Laera and Zaala

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr(#7690RJ)

Well the weyr looks to have been arranged differently, yet again. At least she is in a better condition to be doing that now. It is well into winter here and it is fair cooler than the Ista Isles here and a light rain falls on the weyr. Zaala is in the middle of Laera's bed, bolstered by various pillows to keep her rolling off, playing with a little rattle as Laera is working on making a crib for the tiny infant, something that is currently in a mess of wood bits and not looking remotely like a crib. Yes it is getting time to move from the little bedside cradle.

L'ton pauses at Laera's door, tapping lightly before he's letting himself in with an easy smile to the bluerider, glancing at the baby on the bed with the rattle, chuckling softly. "Ya know, ya coulda asked me fer some help with that, lil'bit. Ah do have some practice with it." He says, moving to her side to give her a hug and a kiss in greeting, even as he's looking towards their daughter, with a grin. "Ah can't believe how big she is, already.."

Laera looks up to L'ton with a helpless look, "Well I didn't think I would have to be a sharding woodcrafter to put it together!" She exclaims and throws her hands up in the air and rises to her feet and motions down to it, "You have at it! But first a proper greeting…" And she gives a rather tight embrace and more than a peck of a kiss before leaning back with a smile as she sees his attention on their daughter, "Yeah, I reckon she is making up for coming early, they tell me she is doing well, about the size a four month old, which is her …gestational age…or some nonsense."

"Well, Ah'm sure it took one ta design it, so o'course it'll take one ta put it together." He teases her with a chuckle, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her close and happily taking the kiss, before looking at Zaala with a soft smile. "She was so little, before.." He shakes his head, before he's leaning to steal another kiss, hand squeezing her side, before he's going to carefully settle on the bed, starting to make faces at the infant. "Ya know that aunt of yours may just have forgiven me, fer doing this ta ya. Good thing Zaala's cute.."

"Yeah…" Laera responds a bit more subdued on the infant's size, her first month spent in the infirmary…well it was stressful for the blue but probably added to the bond she has for the infant. As L'ton moves to the bed, she follows, setting on the other side of the infant and looks across her to L'ton, "I think she might of, shards I thought I would have to fight her to bring her back here, she is definately smitten. Figure its a shame she can't have anymore.."

L'ton reaches across the bed to carefully take Laera's hand, giving it a squeeze, and her an encouraging smile. "Ya did good, Laera, dun ya ever doubt that." He reassures her, before his other hand is gently brushing over Zaala's head, the bronzerider sighing and leaning to gently kiss the babe, before looking at Laera, nodding slowly. "Seems it ain't fair, sometimes. Feel bad fer that weyrmate of hers, ta.." He shakes his head, grinning at the baby. "Watch out, though, she may come take her when yer busy somewhere else."

Laera smiles across to L'ton, fingers twining with his. "We did good, I couldn't have done it without ya and uncle Kris…" She looks down to her daughter and there is love in that gaze, one that even L'ton has not earned, one that she only has looked upon one other with, Kereth. Such an odd lass she is, so open with her effections but not her heart. "Analis about killed her…but at least she got something of Andy to remember him by…" She wrinkles her nose at the miserable topic and smiles up at her, "I keep a constant watchout for sneaky goldriders who want to steal her…"

If L'ton ever earned a look like that, particularly from Laera, L'ton might be scared straight out of the place. He does care for the young bluerider, certainly, but there are multiple levels to that. "Fine, we all did good." He says with a grin, making kissy faces at Laera before he's moving to carefully tickle Zaala's stomach, just watching the little girl, with a chuckle. "Maybe Ah should just give Lis one of mine. Though, Ah doubt she'd find it as precious as this one, here."

There are no doubt a few willing to take the chance, will they be the one to capture the illusive blue rider's heart, but they follow all the rest, ushered to the weyr exit in the morning. L'ton and a few others have the privalage of repeat performances at least…one of other of which it would be best if Lisle never found out. "You know…I don't know Tonny…this here is family, maybe that is where her attraction lies…maybe she moons over every infant she holds. She looked a little sad at times as well…it might just remind her that she can't have anymore.." Laera says with a shrug and leans down to kiss her daughter on the forehead.

"They are different, when its yer own, or even if'n its family." L'ton agrees with a slow nod, shifting to gently rub Laera's back with one hand, as he watches her with their daughter, a bit of a smile on his face. "Ah wish there was something Ah can do, but.. Ah know she'll just have ta be happy with her life. Like Ah hope ya are with yers?" He asks, tilting his head giving her a smile. And, the best way is to in fact make sure that Lisle doesn't know about the frequency of repeat visits - though, he could at least make the claim that he replaced one bluerider with another, right?

Laera relaxes to the stroking touch on her back, laying her head on the pillow of her arm, half lidded as she looks across Zaala's face to L'ton. She smiles a bit at the concern he has for her aunt, "I know you love her Tonny…don't you fret, K'ris has made her happier then she has been since Andy died…she just seems more settled the last time I visited her, even that K'ael couldn't do that for her." At the question of her own life, her gaze shifts down to the infant and after a moment she nods, "Yeah…I can't really ask for more.."

"That K'ael, hm lil'one?" He teases her softly, a grin on his face, nodding at her words. "Ah do, though, and.. Ah see how they look at each other, and it just makes me happy fer her. Fer him." And then as she's relaxing, he continues to gently rub her back, gaze resting on the little life on the bed with them, rather than looking at her. "But, even then, Ah have ta say Ah think Ah prefer the bluerider of the family. Ah think yer more fun." He teases her, finally lifting his gaze to watch her.

"Oh hush you, you know I tumbled him as well. Though I ain't seen him here in a long time, suppose he got tapped by some girl." Laera says with a laugh and tilts her head as she looks across to L'ton, "Don't stop you from visiting though…" She says with a sparkle of her gaze that holds an invitation should he wish to take it. She giggles at his comment, "I will tell Aunty Lis you said that…" She says with a teasing giggle.

"Mmm, some girl even younger than ya, from what Ah heard. Told S'ya he can't see her no more either." L'ton shakes his head with a grin. "Fine by me, leaves ya pretty ones with more time fer me ta bother ya." Arching an eyebrow at the look, he shifts slightly, to settle behind her, though he's careful to not disturb Zaala. A hand rests on her shoulder, fingers continuing to rub gently. "Well, Ah guess its true Ah ain't got much comparison.. Tis more fun when ya'll ain't just wrapped up in yer dragon.."

"One day he might pick someone his own age…" She says with a laugh and leans her head back against his shoulder as he settles in behind her. Her hips press back against his teasingly. So motherhood has not dampened her appetites in the least. She tilts her head back and grins at him, "You know I will always make time for ya Tonny…"

"Mmm, Ah suppose that waits ta be seen." Not that he can say much, seeing as he's wrapping himself around a woman fifteen turns his Junior even as they are talking about the Weyrleader's habits. His hand drops to her hip, fingers squeezing tightly, as a grin is on his face. Leaning to kiss her neck, he chuckles softly. "And ya know Ah'm always willing ta take what time ya have ta give." His gaze flicks to Zaala then, even as her side is getting another squeeze.

Laera grins at his touch and tilts her neck back so he has better access to it, eyes half lidded. Does the girl have no shame, playing her little games curled up next to her daughter. "I know…" she murmurs as her hand reaches out to her hip as she presses herself back against him again,fingers drawing up the skirt of her sarrong enticeingly.

"Mmm, why don't we settle Zaala down fer a little nap, and then we can have a bit of time.. And Ah'll even put that crib tagether, ta make it worth yer while.." L'ton says, tilting his head, giving her neck another kiss as his hand slides down her thigh a little bit. He'll play her game.

Laera grins over her shoulder at L'ton and nods, sitting up to lift Zaala into her cradle before she returns to the bed, practically pouncing the bronzerider, straddling his hips. "Oh don't you worry, you ain't leaving till I am …satisfied that crib is put together rightly…it might take awhile."

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