Corrupting Telgari Candidates (5 Turns Back)

Telgar Weyr - Living Caverns
A large open room, built for the days when the weyr's population was larger. Now, the amount of tables and chairs have dwindled and those that remain are crowded closer to the hearths. One long trestle table is still set for serving and there's always the pot of porridge and klah on the hearth so despite the moderate emptiness the room remains welcoming.

OOC: Telgar Weyr is a NPC AREA.
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Lysithea is holding a nasty rag, and has a bucket set nearby with some water that is looking less than clean. Another is filled with dirty plates and mugs that have been left around the caverns. She's currently without her jacket, sleeves pulled up, and scrubbing at a stain that could have once been some juice or— was there a fight here, blood? She's trying extra hard to get it out, but even the chores can't take the secret grin from her face.

Sythuin has..a mop. Beware the mop! ..Or just beware of the slight bit of sloshing that he does between the bucket and the floor. Hey, might as well have more than one candidate working on chores like this. There's a pause as he looks at a particular spot, before he rubs the mop over it. ..And again. Harder. "What in the world were they /doing/ in here?" Does he even want to know? Perhaps not.

L'ton stretches as he emerges from the passageway holding the various administrative rooms and offices, talking softly with a man who wears a Telgari wingleader knot. The two pause in the entrance to the passage, before finally they finish their conversation and head their separate ways, L'ton's taking him through the cavern and coincidentally past the scrubbing Lysithea. Passing by her, it is a few more steps before he encounters the wet floor left in Sythuin's wake, and he looks from one to the other. At least the female he seems to recognize. "Ly-seta?" He ventures - a guess is better than nothing right? - as he turns back to peer at her scrubbing. "Ah can't believe yer smiling." And then he looks at Sythuin and the spot again. Ew?

"Wasn't me," Lysithea calls back to her fellow candidate, almost instinctively, though she adds a quiet chuckle. She finally recognizes his face, and looks from mop to stain. "I've yet to have a chore with 'nother candidate that I know. Glad to have ya on board, Sythuin." She gives the spot another fierce rub before sighing and moving on, washing the rag out in the bucket, wringing in, and moving to another spot on the table. Her name, vaguely familiar to her ears, doesn't cause her to turn around. But the feeling of being watched, as always, makes her look up. She blinks to the Weyrsecond, taking a moment to remember— "Oh! L'ton, right? It's Lysithea, actually— Lys." She smirks to him. "Why, was I really smiling just now?"

"It'd better not be throw-up." Because…well it just better not be. Sythuin even looks a tad green at the very thought, hurriedly giving that spot another few scrubs with the mop. Though he does peer at Lysithea quietly, brows lifted. "..You haven't? I do.." Well maybe he's lucky. Still, he does turn a little to blink as L'ton appears, fingers fidgeting with that mop. No sense /really/ standing still, however, so back into the bucket it goes, sloshing faintly on it's escape from the water.

L'ton waves his hand at Sythuin as he fidgets, a grin crossing his face. "Ah ain't gonna yell at ya. But Ah ain't gonna walk 'cross yer nice clean floor now, either. Ah remember what it t'was like ta be a candidate, and Ah won't make it any worse for you." The Istan actually blushes slightly as he's corrected to the name. "That's right.. Ah knew it was Lys-omething.." He wanders over to half peer at the spot on the floor, and then the one on the table. "Some sort 'f wine, or ale, maybe? Ya never know what they'd come up with here, just ta stay warm." Poor southern boy, still freezing to death, even as spring has begun to thaw the northern expanses.

Lysithea stares at both the stains on the floor and then the table, trying not to flush too much at what that might bring up. "Wine.. Nah, it looks like something different," she corrects. Instead of returning to the table, she drops the rag on the side of one of the buckets and sits down. Break time. "Lys is alright," she tells L'ton with a toothly grin. "It's easily to remember. Take a break Sythuin, I don' think that stain is going anywhere." She pats the seat beside her. Tempting, yes. She's definitely not breaking too much of a sweat over chores. "An' alcohol /is/ the best way to stay warm. It's a shame we candidates can't be drinking that, though. Nope. Not a sip." Innocent whistle.

Sythuin gives Lysithea an odd look for all of her talk, but it's L'ton who gets a smile out of the man. "Thank you, sir." No shoeprints on his floor! There /is/ slight hesitation, however, at being offered a break from all the scrubbing, and he sends a little glare at the floor stain. Oh yes, a break is definitely in order, and he moves right along, sinking into the nearby chair with a sigh. "..It is? I prefer a good blanket.." Because..well. Blankets are cozy. "Oh! Um..I'm Sythuin.."

"Ah think there's a few other ways, but alcohol definitely helps." L'ton offers, as he settles in a seat of his own, glancing from one to the others. "Y'all ain't allowed no alcohol? Our 'master, he said we could, but we couldn't go and get drunk, cause then, if'n the eggs cracked, we'd be too dangerous ta put out on the sands." He shakes his head hurriedly. "And, tis a pleasure Sythuin. Ah'm L'ton." No formal introduction this time, as he continues to stare at them. "Are y'all really serious?"

Lysithea's grin fades as she reconsiders what she had said, before nodding to both Sythuin and then to L'ton. "Oh, there are different ways at the end. I s'pose a bit of a drink isn't the /best/ way, after all. An' we can't get drunk, either, though a little bit of wine isn't going to help much in anything." In her opinion. She stretches her legs out and grins innocently over to the bronzerider. "Serious? Absolutely." She tries to hide a yawn. A genuine yawn, which took the perfect opportunity to strike and then turns to Sythuin. "Aren't we?"

Sythuin tilts his head just a bit at the question, staring back at Lysithea. "..I don't really like wine." So..well. He hasn't paid all that much attention to the rules regarding it. Oops? "..Um..yes. Well met, L'ton. I'm..serious about the blanket thing?" Well he is. Try it sometime. Snuggle.

L'ton grins a bit, shaking his head as he leans back in the chair, winking at the young woman, before catching Sythuin's eye. "Ah'm sure there's gotta be something ya'd like. Some of the stuff is sweet enough, ya wouldn't even know. Tis what mah cousin likes the best." And L'ton sighs softly, arching an eyebrow at Lysithea. "Ya've gotta be pulling mah leg. Cause that would mean, if'n Ah found something fer y'all.. Y'all'd get in trouble." Poor L'ton, the unbeliever.

Lysithea raises a brow at Sythuin, clearly unsure whether she should believe him or not. "Wine is… well, depending on the vintage, and what's your preference, it's normally really good. I prefer some strong ale most of the time, but a good meal with a glass of wine- there's nothing like it. Ya should try it, at least, and see what you'd prefer." She turns to L'ton, brightening again. "Oh, /only/ if we caught," she adds, grinning toothly at the older man. "An' 'm sure /only/ if we get drunk. How else would they know if we've been drinking or not 'less it affects us. Maybe they say don't drink anything, to keep us from accidently drinking too much."

Sythuin lets out a breath, nodding. "I know.. I mean..I wouldn't /mind/ if I found some I liked." And with that, of course, L'ton is given a brow-raised look, slowly smiling at the rider. "You..would do that?" Well, now /there's/ an adoring look from the candidate. "She's if we get caught, right?" Riiight?

L'ton stands nothing to lose when it comes to corrupting Telgari candidates, after all. So at their reactions, he tilts his head to the side, watching both of them. "Well, what would ya like?" He offers to the young woman first, as he moves to stand up to go track down various beverages. And then a look at Sythuin, and he hms softly. "Do ya like juice?" Cause that is at least a start. And then, as an afterthought, he narrows his gaze and waggles a finger. "Now dun y'all go telling everybody, ya hear?"

Lysithea sits up straight, pulling her legs in, gazing at the bronzerider with an adoring look. "Oh, I haven't had a drop of good ale in a /long/ time. Anything strong works, too. Something to put a kick into these cold limbs." She rubs her arms, bared as her sleeves had been pushed up, for emphasis. "Tell 'nyone?" She laughs, lightly. "I wouldn't dare get myself in trouble, would I? You can count on me." At least not to get herself into more trouble with the authorities around here, that is.

Of course they won't tell! Can't have them cut off from their supplier, can they? Syth just grins all the more, brightening considerably as he takes a glance at Lysithea, nodding. "Well..yes. I like juice.. They have something that tastes similar to that?" Because that, obviously, is a good selection to have. "We won't tell anyone!"

"Ah have a friend, and she introduced me ta this ale - Tanner's Friend." Of course, said friend is also the creator of it, but. You're suppose to help out your friends. L'ton nods at Sythuin too, before wandering off and returning a short time later with a pair of bottles of said tanner's friend, and another bottle of something considerably lighter - presumably a sweetened fruit beer. "Now, if'n y'all get drunk from these, Ah'm not taking responsibility." But yet, he still hands each of them their bottle, before settling back in his seat and opening his own.

"'Course, no one at all," Lysithea repeats after Sythuin, grinning at her fellow candidate and turing back to listen to the bronzerider. The very idea nearly breaks her face in a wide grin. And as soon as he returns, Lys is nearly leaping out of her seat in joy at the sight of the bottles. She takes hers, thankfully not grabbing at it, and smiles that rare one of hers to L'ton. "Oh, /thank/ you. Truly. 'm sure this ale is going to be as good as your friend says, too." She opens herself, savoring the moment, before taking a sip and nearly melting. Happiness. She turns to watch Syth's reaction, cradling the bottle with both hands.

Sythuin clambers out of his own seat to have his first meeting with the bottle, looking at it curiously as he takes it up. "Yeah..thanks.." Though whether or not the candidate will /remain/ thankful..well..that'll depend on the taste. He does give Lysithea a surprised look though when she goes right ahead and starts to sip from it, glancing around suspiciously. People could be /watching/. Of course, that doesn't stop him from taking an experimental taste. " it's good!" Surprise surprise!

L'ton is happy enough to give a long pull on his own bottle, leaning back to put the bottle on the table behind him as he watches the reactions of the others. "It ain't that bad, is it? Ah mean, wine.. wine's a bit different, but a good beer.." He shakes his head, turning then to Lys and nodding his head. "Ah dun mind at all. Ah mean, if'n yer lucky enough ta Impress, then ya /really/ won't be able ta have nothin', so might as well enjoy the lil bit while ya can."

Lysithea chuckles at Sythuin's reaction to his own bottle. "Now that ya like it, ya should drink more. Getting drunk isn't so bad, well, tipsy, not /really/ drunk. And after all this mess, of course, when it's allowed. Be it after the hatching or after weyrlinghood." Her green eyes find L'ton again, only to lose him as she takes a drink from her bottle again. "Oh, if I Impress, I s'pose we'll be way too busy to think 'bout alcohol at all." Once again, that pessimist's if. "An' I'll definitely be enjoying it. Is there any chance of getting a few more bottles, if it's available that is. If only I can stash a few 'way and enjoy 'em before the eggs go an' hatch on us."

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L'ton grins again at Sythuin and his bottle, before attention shifts to Lysithea, and he arches an eyebrow. "Ah might be able ta. They only had a few bottles back there - there's maybe one more fer each of us. But Ah might be able ta track some down, and bring 'em back ta ya. If'n ya really want meh ta." He teases her with a grin, taking another taste of his own ale. "Ya won't be able ta think of ta much at all, fer a while. Ya'll be ta tired ta do much else than pass straight out in bed."

Lysithea glances at her bottle, having enjoyed it too much and already noticing its depressingly half-empty. "Oh, that would be great. Is this brewed 'ere in or 'round Telgar?" She drops the bottle to look over it at the bronzerider, grinning. "I could really appreciate good ale. I don't get by it too often. I might have gotten into a bit of trouble after having too much to drink, once in Fort." She drops the bottle all the way down to her lap, nestling it between her legs as she turns to conversation. "No? I thought we'd have a bit more free time without these candidate chores. Is caring for a growing dragon going to be that time-consuming?" Hold-bred, of course.

"Ya know, Ah ain't sure. All have to ask her, next time Ah see her." L'ton was told, at one point or another, but he'd probably been drinking, and that's cause for news to go in and right back out. Her comment on Fort gets a raised eyebrow, but luckily for her, she changes the topic, and its that which he catches upon. "Ah swear they grow an arm's length overnight. Ya gotta bath 'em and oil 'em. Chop up their food, til they can hunt. And then ya've lessons with them, and ya've likely got lessons of yer own. /We/ had ta learn proper reading and writing." So, maybe L'ton had some issues with the basics, before. "Ah never would have thought Ah'd say it, but sleeping by myself was a good thing."

"Let me know if ya get in contact with 'er," Lysithea says, leaving that discussion behind and turning her attention completely to the one ahead. "They don't jus' get up and eat themselves, like 'lizards do? I got two of those nasty little things the other day, with L'ren, but at least they can care for themselves when it comes to food." She wrinkles her nose at the thought of those extra chores. "Somehow, I imagined being a Weyrling was a bit more glamorous than bathing an' feeding all the time." But she pauses, takes a sip from her drink, and asks, "How old is it 'till they're good and ready to hunt, wash, and do all that themselves?"

L'ton actually laughs loudly, shaking his head. "That's what Ah thought, Ah swear. Ah thought it was gonna be all easy. And then Ah woke up the morning after the hatching, and found a carcass Ah had ta cut all up, for Dhonzayth ta eat. And, each day, Ah had ta cut more and more. Ah got ta stop cutting a few months in, but he didn't bring it down fer himself til he was.. 8 er 9 months old?" He considers this carefully, trying to be accurate. "Ya're always gonna have ta bathe 'em, though. Even now, Ah take what help Ah can get."

Lysithea would have definitely spit out any ale in her mouth, if she had taken a drink. But she was listening intently, and instead her mouth drops when she hears the answer she was waiting for. "/Nine/ months?" She raises a hand to her head, rubbing at one temple. "I thought these last few months 'ere were bad, with all the chores, but I had no idea I was looking into nearly a turn of that." She shudders. "Dragons are big," she says, as if finally realizing that fact. "I can't imagine the amount of meat it takes to feed 'em, especially when I've got to be handling it." Once it has sunken in, she tilts the bottle back, nearly finishing it off. "An' I thought 'lizards were tough to care for."

L'ton should be thankful that her mouth was empty, then. Stretching out and then slouching, arms are propped up on the table behind him as he shrugs. "Dhon was eating a beast every other day, before he started ta hunt fer himself. At least ya get ta a point, where it ain't every day. Or, twice a shardin' day like it can be." That's just bad. "Have ya seen big dragon, real up close? Like, one that ya ain't afraid of and avoiding?" Given her reaction in the hatching sands previously, he'd not be surprised if she /has/ been avoiding them all.

Lysithea shakes her head, disbelieving. "That's going to be a mess." Of course, literally as well. "Feeding all the time. I feel bad for weyrlings all over Pern now." She levels a look at the bronzerider, tilting her head and smirking. "Reonth? She's the first dragon I ever stood next to, ever ridden, ever went :between: with." She shudders at the memory, unable to resist. "She was /big/ an' I really don't want to think jus' how big all the /other/ dragons are right up close."

L'ton laughs softly, shaking his head. "Reonth's not so big. Ya should see Dhonzayth - he's not even that big, fer a bronze." And he offers a hand. "Ah apologize, too, fer not making it ta escort ya ta the party. Ah really was gonna try, but some people just go on and on and on.." He shakes his head again. "Would ya forgive meh, lady?" He offers with a teasing expression.

Lysithea shakes her head quickly. "Oh, I think I could pass up the opportunity to see your Dhonzayth. Reonth was a proper example of a dragon… 'cept for landing in the ocean, of course." She glances at the hand, brow raised, before reaching out with her own and taking it, curious. "Oh, it's completely alright. It was infested with firelizards, at the end, so ya didn't miss much. But the food was pretty good." Of course, that infestation led to her two new firelizards, but she tends to forget that on occasion.

L'ton shakes his head quickly. "Ah'll laugh if'n a big old brown finds its way straight ta ya, come hatching day. Then ya'll find yerself with a dragon that makes Reonth look like a firelizard." He gives the candidates hand a squeeze in further apology, before dropping it to reach for his ale instead. "Ah got 'nuff of 'em as it is. Ah ain't my Hanza would let meh have another one, though, even if'n Ah wanted. She likes ta have attention on herself."

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Lysithea pulls back her hand quickly. She takes up her bottle, finishing it off the rest of it and enjoying that last bit of the ale. "I very much doubt that would happen. I couldn't imagine continually having to climb up onto a big brown's back over the turns. I can't even imagine how /high/ that would be." She shrugs a shoulder. "Not that 'm afraid of heights. A cliff is nice, but ya can easily fall of a dragon." Well, at least she believes it to be so. She leaves the bottle aside on the floor beside her seat, making sure it's out of sight in case anyone comes in to ask. "I only hope my two are protective 'nough to scare any other firelizard from coming to me. I can't handle more than the two."

L'ton swirls the bottle around in his hand, tilting his head to pick out the line of the liquid still within, before he takes another gulp of it, though Lys definitely beat him to the finish. After a brief pause, the rest of it is downed, and the empty bottle is set behind him, and he snags Lysithea's off the floor to join it. He had 2, really he did. "Its gradual. Ah swear, after a while, they're still getting bigger, but ya just stop realizing it. And then yer all the way up there, and its awesome. Ya ain't gonna fall off, though."

Ramiel wanders in from the kitchen. He's got an apron on that's all covered in food bits, and he's sniffing the air like a dog. "Who's got beer?" He blurts out. Then he grins and waves to Lysithea. "Hey Lys." Then to L'ton he nods a bit. After yesterday he's feeling a bit gun-shy. "Hello, sir. How are you this evening?"

Lysithea watches as her bottle is taken, and she grins to the bronzerider in thanks. "Well, I s'pose watching 'em grow would help, but there's still the fact that I'll be up on a dragon. An' the straps can break. An' even if we're on the ground still, it's a very long drop." To her, at least. "Can't even imagine it while in the air." She lifts her head, looking over L'ton to grin broadly at Ramiel. "You're jus' a bit too late for it," she calls back, waving back.

"Ale.." L'ton corrects rather obnoxiously, waving at the empty bottles. "Ah think the maker'd throw a fit, if'n she heard it called beer." The Istan waves off the polite sir, with a grin. "Ah told Lys and that Sythuin boy, Ah ain't gonna pitch no fit 'bout nothing. Ah dun got no responsibility fer y'all, so, Ah dun care what y'all do." Even if, as with Lys, it means ditching chores. And he just shakes his head at the young woman again. Clearly its a battle he won't win. "Just wait, ya'll see. And Ah'll be sure ta be there ta laugh when yer straps hold just fine."

Ramiel pouts a bit and flops down in a seat near the two. He picks up a bottle and takes a more concentrated smell of it. "Ahh.. Ale, sorry. I think I'd drink.. well. I won't go there, but I'd drink just about anything with some booze in it right about now." He grins a bit at L'ton. "Well, that's a relief. Name's Ramiel. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the bronze is yours?" He grins at Lysithea. "I'd imagine most people fall off because they don't set the straps right, not that the strap break."

Lysithea nods quickly. "Yah, ale," she repeats after L'ton with a glance towards the two bottles now found by him. "And then there won't be any laughing when, a sevenday later, the straps break. Splat. Flattened weyrling. That doesn't sound fun." She stares at the floor, as if imagining herself falling from a tall dragon. She looks up to Ramiel, raising a brow at his comment. "Tough day?" She says with a smirk. "Or L'ton here can see if there's a second round? Not that 'm begging or anything."

"Dhonzayth? Aye, he's mine. He ain't gonna hurt no one. He says he's thinkin 'bout going up ta the rim cause the sun is better than." And then he nods his head to Lys, getting up from his seat and heading off to find another round of drinks, this time the same as the previous, though the tanner's ales are handed to Lys and Ramiel, and the fruit-beer is kept for himself as he settles down. "Ah suppose its the last Ah can do, fer such overworked candidates as y'all clearly are." And perhaps it will distract Lys from her doomsday predictions.

Ramiel chuckles a bit at Lysithea. "At least you'll make it a week. I won't even make it through impression, since your baby will maul me to death, remember?" He grins from ear to ear and rubs his hands together like a kid in a candy store as L'ton gets up for another round of drinks. He doesn't even notice that L'ton is drinking something else. He takes a swig and follows it with a long, content sigh. "Ahh… That's excellent. Thanks, man. If there's— what am I saying?" He gets up and rushes off to the kitchen. When he returns, he's carrying a pan of little round cream-filled pastries with frosting on them. "Here we go. Not exactly meant to go with ale, but hey." He sets the pan down for all to partake.

Lysithea is surprised to find the bronzerider returning with another bottle, and she smiles to him graciously again as she takes it. "You've got to visit more often," she says, opening it but savoring it a bit more than the last one. "This is a whole lot easier than any other way I would've gone through to get some." She raises a brow at Ramiel, remembering that particular conversation now. "But at least ya wouldn't barely even see it coming. Can you imagine the long drop from a big brown. Time enough to wish ya kept your feet firmly on the ground." No, her doom is still hovering right above her, though she's joking by the sound of her light laughter. She sets the bottle aside with a grin to stare at the pastries. "Are these baked by you? This has got to be the best break I've taken so far…" Yes, her supplies is still resting on the side, dirty rag and water and all. Candidates do chores? Not with ale and snacks around.

"Ah'd rather drink someone else's ale, then have ta get it myself." And the least Telgar can do is supply drink for him when he's spent multiple hours sitting in various meetings. The Istan arches an eyebrow as the candidate returns with the tray of pastries, and he simply shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah think its better not ta ask." But nevertheless he helps himself to some of the sweets. "If'n ya dun stop worrying, Lys, Ah'm gonna strap ya ta Dhonzayth and prove ya got nothing ta worry about."

Ramiel grins at Lysithea, biting into his own pastry. "Always so fatalistic with you. I know you've been on a dragon before. How do you get anything done? You better be careful with that water, you could fall and your head might land in the bucket. Then you'd drown." He grins. "Yep, made by me. Finally got in with the kitchen staff enough to let me use the oven a bit without sneaking around." He takes a swing of his ale and nods to L'ton. "I think you might just have to."

Lysithea hesitates in replying to the bronzerider, staring at him from over a pastry she takes from the tray. She takes a bite, considering her reply, and then nods. "I might actually believe that you'd do that." She turns to Ramiel, brow raised. "An' these are really good, too," she compliments, taking another bite and licking the excess filling away. She finishes it off quickly, a few bites, before turning back to Ramiel with a frown and a waggle of a free finger. "Ya can never be too cautious. It's the claws, teeth, and size of dragons that get to me." An' Reonth was small, at least, but then 'gain, once you're up in the air, it doesn't matter the size of the dragon. At least it was a short trip." She downs the pastry with some ale.

"Shardin' right Ah will." And the bronzerider has no hesitation in moving to remove the beer bottle from Lys's hand in one quick movement, and in another he loops his arms under hers, locking his fingers together across her stomach. "Grab her legs.." He almost orders Ramiel quickly, shaking his head. "We're gonna solve this problem one way or another."

Ramiel blinks a bit. "But… claws teeth and size are what make the dragons so… amazing! Well, and the whole flying and going between— Yessir!" He grins, this is one order he doesn't mind. He grabs Lysithea's legs and holds them to either side of his body, abandoning his beer for the time being.

Lysithea reaches out immediately to get her bottle back, eyes wide at what the bronzerider suddenly implies. "Wait— What?!" She's too stunned to protest at first, though she looks up and plants a glare at Ramiel, trying to pull her legs from his grasp first. "There's no reason for this, really," she says to the two of them, anger tinting her voice now. "S'not like I'll be needing to get on dragonback 'till a long time from now, if ever, an' when I do, I deal— Let me down already." She's quite incapable of waggling about too much, being clutched by two men.

L'ton keeps a tight hold on her, should she get the idea to start squirming after all. "Right, out we go." He declares, and moves to lead the way towards the bowl, arching an eyebrow at Ramiel and making sure he's going to go along. "Too bad. All ya've done is worry, and well, ya obviously dunno what's going on, so we're gonna fix this." And out they go, to see Dhonzayth, his arms still looped tightly around Lys's torso.

Ramiel just follows along, grinning at Lysithea. "Aw come on, it'll be good for you. Besides, I'm in no position to argue with a bronzerider. Not after yesterday. And clearly you won't come along willingly…" He chuckles. "Don't worry, I'll be here if something happens."

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You walk out to the weyr's center bowl.
Telgar Weyr - Center of the Bowl(#4RJ)
A nearly circular bowl, surrounded on all sides with the sheer soaring cliff walls of the now dormant volcano that once formed Telgar. Hard packed earth, leveled to nearly flat by the passage of feet, both human and dragon with the odd intrusion of rock that is sheared off to keep the area safe to traverse. Two openings can be seen from this area, one the gigantic oval teardrop shape that leads on into the hatching grounds and nearly opposite the much smaller doorway that leads into the communal living areas for the weyr.

OOC: Telgar Weyr is a NPC AREA.
Obvious exits:
Weyrling Barracks <wb> Living Caverns <lc> Hatching Grounds <hg>

Lysithea can't help it when she's carried out, though she does start to protest a bit more when they pass out of the caverns. Her jacket was left behind, so were her chores. "I still had to finish cleaning tables, in there," she tries in protest. And seeing that they are actually going with this plan, she pulls out everything possible. "This is embaressing! Ramiel, ya can't possibly go and shove me on a dragon now— I don't even have the proper clothes!" She jerks her head around, looking for something to help, then turns back with a lower lip jutted out, but unable to mist up her eyes enough to look realistic.

"Ya'll be fine. Ah ain't gonna cart ya between er nothing like that. Ah promise." And he moves to the pale bronze who had settled down near the cavern entrance, crouching as low to the ground as his size allows. "Ya climb up, and Ah'll pass her up ta ya?" He questions Ramiel, before ducking to whisper in Lysithea's ear. "The less ya fight, the less trouble it'll be fer ya." Does this bronzerider have the 'kidnapping women' trick down? Uh-oh.

Ramiel chuckles at her. "I'll give you my jacket. And my pants if you really really need them. And I'll help you with the tables, don't worry. Everything will get done. We need to break you of your fears!" He sets Lysithea's feet down, then takes off his jacket, tossing it down. He starts climbing up the dragon, and gets himself into a position where he'll be able to hoist Lysithea up. Good thing he's kept in shape with all the lifting they'd made him do around the weyr.

Lysithea is out of excuses, even as her green eyes find the large bronze in front of her. She stiffens, looking up and up at that large form, a whole lot bigger up close and definitely bigger than the little green she rode. "Ya better not," she hisses back to L'ton, when he mentions :between:. The last thing she needs is another experience in that cold place. She doesn't seem to fight, even as her feet touch the ground. There's no use, she's smart about that, at least. "An' they're not fear, it's jus' being overly cautious! I'd actually like to see the rest of Pern…" She watches Ramiel climb, stepping back into the bronzerider still holding her.

Dhonzayth turns his head to regard the candidate upon his back, and then the young woman standing with his rider, before dipping a shoulder to ease the ascent of the remaining members of the party. As Lysithea leans back into him, he chuckles slightly, and begins to move up onto the bronze shoulder, balancing himself to turn Lysithea towards him. A wink and a grin, and then he's lifting her up to Ramiel. "Here ya go! Dun drop her!"

Ramiel grins from on top of Dhonzayth. He'd been on a dragon before, but never alone. And never a bronze. He's busy admiring the dragon he's on, until L'ton gives the orders. He grabs Lysithea firmly under the arms, and hoists her up. The sudden shift in weight nearly sends him toppling off the other way, but he manages to keep them both on top. He looks down at the straps, realizing he has no clue what to do next. "I uh.. uh… I'll just hold her!" He keeps his arms around Lysithea to the time being, to hold her in place. He whispers to her. "Don't worry… I'll break your fall."

Lysithea is dead weight, really, hoping that perhaps the task is just too difficult for the rider and her fellow candidate. She turns her head back to glare at L'ton and stick her tongue out at him in her most mature impression. "I'll eventually find a way to get ya back, even if I have to go to Ista to do it." And she's hauled up. She finally trys her best to grab on to straps, seeing that she's going up and there's no way around it. She grabs hard onto Ramiel's arm as he is unbalanced, panicked wide eyes looking over at him. Then she turns that look to the ground. "/Perfect/. This is safe, isn't it." She believes her companion, and she's got a death grip on him to make sure of it.

L'ton scrambles up after Lysithea, having turns of practice mounting this same bronze side, and puts hands on Lys's shoulders, trying to get her to sit down between the bronze ridges, even as he motions for Ramiel to do the same. The bronzerider is balanced with a bit more confidence than the candidates are, with a grin. "Ah dare ya ta, sweetheart, Ah dare ya ta. Ya'd have ta get on a dragon ta do it." Settling himself down, he shakes his head. "Dhon won't even take off, cause ya're whining os much. But if'n ya'd just sit down, we ain't gonna let ya fall. Either of us."

Ramiel grins and sits down between a ridge. At least he was confident he wasn't going to fall off. Well, relatively at least. He was mostly excited. "Never been on a bronze's back before. They look nicers up close… You should relaz Lys, try to enjoy the ride."

"Not if I take a ship down there," Lys counters the bronzerider as soon as he gets up. She feels just a tad bit safer with the rider up there now. Just a little bit. "Your Dhonzayth is smart, then. This is jus' fine for now, there's no reason to get up in the air. We've got no where to do." She frowns at the ground, obviously not the kind of person that looks away when they're scared. "'M relaxing," she mumbles back to Ramiel, not looking up, until she finally turns to look over her shoulder at L'ton.
"Aren't ya going to strap us in already, or are ya jus' trying to get us killed," she says.

"What's that look fer?" L'ton asks, before shaking his head. "Ah was trying ta prove a point. But, if'n yer ta afraid, Ah'll strap ya in." And he puts actions to word, reaching around Lysithea to loop the variety of straps, tightening each clip like its suppose to be, before offering the next set to Ramiel. "If'n ya want em." L'ton, however, is perfectly satisfied to sit where he is, finally moving to pat her shoulder encouragingly. "Dun ya worry so much, kay?"

Ramiel watches as L'ton straps Lysithea in. He does a few of the straps himself, but can't catch all of them. "Ah, sure. We're not going up? What's the fun in that?" He chuckles and pats Lysithea's arm. "I don't think we're just going to suddenly flop off."

Lysithea watches as the rider straps her in, taking it in this time unlike when she mounted the green and was too shocked to do anything at all until they were back on the ground. "Oh, 'm not worrying, not at all," she says with a roll of her eyes. "As long as I've got something other than you two to secure me." She finally pries her fingers away from the other candidate to tug at the straps, making sure they're safe, at least from what she could see. "Let's jus' take things in a little at a time." She's finally letting her guard down just a little, but she makes sure to keep her senses open in case anything should go wrong.

Dhonzayth absently stretches his wings out to either side of him, extending muscles before the fold back to his sides as the bronze's facet eye is focused on the trio on his back. "He says ya should trust him, Lys. That he carries babies fine, and he'd carry ya fine, too, if'n ya'd let him." L'ton grins, shaking his head, and leans to watch at Ramiel. "That's good enough.. Ya really shouldn't need 'em."

Ramiel watches the dragon's wings. This is the first time he's been on a dragon since he was searched, and now he's noticing more than he had before. He chuckles a bit at Lysithea, glad to finally be free of her deathgrasp. Just to scare her a bit, he gives her a gentle shove. "Hehe… Alright then."

Lysithea reaches out tentatively to pat the bronze hide under her. "S'okay, Dhonzayth. I think I can trust you. It's the straps 'm not so sure of anymore." There's a soft mumbled "famous last words" to L'ton's last comment, checking their straps just once again before she finally gets to relax to the feeling of being on dragonback for the second time. Just for a moment. She screams loudly, hands immediately grabbing fistfuls of anything she could get ahold of of her fellow candidate's. "/Ramiel/! That was /not/ funny."

"Lil'one, ya just need ta take a deep breath. Even if'n he's mean, Ah ain't gonna let anything happen ta ya. And when pastry-boy gets a lil'green, and ya get yer big ole brown, ya can teach him a few things. But not if'n ya're panicking already." L'ton shakes his head, leaning to glare at Ramiel. "Ya, boy, be nice ta the lady." Not that Ramiel is really a boy, but. You know.

Ramiel has his pants and shirt grabbed, but he doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he's laughing away. "How do you feel about the straps now, Lys?" He frowns a bit at L'ton. "Hey now. This guy isn't getting any green. How else we gonna shake her of her strap-fear? Ah, maybe you're right. Sorry, Lys." Ramiel's expression changes now. What if he did impress a green?

Lysithea glares up at Ramiel, but the look doesn't last long. Not when she has other things to worry about. She goes ahead and releases her grips, again, and leans back to listen to L'ton. There's a nervous chuckle and she nods. "That'd be the day. An' 'm fine now." She wrinkles her nose at the straps before turning back to look from one to the other, feeling rather cramped. "'m fine. The straps seem to hold, for now. How 'bout we get this trip over with, whatever ya planning on doing."

L'ton rests his hands on her shoulders for a moment as she leans back. "Ya see? Yer okay, Ah promise." ANd then he glances at the candidates. "Ah suppose Ah'll let ya down. Ah should prolly be getting back ta Ista. Though, next time ya best be wearing proper clothes, cause we're gonna break ya of yer fear. Next time we're going up." And then he's moving to offer Lys a stabilizing arm as he starts to loosen the various clips on the straps. "Ah'll help ya down, ta, dun worry lil'one."

Ramiel tries not to look disappointed as he undoes his straps. L'ton promises of heading up next time, though more than likely not directed at him, set him back to grinning though. While the rider helps his fellow candidate unstrap, he climbs down. "Ah… you should be afraid more often, Lys." He chuckles.

Lysithea does not protest at all when it looks like they aren't going to be heading up. It was enough excitement for one day, anyways. She frowns down as she once again watches L'ton undo the straps, making sure to remember them if she finds herself in this position again, so as not to wait upon slow and trusting dragonriders. "If there is a next time. Maybe the eggs would've hatched by then." She could only hope. "An' it's not a /fear/, I jus' don't trust my feet being 'way from the ground. There's little control up 'ere." She follows Ramiel without hesitation, and without any help. She can climb, easily enough. Backing away, she nods her head politely to the bronze. "Thanks."

"Ah meant both of ya, ta." L'ton calls down after them, narrowing his gaze at the female half of the pair. "Ya can only hope. Ah think Ah've proven that Ah'll haul ya up here." And then the rider is settling himself into the straps correctly, and the bronze inches away from them to have clear space to take off, before blinking between above the weyr.

Ramiel rubs his hand over the dragon's scales and smiles up at him before they take off. "See ya, you two!" He waves a bit, and turns to Lysithea, smiling. He picks up his coat and drapes it around her shoulders. "Wasn't too bad, right? And the ale is still inside…"

Lysithea watches as the pair take off, one hand raised for a brief wave. She keeps an eye on them until they blink between before turning back to Ramiel with a frown. "Not that bad? Perhaps if I wasn't carted out like a sack between the two of ya. An' if someone didn't try killing me." She takes the jacket gratefully, holding it with one hand before that slow grin finally makes it way back. "Ah yes, our drinks. If they weren't taken away yet, it was worth it for those."

Ramiel pats her shoulder and grins at her. "I wasn't trying to kill you. Like I would have let you fall." He starts heading back inside. "Heh, you're fun to carry though. Ah, and so nice to have a drink. Though I guess it hasn't been too long since." He stretches out, then slips back inside.

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