A Fainting Spell

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr(#7690RJ)

It is summer at Xanadu weyr and it is rather warm out, relief only given in the form of a sea breeze. With ten weeks to go, Laera is technically grounded. She has had a fairly uneventful pregnancy, very little morning sickness, no swelling, mild braxton's at best…some might call her a lucky bi…woman, but it is not serving the young pregnant teen young at the moment. With such few 'side effects' of pregnancy, she really hasn't slowed down as much as she should. Flying still, healer classes, dragonhealer classes, checking on Uncle…keeping as busy as she normally does. Even now she seems to be going through another round of room rearranging, moving around heavy bits of furniture inch by inch, looking rather flushed in the process.

Its been a few days since L'ton has visited Laera, and the bronzerider has a bit of time on his hands, and thus he's come to see he favorite Xanadu bluerider. He's tapping at the door to announce his presence before he's slowly peeking inside, coming to a stop as he realizes that she's hauling stuff around again. "Laera!" He yelps a bit, ducking in and closing the door behind him, rushing to stop her. "Ah told ya, if'n ya wanted stuff moved, ya should have just asked…"

She has managed to get a few more bits of furniture, more baby things. Something she had not orriginally planned to have. There are wetnurses, fosterers, all the like that she planned to use. Laera is at the moment trying to move her bed and at the yelp from the door glances up and gives a smile to L'ton, "I ain't gonna call you every time I get…" She starts to say before her eyes unfocus and roll up and she stumbles back before collapsing in a faint, head tapping to the ground if not caught.

"Shards lil'bit!" L'ton cries out, darting around that darned table to catch her - barely - kneeling down on the floor and gently cushioning her head in his lap, brushing her hair out of her face, and looking as if he's going to panic. After a moment, he slowly regains his composure, and he's reaching for her wrist, holding his fingers against it, trying to make sure she has a pulse, while he's watching her intently for a sign of breathing. "Laera, ya can't do this to me.." He murmurs softly, other hand still resting lightly on her forehead.

She definatly looks flushed, sweat beading on her clammy brow as she lays there. Breathing slow and shallow, though her lips almost seem to turn blue. It doesn't take long before a dragon appears in the dragon barn attached and a concerned warble as Kereth comes in, snaking his head into the rider's quarters. «I feel her but mind is blank, what is wrong!» Comes a paniced mindvoice of the blue. It seems like an eternity , though in truth like a minute at best, before eyes are fluttering open, unfocused still but not like a rider speaking. Lips turn back to a normal colour. "What…" She murmurs confusedly.

"Come on Laera…" L'ton swears some, gently wiping her forehead off, leaning to give her a soft kiss, even as he's watching her lips nervously. As Kereth appears and is panicked, L'ton begins to panic more, and he's shaking her a little bit. "Please, please wake up.." And just as he's turning to send Kereth and Dhonzayth after someone, there's movement, and she's slowly coming too. "Laera!" L'ton cries out, hurriedly pulling her into a long hug, before realizing she probably needs some space. "Ya.. Ya passed out.." He whimpers a bit, shaking his head. "Just.. out of nowhere."

As she comes around Kereth relaxes a touch and lowers his nose to lick her, «Not blank anymore, just fuzzy…» He says with relief and touch of confusion. Laera blinks up at her dragon and a touch of a smile actually touches her lips, though there is a touch of worry in her eyes, "I feel a bit fuzzy Kereth…" She murmurs in response before blinking up at L'ton as he pulls her in his worried hug, "How long?" She whispers and looks around the room as if trying to get her bearings again. Just an odd note of confusion about her, obviously still not a hundred percent with it. Her face looks quite pale, any freckles standing out dark against the white flesh.

L'ton shifts to better hold onto her, continuing to gently craddle her, holding onto her shoulders and squeezing her hand gently. "Ah… A minute, maybe? Ah think.. It.. It wasn't ta long, but yer lips were getting all blue, and ya were cold but sweating and.." He rambles a bit, shaking his head, before he's moving to hug her again, not relaxing as quickly as Kereth. "Ah.. Ah didn't know what ta do.." He says, watching her, even as she's looking around.

Kereth hasn't wholly relaxed, just stopped paniking. He hasn't moved an inch, just keeping his head there and watching his lifemate. He cares for her greatly, but well this is a first pregnancy for them both and well Laera hasn't exactly enlightened him on her need to slow down, though he won't between her. Laera shivers a bit against L'ton and nods, hands finding their way to her belly, "I feel all hot and cold…just hold me…" She murmurs, actual worry in her voice now, hands moving about her belly to feel for her infant.

L'ton is rather worried, pulling her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her, and gently rocking her a bit, as his hand rests on her stomach, and he's giving a kiss to her temple. "Do… Do Ah need ta get someone? Ah.. Ah mean, it ain't normal, ta just pass out.." He says in a worried tone, shaking his head, and hugging her again, rubbing her back gently.

She is quiet to his questions and concerns as hands move over her abdomen, almost in a frantic search for something before that something is felt and Laera relaxes in his arms and rests her head on his chest. "She is moving…." She murmurs with relief before tilting her head back up to look at L'ton, giving a faint smile, "Well when did I ever do anything normal?" Rather weak attempt at a joke and passing on an answer. "Some water should set me right…"

L'ton moves to find the moving, verifying it for himself, before he's hugging her again and planting a kiss in the middle of her forehead. "Shards, Laera.. ya had me so worried… Ah.. Ah thought Ah lost ya.." He murmurs softly, as his fingers brush at her hair, and he continues to craddle her close. "Ya think ya can sit up okay, fer me ta get ya some? Ah.. Ah dun wanna leave ya, if'n ya dun feel steady yet."

There is a little bit of movement there and well notable she didn't refer to the baby as It. Things are a changing with the young woman. Laera reaches a hand and pats L'ton's face weakly, "I only fainted dear…just got a little overheated is all." She says, trying to soothe him even if she doesn't sound wholly convincing. At his question she nods slowly and motions over to the kitchenette area, "Some waterskins over there…I can't fall any further then the ground so I think we are safe." She responds with another weak little smile.

"Ah.. But yer lips were blue.." L'ton stutters a bit, before he's shaking his head, and squeezing her again, making sure she's stable before he's going to get the waterskin, sliding back down next to her, and moving to help prop her up, and offer her the skin. "Ah.. Were ya feeling okay, before ya started moving everything?" He asks, hand going back to Laera's stomach to feel 'her'.

"Body protecting the heart by drawing blood from unneccessary areas to the core, keeps heart pumping and body warm in emergencies…" She murmurs as if reciting one of the texts she has been studying. Laera blinks and looks up to L'ton, "I've been checked and so has Lari, we ain't got busted hearts like Uncle Kris, ok…" Yes the girl is actually seeming more concerned about settling L'ton then over what just happened. Give her a minute. She drinks down the skin as he brings it to her, showing she was perhaps indeed dehydrated…of course drinking so fast has it's own sideeffects and she leans to the side and starts vomiting up the water she hurriedly drank.

L'ton just nods at her recitation, shaking his head a bit as a lot of it goes straight over his head. But then she's trying to reassure him, drinking down the water, and he's relaxing a smudge. Of course, as she leans, his eyes are widening and he's quickly moving to pull her hair back, out of the way, rubbing her back. "Lil'bit.." He murmurs with a soft sigh.

A few heaves as she dispels the water, then a few curses "Shardit..I should have known better…" She mutters as she leans back to L'ton, just holding the waterskin in her lap for now. "I'm alright…just drank too fast…" She tries to assure the man as she lifts up the edge of her top to wipe her mouth. Rather notable is that the spew is just water, so she hasn't eaten or drunk anything else for a time it seems. "Good thing you were here to save the day, eh?" She murmurs with a touch of humour forced in there.

L'ton gently wraps his arms around her, rubbing her back a bit more, rocking her and kissing the back of her neck. "When was the last time ya ate, Laera?" He murmurs softly, giving her a gentle hug. "Ah mean.. Ah'm glad Ah was here, but what if'n Ah wasn't…" He shakes his head, not wanting to think about that.

Knees are drawn up rather unladylike spread considering the belly in the way, arms resting on knees and head resting on arms. She gives a shrug at the question, "Breakfast I think…I have been busy today…" She murmurs and is quiet for a time after that just taking slow breaths. At his worried words, she tilts her head to look at him, "If you hadn't been here, Kereth would have gotten someone here in time. Faints are hardly lifethreatening…" Well unless you aspirate vomit, swallow your toungue, concuss yourself…any number of things.

L'ton settles himself behind her, moving to gently rub her shoulders, shaking his head. "Sweets, ya gotta eat, both fer ya and her.." The bronzerider murmurs softly, continuing to gently rub her back in turn, shaking his head. "Ya gotta be careful now.. Ah mean, what's yer uncle gonna say? And.." He shakes his head. "Ah just worry about ya, Laera. Ah.. Ah know how much ya mean ta people. Including me."

She just shrugs again and looks up around the weyr, "I just want everything to be perfect…" She murmurs before resting her head back on her arms. A bit dizzy by her actions. At the mention of her uncle though Laera looks back to L'ton, "My Uncle ain't gonna say anything, cause you ain't gonna tell him." She says with a fervency of voice. "I got Kereth to look after me, that's all I need fretting on me." She says with an edge to her voice and she just grabs at the waterskin again, this time drinking more slowly.

"Fine, Fine.. Ah won't… But, if'n it happens again, ya have ta let him know.." L'ton sighs, continuing to rub her back gently. "But if'n ya dun start eating, Ah'ma make sure S'ya comes ta eat with ya, cause well, ya gotta even eat more, now." He says slowly pausing his massage as she drinks from the skin again. "Everything'll be perfect, Laera, ya.. just can't over do it."

"I ain't trying to starve myself L'ton…I just forgot…alright." Laera says with a bit of irritability, also a classic sympton of dehydration, hypoglycemia which no doubt she is dealing with both at the moment. "Everything has to be perfect…for her…for him…" Oh she has been putting a lot of pressure on herself since her uncle's collapse. She sets down the skin and looks around the weyr and shakes her head, "What am I doing? What was I thinking …there are people for this…" She says glancing over to the baby things. "I ain't mothering material.."

"Ah know ya just forgot but.. Ya still gotta.." He says softly, thankfully used to deal with the *ever* irritable Senkyou, and thus isn't put off too badly. As she looks around he gently pulls her into another hug, giving the side of her head a soft kiss. "Laera, ya are gonna do great, no matter what ya do. Ya just gotta remember that ya ain't able ta do everything yerself right now.. ya gotta let us help ta." He squeezes her shoulders, looking around. "Ah think that ya are gonna be so happy, when that lil'girl comes out, and ya wrap her all up, and she's in yer arms…"

Poor girl, hormones, deydrations, hypoglycemia and plain ol teenageryness. She ain't having a good day. She has all the people in the world to call on and Laera has been trying to do it all alone. Half her family lives a few dragonslengths from here, her wing, friends and here she is moving furniture alone. The girl that loves everyone but doesn't let any one person get too close. She is an odd duck at times. She shakes her head at his assurences, "I don't think they think so…already have offers of fostering…like I don't know what I am doing." Except she just isn't thinking about how that is just the norm, right now it feels personal. She reaches for the waterskin again to take a few more sips.

"Laera, sweets.." He murmurs softly, reaching for her wrist after she's done drinking to pull her back into his arms, even as he's leaning against the side of the sofa to support himself a bit. "Laera… Ah know ya can do it. They just.. don't want ya ta feel like ya have ta. Ah dun want ya ta feel like ya have ta, even though Ah know you'll be okay. Ah mean, things'll be a bit rough, sometimes, but that's why ya have yer ma, and yer uncle, and yer aunt, and me.." He says softly, giving her a little bit of a smile, trying to get just a little bit closer to the poor girl, emotionally as well as physically.

If she had the energy and the hydration levels, she would probably even be crying right now. As he grabs her wrist she goes to pull away at first before allowing herself to be pulled against him. "I know I don't have to. I just…think I want to…" She says as she rests her head on his chest. With as many pregnant women he is likely dealt with he probably recognizes the hormonal roller coaster. "You got a hundred babies around Pern, I don't plan to be an inconvenience to ya." She says edgily though at least she doesn't pull away.

L'ton starts to let go as she pulls away, but then as she's coming to him in the end, he's holding her, resting his chin on top of his head. "If'n ya want ta, ya should, Laera.. Ah mean.. Its yer baby.. ya get ta make the decisions, from if'n yer gonna raise it ta if she's gonna wear pink or green today." He gently rubs her back, leaning his head to watch her. "Lae, love, ya ain't an inconvenience. And, ya ain't just some random girl. Ya dun need ta be thinking like that, cause even if'n it weren't mine, well, yer Lisle's niece, which practically makes you family."

At least she is getting a bit more colour to her cheeks, eyes looking a bit more focused. Even Kereth is laying down just watching them. Not going back to whatever he was doing. "I suppose I can change my mind later if …and well I can make sure it is fostered here if I do…" Getting a bit more reasoble and she laughs a bit, "Purple…" She resonds to what colour the kid wears. Considering Kereth's purplish shades of blues…well makes sense. She cants her head up at the assurences, her gaze meeting his to judge the sincerity before nodding, "Yeah I suppose, y'all were her first…she does speak well of your group."

"She's practically my sister, Laera.. Ah mean…" He shakes his head, before he's leaning to rest his chin on top of her head again. "Though, Ah never thought ya'd be the one sitting curled up with me, them turns ago. Ah mean.." He shakes his head before chuckling. "And, purple it is. Aye, Ah can go with that." He chuckles, leaning back to meet Laera's gaze. "Ah promise, though, Laera. Whatever ya need… Whenever ya need it.. All ya gotta do is ask, and Ah'll be happy ta."

Things are normalizing it seems and it is not long before Kereth cants his head at Laera and backs out of the weyr. Laera looks up to L'ton and smiles as she catches the meaning of the words, "Could you have been happy with Just Lisle?" She asks to that question, oh she knows how he loves his woman…and his women as much as she loves her men. At his fervent promise she nods and reaches up to pat his cheek, "Then Z it is…." she gives in response. After a few minutes, Kereth returns and snakes his head into the inner weyr again, gingerly dropping redfruit from his mouth at her feet. «He says you need to eat, you eat.» At least he didn't bring back a raw herdbeast or something.

L'ton glances briefly at Kereth as he's backing out of the room, blinking a few times, before he's looking back at Laera at her words. "Could Ah? Ah dunno. Maybe if'n it had been at first. Ah mean.." He shrugs a bit, with a smile. "Ain't no matter now, not anymore." He chuckles at the promise of a Z and the appearance of the redfruit, grinning at Kereth. "Well, ya heard him, sweets…"

Laera smiles a bit at the reply on her aunt before she shifts a bit in his embrace, a hand rubbing over her belly, "Ok ok…you can settle right down now…" She murmurs to the belly before looking up at him, "Suppose we gotta come up with names, eh?" She asks before the dragon returns and she just laughs at her lifemate, "Yes dear…" Kereth nudges the red fruit closer to his chosen and she reaches out to take it, not seeming to mind where its just been.

L'ton chuckles, shaking his head, and giving her another soft kiss. "Well, Ah mean, there's the obvious ones. Zae, Zale, Zaera.. Zalaera.." And then he's pondering what other combinations there could be, even as he's slowly rubbing her back, watching her with the redfruit to make sure it actually does get eaten. Resting one hand on Laera's stomach, he grins. "What's yer name, lil one.."

"But what of you? Is the Z enough?" Laera asks as she goes about peeling the fruit, listening to the names rattled off. As the hand is placed on her belly, he could feel why she was complaining…seems junior is being quite active. "And well could be a boy…ain't actually asked to have that checked." She responds with a shrug. Kereth is watching her intently until she finally does start taking bites of her food.

[DTU/Project] Kereth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( Ask yours what else I must do to keep her from going black again? )

"Well, Ah have an L, ta, so it ain't like Ah'd be totally forgotten, though long as there's a Z, Ah'm happy. Sides, why should we saddle a girl with a name like.. Zaeraton?" He jokes softly, smiling at her, nodding slowly as she finally starts to eat, rubbing her stomach gently, grinning as the baby does seem quite active.

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth projects to Kereth . o O ( Mine says… Mine says she must eat. And rest. And she must have water. Water is good. )

[DTU/Project] Kereth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( She is strong and never acts weak. Should not two mean stronger than one, not weaker? )

[DTU/Project] Kereth senses that Dhonzayth rumbles a bit. « It is one, supporting two. Not two, with one. Mine says she needs to be careful for both of them. »

"Faranth no…no cursed names like that…" Laera says as she just relaxes in his arms eating the fruit. Oh she was hungrier then she thought, but she is not going to make the mistake she did with the water. "Zaera is nice, Zaala…Zaton..Zaeron if a boy?" She asks curiously as she just leans back in the arms and lets him massage her belly, unaware her dragon is asking such advice.

L'ton continues to gently rub her belly and her back in turn, leaning to steal a kiss, before chuckling. "Zaala is real pretty. Zaeron's good ta." L'ton agrees with them, biting his lip a bit, stealing glances now and then at the watching Kereth, before shaking his head and looking back at her. "Would ya want something with an L, ta, so ya could call her that?"

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