Playing with Zip

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth's Domain(#7862R)

L'ton grins at the two of them, before eventually answering Pi. "Ah've been busy with, uh, stuff.. And Zi, too.." Perhaps he was hoping to avoid the somewhat less awkward then last time situation. Zipalla glances up at Pi, shaking her head. "Ya should build with meh.. Pwease?" And she slides over to make space for Pi, should the greenrider join her.

Pi can't refuse so plops down next to the girl and grins a bit. "Ah ain't so good with 'em.. Ah'd knock 'em over.. but if'n yeh /really/ want meh too." Pal gets another peek and a little grin. "Sure yeh have, too busy ta come see meh? Ah /always/ visit yeh."

Zipalla shakes her head quickly at Pi, giggling. "If dahdy can, ya can, siwwy goose." And she smiles at Pi, adding another block to her tower, while L'ton crosses over to stand behind them, watching their progress. "Ah'm always busy, ya know. With wing stuff.." Pause. "Ah'd visit ya if'n ya were ever in one place.."

Pi takes her block and shifting so she's kneeling, placing it carefully on the top before sitting back on her feet once she's done. "Point, yer daddy's a clutz." Tilting her head back she gives him a cute little grin. Can't be mad at /that/ face, right? Right… really. "Ain't that hard ta jus' ask Psy yeh know. Dhon can do tha'."

L'ton makes a face at Pi as she calls him a klutz, shaking his head some. "Am not.." He protests momentarily, before turning a bit red in the face. "Maybe Ah dun wanna be some of the places ya tend ta be fond of…" Like, dancing and all that. Zipalla pushes a few more blocks in Pi's direction, carefully adding the one in her hand to the bottom of the rather stubby pyramid

Pi beams up as she gets a face made at her. Yay! "Aw, come on.. gettin' a drink ain't bad… an' yeh seem ta like the beach 'nough, right?" Those are the two places she hangs out after all. "Ah wouldn' make yeh dance if'n yeh came ta the Sands with meh."

L'ton waggles a finger at the greenrider. "Ya wouldn't, but Ah dun think Ah could get out of it, if that weyrsecond is there." He's had a run-in with Raysha, he has. "Ah like the beach, but if ya're there, mah luck has it that green of yars won't be for long." And he flushes dark, grimacing. Zipalla continues to happily play with her blocks, adding a few more before the entire stack is toppled over.

Pi tilts her head slightly, kind of hard looking up at him as she does, but who cares. "Why? Wha' 'bout Raysha?" She's confused at the moment, but then again as she has no clue what happened or that something /did/ happen it's not all that suprising. There's a little shrug. "She ain't proddy now, so yeh don' gotta worry 'bout /tha/"

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "She's… so.." And he stumbles on his words for a long moment, trying to figure out exactly what to say. "/Well versed/." He carefully pronounces the words, before looking back at Pi. "Ah'm sure she'd have me dancing in no time, with her fancy drinks and her chattering.." L'ton moves to lean against the back of his desk chair, folding his arms infront of him. "She may not be now, but Ah still think the moment Ah set foot on that beach.."

Pi blinks a little at that and peeks up at him. "So yeh like her or yeh don'?" Yes, she's somewhat confused on this issue… wait, she's confused a lot isn't she. "We could tes' that theory." And she sticks her tonuge out at him. "Ah doubt she'd go proddy soon as yeh get there."

"We could test it out, little one, but Ah dun have anyone to watch Zi, should it be true." A wink and he wrinkles up his nose, thinking. "Ah.. Ah dunno. She's nice, but she's just so.." Poor boy is having trouble finding words. "She ain't meek, ya know." However that's meant to be taken

Pi giggles a bit and rolls her eyes. "Ah ain't 'xactly meek. But Ah guess Ah ain't so… well versed?" Picking up another block she pokes the bronzer with it, she'd toss it bu t that's a bad example isn't it. Would be amusing to have the girl throwing blocks at her dad all the time admittedly. "An' Ah ain't little." Yes, they've had that argument before.

L'ton waggles a restraining finger at Pi, "Ya know better than that.." Zipalla squeaks a bit as she reaches for Pi's hand, and the block that's there. Of course, that's the one she wants most. And L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah dun think ya're like her at all. She's like the girls anyone can have!" And the last is said hurriedly, quietly.

Pi hands the block over to Zi with a grin. "here yeh go." Then Pal gets a peek. "What do yeh mean? Girls anyone can have?" blink. Yes, she caught it but she doesn't understand. "An yer makin' my neck hurt, standin' back there, sit."

"Ya could stand, ya know.." And he winks, crossing to settled in one of the big chairs, motioning her to the other as Zi is more then happy to go back to playing with her blocks alone. "Ya know.. They dun mind who they're with, at all… All flirty, and all.." Which seems to be almost depressing to L'ton, whether or not its true.

Pi gets up and plops down in the other chair, peeking at the other. "Well, Ah dance with all sorts'a guys.. that ain't flirty?" She doesn't really mean it to be but she can imagine it seems like it.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Flirty, but not flirty flirty." yeah, there you go, describe a word with the same word, that's a winner. "Ah mean, ya don't have the same attitude. Ya'll hit anyone who tries anything.. Ah dun think she'd mind." Gossip gossip.

Pi can't help but giggle at the response she gets. "Yeh shoulda seen meh proddy then." is said with a smirk. Now she can be somewhat amused by her actions, then… not so much. "Least Ah got better at kissin from it." The block-playing kidlet gets a peek and a grin.

L'ton makes a face. "Ah did see ya proddy, or did ya forget that?" He arches an eyebrow at her, shaking his head and hiding his eyes behind his hand. "Ya're suppose to be the innocent one, that hits all the guys!" What went wrong with that formula? Oh, right… Psy.

Pi shakes her head a little bit. "Not tha' time.. an' not much. Yeh missed the rest… an' Ah don' kiss guys when Ah /ain't/ proddy." She still is pretty innocent, flights aside. "Ah never was /tha'/ innocent.. least not like the cute girls."

L'ton shakes his head and sighs. "Ah dun wanna think about it either way.." Pause. "Ya should make sure Zi turns out like you.." Wait, Pal asking Pi to help again? Wow! And then he waves a hand a bit. "So, what did ya want anyway?"

Pi blinks at the comment and tilts her head slightly. "Why like meh? Thought yeh didn' like it when Ah punched yeh." There's a little bit of a shrug with a sigh. "Anyhow, Ah ain't tha' great." More shrugging! Bwee. "An Ah dunno, jus' wanted ta talk."

L'ton shrugs some. "Ya can take of yarself.. Ah dun worry so much about ya and boys together. Ah dun wanna have to worry about her." Ah, the curse of daughters. And he smiles a bit. "What's bugging ya, hm?"

Pi grins a little at the taking care of self. "Yeah, Ah guess." She doesn't seem /too/ sure of that. Sighing slightly at the bugging her part she just shrugs again. "Nothin'" Yeah…. yup

L'ton arches an eyebrow at her, shaking his head some. "But ya shouldn't teach her that.. where ya say there's nothing wrong, but there is.."

Pi tugs her boots off, she's staying a bit anyhow. Also, pulling feet up onto the wonderful chairs while wearing boots is a bad thing. "Nothin''s /wrong/." Something's probably bothering her though. "Ah'm jus' a little confused, tha's all."

"Then we're two for two, ya know.. Ya've got me just as confused as I'm sure you are." Zipalla leaves her blocks where they are, headed over to lean on the front of Pi's chair, arms extended patiently. "Up?" Pal grins somewhat, and shakes his head. "But what are /ya/ confused about?"

Pi beams at the kidlet and tugs her into her lap turning her around. Aww. "Yer confused?" Peer, oh yes, total chance of subject. "What're /yeh/ confused 'bout?"

Zipalla rearranges herself on Pi, snuggling up against her, thumb going in her mouth as she sits quietly, and listens to the "adults". Pal snorts softly. "Ya, silly. Girls. About how they wanna talk, but they never talk about what they wanna…" Pause. "Talk, girlie." A wink and he slouches in his chair.

Pi eyes him a bit longer and smirks. "Guys're the same yeh know. Jus' look at yeh." So she shrugs again. "Jus' kissed a girl when Psy was proddy… an' got confused.. tha's all." Yes, all…

L'ton mutters something under his breath about girls turning things around all the time, and never sticking to the subject at hand. But then his attention is caught, and he just stares at her. "Y-ya did?" Pause. "Who?" Now L'ton just needs to pick his jaw up off the floor

Pi did stick to the subject, she just added a comment to him as well. "Tha's not somethin' Ah'm gonna tell yeh, sorry. Jus' don' wanna drag 'er in it an all." She's never said names before, like with the guy trouble she had. "Yer turn ta spill?"

L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head. Pi, ruining his boyish fantasies. Or something. "Spill what, though?" Pause. Poor Pal's totally and completely confused, and just slouches further, running a hand haphazardly through his hair

Pi shrugs a little. "What yeh were confused abou'." She wasn't exactly buying the whole girls and how they talk and don't talk thingy. "Actually… Ah kissed her 'fore Ah was proddy… or she kissed meh… no Ah kissed 'er the second time it happened an Ah wasn' proddy." Wow, now he has /reason/ to be confused. "She kissed meh cause Ah mentioned Psy wantin' meh to try things.. wait, was she proddy?"

L'ton once more retreats behind the comfort of his hand, biting his lip as he tries to get it all straight. And then he peeks through his fingers at her. "That's why girls confuse meh.. Always changing what they're saying." Besides, he wasn't confused until Pi came to visit. At least not this time

Pi sighs slightly, tilting her head and trying to get this figured out. "Cause Ah don' remember what happened when. Anyhow… she thought Ah wouldn' like it.. but Ah dunno.. Ah didn' /not/ like it. So Psy had meh kiss lots of people ta fix tha' when Ah /was/ proddy. Cause Ah'd only kissed M'kan. And yeh, but that was durin' flight."

L'ton just sits there and stares at Pi between his fingers, unsure of what to say. "Ah, uh.." Pause. "So, why are ya confused? Ah mean, if ya liked it, ya liked it… Its just like Franses, ya know.." And he's gotten to know more about it, with the greenrider as his 'second.

Pi blushes slightly at the mention of it being just like Franses. "Ah know.. but Ah seem ta be attracted ta guys more… Ah dunno. It jus' confused meh.. Ah dunno if'n Ah /did/ like it. It didn' disgust meh…" Which she sort of expected and all.

L'ton catches the blush, but he's wise enough not to comment on it, instead just grinning. "Ya can like both, too, ya know.. Just prefer one or the otha." And he drops his hand, slouching some in his seat. "Sides, with yar lump out there, yar bound to uh.. spend lots of time with a girl one of these days.."

Pi nods a little at that and sighs. "Ah know…. yeh ever kissed a guy?" That second bit just occured to her and she thought she'd ask, why not after all. And Pal's being wise about something? Wow, almost as suprising as Pi having common sense on occasion.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah haven't.. But Ah've thought about it, since Dhon went after that green, and her 'mate was worse then a barmaid, on all the guys.." There's a reason he took off.

Pi giggles a little at the response, though she looks suprised that he's actually saying he thought about it. "Ah'd better get goin'…" Lifting the kidlet up she sets her back on the floor, standing hopefully and works on putting her shoes on.

Zipalla pouts as she's placed on the floor, making pouting eyes up at Pi for a moment, before giving up and going to Pal. Pal picks her up as he stands, actually smiling. "Ah'll see what Ah can do about visiting ya, kay?"

Pi finishes tying her boots and grins up at Pal. "Allrigh', yeh'd better." Heading over to him she gives Zipalla a quick kiss on the forhead. "Yeh be good fer yer daddy, kay? He's hopeless." And then she actually pecks Pal on his cheek. "See yeh." And quickly climbs up onto Psy who wings off.

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