant isn't fun at all. I don't know how the greenriders can deal with it, but 'm not going to go through that again." His Mi, huh? She's not finished with that, yet. "So, ya and M'iken… I haven't spoken to her in awhile, now that 'm all the way over here. How's she doing?"

"Ah think Ah might go get a cousin of mine though, fer the lot of 'em, so they can all play together when Ah have 'em, but not have ta drive anyone nuts." Shiptons are good at raising Shiptons? As Ysa nearly chokes, L'ton grins widely and shakes his head. "Nah, but Leslyn seems ta think that it is.. She's actually pretty good 'bout coming up with names." Too bad there's no Leslyn spawn for her to practice naming. "She's real good. She came and saw meh at Ista, and we ended up talking a bit. Ah accidentally made her miss work, though Ah guess t'was Leslyn's fault too, cause her gold went up. Ah'm sure ya heard about that from Ram."

Ysa bobs her head at him, taking another roll from the basket before setting it down. She makes sure to give the brown lizard a stern glare before turning back to the bronzer. "I guess having so many children 'round is nice, 'specially if they're around the same age so that they have friends." The Leslyn-name gets a raised brow but she was more interested in news from her old brownrider friend of Ierne. "Glad to hear that she's doing well. The two of ya seem to be together often, now." Tonny and his brownriders, apparently… Her grin falters and fades completely as she nods solemnly. "Yah, I've heard it from him already. I guess you'll be seeing him 'round Ista more often now, too." She sighs, finishes the roll, and then runs her clean hand through her hair.

"Ah expect Ah'll be here more, once Mellonath clutches ta, though. We might just be switching places, so plenty of time fer them drinks, right?" L'ton offers with a smile, trying to defuse the situation some, just for Ram's sake. "Ah think we'll be trying ta see each other more often. Ah'm trying ta get her ta move ta Ista, but Ah dun think Ah'm gonna have ta much luck. But, Ah'll take whatever time Ah can." L'ton offers with a grin. Brownriders indeed.

Ysa's lips quirk up again, if just a bit. But the mention of drinks seem to lighten her mood some. "Absolutely. And ya know I'll hold ya to that, seeing that I'll have more free time here in Xanadu. I wonder if Mellonath will clutch 'fore Ella's are off the sands… Not that we mind much at all." She shrugs both her shoulders up and then swings her legs out, starting to move back and forth now that she was free of the lunch basket. "She's got it nice at Ierne, too, though I always prefer the Weyr structure. I can't imagine why she wouldn't move, if they wanted her, since she has ya over there, too." She slows down, allowing herself to just hang there and move back and forth slowly.

"Ah ain't ta sure that Meluth would want ta move. Ah still ain't sure what he thinks of me, though Ah guess it's gotta be better than what Odeleth did. Everytime Ah turned around, he was telling Sris Ah did something bad." And then he gives her a bit of a grin. "Look at this way, now ya dun gotta worry 'bout Ram wandering off with her, not if'n Ah can have anything ta say about it." And then, he slow starts swinging even as she does, giving her a questioning look. "Though, since yer her friend.. ya dun mind, do ya?

Ysa smirks at the mention of Meluth. "Ah, that one. I don't know how Odeleth was, but Meluth's a big parent last I checked. I bet he's just been completely protective over M'iken all the time. I wouldn't know what to do with a big mother in my head." She shakes her head as if she were trying to remove a voice. Well, her own imagined voice. Ella was far from being a parent to her. "No, I hope I don't have to worry 'bout that." But the way her lips purse out in thought, she obviously still is. Her eyes narrow a fraction and she snorts at the bronzer. "'Course I mind. It was one thing if we were just sharing a bedmate, it's another sharing a weyrmate."

"Ah meant, Ah mean ya dun mind, if'n.. If'n Mi and Ah try this, do ya?" L'ton clarifies hurriedly, shaking his head. "Odeleth wanted Sris fer himself, more than anything. Ah can deal with a parent.. Ah'm good at dealing with parents. Not rivals so much." Particularly rivals who constantly point out his flaws. "Ah mean, Ah really hope she might change her mind, but Ah'm not gonna push her. Ah ain't sure who was more surprised, when it came up, meh or her."

Ysa seems to be a bit high strung after the sting she got with R'miel winning that goldflight. She plants her feet on the ground to stop moving completely, frowning at the bronzer. "Oh," she says simply at first, and then sighs. "Well, I don't mind if you two give it a try. I /do/ mind if ya go and break her heart." She makes sure to say this with a bit of a glare his way. But she knew the bronzer and the brownrider for the same amount of time. "'m sure her and Meluth can take care of themselves, too." She smirks at the mention of his old weyrmate. "It must have been tough with a brown like that 'round all the time. When someone in the relationship doesn't work out, since there's four we're talking 'bout as far as riders go." She lifts her feet, but doesn't make an effort to move herself. "So the two of ya brought up being weyrmates? Or being serious?"

"Ah promise, Ah won't break her heart. Ah dun think she'd let me." As she picks up her feet, L'ton drags his own feet on the ground to stop, before sliding off the swing and moving to give Ysa a gentle push to get her moving, perhaps to defuse some of her anger about the Istan goldflight at that. "Ah.. Ah ain't ta sure. Ah asked her ta stay, and then there was the flight. Ah.. Ah said some stuff, but then she said that.. That she thinks she's fallen fer meh, even though she should know better. But Ah think its okay, cause Ah think Ah was fallin' fer her, even before Sris and Ah decided ta end it." Oh, drama. "Sometimes, t'would be nice ta have a relationship without the other half being involved, Ah think."

Ysa chuckles softly. "I don't think she won't at all. I can just remember when she planted her fist into R'miel's face back in candidacy, too." Just to warn the bronzer, too. She chuckles when he pushes her, making sure to tuck her legs in so that they wouldn't drag on the ground or snag the basket. It helps… just a little bit. "A flight can really backtrack things. She said that?" She turns her head up, surprised. "I wouldn't really have imagined she would have, but I can't blame her. You're a decent man, Ton, so long as ya stay on the right track." And have a woman that would beat him up if he did anything wrong, probably. "Then we wouldn't be dragonriders," she says with a shrug and a sigh. "But relationships always have their problems. I like knowing that Ella will be there, whatever happens."

"Ah have learned that she could probably do meh some pretty good hurt, if she wanted ta. And, we both are gonna be sort of open, Ah think, cause with flights and all.." And L'ton's innate inability to not flirt with anything female, "She said she didn't wanna say nuthin', though, and Ah mean Ah can kinda understand it, but Ah'm glad she did. Dun gotta have bad things happen to have an excuse ta visit her no more now." Continuing to gently push her, he grins. "Well, ya got Ella and ya got meh. Cause Ah think we've proven that while we can distract each other pretty darn good, we wouldn't work out ta well fer the long term. Though, if you ever need a distraction, ya know where to find me." The last bit is said with a large grin, and he's ducking out of the way less she find it less amusing than he did.

Ysa actually laughs at that, head nodding. "I'm glad that she's shown ya that side of her. Not that she hides it, but at least the boys won't go walking all over her." She nods her head again, her eyes focused on something off in the distance as she swings gently. "That's true. It's good to be open… I know flights happen an' all, but when ya really like a person." She leans her head back to glance at him now, chuckling. "I hope it works out for the two of ya. I mean, /really/ works out. I guess it just depends on who you're with." She grins back at him, though, when he mentions himself. "Yah, I've always had ya 'round. But ya think your Mi might hurt me, if anything?" It was partly distraction, partly vengeance… which might just happen more often, so she shares his grin with her own smirk, if a bit strained. He was out of her range of smacking, anyways.

"She didn't seem so upset 'bout potentially sharing, said it was ya, not her." He offers with a wink, carefully ducking back in to give her another gentle push as she grins at him at least a little. "Ah mean, if'n ya really like someone, if'n ya flirt with someone else fer fun, its not like it means anything. Just is who ya are, ya know?" He tries to explain, before giving it a small shrug. "Ah hope it does too, though Ah'll be happy ta take as much Mi as Ah can. Ah, ya never know, she said she wants a lil'Mi, maybe she'll have some luck."

Ysa gives her head one fierce shake. "I don't share," she makes sure to add. "Well, I don't share weyrmates," she makes sure to clarify with a snort. "If anything, I can look for my distractions elsewhere, if things get bad… Not that I expect 'em to ever get bad again." She grips at the swing tightly, surprised by the swing that time. "I understand that. Can't really help it myself, when the mood arises. But ya got to know your limits, ya know?" She grins back at him again, this time dropping her legs down. Swinging was fun, for a short period of time. "I remember that she wanted kids. It's 'bout time, too, and 'm sure you'd comply with her wishes." She gives him a wink and a chuckle. "Wish the two of ya luck on that. But maybe ya should get her to move to Ista before."

"Ah'm sure the two of y'all'll be fine. Just remember ta take a page from Mi's book, and punch him real good, if'n he steps out of line." Or else Ton might step up and teach his mentee a lesson. "Ah'm working on it, Ah really am. And, yeah, Ah think it'd be best, specially so she's not stuck there fer months at a time. That wouldn't be no fair ta her." And then as she puts an end to the swinging, L'ton glances over towards the clearing and the lazing Dhonzayth. "Apparently Ah'm suppose ta go get Zalyu, he's driving even them nannies nuts." And then he's absently patting Ysa's shoulder, with a grin. "Ah'll look ya up fer that drink, when Mellonath clutches, Ys." And then he's headed to retrieve the child, even if he looks none too thrilled about the prospect of it.

Ysa laughs lightly, though the mood isn't quite behind it. "Yah, I probably should take some of M'iken's advice. 'm usually really nice…" Usually, of course, since her weyrmate has had a few smacks and punches from her, too. "That's good. Working on it… Ya can't change in a day. But I really hope they two of ya the best, since you're both my friends. And I'll be there for when she gives birth to a little-Mi, as ya say." She laughs and then waits for her feet to be completely grounded and the swing to stop before standing up as well. "If ya don't, I'll go hunting ya down myself for that drink." And she will, too. "Take care, Ton." She wakes to him as he heads away, chuckling to herself before taking up her things and flitters and moving back as well.

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