Harley's Flight and Payback

Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)

It's a beautiful day — if your idea of beautiful involves copious amounts of freezing rain and lots of ice on the ground. Nemiath seems completely unaffected by the weather, stretching her wings out experimentally and eyeballing the sky. There's a defininte glow about her, drawing on something much deeper than the drab military greens she normally exhibits, and she's crooning coyly at every passing dragon. Harley, for her part, is bundled up in her coat, watching the green from the safest spot she can find in the trees. "Why can't you do things the easy way, you daft dragon?!" Nemiath warbles pleasantly in answer.

L'ton has escaped from the den of the lion. If by the lion one means Eiriana. And if by escaped one means sneaking out when a certain pregnant greenrider has fallen asleep. Though he did have to carefully extract himself from the situation. Never the less he's stolen a larger jacket from someone, for he's pulling the hood over his head as he ducks out Eiriana's door, closing it softly. Only to discover that as he turns to locate Dhonzayth's hiding spot, he makes the same realization that the bronze has. And that is that there is a proddy female dragon, and while L'ton hesitates at the threshold, Dhonzayth is watch the dark-hued green with interest from his slightly drier perch beneath a number of large trees. Istans do not like ice.

Aoriya was hoping to get some easy time alone, come visit her parents, maybe its a good thing she's left the twins with them! She spots L'ton, and Harley, and Omasuth casts one good look at Dhonzayth before blatently oggling Nemiath and purring, yes purring. A croon escapes the flashy brown's throat as he struts his way over to the green, hey there cutie.
R'miel heads into the woods, wrapped in a coat under his usual riding coat. "Arinith, are you serious? Are you freaking serious?" The bronzer sighs a bit and shoves his hands into his pockets. Then he produces a small flask which he takes a sip of, then wipe his mouth and replaces it. R'miel already seems a little tipsy, he had a rough night last night which is probably going to be followed up by an even rougher one. R'miel spots the other bronzer and gives him a wave, heading his way. Arinith for his part scampers over to the green, giving her a hello croon. The bronze then works to stretch out his wings.

It was a fine day to be going shirtless, for sure, and that's the state R'aul is in as he wanders into the cover of the trees, running one hand back over his long blonde locks as he pushing them out of his face. Brightened blue eyes spy the green, his own target, as he turns back to the creeping blue behind him. "Eri, why don't you entertain the lady for awhile? We don't have to return home /right/ away." Erisith, a thin dark blue dragon with sunken whirling eyes rumbles a protest, but he does stay within sight of the green, watching her from a patch of shadows as he lets his rider mingle.

Dulacth meanders into the forest area, not because of a rising green but for the simple fact the Senkyou lives here. Senkyou sits atop him complaining loudly "I did nothing to her, and I'm going to kill them…" Senk looks distressed, as coming back dressed in her nicer clothes from the gather she spot Nemiath and sighs. Dismounting she violently removes Dulacth's straps, not taking any time or care but dropping them on the ground she is not in the mood, spotting L'ton her features harden, and then R'miel the brownrider leans against the entrance to her weyr staring down the two bronzeriders, if looks could kill,
Senkyou has partially disconnected.

Harley looks between all these happy riders and rolls her eyes in an exagerrated fashion. "It's not exactly like I'm thrilled to be here either," she says. Shaking her head, she motions toward her weyr for those who're paying attention — those who aren't? Well. They can forge their own path somewhere else. Harley does this about the same time as Nemiath stretches langoriously (at least as much so as a dragon with her bulk is able to) and launches herself into the air, tossing back a taunting, challenging roar as she goes.

Xanadu Weyr - Nemiath's Weyr

L'ton clearly has found himself in an awkward spot, as Aoriya is there, and then a very angry looking Senkyou appears as well. And Dhonzayth has that green, the bronze's own interesting piquing L'ton's interest in her rider. And so he gives R'miel a very nervous looking /look/, before he ducks from under one roof underhang to the next to duck into Harley's home after her, only one more glance over his shoulder at Dhonzayth before he's inside.

R'miel grins at Harley after following her up. "I told you I'd come back to see you. See? Here I am. Anyways, thanks. This beats the rain." He looks over to L'ton and blinks, then he spots Senkyou, and Aoriya. He moves over to him and speaks low and quiet. "We are /sooo/ boned. Well, at least /I/ am. Don't let her hurt me, man." He's eyeing Senkyou especially right now.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth was loath to leave the cover of the trees, despite the allure of the green and the increasing male presence. And so as some of the other males begin to preen and purr at the green, the Istan remains crouched where he is, pale tail flicking from side to side, practically sulking. Even as the green stretches he remains compact, close to the ground, and trying to horde his warmth. Only after the green is airborne and she's challenging them aloud does the bronze begin to move, awkwardly disentangling himself before clearing the trees and pushing himself upwards, flight instincts forcing him upwards despite the icy rain and his preservation instincts telling him to just stay home and stay warm. And so its one lumbering beat of his wings after another, and he slowly rises above the trees and after the green, for all his initial hesitation.

Aoriya sighs and can't help glaring briefly at L'ton. "You just can't help yourself can you? Goof." She mutters playfully. Her eyes slowly start to glaze over in tune with her Omasuth. She finds herself a place in the Weyr and takes up a crouched position, eyes blanked out as she keeps a mental eye on her Omasuth. "Stupid bronzer. Oma, show Dhon who's the real don." She mutters and that's the last that's heard from her mouth. "Yes lovely green beauty, all my eyes are on you….." That's Omasuth purring.

Senkyou walks into the weyr after L'ton, glaring at him and everyone else in the vicinity. The position isn't so awkward as it is annoying for the brownrider, who wipes her feet before entering the weyr and takes off her jacket though looks around not sure where she should lay it. As R'miel gets closer to L'ton she looks at him like he might as well dig his own grave, yup the brownrider knows everything and if it's up to her there will be bronzer blood spilt. But as Dulacth begins to flirt her eyes go unfocused and she tilts her head to one side whispering "pretty lady, very pretty lady"

Dhonzayth> Omasuth goes shooting past Dhonzayth, jerking up and towards him as he passes, trying to knock the bronze off course from the getgo before powering after Nemiath. His eyes whirl in beautiful amathyst and plum shades, and the brown croons as he sways back and forth in the air in an effort to find a following breeze. His huge brown sails blaze for the barest moment before he's caught a tailwind and away he goes, his speed doubling and pulling him away from the pack from the getgo.

Harley sheds her coat and tosses it in a heap near the door, clearly not caring where it or anyone else's items get dropped off. She squeezes the excess moisture from her hair and takes enough time to modify the temperature in the room toward the warm side before collapsing into a comfortable chair set near a low table. There is a couch here, and two other overstuffed chairs, in addition to the bedroom furniture tucked over in the corner behind a half-wall. It's sparsely but tastefully decorated, and also a bit disheveled for whatever reason. Most surfaces have been muddled with stacks of the ubiquitous Papers administrative types seem to have around. Harley? Harley isn't paying any attention to any of this — she makes no apologies for the state of her weyr, makes no comment on the unfolding drama amongst the riders, and says nothing. Her eyes are completely glazed and she grips the arms of her chair tightly.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth shoots towards Nemaith wide brown wings sweeping the cold air as he takes chase, the speed of his size and color being utilized from the getgo as the cold and wet have turned the cinnamon hide a darker chocolate color. Swooping towards her he trumpets his appreciation for such a fine young maiden, moving faster and higher to attempt to win this ladies favor.

Dhonzayth> Nemiath is much more at home in the sky than on the ground, and being the smallest dragon in the pack means she has no problem shooting far enough ahead of her pursuers to revel in a little sky trickery. At the altitude she drives for, the rain and sleet has subsided: it's merely a bit windy, requiring more in the way of manuevering than stamina. Nevertheless, the effort is already beginning to drag at the green, and she doesn't spare so much as a backward glance, not willing to risk the drag. Instead, she uses her smaller body to play in the eddies of the wind, dragging clouds with the leading edge, stirring the mist with a flick of a sail, and drawing it all into some complicated airborne dance of the veils.

L'ton is satisfied with hovering, standing, near the wall half way between the half-wall and then exit. After all, hovering provides the quickest means of escape should the situation suddenly go awry. He actually manages a wink at Aoriya, a bit of a grin on his face as he completely blows off her comments, though the grin suddenly disappears at the glaring from Senkyou. He doesn't want his blood to be spilled! And so he just stares blankly at Harley as he's caught up with Dhonzayth's progress, sighing as there is already an attempt to nudge his lifemate off course.

Dhonzayth> Arinith seems to be taking his time, letting the green rise a bit before spreading his wings in full. He watches the other dragons rise after the green, then finally begins his ascent. He takes it slow and steady, enjoying the cold rain and the freedom of the air for the time being, even if it stiffens his wings a bit. Up and up, trying to maintain a constant speed despite the winds.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth rumbles and croons tenderly, twisting deliberately into the exact places Nemiath's been, tilting into a cloud, ducking playfully underneath the mist of one before roaring and coming up underneath one of the competing blues. As the wind fills his sails, Omasuth spirals up, up, back forth, his long, broard wings powering the brown through the sky after the gorgeous green Nemiath.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth needs the height, and each wingbeat takes him higher, further from the ground below and above the worst of the weather. For a moment the bronze revels in the freedom of the air, the lack of sleet, the power of the wind above the storm. Bronzen sails catch a gust of wind, still pushing himself higher, sparing only a glance at Nemiath as the green takes part in a few more acrobatic moves, taking the time to achieve his preferred altitude. As the winds buffet the green's smaller form, the bronze's larger size keeps him steady as he slides through the clouds after her, pale hide vanishing amongst the mist before he slides back out into open air, chasing the veils with unbridled eagerness.

R'miel hovers alongside L'ton. If it weren't for those glasses he'd look like a deer in headlights. That look from Senkyou is enough. Yep, she ran into Ysa and now she was going to end his life. He looks over at Harley and blinks a bit. Then out comes the flask a bit. After taking a sip he offers to L'ton. He pushes up his glasses a bit.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth follows with fevered intensity, chasing with a single goal in mind and paying no heed to the silly bronzes. Once high into the sky he revels in the freedom spiraling a little for how can he win the lady if he doesn't prove that he is by far the superior. Watching as she moves forward he croons, for she is truly a catch. As the cloud cover he sweeps towards his target, barrel rolling for he is brown and must show her his pure devotion.

Senkyou has become very quiet, head tilting from side to side and she looks very engaged in what is going on but the slight movement from R'miel is just enough to snap the brownrider back. Back to glaring and she even starts to move towards him but a wave of intensity from the flight has her trapped and the jade eyes unfocus again.

Dhonzayth> Arinith pushes upwards, getting a bit of altitude over the green. He'll avoid the other dragons, and will even stay a bit further back from the green. He's a bit sad that the rain has stopped, but that thought only crosses the bronze's mind for a split second as the green starts swerving through the air currents. He keeps his eyes glued to her lovely green hide. The slender bronze doesn't seem content with keeping steady, he's following a less acrobatic swerving through the air, rolling a bit from side to side, but still taking it easy.

Harley releases her grip on her chair as Nemiath finds herself in control in the sky. Slowly, a smirk finds its way on her face. She slides to the edge of her seat, looking predatorily between the riders. She's not going to be the cause of anyone's death — what goes on OUTSIDE her weyr is hardly her concern — but with the way she's looking, someone is going to be the worse for the wear in the morning all the same.

Aoriya is simply crouched where she is near the wall. She briefly flicks some of her wild black hair back from her face. Her shoulders start to jerk back and forth with Omasuth's movements.

Dhonzayth> Nemiath has little concern for the toll her acrobatics are taking on her stamina: all she knows is that it's fun, and it keeps the males a little further away for a little bit longer, and it looks pretty. So she continues to do it, this time even going so far as to flip herself over, glide on her back for a short time so she can look at those silly male dragons trailing her. Her warble is raspy, a little winded, but the green's wings are still beating strongly, for all that she's often at the mercy of the winds. A particular gust blows her just a bit closer to Omasuth, but a heavy roll pulls her out of range just as quickly.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is as steady as Nemiath is flitty - each loop of the green, each backwards glide, each winded warble is met only with silence from the Istan, wingbeats keeping him moving in the same general direction as the goal. With each downstroke his body rises, only to drop slightly before the next one, flight hardly smooth as he attempts to keep a steady pace without overtiring himself. As the green is buffeted by the winds, the bronze attempts to predict them, dropping a wing here, or banking there to keep a mostly straight line of flight. And yet, even as he attempts to predict them, now and then he finds himself being given a bit of a push as it contacts his sails, just as often as he finds himself fighting into it.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth growls, swiping and missing Nemiath by a good armslength, his armslength, which is long. The flashy flame brown powers after Nemiath like a guided missile, swaying back and forth to try and get a good grip on the winds billowing beneath his sails. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. The pinions whip the air like thunder. His tail steers him like a rudder through the sky, liquid fire possessed to chase a target. He croons coaxingly to Nemiath, she is his one and only target, fire shrieking after her with no heed to those in his way.

L'ton seems to have decided that he's safe, for Senkyou's not giving /him/ that look. An Dhonzayth continues to chase above, the Istan gives R'miel a look rather akin to 'you're on your own, man' as he begins a slow, rather predatory creep towards the now smirking Harley, though he stays a fair distance away, slowly beginning to circle.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth pays full attention to Nemiath's antics, pushing forward and ending all of his acrobatic attempts instead he catches a thermal and surges forward towards the green, gliding a bit and then forcing his body forward neck extended so that he may be the first to reach the lady. Cinnamon brown hide is now dry and every wingstroke brings him closer to the pretty prize ahead, this emerald jewel that he jousts for. His ladies warble is answered with silence, the Xanaduian chases fully, his whole heart being used and no strategy but to get as close as possible.

Aoriya snickers, "Fire possessed, yeah thats…… me. Come here deary, I'll keep you warm." Omasuth seems to be trying his best to woo the lady up there, not just to capture her.

Dhonzayth> Arinith would agree, the display is very pretty, and the bronze his finding it harder and harder with each beat of his wings to keep himself maintained. He gives a bit of a warble as the green turns over, rolling a few times. The bronze starts to creep closer to the green, swooping down a bit then back up, his slender tail whipping up and down. Once he's closed in enough, he sretches his wings out suddenly and rises upwards.

R'miel blinks at Senkyou. He just freezes for the time being. His eyes do shift to Harley though. This was a new side to the greenrider. Sort of scary, but that's what makes it fun, right? The horriblness that was the previous night and what will be the brownrider advancing towards him sort of melt away in the intensity of the flight. Right now he'll just concentrate on his lifemate, thankyouverymuch.

Senkyou has stopped trying to get R'miel, instead she is busy staring at the cieling of the weyr and whispering "Are dammzle, she needs us to save her, they're not worthy.. I am worthy." With each loop and turn Senk shift from side to side as if her body is moving with his and she is one with the dragon.

Harley has no words. Given the toil that that green of hers is going through, that shouldn't be too shocking. Her green eyes are flashing, however, and she's -definitely- prowling, for all that she hasn't moved far from her seat. It would be kind of creepy to the average onlooker, no doubt, but Harley has no concern for how it looks. She has prey to catch.

Dhonzayth> Nemiath is finding it harder and harder to keep her wings beating steadily: the stormy winds are taking a big toll on her, especially because she's doing her best to keep her flying as smooth and silky as it is on the clearest of days — her flying, her pride and joy. The latest glance backward to determine the position of her chasers proves a fatal misuse of energy. The green finds herself clipped by a sudden gust of wind to one 'sail, and all she has are a few futile flaps and twists before she'll find herself in the coils of one of her suitors.

Aoriya's eyes turn to Harley at her movement, dark grey flashes as she takes in Harley's stalking. Her eyes are glittering, a suave, coy look is cast the way of the greenrider.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth powers his way through the storm winds after Nemiath with a roar, his eyes blaze with amathystine flames as bright as the patterns on his hide. Omasuth sends his wings every last ounce of speed and strength. A tail wind catches his pinions and he's surging forwards like an inferno on the Keroon plains after the lady Nemiath, a low growl, a soft purr, a wanton croon, as the brown's vocal coards worship the glowing beauty.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has enjoyed the occasional help from the wind, even as fighting against it has taken a toll even on the pale Istan. And yet, there is a reserve of strength, left from his refusal to spiral after the green lady, and as the green's faltering becomes more evident, he's dropping towards her, nearly pushed out of the way by a poorly timed gust of wind before he's rebalancing himself. And then the green is caught in an untimely gust of wind as well, and the perfect opportunity is there. Wings fold as he finishing dropping towards her, forelimbs extended as he attempts to snag her by the wingjoints to stabilize her, serpentine neck outstretched, hoping to twine it with her own dark green one.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth notices the green lady failing, the clip he sweeps upwards towards her his wings moving desperately for she needs him to save her. The stormy winds push him upward and send him towards his catch. Every bit of his strength and devotion goes into his movement as he powers through the wind and stretches his body out towards her, turning over so to buffet her from falling and hoping to twine her neck and be the winner of this great battle.

Dhonzayth> Arinith watches the green, his eyes awhirl. Finally he recognizes the tell-tale sign. His wings hurt from the forced motion during the cold, and the green patch down his neck itches him relentlessly, but the bronze has no time for either sensation. The bronze folds in, relying on his slender figure to cut through the buffetting winds. As he nears the green his limbs extend in an attempt to keep her afloat, and his already extended neck moves to try and twist hers with his own.

Dhonzayth> Nemiath makes one final attempt to get away, a feeble twitch of her wings, but suddenly she's in the thick of brown and bronze, there are so many necks and wings and talons it's a miracle no one's injured, and all the struggling in the world can't prevent the inevitable. When a neck is finally inexorably wrapped around, and tails are twined, and she can finally rest, the warrior green is uncharacteristically docile and content, finding herself in slender bronze Arinith's embrace.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth bellows in disappointment before he's peeling away from the pack. There's a low growl at Dhonzayth. Playboy, minion, follow. Now. The brown growls as he spirals to the ground, hoping to find some other green to woo to wear down his frustration.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is caught by another poorly timed gust of wind as he continues to drop downwards, missing Nemiath on his way, and trumpeting has his path takes him after Omasuth, even if he's not following directions, really.

Aoriya glares across the room at L'ton, finally coming to. She glares at Ton and manages a good grasp on his ear. A gentle tug. "Come with me 'ton. You get to meet the parents while you're here." Aoriya glares. "You never did say hello to my /mother/ after knocking me up that time. She wants to know when she can meet the father of her grandkids."

Dhonzayth> Dulacth misses his mark and ends up pushed down. Quickly folding his wings he follows the other chasers, for his now has someone to wait to kill as Arinith is wrapped with Nemiath.

L'ton puts an end to his prowling, for his circling radius is redefined, and with a final flick of his gaze towards Harley, he's caught by Aoriya gaze resting on her almost not comprehending her. And yet, the gentle tug gets him moving at least.

Dhonzayth> Arinith lets out an excited trumpet once his neck twines with the green's. Or at least he tries to. It comes out a bit feeble, as he takes up the green's weight and starts gently floating down with her.

Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)

Aoriya glares, over at L'ton. "You never fail do you?" She asks playfully, pulling him down into a kiss. "Come on, lets go take a cold shower. My mother wants to meet you, you're /lucky/ she lives here."

"Fail?" L'ton stutters a bit as he steps into the rain, before he's pulled down for a kiss and he's moving to snag her close. "Shower later…" He protests some, though it seems that, like the ice, some words tend to sneak through. Like mother. A flash of understanding and then he's looking pathetic once more.

Aoriya nods and sighs. "Yes, fail. You know……. Zahrah's cuuuuuute." Omasuth returns, warbling restlessly. Aoriya leans against L'ton. "Yes, that's right, mother wants to meet the manho who knocked up her daughter and gave her /twin/ grandchildren." And with that she aims a kiss and then a SHOVE at L'ton, putting her hands and a foot into the action.

L'ton shakes his head, and then at the mention of the girl he lights up a bit. "Ah bet she is… How could she not be?" And then as she leans into him, he bends to give her another kiss, only to find himself being pushed away. "Dun do this ta meh, baby.." He whines a bit, as Dhonzayth settles, looking as discontent as his rider.

Aoriya yanks L'ton up by the collar and pulls him into a headlock, with a very /hard/ noogie into the bargain. "I'll get you to settle down yet, if not with me, than with some nice /wholesome/ girl with a nympho libido who will keep you happy with a parade of kids and all heated passion you can handle and then some." She glares.

Senkyou walks out, still looking sour and watching Dulacth spiral down and land. For now the only one to take out her anger on is L'ton, and with L'ton and Aoriya she says "So you got her pregnant to?" Nope she doesn't care who's bronzer's blood is spilled. "You teach your friends to go around doing the same thing?" Senk crosses her arms, Dulacth back in full body guard mode though he croons to senk so to calm her down.

Aoriya hmmms and looks back at Senkyou. "I gave birth about six weeks ago. He's fortunate, a woman can't get pregnant again for three months after they give birth. So for now I can afford to take 'ton to the guest weyr and do what riders do when horny. Though I'd much, much rather have a woman to bed right about now." She eyes Senkyou mildly.

"Ah has mah Sris already!" And thus no girls on the side at Ista, less the situation get too rough. As he's caught in a headlock, he whimpers, but nevertheless fingers are reaching, attempting to grab any part of Aoriya that he can in his rather illogical state of mind. And then Senkyou is snapping at him and he's stuck swiveling his head around to peer at her awkwardly. "Ah didn't make ya sleep with him!" He protests, trying to save his own blood. And then the conversation shifts and he's stuck peering up at Aoriya with wide eyes too.

"I'm not doing anything with anyone!" Senkyou yells out, snapping at L'ton "No but yu taught him how to promise didn't you, taught him how to sweet talk me. Then yu told him to tell Ysa, now she won't talk to me." The brownrider is now close to tears, the whole situation and the flight. Aoriya is ignored for Dulacth is not totally sure who to eat, but his eyes whirl orange and deep purple of anxiety.

Aoriya hmmmms? Then she lets go of L'ton. Aoriya kicks him towards Senkyou. "L'ton, remember how when I first told you I was pregnant I beat the tar out of you? Should I be doing that now for entirely different reasons? I had you pegged as a manho, but if I find out you messed with a woman's relationships with her friends, not just messed around for the sake of being a dimglow, then you'll get the tar beaten out of you again."

"Ah haven't told him anything! Ah promise! Ah only just realized that ya slept with him, cause otherwise would ya be looking at him like that?" L'ton's certainly not stupid in that department. "Dun cry! And Ah ain't Ram, dun yell at me!" He protests some more, swivling to look at Aoriya with wide eyes. "Ah didn't do nuthing. Ram's a big boy, Ah best Ysa scared it out of him.." And then he's creeping back to Aoriya, still caught up with Dhonzayth.

Senkyou shakes her head pushing her hair back shivering as it's getting colder. Dulacth has wrapped himself around his Senkyou, protecting his lady as she takes a deep breath. The pregnancy, the flight, ysa, R'miel all seem to have taken a bit of a toll but she says calmer. "Fine, he should have warned me. If he was going to tell her I should have known!" Relaxing a bit as Dulacth is humming, she is crashing hard and fast from the flight "At least you'd never lie to me." She's got wits and tells Aoriya "Don't beat on him, he ain't done nothing except have lying friends." Yup, R'miel is toast.

Aoriya is pretty caught up with Omasuth. But a possible family/romantic night with the father of her children has been busted by Senkyou's accusations of gossip. She's got a foot brandished and ready to line up with L'ton's crotch if he gets any closer. She's got her arms crossed over her heavy bust and waits for Senkyou to explain the situation. "Ysa's a goldrider right? I think I saw her around? What happened?" L'ton better not come close to her, she's not kidding. A step nearer and that foot goes where the sun doesn't shine. "You sure?" She asks.

L'ton has ended up half crouched, looking from one to the other and back, eyes watching both of them with a certain detachment, squeezing his eyes shut now and then to take a deep breathe, trying to avoid doing anything that would be painful. And then it seems that his mind has shifted to other possible solutions to this problem of his.

[DTU/Project] Dulacth and Dhonzayth sense that Omasuth projects a poorly drawn, childish image of Aoriya kicking L'ton into a ditch and following Senkyou with hearts for eyes.

Senkyou has curled herself as closely as possible with her dragon. "I'd rather not talk about it.. I just wanna get inside." Glancing at L'ton she has no pity for the bronzer, or men in general. "I-I'm right over here if you'd like to come in." Is offered to Aoriya as Omasuth has passed the message and Senk points to her weyr, which is very conviently near Harley's.

L'ton seems to have made up his mind at the words of the brownrider, for he's crept off to pull straps on Dhonzayth, the bronze taking off in a hurry, and L'ton having a rather ponderous look on his face, for all his lack of logic. And then the bronze is taking off, and it seems this rider doesn't have a second thought for the women he's left behind.

WeaverCraft Hall - Courtyard(#4428RJLs)

Ysa snorts, rolling her eyes at the older goldrider but sparing her a smirk as well. "All I know is that I ride jus' another dragon and do the same tedious errands.. well, I did run the same errands other riders do down in Ierne. Now I jus' hang 'round an' bother the Healers." That's her job, really. She looks in the direction that she waves to, frowning. "Boar… maybe I'll jus' have a late dinner in Ierne." She turns her gaze to the weyrling curious again as she watches their interaction, but doesn't make any introductions or greetings to them. "Ya going to dance, too, Jheina?" She asks quietly after the young bluerider does, too.

Or'un enters the courtyard, eyes scanning his surroundings a bit uneasily. Behind him a tall and lovely girl gives him a quick hug before darting off, a fiddle grasped firmly in her hands as she disappears into the crowds. Now that he's alone the rider makes his way to the very edge of the crowd, not liking the cramped spaces.

Kessa smiles and pats Kai's arm, "Told you he's good with those hats." The young man even lifts all three hats to show the marker was still underneath one of them - just not the one that Kai picked. At the sound of music, Kessa looks toward the dance ground with a little frown touching the sides of her lips, "Dancing already?" She clucks her tongue to the roof of her mouth as she considers the time, eyeing Kai, "Well. Let me go check with the rest of the judges…" she makes a gesture for Kai to hold where she is and bounces over toward the 'best dressed' contest.

L'ton is on the prowl as he appears from the direction of the landing field, the Istan only half trying to push his hair into some sort of controlled state before he stares this way and that. And it seems that he doesn't have long to wait before finding out who he wants, a particular young woman who happens to be talking to someone he recognizes. And then pausing, he moves to drape an arm over Ysa's shoulder, ducking to whisper a few words. "Ysa, Ah need ta.. ta talk ta ya." And given the look on his face, he seems rather needy.
Kai laughs. "Heck, I should just wear the hat! That's what they're there for, after all." She goes over to try on the wide-brimmed sunhats. "Oh, these are cute! Quick, where's the mirror?" She finds one to admire herself in. "I should curl my hair more for this."

Jheina's attention stays affixed to A'deo for a few moment, chocolate brown eyes looking over his shoulder a little ways to Panya. Hmm. Female. The look is then transferred back to A'deo as she seems to think about how well they might have sedated the little blue. "One of them." What, does she have something of a heart after all? "Keep it calm. He won't stay sated and sleepy for too long, and if he wakes to find you missing…" Oooo, one can imagine the unhappy dragonet. A /slightly/ disapproving look is aimed at the girl in tow, which is then switched to Ysa … and /L'ton/. "Far too tired to be dancing, Ysa…" She says, a Look of Death aimed at the bronzerider.

Kessa runs back over toward Kai, laughing a little, "Kai!" She speeds over toward the woman whose trying on the hats, "Kai." She repeats with her excitement, "We've decided that you're the best dressed tonight!" She abruptly hugs the rider, "Congrats!" She winks at her, looking around toward the other folks and the harpers who officially strike up the music to start the evening dance - false light providing the dance area with ample glow.
Ysa is too busy to have noticed the entrance of Or'un, so there is no greeting in his direction for now. She frowns at the other goldrider's answer, brows drawn down momentarily. "One dance won't do 'em much harm, I bet. Ya can't stop 'em from a gather's dance, of all things…" But she shrugs, not really wanting to get further into the discussion. It is then that she /does/ jump, fist ready to punch into whomever decided to get comfortable with her. Her head snaps around a glare. Her fist stops, drops, but that doesn't prevent her from stiffening and glaring at the familiar Istan bronzer as well. "What do ya want?"

Panya bows her greeting quietly, respectfully and not saying a word. Instead she stands at quiet attention as if all she's done for the last two Turns was take orders from the Headwoman. Which is true. She smiles pleasantly at the approval of the goldrider and gives another respectful bow. "Thank you, Weyrwoman.. I hope Ama isn't giving Eastern too much trouble, though the Harpers do, sadly, miss his trouble-making." There's a look of amusement from the young assistant headwoman before she moves towards the area where there is dancing.

"Ah just thought ya should know not ta expect Ram tonight. He's got some lil'green all wrapped up at Xanadu. And a brownrider who's just waiting fer her turn." L'ton blurts out, though it is in a low murmur meant for Ysa's ears alone. Gaze goes back to Jheina, and then to the distinctive bulge, the look on her face being enough for him to take a step back and try and steer Ysa in a different direction. Any other direction.

While getting himself a drink Or'un watches those around him, his eyes finally coming to land on the familiar face of Ysa. He seems about to make his way over when L'ton dashes over to her. A frown creeps over his face as the unfamiliar bronzerider grabs a hold of Ysa, his features seeming to relax a little at her snappy retort. Finally he seems to decide on something and moves towards the throng of mostly unknown faces saying. "Dancing, isn't that what gathers are about?" Butting into the whisperings of L'ton.

A'deo's near-pleasing smile of charm turns into a bright beaming one before quickly being subdued at the risk of looking foolish. "Thank you, weyrwoman. I understand. I wanted to check with you, of course. We'll be tame about it, I assure you." Yus. Tame tame. He bows again to… well… to three of them now… and returns to Panya who's heading towards the music. Yey!

Kai says "Me? ME-EE? WOw!…You sure? Thank you! WOw…I'm glad you all liked it!" The woman is glowing. "Quick! More scraps! More fabric!"

Drinks, Food, Dancing. It's all here at the Gather! The booths are slowly dwindling of those who work them as the light fades - but are never abandoned as someone will always be around to help pick out the right fabric, the right shoes, the right gown, the right whatever it is of wanting …. The smells of hot cooked food and the beat of the drums now occupy the space of the courtyard. A general merriment is on the air. Apprentices are being released to dance, games are being played, drinks are passed around, laughter is on the air. The business is dying off for the night as people relax.

Panya glances back at A'deo, holding out her hand with a bright smile. "Shall I lead or does Ama know how to dance as one of his many charms?" She asks, teasing of course. Her hand drops though as she begins a slow dances with no partner quite yet.

"This one is coming back to you, L'ton." Jheina promises in a not too private voice. "Just see if I don't find you after it's born…!" The dark (well depends on your viewpoint) promise follows. Eastern's goldrider turns her back on L'ton, sadly leaving Ysa to the manipulations of - the now two - men. She heads back to that one stall, meaning to set up the sizings for some bottoms and a few tops before she heads back to her own Weyr, with weyrling in tow. "Men." She grumbles, patiently waiting for the weaver to finish with whatever business she has, now openly glaring at .. well.. most people. Minus the weaver. The poor woman is spared that.

Kessa smiles at Kai, "Sure! Why not! The votes are in and the winner is you." She smiles at Kai, "We'll have to discuss what you want in the next couple days - once the Gather is finished with." The hat-apprentice plucks off a neat and nimble hat from her display booth, putting it on Kai's head, "That one looks good. The brim isn't too wide—" she taps it, "and the decoration isn't too bold, so you can wear it around your Weyr and still work."

It might be late, but better late than never, right? Just able to get away from a sneaky practice session with one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters, oil her dragon to shiny delightfulness, and slip into her dress, Jaziera arrives in style. Keonath emerges from between high above and spirals down lazily to the landing field. Jazi and her dragon look striking together — the oiling has set off Keonath's coppery highlights, and wearing a striking red dress is Jaziera. It's got a wide coppery-colored sash, and a copper-colored trundlebug brooch clipped to it; wonder why? But she dismounts, and after a sound scritch, makes her way towards the Gather. The young woman pauses near to the large crowd, wincing. My! What a nice crowd. Good thing she's gotten used to people again!

Ysa forgets about the rest of the gather when she hears L'ton's news. Instead of a loud outburst, her face just grows dark and still. "A green, huh?" She says, her shoulders shaking a moment in anger before she closes her eyes tightly and sighs. "An' I bet that brownrider's Senkyou, too. Can't imagine M'iken would find her way all the way over there just to stalk him." She snorts and turns her darkened eyes on L'ton. "Why ya telling me this?" But she does seem to have senses enough to pass Jheina a retreating glance, but no parting words as the woman decided to leave them instead. Or'un arrival is also taken, but now the woman is torn. Dancing, L'ton… She nods at Or'un and then turns her attention back to L'ton, willing to follow for the moment.

"Ah.. Ah thought ya should now. Senkyou, she went after me. Blamed /me/ for it. Her and this other girl, ya know, the brownrider ya met tht one time?" WHich brownrider, when? "They tried ta get meh. And, Ah dun wanna see ya get hurt. Yar too sweet ta see get hurt." L'ton rambles. Gaze flicks to Jheina, blushing a bit at her words but it doesn't seem as if he's going to argue them. And then Or'un is getting a passing look too before Ysa moves to follow him. "Ah.. Ah just thought Ah should." And even now, fingers are still plucking absently at anything they come in contact with, as he looks this way and that all jittery.

Kai looks at herself this way and that. "If I can tie it with a wide ribbon under my chin I could wear it while flying. Well, maybe not. Would get too windy and I wouldn't want to have it beaten to bits by the wind. Perfect for when I'm sewing out in the sunshine or in the garden, though. I'll take it."

A'deo takes her hand in his, placing one on her waist. "My dear dear lady! I am a Harper! A musical one at that! And if I can't make do with the skill I have," He says with a mock sniff of indignance. "…I've theatrical training to at least fake it." And with this he offers a smirk, gently leading her off to the music with surprising skill. But then again this is the kid who can turn anythink into a dramatic movement worthy of applause, if not an amused snicker.

Kai purchase the adorable hat. "I got to show this to Abeytuth. Thank you, Kessa! I'll be back tomorrow!"

At being passed over for the unnamed bronzerider Or'un stands a still for a while, catching the ramblings of L'ton before deciding that it's really not his business to be eavesdropping and turns away. Now that that's taken care of he gives the gather a good look before wandering off but unfortunately the man closes up his stall as he arrives. "Just my luck." He says after giving the man a smile and a nod. His gray eyes scan the courtyard, seemingly still interested in that dance.

And poor Jaziera's luck, she escaped one of the assistants only to fly into the maw of a junior. Jheina is there to greet the newest addition to Eastern's goldriders with a stoney look, clearly not amused. Now you see, Deo she took. Deo's conditions she controlled. Deo's hide tonight, is /hers/. "Who. Said?" Are the two words the younger woman gets as her gaze flicks to Keonath, then bores into Jaziera. Whuh oh. But the fatigue around Jheina's eyes is really starting to show, as one emotion tromps over another.

Panya giggles loudly, "Of course you are, silly. But still an apprentice nonetheless!" She chides, allowing him to lead her in the dance as her hands move into place with his and she releases a happy sigh. "I've not had a real dance, Ama. Thank you."

"The only ones to blame are /her/ and… and /R'miel/," Ysa spits out the name quickly, her voice low as well. "But it's no surprise that they attack ya, after all the ideas ya put into their heads. An' all the help you've given Ram as well." She raises a hand to her head, glancing over to the golden hide of her lifemate that can be seen past the booths in the distance. "I don't think I can handle this here 'nymore." She says quietly, frowning, and then her green eyes turn to watch Or'un leave and she snaps around to L'ton. "Thanks, Ton. I really appreciate that." And then, with a brief hesitation, she nods her chin towards the dragons. "Would ya care to join me? I don't think I can make it on my own alone right now." And she gives a haggard sigh.

The Harpers maintain a lyrical tune, floating along for a slower introductory piece. Just something to get the feet moving and the minds thinking about one another. Several dancing pairs are already out on the floor, drifting about. Some are talking amongst themselves, some just enjoying company. A small few look like they've been forced into the arms of each other and you can't help but wonder at the startled looks on their faces.

L'ton pulls back slightly in what might be fear, given the range of emotions that the goldrider seems capable of emitting. And then as she snaps her attention back to him, he gives Ysa an awkward bit of a smile. "Ah.. Ah just wanted ta do right by ya." And then, he slowly nods. "O'course Ysa, whatever ya want. Ah just want ya ta be okay." And then he's offering her an arm to escort her back towards Ellamariseth and Dhonzayth.

Jaziera looks like she's about to go sulk with Or'un for a moment, as he's nearby and in the same predicament she is. Unfortunately, she's attacked by the megabeast first. Woe! Woe! "Jheina, M'am," Her voice is even as she greets the Junior, smiling faintly. "Assistant —" She names one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters, "Said I could. We've been practicing together, I requested extra sessions." The young woman nods, then frowns a little. "Would you like some Klah?" No, that's not a tact way of saying 'you look tired, and no, I won't lace it with Fellis'. Right.

"Thanks, Ton," Ysa repeats again, dropping her hand from rubbing at her temples. She takes the offered arm, if a bit roughly. Anger, depression, who knows what really shows on the goldrider's face. Definitely fatigue in there somewhere. She heads off towards Ellamariseth, giving the gold an affectionate rub before having herself seperate from the bronzer for the trip back home.

L'ton gently pats the goldrider's arm as they walk, making sure she's settled on her lifemate before following suit with his own, and then the pair are taking off and vanishing in the sky.

A'deo rolls his eyes over dramatically at Panya as they move along the floor. "Apprentice… pft! That just means I can't do any really fancy stuff… well." Cause of course he can still try fancy stuff, but Jheina might eat him? Her belly looks like she's already snacked on one uppity weyrling, two and she might explode. There's silence for a bit, filled by her sigh and comment. Despite the taunting and teasing of eachother A'deo smiles at her. "My pleasure, Panya. My pleasure indeed." As they go along A'deo notes a rather lonely looking girl at the edge of the floor. Frown. That

Ierne Weyrhold - Ysa and R'miel's Weyr(#12011RAJ)

L'ton made Dhonzayth land quickly, so that as Ella joined them on the ground, the Istan could be there to meet Ysa, and to offer her what he hopes is a helping hand and an supporting arm with as little hesitation as possible. While the bronze does a bit of his own hovering, pale wings flittering a bit as he is slow to settle.

Ellamariseth lands quickly, knowing quite well how her lifemate is feeling at the moment. The gold hunkers down low, leaning in the direction of the bronzerider as Ysa slips off, using all the support she can from him. She sighs again, and now in the confines of her weyr, her eyes get a bit misty from holding back the emotion in the gather. Ella rumbles warmly and ruffles her wings, happy to watch from her couch. "Thanks," is mumbled. Again. And she nods towards the bedroom, though a lingering look goes out towards her liquor supply, still kept well stocked.

L'ton moves to wrap an arm around Ysa's back as they head to the weyr, pausing to turn towards her as she stops. "Ysa, sweets, dun cry…" He murmurs softly, moving to turn her gaze back to him, perhaps resting his palm lightly against her cheek should she allow it. "Ah didn't wanna make ya cry.. What can Ah do ta make ya feel better lil'one?" He offers, trying to be helpful. "But, Ah ain't letting ya have a drink, not right now.." Dhonzayth finally settles with a snort at the gold, finding a spot of his own.

Ysa rubs one extra hand over her eyes, frustrated by the few tears that do spill out. "I can't help it," she says, anger evident in her voice. "'m angry, 'm tired, an' 'm pregnant." Which, the last one, pretty much gives everything else reason. She leans into his palm. "But 'm not stupid. I was jus' thinking if I didn't get into this whole mess, I could be plastered and happy right now an' not care." She closes her eyes and sighs. "Ram's not coming back, then I don't want to be alone… I don't know what I'll do if I end up alone, now."

"Ah understand sweets…" L'ton offers softly, moving to lightly run a hand through her hair before wrapping her back up into a hug. "And, Ah won't go anywhere, if'n ya dun want meh ta." Leaning a bit, he tilts his head and tries to catch her gaze, should she open her eyes. "Ah ain't going anywhere, and while Ah ain't letting ya get plastered, if'n ya think it'd be alright, Ah'll get ya a drink. /One/." He emphasizes for clarity.

"I don't," Ysa replies, if a bit more forcefully than her previous short statements. She does open her eyes to stare back up at him. And then they widen even larger as she listens, red-rimmed still. "But I thought any drinks is bad for the baby. I wouldn't want to hurt myself… or it," she says quickly, putting a hand to the bulge growing that is her belly. "At least, the Healers here told me to jus' stay 'way from all alcoholic beverages. An' klah, if possible."

"Aeris got ta have one during the hatching celebration, but that was it. Ah think they dun want ta risk more than one?" He offers with a questioning tone, but then shakes his head. "But if'n ya'd rather not, that's fine ta. Just want ta help ya relax." He absently reaches to wipe a tear off her cheek as he gives her a half smile-thing, a pitying look on his face. "Either way Ah'll stay with ya, kay?"

Ysa looks towards the drinks curiously but then quickly shakes the idea out of her head, giving another one of those sighs. "No, no, I don' want to risk it," she agrees. She tries to give him a smile, but it comes out too crooked. "I think jus' having someone with me now, 'specially someone I know, is good enough." She reaches up to take hold of his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Ya really can be a nice guy, Ton. At least, ya try really hard." She leads him towards the bedroom, but not without a glance out towards the entrance.

L'ton glances over his shoulder at the entrance as Ysa does, before nodding and letting himself be led, squeezing her hand gently in return. "Ah try, Ah do. And, Ah want ya ta be happy again too." He murmurs softly as he follows along, resting his other hand lightly on her shoulder as his pace catches up to hers. "Ah understand, ta. Being alone can be hard."

"Happy," Ysa snorts the word out with a roll of her eyes. "It's happy, then it's back down to this. Sometimes I think this whole pregnancy thing jus' makes all relationships worse." Her green eyes dart to his a moment. "'m surprised ya haven't been killed already." She moves away from him to sit heavily on the bed, taking off the slippers carefully and then shrugging out of her jacket, still being in her gather dress. "I can't imagine ya understanding what it's like being alone. Ya always seem to have someone 'round for ya." Whether they want him dead or not, is the question.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly, moving to settle down next to her after shedding his flight jacket. "Ah just.. Ah just dun like being alone." And perhaps that explains his tendency to cling to anything female. He leans back slightly on his hands, glancing at her. "Ah'm sorry yer evening didn't go better.. Ya're so pretty tanight." The pregnancy bit is let slip for now, for it seems he's not sure how to comment on it.

"I thought I'd gotten used to it," Ysa admits quietly, pushing her hair out of her face. And then there's a faint smile on her face, a faint true smile as she looks back up to him. "Thanks…" she says that a lot to him, doesn't she? "You're the first person that's said that. I was hoping…" She shrugs, cutting off that train of thought. "Even if I really do look fat." She tries to let her worries be forgotten for the rest of the night, because that would bring back the headache, and she leans into him. "So ya find yourself alone often, too? Or jus' try your best not to?"

L'ton gives her a wider smile, reaching to poke at her. "Ya dun look fat. Ya look wonderful. And, if ya'd wanted ta stay, Ah would have been happy ta dance with ya, cause Ah'd love being on the floor with the prettiest woman there." Maybe he's laying it on a bit thick, but. As she leans into him, he moves to wrap an arm around her again. "Ah just try ta avoid it, whenever Ah can. Sometimes, Ah have ta try pretty hard."

Ysa moves a way a bit from his poking fingers, smirking up to him. "No, it's alright," she tries a dry chuckle, shaking her head a bit. "I wouldn't have wanted to stay 'nymore. Not after-" She shrugs, and any smile that would have been on her face fades again. "I should have guessed that, with the army you're raising." She loosely wraps her arm around his own waist, turning her chin up to him. "I guess we both were left 'lone tonight, haven't we? Your women were angry, an' I jus' can't seem to be 'nough to hold onto one guy."

"Ah understand. And, those ta women Ah think were better fer each other than anything else." And at least he still is alive, and whole. As she turns towards him and loops an arm around his waist, he smiles down at her, ducking to perhaps boldly steal a soft kiss. "Ram's a sharding fool, Ysa. And Ah'm one ta talk. He's a sharding fool." L'ton repeats again, shaking his head as he just watches her face.

Ysa chuckles again. "At least it wasn't that he lost the flight, an' ran off with the brownrider 'gain. Not that I wouldn't be surprised it he did." She doesn't pull away from the kiss, but she does look a bit surprised. She hesitates with herself before smirking up at him and leaning back up to take another. "He can be, but 'm a bigger fool for still loving him." She can't help but wince as those words come up, turning her gaze away to glance at his chest instead, plucking at his shirt.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "He got lucky." L'ton offers rather thoughtfully, and then he shakes his head again, looking back at her as she smirks. And then at the words, he gently pets her back, glancing down at where she plucks at his shirt. "Nah, at least ya know that ya do. And.. Ah'm sorry fer presuming." He offers, leaning back away from her, a bit awkwardly.

Ysa holds on loosely onto his shirt, still not looking up. "No, it's alright. I don't know what 'm doing but… if ya still want to stay the night, ya can." She frowns as he leans away and then turns her head look look down at the bed, needing something to do. "'m not any better, at the end, than he is. I think I've jus' haven't had the opportunities."

"Ah'll still stay, Ysa, Ah promise. Ah.. Ah just dun want ta do anything ya dun want meh ta do." As a frown appears on her face, he wrinkles up his forehead, leaning back towards her and moving to tilt her chin up to watch her. Eyes catch hers for a long moment as he gives her a crooked smile, "What do ya want, Ysa. And only ya."

"I do," Ysa says quickly. "I do want ya to stay." She doesn't sound too confident about it, but she does turn back to him, and tries to smile again. Her eyes are dry and she wraps her arms loosely again. "I don't know what I want. Truely. I jus' want to be myself 'gain, an' I want things to be the way they were." She leans closer. "But for tonight, I don't want to think 'bout it anymore, cause it only hurts. I jus' want to forget."

L'ton tightens his hold around her as she turns back to him and leans closer. "Ah'll help ya figure it out, then. Tomorrow. Ah need mah happy Ysa ta visit, after all." And then he's dropping a quick kiss on the top of her head, as he holds her. "Then ya shall forget.." He murmurs, tilting his head to give her a reassuring look.

Ysa replies with a more confident, "Eventually. Eventually it'll be good again, an' we'll laugh at it over a pint." She grins again. "I appreciate it, Ton, I really do. Jus' help me do that for tonight." She tightens her grip around him and then tugs him back onto the bed. "We both can forget 'bout it all for tonight."

L'ton doesn't put up a fight as she's the one that makes the decision and does the tugging, simply nodding. "That Ah can do, mah sweets, that Ah can do. And then we'll laugh 'bout it." He agrees, as he tightens his hold on her. Time to forget.

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