Beach Babies

A nice sunny day on the beach, Niah, Zion and Zialon are in there own little area. Just the fact that it's farther from the weyr seems to effectively keep people away. Comfortabely seated in a light green dress, she watches as the two boys splash in the sand and water, both of them are all messy with big smiles on their faces. Celiketh is out in the water, wings open and head up.

Nothing can deter a L'ton. Not really. After all, it only takes a short little question to Celiketh to find out where Niah and the boys are, and then in a matter of minutes, L'ton is joining them. He's barefoot, simply wearing shorts and a sleeveless top, looking quite casual as he ruffles his own hair, joining Niah on the beach as Dhonzayth is moving to hover protectively over the boys. "Hey sweets.." He murmurs as he he flops.

Niah snaps her head up, in a manner that will one day probably cause neck problems. A little squeak and then she smiles, scooting over towards L'ton and watching the boys. A vigilante mother she watches as Zialon puts sand in his mouth, and is quickly reaching into his mouth and getting it out, "Honey, no eating sand. See eew, it tastes bad right?" Zialon starts to cry and she shakes her head. Comforting him and splashing a little water on Zion. Zion giggles and starts to splash as well.

"Ah dunno why ya'd even want to put sand in yer mouth.." L'ton mutters a bit, shaking his head and making a face of his own as one half of the pair seems determined to have a beach picnic, without bringing the picnic with them. As Zion starts to splash, L'ton grins a bit, shaking his head, and then leans back on his hands stretching his feet out. "Enjoying yerself sweets?"

Niah nods and sighs, sitting Zialon back next to his brother and looking at them. "I still can't believe how much they look a like." Looking from one to the other, both of them have the same curly light brown hair now, which is just beginning to be bleached by the sun. "Zialon is just being silly." Kissing the boys cheek. Turning to L'ton Niah looks serious, a little smile on her lips. "Did.. have you, I mean could you.. or will you.." Fumbling with her words and scooting away.. "Asked mai?" She whispers and her hands shake. Zion is crawling a bit, right to where the water is.

"Well, they did have two sets of good genes going in, Ah mean.." L'ton teases her, leaning to give her a kiss on the cheek, watching the boys as they play. "Ah.. Ah did." He says, coloring a bit. With a shake of his head, he sighs. "She.. She said that Ah'd do it anyway, but that she dun wanna hear about it. That, she dun wanna think about it. Ah mean.. Ah.. Ah will, but maybe ya shouldn't tell her its mine. Just.. Just in case."

Niah looks saddened, big eyes looking down at the sand. "We just won't then." Saying and breathing in little sobs, biting on her lower lip and standing. Grabbing up ZIon before he gets to close to the breaking waves. Shaking her head sadly she breaks into tears and hugs Zialon and Zion close. "Maybe I should move.. if Mai's not happy then I should leave."

"She didn't say that, she just said she didn't wanna think about it. Ah.. Ah ain't sure. Ah think she'd had a long day anyway." L'ton slowly tries to justify the situation, before she's breaking into tears, and he's wrapping his arm around her, hugging her. "Niah, she ain't unhappy. Ya ain't gotta leave.."

Niah sniffles and shakes. "I knew this would happen." Closing her eyes she looks over at him, "Tonny.. what would she do if I was already pregnant?" Throwing that out there through little sobs, "I don't want Mai to be mad at me.. Maybe I should just leave and you can be with her and keep your other side girls because apparently having manners and asking for permission, instead of just using you for sex like all the others do isn't how it's supposed to work." Celiketh is quickly coming in, moving hover over his Niah.

"She says she dun wanna think about it. Cause, she dun mind, if'n it ain't thrown in her face. Ah think its a good thing that ain't most of ya here, cause otherwise she might get upset. Ah.. Ah care about both of ya, and she knows that and ya know that. Ya ain't gotta leave, and ya ain't even should be worried." He shakes his head, sighing softly, glancing at Dhonzayth with surprise, and then back at Niah. "Try and calm down, hon?"

Niah nods, "But.. what if tonny?" ZIon reaches out and touches his fathers face, tilting his head and looking confused. Quickly he buries his face in her hair. Whimpering slightly Niah stands, Celiketh following and then looking back at Dhonzayth. Niah strokes down Celi's muzzle. "I'm ok Tonny, I just.. I was so hopeful that Mai would want to see my little girl. Now it seems they can never meet."

"Ya ain't okay, though, Niah.. Ah can see it in yer face.." And he's sighing softly, shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah dunno, Niah, if'n ya already were. But, Ah mean, it happens. If'n it happens, she ain't gonna make ya get rid of it. Ah mean.." He shakes his head with a sigh again. "Ya could always just say its I'nigh's.. she was expecting ya'll ta have one."

Niah whimpers a little. "I already had a name. It was such a pretty name." Running her hands over the green fabric on her stomach. "But, you'll be lying to her.. and I would have to lie to my baby and to Zaenar and Zion and Zialon." Shaking her head, "I'm sorry, love, I guess.. maybe I should talk to Mai. Maybe.. maybe she'll understand if I talked to her." Celiketh snaps his jaws at L'ton, his purple form is barely noticed by Niah, but the dragon is trying to come between her and him.

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth senses that Celiketh wafts with violent reds and the darkness of an icey sea, you can hear the waves and the cold wind blowing «Yours has upset mine. WHy would he do such a thing?»

L'ton takes a few hurried steps backwards at Celiketh snaps at him, staring at him and cutting his protests off. Shoving his hands into his back pockets, he's sighing softly. A deep breath then, and he shakes his head. "Well, ya could just say ya don't know? Ah mean, that ain't a lie.." And he's staying frozen, eyeing Celiketh warily.

Niah turns raising an eyebrow, "Love, what is it?" Looking back at Celiketh, who is looking as innocent as can be walking along. "You look scared, what's wrong tonny?" Nods, "Ok.. we we can say I don't know, but what if the baby looks like you. Then what do i do?" Getting closer to L'ton.

"Well, ya could always say it's P'nce's. Or, maybe P'ton's.. Ah mean, Ah think there are enough of us floating 'round, ya could blame it on someone else. Shards, even Zh'ae or P'tah." L'ton says, though he's still not moving, rooted to the spot where Celiketh first scared him.

Niah moves to hug him, "You ok tonny?" Zion reaches out to his father and Niah moves to hand the boy to L'ton. "Ok.. just." Sighing. "This all sounds so wrong. I don't want P'nce, P'ton, or Zh'ae hanging around all the time wanting to see a baby that isn't theirs." Giving him a little kiss on the cheek, "Tonny? You still love me.. right?"

"Ah'll be okay.." L'ton promises, even as he's taking Zion into his arms, settling the boy on his hip, making a few half-hearted faces at the boy. "Oh, Ah dun think any of 'em would. Ah mean.." He shakes his head with a grin. "It'd be okay.." He says a little more confidently this time, nodding as he leans to kiss Niah. "'course Ah do.. do ya still love me?"

Niah wraps her arms around him, getting on her tip toes and offering him a kiss. "Alright then, and of course my tonny. I will never ever stop loving you." Breathing in and sniffing his neck, Zialon giggles and wiggles to be set down. Putting him down she holds his hand, the little boy is now an accomplished walker. Even if he still needs slight assitance. Zion points to L'ton and says, "Dada, ton." Niah grins, "I've been working on vocabulary.."

L'ton gives Niah a squeeze as he can, with his free arm, before grinning at her, and shaking his head. "Good, cause well.. if'n ya did, Ah couldn't do this.." And then, he's leaning to nip at Niah's earlobe, whispering something about nannies and time along, if she's ready, before he's looking down shocked at Zion, with a grin. "Hey there, buddy.." He says, surprised.

Zion seems to be an intelligent child, always watching and absorbing. Niah kisses Zion on the head, at the whispering she blushes. "Sure." Whispering back and running the very tip of her tongue from his earlobe to his lips. A light kiss and she looks down to make sure Zialons ok. "Zion has picked up more, he knows Celi, Zia, umm.. we've worked on dragon but he hasn't got that one yet. I would teach him my name, but what use it that? They both know 'no' now." Rolling her eyes, that will be a fun word for years to come.

"Oops is mah favorite.." L'ton says with a grin, even as he's leaning to catch Niah in a kiss, before holding her gaze with his own, bouncing Zion absently to keep him entertained. "Are ya sure?" He asks, arching an eyebrow just to make sure.

Niah turns her head, "I don't say that a lot, and they don't hear it.. so." Shrugging, and taking a deep breath. "I'm ready.. Just, we have to take it slow." Kissing him back excitedly and running her fingers through zions hair.

"Ah promise, Ah'll be slow.." He smiles at her, giving her another kiss. "Why dun we go get these guys settled out, and then we'll go make sure that ya enjoy yerself, and decide it ain't so bad no more." He says with a smile, bouncing his son again.

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