Early Turnday Gifts

Ista Weyr - Zipalla's Room

Early morning is breaking at Ista and Zipalla is stretched out on her bed, covered to the nose with a thick blanket, hair in a tumble across her pillow, arm curled around another pillow beside her. Luna and Scratch are stalking around each other playfully while Promise gives them both a rather bored look from the perch and Snow is still a ball of fluff, sleeping.

L'ton knows its early, but yet, he's still awake, and from the look of him, it seems that he's already been up and about for a while, and is just now returning from an early morning meeting at Eastern. Tapping on the door softly, he's slowly opening it to peek in, while there are three large boxes in his arms, stacked on top of each other.

L'ton is sticking his head in the door when there's no response, slowly sneaking in and settling the boxes on the table, before he's moving slowly to her bedside, gently touching her cheek. "Zipalla.." He says softly, seeing if she stirs.

"Ah got a few things fer ya, sweets… Ah know its a bit early fer yer turnday, but, well Ah thought that ya might want them, maybe ta have that day so.." L'ton smiles at her, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze, and moving to fetch the various boxes back from the table, settling them on the bed.

Zipalla turns to cross her legs and sit up fully, beaming up at L'ton as he explains and gets the boxes, "About that.. even if I get presents early.. I wanna try to have a party.." she says as she leans over to nuzzle his arm a little. Wait..to have that day….what in the world..stare. "I can open them now?!"

"Well, Ah mean, if'n ya want to.. Ya don't /have/ ta open them, early, but, well, ya know." He teases her some, leaning to give her a one-armed hug as he pushes the bottom most box at her. "Ya should start with that one, Ah think. And, if'n they aren't right, Ah can probably 'xchange 'em."

Zipalla giggles a little erratically then swipes the bottom box and holds it up to her ear and shakes it, "Oh no, now is good!" she chirps. She tears the paper off and then pulls the top of the box off, slowly, teasing herself on purpose. "If I go too fast it will be over too fast.. wanna make it last.." she says with a strained giggle, reaching a hand into the box to feeeel first.

Inside the large box is a silky satin fabric, in a soft, seafoam green, carefully laid out upon itself to keep the long, floor-length dress from wrinkling too badly, its thin straps made of shiny beads, which continue around the straight top of the form fitting dress. "Ah.. Ah really hope ya like it. Ah had some help picking it out, but well, ya should have seen what else they were suggesting."

Zipalla blinks at the feel of the satin then slowly draws it out. Her eyes go wider and wider and she shakes the dress out to let the hem lay against the floor and just stares at it. Her eyes upturn to L'ton and she smiles, "Da…it's beautiful.." she murmurs. "Wait til Riley sees me in this!" she says excitedly. "I love it.." she says, then leans over and hugs him tight and kisses his cheek. She stands and holds it up to her pajamma'd body, "I think it will fit.." she says, spinning around.

"Ah.. Ah think if'n we need, we could get it taken in a bit.." He says, trying to remember what the shopkeeper told him, before shaking his head, and smiling widely at her. "So, ya like it?" L'ton says with a grin, reaching to ruffle her hair and tug on her sleeve. "Dun go ta far.. ya still have ta more that ya have ta open.."

The pretty satin whips around her as she stops spinning and Zipalla giggles then stares down at the other presents. She carefully lays the dress over the end of her bed and she flops back down to look at them, "Which next?" she asks, grinning up at her father.

"How about this one?" And he's pulling the one from the bottom again, this one of similar shape to the first one, though smaller. L'ton is settling the last box on the bed, fixing the bow on the one in his hands before offering over to her with a grin. "Ya ready?"

"Okay.." she says as she watches him, grinning. She takes the box and it gets the same treatment, a shake, then slowwwww opening and feeling around. "Been missing you, da.." she says, looking up at him while she works at the package. "And not just for the gifts..you.." Zipalla says softly, though the present does have at least half her attention at the moment.

This one has a pretty lavender dress in it, knee-length, and much more casual than the last, and inspection would reveal that its a pretty sundress. Giving Zipalla a bit of a smile, L'ton leaves to give her a hug. "Ah.. Ah know yer growing up Zip-Zip.. Ah.. Ah dun wanna get in the way, or make ya hate me fer wanting ya ta still be mah lil girl, even if'n Ah know ya ain't so little no more.." He says softly, giving her a soft smile as he absently bops the corner of the box.

Zipalla pulls the dress out and lays it over her lap, studying it, "Oh da it's pretty too.." she says, giggling softly. Her eyes lift to look at him and she nods her head, "I am growing up.." she agrees, though she doesn't venture to explain just how much yet. "Da..no matter what..I'll never hate you." She fingers the dress gently and smiles, "You have good taste.." she murmurs.

"Like Ah said, Ah had help. Though, ya have at least a coupla years before Ah'm gonna let ya go anywhere in what the two of them were wearing." L'ton shakes his head, sighing softly, reaching for the last box, shaking it a bit to reveal something hard in its rectangular shape. "These Ah guess are fer either.. Ah ain't sure what ya'll think but, Ah was told they'd make ya feel more grown up ta." He smiles at her, squeezing her shoulder. "Well, Ah dun wanna give ya cause. Dunno what Ah'd do if'n ya ran away.

Zipalla tilts her head then smirks, "And which one did you go home with or was it both?" she teases. Hey, it's L'ton, if there were two pretty women..scantily clad no less. "What WERE they wearing?" she asks curiously, though her eyes fall to the box and she peers at it. "More grown up hmmm.." she says warily.

"Heh, neither. Did walk Suri home, but that was just cause she was ta occupied with that baby of hers ta walk in a straight line. Thought she'd get confused and end up somewhere in the ocean. And, the way S'ya took off, Ah wouldn't be surprised if'n our Weyrleader was waiting at home for her." He rolls his eyes a bit, before grinning. "Well, sometimes Ah wonder if'n S'ya's clothes are clothes, or nightgowns." He shakes his head. "They wanted me ta get ya a dress, though, that was worse than F'yr's at that party." The box is shaken again, and offered to her this time. A box that contains a pair of silver sandals with just enough heel to show off one's calf nicely.

Zipalla smiles at L'ton and then smirks briefly at the weyrleader comment. "Right well.." is all she says about dresses being nightgowns then she blinks a bit, "I'm glad you didn't get me one like that.." she says with a blush. She opens the box and beams, "Oh these are pretty!" she says as she lifts them out and starts strapping them onto her feet. She rises and twirls around in her pj pants and heeled sandals, a very dorky, cute ensemble. She sticks a foot toward L'ton and grins, "Very good choice.." and she nods.

L'ton chuckles softly, shaking his head. "Dun ya worry, Zip, Ah ain't ever gonna be getting one of those. Sides, what would they say, if'n they saw me getting it fer ya.. Ah think Ah'd like ta avoid them rumors, ta." He shakes his head, shifting out of the way to let Zipalla twirl in her new shoes, grinning at her. "Well, Ah'm glad ya like 'em…" He says, before tilting his head. "Now, what ya want fer yer party, hm?"

Zipalla laughs some, "Oh dear.. right.. no buying me sassy things.." she just can't bring herself to say the word /sexy/ to her father. She steps back to the bed and flumps to sit, taking off the pretty new shoes, "I thought it'd be fun to go ice skating, maybe have a big bonfire or..now with this pretty dress.. if we could find a place indoors..maybe have food and stuff inside instead of out.." she hrms. "I just wanna have it all wintery.." she says with a nod.

"How 'bout all sorts of icy foods and stuff? Ah mean, its even warming up in Reaches, so we'd have ta go South, Ah think, fer some skating. Though, Ah wonder if'n Ah could find some place." He seems to consider this, L'ton chewing on his lip as he tilts his head, running over familiar places to him. "Well, what else would ya like there?"

Zipalla nods her head and smiles, "If it's not possible.. then.. that's okay.." She watches then grins, "Riley.." she says in a sorta playfully dreamy tone. Blush. Giggle. "I mean.. well.. I do want him there..and you.. and..I talked to Leslyn the other day and she said she can find Sris..and she might come.. I..I told her I didn't know if she would but.. is that ok? If she does I mean?"

"Sris and Ah dun hate each other… We just didn't work out ta be tagether… And, Ah still care 'bout her as much as Ah care about Zorya, she's like a family member now." He says with a smile, before he arches his eyebrow at the mention of Riley, in that tone. "Ya'll are getting along well, hm?" He says with a tilt of his head, trying to hide his grin.

He's comparing his ex-mate to her cousin Zorya? Scary thought. "Well I told Leslyn I didn't know if she'd come, I haven't seen her in over a turn.." and her shoulders lift. Zip grins and nods her head, "We get along.." she agrees. Rather well. Ahem. "He's really sweet to me, da… I hope you can like him."

Well, its that same sort of familial love - not the same as a daughter or spouse, but you still hope for only the best for them. Nodding, though, L'ton smiles. "She ain't been 'round here much, been spending most of her time at Telgar, from what Ah can hear, though Ah ain't really sure.." He shakes his head, before arching an eyebrow, curiously. "Well, Ah ain't gonna chase him off or nothing, but if'n he hurts ya.." L'ton's gaze narrows a bit, protective father as always.

Zipalla smiles softly up at L'ton and then reaches for his hand, holding it. "I think he'd sooner cut off an arm than hurt me.." she says with a grin. "Sometimes I dunno what to make of him.. he says he doesn't want to stand again.. but he also said he'd wait for me if I am searched and impress… then we can travel allll of Pern.."she says in that dreamy sort of way, eyes upturning to the fake sky-ceiling.

"Well good.. Cause Ah'd rather cut off his arm than let him hurt ya ta." L'ton winks at Zipalla, before he's squeezing her hand, pulling her towards him to ruffle her hair more, and give her a hug. "Ah'm sure he's just got a lot ta figure out. Ah mean, he's a teenage boy, they always do. Ah did.." He chuckles. before glancing up at the ceiling as well.

Zipalla laughs at that then nudges her father as she snuggles up to his side, "I guess so.. kinda scary.. I mean.. I realllly like him a lot.." she says with a blush to her cheeks. "I hope his figuring doesn't take him far from me.." she says with a sort of wrinkle to her brows. "He's been working in the stables some..and he teaches me how to wrassle and fight..I win sometimes." Hmph.

"Shards, Zip, ya'll are wrestlin'?" L'ton asks, a bit shocked as he's pulling his arm around her shoulders, holding her against him. "Just be safe, kay Zip-Zip? Ah.. Ah can't keep ya from doing what ya want, but Ah want ya ta be safe." He says softly, even as he's touching his fingers to her cheek, grinning. "It'll work out, Ah promise."

Zipalla grins up at L'ton, "We wrassled the first day we met, da.. s'how I got that bla…err.." oops, he'd never seen it, such the traveler he is. "We're safe enough..gotta get a few bumps to learn good." She nuzzles up at his hand and beams a smile at him, "You sound as confident as Riley, he says I worry too much.. he's very protective of me."

"Maybe he ain't so bad then. Though, ya gotta tell him Ah ain't that scary. Or, maybe.. Maybe he should think that.." L'ton ponders aloud for a moment, before shrugging, and grinning at her. "Ah though he was gonna need a new pair of pants, at that party. Ah've seen him now and then, 'round, but Ah thought he might faint 'er something."

"Yeah…I do try to tell him but he has it in his head that you /are/ scary.." a little at least. Zip grins, "He won't faint.. well I don't think.." she muses, tilting her head. "I guess he just doesn't want to do anything to make you mad.." Though, as she says that she has to swallow back a laugh, really he doesn't want to /get caught/ doing anything to make Zip's da mad.

"Well, Ah suppose at least a little is good, in the long run. If'n he gets ta out of hand, just remind him Ah have a big ole bronze dragon who gets hungry ever few days." The Pernese alternative to a shotgun, woo. At her words, L'ton smirks a little bit, shaking his head. "Just… dun do anything Ah wouldn't do." A pause, and he's shaking his head. "Ya know what, Ah take that back. Don't do anything.. Zorya wouldn't do."

Zipalla grins, "He won't…" then she laughs a bit. "Gah..dragon food.." she snickers. His first comment about what he wouldn't do makes her jaw drop but before she can protest he's correcting that notion. "I'll take all of that into consideration.." she teases, sounding all grown up. "So how are you, da? We've barely seen each other or talked in a while."

L'ton scoots back a bit, so that he can lean against the wall carefully though as to not mess up her dress. "Ah.. Ah think Ah'm doing okay, ZipZip. Ah.. Ah was upset, fer a while, cause Ah just wasn't thinking, but Ah think it's gonna be okay now." He shrugs a bit, leaning to tug on her hair, so that she'll come join him. "And, Ah gotta say this Riley thing helps… In a way."

Her head turns when he leans back and she looks at him curiously while he speaks then the tug draws her back. What is it with boys and pulling her hair?! It makes her laugh that Riley does the same thing.. but she leans back to cuddle at his side and then blinks. "Not thinking…what happened?" she asks, then she blinks again, "How does Riley help…?" Boggle.

Well, L'ton wouldn't want to accidentally tug too hard on her shirt, or anything like that. Hair's safest, really. As she's settled back with him, he shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah was just feeling replaced. Ah mean, K'ael got Weyrleader. K'ael slept with Mai… Suri and S'ya are having his brats.." Well, Suri had already. "Ah.. Ah thought ya were gonna be back there. Ah was feeling like Ah ain't needed anymore, cause everyone had the new bronzerider instead."

Zipalla frowns at him when he says he was feeling replaced then when he lists all the bronzer's exploits she has to look away a little. "Right well.. " is about all she can say to that then she shrugs, shaking her head. "Only one da," she finally manages to say, picking up the tail of her green dress to touch at the pretty fabric.

L'ton shrugs a bit as well. "But.. Ah.. Ah know that Ah do have ya. And Mai. And.. Ah really shouldn't worry, cause Ah dun think Ah'd wanna be Weyrleader anyway, not with Sharix." He shakes his head a bit with a shudder, before grinning back at her, as she touches the dress. "Ya really like it Zip?"

Zipalla nods her head lightly, "Suri and S'ya.. right he has a daughter already.. and that other on the way..slept with Mai too huh? And like S'ya said no tellin how many babies out there he doesn't even know about." She crawls up off the bed and gathers her dresses, "I love them, they're perfect," she says as she opens her wardrobe to find padded hangers to put them on and a place to hang them. "I'm sure you'd have been a fine weyrleader," she says with a nod, closing the wardrobe doors. She turns and leans back against it, "And likely you will be eventually."

"Ah.. Ah guess so. Ah mean, Ah guess it was before he Impressed, but.. still." L'ton sighs softly, before shaking his head to clear the thought from it, slowly getting up, stretching to pop his back, muttering something about getting old as she's putting up her new dresses. "Ah'ma gonna let ya wake up a bit more.. but Ah'll see what Ah can do fer yer party, kay?" He grins at her, holding out his arms for a hug.

Zipalla shrugs some then tilts her head, "Oh you're off then.." she nods. "Okay..well.. thanks again.." she says, hugging him in return. "Maybe sometime we can spend some time together.." and she lifts her shoulders, "I tried to tell Leslyn that taking your daughter when you go off visiting all your other kids mom's prolly wasn't a good idea.. but she said to ask anyway.. I could go off and leave you alone with them and do my own thing.."

"Ah'd love ta take ya with me, ZipZip, if'n ya wanna go. Ah mean, if'n ya dun mind being 'round 'em, and the babies, Ah'm sure they'd love ta meet ya.. Ah talk 'bout ya enough they might be starting ta wonder if'n ya even exist." He teases her with a grin, giving her a long hug. "Ah'll take ya somewhere fer yer turnday ta, just ya and me, kay?" He says, reaching to tap her nose.

Zipalla smiles a little and nods, one of those riiiiight nods. "Sure.." she answers. She blinks at the nose tap and smiles, "Yup.." she agrees again, nodding her head. "See you later."

"Ah promise, Zip.. Ah'll see ya soon." Giving her a kiss on the top of her head, he's smiling at her before he's heading out - likely to go home and take a nap after being up for many hours already.

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