Visiting the Trio at Ierne

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)

R'miel grins at her. "I dunno. It'll be fine until I mention that…" He leans over to whisper to her. "You're pregnant." He grins to Senkyou and makes a motion like he's got a beer belly. Then he chuckles and rubs Ysa's back. "Unique? That sounds scary. I don't want to be walking around in some sort of feathery pink skin-tight suit. And there is no other like me, of course."

"That's what I keep telling him," Ysa says with a nod. "It'll probably wear off withing the next turn an' he'll jus' be a dull bronzer after that. And I hope there's no more than one of him, at the end. Can ya imagine?" This time, she does give R'miel a good smack on his arm, her eyes narrowing briefly. She's taken to wearing looser blouses, but still… "Well, /she/ knows, anyways. Jus' 'til ya start announcing that all over the Weyr." Such as the way her lifemate might have been musing loudly the other day, but nothing came out of that. "If it brings in good money, I'll make sure ya wear feathery tight suits."

Senkyou gives a false shudder of horror at the mention of R'miel in a pink tight outfit "I'm not sure we'd wanna scare that many children, though when Xanadu has candidates your welcome to parade around in it." It like he already has the pink outfit, at his taunting of Ysa she says to her, "Don't do that, just makes people suspicious when they find out, they wander what you've been hiding for. I'm just letting mine hang out so that no one can act like I'm trying to hide something." Pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket she has a picture of a pink dress that could scare anyone, it looks like it's an intertube covered in carnations and layered like a 3 tiered cake with lace and fluff. "This is the dress Hadria made for L'alie."

M'iken is on the hunt for some food, but before she can make it to the kitchens she gets distracted by the sighting of her two closest friends and makes a be-line for them. "Is someone supossed to actually wear that?" Shes asks, before offereing anyreal opinion on the picture that's being held up. She did after all only just get there and was more concerned with getting to the table without another distraction than listening in. A hug is given to both Ysa and R'miel in greeting.

L'ton sticks his head into the gathering hall, the Istan's gaze sweeping over the room, gaze narrowing slightly as he sights Senkyou gathered near R'miel and Ysa. But then he shrugs a bit and moves into the room, sauntering towards the trio to casually lean an arm over Senkyou's shoulders, stealing a kiss from the brownrider with a grin. "See, this is what Ah have ta deal with sweets! Ah look all over fer ya, and then they tell me yer all the way over here at Ierne!" Fingers are waggled at the others before he moves to topple over in a seat of his own, "Hey there y'all."

R'miel grins. "I'll never be dull. I don't want to bore you, then you'll find some other young bronzer to take my place. Ow." He pouts, then leans over to kiss her cheek. "No pink. No no no." He almost shrieks with Senkyou introduces the picture of the dress. "Why? Why do you carry a picture of that around? No way. Not talking to that crazy weaver." He blinks when M'iken comes over and gives her a hug in return. "Hey Mai! How you been?" Then he turns slowly to see L'ton. "Wow, hey man. What the shells man, I haven't seen you in months. I thought you were dead. Or smothered by that really hyper woman from the dance." He picks up the tray of mini handheld pies and offers one to the newcomer. "I got news man! I got news!" He points to Ysa.

Ysa shrugs both of her shoulders, looking around the caverns quickly. "I /think/ it's been working for the last few months. Not that anyone's asked, which is exactly what I want." She tidies the blouse a bit so that it just flares out at the bottom. Hiding, she's been doing that really well. Her eyes widen at the picture before she snickers and turns to the bronzer. "I bet no one models for that Weaver. Ya should go to her an' I bet we could cut a good deal." But her mind is quickly distracted by the new arrivals. "M'iken!" She grins up at her old frined, returning the hug, before looking completely surprised at the Istan's arrival. "An'… L'ton. It's been a long while since I've last seen ya 'round Ierne," the goldrider says, mock hurt in her voice. But R'miel's last news earns him another smack. "I think it's proper if I get to tell at least /one/ person, right?" And then before anyone else can steal the moment, she turns to L'ton and just blurts out: "'m pregnant." Well, it was going to be told eventually, even if she threatened death on her weyrmate.

Senkyou watches the friends, waving to M'iken from her crunched position in the chair. The womanizing bronzer's entrance is missed, but the unexpected kiss makes her jump almost falling out of her chair and squeaking which turns mid squeal into a hotty offended "What'd you think you're doing? Who told you I was here!" Great she's being followed, "Are we really gonna discuss this here?" Eyes getting big but she goes into silence letting L'ton live for the moment. The picture is folded back up and she says, "I carry it just for the shock appeal, it's the best example of the ugliest dress I've ever seen." Stuffing it into her pocket and watching Ysa "Well it's nothing to be ashamed of, I man at least it's not /his/." Which is said to L'ton.

M'iken smiles to at her friends and then raises a brow at R'miel, about to mention something about being allowed to tell people, but Ysa beats her to the punch of speaking. The arrival of L'ton almost immediatly after her throws her head for a loop so she just shakes her head and takes a seat next to Ysa; pilfering a pie for herself. Her stomach so kindly had decided to remind her of her hunger once they were spotted. Senkyou get a happy smile and a wave in return as she's munching away at her food. M'iken does snerk lightly at the shot at L'ton, though she does speak up in his defense, kind of. "Aperently L'ton, you have many women with bad opinions of you. My only experience with you is of you being quite the gentleman."

"Oh, Dulacth." L'ton replies almost /too/ calmly for comfort, shrugging as he reaches for one of the mini pies offered by R'miel. "Ya said Ah wasn't seeing ya enough, so Ah came ta see ya." He teases her lightly, gaze drifting from R'miel to Ysa as she takes over the conversation, a grin crossing his face. "Congrats Lys!" He chuckles, before offering his fist towards R'miel. "Good work, buddy! 'Bout time!" And the teasing continues, as the Istan's gaze settles on M'iken and he inclines his head to her with a grin. "Thank ya, M'iken! All them women trying ta talk bad 'bout me, but M'iken here knows, Ah'm a gentleman!"

R'miel laughs. "You want clothes made by that weaver? /Really/? Or you just want her to pay me and then I have to suffer and you get all the bene-Ow!" He pouts more, then grins when Ysa announces the news. "Heh, I was gonna let you tell him." Since he told everyone else basically. The bronzer rubs Ysa's belly a bit, since everyone here knows anyways. "And we're official weyrmates now." He nods in affirmation of this, then laughs at Senkyou. "That's so mean to Tonny. See? He's a gentleman. Just.. you know. Likes to give it to the girls." He grins a bit at L'ton. "Thanks, man. I hear you got a couple of girls knocked up. Did that crazy one you brought to the tavern ever pop?"

Ysa is not really surprised by Senkyou's reaction to the recently arrived bronzer, but she does lift a brow curiously at their interaction, a smirk on her face. "And he always brings me the best booze," she adds onto M'iken. She cannot really complain openly about a guy that does that for her, except with the fact that she can't really drink anything for awhile. "An' are ya sure it wasn't his?" She chuckles towards the Xanadu rider. "He's really charming." But, of course, that joke wouldn't have gone well in this scenario, either. She snorts at R'miel but nods, reluctantly. "Yah, that too, weyrmates." She rests a hand on top of his, more to stop his rubbing than as an affectionate gesture.

"I never said I wanted clothes from her, I was joking." Senkyou's joke failed miserably, but with Ysa teasing R'miel and his pouting she grins with all his cuddling with Ysa she's a little confused. "You know you might wanna pick out a good Z name just in case, we can't rule out the baby being his and all." Everyone around her giving L'ton raving reviews she looks like she has just swallowed something very sour, "Of course he acts sweet, two green riders in my wing have or are having one of his brood. "Well fine, we can spend /time/ together… he's not going to eat you." Talking of dulacth, and then when she catches on she says "He told yu I was here?" Her eyes unfocus, her dragons getting a serious talking to.

M'iken incline her head slightly in return and grins at L'ton. Then R'miel's next bit of news has her blinking at him untill Ysa's confirmation has her smiling again. "Well, congratulations! Gosh, I'm gonna have to start stalking one of you just to keep up on what's going on with you both. Or maybe I should just set Meluth after you and have him start up gossiping with Ella." She says with a playful smile, only half serious. Senkyou gets a curious grin for her words, finding it rather amusing that the other rider's dragon had told L'ton where she was.

"Finally. Thought she never would. Stupid crazy wouldn't stick ta Z's though. Wanted Kohana or something. Ah'm just gonna call her Zana, Ah think. Maybe she'll end up liking it better, ta." L'ton rambles in explanation to R'miel, grinning a bit. "Ah, it ain't mah fault. Dhonzayth just seems ta catch them with babies on their mind." And then he's looking at Senkyou with a grin. "Ah'm glad ya ain't so crazy, lil'bit." He teases the Xanaduian rider, as he runs a hand through his hair, and grins at Ysa. "Well, Ah'm glad Ah didn't bring ya any this time, or that bum'd drink it all. But, when the baby is born, Ah'll bring ya more ta celebrate with, deal?" He chuckles at Senkyou's rambling, just shaking his head with an innocent enough look. Gaze drifts back to M'iken and he arches an eyebrow with a grin. "Ya aren't gonna suddenly say that yer part of their baby club now, are ya? Ah dunno if my poor heart can take any more shocks today."

R'miel chuckles a bit at Ysa. "She doesn't want to be weyrmates. I pestered her until she agreed." He hugs the goldrider a bit and grins. "You saying you've been Tonned too, hm? Well too bad, I'm taking credit anyways." He shakes his head a bit to Senkyou. "Nah, I don't know why Ysa would want to be making a deal with that weaver. Seems like a crazy." He chuckles at M'iken a bit. "You should start stalking one of us. We miss seeing you around, Mai." He grins at Tonny. "I see. You should tell him to knock it off, you got too many I think now. How do you find the time to see them all?"

"Too early for names," Ysa huffs, hoping that the conversation doesn't pick up on that, again. She shakes her head at M'iken and gives her a smirk. "I still don't know how it happened, sometimes. I jus' remembered that the term was thrown 'bout once or twice and then Bam! Weyrmates. Never thought it'd come 'round to that." L'ton's suggestion has her whirling about to that broner, grin spreading broadly as she leans forward. "Absolutely! I'll be looking forward to a good long day of drinking once 'm out of the infirmary." She sits back and then reaches around with an arm around R'miel, as well, squeezing. "Jus' for the marks, Ram. Jus' for the marks. I'll take clothes from your weaver, 'stead, which I definitely need to stock up on, now." She's already wearing her loosest clothing. "Meluth an' Ella? I don't even what to think of the rumors those two would be able to spread…"

R'miels question sends her straight back to L'ton, the nickname makes her flinch and you can see the restraint on her face before she says, "How do you find time for all of them? Did you have to knock up Eiriana? I need her to do the work I can't do because of you!" Though it's technically not all his fault, she seems to want a little comforting and scoots her chair towards L'tons, "You could at least get closer to me, I'm not going to but you." Senkyou says it with little jest, but does force a bit of a smile. "Ysa I'd not count on drinking to soon after having a baby, I mean yu'll have to take care of the baby an' all."

M'iken flicks her eyes over to L'ton and smiles slyly at him but then shakes her head. "Oh no, I'm still quite babiless, thank you very much." She finishes off her pie and grins at Ysa. "Poor Ysa, coherced into sharing a weyr with R'miel." She cooed at her friend. "I hope you make him clean up all that sand that gets tracked all around from the beach." she adds in a stage whisper, "Just to make him go about doing something pointless and redundant just for kicks." She leans back in her chair and imagines for a moment. "Those two could probably get the whole weyrhold up in an uproar with their rumour spreading." She chuckles lightly at the thought.

"Oh, come 'ere, lil'bit." L'ton says with a dramatic sigh, even as a grin remains on his face when he pulls her chair over next to his and loops an arm around her. "Ya never know, from that look.. And, it wasn't mah fault. Ah only slept with her cause Dhon won her flight.. Ah would have thought L'dran'd have knocked her up good already." Oh, the perils of flights. A wink at M'iken and it seems as if the bronzerider is going to say something that he at least would find entertaining, but with a second look at the brownrider next to him, he holds his tongue.

R'miel motions between himself and Ysa. "Our names are impossible to mash. We're gonna have to go with our dragons' names I think. Bah. I don't know if I like this modelling idea so much anymore." He chuckles and rubs his chin. "Yeah right. After the baby is born it's her turn to drink and I'll be the one getting up all the time." Then he shivers a bit. "Eiriana. That's one I would've stayed away from. Her hanging all over you at that dance, yeck. Her and L'dran are freaking perfect for each other. A misreable old coot and a super hyper annoying gal. At least if they're together they stay away from everyone else." He rubs Ysa's back a bit. Hopefully she wouldn't get too upset at Senkyou's not drinking comment.

Ysa lifts a hand to waggle a finger at Senkyou. "That's what nannies are for, an' R'miel. I'll have to at least get plastered once right out of the bed 'fore 'm stuck exercising all day an' taking care of the brat." She's so motherly! She gives M'iken a loud sigh. "I make him bathe once he's gone swimming in the ocean. Can't stand the smell of the sea in /my/ bed." Which, of course, means no sand. That /was/ the first rule, anyways. But she does grin wickedly at her grin, leaning closer so that she could do that stage-whisper as well. "Why don't ya join the club? I bet Ton would definitely like another addition. What's one more to twenty?" But then she shoots an apologetic look towards the Xanadu brownrider, but her grin can't be helped. She might as well enjoy herself. "That ol' bronzer's with Eiriana?" Her wrinkled nose says it all, too. Ew.

Senkyou scoots over, letting L'ton loop his arm over her and crossing her legs so that her feet hang off the sides of the chair, "Has she sicked that little canine of hers on yu? She said she'd do it for me." R'miels talking about her wingsecond she chuckles, knowing eiriana all to well "Eiri is my wingsecond, she does a good job an all but I can only handle her in short bursts." Smirking and chuckling, at Ysa's plans to turn R'miel in "Well I guess I'd be seeing you less around Xanadu, though I'd reccomend fostering really it's the best thing. I've got two and both of them are fostered. Raise the kid yurself and yur jus' gonna end up with a little brat." Very matter of fact and when M'iken says she is childless very sincerely Senk reaches out a hand and says "COngratulations, keep it that way as long as possible." Letting her hand fall on her stomach she says, "Not yet sure what we're naming this one… he had proposed to R'in before we could clear that up!" No she hadn't forgotten that, "What where you doing with that poor girl?"

M'iken grins at Ysa and shakes her head. "I'm not opposed to L'ton's company or anything," She give the bronzer a grin, "But I actually think I'm alright for now being without child. I'll just play with your baby once it's out and about." She takes note of everyone's general apperent dislike of this Eiriana person. Or maybe it's the dislike of L'dran? Or maybe both, but she can't help but want to ask who she is. Then Senkyou just about reads her mind and she smiles quite appreciatively at the other brown rider, though not for the congratulations she'd just recieved, though that made her smile broaden ever so slightly.

"That lil'dog is gonna end up between, if'n Ah ever get my hands on it when she's not looking. That bloody animal.." He mutters, shaking his head hurriedly. "She dun have to sic it on me, he does that himself. And, Ah'd uh.. never seen that girl before. Ah was trying ta lighten the mood." Really, he was. L'ton's hand absently pats Senkyou's shoulder as he leaves it wrapped around her, before sticking out his tongue at Ysa. "Ya shouldn't pressure, Ah worked hard ta convince her Ah was a gentleman." At M'iken's admittance, he grins a bit, pulling a chair over to pat at it in invitation, though he doesn't say anything else.

R'miel pouts a bit. "She hates the sea water. I love it. But she's basically the boss of me, so I wash up before I go back." He grins to M'iken. "You can have my second if you want." He chuckles. "Well, I'd like to at least try to get in some time with my son. I'd like him to at least know who I am." He blinks and looks to Ton. "You proposed to R'in? Heh. I met her today, she seemed like a nice enough girl. You never answered my question though, man."

Ysa pushes hair out of her face as she nods slowly. "I have thought 'bout fostering, too," she admits to the older brownrider. To the younger one, she winks. "Maybe being with mine will make ya want your own. Though, I really don't recommend it at the end. All pain and moodiness." She shrugs her shoulder, and then she glances between Senkyou and L'ton with surprise on her face. "Riders can marry? I was almost sure in the last how many turns that… well, it doesn't work that way." Holdbred, after all, the goldrider is curious if she had it wrong all years. Of course, with a person like R'miel.. She snorts at his offer to M'iken, and passes him a quick glare.

"I'd leave her poor little dog alone, he's done very little to you but protect Eiri she need a little protecting she's going to get herself killed one day." Senkyou pushes her hair back from her face, watching L'ton and ignoring it as she is already sharing him a good bit, whats one more. "Fine, I'll giving you something for trying. You didn't answer my name question." Senk's not done being a little short with him, though she does move to let her head lay on his chest, reassuring R'miel she says "My kids know me just fine, they just aren't always with me. I work to much, plus we've got a good group of foster mothers at Xanadu." Ysa trying to con M'iken into motherhood senks shakes her head quickly, hair getting into her face "Just get a good friend with kids, visit them. Riders can't marry he was being a twit."

M'iken picks herself up and moves to sit next to L'ton, though she doesn't lean against him or anything, and a little glare is sent towards R'miel as well, but it quickly turns into a little grin. To ysa she smiles, "Yes, it probably will make me want one of my own, though with my luck Meluth will appoint himself caretaker and I'll never really get to see my own child." She says with a shake of her head, a strange kind of fondness for her dragon's quirks in her voice. She's hold bred as well so she has a bit of a 'traditional' view on childcare and would never dream of fostering out her kids unless it was absolutely nessicary.

"Everyone was all freaking out, and Ah was trying ta be funny. Ah bet she can be real nice, but Ah hope Ah didn't scare her too bad." Perhaps he didn't think through that aspect of his mood lightening. "And, Ah see 'em when Ah can. If'n they're fostered, they're all together, so its real easy ta get 'em all at once." The Istan explains to R'miel, as he presses the question, before the brownrider leaning against him is pressing a question of her own. "How about Zalyu?" He questions with a bit of randomness. "And, Ah ain't a twit. Ah was trying ta be funny." As M'iken moves, he gives her a smile. "But, then ya'd be able to have a few bits of time fer yerself, too."

R'miel frowns a bit. "Yeah, we'll probably end up fostering as well. We're just too busy all the time for parenting. One of us would have to quit working, and Ysa won't do that and she won't let me sponge off her, so…" Blinks at both the glaring, then grins at his two clutchmates. He looks up to the ceiling and grins. "I heard dog-burgers are especially tastely this time of year… But I think R'in has some love interest at Xanadu. Her dragon was checking up on some guy." He rubs his chin at L'ton's answer. "Ah, I guess that's true…"

Ysa points to Senkyou. "We should get in touch with someone to foster there. Exactly, we'll /both/ be busy. It seems to work quite well, an' he'll still be your son." After all, R'miel loves to visit that rainy Weyr often enough, anyways. "Ya got one offer," she tells M'iken with a nod towards L'ton, Pern's very own sperm bank, it seems. "If ya ever decide on it." She makes sure to put one arm around R'miel, leaning into him, in case he decides to pipe up again. "Don't ya have children all over Pern, though? Igen, Xanadu… I imagine Ista, an' who knows where else. Must be difficult remembering all their names, too." This, of course, is said with her green eyes turned towards L'ton.

"See, you really should just move there, as I said a weyr can have to many bronzeriders but never to many bronzes." Senkyou laughs, because you can't seem to get one without the other. "I would reccomend finding someone else, someone who has less kids" Getting of L'ton and sighing while staring at R'miel for just a moment, blushing and looking away she says "Zalyu will work, I guess." Not in the mood to argue it or anything, probably a little tired herself. "You can have him, not like I can stop him."

M'iken grins at the bunch and just shakes her head a bit. "Yes well, thanks, I think." She says to Senkyou, "Though I doubt anything will actually happen. And speak of the devil, there's apperently something that Meluth simply must show me. So if you'll all excuse me." She gives L'ton a kiss on the cheek then gets up to hug her friends goodbye and gives Senkyou a wave. "It was good seeing all of you." She says, snatching up another pie to eat on her way before walking off.

L'ton spares what fingers he can to count, thinking it over. "Ah've got Sris's 3 and mah Zip at Ista… Aeris, Aeris, Xyl and L'alie at Xanadu, with Senk and Eiri yet ta come. Athena and K'nan at Eastern, Aoriya at Igen, and Ina at Western?" He considers that, holding up the fingers. "Least, that's what Ah know about. So, they just gotta all play nice at Xanadu." And it seems the bronzerider won't even make an attempt at names, least not right now. As he gets a kiss, he grins at the brownrider before sighing softly as Senkyou moves. "Ah should get moving, before they realize Ah ain't meeting with them weavers like Ah'm suppose ta be. Congrats again ya ta, And Senk.. Ah'm glad ya like it." He offers as he carefully gets to his feet, planting a kiss on Senkyou's forehead and waggling his fingers at the Ierne riders before his disappearing after the brownrider.

R'miel gives M'iken a hug. "Say hi to Mel for me. I'm glad that big ol' brown looks after you, Mai." He waves to L'ton. "Better not be months before you come back, Tonny. Or I'll tell Sharix to give you a bop in the nose for me." He hugs Ysa and rests his chin on her shoulder. "Hm? You want to foster the kids at Xanadu? Or just move there altogether? Cause I don't want to have to travel to see my kids really."

Ysa chuckles along with Senkyou's comment. As she watches the three of them. The look from Senkyou to her weyrmate isn't lost, and there's an inquiring quirk of her brow as well to that but then the bronzerider is naming off his list and her second brow goes up to him. "How…?" She starts, and then shakes her head. "'Least there's a large enough group in Xanadu that they'll all have siblings to play with, but I cannot understand how one man alone does that, /and/ remembers the women's names, too." There's not a hint of real admiration, or any emotion, really, she just purses her lips out as she says that, in thought. As the two riders get up, she returns M'iken's hug and waves after L'ton. "I'll be keeping ya to that promise!" She inclines her head a bit after R'miel. "Move again so soon? And never have a dry day for the rest of my life?" She snorts. That's her idea of that… "Maybe I'll ask 'round here, then."

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