A Gem at the Gemstone Tavern

Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

It's late afternoon early evening, typically a time when the Tavern has not yet attracted the rougher crowd but instead tends to those wishing to have a meal and a drink outside of the Weyr living caverns. It's a pleasant retreat to those who want a little change and for Kessa, well, a curious place for her to try to root out interested men and women who need more prospering jobs. That, or the woman simply needs a night out on the town as it were. She's currently dressed in a pale yellow dress, one of her favourites for those who know of her. It swishes easily around her calves with the top portion a deep v-neck line with straps circling her neck rather than her shoulders. There's even a little empire waist line belt that adds to the shape of the dress along with the shape of the woman. This young woman, so systematically out of place in a tavern finds herself awkwardly sliding onto a bar stool, peering at the others there for ideas of what to drink. "What do you call that?" She asks of a neighbouring slouch, who grumbles a reply of 'Kamikaze' and isn't too sparing with words nor wishing to devulge exactly what a Kamikaze is.

When one is all but banned from returning home, even the normal haunts get old rather quickly - as L'ton has found out over the past sevendays as Ista has been waiting with bated breath for Leslyn's gold Ankhepith to rise. And so, rather than spending his time at Xanadu, or even in the company of the Igen Weyrwoman, the bronzerider has appeared over generally unexplored territory, retreating to the Tavern that lays outside Fort Weyr proper. Its there that he's now appearing, appearing quite awake despite the time difference between there and his home. It is Kessa's very out-of-placeness that draws him to her side, absently patting her shoulder as he slides onto the next stool with a grin. "Ah'll have something sweet. Fer this one too." He nods to the young woman he's decided to join, before he's turning to look at her, elbow propped on the bar with a grin. "Hey there."

The young woman tries to give a thankful tone to the disgruntled man sipping his drink, about to tire of his 'sullen' company and move off to another chair, that is, until a blond haired Istan has the opportunity to prevent it. Surprised by his candour, she merely watches him order two drinks and take that seat next to her. Her lips have curled into a quiet smile as a finger nervously tucks a strand of dark brown hair behind an ear. Her teal eyes flicker away from him as she feels a blush coming over herself, gracefully folding her one leg over the other which causes a fluttering movement of her dress. "Thank you," she finally offers in a quiet voice, clearly unsettled by his bravado, though she definitely catches herself looking over at him again. This is when her eyes squint at him, running her gaze up and down his form, "I know you some how, don't I?"

L'ton looks past the young woman, to the sullen man beyound, shaking his head slightly with a crooked grin. "Cheer up, man.." But then the ordered drinks are being slid across the bar, and the Istan is turning to put down the appropriate marks, thanking the bartender with a smile. "Well, Ah thought such a pretty girl could use a drink, if'n she was trying ta fit in with a place like this." As he turns to offer her the drink - one that looks like a citrus and liquor mix given its pale orange color - he notices her blush, grinning at her question, as he looks her over in turn. "Mmm, prolly lil'miss. My Dhonzayth and Ah get 'round." Ain't that the truth.

Teal eyes follow his back toward the sullen creature hunched a seat behind her, to where she frowns at the slouched form and is grateful to forget him in favour of someone more dynamic. "I could, but I've not done this enough to know what is what. I've never actually had much opportunity." As the orange citrus drink is passed toward her, she looks at is suspiciously, bringing it up to her nose to smell the content. Her eyes dart back to L'ton, "What do you call this?" She has the drink poised, not yet ready to test it as if having to know the name of it before tasting it. "Dhonzayth…" the name she repeats maybe for the sake of her lifemate to which she leans forward at L'ton to flick his Weyr associated knot, "Aren't you the one that's having trouble right now down in Ista? Something about the weyrwoman kicking you out?" A sly but attractive smile hits her features right then, as her finger pulls away from his rider's knot.

"Screwdriver, er something like that. Ain't really sure, just know Ah like 'em." L'ton replies with a grin, lifting his own glass to offer a silent toast before he's taking a slow sip of it, setting the cool beverage back on the bar, leaning on his elbow again, still turned to face her. As Kessa leans forward to flick his knot, he grins, reaching for her hand, hoping to catch it before she can pull it all the way back. "Mmm, that lil goldie dunno what she's missing." He says with a wink, even as he's leaning towards her a little bit. "But, when yer as good as Dhonzayth, yer bound ta have a girl mad at ya, now and then, when she's left out."

"That's an odd name for it," she regards the drink as if it were a tool now and not a drink. Either way, with a few twisted turns done in her hand to inspect it further, she tries it, bringing the drink to her lips to allow the sweet beverage to tingle her taste buds. The reaction is mixed, due to her being new to alcohol while there is a brief look of appreciation for the sweetness of the drink which mellows out the alcohol. In the next beat however, as she went to flick his not, her hand had been caught in attempting to pull it back, which makes her still and studious of the man's face. "I don't know if that's the case. From my perspective, if she didn't want to be left out she would've kicked all the other bronze riders out " she takes a moment to flash a coy smile at him, "It's what I'd do to rig the flight. Of course, it's what I'd do as well if there was a particular individual that made me cringe." She does give a bit of a soft laugh, "Not that I find you cringe-worthy. It's just you must've done s
L'ton watches her reaction, grinning a bit. "Ain't ta bad, huh? Ah mean, mostly just taste the juice, and that's good even by itself." L'ton comments, with a smile, as he gently holds her hand fingers running over her knuckles, as he watches her, watching him. "Mm, she just likes ta play hard ta get." Another wink, and he shakes his head, still gently holding onto the goldrider's hand. "Well, Ah'm glad ya dun find me cringe-worthy, Ah'd hate ta lose the company of a pretty lady so quick." But, at the question, he rolls his eyes, shaking his head. "'pparently, she dun take ta kindly ta my catching her ma's green. Luckily, her aim ain't so good, so she didn't get any ta good hits in."

Her rapt attention could be due to the fact that she's completely enamoured by this gentleman taking an interest in her. It is obvious to him, experienced as he is, to see her inexperience of dealing with such things as men flirting with her. It wasn't as if she was bad looking either. At least her voice was growing stronger as she seemed to regain her confidence earlier lost by his abrupt attention to her. Her voice is easy sounding, soft with a faint hint of clout behind every word: "I like it. I should experiment further." At this with her free hand she invests in another gulp, wetting her lips with it once more. Tilting her head, she regards him, "Ah-hah. Now there's your problem. You were with her mother. That's a no-no. That's in fact.. that is cringe-worry act. I would have to agree with her on that and kick you out." She winks at him, "Though you could call me Kessa instead of pretty lady."

L'ton enjoys the fact that Kessa allows him to continue paying such attention to her, and as there's been no slap, no rough words, he sees no reason to end such attention. Taking a sip of his own, he's grinning, nodding his head. "Well, Ah'd be happy ta introduce ya ta what ya might like, Ah even promise ta see ya home, afterwards, so that none of these guys decide ta take advantage of ya, Kessa." Gently giving her hand another squeeze, he shakes his head, looking a bit exasperated. "Ah dun think she realizes if'n it wasn't me, it t'would have been that weyrmate of hers - ain't like Ah did it on purpose or nothing." And then he's sulking a little bit, looking pathetic.

"There's no harm in being introduced to new things, is there?" A response which is paired with an alluring smile, broken only by her movement to take another fuller sip of her drink. Even at his mention of seeing her home doesn't have her bat an eye at what his intentions were, true, she considers her drink while he says it, but otherwise when her hand is squeezed her gaze settles back on his face then at their hands. "No, dragons don't do it on purpose," she coddles him with her words, patting her second hand on top of his, "I certainly can't help it when Choth decides to rise. It's purely instinct."

"Ah dun think there's any harm in it, Ah mean, that's the best way to find out what ya like, and what yer missing out on, ain't it?" L'ton says with a smirk, and as her second hand is resting on his, he's slowly lifting it to kiss the back of it gently. "Tis certainly pure instinct, though, Ah have ta say, watching ya made me wish Dhon had had some better luck. Ah'm sure he was a lucky, lucky man." L'ton's laying it on thick, now, though that's not too different from normal, as he's reaching for his own glass as it nears empty.

"I agree," she says in a quiet voice as she watches her hand lifted in slow motion, feeling the press of his lips on the back of it makes the hair on her arms prickle in small goosebumps. She continues with a soft giddiness behind her tone, "Life has so much to offer, we wouldn't really be doing ourselves justice if we did not experience what we could while we could…" Though, it is to his last remark that she frowns a little, lips turning down, "He didn't even make it to the hatching or the clutching. I was very disappointed. I haven't even seen hide nor hair of him since that day. He won't be so lucky next time, I can promise you that. I might even kick him where it hurts if I see him around the next time Choth rises." She huffs, "I could've had a real gentleman that night instead of just a… prat."

L'ton slowly squeezes her hand again, even as he's moving to pull her stool just a little bit closer, eyes meeting hers as he smiles at her. "Ah really dun think its fair, ta not do what ya can, when ya can. Ya never know when ya'll lose the opportunity." He says softly, before he's catching her frown, and slowly lifting her chin, shaking his head. "Ah'm sorry, lil'bit. That ain't very nice… Ah really dun think its fair ta ya, or ta yer Choth, when them idiot bronzeriders do that. Dhon and Ah, we're real gentlemen.. If'n we ever do have the luck, Ah promise ya, we'll be there."

Kessa doesn't seem to abhor the idea of inching a bit closer, certainly though as she's coaxed and the stool is pulled to close the gap, she still doesn't resist. Her emotive teal eyes display her captivation for this man in front of her, as if she had never known what it was like to be flirted with in such a charming manner. As he lifts her chin, she cannot help but smile pleasantly at him, "It was our first time and … well, I cannot say that I enjoyed it." She sighs a little, "There needs to be more gentlemen on bronze, I swear it." She moves her hand to find her drink again, the ice clinking as she finishes the glass off - some how becoming a lush or perhaps needing to cool herself off since her flushed cheeks were evidence to how hot it was just then.

"Ah think that yer eyes get even prettier when yer all pink like that, sweets.." L'ton says softly with a chuckle, smiling at her in return, thoroughly encouraged by the young woman's reaction. "Ah wish that Ah could take it all back fer ya, it should be something ya enjoy, something that ya dun want ta ferget about, or ignore. Ain't fair ta ya. If'n Ah see him, Ah might be half tempted ta hurt him fer ya." L'ton's forehead wrinkles up, before he's noticing her empty glass, and ordering something with berries and ice, attention quickly going back to the goldrider, even as he's moving to rest his hand on her knee - maybe.

The mention of her flushed cheeks only encourage them to go darker red, her head ducking a little with embarrassment that she's so flustered by his charm. It's not everyday that it happens either. In fact, the only man to have ever woed her so is her brownrider - which for the moment escapes her mind for more simpler reasons of having fun. "Oh, that's ok… Choth knows which bronze to get away from next time. She was upset too, that he only gave her four eggs. She says it's for the best of the Weyr to have that bronze no where near her the next time." She laughs quietly at that, shrugging her shoulder, "Not sure if she can prevent it, but, we can try!" She regards him, not doing a thing to remove the hand on her knee, "If you do hurt him, you'll definitely have to fill me in on the details-" a wink added to this, as a slender finger pushes her dark hair behind an ear.

Its amazing how quickly the thought of others can slip from your mind when in the company of a charming man and alcohol. As she flushes further, he grins a bit wider, shaking his head. "Ya would think no one has ever complimented ya before, Kessa, yer so red. Tis a pity, cause ya really are such a pretty girl." L'ton continues to dose out the charm, making his face, shaking his head. "Tis surprising what they'll do, Ah swear they know something about it, that we don't." The hand on her knee gives a gentle squeeze, and he's leaning into her, eyes still meeting hers. "Ah'd be happy ta, sweets.. T'would give me a good excuse ta come see ya 'gain."

"To be honest?" She leans in toward him, as if to reveal a secret, "No one really has, beyond a person that has known me for four Turns. Definitely not someone I just happen to bump into. It's a new experience…." she laughs quietly, letting her head fall slightly, causing hair to spill around her shoulders and against her cheeks. "Choth will do the best by the Weyr and me, so I don't doubt she'll pull out some great moves next time." She looks up then, her face abruptly closer to his as he leans in, which causes her breathing to all but stop … Even the noise around the bar could not distract her from that moment which has caused her heart to flutter with anxiety and excitement.

"Tis a pity, sweets… Ya should be told how beautiful ya are at least every day, if'n not a few times a day, cause its true.." His voice is soft, despite the noise of the bar, and the bronzerider is all but ignoring the two icy glasses that are slide across the bar, the 'tender already moving on to another guest. "Ah'm sure she will - Ah look forward ta Dhon and Ah giving it our best shot." As she lifts her chin up, he smiles, one hand reaching up to gently brush her hair back from her face, even as he's leaning to give her a kiss - or at least try.

The young woman has never encountered a man like this before, so suave and charming that she didn't even know what hit her but that she was clearly interested and excited that it had happened. His words for one have her alert and listening for more, wanting more, hungry for that kind of attention. Any young woman would be who yearns for it but receives it once every other month. Left hanging onto each of his words, tilting her cheek to the side at his fingers when they brush against her skin to put back her hair. She hadn't realized how close he had gotten until she felt his lips press against her own. For a moment she sit shocked that he was kissing her but in the next she melted against it, surprised that she was then returning the kiss.

L'ton lets his hand linger against her cheek, as she tilts her head against it, kissing her for a long moment. Only then is he slowly pulling away, putting just enough distance between them to meet her eyes again, fingers gently brushing through her hair once more. The hand on her knee is slowly shifting to rest on her thigh, even as he's unable to pull his gaze away. "Please, fergive me, Kessa… Ah couldn't help myself… Yer eyes… The blush.." He says with a smile on his lips, hand touching her cheek again.

Flustered only by the fact that she returned his kiss, she's pretty much speechless as he gently pulls away, her lips gently smacking together as if to hold onto the kiss even as he moves away from it. At his apology, she shakes her head slightly, trying to still his words, her eyes flickering back up to him in a seductive yet naive way. When she finally tries to say something, finding her senses all fogged with the abrupt heat created between them, she murmurs this: "Don't… It was nice." There really isn't anything else she could say, finding herself smiling with her eyes darting away, all shy now that he's actually kissed her in such a way, and that she admitted to having liked it.

"Ah just dun wanna scare ya off, Kessa.." L'ton murmurs softly, leaning again, this time towards her ear. "Ah'm glad, though, cause.. Ah thought it was nice, ta." He murmurs softly, even as he's straightening a bit, turning his head to try and catch her eye as she gets all shy. "Ah'd like ta kiss ya again, if'n ya let me…" But, the bronzerider doesn't wait for permission, instead leaning in again, his hand dropping to her shoulder, resting at the back of her neck as he kisses her again, even as the cold drinks are quickly melting, leaving cool puddles of condensation at their bases.

The young woman half closes her eyes when he whisperes into her ear, feeling herself resting a hand on his front base of his shoulder due to him being so near to her now. She does flash her intense teal eyes up at him again, in time for him to say what he needs to say before his lips are connecting with hers again. Her second hand now moves to his hip, where it stays as she lets him kiss her once more, once more working her lips with his to return it in full fever of the moment. The buzz within her might be caused by the alcohol or it coule be caused purely by this man who has so easily swept her off her feet.

"Perhaps we should see about that walk home, Kessa.." L'ton murmurs again, feeling her hands on his hip and shoulder, slowly sliding from the stool to help her do the same. A glance at the bartender, and there's a silent agreement to settle the tab later, even as he's offering an arm to the young goldrider. "Ah dun want ta cause ya no rumors.."

She regards the drinks left on the counter with a vague notion of regret, as if abhoring the idea of wasting anything. She lifts a finger up at L'ton when he mentions walking her home, smirking at him as she reaches over for the purplish drink. Sniffing it, she takes a sip. It doesn't make her cringe so she continues to drink it, and drink it she does - consuming the glass as if it were juice. Once most if not all the liquid is gone, she places the glass back down on the bar, stepping up on her stool before sliding off of it. "Hardly," she finally says to L'ton, "everyone knows goldriders are often under the spotlight. No matter what, there will be someone whispering—" she makes a gesture of someone gabbing away before her hand settles on L'ton's arm, the opposite brushing down the folds of her dress to ensure nothing has ridden up since sitting down.

L'ton pauses, tilting his head and watching her quickly finish the cold, fruity drink, grinning a bit. As glass is returned to the bar, he's chuckling softly, shaking his head. "Shards, Kessa, Ah didn't think ya had it in ya." He teases her a little bit. "Mm, ain't that always the case, Ah guess. Well, if'n yer willing ta deal with whatever they may say…" He winks at her, before he's shifting his arm, aiming to put it around her instead. "Now, ya're gonna have ta lead the way, but.."

Kessa gives L'ton a laughing grin, "Neither did I actually. But I never like to leave anything behind or see anything thrown out." She starts to walk ahead, lifting a questioning brow at him, tossing her hair behind her shoulder as she does so, "What might they say?" She's easy to grab onto, slender around the waist so that his arm can hook around her with no problem, and a the moment, she doesn't fight it, but rather naturally puts one around behind him.

L'ton loops his arm around her waist easily, hand resting on her hip as he keeps her close to his side, turning to smile down at her. "Mm, Ah bet something about a shardin' Istan bronzerider messing with Fort's junior. And, well, all that that brings." As her arm goes around him, his fingers give her a gentle squeeze and he's pausing in the doorway to turn towards her a bit, arm still around her. "Ah mean…" But then he's shaking his head, reaching up to push a stray piece of hair behind her ear, before he's turning to continue on their way back.

Kessa laughs that off, "Obviously you've not met any of our bronzeriders. Quite lacking of a group they are." That or none of them have approached her to try to even say hello. She strides through the doorway with a graceful sway of her hips and then a twirl of fabric once she spins around on the spot to say, "What?" she asks, as if not hearing his last comment, before she turns again, pointing more or less of the direction back to the Weyr, finally adding, "No one can say anything about me. And even if they did, everyone wouldn't believe it for the truth." Sheltered little goldlet is probably right, since there has been nothing dramatic said about her to tarnish her reputation as the good-weyrwoman, a balance to the fiesty nature of Tarish.

"Mmm, Ah can't say Ah've had the pleasure of meeting ta many of them, outside of the flight here or there. And, then, well, Ah'm not paying *them* the attention." L'ton says with amusement, feeling her sway a bit as she walks, and stealing another glance at her slender form, a crooked smile gracing his lips. "Well, Ah'm glad then. And Ah'll do my best not ta ruin yer reputation, Kessa." He chuckles, shaking his head, giving her another gentle tug to get her moving again. "Unless, o'course, ya want me ta." Now, its his experience with the likes of Pi that has him ducking a little bit at that comment, though his arm remains snuggling 'bout her waist.

"They're easy to miss and forget," she says with a scowl on her face, in which the next step the expression vanishes to a more sedate look, perhaps feeling the liquor now that they're in the cool open air. She peers up toward him though at his following words, feeling herself encouraged to walk on, in which she does with a soft crisp laugh at his latter comment, "Unless of course a girl wants to be a rebel hrm?" She pats him on the stomach, lips spread in a smile to show her teeth below, her head shaking a little with amusement.

"Aww, well, maybe they can't help it. Not everyone can be charming." Another wink, and then as she peers up at him, he's turning, arching an eyebrow at her with a soft laugh. "Maybe Ah should have kept ya ta that first drink, this time." He murmurs softly, shaking his head, though he's grinning again. "Well, a girl deserves what she wants, who am Ah ta say no?" The hand patting his stomach is taken in his own, giving it a gentle squeeze, even as he's pausing again in the cool Fortian evening. Fingers gently move to fold through hers, watching for her reaction.

"Or maybe you're the only crazy one that thinks I'm beautiful?" She teases at him, shaking her head with another finger pushing back hair behind her ear as her cheeks flush. She says nothing to the comment of the drinks, knowing that she's feeling rather well and doesn't want to spoil the mood by admitting to it. As she watches the ground while they walk back into the Weyr, she sort of leans into him now and again giving a giggly sort of sound, though quietly of course. It's when his fingers gently entwine with her own that she flashes another look up at him, a curious one that tries to see through him, calculating everything that he does.

"Mmm, now Ah know *that's* not possible. Ah mean, look at ya.." He shakes his head at her, sticking his tongue out like a little child in an argument. Each time she leans into him, he squeezes her side gently, now and then turning to tilt his head to the side and rest it against her own. Fingers gently folded through hers, he pauses to look back down at her, this time stopping in the middle of the tunnel leading into the Weyr to watch her, eyes meeting her pretty teal ones, slowly moving to wrap his other arm around her as well. "What's on yer mind, lil'Kessa?" He asks honestly, with a smile, and not a look for the others that pass them by now and then.

Kessa extends her arm as to look down at herself, slender feet poised beside one another as she coyly bows her knee to allow one foot to rest on toes rather than on the flat of her foot. "There's lots of women out there that are pretty …" she notes, making a dramatic shrug of her shoulders as her arm drops, to which she now gets to her point of curiosity, "You must know many beautiful women? I doubt you wouldn't, especially with those easy looks of yours." She puts a finger up toward his face to trace along his jaw.

L'ton watches her as she looks down at herself, gaze following hers, smiling at her. "Mmm, there are a lot of pretty women, but why would ya ignore the one that's standing right here with ya?" He asks her softly, gently lifting a hand from her side to rest it on the side of her face, smiling at her. "Besides, just because they may be pretty, dun mean their worth the time… ta many of them think they're special, when they're pretty.." As she traces her fingers along his jaw, he turns his head to kiss her fingertips softly.

Kessa sighs quietly at his words, her gaze flickering up, giving him a smoldering look that would knock any sane man off his feet, or well, at least cause some heated reaction. She looks over at her hand then where her fingertips are being kissed gently by this man in front of her, creating a sweet smile on her face as her eyelids drop just enough to make her look truly captivated. Eyelashes flutter as she smiles, turning her face down and away from him, already trying to continue walking with a bashful expression still brillaintly pink on her face.

L'ton has never been totally sane when it comes to women, but even then, he's completely entranced by the young woman. Giving her fingers another soft kiss, he moves to pull her a little closer, fingers brushing over her cheek. But then, she's turning away, and starting to walk, and he's staying by her side - now and then he lifts his gaze to make sure they aren't going to run into anything. "Hey.." He murmurs softly, giving her a squeeze.

The young woman may not be practiced in teasing a man, but she's certainly doing a fine job of it, moving away from him just as he expects to get closer. Certainly the grace she carries herself by, even when a little tipsy, would rival that of the most shrewd women on pern who practice such a cat-like walk. She does it naturally, peering behind her to see if L'ton is keeping up and when he murmurs, she turns her face partially in his direction, "Hrm?"

"Where ya going, sweets?" He asks with amusement, jogging to be at her side, reaching for her hand. But, there, there's not even a pause before he's leaning to give her another kiss - inexperienced in the game she may be, but she's caught this bronzerider in her trap. Straightening up, he keeps his eyes on her, even if they drop along her body now and then, before returning to her face, still smiling.

"You were going to walk me home, I believe? So that way," she laughs at him, her hand being caught to turn her around so that he's able to kiss her again. This time she hesitates but eventually gives into the gesture, smiling as he straightens up to explore her form again with his eyes. "You will take me home, won't you?" She chides, looking down the way, then back to whence they came, "You're a good kisser.. do you know that?"

L'ton straightens up, tilting his head and regarding her for a moment, as if weighing her hesitation, before she's glancing back towards the entrance, and he's moving to loop his arm around her again. "O'course Ah'll still take ya home, don't worry Kessa. Ain't gonna leave ya here." Gently nudging her, so they can continue their walk to her weyr, he grins at her words. "Ya're not bad yerself, lil'bit, do ya know that?" He glances at her out of the corner of his eye, grinning wider.

She drops her chin a little, causing hair to spill over her shoulders and effectively hiding most of her face from him as his arm once again loops around her. Finger tucks once again some of the hair behind an ear, as the other plays with the billowy fabric of her dress. She directs the way that they go, however it's not that hard to nagivate once they get out into the open of the bowl, since there's only one area built large enough for gold dragons, housed near the hatching grounds. A sensual expression greets L'ton as she peeks up at him, "A little bit.." she replies, teasing him.

"Ah hope ya dun mind me saying that, Kessa, Ah mean… Ah thought ya deserve ta know the truth. Ah mean, if'n Ah hadn't said anything, Ah was worried Ah might not get another kiss." He says with a smile, lifting his hand from her waist long enough to pull her hair back over her shoulder, so that he can see her face, before its returning to her side. "But, Ah supposed Ah promised ya a walk home ta keep ya safe, what am Ah thinking, huh? Ah think Ah needed a walk home, ta protect myself from ya." He murmurs as they cross the bowl.

Kessa senses that he stops and in doing so she stops herself, pivoting on her cowboyish styled boots, the heel graiting into the rocky ground. She's shakes her head at him, "I .. it wasn't my.." but before she gets to explain herself or make an excuse for her behaviour his arms were wrapping around her, which created a sort of electricity between them - or at least she felt it pulsing through her veins. Catching her breath, she looks into his gaze as his fingers hook underneath a chin. She can't be bothered to do anything but submit to the feelings buzzing within her, finding herself rising to meet him this time.

L'ton either doesn't hear, or doesn't acknowledge her attempt at an explanation, for aa she's rising up to meet his kiss, his arms tighten around her, holding her against him. Yet, even as he's finally pulling away from the kiss, eyes slowly opening to look at her, there's a content smile on his face, and his arms tighten around her. Still holding onto her, he leans to rest his head lightly against her shoulder, sighing softly. "Shards.." He says softly, shaking his head without lifting it.

As his arms tighten around her, it brings her up on her tippy toes, for he is considerably taller than she. Breathing in his smell and feeling his arms around her allows her to get lost, ensuring that no intelligent thought passes her mind, as it gets clouded by the insufferable nagging of need. Her arms slowly lift up underneath his own to hold him back, fingers splaying as they test the surface they rest on, getting fleeting sensations of his shape through the attire he wears. However, the soft sigh against her ear has her coming back down, enough to murmur, "What's wrong?" Her face drawing back, tilting to the side as her teal eyes give away her concern for a sigh made such a way.

L'ton tightens his arms a bit more, lending her balance as she stands on her tippytoes, shaking his head and giving her a reassuring smile as he straightens a little bit. "Nothing… Nothing's wrong Kessa.." He says softly, meeting her gaze, and brushing fingers gently through her hair, with a shake of his head. "Nothing at all, Kessa…" And whatever thought may have gone through his head, causing that whispered word has disappeared into nothingness, as he's leaning again - fingers pressing into her back, taking in her slender form.

Delicate fingers rise up to touch his cheek, for at his breathed word there comes some insecurities, perhaps guilt to that she should be so welcome to being held by a stranger. Her eyes flick back and forth to stare into each of his eyes, trying to determine what his mind was thinking. Since he continues to shake his head however, her mouth turns down and her brows show a concern that wasn't there before, "Are you sure?" Her fingers now glide behind his ear, toward the back of his hair line in which she tickles softly.

"Ah'm sure, Kessa… Ah.. Ah just want ta kiss ya again, and again, tis all.." He reassures her again, voice soft, as he lifts his hand to her cheek, trying to smooth her face into a smile. "Ah.. Ah'm really enjoying myself, Kessa.. can't take my eyes off of ya, and Ah love having my arms around ya… And, ya still are a good kisser." His eyes close as her fingers touch the back of his hair, giving her a quick squeeze as a smile grows on his lips.

She continues study his eyes, one after the other until she's sure that he wasn't upset or feeling awkward about any of this - cause it would trickle down into her and right now she was feeling pretty good about herself. Settling back down on her feet, she does give him a quiet smile, finding herself giving into a childish sort of giggle for all his compliments. "Oh do you now?" She crans her head off to the side, her eyes pointing as she nods with her chin, "That's me. Did you want to come in for a drink? I have wine - not that I ever drink the stuff…" She shrugs, keeping her fingers there behind his neck, until she slides her arms down, for fingers wiggle down behind her to grab one of his hands, "It's the least I could do for the escort home."

"Ah'd love ta, Kessa.." L'ton says with a smile, the bronzerider also feeling quite good right now, slowly unwrapping his arms from her to hold his fingers through hers again. "And, Ah do.." He says after a moment, with a grin, "Though, Ah think the company is worth it, wine or not." He murmurs at her as they go, heading in the direction of her weyr, looking back at her again and again as they go, goofy grin on his face. "'Sides, Ah didn't think Ah'd have the pleasure of walking such a pretty girl home today."

She does have a very good shape to her, though mostly all women due, save for the ones that don't take care of themselves and let themselves go. But it's different for her, her curves are much more bold than other slender women, for she's slim, but has a wide hip which gives her a great hour-glass shape. This is what leads L'ton into the golden rider's den, with a backwards glance that is quite honestly coquettish. Sweeping into the weyr with her dress flapping around her calves, she draws him into her dwelling, casting a quick glance around to ensure the place is decent. She closes the man-door behind her, inviting him further into the room, "Nothing special. What kind of wine do you drink? Red, white? Dry, sweet? Because honestly, I can't tell the difference, so you might as well go pick out a bottle for yourself." She points to the wine rack, kicking off her boots by stepping on the toe of one and the heel of the other. Once she's out of her boots, she drops an inch since the heel on them made her sprout in height unnaturally, but she's still got an average height to her at least. Stepping quickly over toward the kitchen, she starts searching for wine glasses, plucking down two from one of the cupboards above. "I didn't think I'd have the pleasure to be walked home… it came as quite a surprise," she murmurs, waiting for him to come over to pick a wine - turning a bit awkward again since she doesn't often host men, a told tale by her nervous glances at him.

L'ton is the type to appreciate most women that at least make an attempt, though Kessa's shape has him pausing as she walks away, gaze following her through to the kitchen area, though its focused far lower than it would be, even with it slightly lessened height. At her words, he's suddenly shaking his head, looking at her with a bit of a sheepish grin. "Uh, sorry Kessa.." he says, moving then to go fetch a bottle of sweet blush wine after a minute of consideration for the wine rack's offerings. And then he's returning to her side, opening the wine to pour them each a glass, before he's returning his arm back around her.

It becomes more obvious now, especially when the wind isn't softly wafting her scent away - coconut. As he draws his arm around her again, the scent is just strong enough to be caught on the nose of anyone near enough to catch it. It's a pleasing scent with a touch of lavendar perhaps. What ever the case may be, as soon as he's finished pouring the wine and has his arm around her, she spins to regard him, putting the small of her back up against the counter. Tentatively, she draws the wine to her lips, smiling at him around the delicate rim of the glass. Soon, she's had a few tastes, the first just to get her taste buds adjusted, the second, for a stronger sip. Heedless that her system is already buzzing with alcohol, she holds onto the wine glass, drawing one leg up slowly to prop her foot up on the base of the counter. "You pick your wines well," she notes, taking another sip as eyes flirt with him further.

L'ton closes his eyes for a second, noticing her soft scent, slowly leaning a little closer. His wine glass remains on the counter for now, as he watches her taste his choice of wine. "Ah'm glad ya like it…" He murmurs softly, as one hand moves to the counter at her side. Its only then that he's reaching for his own glass, taking a slow sip of it, as he shifts closer, almost sandwiching her between the counter and his body. Glass is back on the counter, and he's lifting his hand back to her cheek, watching wordlessly.

Kessa turns her face away enough to steal another sip of wine as he moves in closer, flicking her eyes back as another lush sip of wine drains into her. "I do… I haven't tried wine this colour yet.." she notes of the blush, a much sweeter wine and a good wine for beginners - it's why it goes down quickly. Yet, when his body shifts closer to nearly pin her between the counter and himself, she's putting her cheek into his hand, sighing quietly as her eyes close. Her free hand settles on the back of the counter, leaning a little to cause a gentle curve of her back, arching herself a little toward him. "What?" she says shyly, though teasingly as she smiles at him.

"Well, Ah'm glad ya like it… Ya should be able ta enjoy yer own wine." He murmurs softly, leaving his hand against her cheek, even as he's leaning to sniff at the curve of her neck, and then fingers shifting to gently slide through her hair. "Ya smell wonderful.." His voice is soft as he murmurs in her ear, feeling her lean a little towards him. His hand shifts from the counter to her hip, and he's leaning to gently kiss her neck, still enjoying her soft scent.

The talk of wine seems to be lost in the moment that he's face draws near her neck, considering the breath alone against her flesh causes her to goosebump all the way down to her legs. She leaves the wine glass where it is in favour of hooking an arm around his neck, the other still supporting behind her. She lets her eyes close when his lips touch there on her neck, creating an even worse electric rush of sensation than when his breath was merely against the skin there. She can't help but making a quiet sigh that registers almost as a moan but not completely. It's as if she was still reserved and didn't want to disturb the moment, focusing her thoughts on his lips there against her neck, which, she crans to the side so he's better able to kiss it as her hair splays away from his administrations. The hand up by his neck lightly combs through the back of his hair, saying nothing as if words then could shatter the moment.

L'ton gently runs his hand through her hair again, pushing it back from her face, away from her neck, bearing her skin a bit further as she leans her head away. Fingers on her hip tighten a little bit, as he holds her close. Gentle kisses continue upon her neck, a soft nuzzle of her ear, before he's slowly shifting, kisses moving to her jawline, and then to her lips. shivering a little bit as she continues to play with his hair. There are no words needed, not right now.

She's not sure why she does it, only that it feels right for what she currently wants. As he shifts, so does she. She pushes back on the counter and encourages him to help her up too, springing up on the counter so that he doesn't have to lean down so much to kiss her. It causes her dress to ride up high on her thighs. Though the motion of allowing him to slip between her legs no doubt causes the dress to become even more of an annoyance. But for the most part she's lost to the motions, needing this human connection more than she realized. She completely embraces the man now. With the aid of the booze, she was desiring someone to share the night with her and if her weyrmate did not answer Choth's call, so be it, the night ends with a steamy entanglement of a complete stranger.

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