Nalissi.. a Candidate?

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

Sitting in a chair, curled up with her feet on the edge, Nalissi looks the combination of relaxation and unease at the same time. Her brows knit as she stirs her drink with a little narrow straw then her head lays back and she exhales, staring up at the straw. She is unually quiet in that there are no bangles. No rings. No necklaces. In place of a skirt, cargo khakis, in place of a light little shirt, a work shirt with rolled sleeves. Her hair is caught back in a runnertail and it dangles back over the hair while she sits there, holding her drink.

L'ton is striding into the Tiki Lounge, ruffling his hair as he goes, a silly grin plastered on his face. Pausing at the door, he looks this way and that, gaze passing over Nalissi once, before its quickly snapping back to her, caught a bit offguard by her change in attire. Grin still on his face, however, he's quickly moving to her side, leaning down to surprise her with a kiss. "Hey there, lil'bit.." He murmurs.

Nalissi nearly tosses her drink as fast as she sets it on the table and turns, "Elllton," she squeaks out, throwing her arms around his neck. "Oh shards..L'ton.. it's so good to see you.." she says uncoiling from the chair to stand and embrace him, though at her height, it's his middle her arms encircle and his chest where her head lands.

"'lissi.." He says with a smile, before she's throwing her arms around him, and he's straightening up, arms tightening around her, pulling her close. "Hey, hey.. Ah'm sorry, Ah'm sorry its been so long, 'lissi.." He says softly, leaning to kiss the top of her head, keeping her pulled close to him. "Is everything alright, sweets?" He asks, a bit concerned, considering her enthusiastic greeting.

Nalissi curls into his arms and stays there, nuzzling up against him, "Shards I've missed ya.. lot's happened.. I"m fine…goin a little stir crazy..a dragon 'ere searched me and I canna leave and I haven't stayed inna place so long in a long a while an' I have all these chores and canna wear all my jewelry and I'm a little..stressed out..and one o' the other girls gave me the meanest' I dun know why.. and I touched the eggs today." She finally has to breath, arms tightening around him.

L'ton ducks to give her lips another kiss, before he's resting his chin on top of her head, gently rubbing her back, comforting her as she explains everything that's happened. "Ya were Searched?" That seems to be what L'ton latches onto first, looking at her, a bit of surprise on his face, before he's grinning at her. "Well, Ah'll go deal with that girl that gave ya the mean look, but, ya should be happy, 'lissi. Congratulations!" He says, excited, twirling her a little bit and leaning to give her another kiss - a congratulatory one!

The kiss is returned and she smiles up at L'ton then shakes her head, "Naw.. she was nice later, I dunno her well, maybe it was bad clams or some such.." and she giggles. "Thankee L'ton.. I am excited of course, I canna imagine.. I mean.. shards.. I never thought one would talk t'me in my'ead and maybe I'd 'ave a mate out there." Her quick talking brings out her Holder accent a bit more readily and she draws another breath to have it stolen by L'ton's kiss, and gladly so. She whimpers softly and touches his face while they kiss then pulls back and curls her arms in against herself while he holds her, muttering some sort of expletive followed by "…rules."

"Whatever ya say, 'lissi.." He says, amused, before he's tickling her sides a little bit. "At least yer used ta dragons… When they Searched me, Ah still thought Ah was gonna get snapped up as a snack, if'n Ah got ta far from the walls of the bowl. T'was scary." And then he's grinning, tilting his face into her fingers, tensing a bit as she mutters and then pulls in around herself. "Hm?" He asks softly, looking down at her.

Nalissi blushes some and nods her head then giggles when his fingers find her ticklish spots. "Ya was scared?" she asks, boggling at the thought of that. L'ton is larger than life, he isn't scared of anything. "Ah, L'ton.." and she frowns, brows wrinkling, "Ya won't be havin' much cause to come back s'long as I'm here.. they say we canna…" and she waves a hand to herself then him, scowling. "I may jes go stark raving mad!" she chirps then blushes yet more.

"Ah was /scared/." He says with a nod, grinning as she seems shocked. "Dragons weren't good, not where Ah grew up. We got there, and Ah didn't know what ta expect." As she frowns, he tilts her head up a bit, pouting a little bit. "Well, we may not be able ta do that, but that dun mean Ah can't kiss ya, right?" And he kisses her again as she scowls, and blushes, trying to distract her. "Dun think Ah won't miss it, though.." He whispers in her ear.

"Oh..well.." and Nalissi nods her head some regarding being afraid of the no good dragons. Her eyes uptrn to him when he tilts her head up, her frown disappearing in a kiss. The whisper makes her squeak out a little protest, "Aye ye won't y'got girls in every hold and craft and weyr in Pern.. I jes moved back DOWN the list.."

"Ya're just being silly now, love. Sure, there are a fair number of girls who wouldn't turn me 'way, if'n Ah was ta show up, that dun mean that they're really mine. We just have arrangements.. And usually its after a flight, win er lose." He taps her nose softly, with a chuckle. "Ah /enjoy/ being with ya, and Ah dun need Dhon's help ta wanna chase ya down, so dun ya worry about that."

A frown. She rolls her eyes and waves a hand, "Aye? Where ya'been then?" she asks, the wrinkled brow arching. "N'er mind..s'not my business.." she says in a huff. A strand of hair winds around her finger as she twists it over and over, then she releases it and sighs, "Right.. fun.. guess this is where we drink."

"Zel's been sick, and then Mai got it from him, so Ah had him with me all the time. They're both doing better now, though." He says, reaching to tap her nose, as if removing her worry about asking. As she winds her hair around her finger, he's giving her a gentle squeeze, before nudging her towards the chair, to settle down with her. "Mmm, Ah still want my 'lissi cuddles."

Nalissi nods her head a bit then tilts it, "Sorry t'ear that.." she says about the baby and Mai being sick. She blushes at the tap and her pretty eyes gloss up as he settles into the chair and draws her along. Lissi slips down into his lap and lays her head over on his shoulder. "Shards, Elllton.. never see my cousin, dun know most of these folks, we canna go anywhere and we touched eggs today and.. I'm all restless.." and a tear drips over her lower lashes.

"Mmm, it happens, lil'bit. Ah'm just happy it ain't nothing ta serious." He admits, before he's settling hre against him, wrapping his arms around her, gently rubbing her back and arm, planting soft kisses on her forehead. "Ya ain't 'lowed ta go anywhere, not even with a rider?" He asks, wrinkling up his nose. "Ah mean, if'n ya could, Ah could take ya ta see yer cousin.." He offers softly, lifting his hand to her cheek, a thumb moving ot gently wipe away the tear. "Don't cry, love, it'll be alright.."

Nalissi shakes her head, "I dun have to leave to see him..N'kor..he's the weyrlin' master here.. just busy a lot and.." then she sniffles, pouting, cute in her own way even if she's distressed and feeling out of sorts. "I dunno..I kinda tuned out after the.. no..ya know.. bit.." and she scowls again then leans in against him. Her head lifts as he brushes her tears away and she reaches up to touch his mouth then whimpers again.

"Shards, he's yer cousin?" L'ton says, honestly surprised. "Wow.." He murmurs again, shaking his head before he's lavishing his attention on her once more, finger resting on her lips as she pouts, before he's squeezing her, keeping her close to him. "Well, how 'bout we find out, cause if'n ya can, Ah'll take ya somewhere, so ya can have a bit of time, kay?" He offers, squeezing her as she whimpers. Glancing around them, then, he's leaning down to whisper in her ear. "'sides. Its only breakin' rules, if'n ya get caught."

Nalissi nods, "Aye he is.. I dinna realize he was here.. hadn't seen him in ages.. but ma's sister's son.." she says with a nod. "Right.. and we won't get caught.. m'chores are done today..and.. yer a rider and.. that sounds like a familiar rule.. goin with a rider.." she says as she hugs him tight.

"Well, at least he's here, and when ya do Impress, ya'll know a bit about who yer dealing with." He says, looking at the bright side of it, before he's grinning, leaning to give her another kiss, and a long hug. "See, now this ain't so bad, is it?" He says with amusement, hands moving to tickle her again. "Hmmm, what ta do.." He ponders, biting his lip as he thinks.

Nalissi exhales and nods, "Aye, he'll know.." then she kisses him back and holds herself close to him, so warm, so strong, smells so good…mmmmm…She blinks up at him and shakes her head, "'s.." and she bites her lip, "Awful!" and she mmmm's as she kisses his neck. "Figure it out quick.."

"Mmm, ain't ta awful.." He say with a smile, tilting her a bit, before she's kissing his neck and he's tightening his hold. "Okay, love, okay.." He says with a chuckle, before he's picking her up, practically throwing her over his shoulder as he heads for the door, and the bronze dragon who has settled outside. "If'n anyone asks, we're gonna go see some of yer family." He decides.

Nalissi giggles and drops over him easily, one hand swatting him, "Aye, family is important!" she agrees, giggling still yet as he goes for the door and the bronze. "Oh..goodness.." she says, eyeing Dhon, a whole new perspective as a candidate.

Dhonzayth turns to look at his rider and the candidate over his shoulder, the brassy bronze dropping his head to whuffle at them, rumbling in amusement before he's settling down to ease their climb up to his back. Its only after they're settled and he's given the okay that he takes off, blinking between, only to emerge over the southern hold of Big Lagoon.

Nalissi slides down and then follows L'ton into the guest house, looking around. "Aye.. ma,da, good to see ya..bye.." she says, waving to no one as they pass to the back room. She laughs a bit, "I'm already breakin rules me thinks…" and she nods.

"Mmm, Ah dun think yer breaking any rules." L'ton declares with a grin, ruffling his hair as he waggles fingers to one of the staff as they pass by them. Once they're to the back room, he's pushing the door shut, turning to look her over. "Ain't like ya have a little dragon, ta tell everyone what yer doing… And /Ah/ ain't gonna tell, so.. Ah think we're safe." He grins at her.

Nalissi nos and then when the door shuts and walks to him quickly and jumps into his arms, hopefully he catches! She giggles and kisses him over and over, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw, neck. "Shards L'ton.. " she says with a sigh, holding him.

L'ton certainly isn't going to drop such a pretty catch such as Nalissi, and as she jumps into his arms, his hands are squeezing her bottom, bracing himself against the door as he takes all her kisses, giving a number of her own. "Mmm, do Ah get a kiss fer a good idea?" He teases her a bit, hands giving her another squeeze.

Nalissi flexes a bit and smiles, "Yes…name a spot.." she says with a waggle of brows, legs curling around his middle as he holds her there. "Shards I missed ya.." she says breathily, fingers pushing his hair back from his forehead so she can see his eyes more clearly.

"Mmmm, right here." And he's leaning to catch her lips with his own for a long, lingering kiss. As her fingers play with his hair, he sighs a bit, content, as he grins at her. "Ah missed ya ta, 'lissi… Ah can't believe Ah get busy fer a bit, and ya go and get Searched.." He teases her, before he's looking past her towards the bed, and as her legs tighten, that's the way he's heading.

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