A Nice Goldrider

Igen Weyr - Central Bowl(#5959RJLas)

Despite the season turning to winter, warmth still lingers at Igen. And, while Ista has been plagued by a cold drizzle - not to mention that thrice-damned Weyrleader - L'ton has taken the afternoon to escape. The sun is past its peak, and setting slowly to be hidden behind the Weyr rim as Dhonzayth settles in the Igen bowl, crooning and looking around excitedly for who will greet him.

With the bowl beginning to cool off a waddling twosome slowly begin the trek from the Weyrleaders are to the main sections of the bowl. Her hands stuffed deep into the pockets of her shorts, Si looks relaxed as she scuffs her feet through the sand and dirt while the gold warbles a cheery greeting to one of her more favored male companions. "Escaping Ista again L'ton?" is called with a growing smile, "Or just wanting some bright company for your lifemate? Or is it both?"

Dhonzayth trumpets, stretching his brassy neck upwards as Sakrienth comes his direction, practically knocking L'ton off his feet as the Istan bronze is quickly at the gold's side, rubbing his muzzle against her neck and side, crooning the whole time, already more cheerful by her mere presence. L'ton's reaction is almost as enthusiastic, though he has a little more care for Sianne, moving to pull her into a long hug and a kiss - should she let him - grinning all the while. "Maybe a bit of both, if'n ya dun mind.."

Sakrienth is ever willing to accept attention from anyone, man or dragon it seems, for in turn she returns the caresses with nuzzles and rubs of her own, soft croons that might make one think of a recenty impressed dragonet. "I..we don't mind at all." Having to turn herself just slightly to one side to accept both hug and kiss, it seems the goldrider is no hurry to leave the embrace at all. "As you can see we're both happy your here."

L'ton drops a hand to gently offer his own carress to Sianne's abdomen, grinning down at it, and giving them a soft pat, before his attention is back on her, and he's leaning for another kiss. "Ah'm glad, love… yer ta nice ta me." He smiles, pulling her to his side, not making any move to cut off the contact. "How're ya holding up, hm?" He murmurs, continuing the light touch to the baby… big bulge.

Up in the sky, Fer'ri and Dull-Bronze Testarosath arrive, relieving Pon'ac and Grass-Green Sunbirdth on watch duty.

Sianne places a hand over yours, shifting it to where a foot or hand battles with a nice rapid thumping, "Well enough, they say another week and I can go into labor anytime, but for now it's quiet, quiet, rest, sleep, no stress…Short walks." And that's where the guilty look comes in "I guess coming otu here doesn't count though but we both wanted out of that place and to see you."

L'ton chuckles softly, letting his hand be shifted, leaning over to murmur something to the growing guy inside of her, before he's straightening back up, gently kissing her cheek, shaking his head at her guilty look. "Ah'll carry ya back in, if'n Ah have ta, but ya shoulda know that Ah couldn't come ta Igen without coming ta see ya.." He murmurs softly with a smile, reaching up to brush a lock of hair out of her face. "R'oc dunno how lucky he is, love."

Sianne waves a hand, "feels nice to stretch my legs." As for R'oc there's a grimace when the other bronzer is mentioned. "I don't see much of him now adays, being weyrsecond keeps him busy…" she looks away, lips tightly sealed for a time. "HOw's that boy of yours? Getting big? Crawling or doing anything funny and cute yet?"

"Well, then he's a fool, love. And ya should know Ah'll do anything fer ya Ah can, all ya have ta do is ask." He says sincerely, lifting a hand to her chin, to pull her gaze back to him. "Ah know Ah can't be everything, but.." He smiles at her, holding her gaze, before nodding slowly as she asks about Zelik. "Aye, he's 'bout ready ta start walking, pulling up on everything. Poor feline ain't able ta get away all the time no more."

Sianne laughs, the sheer sound of it is filled with joy as she leans against the bronzer if he allows. "I seem to pick those that leave like the coolness of the night." Even Si knows her trackrecord with males isn't that great, "At least I have my children though, and each is loved." Never once does she try to break the locking of gazes again, not even with the soft rumbles of the gold as she curls up beside the bronze with her head on his forelegs, "That's my favorite moment in their growth I think, watching them make those first explorations on their own."

Dhonzayth is crooning softly as the gold settles beside him, stretching his neck out over hers, wing spreading over her back, holding her in a similar embrace to that which his rider holds hers in. As Sianne leans against him, he supports her freely, smiling, and nodding, reaching to brush his fingers over her cheek again. "Know that yer loved, Sia, even if they dun all show it." He says softly, hazel gaze meeting hers, as he leans for another kiss, caught up in the moment.

Sianne would purr in this moment but A. It's not SrWW like and B. with the kiss she can't. "I have never doubted that, each of them and more Love me." She's not bragging but being truthful. "I think I miss my Oe'lly the most, followed by X'y." Yes no one ever forgets that first, strong love. "

Senior Weyrwoman reactions be darned! Gently curling his fingers at the side of her neck, he pulls away enough to grin at her. "Ah know at least one bronzerider, that if things were any different would be by yer side all the time.." He murmurs softly, fingers touching her neck again. "Ah understand, love. Ah know they've gotta miss ya ta."

Sianne nods mutely, eyes glassy with unshed tears that make her look away quickly. "I know L'ton and for that I am ever warmed but knowing you care so deeply." Her head finds a place against his chest again even with the fingers on her neck trying to hold her in place, "SOmetimes I wonder if it was me that chased them all away."

"Its not ya, love, its not ya." He shakes his head a bit, craddling her head against his chest, fingers gently stroking her hair, rubbing her back, and he tilts his head to put soft kisses on the top of hers. "It… It ain't easy, loving someone, who has so much responsibility. But, if'n they'd been worth it, they would have made it work." He says softly, holding her close to him, trying to comfort her. "Ya are very important ta me, Sianne, and if'n yer down, know that Ah'll be there, if'n if'n ya just need someoen ta throw stuff at. Ah've gotten good at ducking."

Sianne says "I know it's not, but there are times when it feels like it. One moment all is well and the next, here I am pregnant and the father is gone." A soft croon comes from somewhere above, a low flying blue having caught on to the goldies thoughts and offers his support to her which does wonders with all the petting and more going on already. "I feel that I am, I know that I am but there are times when having someone there all the time is just…needed. And you have a weyrmate and a son as well as other children that need you too." And finally another laugh with that last comment. "Have you? We'll have to test that out at somepoint."

"Ah know, love, Ah know. When Ah heard ya were expecting, Ah hoped it was mine, even if'n we'd only been tagether a handful of times, but.. Ah knew Ah'd have have been there." He shakes his head slightly, lifting his gaze to look up at the low flying blue, before he's glancign down at the goldrider in his arms, leaning to kiss her on the forehead. "Ah understand, love.. But, yer important ta me, and that's why Ah'll do what Ah can. Mai's gonna be taking the Wingleadership, so she'll be busy ta, and well.." He shakes his head, squeezing her slightly as she laughs again. "Leslyn got real angry, yesterday. Ah missed the inkpot and the book, but she was just throwing everything, so a few of 'em pens got me."

Sianne giggles, her mind fleetingly going over all the women she's heard about that are connected with the bronzer "Maybe one day, I'm still young enough to have more." she notes softly, "I have to repopulate Igen again you know, never enough good people to stand for eggs around here."

"Ah hope this means ya aren't gonna ban me from ya, or Igen?" L'ton says with a soft chuckle, brushing his fingers over her cheeks, and smiling down at her, with a grin. "Ah'll be happy ta help, love.. Repopulating's fun.." He murmurs into her ear, nuzzling slightly, as he pulls her back against him. At least his list is getting shorter, what with Niah dumping him, and Nalissi getting Searched.

Sianne snorts, "Now why would I do that, heck even if you helped repopulate the weyr by sleeping with all females about here, riders or not, I'd still want you to come around." Nuzzling back with a sigh, Sia curls herself in as close as she can get, "It doesn't matter to me how many are on the list as long as I am as well."

"Ya never know.." He says with a chuckle, shaking his head, and leaning to gently plant kisses on her forehead and cheeks, before finding her lips again, chuckling softly "Ah'll come 'round whenever ya want me ta. Shards, when the babies come, all ya have ta do is ask, and Ah'll be here." He offers a pinkie in promise, arms around her, sighing contently at the feel of her against his body. "Well, love.. Ah'd wager yer… Second. Yeah, Ah think Second is right." He says, with a grin, trying to keep her happy, fingers gently beginning to rub her back.

Sianne peers around you to look at the dragons, "I'm sure that when they come all of pern will know." Given the way the gold is at broadcasting such things in that way of hers. "I'd like to have you here, you comfort and calm me." WHich is saying alot coming from the goldie that rarely rests and is known for working well into Perns long nights. "Second? That's higher then I expected, much higher but it pleases me greatly."

"Yer wish is my command, love. Ah'll be here, night or day, whenever they come." He says with a nod of his head, promising her, even as he's following her gaze to their lifemates, still curled up together in much the same way. "Sianne, there are many girls Ah care about, and many Ah spend time with.. But they ain't the same. Ah'm happy just holding ya, and with the others, well.." He winks at her. "Not that Ah mind that with ya, either, though.."

Sianne says "Do you know that being held is what has helped to keep me going the most, especially when things have been tough?" she asks. "Being able to curl against someone or have a shoulder or chest to lean on is more important then anything else. Just the contact with another…means more then marks or clothing, pretty gifts…anything."

"Its funny, Sia, even if'n there are people all around, how ya can still feel lonely. But, once ya have someone in yer arms, and ya feel them there with ya.. there's no way ya could be alone." L'ton says softly, smiling down at her, resting his chin lightly on top of her head, hand dropping back down to her stomach once more. "Ah understand, though, love."

Sianne looks up, past you and up to the dragons that wheel about in the skies, the ones lounging on their ledges then downward to all those scattered about the bowl. "Even with all those minds out there that I can touch and speak to..there are days when I feel very much alone. I was feeling that when until I felt Dhon's mind so close and knew you were here."

"Ah'm right here, love. Ah'm only ever just a thought away…" He says, burying his face in her hair, holding onto her quite posessively, though given his recent revelation, perhaps its appropriate. "We should get ya settled again, love, but, Ah ain't gonna go no where. Ah'll be right here with ya, long as ya need me. Ah won't let go."

Sianne sighs again, happy for now. "I should go back, might as well come with me, keep my company for a while." she pauses and adds "I have food and klah, wine I think as well."

"Ah'm happy ta.." L'ton agrees, grinning and turning to steer her back the way she came. "Klah's good, it ain't fair of me ta drink, when ya can't. Sides, then Ah'd wanna have my hands all over ya, and well.."

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