A Present for Senkyou

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)

Senkyou is on the bed, sitting next to her straps which are in bad shape, Dulacth is near her eyes whirling orange and purple which seems to have become a common color for him these day. R'miel is leaning against Arinith and talking to Senk. Senkyou sighs, crossing her arms again "I hope you can, I liked her as a friend and I'd of never slept with you if I'd of known Ysa would ever find out. I'd have rather been alone, it helped but now I'm in even more trouble." Standing Dulacth croons and Senk pats his nose, "This is a mess." An understatement for sure.

L'ton hovers around the door for a moment, before he takes a deep breath and bangs on the door before sticking his head in without waiting for an okay. In his hands is a rather lumpy package wrapped up in brown paper, and it crinkles as he squeezes it. Hearing Senkyou's voice, he stares in that direction, jaw just dropping as he realizes R'miel's already there, and he's moving to back out.

R'miel looks over to spot L'ton entering. "Hey, Tonny. What're you doing here? Come to watch me get castrated?" He looks back to Senkyou and sighs again. "I'll do what I can. Things aren't really great between Ysa and I. You're not the only person I've messed around with since we got together outside of flights. Don't figure it's going to last too much longer… think she'd abort the baby if she could, now." The bronzer hangs his head.

Senkyou has not misseed tonny's entrance and at the knock looks up and says "Come in." With R'miels confirming it is L'ton she walks over to the door "I'm not going to castrate him I'll let Ysa do that." Senk isn't through with him and gives a glare to R'miel. "Where'd yu run off to last night L'ton?" Nope even in all the nights chaos she hasn't missed him leaving. Shrugging to R'miel, "I've no say in what she does with her kid, an' you're the one who cheated on her you will have to fix this."

"She loves ya man. Just.. trust meh. She still loves ya." L'ton offers as he's caught by R'miel, hoping that, perhaps, his words will help the other bronzerider feel at least a little bit better about himself. "Ah.. Ah just came ta bring Senkyou something. Ah didn't realize ya were here, Ah'll just go…" But then as he's caught by Senkyou to, he shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah thought ya'll were gonna kill meh, so Ah had ta get out of there." And he shifts rather nervously, gaze darting momentarily to R'miel, before looking back at Senkyou with a half smile. "Y'all didn't seem like y'all'd mind."

R'miel sighs. "It'd be dangerous for her to give it up now. So she's stuck with me, at least partially. I wasn't asking anyone else to fix it." He raises a brow to L'ton. "Did she talk to you, too?" He shakes his head. "She was going to kill me last night." He peers at her. "Still might. Wait… 'you all'? You didn't leave with the crazy lady yesterday, did you?" He raises a brow to Senkyou.

Senkyou gaze flickes between L'ton and R'miel then as L'ton talks about Ysa she ignores more interested in the package. "Yu-yu brought me something!" All girls love gifts even ones as confused as Senky and she looks at the package before R'miel distracts her, "I can go home after a flight with anyone I please to. I wasn't going with him, he seems to have rubbed off on you enough." R'miel still isn't off his hook. "We where just fine thank you very much, I wasn't about to go home with another bronzerider." Glare, and a sigh she looks back at the gift expectantly.

"None of 'em went home with me." L'ton offers in explanation to R'miel, nodding slowly. "Ah ran into her. She says she still loves ya, even if she may be a fool fer doing so." He explains before Senkyou is distracted with the package and he waves it around a bit. "Ah actually brought two things. One fer lil Zalyu, and one fer ya, cause Ah'm sorry Ah got ya all upset the other night. It wasn't nice of me." Particularly if he wants to not be killed.

R'miel just shakes his head, chuckling a bit. He raises his hands defensively. "Hey, I never said you couldn't go home with who you wanted to. What's wrong with Tonny? You seem to be more mad at me than at him anyways, and I didn't get you pregnant." R'miel nods and sighs to the other bronzer. "She wouldn't let me leave the night I told her. I think I hate myself more than she hates me right now. Anyways, I'll let you two… do what you gotta do."

"For both of us? That's nice of yu!" Senkyou lets herself slip a little smile, Dulacth back to his couch and his new shiny rock. R'miel gets a very small wave, "Just make sure she forgives me, and well you." Senk's number one priority is senk of course. L'ton's apology meets tiny nods, "Do I have to wait to open it tell the babies born?" The tiny bit of a sad face. "I'm bad with suprises." But she's getting gifts and the world is righting itself. Lastly to R'miel she says, "Buy her something nice, something for her and not the baby." Senk warns, see she can be reasonable.

"Stop and see the miners on yer way home. Ah promise, it'll be the right thing ta do." L'ton offers to R'miel with a look of experience, before shrugging a bit, mouthing 'I'm cuter' at the other bronzerider with a teasing grin, clearly less afraid as he has not yet been killed by the brownrider. The larger package is squeezed a bit, revealing its squishy nature, as he holds it up and stares at her. "Ah dunno, should Ah let ya open it now?"

R'miel nods a bit to Senkyou, then to L'ton. "I've already been… I've been saving up to get her something nice." The bronzer frowns a bit. Then he laughs and gives Tonny a 'friendly' punch in the shoulder. "I better get back and see if she's at home." He pouts a bit and gives Senkyou puppy-dog eyes over the rim of his glasses, opening up his arms to try and get a hug out of the brownrider.

Senkyou isn't sure she is going to hug R'miel, but scoots carefully over and hugs him a bit a very quick friendly hug, and she whispers "You're so infuriating." Then turning back to L'ton and her gift she whines just a little, "Why would you show it to me if yu weren't gonna give it to me?" Senks back to being peeved and says to L'ton "That's just mean of yu!"

"Just make sure its something she'll like, ta, and its not something ya just think is nice." L'ton continues to advise, the package given another squeeze as Senkyou gives R'miel a quick hug. And then as her attention is back on him, he tilts his head. "Ah never said Ah wouldn't get it ta ya. Just wondering if'n Ah should let ya open it."

R'miel smiles down at Senkyou, hugging her back. He grins at her a bit, then moves back over to his bronze. He looks at L'ton. "Heh… well. I hope she'll like what I got her. See ya later you two." He climbs up onto Arinith and they make their way out.

Senkyou has all her attention on the bronzer with /her/ package. "That's just not right at all!" Senk turns away from him stomping slightly and picking up her straps from off the bed. "Why do you have to tease me, I mean if yur going to give me a gift give me one don't just wave things in my face." Pouting again she runs her hands along the hide.

"Maybe if'n Ah can have a kiss, ta know that yer not mad at meh anymore, Ah'll let ya open the baby's present. And then, there's something fer ya that ya still get." L'ton continues to tease her, following her over towards where she picks her straps back up, giving the package another taunting squeeze. "Just a lil'kiss for a present.."

"Do you ever just stop?" Senkyou asks dropping the straps.. "Fine, just a little one." What girl will do for her gifts, dropping the straps on the table she leans up and gives him a kiss on the cheek hand's moving for the package. "Will I like it?" She asks waiting for him to release it and saying, "I hope it's nothing Eiriana picked out." The brownrider will be scarred for life after being drug around that gather.

"Nah, Ah picked it out. Ah hope ya like the color - if'n ya dun, we can get a different one." And at the kiss on his cheek, he grins at her and moves to give her the package, squeezing it once more and causing the paper to crinkle. "Ah tried ta keep in mind what would look good in here." And then he's taking half a step back to let her open it.
Long distance to Senkyou: L'ton grins. Tis a baby blanket. A kind of.. stormy blue-gray color, but really soft.

Senkyou opens the package and says while unwrapping, "With all the rocks around here I doubt anything would look bad." After a few more tears she gets out the blanket and runs her fingers along the fabric "Oh this is really nice." Senk says while letting the blue fabric run through her hands, "Thank you, you really didn't have to.. I mean." This is more than she got from the last baby daddy, "Do you do this for all the girls?"

"Ah hope'd ya'd like it. And, Ah try ta. Cause, well its the least Ah can do. Ah mean, its mah fault they're having the baby, Ah might as well get them something nice, ya know?" He offers in explanation, blushing a bit. "And, like Ah said, if'n ya dun like the color, Ah can get a different one." Seems there are benefits to coming from a hold known for their wool-trade even if its just on Ista Island. And then a hand goes into his pocket, and he grins a bit. "Now, do ya even want the something Ah got ya, or am Ah off the hook cause of the blanket?"

Senkyou smiles folding the blanket and laying it on her bed before coming back, "That's very nice of you, and no the color is perfect." She says, and the object does go well with her current bedding. "Not yet, I want that one to. Just to make sure you're actually sorry an' all."

L'ton chuckles, and after a moment more of pondering, pulls his hand from his pocket, with it coming a delicate silver chain, and dangling from the chain a piece of topaz. "Ah found this at the gather, and Ah thought ya'd like it. Ah thought it'd look pretty on ya.." Each end of the chain is taken between thumb and forefinger, and he holds it up as if offering to put it on for her.

Senkyou smiles brightly at the chain, a look much different from her usual hard face and she take the gem in her hand, gently letting the chain touch her fingers. "It's goregous!" She lets him put it on her looking abundantly pleased, "You have great taste." Finally a little compliment.

L'ton brightens as she smiles cheerfully, and moves to carefully put the chain around her neck and clasp it in back, a finger trailing down the chain towards then gem idly. "Ah'm glad ya like it.. Ah thought the color was just amazing.." He rambles, and then as he realizes where his fingers are, he quickly drops his hand. Oops.

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