Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Odeleth's Ledge(#7862RAL)

Odeleth's arrival back at the weyr is both sudden and unexpected — seeing as the hour is a rather peculiar one. It's either really late at night or fairly early in the morning at Ista, and both he and his rider look, well, upset. At least, the brown isn't making an effort to conceal the growls under his breath, and Vesvesris? She's sniffling, clinging tightly to her lifemate as she fumbles with the straps, vision blurred. Eventually, she gets them undone, but she doesn't dismount — she just throws her arms around the dark-chocolate neck and stays there, unmoving for a bit.

L'ton has been pacing back and forth despite the late hour, even though Dhonzayth has long since curled up on his couch and gone to sleep. As the brown lands, and growls, his pacing is stopped, and he watches the pair, beginning to slowly pace again waiting for her. But then, as she remains upon the brown, he looks rather dejected, biting his lip and wringing his hands. "Sr-Sris.."

"L-L'ton?" And Sris sniffles as she finally slides down from her dragon - whose baleful eyes rapidly pick up speed as she heads toward the bronzerider, stopping just short of actually reaching him. "No, I'll handle this, " she says aloud, turning briefly back to Odeleth. Once the growls subside to some degree, the woman takes a deep, shuddering breath, wringing her own hands a little. "L'ton." And now her tone is a little firmer, a little less shakier. "I — we need to talk about something. Your friends. Your behavior. All this." And as her hand waves vaguely around the ledge and toward the inner weyr, she adds, more softly, "About us."

L'ton continues to watch the brown for a moment, before his eyes go back to Sris, a rather worriedly look on his face. As she starts to talk, he continues to fidget, running a hand through his hair. "Ah-Ah know.." He replies softly, shifting some more, and fingers curling in his hair and tugging for a second before his hand falls back to his side. "Ah.. Ah love ya Sris. But.. Ah know ya deserve better. Ah can't always be here, and ya deserve someone who is." He blurts out all at once, though the words are rather mumbled, chin dropping as the bronzerider stares at his feet.

Vesvesris' eyes are still all teary, but to her credit, she doesn't quite start crying again just yet, regarding him almost calmly for a long moment. "You do, " she replies to his declaration, sadly. "I know that you do. And I care about you very much, L'ton. You know that I do, that I have for the past decade, practically. You're a very sweet man - you really are. It's just that — every other woman on Pern seems to think so, too." This would be where her tone turns not-so-sad, but frustrated. "I know that you've been sleeping with other women. However, I have known that you've cared for none of them the way that you say you care for me — and you /do/ come back, most nights. But, honestly, L'ton — your friend's weyrmate? How could you? I don't care how persuasive she may have been or how encouraging Dhonzayth might have been — how could you have been with /her/? Do you know how upset you made R'miel by taking her up on her offer? I saw the man cry, for Faranth's sake! It would have been one thing if the woman lived where the flight was, but he told me the bloody flight was at /Xanadu/. Xanadu, L'ton, and they live at Ierne!"

"It wasn't mah intention. Ah promise ya Sris, Ah really do. Ah went just ta talk ta her, cause Senkyou, she was all angry, and said that R'miel and Ysa were fighting, and Ah just wanted ta talk ta her, ta make sure she was okay ta, 'specially with Ram not coming back. And, Ah dunno what happened, Ah really dun. Ah.. She was upset, and Ah was…" Out of his right mind? "Ah know Ah shouldn't have done it, but it wasn't just meh." He sighs softly, shaking his head and beginning a slow pace once more.

"You were in the same frame of mind that you were in when you came back to a /weyrling/ after losing a flight here, " Sris finishes for him, eyes sad. "L'ton, I have to ask — why? Why, all these turns? Have I really not been enough for you - not good enough, not satisfying enough, just not enough for your expectations? I've been faithful to you since we've weyrmated, this you know. I was so happy, you know, when you first asked me to live with you? So, so pleased to think that /I/ would be the one permanently sharing your bed — you chose a shy girl over all the other women out there. I was flattered. I really, truly was." She's quiet for a moment. "But then I started getting pitying looks from people. And it's all gotten to be too much. R'miel looked so sorry when he first found out who I was — siad he thought I was a /myth/ that didn't exist. A myth!"

"Ah.. Ah was in that same frame of mind.." L'ton agrees softly, sighing softly as he wanders into the weyr itself, curling up on the couch rather like a small child, arms wrapped tightly around his legs. "Ya're wonderful, Sris. Ah love ya so much. Ah do. Yer the want Ah want ta have with meh fer good. And.. Its really not like Ram makes it seem. Ah dun just sleep with random women, Vesvesris. Ah really dun. And, short of when Dhonzayth wins, Ah've been making sharding sure Ah've been here whenever Ah can, cause Ah dun want ya ta think Ah am. Ah can't make Dhonzayth stop chasing. But, Ah'd rather have ya happy, so if'n ya'd rather we end it.. Just say so. Ah dun wanna hurt ya more than Ah clearly have." Red-rimmed eyes stare at Sris over the tops of his knees.

Vesvesris follows him into the weyr, expression changing by degrees as she listens. Finally, the brownrider exhales and rubs briefly at her eyes. "I can't make Odeleth stop, either. And I appreciate the reassurances, and I know you've made efforts … " She lets her voice trail off, leaving the 'but I can't do this anymore' unsaid and consequently, louder than if she'd said it. "Maybe some … time and space would be best, " she says softly, "for both of us." Even as she continues speaking and scuffs the toe of her boot, she's watching him carefully. "I'll - take a good portion of my things, find a vacant weyr and ledge, all that." Deep breath. "Oh, but L'ton — I've loved you, too. And even if I never come back here as your weyrmate, I do want our children to know that they have two parents who love them. I don't want them growing up without their father. Or without me."

"Ah have been keeping it in check. But seriously, Ah'm starting ta wonder if greens go up, just ta spite meh." L'ton offers, trying to add a bit of humor into the depressing situation, before he's reaching out his hands for her, though he stays on the couch. "Ah.. Ah can move mah stuff. Ah dun wanna make ya all that trouble. Ah mean… its my fault." He chews on his lip some, sighing softly, before nodding. "Ah dun want ya ta be mad at meh, or ta not talk ta me. Ah dunno what Ah'd do, if'n Ah couldn't have ya around anymore."

"It certainly does seem that they like to, doesn't it?" Sris replies through her tears, grasping his hands tightly for a moment. "No, no, L'ton, don't move your stuff. This was your weyr to begin with — and I don't need so much space for just little old me. You've got tons of kids to come and visit, Dhon's bigger than Odeleth and you're Weyrsecond. You need the larger weyr. Besides, Odeleth's itching for us to make the move to get a change of scenery - I can't not oblige him, can I?" Despite the situation, her expression softens. "I think I got all the madness out when R'miel told me, to be honest. Now I'm just — tired, I think." And with his hands still in hers, she leans over to briefly press her head to his shoulder. "You won't get rid of me that easily, you know. I'll be around, as I always have been. We've got the kids — I can't stay apart from you for long if they want to do something with us, can I?"

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah.. It'd be so bad ta be here without ya though.. Ah.. Ah dunno. It'll just seem wrong." And he hurries to his feet, moving to pull her into a tight hug, red-eyes threatening to spill over as he holds her. "Ah.. Ah still love ya Sris. Ah… Ah need ya. Ah know Ah dun always act like it, but Ah do." And then he takes half a step back to try and give her half a smile. "But.. Ah want ya ta be happy." He admits, having resigned himself to it, it seems.

"Stay or leave, I'm going to have to find a new place, " Sris admits, then. "It'd be wrong to be here without you, too." As he pulls her into a tight hug, she throws her arms around him and holds him close, too. "And I still care for you very much, but — I think we'll both be somewhat happier in the long run, don't you?" Here, she touches his cheek, even as they both step back. "However questionable your behavior sometimes is, if you're happy, then you're happy. That's all I want for you, too, you know, and if being happy means that you'd rather pursue others, even just for fun — who am I to stand in your way?" Sniffle, sniff.

L'ton reaches up to lightly touch his fingers to her cheek in mimic, shaking his head. "Promise me ya aren't gonna sneak away ta some other weyr when Ah ain't paying attention?" He watches her, gaze flicking over her face, as he reaches to gently rub a thumb over a cheek. "If.. If ya ever change yer mind…" The rest of the words go unverbalized, and instead he just drops his chin once more, before wrapping an arm loosely around her, and giving a gentle kiss to her forehead. "Ya'll always be mah Sris." He murmurs.

"I'll stay at Ista, if that's what you mean, " she replies quietly, managing a gentle smile, albeit a small one. "And you'll always be dear to me, L'ton." And, that much is true, even if her affection does manage to turn its way to dear friendship and what will hopefully be easy banter in the future. But that will come with time. Closing her eyes briefly at the kiss, she releases a sigh, shoulders squaring a trifle. "I'll - grab my clothes and some of my things, and um — " She shifts a little awkwardly. "I guess I'll see you around?"

L'ton gives her a gentle squeeze before dropping his arms and shuffling a little awkwardly. "C-Can Ah get anything fer ya?" Seems he's really not sure what he's suppose to do, or say, or anything. And, clearly his normal solution just isn't a very good idea. And so hew continues to chew on his lip, just nodding slowly. "Y-Ya will… And.. Ah know Zip's gonna wanna come see ya, ta."

Vesvesris shakes her head. "No, it's okay. I'll - I'll get it." And she does, managing to scoop the majority of her clothing and personal possessions into several boxes and parcels, taking them out to Odeleth as she finishes each one. "I'll be glad to see her, " she murmurs while she packs. "I'm - glad that she would want to see me. I've grown terribly attached to your little girl."

"She loves ya ta…" He offers, and then shuffles around a bit. "W-What should Ah tell her?" And the others, though its clearly not quite the same as when dealing with a preteen. And he's looking at Sris then, as if the brownrider has all the answers. "Ah… Ah'm gonna miss ya." Oh, the awkwardness.

"The truth, " Sris answers softly. "Tell her the truth, L'ton. She deserves nothing less." And, while she's taking some things out of their nightstand, she gives him a tiny, sad smile. "I'll miss you, too. Don't ever doubt that."

"Maybe.. Maybe it'll work out." No matter the actual likelihood of it, it seems as if L'ton'll be holding onto that smidgen of a hope. And then he falls silent again, not having anything else to add that hasn't already been said. And he just watches her, glancing briefly at Odeleth, before back at her.

Vesvesris doesn't reply to that, finishing packing another box. As she turns to take this last box to Odeleth, she hesitates for a moment, biting her lip. Odeleth rumbles, though, and this finally nudges her forward to start tying the parcels to his harness.

L'ton hesitates for a moment, before starting to move forward to start tying the various belongings onto the brown, but then at the rumble, he stops in his tracks even backing up a few steps. Staring at his feet, shifting as awkwardly as a candidate on the sands, though far more quiet.

Odeleth, for all that he's never liked L'ton, rumbles at the man — but it's not a threatening rumble, for once. More of a, 'see you around, ' as he's being loaded up. Finally, though, all the packages are tied on and there's nothing left for Vesvesris to do — save to tell L'ton awkwardly, "Well, er. I'll see you later, then. I'll um - leave Zvelton and Zerissa to the nannies for a little while, I think." Uncertainly, she looks as though she'd like to take a step toward L'ton, but falters, moving instead to mount up.

L'ton nods his head slowly at Odeleth, nodding again at Sris's words. And then, as she begins to mount up, he hurriedly moves to Odeleth's side, despite his hesitance around the brown, reaching for Sris's wrist to pull her back towards him. "Sris.. Wait." Not that he's sure what the next move is, but he's there, trying to keep her for just another moment.

Vesvesris is almost up to where she can reach her riding straps, but finds herself suddenly impeded by L'ton catching hold of her wrist. So, she watches him for a long moment with a soft, "Yes?"

"Ah love you… Ah.. Ah want ta ask ya not ta go, but Ah know it ain't fair fer ya ta do that." And he looks up at her pleadingly, chewing on his lip. "Ah.. Ah just want ya to remember that." And then he gives her hand a gentle squeeze, and takes a few steps back to get out of the brown's way.

"This is hard enough, L'ton, " she whispers at last, shaking her head a little. "I'll — be seeing you." And with a great effort, she manages a tremulous smile, turns, mounts up and sighs. "C'mon, Odeleth." And, swift and silent, the brown launches from the ledge, winging toward the other side of the bowl through the dark.

L'ton nods slowly, dropping his head and shuffling back into the weyr after Odeleth vanishes into the darkness, unable to stare at the disappearing woman any longer.

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