Sianne and her babies

Igen Weyr - Infirmary

Its been half a sevenday since Sianne's little triplets made their way into this world, to be taken off by the Healers and put in their incubators under an ever watchful eye. While, certainly L'ton has not been able to be here always, he's been here more than is likely normal - particularly as he's practically been banned from his own home Weyr thanks to Leslyn's anger. And, its at Igen that the Istan bronzerider is reappearing, bringing a small basket of dried sweet fruit for Sianne, a gift which offers as he moves to her side, leaning to kiss her. "Hey, beautiful.." He says with a smile.

Sianne is standing near the incubator housing Kiesa, listening to one of the healers ramble on and on. Turns with a smile, leaning against her more favored bronzers, returning the kiss. "Hi Handsome." is whispered. "She still not letting you come back?" is secondly said.

L'ton moves to wrap his arms around Sianne as he joins her, supporting her as he looks down at the little baby in the incubator, shaking his head at her tiny body, her tiny fingers. "Ah still can't believe how little they are… Even Ina's babies were a lil' bigger…" Though, not much. At the question, he nods absently, gaze flicking to the Healer, staring for a moment before he realizes he has no clue what the guy is going on about, and finally responding. "Anytime we get close, she's finding us fer something else."

Sianne leans back against you, "Me either, I'm afraid to touch them let alone hold them when I'm allowed to." her voice stays just above a whisper, "They keep me wondering, the healers do with all the things they do, but it's all for the babies…right?" there's still so much panic and worry in her voice and body language. "I'm afraid L'ton."

L'ton tightens his hold around her, leaning to rest his chin on her shoulder, giving her a soft kiss as he looks back to the baby in the incubator infront of them. "What's meant to be, is meant to be, Sia… The Healers are going to do what they think is best.." A gentle squeeze, and a hand moves to fold his fingers through his. "Ina's.. they're still small for their age. And.. They take a little longer to learn, but they are okay…" He says, trying to reassure her, sending the worry in her core.

Sianne nods as she leaves your arms and Keisa to journey the short distance to Zayt, the smaller of the two boys. "This one is a brat already, healers have been hard pressed to keep all the monitors on him as he likes to pull them off." she informs her companion, "A real fighter." she murmurs softly, reaching out to lay a hand upon the plastic casing. "Quinar is the quiet one, he'll bellow when he needs something but other then that he's quiet. Kiesa there is the attention queen, already wanting everyone to pay attention to her and no one else."

L'ton follows along after Sianne, keeping his hand on her hip as he does so, moving to hold onto her again as she pauses by Zayt. "Well then, ya gave him a good name. Dhonzayth says he's real happy, and can't wait til he's out, so he can see his baby." L'ton is grinning, and then nodding to each one. "They're each their own lil'person, Sia, and no matter what, they will be."

Sianne takes a moment to lean against him again, sighing. "Do you know that I have eleven children, eight of which I have had with the men in my life and the other three I adopted after the storm that hit this area." she murmurs. "I know that these will not be my last but I think they will be my most cherished simply because they seem to be the ones causing me the most worry."

"Pshaw, 11 Sianne?" L'ton says, teasing her, giving her a tickle to her side, leaning to give her a kiss. "They'll always worry ya, Sianne, and ya'll always love each one different, but never any more or less… Its easy ta worry, though, when they're so small.." He murmurs, looking back down at Zayt, with a soft sigh, squeezing her again.

Sianne laughs, "I think he looks like you, I know he's not yours but he looks like you." Wishful thinking on her side maybe. "Sakrienth thinks we should move them into the dragon infirmary so she can brood over them like she does her eggs, afterall they are in their own shells or so she says."

"Mm, well, maybe later we'll make sure there's one that really looks like me." L'ton says playfully, grinning as he holds her, chuckling at Sakrienth's suggestion. "Ah'm sure Ah'd never get Dhon out of there… And Ah do at least need ta do some of them silly errands Leslyn keeps sending me on." Sighing softly, he looks over the tiny infant, shaking his head again.

Sianne says "We could at that but lets wait until this batch is walking before we do that." she replies with a grin. "Sakrienth is pleased at the way things turned out but she swear that she need to brood over them, least I got her to give up the idea of making the healer move to the sands." the idea boggles her still. "What is the problem with Leslyn? I'd think she's be happy to have you around the weyr all the time.""

"Ah think we can manage that, if'n ya dun mind some practicing down the road, once them Healers clear ya, and all." Oh, how shameless he is. "Well, Ah think all the golds do. Ta bad she dun have her own eggs ta brood over." At the question of Leslyn, L'ton just shakes his head. "Apparently, since Ah slept with her mother, after a flight, she dun want me anywhere close. And she said her Ank is gonna be one gold Dhon never touches." L'ton seems quite amused by this declaration, though, all in all.

Sianne laughs, shaking her head. "Fussy goldies Ista has." she notes before moving on to hover over Quinar for a bit. "Practice makes perfect but let's only have one at a time." she adds at the last, "Three was a bit much, not that I'm complaining but I think I'd rather stick to one at a time."

"Lis was saying, after Les's da's dragon caught Umniyath, Leslyn didn't talk ta her fer almost a month. Dunno why she's so fussy." He shakes his head, rolling his eyes a bit, as he follows along with her, reaching to rest his hand on the top of the incubator. "One at a time works fine by me, sweets.." He agrees, before giving her shoulder a squeeze. "Ya've been so worried 'bout them.. how're ya holding up?"

On the far side of the incubator an older healer snorts, "She don't sleep or eat enough, she needs to get out of here and stretch her legs, do things her rank demands she do." he growls, waggling a wrinkled finger at her. "Dn't trust her own blood to take care of these babies and I was the one that delivered them." And that, that causes Sia to hang her head, chewing on her lower lip, "Sorry Uncle, it's just…just hard to leave them them alone." With a small smile she motions from one man to the other, "L'ton this is my uncle Siranz, Master Healer that I was able to lure here when I came here. Uncle this is L'ton, Zayt is named for him and his lifemate Dhonzayth." With intros done she looks back towards the bowl. "Care to come with me as I see to a spot of oiling on that pacing gold of mine?"

"Nice ta meet ya, sir." L'ton says with a chuckle, as the introductions are completed, nodding to the older Healer with a grin on his face. "Ah think its a mother's need ta see her lil'children, but Ah'm gonna make sure she gets some time ta rest, and even make sure she gets some sleep. Ah know if'n Ah get her laying down, she'll stay." He chuckles, and nods. "Ah'm coming, sweets.." He agrees, moving to escort Igen's Weyrwoman out to the bowl.

Sianne leaves the older man to hover over her children, knowing full well they're in good hands. "He can hear them all too, dragons that is, never did impress or was searched." At the entrance to the bowl she stops, allowing her eyes to adjust to the late afternoon brightness, "He hid himself at Healer so well that he never got nabbed up like I did."

"Shards, it does run in yer family, dun it love?" He says, surprised at the news about Sianne's older uncle. "Ah still can't imagine, what its like ta have 'em all right there.." L'ton comments, lifting a hand to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight, turning to look for Sak, gaze pausing on the brassy bronze hide of Dhonzayth, his own lifemate perched over a low ledge, watching.

Sianne taps the side of her head, looking out over her bowl, at her dragons, her people, her weyr. "I have learned to tune them out when I want to, he was the one that taught me at an early age when it first became appearent that I could hear them." she notes before stepping out into the days warmth. "None of my children have shown that they can hear like I do but it could very well appear at any age…or not at all."

"Mmm, though it ain't fair. How am Ah ever gonna sneak up on ya, when ya can hear Dhonny coming, huh?" He teases her, offering her an arm as they move across the bowl, Dhonzayth's head ducking to croon in the direction. "If'n it happens, it happens, if'n it dun, well, they've still got good dragonrider blood."

Igen Weyr - Southern Bowl(#3308RJa)

Sianne grins as she trails off towards the waiting gold, reaching up to greet her lifemate with a caress to her snout. "I don't always hear the arrival and leavings of dragons here, Sak here tends to mute alot of it for me and has since we impressed." she explains as an overall inspection of the gold begins. "She enjoys Dhons company enough that if he were to ask her not to announce your arrival that she might just keep herself quiet."

"Ya hear that, Dhon?" L'ton says aloud, grinning up at the bronze who is gliding from his ledge to settle beside the gold, rubbing his muzzle against her side eve as she's getting her own caresses from Sianne. "Mmm, maybe Ah'll have ta keep that in mind. She can has a bronze, and Ah can surprise mah lil'goldie." His, huh?

Sianne laughs shaking her head as she lays now against the side of her gold. "I'm not hard to catch." she whispers softly, "Nor coax, nor anything." she adds before having the dragon lift her right wing high as the joint is looked over.

"Mmm, as long as ya dun mind being caught by a bronzerider who, Ah know, has quite a reputation." He grins, moving to give some attention to his own lifemate, even as the brassy bronze is quite enamored with the gold, particularly as she's spreading her wings out. "Ya dun mind, do ya?" He says then, a bit worried about her possible response.

Sianne shakes her head, "Please tend to him, wouldn't want him to become neglected." she states as a hand trails over the leading edge of the golds left wing. "I still wonder about how I came to be what I am today, me a girl that used to work in the stables now a Weyrwoman."

"Who, Dhon? He ain't ever neglected, not with the kids - Ah dun think he's ever alone." He shakes his head, leaning against the bronze's side, the brassy tail curled around him, as L'ton watches Sianne with a smile. "It just happens. Ah mean, when Ah first got ta Ista, Ah thought that the dragons were gonna have me as a snack.. Ah was just a kid. Look at me now?"

Sianne nods, "I stood more then once before I impressed, watched friends and loved ones impressed before this one was finally there and standing before me, her mind crackling…" the memories flow around them, brightening the woman. "My children aren't mine you know, they are her hatchlings until they impress she says."

"Ah dunno if'n Ah'd have been able ta stand again, if'n Dhon hadn't of been there. They were ready ta drag us back, baby dragons 'er not." He grins, shaking his head, glancing at Sakrienth and moving to gently offer her a few caresses as well. "Ya work well, tagether, though, so it was worth it, Ah know it was." At the comment about the children, L'ton can't do much else but grin, shaking his head with amusement.

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