Talking of Zipalla?

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth's Domain(#7862R)

Psylenith lands all graceful like on the ledge, it needed some brightening anyhow. Yep. Pi hops off and peeks in towards the main area. "Pal?" Technically she should have checked through Dhon first, but ah well.

Dhonzayth rumbles in greeting to Psylenith, still proud about his win, and unwilling to just snub her. L'ton, meanwhile, peers around the edge from the inner area, nodding his head. "Hey there.."

Psylenith croons just slightly to Dhon… flirting? Sure why not. Not that he has any chance winning another flight anytime soon. Pi heads in at the greeting, a familiar looking riding jacket in her arms. "Thought Ah should return this, that or start a collection.

Details, details. At the croon, Dhon flicks his tail back and forth, slinking off his couch towards the green in greeting. Pal glances over his shoulder momentarily, before crossing towards her, a soft cough. "Uh, thanks. Ah'd almost forgotten ya had it."

Psylenith flicks her own tail a little and simply lays down where she is. Not really snuffing the bronze, just not approaching in return. Pi shrugs slightly and holds it out for him. "Thanks." is said, but that's really about it.

L'ton takes the jacket, tossing it over his shoulder as he takes it, tilting his head to once side. "Ah'm, ah, sorry." And he actually turns somewhat red as he looks down at the ground, not sure what else to say. Dhonzayth gives the green a general friendly nudge.

Pi blushes a little herself as she spots his checks changing color. There's a half shrug and she also glances down. "Don' be… yeh were nice 'bout it at least. Ain't yer fault." And she's quite grateful actually. "Thanks fer gettin' me the clothes an' such… an the jacket." Psy turns her head to peer at the bronze after his nudge, tail just swaying back and forth.

L'ton shakes his head a bit, reaching to put his hand lightly on her shoulder, should she let him. "Ah couldn't have left ya there, like that.. And Ah didn't want ya to be upset, or anything.."

Pi doesn't pull away at least, that's a good sign. There's a slight shrug at what he says though. "Which is why Ah was sayin' thankyou. Not everyone would of Ah'm sure.

L'ton gives her a smile, squeezing her shoulder before dropping his hand. "How're ya doing, now, little one?" And his gaze rests on her, looking almost nervous.

Pi can't help but look up and smirk. "Ah ain't that little yeh know." Then there's a little shrug. "Ain't doin' bad… still gotta finish that stupid book 'bout craftridin' protocol an' such… gettin' back inta beastcraft."

L'ton gives her a bit of a poke as he glances down at her. "Yar still littler than meh, little one." A wink and he turns, waving her back from the entrance, towards the inner area. "Ya gonna do that, then? Ah mean, instead of all craft stuff?"

Pi eyes that finger poking her and rolls her eyes. "Still, kinda desterbin' hearin' yeh call meh 'little one'." And she wanders intot he inner area, peeking around for the best thing to sit on. "Ah still gotta do training and drills with the wing, but Ah ain't gonna be doing regular duties unless they need extras."

L'ton has claimed a pair of puffy chairs from somewhere or other - benefits of rank, after all - and its in one of those that he settles himself. "Until ya have a littler one of yar own, ya're the little one." His logic is sound. And well, there's plenty of worse things to be called. "Ah see - Ah guess its a good thing ya aren't in mah wing.."

Pi flops down into another puffy chair and shifts around a bit. "Ah like these, they're comfy." She approves and glances over to Psy… no, she's not planning on stealing one for her own weyr. Really "Guess Ah gotta get used ta bein' called that, huh. Ain't plannin' on havin' any kidlets anytime soon. An' yeah, talked ta S'va bout it an he's fine with it."

L'ton grins, glancing over at Pi. "Ah could see if'n Ah could find ya one for yar turnday. Ah mean, if ya really want one…" And he winks at her, waggling a finger. "Good - yar're too young to have little ones of yar old." Cough - no comment.

Pi glances down at the chair and then smirks. "They come in black?" Yes, everything /has/ to be black in her weyr, that and silver. Ah well. "Ah ain't that young, most girls back home got more'n one by my age. But Ah still don' wanna yet." So there.

L'ton glances down at the chair, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure ah could get some one ta cover it for ya." Pause. "Ah take it Ah should look into it?" And then he shakes his head hurriedly, "Ya're here, though, which means ya don't gotta do what all of them."

Pi grins a little at that. "Yeh don' gotta though." She'd probably feel bad accepting it… but on the other hand.. chair! Comfy chair. "Yeah, Ah know… yeh talked ta yer parents at all?"

L'ton shrugs a bit, with a wink. "Ah might as well use mah perks, ya know." And he shifts deeper in the chair, wrinkling his nose. "Ah visited after Ah got the wing.. Ah dun think they were ta happy." Pause. "Ah'm thinkin' 'bout bringing Zipalla back with meh. Ah dunno if'n Ah want her ta stay there."

Pi nods a little. "Ah haven'…" She allowed herself to be searched, impressed but /also/ stood up her fiance. So yeah. Ahem. Blink. "Really? But… ain't…. ain't Pazinnia takin' care of her? Wouldn' she not like that?"

L'ton snorts softly, shaking her head. "Ah think ya're safe, if'n ya have Psy with ya. They wun try and stop ya, anymore." Pause. "Mah parents have taken her. Pazinnia's getting married, and the guy dun want her." A wrinkle of his nose, and he shakes his hurriedly. "They're gonna make her like… everyone else.."

Pi nods a little at that. "Yeah, Ah know… but they're probly pissed an' all." Frown. "They wouldn' like her." Blink and makes a face. "Yeh could bring her… would yer parents let yeh though? Ah mean… look what the weyr did ta aus."

"Ah'd say they probly are - Maybe ya should just give 'em some more time.." And L'ton makes a face, shaking his head. "She's mine, not theirs." Pause. "Ah could always just… take her. They'd neva be able ta catch me and Dhon.." Resulting to kidnapping. Sad.

Pi frowns at that and tilts her head. "They could complain ta the weyr though, yeh can' kidnap people, even if'n their yours. And yeh never know, they might do it jus' ta get back at yeh, even if'n it means conversin' with the weyr."

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah kinda wonder if'n they'll be glad to get rid of her, they just dun wanna admit it." A shrug, and he wrinkles up his nose. "Maybe they'll just let meh take her anyway.."

Pi nods a little at that. "Yeh can' ask 'em at least. Be all nice 'bout it an everythin'. But do yeh got time ta take care of 'er? An' how old is she now?" Pi shifting on the chair she finally just pulls her boots off and brings her legs up onto it. "How's bein' wingleader?"

L'ton thinks about it for a long time, counting his fingers, "She's over three… Ah mean, it'll keep meh busy, but Ah'm sure Ah could get the nanny's ta okay it, too." A soft sigh, and he shakes his head. "Its busy, and things are kinda interesting, though..

Pi nods a little at that. "Would be better ta have a nanny here takin' care of her Ah guess…. though it ain't bad back home… But Ah see where yer comin' from." She makes a little face at that.

"If'n she's here, they can't marry her off, or promise her ta some old man when she's only twelve.. And they can't make her all quiet. Maybe she'll impress something good." Which is really anything, in his book.

Pi nods a little at that with a grin. "Nice ta see yeh turned out differen'." Whatever she means by that he can take a guess at because she doesn't continue or explain. Instead she just cuddles up into the chair.

L'ton sticks out his tongue at her. "What's /that/ supposed ta mean, hmm?" And he flicks his fingers at her, curling up some in his own chair. "Ah mean, ya're lucky ya turned out different… Ah'd rather have her turn out like ya then someone else."

Pi smirks a little and gets that 'not gonna tell you' expression on her face and it's almost gleeful. Bwaha. There's a little grin though. "Thanks, Ah guess. Probably would prefer she didn' have a habit of punchin' people though Ah'm sure…. didn' give yeh a bruise or anythin, did Ah?" She sounds, appologetic. Gasp

L'ton grins. "Ah'm sure she'll be pretty enough, so ya know she'll have plenty of reason to punch guys. And maybe gals, too.." And he winks at her, shaking his head hurriedly. "Ah dun think so. No more so then that place in general." Wink.

Pi blushes just slightly at the mention of gals, something she still hasn't fully adjusted to about weyr life. Yet, give her time. Because back home, well definitly not acceptable. "Yeh usually have a bruised shoulder?" Headtilt. Yup, whatever he's winking about she doesn't get it.

L'ton shakes his head. "Ya should make sure Psy picks a more comfortable place ta go up next time. The rocks probably make me more tender then any punch ya threw coulda."

Pi blushes a little more at that. "Oh." And that's all that's said. There's a little more curling up as she'd /rather/ not have the mental image she got of why he'd be sore.

L'ton ducks his head, sneaking a few glances at her, and a bit of pink touching his cheeks. "Ah'm sorry.. Ah mean.." And he stutters, unsure of what to say next.

Pi gives a little shrug. "It's allright, Ah gotta get used ta that sorta thing anyhow… still don' like the idea of wakin' up next ta random people… though Ah guess that'd be better than some people Ah know." She makes a little fac.e

"Well, maybe Psy'll settle down on one or two guys from now on, and keep ya from surprise.." And Pal shakes his head a bit, eyeing her. "Ah mean, Ah've got na problem, but how it is for ya…"

Pi smirks a little at that. "Not likely, she wants… variety." There's a slight eyeroll at that and luckily her green is asleep now so she doesn't have to go through the nice debate again. "Doubt a bronze is even gonna win next time… she wants a blue, or brown."

L'ton shakes his head quickly. "Maybe she'll settle down, when she's got a bit of a variety. Ah mean, ya never know.. Just know ya can always come ta me. And, if'n they're mean, Ah'll get 'em." A rumble from Dhonzayth, and he glances towards the outer weyr. "It seems Ah've got a meeting ta go ta.."

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