An Igen Goldrider

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns(#5000RJMs)

Everyone loves the daytime but as of late it's the night that seems to draw the senior most goldrider at Igen. Seems like Sianne has become one of the weyrs nightlife, prowling about the living caverns in a methodical waddle as she goes over reports, forms, lists, or natters on her phone to someone in some place that certainly isn't Igen. Tonight though things are quiet, Si has retired to her favored seat near the hearth where a cup of tea remains curled between her hands as they rest upon her slowly expanding belly.

L'ton is at Igen, despite the late hour, apparently in some sort of private meeting. However, considering his clothes are all in order, and his hair no more messed up than normal, it was apparently a legitimate one. As he's cutting across the cavern towards the bowl, his path is quickly diverted, and he's headed in Sianne's direction as he spots her, pausing at her side to lean down and give her a kiss, should she allow it.

Sianne perks up some, head tipping back and to the side as she looks up at the bronzer with a growing smile. "Hey." is softly uttered as her cup is set upon the table top. "I had heard through the mind of a big birdie that you were in the weyr." she adds before waving a hand towards the other empty chair at the table. "Did your meeting or whatever you were doing, go well?"

L'ton is tugging the other chair over, reaching for Sianne's hand as he settles down next to her, giving her a smile, nodding. "Aye, just trying ta arrange some stuff, fer Mai, as a surprise." Leaning a bit, he's reaching to rest his other hand on her stomach, with a tilt of his head. "How're ya holding up, hm?"

Sianne curls her fingers around those that take hers, "Ahhh good for you, hope your arranging something nice for her." There's a squeeze to the fingers now in hers, "Hodling up as good as I can with a pack of little feet and hands beginning to beat around at my insides." But she doesn't seem to mind as she rubs the side of her expanding midsection with her free hand.

"Is there anything Ah can do fer ya, sweets? Ah mean, Ah dun mind.. Ah know it can't be easy, with all of them in there.." He shakes his head, continuing to gently rub her belly, a detached look crossing his face for a moment, before he's shaking his head and giving her a slow smile, squeezing her fingers.

Sianne stretches some, "Be pregnant for me from now until these wee three are born?" she asks rather hopefully with that dual dimpling smile rising on her lips. All that soft rubbing brings a soft sigh from her as it begins to quiet the stampede that was making the rounding expansion ripple beneath her light weight top.

"Ah wish Ah could be, Sianne, though Ah could wish other things 'bout them too, but that ain't much good, when it comes down ta it." He says softly, chuckling as he leans to give her a soft kiss to the tip of her nose as she sighs, continuing to gently rub her stomach as it causes a positive response.

Sianne makes a face, dropping her head back against the back of the chair. "Drat, well I guess it was a good shot." The kiss brings a soft laugh, "Part of me wishes that these were yours so I could become one of the many that can claim children sired by you but perhaps next time I'll be that lucky."

"Ah certainly enjoyed trying with ya, if'n yer willing ta let me back, ya know Ah'd be more than happy ta." He says with a wink, resting his hand on her stomach, sighing softly before giving her a smile. "Ah mean, if'n ya didn't mind it either, ya know?" He actually blushes a little tiny bit at this, though he doesn't tear his eyes from her.

Sianne laughs just loud enough to make the few heads that are in the caverns turn towards the pair at the table, their expressions seeming to say that hearing the sound from the woman was a shock. "I'm always willing." she whispers. "It's so much fun trying, seeing as how practice makes perfect in the end."

L'ton grins then, as Sianne laughs, leaning to give her another kiss, this time aiming for her lips, before he's leaning to whisper in her ear, no doubt further feeding the rumour mill. "Well, all ya have ta do is say the word, Sia-dear. Ah'm sure ya've realized that by now.." And then he's slowly leaning back, squeezing her fingers.

Sianne meets the kiss rather eagerly, "I'll remember that when I get back to my normal figure again." she whispers back, aiming a nip to the ear she whispers into if she can nab a hold of it.

"Who said ya have ta wait, sweets? Ah think ya still look wonderful, if'n anything, ya may even be sexier.." L'ton says with a chuckle, shivering a bit and clutching her hand as she nips at his ear, eyes closing for just a second. "Less.. Less ya ain't able ta.. Ah mean."

Sianne snorts, "Me Sexy? You must be kidding." she states softly. "I look like a walking, talking wherry." speaking as she presses softly on a small bulge that very well could be a foot or a hand. "I feel like I've just eaten a bucket of wiggling soemthings."

"If'n Ah was kidding, would Ah do this?" L'ton chuckles, leaning to give her another slow kiss, before chuckling. "Motherhood's sexy, Sia, Ah mean… Ah can't explain it, but it just is.." Perhaps that explains the sheer number of kids with him as a father.

Sianne answers the kiss, caring little about any comments that might come about later on. "I think I believe you." Yup, a woman in awe of the man with her who doesn't seem to look at her like she's going to explode at any given moment. "Perhaps your addicted to it.

"Mmm, maybe." L'ton teases, winking at her, before he's squeezing her fingers and going back to gently rubbing her stomach. Comments, rumors, oh well! Leaning, he gently brushes a wisp of hair out of her face, before tilting his head. "Can Ah at least walk ya back ta yer weyr tonight? Ah think Ah could use some Sia-hugs."

Sianne lifts her feet up off the ground, trying rather hard to see them over her belly "I think I could handle that now that I'm sure my feet are still down there." Yes, she's trying to make light of the fact that her feet haven't been seen in some time. "I like 'ton snuggles."

"Ah'm sure if'n when we were back, Ah gave them a little rub, then ya'd remember that they were there." He teases her, offering his hands to her, to help her up to her feet. "Ah'm glad, Sia, Ah am.." He says, squeezing her hands, just a hint of possessiveness there, before its disappearing as he's glancing at a kitchen worker who is quickly hurrying back to her tasks.

Sianne could nearly purr with the sound of that, yup she certainly could. "I really think I could do that. I might even be convinced to rub your shoulders for you." she counters with a grin as she scoots the the edge of her seat in preparation to standing.

"Mmmm, Ah think that's a fair trade.." L'ton agrees, as he gets her to her feet, pulling her quickly into his arms for a long hug and another kiss - just for good measure - before he's turning to help escort her home, with his arms wrapped around her.

Sianne rises fast enough that she has to reach out and grab ahold of where ever on the bronzer to keep her balance, her arms stuck but she can return the kiss. "Better yet I'll she get as close to your back as I can and let these little buggers beat the tenseness out of ya with their feet and hands."

"Silly.." L'ton teases her, looping his arm over her upper back, other hand reaching for her hand, leaning to whisper in her ear. "Thank ya, Sia… Ah… Ya dunno what this means ta me." Poor bronzerider and his of-late battered ego.

Sianne settles in agaisnt the support of the arm, leaning in against the support of the masculine body at her side. "I try." Her fingers grasp his, squeezing again as she begins the trek towards the bowl. "Now tell me about what's got you looking a little bruised in the emotion department?"

L'ton keeps his stride short for Sianne's sake, and his pace slow, shaking his head and wrinkling up his nose. "Ah feel like Ah've been replaced. Ain't no one that needs me 'round no more, not with K'ael now. Ah mean.." He shakes his head. "Ah even found out that he slept with Mai, even if'n it was a while back, 'fore we were official. But.. what if'n she goes ta him, ta." L'ton is a bit pouty, squeezing Sianne.

Sianne snorts and waves a hand, "Is she mated to you? Does she love you?" the pair of questions is asked back to back rapid fire. "So she slept with him a while back, I slept with my share of males too but you dont see me running back to any of them, even now with R'oc being more gone then around." she pauses, "I don't think she'll go back to him, she's made it all official like with you and I think she'll hold to it."

"Ah know Ah shouldn't worry, but.." He shakes his head, making a face. "He took my Weyrleader knot, and he took S'ya, and Suri, and if'n he'd had his way, Ah wouldn't be surprised if'n he'd taken my Zippy. Ah.. Ah just worry that Ah'm gonna turn 'round and he's gonna take all my friends from me, ta." L'ton is then looking a bit guilty, shaking his head. "Sorry, Sia.. Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta.."

Sianne hugs you as best she can, "Relax, don't worry about it. Enjoy your mate and your son." she admonishes softly, "Worrying won't make things any better you know, it'll just turn you grey before your time."

L'ton turns to give Sianne a long hug, with a reluctant smile. "What, dun think Ah'd be as handsome if'n my hair was all silver?" He teases her with a chuckle, resting his arm back over her shoulders, murmuring soflty. "Thank ya, Si.."

Sianne reaches up and ruffles your hair, "Your welcome and you would be just as handsome, the silver would make you more distinguished is all." she whispers into the hug. "Shall we continue on?"

L'ton chuckles, ducking into the ruffling, kissing at her nose before nodding. "Ah should get ya home, Si, so Ah can get get those promised snugs, and Ah can prove ta ya yer feet are still there." He teases, turning to escort her the rest of the distance.

Sianne steps from the living caverns out into the coolness of the Igen night, sighing softly as she tips her head back. "I love the nights, the coolness that makes you want to snuggle up to that somebody warm and cuddly." she whispers as if afraid to speak to loudly will break the quiet of the night.

"It is beautiful, even though Ah'd rather avoid most days here, even if'n there is a beautiful goldrider here, that would make it worthwhile." L'ton murmurs very softly, squeezing her shoulders. "Lets find out how warm and cuddly ya are, love.." He murmurs.

Sianne turns towards a smaller part of the bowl that's enclosed with it's own wall of lava rock. "This way." she offers. "I'm very cuddly and warm, there's so much of me not to be." She links one arm around his waist, leaning her head against him with a small yawn. "I'm glad you showed up tonight."

"Ah'm glad ya were still up.. And Ah hate ta say it, but Ah'm glad ya were alone…" He murmurs softly, lifting a hand to cover her mouth as she yawns, grinning and holding hre close as they enter another portion of the bowl. "Warm and cuddly are very good.."

Sianne mmms, "sorry." she whispers. "I'm up later now a days, it's harder to sleep soundly with all the motion going on in there." poking her belly with the last few words said. "I'm a human heater, Sakrienth will even agree to that since we spend some of our nights curled together as I just look at the skies."

L'ton chuckles softly, giving her another squeeze. "Well, Ah'll enjoy the warm, while ya let me." He says with a smile, pausing as they near her ledge, motioning to it. "Ladies first, my dear.." He says with a bow, a slight flourish of his hand.

Sianne breezes slowly into the quieter part of the bowl, gazing towards her ledge with a smile as the golds form is unmistakable in in the dark. "She's waiting for us." Nothing like having the big had of a gold staring down at you as you enter her domain. "Your more then welcome to stay as long as you like, I'll be warm for some time to come."

"Mmm, Ah like the sound of that." L'ton admits with a chuckle, before he's looking up at the large gold's head, giving her a sweeping bow. "As long as Ah pass her test, Ah'd rather not end up a munchie." He jokes, following Sianne the rest of the way home, leaving his hands resting on her hips, guiding her.

Sakrienth warbles a soft welcome before settling back to await the arrival of the pair onto her ledge. "If she didn't like you, you wouldn't have made it this far." The round bellied woman steps away from yoru encircling arm but grabs a hold of a hand as she moves to take the stairs. "Trust me."

"Ah do have to say that's probably true." L'ton chuckles, holding her hand as he follows her up the stairs, giving Sak another bob of his head. "Ah think Ah like this view, Sianne.." He comments idly as they go.

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