Pi's First Flight

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Pi is currently lazing on the beach with her dragon. Psy is normally a brightly colored green but by this point she's become exceedingly radioactive green. Sunglasses are a good thing. The dragon is becoming more and more fidgety and suddenyl a loud trumpet goes out across the weyr. Come and get me… see, she /wants/ to be caught in a way, so you have to have people chasing.

L'ton arrives at the beach just in time to cringe at the trumpet, Dhonzayth making no such move, and instead trumpeting back at the green. He'll catch - As if he really wouldn't. A wide-eyed look at Psy and Pi, and the normally confident bronzerider suddenly isn't sure what to say. "H-h-hi.." He offers, clearing his throat loudly.

Fezzith is quick to answer the call of the green as he glides down to the beach. Settling onto the sands just a bit up the beach from the neon green. A bugle heralds his arrival. Not long after does his rider come up the beach, looking more than a little flustered as he arrives.

Psylenith rumbles as she attracts some males, but of /course/ she attracts males. Getting to her feet the green pratically saunters towards the boys, there's a couple of others from around the weyr popping up as well, all for her, cause she's sexy! Or something. Pi pushes herself to sitting on her towel and blinks before letting out a nice muttered string that's bound to cause sailors to gape. Pal gets a glare as the towel is pulled around her. Psy reaches the end of the runway… just close enough to the males to taunt and then with a flick of her tail she turns and saunters away. You know you want her. And without a whole lot of warning she launches into the air.

Dhonzayth flicks his tail back and forth, crouching lower to the ground and almost hissing as Psy saunters his way. And then, when she turns and suddenly takes off, he lets out an almost insulted rumbling, taking a long moment to get his bulk into the air. Silly greens with their weight advantage. L'ton gives Pi a glare in return. "Ah dun see what the big deal is - ain't like Ah ain't seen it anyway." And he approaches rather cautiously, ready to leap if she should hit him.

Fezzith croons to the lovely green, a soft sweet tone that belies his bulk. Yes he will sweet talk this lady. As she moves down the beach, he is quick to follow. «Lovely green glowing bright, will you be my lady for the night?» Oh yes, and now comes the bad rhymes. A'drais just sighs softly and drops down on the beach, letting the dragon decide his fate.

Psylenith spreads her mighty wings and leaps into the air, surging upwards.

Dhonzayth spreads his mighty wings and leaps into the air, surging upwards.

Dhonzayth> Psylenith doesn't need sweet talking she /knows/ she's beautiful and desirable. On the other hand hearing it doesn't hurt. The green croons a sweet tease and darts off leaving the poor lads behind. «Slow pokes, how're you going to satisfy me if you can't even make it into the air!» Yup, she's saucy.

Pi glares at L'ton again and tugs the towel around her more. Sure, he's seen her swimsuit but that's not the point at the moment. The towel is her security blanket, her token protection from this. She's also turning a tad red beneath that tan especially as she notices a congregation of men and yes women too. Oh great. "Leave meh alone." But don't go too far of course. Protect her. A'drais is spotted and she blushes more and then scans the rest of the people quickly, frowning.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth lashes his tail as he gains altitude, making some speed once he's actually, you know, in the air. Limbs are pulled close to his body for now, and he swerves to cut off a brown, a draconic cackle emitted as he keeps chasing. « Don't tired yourself out too much, now, you little thing. Save something for later. »

L'ton shakes his head, reaching to grab a corner of the towel, even as she pulls it closer. "Ah dun wanna leave ya alone. And they dun either. They wanna see ya." Turning his body carefully away from her, he attempts a small tug, visibly nervous about being so close. She is unpredictable, and all.

A'drais watches quietly, physically trying to restrain himself from the looks of things. Head drops to his hands and he tries to control his dragon as he flies in the air.

Fezzith spreads his mighty wings and leaps into the air, surging upwards.

Dhonzayth> Psylenith doesn't need sweet talking she /knows/ she's beautiful and desirable. On the other hand hearing it doesn't hurt. The green croons a sweet tease and darts off leaving the poor lads behind. «Slow pokes, how're you going to satisfy me if you can't even make it into the air!» Yup, she's saucy. (re)

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth lashes his tail as he gains altitude, making some speed once he's actually, you know, in the air. Limbs are pulled close to his body for now, and he swerves to cut off a brown, a draconic cackle emitted as he keeps chasing. « Don't tired yourself out too much, now, you little thing. Save something for later. » (re)

Hey, wait, what happened to the protecting! He /did/ say he'd protect her.. or was it a threat when he said it, who knows. She grabs the edge of the towel back and yanks towards her. "Stop tha'! They don' /get/ ta see me." He's being a jerk and trying to pull away her cover so yes, she does swipe at him with her foot, not wanting to let go of the towel. Andy should come save her, yep… though a few others are moving closer.

Dhonzayth> Fezzith wings up strongly into the air, hot on the tail of the glowing green. Strong wingsails beat against the air trying to gain some altitude. He hisses at any that fly too close to him. «Glowing green in the sky, please come close, draw nigh!»

L'ton is protecting her! From being totally unprepared when Psy ends up getting caught. Letting go of the towel, he stumbles back just enough to not get kicked, glaring at her. "Why dun we get ta see ya? Might as see what we're getting into.. And he starts to inch around, trying to get behind her, though still relatively out of reach. Maybe he should just grab her and run.

A'drais looks up as he hears the call for help from Pi. His hands clench at his sides for a moment as he fights for some control before finally rising from the sands and stalking toward her. Yep he is caught up in the flight now, "Leave her be, she just wants to be free!" Oh dear, he has caught the rhyming bug from his lifemate.

Dhonzayth> Psylenith does a nice spiral up, just to tease that much more, occasionally getting just out of reach of some of the slower males. Give them that extra incentive and all. Occasionally there's a quiet and sultry croon, other times a loud trumpet. And again she swoops out and up. The higher she gets, the better it is when she gets caught after all, the more time to enjoy it. She's most definitly not against being caught by one of these boys.

Pi won't be /totally/ unprepared, damn close but not quite. And Pal is /not/ helping matters. She eyes him as he starts to in her mind stalk her. "Go /away/" A'drais is given a somewhat thankful look though he's eyed suspiciously not to mention oddly as that whole rhyming thing is strange.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth doesn't bother with spirals, twirls, and whirls, instead just trying to get where the pretty green is, when she's there, instead of moments later. Its a timing issue that really needs to be worked out. « Won't you just come to me? I'll make sure none of these… /others/ bother you.. » And he rumbles to emphasize his point, larger size being used to keep them out of his way, and shortening the gap.

L'ton crouches behind Pi, staying a safe distance away. "Ah'm /not/ going away." Pausing, he glares over her at A'drais. "Ah ain't going nowhere. Ah won't touch her yet, but ah ain't moving." And so he waits, glaring at her back.

Dhonzayth> Fezzith lets strong wingbeats carry him along Psy's path, letting her tease and dip. He is strong and experienced and does not wear himself out following every little dip. His whirling eyes never leave her form though should she make an unexpected movement. Anyone who even remotely closes in on his path gets treated with a rumbling growl from the blue.

A'drais glares at L'ton, staying directly opposite the rider, looking between him and Pi. She has reason to be wary, it wasn't a totally gentlemanly gesture. "I am not going anywhere either. You just leave her be and give her a chance to be with me." comes a strange voice

Dhonzayth> Psylenith seems to be tiring somewhat at this point, though she's still crooning back to the males. Also she peeks back as she flies straight up, eyeing the pack, almost as if she's at a candy store. So many choices…

Pi eyes the both of them and fixes both with a glare. "Ah ain't gonna be with /either/ of yeh!" And she gets to her feet attempting to stalk off down the beach. She's a little unsteady at this point though and shaking a bit. Nope, flights are obviously not her thing, unlike Psy. "Ah Ain't gonna be with /any/ of yeh, so jus' go away!" That's yelled at everybody on the beach and she fixes anyone who is too close with a fierce glare.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth isn't about to back off just because she's tiring, and so he keeps after her, staying a bit below and behind her, reading to head in whatever direction she falls, limbs extending in anticipation. Ready to catch? He is!

"Better meh then some stranger, ya said it yarself, ya know.." Pal offers, almost snidely, as he stalks after her when she moves, only slightly more steady. He's been glared at, before, so this is nothing new. And its best not to let her get too far way.

As Pi starts to stalk off, A'drais takes some steps to follow before stopping in place trying to get some control back. The battle is visible on his face, strain showing in his jaw. Hands clench at his sides as his eyes look up to the sky, trying to catch a hint of his lifemate.

Dhonzayth> Fezzith sees the green starting to tire and he too starts to jocky for position. A large blue he is, strong in that way, but smaller than the bronze. Surely more manuevrable! Wingsails beat against the wind, barely straining at this point, at least not visably. He gives a bellow of warning to any who thinks they could take his place and moves in closer to the green, claws extended.

Pi turns and /glares/ at the two closest men. She actually lets her towel fall as she clenches both fists at her sides, not that they can't be brought up to swing easily enough. "Ah /said/…." And then she falters. And no, the swimsuit revealed isn't anything sexy, just a simple one-piece swimsuit.

Dhonzayth> Psylenith does not get caught. Oh no.. she does the catching, or at least the choosing. Spotting the males closing in and knowing her own limits she does one last dart to the side. Darting right into Dhonzayth with a croon. Take me! Ahem. Though a nearby blue also gets a croon. «Next time…»

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth croons, and latches onto the green, neck twining quickly with hers, as his wings spread wide to slow the fall. As if there's any choice but him!

L'ton was more then ready to duck a punch or two, but as the bronze catches the green above, he's nothing left to fear, and moves to grab the greenrider, particularly with the towel gone. "Ya said what?"

A'drais reaches a hand out toward Pi briefly as Fezzith starts to catch, then drops as she falls into the wings of another. He looks over the rider for a moment, before clarity finally reaches his eyes again and he shakes his head a bit before turning back up the beach. He must find his own solace now.

Pi doesn't resist the grab this time… probably the only time it'll happen for that matter. She actually sort of falls against the bronzerider and then kisses him. Blame the dragons… yes. Oh, and there's a cove nearby, really… or something that they can go to.

L'ton wraps his arms tightly around her, pulling her, half stumbling, away from the others. He wins - at least for now.

He wins - until she beats the snot out of him.

Pi vanishes under the waterfall's curtain of water.

You swim under the curtain of the waterfall and come up blinking on the other side.

Ista Weyr: Waterfall
A narrow cave is formed here in the rock, a curtain of water spraying down from the edge of the plateau in heavy stacato to drain into a stream that ripples down the beach to the sea. Mist surrounds everything— the cave is cool and dank, moss growing from the floor, about the damp walls, the sound of rushing water filling every corner - and echoing deep within, as if a passage led further into the gloom. Even so, it is peaceful within this cave, naturally, the water - and the occasional shivering echo from deeper within a gap in the wall - the only sounds that break the monotony.

Pi wakes up on moss, without clothes on. This is problematic. Her eyes slowly flitter and then pop open as she stares upwards. Oh…. /shit/. Pushing herself up she spots the perpetrator rather quickly as he's next to her. There's a nice echoing thump as she punches him rather soundly… chest, shoulder, face… your choice.

L'ton /was/ asleep, and quiet comfortably, thank you. Lack of clothing doesn't cause the same panic for him, as it does for Pi. As his shoulder is punched, he quickly wakes up, yelping and scooting away a distance as he tries to figure out his surroundings, blinking confused at Pi.

Pi was doing the nice scooting away thing as well and pulls her knees up to her chest, arms wrapping around them as her eyes dart around the cave. Clothes.. need clothes, or /something/. The towel would be back on the beach. And her swimsuit is not reachable, if it's intact.

L'ton isn't terrible enough to destroy something - unless it just wouldn't cooperate otherwise. The look on her face as Pal panicking a bit, hurriedly looking around. "P-Pi.." He starts, grabbing his jacket and scooting just close enough to hold it out towards the girl, staring at her for a moment before he forces his gaze away.

Pi grabs the jacket without saying anything and pulls it around herself, hunching under it as much as possible. She's not glaring yet at least, instead she looks… scared almost. Definitly not pleased and quite panicy.

L'ton glances at her for a moment as the jacket is pulled on, before he's scrambling for and into his pants. And standing there for a moment, he glances behind him, debating fleeing, and instead with a hesitant sigh, he slowly approaches. "Pi?"

Pi isn't looking at Pal, in fact she's avoiding it. Not exactly someone she wanted to see naked thankyou. She doesn't recollect a whole lot of what happened either, though she's quite aware stuff did. She finally looks at him when he talks and manages a half-assed glare. "What."

L'ton inches a bit closer, despite the semi-glare, "Y-ya okay?" And he kneels down nearby, reaching hesitantly to pat her shoulder.

Pi flinches away from the hand. "Don' touch meh." It doesn't have as much bite as you'd expect really. "Ah'm fine." Because she's always fine, right? Right. Least she's not taking any swipes at him.

L'ton arches an eyebrow, but hesitates enough to drop his hand, biting his lip as he thinks for a long moment. "Are ya sure? Ah mean.. ya dun lo-" And he stops mid-sentence not sure what he really wants to say.

Pi still isn't really moving from her cuddled up position, at least he was nice and gave her his jacket, that's points for him there. "Ah dun wha'?" No stopping mid-sentence, not allowed.

L'ton takes a deep breath, shaking his head a bit. "Ya dun look good." Pause. "Ah-Ah'm sorry Ah'm not M'kan." And he skitters away, to give her a bit of space. This isn't how it /normally/ is!

Pi is supposed to swoon right? Yup, and profess her love for him or something. Instead she just shrugs a little bit, not even bothering to look down at herself. "Ah don' feel so good." But that's sort of to be expected right? It's not like it's an overall /pleasant/ experience. And then waking up next to Pal didn't help matters. "It ain't yer fault." is admitted in a mutter.

Not swoon, necessarily. Just cuddle, or at least not freak out and run away. "Ah still dun want ya to freak out." Pause, and L'ton glances over her. "Canni do sumthin for ya?"

Pi isn't running away… the freaking out part's happening but not as bad as it could be. "Get meh somethin' ta wear… clothes." That's what he can do for her. Yup.

L'ton blinks at her for a long moment, before nodding and starting out. "Wh-" He turns back, starting to ask something. But then, one look at her and he thinks better, heading towards the weyr proper to find what he can.

Pi is stays exactly where she is. And is in exactly the same spot when he gets back. Course he'd better come back or there'd be hell to pay later.

L'ton seriously considered not coming back, but one punch was more then enough to deal with, and so after a bit he returns, clothes in hand. Clothes which are tossed at her. "Here." He offers, somewhat gruffly, before starting back the way he just came. He'll deal with this later. When she's not so grumpy.

Pi takes the clothes with a mumbled "Thanks' And lets him leave. Not changing in front of them. ooh, look, she's collected another jacket. Though she'll return this one too… maybe.

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