Saving Zoniya

3 days after the babies birth, and she has been released, her mother not doing as well has been detained for a longer sentece, umm stay. Either way Senkyou hasn't seen her daughter in about a day, and because of a communication error Zoniya is now in the hands of brown riding Telira, who's experience with children is apparently very limited. It's morning and the temperature is chilly, 40 degrees or so. The baby has been put in the mailbag with a bunch of letters, wrapped in a thin blanket and left in the clearing while Telira is otherwise engaged. Luckily Dulacth happened to be around, and the brown is looking odd guarding the bag.

Dulacth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( Tell yours he needs to come get his hatchling. )

L'ton seems rather ill-prepared as he and Dhonzayth are popping into view over Xanadu, the bronze trumpeting to Dulacth to convey their arrival, before he's backwinging to join the brown on the ground, snorting loudly before he's dropping his muzzle to the mailbag, breathing his warm breath on it even as L'ton is rubbing his eyes, stumbling a bit as he gets to the ground. "What.. What's wrong?" He questions, looking around.

Dulacth gazes at Dhonzayth, trumpeting back and with all the noisy the baby wakes up. A sweet whining cry that sounds beyond pitiful, not really loud as the baby is cold and with dhonzayth leaning down on her. Before Dulacth can explain the petite brownriding Telira comes out, batting her hands and saying "Get away from that.. Dragons.. Always sticking your nose where you don't belong." Dulacth looks confused and backs off, she puts the mail bag on jostling the baby and the crying gets louder. Looking at L'ton she says "Do you need something sir? I gotta get going."

L'ton continues to stare at the bag, the crying not seeming to click in his head, even as Dhonzayth is quicker on the uptake, quickly winding his way around Telira, ensuring that she's not going to go anywhere. As the crying gets louder, L'ton just stares at the brownrider, and then at the bag. "Do ya have a /baby/ in there/?" He asks, aghast, rushing to her side to pull the bag from her shoulder, the look on his face daring her to protest.

Telira dares, "I'm just doing my job, this baby is going to a nice new home. She's a little thing, but I got my orders months ago. Just doing my job sir." Attempting to push his hands away and looking frightened with the bronze coming around her. "Now listen here, this baby has somewhere to be. It ain't yurs so what do you care, I'm sure she's nice and comfortable." When L'ton opens the bag it might be apparent that this baby is /his/. The sweet curly blonde hair, slightly crooked nose and small pink lips can only belong to his newest daughter.

L'ton tugs the bag anyway, even as Dhonzayth stretches out, the pale brassy bronze managing to look quite menacing when he wants to. As the bag is opened, and he sees the little Zoniya, L'ton's eyes are practically bulging out of his head, pulling her out of the bag, throwing the rest of the mail back at Telira carelessly, even as he's quickly opening his jacket to tuck the baby back against his body. "Faranth. Ya shardin' /fool/!" L'ton curses at the brownrider, without looking up from the child he's trying desperately to keep warm. "It /is/ my baby! And ya would have killed her, takin' her between like that!"

Telira shakes her head, "That baby belongs to my wingleader, you can't just take her from me." FIghting a bit, and looking around like she might need an emergency exit. Catching her mail bag she says, "She'd of been fine! I wasn't taking her between, I'd fly her straight. I was keeping her warm in the bag." Puffing up she reaches out in a feeble attempt to take the baby back. The baby is colder than she should be and she leans her little face towars her father big blue eyes open as she looks up at him and gives a pathetic little cry. Telira is still pushing it, "Why are you so opposed to me taking her? I'll let you wrap her up and then I can take her?" Offering a compromise.

"Shards no. Ya ain't touching my child ever again.." L'ton curses a bit more, calling the poor brownrider a number of horrible things even as he's popping the collar of his jacket up, to try and warm her up further, rubbing her back in an effort to warm her up yet again. "Faranth help us if'n ya ever have any children.." He mutters, Dhonzayth settling down, a loud snort to Telira, telling her it would be in her best interest to get away. Far away. Now.

Telira has no sense of self preservation, and is a bit more scared of Senk then L'ton. "I-I what will I tell my wingleader? She asked me months ago to find the babe a new home!" Pacing back and forth with the little space Dhonzayth has given her. "I mean I was even going to leave a note about her eating problem.. I will take care of her sir, just give me the baby." Reaching out one last time.

"No!" He snaps, turning away from Telira, and moving to head towards the infirmary. "Ah'll deal with Senkya. Just get outta here, and get the rest of yer stuff done, and Ah promise ya, it'll be okay." After all, Senkyou's already rather incapacitated. Wouldn't take too much to make her see logic. Dhonzayth gives Telira another snort, and a snap of his jaw at her, even as L'ton is now speed walking, keeping Zoniya warm and safe.

Telira leaves, glancing back and escaping clutching her mail bag. Pinnned to the blanket the baby is in is a little note, which L'ton could read if he wished. Dulacth watches the child and L'ton. Senkyou is in her little area, looking a bit worse then the last time he saw her. Possibly due to how tired and sore the brownrider looks. Zoniya sobs slightly, sounding upset and if a baby this young can sound frightened that's the way one would desribe her cry.

L'ton pulls the note off the baby's blanket, crumpling it in his hand and throwing it in the first trash pail he passes, pausing to wrap Zoniya up in a fuzzier blanket before he's heading to see Senkyou. Biting his lip, he pauses, looking over her, and then he's moving to her side, gently shushing the newborn, even as he's trying to look cheerful at Senkyou. "Ah.. Ah thought it'd cheer ya up, if'n ya got ta see Zoniya some… Ah think she's missed her ma."

Senkyou smiles a bit to her, "I.. I guess." Looking a little nervous, "Don't know why yu think she's mine, she's way to pretty.." Frowning at her she bounces her a little and looks about to cry, it's rare to get her to just cry. "I don't know what to do with her.. She's not takin' to bottles, and yu can't take her if she doesn't take to a bottle. I ain't feeding her because, I.. I can't keep her." Sigh, running her hands through the blond strands of hair. "She's.. special. At least I think she is, you have so many."

"She's pretty, just like her mamma.." He murmurs softly, reaching to push the blanket down a little bit, to better see the infant's face, the girl fussing a bit despite the crying. "Ya can keep her, Senkya.. She needs her mamma.. And mamma needs her lil baby girl.." He says softly, resting his hand on her shoulder, trying to give her an encouraging smile. "She.. She needs ya ta help her, Senk. She's lil.. she needs ya ta help her grow strong."

Zoniya fusses a bit more and settles. "Why does she need me? I ain't gonna be good for her." Senkyou argues, moving to hand the baby back to him. "You can take her now, maybe she'll eat for you!" Slightly defensive she looks a bit suprised, "Why is she so cold?" Curiously touching the childs cheek and feet. "What did yu do to her?" So she doesn't want the kid, but he can't hurt her.

"She needs ya, cause yer her ma…" He says, gently pushing the baby back towards her, the girl's mouth moving as if searching for something to feed from. "Ah.. Ah got here just in time. Ah.. That rider of yers was gonna take her off. She had her in her mail bag." L'ton mutters, adding another few choice names for Telira, before shaking his head. "Ah.. Ah brought her in here, soon as Ah stopped her."

Senkyou's eyes get big, "What?!? She.. she was going. No, I don't want to lose her forever." Choking up and not defending Telira in the slightest. With the babies searching she gives in, pulling the blanket for some privacy. Seems that is what the baby needed, loud slurping noises and she's kicking her little feet. Senkyou rolls her eyes. "I.. umm.. No! L'ton No! I refuse.. she's yours. I went through with having her and apparently you don't love her enough to take her."

"Ah do love her enough, Senkya.. But.. But that's why Ah can't take her. She needs ya, Ah can't give her what ya can.." He says softly, nodding his head to the kicking feet. "Ah'll still come see her, whenever Ah can. And ya, ta, if'n ya want. But.." He shakes his head, with a bit of a smile. "Look at her, Senkya…"

"You really like her? She's just another baby to you. Just another baby, another Z name." Senkyou doesn't lose gracefully, at all. "You're trapping me, I never wanted this. I don't want any harm to come to her, but I didn't plan to have to be her mother. What will I do? They said they'd let me out today if someone'd help me get there. Planned to have Telira help me, but my bet is you've scared her off!" A deep sigh she says, "And this isn't comfortable." Pointing to the feeding baby.

"Ah think she's absolutely precious.. And ain't no baby that's just another baby, not if'n its mine. Ah mean, Ah couldn't care less about Suri's little brat, but she ain't got nothing ta do with me." He says, shrugging a bit, even as he's leaning to rest his hand lightly on her arm. "Ya're gonna do a great job, Senk.. Ah'll even help ya home, but.. Just look at yer lil girl.." He murmurs, softly, squeezing her arm. "Ah.. Ah hear it gets better, once ya get used ta it."

Senkyou takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Alright.. Let me get dressed." A healer coming in she points to L'ton, "He's springin' me." It's all she says before standing shakily. Turning to L'ton she says, "Threw out that shirt, going to need you to bring me some clothes." Still feeding Zoniya she sits back down. "Hope my weyr looks ok.." Shivering a bit just at the thought. "Guess you get to hear the neat story about being born there one day though." Finally she's broken and flashes L'ton a grin.

"Ah.. Ah made sure someone went ta clean it all up." L'ton murmurs, watching her nervously as she's standing, before she's sitting back down and he's relaxing. Daring to give the mamma a kiss on her cheek, he smiles, before he's running back to her weyr to fetch her some loose, clean clothes, returning faster than expected. "Here ya go.." He says, as his gaze goes back to the baby. Aw.

Senk looks at him, suprised at the the kiss and she hides a smile. The baby is wrapped nice and tightly, the babe is almost asleep in her arms. He caught her, she's looking down at her and on her face is a big smile she's practically a glow with love for the girl. When he comes back in she stops, turning back into serious Senkyou. Offering him the baby, she gets dressed and then reaches back, "Hand her to me.." She says, not to steady on her feet. "Still sore." She mutters.

L'ton smiles down at the baby as she's settled in his arms, cooing at her a bit, before shaking his head and slowly handing her back. "Ya hold her, and Ah'll hold ya.. that work?" He says, before he's nodding to the healers and escorting the brownrider home.

Senkyou gives a small nod and walks, getting back to her weyr she looks at the clean bathroom floor and settles on her bed. Grabbing the blanket off the table, it was barely out of the paper. Sitting on the bed she kisses the little face, "Well.. she may have Zalyu beat on looks. I'm going to have such problems.. Dulacth will have to keep the boys off of her." Gloating on her baby and yawning.

L'ton follows along with Senkyou, letting her inspect the weyr, smiling a bit as she settles down with the blanket, petting her shoulder gently. "Ya two get some rest.. Ah'll be back soon, kay?" He says, with a smile.

Senkyou waves him off, "Go.. but you better plan to come back and play with her. You'll start keeping her as soon as I get her on a bottle." Saying this she gives him a look. "You had better bring her things to.. I don't have any girl clothes yet, was planning to reuse Zals."

"Ah will, Ah will, dun ya worry.." He says, looking at the baby once more before he's ducking out, back to whatever he was interrupted from earlier.

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