The Aftermath

While the rocks, the cave, and the pain were all nonissues while Leslyn and L'ton were wrapped up in the aftermath of the flight, eventually, the senses become no longer dulled, and annoying things like those are noticed. For now, L'ton is just beginning to stir, shifting to dislodge a rock from his back, still clinging to Leslyn as they are sprawled on one of the large flat areas - who needs a pillow?

Leslyn is mostly oblivious for the moment, floating somewhere on a fluffy cloud in her mind that involves no pain and just the warm afterglow of a flight. Outside Ankhepith and Dhonzayth are curled together, inside Leslyn is happy to be the same. Absently her hand drifts to the head the rests against her, this time her touch is gentle as her fingers smooth down the hair. "We should move before someone catches us."

Oblivious is good, and as the rock is moved from behind him, L'ton is settled back down, pulling Leslyn a little bit closer, even as Ankhepith is snuggled up to by Dhonzayth. The bronzerider sighs softly, tilting his head up as she touches his hair, and he shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah dun wanna Les." He murmurs softly without opening his eyes, fingers tightening on her arm just a little.

Leslyn's hand freezes, brain going through a quick mental checklist. Naked - check. In pain - very check. That voice not being her weyrmate - panic check. "Oh no." She closes her eyes tight, almost willing a change in cave partner just through sheer willpower, but when she opens them again it's still L'ton that's lying there. "Oh no."

L'ton has never managed that whole, suddenly transform into someone different thing, no matter how hard he has tried. As she sounds a bit worried, he shakes his head, though he's still reluctant to loosen his hold on her. "Les…" He says softly lifting his head enough to look at her where she is next to him - there'll be no panicking - though, he hasn't seen the damage done, yet.

Leslyn appears to have lost the power of speech. "Why… You… I…." She breaks off, trying to shimmy carefully away from him, while muttering ever more creative expletives as she goes. it's just around the time she calls him a puss filled pimple on the anus of humanity that she bursts out with the real problem of the matter, "Why couldn't you stay away!"

"Les.. it dun mean anything, t'was just a flight.." He says shaking his head, slowly letting go of her, though he's still reaching for her hand, hoping to snag it less she take off completely. "Why was it so important Ah stayed away, huh? Really, Ah mean.." He shakes his head, eyes watching her face.

Leslyn doesn't wrench her hand away, but it's a fist he grabs. "You know why! I… She's my MOTHER shaffit! It's sick. You can't just… My mother Ton!" She has a hand free and flails it towards his shoulder - no punch this time, a slap-in-waiting. "Why don't you get it."

L'ton gently tries to undo the fist, even sa he's reaching for the hand that's poised for a slap. "Les… It dun matter though. T'was a flight, just like this was. Ain't like, ya know, Ah suddenly want ta move in with ya, or nothing. Ain't no different with her." Reluctantly, though, he's letting go of her fist to absently rub at his collarbone, glancing down and noticing the damage, making a bit of a face, letting out a soft 'ugh'.

"It is though." Leslyn replies, more petulant teenager when it comes to her mother than fully grown woman. "It's just… you don't…." She stops, shakes her head, then tries again, "You just don't Ton. You don't sleep with your friend's men, you don't sleep with your friend's parents! It's just how it is!" Not to mention that it took her nearly four months to talk to Lisle after W'yn caught Umniyath. Never mind the ache in her morals, her body is starting to ache now. And as she finally looks at L'ton properly she blinks. "Did I…?"

"Les, Ah didn't do it on purpose, though. And… Ah.. At least it weren't C'nor?" L'ton tries to reason with the goldrider, giving her a bit of a smile. "Ah'm… sorry Ah said those things." Slowly, he tries to stretch an arm out to put over her shoulders, hoping to sit with her. "Ah.. Ah still want ta be yer friend." At her question, he grins a bit, tapping his lip. "Ah guess so, though this is all Ah remember."

Leslyn's head drops, after all she said the worst things. She leans in towards him as soon as that arm goes around her, though there's a slight wince for her rock grazed shoulders. "Yeah you were a brat." She aims a swat at his leg, then add, "I'm sorry too. You deserved that punch though."

L'ton keeps his arm loose as it settles over Leslyn's shoulders - for her sake, and for the sake of his own sore arms. "Ya weren't much better, ya know." He replies, even as he's swivling his legs out of reach of her swat, leaning against her a bit. "Though, ya really do need ta work on yer aim. Not sure ya could hit the broad side of Dhonzayth if'n ya tried." Continuing to tease her a bit, he sighs softly, resting his head against hers.

"I'm more practiced at it though." Leslyn admits, "And not so mean. You deserved about a dozen punches." At his tease she manages a slight laugh, "Don't make me bite you." and shifts uneasily. One hand moves to extract a rather sharp stone fom under her butt and it's at that point she starts laughing.

"What, again? Ah think its a little late fer *that* threat, Les." L'ton says with a crooked grin at the younger woman, chuckling as she's pulling a rock from under her butt. As she starts to laugh, he gives her shoulders a squeeze, even as he's leaning towards her, making kissy faces. "Truce, maybe, lil'bit?"

Leslyn giggles, "Shells no, I'm never talking to you again." As he leans in she lifts a hand, pressing it against his mouth. "Once is enough for me flyboy. You'll get your truce when I get something for the… um… Okay you tell anyone I asked you this and I really will never talk to you again. Do I have a cut on my ass?"

L'ton continues to chuckle, shaking his head, and instead nipping at the hand that's at his mouth. At least they both seem to be in a better mood, and there will be no death - at least for now. "Aw, was it really that bad?" He winks at her, grin widening at her question, patting her back a bit to get her to lean forward. "Mmm, lil scraped up, but no blood." But, being Ton, he can't help but take it as an excuse to try and cop a feel, looking innocent all the while.

Leslyn leans, red-faced and silently vowing to kill him for real if he tells anyone. When his hands linger a little too long for her liking she sits back quickly, swatting at him with her own hands. "You're impossible! And you'd better figure out how I'm going to tell Con I can't walk properly." There's a chuckle as she shakes her head, "Think Don'll be willing to leave her for a bit soon?"

"Ah suppose telling him that ya had a real man wouldn't be so good, huh?" He's ducking what is likely going to be another swat, as he grins at her. "Ah mean, Ah'm sure he knows what happened, not like ya can really miss it." Gently patting her back, he smiles. "He says he will fer now, if'n he has ta, but he dun realy wanna move."

Leslyn does indeed swat at him. Hard. "Real men run away when it's their girlfriend's mothers." She's grinning, though, even if it's not all entirely smooth sailing between them yet. "I can wait a bit. Don't want to bug Con with going between. He gets a bit grumpy. But… yeah… soon."

L'ton winces as the swat catches him across some of those wonderful bite marks that cover his shoulder, and he's grinning. "Wait, yer my girlfriend, now? Ah should tell Mai, Ah dunno what she'll say." L'ton, meanwhile, seems to think that everything's just fine, relaxed and all, and he sits there with her. "Ah understand, Ah understand." And then he falls into silence, gaze slowly trying to find where his various pieces of clothing.

"Oh shut up." Leslyn replies with a laugh, "You know what I mean." Wincing she gets to her feet, hunting around the cave for clothing. She picks up a shirt, or what used to be one. "Um… yours or mine?" She tosses it at him with a laugh, and finds a skirt close by - definitely hers. A towel is found - hers - and another shirt that's been rather wrecked. "Um… Oops?"

"Ah well." He says, catching the shirt - at least his pants aren't in too bad of shape, nor his jacket. Shrugging into his clothes, he smiles, before he's waving a hand at her. "Dhonzayth says he's gonna go ta the water, so here's yer chance. Ah guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, huh?" He says with a smile, blowing a kiss, before he's winking and ducking out from the falls, before she tries hre aim again.

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