A Legacy Passed On

It's late evening and Mai is feeding a newly awakened Zelik. Hey dinner time is universal it seems. Meluth has flown off to sleep on the star stones and Carrot is content to nap under the table. All in all it's a very calm atmosphere around the weyr as Mai hums lightly. She's not much of a singer, but there's nothing wrong with humming to your baby right?

It seems like its been a long day for L'ton, as he's only now returning home, but without his riding jacket and gloves - it seems he's spent the day at Ista. Pausing to give Dhonzayth a few more scritches, leaning against his lifemate. A few minutes later, he's finally coming inside, moving to his weyrmate's side, leaning to give her a kiss, and then Zelik one, peeking at the boy's plate. "Watcha eating Zelly?" He says, with a grin.

M'iken smiles brightly when L'ton come walking into the weyr and is more than happy to kiss him back. The baby looks up to his father, his hair curling around his ears and what looks like mashed tubers dribbling out of his mouth, and smiles. Even with most of his teeth, he's a messy eater. "We're having mashed tubers and chicken. Trying out some new foods. How was your day?" She asks, bouncing the baby lightly.

"Mmm, mashed tubers. Yummy huh?" Ton says with amusement, ruffling the boy's curls, beaming at the pair of them before he's settling down into the seat, leaving his hand resting lightly on her back, watching them both. "He seems ta like them, at least." And then he's grinning. "Long, but good. How about ya, love?" He asks, turning to look at her, even as he's taking a napking to wipe off some of Zel's face.

Zelik giggles when his hair is ruffled and wiggles on Mai's lap. "Oh very yummy." M'iken grins and nods. "Mine was long as well. This little dude just did /not/ want a nap today and just screamed and screamed. I thought maybe someone would show up and accuse me of beating him or something." She watches the napkin swipe across Zelik's face before attempting to fill his mouth with more food.

"Ah think he's just at that age.." L'ton says, making a face, shaking his head. "Though, he fusses when he's at the office with me, ta. Ah just take him ta walk and walk, and then.." He shakes his head again, a soft sigh. "Eat up Zelly.." He encourages him, even as he's moving to get a plate for himself, glancing at Mai. "Ya gotten ta eat yet, love?" He asks, hand hesitating as he reaches to pull down a second plate.

"Maybe." She grimaces lightly. "I wonder how long it'll last." She muses as she spoons more food into his mouth, she's learned that making him eat quickly gives him less time to spit it out. "Ah, no I haven't eatten yet. I'll eat when he's finished." She glances over her shoulder at L'ton and smiles lightly.

"Just long 'nuff to reconsider a second one, and not long enough to make ya stick to it." L'ton says with amusement, as he's dishing up a plate for himself, and then a second plate for the brownrider. "Ah mean, he'll be bad, but the he'll be good, so we'll forget all 'bout it, until the next one does it." He shakes his head as he returns to the table, settling Mai's plate out of the baby's reach, settling his own, and waiting for her.

It's about time for the nice family dinner, even if the actual eating is staggered, to be interupted. A rather bright green wings down to the ledge, finding the bit that's not occupied by either of the occupant's dragons no matter how many of them are actually there. There's a croon of a greating to both as her rider hops off and lands on her feet, wandering into the weyr with hands slipped into the pockets of her riding pants. "Ah'm not interuptin' anythin am Ah?" Yes, that's a greeting, really.

M'iken grins and rolls her head lightly to the side. "I'm sure you know." She says, shaking her head and feeding Zelik till he refuses to eat anymore. Moving him to her shoulder, she rubs his back to try and get him to burp. Then there's a visitor winging in. "Oh hey!" Mai smiles brightly when Pi is spotted. "Of course not, come join us for dinner." She offers, gesturing to a chair at the table.

"Hey Pi.." L'ton says with a grin, though he doesn't move to get up, nodding at the plates and food as Mai extends an invitation to his greenriding cousin. "Help yerself, lil'bit. Zel ate it, ya know its gotta be good." He says with a grin, even as he's pulling his own plate towards him, watching Zel. "Whatcha need, huh?" He asks, a bit more rudely, though he's still grinning widely.

Pi eyes the family for a moment with a grin of her own and then simply gives her head a bit of a shake. "Nah, no thanks.. Ah kinda got meh own dinner in a couple hours." The old nickname gets a little bit of an eyeroll admittedly but she doesn't actually seem to mind, it's been awhile since he's called her that after all. And for once there's actually no denial of any sort. Someone apparently is in a good enough mood herself. "Nothin' from yeh." is an equally polite, or in this case the opposite of polite, reply. "Ah'm here ta talk ta yer better half."

M'iken grins lightly at the exchange untill she gets a burp out of Zelik. "Good boy." She praises the burp like every mother should! She raises a brow at the mention of talking to ton's better half. "You're here to talk to Zel?" She asks with a sly smile before waving Pi over. "What's up?"

"Fine, Ah see how it is. Dun eat my weyrmate's cooking.. Ain't like we're gonna poison ya er nothing." L'ton picks on his cousin, though its accompanied by a wink, and he's at least pushing the chair on the other side of Mai out with his foot, nodding his head. "Well then, Ah'll just eat my dinner, and let ya… ladies talk about what guy is the new hot one, that's what its about, ain't it?" And he's still grinning, as he continues to tease her, before he's starting to shovel dinner into his mouth. Food!

Pi simply gives Pal a cheeky little grin. "Ah'd rather eat meh boy's cookin', ain't nothing wrong with yer weyrmate's cookin'. Now if'n ya had made it Ah'd be runnin'." Oh no, there will be no lack of teasing right back at L'ton it seems. M'iken gets casually wandered over to as she's waved that direction. "Hrm.. technically Ah guess Zel would be tha'… but Ah don' think Ah can talk ta him bout the same stuff." She will crouch down though and gives the kidlet a bright grin. "Yer raisin' hell fer yer dad, righ? Just behave fer yer mom." Not hell persay, but I can't think of a good phrase to say instead, and I'm lazy.

M'iken gives L'ton a look for that comment but just shakes her head lightly, grinning. "You know I might just be tempted to talk about that in front of you. See how you'd react." She sticks her tounge out at him before turning her attention to Pi. Zelik smiles at Pi and shakes his hands at her, attempting to talk at her with gurggles. "He's a good baby. What's the other stuff?" She asks curiously.

Pi can't just stand awkwardly while talking, but neither will she take a seat, that's just too easy. Instead she leans up again the table, nearly sitting on it as she does. "Ah bet ya have an idea. Ah'm thinkin' it's bloody time ya took this damn thing from meh." And sure enough one of her hands comes out of the pocket it was stuffed in with a nice shiny new knot. She'd simply give the one off her shoulder but M'iken probably doesn't want a green strand in there.

M'iken grins inwardly when Pi takes to leaning on the table instead of sitting down. "Ah yes, there is that to take care of isn't there." She sighs lightly. "I guess I can stand to part with the love of my life long enough to take on the wing." She gives Zelik a little squeeze and glances over at L'ton, a smirk in her eyes. When Pi holds out the knot smiles lightly and reaches to take it. "I hope I can really do this." She says, keeping the knot out of Zelik's grasp as he's tring very hard to get a hold of it himself.

Pi glances down at the kidlet for a moment and can't help but beam. "Look likes someone's already got ideas of grandure like 'is pa." But no, the kidlet does not get to be a wingleader, he needs a dragon first of course. "Ya'll do fine, yer better prepared than Ah was, Ah managed ta blunder through without gettin' in too much trouble." There was some, but that's besides the point, M'iken has a better attitude than the Shipton girl. And Pi has been preparing her for quite some time, around pregnancy attempts, pregnancy and a kidlet. "Plus ya know, gives ya a better excuse if'n ya need ta ditch Pal on occasion fer yer sanity."

M'iken laughs. "Yeah, he's already trying to tell Mel what to do. He'll make a good rider someday I'm sure. And if not, he'll do something equally great. Like help the cause of taking over the world with shipton spawn." She says with a smirk. She maybe better prepared, but she's still a little nervous about the change in job title. Puts more responsibility on her. "And I've yet to come across a time where I wanted him out of my hair." She says with a nod.

Pi raises an eyebrow at that last statement. "Are ya insane? Well, ya must be fer weyrmatin' him in the first place." There is definite teasing in there, but incredulousness too. I mean, never wanted him out of her hair? That's well, impressive as well as scary. "Ain't like Ah won't be around ta ya know, give advice or nothin'. Long as ya know, it ain't every minute of the day. And yer wingsecond is more than capable of helpin'."

M'iken nods a little. "Yeah probably." She gives Pi a cheshire cat kind of grin, agreeing with the insane teasing. "That's true." She saus sobering up just a little. "I'm glad you'll still be here and you're not like, running away to another weyr or something. Now I just have to finalize who I want as my wingsecond. Oh, this'll be great." She places the knot on the table, away from Zelik and bounces him on her knee so he'll get distracted and not freak out about not being allowed to play with her knot.

Pi nods her head a little bit at the not running away bit. "Yeah, this is meh home, ain't plannin' on leavin' it anytime soon." There's a slight purse of her lips just for a moment after that but she shrugs her shoulders and stiffles a yawn. "Thanks fer agreein' ta this an all."

M'iken grins and nods again. "Not a problem. I could definately use the pay raise. And Now I'll be the one to yell at myself if I get pregnant again." She glances off to the side and stiffles a grin. "Really though. Go get some dinner since you won't eat mine. It's late." She says, giving Pi's arm a pat.

Pi laughs slightly with a shake of her head. "Right, not meh problem anymore if'n ya do, other than worryin' about the proximity of Pal's spawn ta meh." Because you know, that's frightening right? But the boy gets a rather fond grin anyhow, you know she loves her family despite everything. "Ah ain't eatin' fer another hour, but might as well clean up fer the boy. Been down the with the ovines again."

M'iken grins and nods. "Exactly." She's had a master plan in the works for some months now after all! "Ah you can't deny my babies. They'll swarm you yelling. 'Pi, Pi! Pick me up!'" She says with a laugh before making a face at Pi's playing with the ovines. "Yeah a bath would probably be a good idea." Even Zelik chimes in with a guggely coo, even though he's totally talking to the cat, the timing is great.

Pi stretches her arms over her head with a bright grin, seeming quite cheerful at this point. "Well, ya have a good night, Ah left ya all sorts of information though, but ya start tomorrow." Yes, things are laid out nicely, Pi isn't a horrible person after all. Should be a relatively smooth transition.

M'iken stands to walk Pi out of the weyr. "Thanks you have a good night too and I'll be sure to be down bright and early to look things over." She says, already sounding all business like. Maybe she won't be so bad at this job after all.

Pi laughs slightly at the mention of bright and early. She has no such plans. "Ya mind if'n Ah take a sevenday off, yer meh wingleader after all." Yup, total switch of places. Though of course there's the understanding that she's not to take main responsibility for big things and the like. And that she's to continue with her beastcrafting stuff. That's all called back as she climbs up onto the waiting Psy.

M'iken smiles and shakes her head. "Nah, 'course I don't mind." She says. "Have a nice vacation." She smiles and makes Zelik wave goodbye to his cousin. "I'll see you when you come back then." The brownrider shifts Zelik to a more comfortable position before waving herself.

Pi grins brightly and offers a wave back to the boy, even if his own isn't voluntary. "Ah'll be around. So if'n ya need meh, don' worry bout askin' fer meh." Through the dragon most likely. With that she's off, likely to get ready for a very nice dinner with her boy.

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