A Heart to Heart

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Odeleth's Ledge(#7862RAL)
Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

L'ton is home for once, as he's managed to draw an offday and has escaped from being roped into any 'favors'. And so he's settled on the ledge, having pulled a chair out there to enjoy the sunlight, while Dhonzayth had chosen darkness and is curled up on his couch.

It's a somewhat hopeful Vesvesris that makes her way down from Odeleth's side as the brown lands on the ledge, whisper-quiet. The young woman's shoulderknot looks different — no longer so complex, it's simpler — or it would be if she even had one. Her knot, for all intents and purposes, has vanished. "L'ton?" She's hushed, quiet. "L'ton, I — I gave O'ren my knot. I can't take this anymore. Not being here with you and the kids as much as I want to be, that is." She breaks off for a moment, adding, more cheerily, "So, here I am. And here you are." And, as she peers toward the inner weyr: "Where are the kids? Still down with the nannies?"

L'ton watches as the brown lands on the ledge, expression on his face turning into a wide grin. And then, spotting the change in the knot, he hesitates, before giving her another smile. "Ah.. Ah think it was the right thing." And he's getting to his feet to meet her with wide arms, and a grin. "Aye, still with the nannies. Ah was hoping ya'd get a bit of yer own free time, so Ah could actually enjoy mah weyrmate." He teases her slightly.

"You do? Really?" And Sris seems genuinely pleased at this, hastening toward him to press herself against him, arms wrapping snugly to his back. She pulls back slightly after a moment, an eyebrow raised at his words. "Oh, you were, were you?" It's somewhere between teasing and accusative, like she can't quite figure out where to make her tone settle, but it's rather subtle - maybe he won't notice it.

L'ton tilts his head to look down at her with a grin, leaving his arms looped around her, and a hand resting at the small of her back. "Ah was.." And then there's a pause, and he's making a bit of a face. "Ah've missed ya Sris… It feels like we never have any time fer us, with ya and the weyrlings and meh and everyone making meh go to this meeting or that, or deal with whatever, and then when we do have time there are the kids and.." His words come out in a rush as he sighs softly, tightening his hold on her possessively.

Vesvesris relaxes a little under his tightening hold, though her posture still remains rather stiff-backed, if truth be told. "Our jobs do - did - make things difficult, " she admits, "but I should be home more, now." Although, will he be? "I — I know I really haven't been around as much lately after you've come back from a flight or — " She grimaces a little. "Or from losing one. Odeleth's caught a few greens, but it's - they're - just not, " she finishes somewhat lamely. Not you.

L'ton gently rubs her back, realizing that she's rather stiff. "Ah'm gonna do mah best ta be here when Ah can. Ah can't always help it, if'n Ah'm stuck someplace else now and then. Ah'll even see if'n Ah can't get my schedule fixed some." He offers, trying to sound helpful. As she grimaces, he gives her a half smile, moving to tilt her chin up to catch her gaze. "Ah understand, sweets, Ah understand. And.. Ah know what ya mean. Ah've had ta much ta drink a few times, cause Ah wasn't able ta find ya and.. yer the one Ah wanted." Though, just as many times he's ended up somewhere else, as much as he'd prefer not to admit it. "Ah love ya Sris, a Lot." He admits plainly.

"You will? Really?" And really, Sris can't help questioning that, though whether out of relief or disbelief remains to be seen. "I know, " she says at last, quietly. It both acknowledges that she knows how he's been out and about and didn't return home only to seek company elsewhere, and yet - she knows that he loves her. "I know that you do, and I love you, too, L'ton, but I — I have to know something." And for the first time, she looks small again, a girl who bites her lip briefly. "Was it - was it always because you had too much to drink, or lost a flight?"

"Ah will.." He repeats more softly then. And then as she seems to sink in on herself, he shifts to gently rest his palms against her cheeks, staring into her eyes as she seems to become the girl he first met all those years ago. "Always. Ah would never do it on purpose. Ah dun want ta hurt ya. Ah know it wouldn't mean nothing ta meh, cause.. Cause Ah love ya. And only ya. But, Ah know it would make ya sad." And he begins chewing on his own lip, shaking his head. "Ah would rather be with ya. And there've times Ah wished that ya'd be there with Odeleth ta chase, so Ah'd have ya there with me."

Vesvesris seems to be reassured by this, the girl from some eight turns previous nodding once, twice. "I believe you, " she says at last, softly, leaning forward to bury her face in his chest girlishly. But her expression and gaze is all woman as she leans back after a bit, staring up at him. "I know you have. I also seem to recall you saying once that having me there was — what was it? — oh yes, I believe you said it was 'awesome.'" Grin.

"It is awesome. Yer awesome. Yer always awesome." He replies quickly as she turns into his weyrmate again, and he moves to bundle her up. "Ah think Ah want some Sris cuddles, before them nannies give our terrors back." And it doesn't seem as if he'll take no for an answer, for as the crisis is averted for now, he's scooping her up to cart her off into the weyr itself. Evil bronzerider!

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