Visiting Eiriana

Xanadu Weyr - Eiriana's Weyr(#8113RJe)

The path to Eiri's humble abode is unusually busy for a cold afternoon. It's seen several visitors, most of them hurrying away if the footprints going away from her place are any indication, and at the moment two young healer apprentices are running away in terror. The reason? Well it could be the tiny canine on their heels barking or it could be the innocent calls of 'Come back! I know it's green and smells horrible but it's great! Really!'. Maybe it isn't wise to be heading to Eiri's place right now?

It has certainly been well established that when L'ton shouldn't be headed in a particular direction he often is anyway, and so while he pauses momentarily to stare after the fleeing apprentices, he blinks a few times before shaking his head and continuing on his way, with even a bit of a whistle escaping his lips. "Eiri?" He pipes up at the door.

L'ton may take no notice of the apprentices, but the small canine certainly takes notice of him. But right now Bit is busy and he knows where that familiar rider is heading. He'll be back to get him later! In the meantime Eiri's voice rings out from the depths of her weyrhome. "In the kitchen!" The petite redhead steps out of said room, in full sight of the open front door. But she's not quite as petite as before? Yes, Eiri has the baby bump! "I made greenpepper-olive-grape surprise! You want some? It's really good! I even put extra eggs in it."

L'ton glances over his shoulder to make sure the little annoying canine is still occupied before ducking in, and wrinkling up his nose for a moment, though he tries to hide his face when she pops out of the kitchen. "Ah'm okay, Ah just ate. Thank ya though, lil'bit." Now let's just hope his stomach doesn't decide to betray him. Gaze sweeps over her form, pausing at the bump, mouth splitting into a broad grin. "Hey there, lil'bit.."

Eiriana's lips sink into a pout. "Lately that's what everybody says when I offer them food. I don't understand. It's really good." If you can ignore the strong smell waffing in from the kitchen's depths, it's bound to taste better than it smells, right? Note that the firelizards and resident feline are not in attendance. Even they have some self-preservation instincts about Eiri's recent tastes in dishes. Regardless, she skips in his direction, to meet him half way. "Hey there Tonny!" Her small frame is nearly launched at his larger one, looking for her usual hug.

L'ton is good at ignoring the horrible smells that waft around - between tourists bringing weird things with them and having to sit diplomatically through meetings with various holds and weyrs, you'd think he might even be able to eat even the weirdest things that Eiri craves. Though, it seems that for the moment, he's not up for that dare. As she practically launches herself at him, he bundles her hurriedly up in a hug with a grin. "How're ya feeling, mah sweets?" He asks as he squeezes her.

Eiriana giggles as she's hugged, exactly as she planned to be. Once she has safely moved out of cooking distance from the kitchen, one of her wayward firelizards dares to sneak in. Mayhaps the woman has left something remotely edible around? The firelizard's startled squawk is not encouraging. Eiri turns large blue eyes on Tonny, large blue watery sad looking eyes. Puppy dogs have nothing on her. "I'm as big as a shipfish! No, probably bigger! And the healers say I need to gain more weight yet!"

L'ton loosens his hold on her a bit, turning her to the side to look at the beginnings of the bulge, one hand moving to rest lightly on it before shaking his head. "Ah think ya look even prettier now, lil'bit. Ya ain't big!" Yet. And with her slight frame, it'll be even more obvious. "Ya'll always be mah lil'bit, no matter what." He teases her slightly moving to kiss her forehead as she pouts at him. "Are ya feeling okay, though?"

The firelizard limps out of the kitchen looking a very unhealthy shade of gray. The tiny blue crawls away towards the bedroom, presumably to recover. Fear the kitchen! Eiri's hand cups the hand on her belly with the beginnings of a frown worrying her lips. "I'm huge! Bal refuses to carry me. She says I'm the size of a small green already." There's no answer from the dragon half of the home. Balmaith isn't answering. "I won't be anyone's lil' anything here in a while.." She mutters softly to herself. "I'm okay. But nobody ever wants to share meals with me anymore."

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