After the Aftermath

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Its a couple of hours after Ankhepith has risen, to be caught by the one bronze who wasn't suppose to be there in the first place. Time enough for the facts to be made known, and Leslyn to exact her revenge on L'ton. Its only now that he's returning home, Dhonzayth rather smug, while L'ton is merely sore. Having stopped for a shower for M'iken's benefit, his jacket is open, revealing bare skin underneath - his shirt one of the casualties of the flight - as well as a wide variety of bites and scratches. Poor boy?

M'iken was thankfully at another weyr when the gold rose and is safely at home now when L'ton returns. She's reading through some papers on the couch he walks in and she looks to him with a smile on her face, untill she notices the bites and scratches. Putting the papers down she gets up and meets L'ton half way and lightly touches his bared skin. "Geeze." She breathes. "Are you alright?" He looks like he might have been mauled, to her; and the worried look on her face says that all too clearly.

L'ton winces a little bit as she brushes her fingers over his skin, glancing down at them and nodding slowly, even as he's reaching for her hands, to fold fingers through hers, leaning for a kiss. "Bit sore.. Back's all raw from them shardin' rocks…" And he shakes his head a bit, leaning to touch their noses. "Ah'll be okay, but Ah dun think Ah'll be going near her again, not like that." He shakes his head, glancing down, even as he's whispering in her ear. "Its okay, though.. She has a bit cut on her butt." Oh man, Leslyn will kill him.

M'iken frowns at the wince, but lets her hands be stolen by his. She kisses him back warmly, nuzzling her nose against his. "Might be for the best if you don't. I mean, it probably isn't good for one of the wingleaders to have to urge to go add cuts to a goldrider." She smirks lightly at the thought of Leslyn having a big cut on her bum.

"Mm, probably not. Ah mean, she just finally stopped trying ta kill me, so it might start it all up again, if'n ya were ta go after her." He grins, glancing down at his chest, then back at her. "Ah'm just mad, cause Ah liked that shirt.." There's a grin on his face as he kisses her neck, before straightening back up. "So, how's my favorite wingleader, hm?"

M'iken giggles a little. "Your shirt has joined the long list of clothing casualties of flight." She titls her head a little when he kisses her neck and Mmm's. "Well, I'm good now that you're here." She says, using some of his own words on him. "I'm glad Pi got me all trained up for this first, or else I'd be going crazy right now." She says with a little grin, trying to refrain from sliping her arms around him.

"Ah guess this means that Ah'll be needing ta get some new shirts… Maybe we should get ya a few new things ta, with yer new knot and all." He murmurs, trying to bribe his weyrmate with the promise of new clothes, even as he's kissing her neck again, moving to wrap his arms around her. "Ah'm glad ta, though Ah can't believe she just took off on vacation like that… And, if'n Ah ever can help, Ah did it before her, so.. Ah'll be stuck here soon enough."

M'iken mock pouts at her weyrmate. "What, you don't like my clothes?" The pout doesn't last very long though as a grin tugs at one side of her lips. When he wraps his arms around her however, she can't resist at least putting her hands on his shoulders, and that kissing her neck again, well she's just tempted into pressing herself against him. "Mmm, I told her to go. Everyone needs a vacation now and then. And thanks for the offer. I'll likely take you up on it"

"Mmm, well, Ah do like them, though Ah think they're better when they're somewhere else. Like, on the floor." L'ton is smirking at her, and if he does wince at the touch of her hands, or the feel of her against him, he hides it quite well. "Well, Ah'd be happy ta give ya some one on one lessons, 'bout beng a wingleader." Hand press into her back, holding her close, as he's leaning for another kiss.

M'iken laughs a little. "Come on Ton, you're all beat up. Don't tempt me like this." She says softly, kissing him firmly when his lips come looking for hers. When she manages to build up enough will power to break the kiss, she lightly taps his lips. "You sir, wouldn't actually get around to teaching me much. We'd just end up bent over a desk." Not that she doesn't like that idea either…

"What, Ah think a little pain is worth it.." He murmurs, with a grin, happily kissing her. But then she's pulling away, and he's pouting at her a little bit, kissing at the finger against his lips. "Mmm, Ah think that's a lesson in itself. Ah mean, dun ya think?" And then there's a needy look on his face, fingers playing with the back hem of her shirt.

M'iken shakes her head lightly, smiling. "Ah, you're just too much. Can you imagine the poor drudge that walks in on us in the office?" She chuckles a little, but the feeling of his fingers playing with her shirt hem and the look on his face has her giving in completely. She places her hands on either side of his head, "You can't complain to me later about your body hurting, ok?" She says before leaning in to kiss him.

"Well, that poor lil' drudge'll learn ta knock, dun ya think?" He says with amusement, fingers shifting to slide under her shirt, rubbing her back, even after his pouting pays off. "T'will be totally worth it, Ah promise." He says with a grin, leaning to kiss her, even as he's backing her back up towards the couch.

M'iken snerks at his reasoning but mm's when his hands rub her back, his fingers against her bare skin never getting old to her. "As you wish then." She says softly, smiling into that kiss and alowing herself to be moved easily.

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