Beach with Pi and Zip

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

It's still morning, not entirely /early/ morning anymore… well I guess that depends on your definition of early. It's about 9pm. The weather is still wonderfully warm as always and Pi's decided to take advantage of a break in her schedule to enjoy it. Not reclining on the beach this time around, instead she and her bond are out in the waves. Psy bobs up and down with the waves, mostly submerged with Pi laying near her shoulders.

L'ton trails in slowly, in old shorts for swimming, as he is slowed down by the girl toddling along side him, holding on to one finger as she giggles, pointing at the ocean. "Wa'er!" She declares proudly, looking up at L'ton. Dhonzayth glides lazily overhead, and rumbles a greeting to the green pair off shore.

Pi is laying on her stomach so just has to raise her head as she hears the rumble. Ooh look, there's the silly bronzer and his bronze. Plus kidlet of course. Offering a wave she grins and Psy offers a rumble in return. Dragon heads towards shore so it's not so deep when her rider rolls off and then swims/wades in. "Hey, what're you guys out here doin?"

L'ton scoops Zipalla up into his arms, shifting her onto his hip with a grin as he closes the distance between themselves and Pi. "Ah, ya know, swimming. Things are slow, so Ah thought we'd take advantage of it." Pause, and grinning, squinting slightly, he eyes her. "And what are /ya/ doing done here?" Dhonzayth moves to dump himself into the water as quickly as he can, moving deep to submerge himself without messing with anyone else in the water.

Pi beams brightly at Zipalla, L'ton gets a secondary beam, kidlet first. "Yeh makin' sure yer daddy don' get in trouble?" The bronzer's question gets a shrug. "Enjoyin' some time off 'fore classes Ah got later."

Zipalla squirms, wanting desperately to be put down, and so she is, the nearly 4-turn old darting to cling to Pi's wet leg, assuming that she lets her. "Uh-huh! Ah'm wha-ting!" Grinning, she looks up at her with wide eyes, while L'ton just laughs softly, and shakes his head. "Ya've got it easy, with all them classes of yars.. Sure ya dun wanna lead a wing, give meh a break?" He winks, teasing her.

Pi definitly does let the clinging happen. Reaching down she ruffles at the girl's hair a little as well. "No thanks, yeh agreed ta it, yer problem." And she gives L'ton a nice grin at that. "Obviously yeh got /some/ spare time an' all. Yet yeh still don' come see meh very often." And she maturely sticks her tongue out at the other.

"Ya could always come and visit meh, too… Usually Ah'm just doing paperwork, ya know." Grinning, he manages to coax Zipalla away from Pi's leg, nodding at the water, and slowly starting to wade in - Not too deep, though, for the girl's sake. "Ah mean, people can come ta meh, Ah just can't go ta people…"

Pi smirks a little at that and follows along. "Yeah, but Ah'd visited yeh last hadn' Ah?" She can't quite remember, ah well. "Yeh even missed meh flight.. though Ah doubt Dhon woulda won.. he's got a chance next time if Ah'm guessin' right."

L'ton waggles a finger at her, smirking some, as Zipalla sits down where she is, water ringing her stomach, rising and falling gently with the waves. "Ah just thought Ah'd give someone else a chance ta win, ya know?" Even if its been a while since he won. "Why do ya say that, little one?"

Pi captures the finger or at least tries with another grin. "Someone else a chance? Yeh wouldna had one yerself. Yer dragon ain't brown last Ah checked… Yeh caught first, bronze. Then a blue, an now a brown. So Ah'm guessin' back to Bronze. But maybe she'll want a /differen'/ bronze." And with that she sits down next to Zipalla in the water.

L'ton sticks out his tongue as the finger is caught, wiggling his hand in an attempt to get it free. "How could she want a different bronze? Dhon's so.. wonderful. Ya know ya'd want him, if ya were her!" And he continues to tease her, Zipalla satisfied with pushing the sand beneath her this way and that.

Pi smirks a little bit. "Cause, she wants variety, tha's why she's tried all the colors an' all. Keeps sayin' Ah should go fer variety too." There's the slightest blush as she rolls her eyes. "Yeh seen Tellus an' Franses together yet?"

L'ton grins. "Why should she keep trying new things, when she's already had the best?" No shame, hm? Glancing down to check on Zipalla as she continues to play, he nods slowly. "Ah have… At least Ah'm not the one close enough ta get mah head bit off.."

Pi giggles a little at the others statement. "From what Ah've heard she ain't preferin' any of the three shes's had.. so don' be so sure." There's a blink at the head biting off thing. "What do yeh mean? Whose bitin' whose head off?"

L'ton winks at her for a moment, before grimacing and shifting to settled down next to Zipalla, keeping an eye on her as the girl slowly scoots slightly deeper. "Ah, Franses, ya know. She, uh, she doesn't always like guys, and Ah mean, its not good for meh, if'n Ah need something minor, and its, well, that time.." Proddy is so fun. Not.

Pi looks purely confused, yep. "Yeh ain't good with dealin' with her when she's proddy? Ah'd expect that… maybe yeh should talk ta her about it when she ain't proddy, see if yeh guys can figure out a way it'll work an all." The whole Franses being wingsecond and all. "But they're so happy…" and Pi gets the slightly dreamy girl expression. Oh dear.

L'ton laughs softly. "Ah just need notes. But, if'n its urgent, maybe Ah'll get Tellus to let her know, what Ah need.." There /are/ benefits to this. Besides that whole girl-girl thing, that seems to intrigue guys. "Are ya jealous, little one? Ya have M'kan, do ya not?"

Pi grins a little with a shrug. "Ah guess Ah might be.. jus' a little." She's even admitting it. "Well… Ah'm /friends/ with M'kan.. we broke up awhile ago." Long while for that matter. "Ah wasn' ready ta be serious or nothin'.. wanted to have fun. But.. they're so happy an…"

L'ton glances up at her, ducking his head. "Ah… Ah hadn't realized. Sorry." Pause. "So, is there someone else, ya want? Ah mean, if ya're jealous of them, who would ya want to be with, like that?" Perhaps L'ton just doesn't understand it, preferring no /real/ commitment.

Pi shrugs a little. "Was meh choice." So no reason to need to feel sorry or anything of course. "That ain't it.. Ah ain't jealous /of/ them really… jus' of how happy they are.. an' thinkin' maybe Ah /would/ like a relationship after all." She doesn't say anything about who of course, that's probably not in her head.

L'ton quickly grabs Zipalla as the girl seems to have had enough of just sitting - taking advantage of distraction to start to head deeper. "Hey!" He tickles her slightly as he pulls her into his lap, glancing back up at Pi. "Ya have plenty of time, ya know. Its not like ya're all old, and stuff, and running out of time.."

Pi nods a little at that and sighs. "Ah know… but maybe a commitment ain't such a bad thing… Ah can still dance an' have fun even if'n Ah /do/ have a boyfriend." Franses and Tellus just seem so happy and so maybe it /is/ a good thing. Zipalla gets a grin. "Yeh gotta keep an eye on yer daddy, 'member?"

L'ton grins. "Ya could always borrow Zipalla, if'n ya want some commitment, for a while." And ignoring her father, Zipalla just sits in his lap, and nods solemnly at Pi. "Ah forgot.." L'ton keeps one arm wrapped around her loosely, "You just need someone who also likes to go dancing, and all".

Pi shakes her head slightly. "Yeh know that ain't what Ah meant.. but Ah wouldn' mind takin' care of her sometimes.. take her out an' all.. give her a break from watchin yeh." Yay for teasing Pal. "M'kan dances, jus' doesn' always have time. He still owes meh a couple though we /have/ recently. Do yeh think Ah should ask him if'n he wants ta actually date again?"

Zipalla looks up at Pi with wide eyes. "Canni go dansing with ya Pipi?" And she stretches her arms out for the greenrider, eager to be free of L'ton's lap. Letting her go, if Pi's willing to hold onto her, he grins. "Do ya like him? Ah mean, dun think about the commitment thing.."

Pi takes Zipalla and plops her down in her own lap with a giggle. "Course Ah'll take yeh dancin' an teach yeh how too." There's another little shrug. "Yeah, Ah liked him enough ta get together with him in the first place, didn' Ah?"

L'ton waggles a finger at her, he's safe since she's distracted with a wiggling Zipalla, right? "Well, Ah was just asking… If'n ya like him, and are ready for commitment, maybe ya should talk ta him. Ah mean, ya've nothing to lose.."

Pi nods a bit at that with a smile. "Yeah.. Ah know… but then again maybe he's still gonna be just as busy an Ah'll have the same problem… Ah dunno." Zipalla gets tickled in the side as she keeps an arm around her.

Zipalla continues to squirm, managing to get away before being caught shortly there after by L'ton. "Ya could at least enjoy more time with him, eh? Then ya'd get what free time he /does/ have." A wink, and he stands, flipping a squirming Zi upside down. "Ah think someone's done swimming for the day… Ya should come by, later, if'n ya wanna talk more.."

Pi gets to her feet as well with a nod. "Ah know.. our free time jus' doesn't match up well, Ah think he's tryin though." There's a smile at the offer to talk more as she brushes a bit of the wet sand from herself. "Maybe Ah will stop by, after classes though." There a grin and she heads back out towards her dragon.

L'ton flips Zipalla right side up, and gets her to wave at Pi, offering his own, as he heads back the way he came, Dhonzayth reluctantly moving as well. "Have fun, little one!" And then, he's off

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