Ista Weyr - Records Room

Leslyn sits, curled up on a chair in the records room and probably working. Well, supposedly working. It's all there, carefully laid out in front of her, but for some reason she'd rather stare off into mid-distance with a goofy smile on her face.

Its been a few sevendays now, and L'ton has been avoiding Leslyn this whole while. Of course, this is a difficult task, considering how often their paths should cross, and its likely been pretty obvious that he's doing just that. Today, however, he's bringing a number of large volumes back to the Records Room, and when he spots Leslyn he freezes, looking around him, trying to silently deposit the books before he's noticed.

Were L'ton lucky enough, he coudl probably get out of there unscathed. Were he lucky enough… she wouldn't have been there at all frankly. Unfortunately, his luck isn't in today. There's a slight intake of breath comes from Leslyn's side of the room and she stares at him. Glares at him. Though if he looks round she'll immediately look in the other direction and pretend to not see anything.

L'ton settles the books, catching one as it almost falls and setting it in a stack of its own before he's slowly turning. As he turns, he catches her hurriedly looking the other direction, and he's swallowing audibly, starting to edge around the room, out the other exit. "Ah.. didn't mean ta bother ya." He says, as if hoping to get out unscathed. Except for the fact that he's too busy watching her not watching him, and topples over a chair on his way, taking himself out as well.

Leslyn's goofy look has faded quickly, her hands clenching into fists as she digs her nails in and snarls, "Bit late for /that/ isn't it." Even angry as she is she can't help a snort of derisory laughter as he falls, determinedly clenching her teeth together so that she doesn't say anything more to him - though there's a lot she'd like to.

L'ton will play the fool, at least for the moment, as he's settled on the floor, slowly righting the chair, and then himself, refusing to meet her gaze. "Ain't sure Ah could have said it earlier, less Ah'd yelled it down the hallway." He shakes his head, fingers tightening on the chair, as he stares at his feet. "Glad /ya/ found that funny." He snaps a bit.

As he snaps a little, so does she a lot. "Oh that's right, make it all my fault. Well if that isn't just like a man." Her fists clanch harder, teeth grinding together a little, "Door's behind you, try to make sure you actually find the opening this time. I hear you're usually good at it.

And the gloves are off, and L'ton's realized that playing dumb just isn't going to work anymore. "Sure, ya Leslyn, it /is/ all yer fault. Yer being a spoiled lil brat. Ah almost wish it /had/ been C'nor, so that then ya'd have ta grow up." No matter that she's not /that/ many turns younger than he is. "What, ya jealous that yer ma's been with me, when ya ain't?" And he's leering at her a bit, as a sneer appears on his face, even as the chair stays securely between them.

"I wouldn't want it from you even if it meant I'd puke rainbows for a month!" Leslyn roars back, hunting around on the desk for something to throw. "Least Con came back and told me! Didn't skulk about like… like a mother screwing tunnelsnake! You know. You know how much…" She hates her? She loves her? "Get out. Get out before I do something we'll both regret."

"Ya're the one that makes no point about how much ya hate her. Figured if'n ya hate her so much, it wouldn't matter ta ya, if'n Ah slept with her or not. Sides, t'was a flight, ain't like Ah went and looked fer her, just cause she was yer ma, just ta make ya jealous." L'ton snaps back at her, lip curling a bit, before he's running his hand through his hair, tousling it. "What did ya want me ta do, come crawling ta ya on my hands and knees, and beg fer ya ta fergive me fer sleeping with yer ma? Least /she/ was good."

Oh that does it, she grabs the first thing to hand and launches it at his head. Inkpot at 5 o'clock! "You don't even have a clue how good I am, and you never will! You just guaranteed that one. You honestly think I would sleep with someone that's touched /her/? Even in a flight? This is one gold you're never going to catch, because if you even so much as dare turn up at any of my flights I'll cut it off before we even get of the shaffing ground!"

L'ton ducks the inkpot as it comes flying at his head, not daring to look over his shoulder as he hears it shatter against the wall behind him. "And /ya/ have no idea what yer missing, and ya'll never find out." At her proclamation, he tilts his head back and actually starts cackling, before he's shaking his head. "Mark my words, lil'one, yer gonna regret saying that. Ah'm willing ta wager five marks that that blue of C'nor's'll get a piece of her one day, and then ya'll have ta eat that threat of yers." Her threat regarding her flight doesn't even seem to phase him, instead his busy smirking. "Go ahead, /try/ and stop me."

Leslyn laughs herself, though his high pitched and slightly maniacal. "I've heard enough to know I'm not missing anything. Except a trip to the healers to make sure you've not developed some disease since you stick it in every willing orifice you can find!" Now she's just indiscriminately throwing things, pens, paper, whatever comes to hand. "You're banned. D'you hear me! Banned! I'll get Sharix to send you away when it happens. I'll do it myself!"

"Well, at least Ah dun bite, and leave people trying ta explain ta their weyrmates what happened ta them." Oh, did R'miel ever hear about /that/. At her disease comment, he smirks, taking another cheap shot. "Oh, yer ma was certainly willing. Maybe Ah'll go see her again." Unfortunately, as the objects in the air continue to fly, he's inable to dodge them all, though he keeps himeslf from yelping when a pen smack him in the cheek, and another in the middle of his forehead. Creeping around the edge of the room, he shakes his head. "Just ya wait. Just ya wait." He says, letting his words linger between them - both a threat and a promise.

Leslyn lets out a sound that's part scream, part curse, but all anger. This time a book flies. "GET OUT!"

L'ton dodges the book, letting it hit the table behind him, where it falls open, pages down, before he's ducking out the door. And it seems that he's gone, until just a few seconds later, his head is popping back in the opening. The bronzerider blows the goldrider a kiss before he's taking off once more, less he's not so lucky at dodging the next book.

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