God Damn Them Brownriding Girls

Landing - Ancient's Inn(#8791RJMs)

If you were to go somewhere quiet to think, most people would not hitch a lift to Landing. But then most people are not currently sitting nursing a glass of wine and staring at it as if it should be doing something other than just sitting there. R'sul is, having gained a promise from the bluerider who brought him here that they would come back for him the next morning.

But, if you're avoiding a particular woman - or more precisely many particular women - Landing is exactly the sort of place you would go to ensure that you aren't about to be found, or happen to run into one of them. And so its into Landing's Tavern that L'ton stumbles, signaling for something strong - he hopes - as he picks a random chair - one next to a similarly sulky R'sul. "Its better if'n ya drink it, Ah promise." He mutters darkly.

R'sul doesn't glance up immediately, "So they tell me." He picks up the glass, even going so far as to swirl the liquid in it round a few times, but then he puts it back down again untouched. Finally looking up it takes him a moment to recognise L'ton, "Oh, it's you." A less than pelasant greeting, sure, but it's followed by a quiet offer. "Want to join me? I have a feeling from the look on your face we've both got pregnant women problems."

L'ton is much quicker to take a large taste of his own drink when its dropped infront of him, shaking his head with a sigh. "As far as Ah know, Sris ain't pregnant. Ain't matter anyway, cause she dun want meh around no more." At least the pregnant ones let him come and go as he pleases, for the most part. "Ya should have something better than wine. It dun work fast 'nuff, if'n ya wanna forget."

R'sul seems shocked for a moment, then raises his glass in salute, "Makes two of us. Though mine won't even say it, she just disappears." The wine is swirled again, then he gives in and downs it in one gulp. This blast of alcohol causes him to cough, not used to drinking quickly or in any quantity. He signals to the bartender for another, but then changes his order to, "I'll have what he's having. And keep them coming." To L'ton he adds, "I'll never understand women."

"Ah dun think she'd have told meh where she was going, if'n Ah hadn't been up waiting fer her ta come back. Ah spent mah whole offday waiting fer her, and turns out she was off with someone Ah thought was a friend who blew a minor thing to a big fuss. Now she took all her stuff and left." L'ton mumbles, as the rest of his drink disappears, eyes being squeezed shut for a long moment, before he shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah have no sharding clue. Ah thought they liked it when ya said ya were wrong, and that they deserve better."

R'sul sniffs his new drink when it arrives, recoiling slightly at the harshness of it. "Least you know where yours is. Mine won't tlak to me, just up and vanished cause I didn't notice she was pregnant. How was I to know she wasn't just getting fat? She likes cake enough. Then again she likes picking up men when she's having someone else's kid." A gulp is taken from his drink, followed this time by a cough and a wheeze. "How can you drink this stuff?"

"Well, Ah dun anymore. Not that she's mine anymore, either, really." Mope. L'ton shakes his head slightly. "They're real touchy bout that pregnancy stuff. Ah once tried ta talk business with someone, and Sris came in, ta tell me something. When Ah didn't stop ta hear that she was having a baby right /then/, she threw a fit and cried." And he grimaces slightly at the mention of a kid. "Ah'm still sorry 'bout that, man. Ah.. didn't think she'd.." And he trails off, letting the replacement drink sit infront of him for a bit. "Dun think about it, really. Not so rought, then." The drink, that is.

"Don't think?" R'sul consider, then knocks back the rest of his glass. There's not so much of a cough this time, but his eyes do water a little. "Better off without them." The alcohol he so unused to drinking is beginning to go to his head already. "Least now you have a bit of freedom. You can go where you want, do what you want, see who you want. Should suit you, right?"

L'ton chuckles slightly at the other rider's reaction, before shrugging a bit, playing with the empty glass in front of him. After a moment of pondering, he's taking a gulp of his drink, half testing to see if he can balance the partially empty glass on its edge. "Ah guess. Ah.. Ah do love her though. And tis been over 8 turns. Ah.. Ah'm not sure what Ah'm suppose to do."

R'sul signals the bartender again, who does the sensible thing and brings a bottle this time. "Don't think there's anything you can do, not till she calms down at least. 8 turns is a long time though. Bin… I mean been with L'alie for nearly two. Don't know if I love her or not. I guess not." he pauses to refill both glasses, bottle clanking against the edge of L'ton's tipped one in the process.

L'ton clings his drink back against R'sul's before taking a sip of the now topped off bottle. "Ah ain't sure she's gonna calm down this time. Ah can't help it if Dhonzayth catches. Least he didn't do no dumb think like catch a Senior's gold. Then she'd be real angry, and she doesn't even know it." Words are starting to slur more than normal, though thanfully its not too noticable yet. "Ah really didn't see her as yer type, ya know?" Not that its comforting, but.

R'sul snorts slightly, "You don't want to catch a senior, least if you don't don't catch Niva. Hates me." his words are slurring slowly, and he leans in towards L'ton. "Problem is potential. If you get bronze they say you have potential. Unlock your potential! Stay the feck away from your potential. Leave it! It's potential, it's not suppose to be messed with. Keep that door firmly locked cause it slike you glass, never as much there as you think there is." He makes another refill attempt at the glasses, his own mostly full still. Or full till he takes another drink, at least. "She had p'tential. At first. I'm too boring. Least noone could say y'r boring."

"Ah dun wanna catch no sharding senior. Ah've got enough boring meetings ta deal with now, and Ah can quit this job if'n Ah wanted ta. Ah dun think Ah could quit that one. Even the other golds are bad 'nuff, always wanting stuff, stay with me! Get me this! Help me do that!" And his voice is lifted to a higher octave as he mimics various junior riders. And then he's hurriedly shaking his head and moving to slap the weyrleader on the back. "Bah, Ah think she just gets too shardin' bored. Ah mean, she was bored with T'eo when Ah managed to coax her ta bed." Ah, honesty.

"Prolly gone back t'him." R'sul slurs back at him, "Good ridd'nce to 'er. Leas' now I don' need t'keep my weyr clean case she deigns t'come visit." His drink is slammed back, another refill done - though rather a lot of it does spill. "Should come t'Xan'du f'r a while. Plenty wim'n for y'there, might take your mind off things."

L'ton reaches ta take the bottle away from R'sul, tugging it out of his hand and wisely setting it on his other side, well out of the weyrleader's reach, but only after his own glass is topped off with a shaky hand. "She ain't good nuff fer ya, man, really she ain't. Ya just need ta relax, Ah'm sure there's a good woman fer ya. Shards, Ah bet ya'd be perfect fer Sris, always coming home like she wants ya ta." He mumbles, shaking his head. "Ta many crazy pregnant ones after mah head there."

R'sul shakes his head, then waits for it to stop spinning, "I'm done with 'em. All of 'em. You got it right, sleep with 'em an' then leave again." He leans in towarods L'ton, putting oe hand on his shoulder, "I don' care what 'nyone says, you're not all that bad. You got the right idea. Cept f'r the weyrmate bit, cause that's kinda sad."

"Just gotta make sure they go between. Drag 'em if'n ya gotta. otherwise they have /prooooof/." L'ton mutters quiet loudly as he shifts to put an elbow up on the swaying R'sul's shoulder. "Ah hope she'll come 'round. Ah dun think she will, but Ah prolly deserved it." Of course, half of that is unintelligible, but perhaps to another intoxicated man? "Gotta go fer them greens. They're the ones ta have fun with!"

R'sul is fluent in unintelligible at the moment. "Jus' think'f the fun, y'don't need tworry any more. An'' if she does come back then y'can still've enjoyed y'self in the meantime-Hic-scuse me. Mine d'nt even chase greens now, he's stuck on that gold. An' I ain't gonna sleep wi' her less I've not got a choice."

"She can't be no worse than that Sharix. Ah swear - Ya catch her gold once, she dun want /nothing/ ta do with ya ever again. Ah swear she'd cut me apart if'n Ah ever tried ta say anything more than business." L'ton mutters, shaking his head. "Why the shards he do that? Ah dun get it, Ah'd think they'd be as happy wif 'em as we are."

"Leas' she'd talk t'you, even if it weren't nice." R'sul replies muffling another hiccup, "Niva jus' shouts if she's got no option but t'talk t'me." As for the rest he just shrugs, playing with his glass again now, "Says it's his duty t'stay with her. prolly she'd get mad if he chased an' he don' want t'lose his position. He likes it more'n I do."

"Well, most of the time, she dun even do that. just scowls and walks way like Ah'm some pesty creature she wants to smoosh with her booot." As the other man hiccups, he moves to slap him on the back a few times, shaking hi shead. "Have ya said 'thin ta her? Maybe she'd be glad ta get rid of ya." The bronzerider Istan shrugs a bit as he ponders the drink left in his glsas.

R'sul shakes his head, this time it takes a moment longer to stop spinning, "Din't want t'chase last time, but someone else had other ideas. If y'get m'meanin? An' it's not too bad if y'avoid her. Get t'travel, get away fr'm people when there's not eggs. Shaffin' eggs. Sick'f 'em."

"Dun they always? Ah can't tell ya how many times, Ah swear them bloody things go up, just so Ah get in trouble fer catching, er not catching, whatever." Bitter. "Maybe ya just gotta be unbearable, ta be a senior. Much come with the shardin' dragon, er something." And the glass is emptied, though thankfully, he's not moving to refill it. Or R'sul's.

R'sul snorts. "Comes with bein' a woman 'f y'ask me." He's gone past rambling drunk and is heading towards depressed drunk, "Only happy if they c'n stomp all 'ver you. An' we let 'em cause they're soft, an' occasionally useful."

"Go find yerself a pretty girl, man. Dun let them get ya all down. Ah think Ah'm gonna go see…" And then its seems L'ton has forgotten what his plan was, even, for there's no name that joins the rest of his thoughts.

R'sul shakes his head, staring down into his glass, "I'll pass. Jus' me'n m'dragon f'r a while. You go find some'n, you got more luck wi' that sort'f thing than I do."

"Ya need a hand ta get back ta somewhere, man?" Not that L'ton's much steadier on his feet, a fact illustrated by the wobbling stance as he stands. "Ah mean.. anywhere ya need ta be?"

R'sul shakes his head, "Think I might jus' get'room. s'pose t'be gettin' a lift back wi'…" he thinks hard, scrunching up his face as he does, "Som'one." There's a pause before he decalres, "Don' feel s'good." Someone really isn't used to drinking.

"Ya should get 'em ta bring ya some food, and get ya ta a room.. Ya'll feel better." And L'ton gives the other man a smack on his shoulder, one hand holding onto the table for steadying's sake. "Dun shake yer head, ya fool." He adds as an afterthought, avoiding doing the same himself.

R'sul chuckles slightly, trying his best to not nod or do anything silly, "Y'know you're not as bad as people make out. Choice in drink /sucks/ but y'r alright comp'ny."

"Ah swear, they're just jealous. Er angry. Er both." Generally happens when you knock up someone else's significant other. "If'n ya ever need ta talk, Ah is around.. Ista's got some good drinks, ta. And pretty girls with 'em." L'ton offers as insight, before giving R'sul a slap on the back again, testing his balance. Hm.

Balance, what balance? At least R'sul laughs as he wobbles over almost on top of the table, "I'll r'member that." Sadly he probably won't, or if he does he'll remember it very fuzzily. "Give's a hand up. Need t'go lie down." He waves a hand at the bartender.

L'ton replaces his hand firmly on the table before moving to grab the other man's wrist, giving him a bit of a tug. Of course, L'ton's not precisely ready for the motion, and is almost knocked over before he tightens his hold on the table. "Go sleep man.."

"'s a good plan." R'sul slurs at him, now on his feet and wobbling dangerously. he makes a grab for the bottle, but misses, "You keep the bot'l. 's a present." By this point someone has arrived to help the Xanadu Weyrleader off to a quiet room, but he adds one last thing before he goes, "I hope it works out f'r you. one'f us deserves t'be happy."

L'ton just stares after the weyrleader as he's helped off, mouth opening before he snaps it shut again, clearly not sure what he's suppose to say to that. Speechless too many times, today. After the weyrleader's led off, L'ton carefully makes his way around, holding table to table to get outside to his dragon.

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