Vesvesris is Searched

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Menea peeks at Nikai, then back towards Vesvesris. "It's nice to meet you as well." She says, releasing her fingers from the strings and taking the offered hand. "Vesvesris, a nice name." She comments, smiling. "This must be a lovely vacation spot, from what I've seen. I think I'll enjoy my stay." She gives a shake of the hand, smiling and then returning to the braiding. "Oh. I've brought some with me. I can show you, later if you'd like.. I'd be happy to teach you how to. It's not that hard." She smiles, "I was thinking I could teach some of the other candidates some time. When there are more."

Nikai is one of those strange sorts that actually makes things out of greenery. Distracted knotting and the occasional caress of the tiny green flitter that has come to rest next to him are his only signs of consciousness, though his coherency is debateable. Eventually.. he has a rather garish, wild looking frond hat to show for his efforts, which is placed on his head with a light tap to the top. The conveniently frazzled rim shading his eyes from the daylight.. not that it's necessary sitting under a tree as he is. Sounds like a napping hat to me.

Alicia watches Menea's hands work the treads into a pattern. She nods to Ves "How's the plans coming?" she asks the waitress

L'ton's progress is slow, as he picks his way down the beach, as his hands are grasped by the young girl infront of him. The little girl's blondish curls bounce as she walks, giggling all the while. And, as the reach the beach, she tugs her hands free, darting towards the water though she doesn't actually go in, yet. L'ton, meanwhile, watches the girl, while nodding to those he recognizes. And Dhonzayth? He's more then happy to join Dlienth in the water, entering with a splash.

Vesvesris's mouth curves upward into a small, answering smile. "Thank you, although I assure you that I can't take the credit for it." She shrugs a little and gestures casually around the beach, hands waving toward the oceans and pleasant, tropical climate. "It /is/ lovely, " she agrees, nodding, "even to those who have lived here all of their lives." The prospect of learning the art of bracelet-making elicits a widening of her smile. "That's comforting to know. I must admit that I'm not very good with my hands, so it'll most likely take me several tries to get the hang of it." She turns slightly toward Alicia. "Plans? Oh, for Tilla's adventure cruise. They're coming along as well as they can be, I suppose. I believe we're going to be holding a, erm, people-auction eventually to raise funds so she can order her new boat." The girl's nose wrinkles a little at the mention of the people-auction. Both eyebrows abruptly take a hike as she espies Nikai's unusual hat, but she says nothing, choosing instead to peer t
oward the figure approaching slowly down the beach, and her brow furrows slightly, perhaps in recognition.

Menea simply peeks at Nikai, giving a questioning look and a brow raising. A light head shake, gaze returning down and trying to stay there. Her fingers work at the string and move along towards the bottom more quickly. She ties the knot quickly, now looking it over for any error. She looks up hearing Vesvesris now. "I am glad I was searched to such a lovely weyr." A small laugh and she offers a bright smile. "It's alright, I've taught riders who couldn't be taught to sew. Many errors in that. I'll see if I can find a way to make the learning easier. Perhaps a step by step, slow at that."

All the better that Nik decided to get out of the way what with another dragon slopping around the water. He adjusts his hat a bit, slumping down to peer out at the water while interlacing his fingers on his stomach. "Nice hat, ya?" He calls cheerfully, disinegrating into easy chuckles. Beach bum. Utter island uselessness until atleast lunch time.

Dlienth snorts towards Nikai trying to dislodge the hat

Little Zipalla claps her hands happily, the four turn old's attention then diverted by the bracelet that Menea is making. "Mesa wan one.." She offers, holding out her hands expectantly. Someone's spoiled. L'ton shakes his head as he approaches, picking her up with effort. A quick apology is offered to Menea, even as his attention drifts to Sris. "Hey lil' one…" He offers with a wink, while Zip offers her own innocence smile and wave from her place on his hip.

Alicia nods "Sounds like its going to be fun. Auctioning people huh? Went through a few of those, never as one being auctioned off though. Just a spectator. They were strictly regulated though. So things should go smoothly." she looks at the newcomers and waves "HEllo there." Samhain investigates the little one.

Dlienth chortles draconicly « Party time? »

Vesvesris looks amused. "It'll be interesting, at the very least." She gives a self-deprecating laugh as her attention drifts briefly to her hands, now stilled near her sides. "Well, I can sew, so maybe that's a good place to start?" she offers to Menea. "Although, come to think of it, a step by step method would probably be best." The waitress is no longer able to suppress a laugh. "It's certainly a very unique piece of headgear, " she calls back to Nikai with a shake of her head. Zipalla's demand quickly pulls her attention back to the people immediately nearby, and Sves worries her teeth along her lower lip briefly at L'ton's greeting. "Er, did you just call me 'little'?" she manages to get out after a moment, blinking confusedly.

Alicia smiles "Maybe they were taling of the child Vesvesris?"

Tristevan comes onto the beach from the direction of the plateau. The young harper apprentice turned candidate looks dead on his feet as he walks down onto the black sand beach. Tristevan ahs softly as the warm sand feels good on his sore feet. He manages to get a couple steps before he just flops onto the sand, which would feel good, but he's still a little wet from the baths. He gets up slowly and is coated in black sand, "Oh shards." He sighs as he starts to try to brush himself off as he looks to see who else is wrong.

Menea laughs softly, "It is." She calls back, giving a wiggle of her fingers. Then towards Zipalla, a smile. "It's no trouble, she can have this one, if she'd like." A pause, "I can always make another. It's not hard at all." To Vesvesris, she nods. "A good start, if you could work with your hands in sewing, it can help. Or, if you braid your hair. These can get more complex with four, five, or six strings even." She shrugs, offering a grin. "I can show you to do all those if you'd like, as well." Another hand raises as she spots Tristevan. "Hello, Tristevan!"

Nikai nods, "Island flavor. Can't fall alseep on the beach if you're going to be cooked to a crisp when you wake up, ya?" And apparently he's not at all concerned about shelving vanity to do it. Of course this is the same weyrspawn that runs around in trunks unless absolutely required to put on shoes or more clothing. That said, he drops his chin to his chest, lightly slipping off to sleep.

L'ton shrugs absently, looking down at her. "Ya are lil'… Not Zip-lil', but lil' all the same. But, not too lil'. Perhaps ya should come out with meh, sometime. Come dancing with meh - Pi always says Ah should go dancing.." And while his attention is caught by Vesvesris, Zipalla wiggles down out of his grasp, going back to looking with wide eyes at Menea. "Weawwy?" And she smiles broadly, slowly approaching her. "Thank ya miss.." Demanding she might be, but at least she's sort of learning manners.

Alicia looks at Vesvesris "So you aren't thrilled about a people auction?"

Tristevan spots the friendly wave from Menea and he waves to her as he moves over still brushing himself off. "Hello Menea how are you doing today? What chores did you have?" He smiles at Vesvesris, L'ton and Alicia, "Hello to you three as well. I hope your days were excellent."

Vesvesris's confusion melts into an easy smile for the child, and she waggles her fingers in a friendly sort of wave to Zipalla. "I don't braid my hair often, " she notes ruefully to Menea, reaching up with one hand to tug at a few strands that managed to escape the haphazardly-composed bun, adding, "It's just too much trouble to go through, really, although I've braided other people's hair a time or two." Tristevan's arrival garners a small chuckle and a light, "Morning, Tristevan." Her eyes narrow slightly, however, at L'ton's words. "Shards, I'm not /that/ little, " she protests with a laugh. She tilts her head a bit to the side. "Pi says that, does she?" A thoughtful frown pulls briefly at her face. "I know I've seen you about for quite some time. L'ton, right?" she says at last, tone ending on a note of inquiry. "It's not something I'd participate in, m'self, " she remarks, Alicia-ward, "but if it raises funds for Tilla's boat, it can't be all that bad, I suppose."

Alicia nods and gives a half smile "Least your pretty enough to be in one." a faint trace of bitterness can be heard as an undertone in her voice. Dlienth looks up at Cia, and rumbles. ALicia looks over at Dlienth "I know, I know."

Menea giggles softly, nodding her head a bit towards Nikai. Towards the little girl, she nods. "Of course, and, if something happens to this one, you can find me and ask for a new one." She states, tying the bracelet into a loose circle now and holding it out. "You're welcome." She chimes. A nod towards Tristevan, "Fine, and you? Cleanin' and such." She states simply. "Well, if you know how to, you'll get the basic idea of it all." She smiles towards the waitress again, "That would work too, I don't think you'll be hard to teach."

L'ton slides slightly closer to Vesvesris, one arm extending behind her as he talks, though its not close to touching her. "Aye, its L'ton. And she does.. Mah cousin can be persistent, too, when she wants ta be.." Apparently he's talking about Pi. And he just ignores the talk about the people-auction, he's got another goal in mind. "Or, if'n ya dun like ta dance, we could always do somethin' else, like we co-" And then whatever suggestion he's going to make is cut off as he glares at the bronze, muttering, and then looking back at her. "Like settling you into the candidate barracks, it seems." Stupid bronze, taking away all his fun. And Zipalla smiles broadly at Menea, thanking her again as she slips her arm into the loop, pulling at it awkwardly.

Vesvesris flushes a little, probably from a bit of mortification, judging by her expression. "I'm not going to be in it, " she points out, feet shifting a trifle uncomfortably. "Just helping Tilla to host it, probably in the Sands." Her discomfort lessens slightly as she replies to Menea, "I can only hope that I won't be. We'll see." She chuckles a little, eyes widening a little at L'ton's sudden proximity. Bubble invasion. "Er." Eloquence personified. "I uh, haven't done much dancing, " she admits, abruptly left staring, agape, at the bronzerider as candidacy is suddenly tossed into the equation. Her mouth briefly opens and closes, wordlessly. "Erm. Me?" Pause. She casts a quick glance toward Dhonzayth, and shrugs, returning her attention to his rider. "Well, er, okay, then. If he's sure about that."

Dlienth looks at the waitress « Dhonzayth is right, you will make a good candidate. »

Menea peeks at L'ton, then towards Vesvesris, "Sounds like it'll be more fun. I'll be teaching you anway. Maybe I can teach you before I try with the others.. You could help out." A grin, and she gives a nod to the girl once more. "You seem like you could pick it up quickly, knowing how to braid." The girl stretches out her legs now, watching the others on the beach.

L'ton is still obviously none-to-thrilled about Dhonzayth's decision, glancing away from the bronze where he still sits in the water to the teenager so easily within arm's reach. "He says.. He says yar better there, then here." Which sets off a whole nother string of mutterings, which are interrupted as Zipalla thrusts her arm up towards him, showing off her new bracelet. "Lets go get you settled in, I suppose… Not much else to do at this point."

Alicia chuckles softly.

Vesvesris blinks, astonished as Dlienth's eyes briefly meet hers. "Oh, my. Um, thank you, " she says, politely. Menea's suggestion elicits a brief grin in return. "Maybe, " she allows. "We'll find out soon enough how well I'll take to it, I guess." Sris laughs a little, somewhat uneasily, as her gaze levels momentarily on L'ton. "Perhaps he knows best, " she quips, tone somewhere between half-serious and half-jesting. The girl glances back toward the ocean, then accords the rider a nod. "Alright, " she agrees.

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