M'iken's Reaction

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

Its a bit cool, even for an Istan winter, and L'ton has pulled half the blankets off their bed, the fabric now wrapped around him like a giant cloak as he's settled himself on the couch. In theory, it seems, he was going to be here to do paper work, as that's what's sitting in a large pile on the nearby table. However, in reality it seems that the warm, cuddling blankets have lured him to sleep. And so, he's sprawled on the couch, one arm thrown over his head, snoring softly.

Mai's managed to get herself out of the weyr a little more now that Zelik's more alert and easier to tote around, what with his being able to hold his head up on his own and all, looking around at anything that looks odd to him. So Meluth only hangs around the ledge long enough to have his straps removed before going off to get a bite to eat. "Look at that. I think daddy's not doing his work." She whispers to the baby while hanging up her lifemat'es straps. The little boy rocks back and forth in his harness, not really paying any attention to what his mommy is say untill they're walking closer to L'ton. "Dad's been swallowed by blankets." She says making a shocked face, causing the baby to smile and gurggle a bit.

L'ton should probably have woken up at the sound of a dragon landing, and footsteps into the Weyr. But, for now he's really enjoying his nap, still snoring gently, though he does shift, rolling over onto his side, groaning a bit as he pulls the blankets closer, wrapping himself up like a giant human burrito.

M'iken takes the baby out of his harness and sets him on the couch kinda sitting up. "You stay there for a second." She says, tickling his tummy. Taking off the harness and tossing it on the table next to the paperwork, Mai leans down to plant a soft kiss on her weyrmate's cheek. "Carefull, there's a baby by youre feet." She says softly, nuzzling his ear.

L'ton mmms softly as there's a kiss, and his ear is being nuzzled, stretching out a little bit to try and grab the source for a kiss. But, then the words are registering in his sleepy mind, and he's freezing, eyes popping open almost immediately. "Baby?" He says real quick, too afraid to move less he send his son tumbling.

M'iken grins mischeviously. "That's right, a baby. We have you trapped here in your cocoon of blankets." She says, leaning down to kiss him softly for a moment, teasing him a little as she pulls back rather quickly to go collect the baby from the other end so he can move again. "But we'll release you. Won't we Zelik?" She kisses the baby on the cheek before bouncing him a little, earning another smile from him.

"Rather have ya trapped in here with meh.." L'ton replies with a smirk, kissing her back, even as she's gathering up the baby, and he's slowly righting himself, sitting up with the blankets still pulled around him. "Are ya sure yer real, though? Ah mean, its hard ta believe Ah got woken up by such a beautiful woman, and a beautiful baby.." He teases her, even as he's holding the blanket out on one side, inviting her to join him.

M'iken shakes her head. "No, we're absolutely figments of your imagination. Which if you think about it, means you have one amazingly creative mind." She says with a wink. When that blanket is held open for her to join in the warmth, she plops herself down and moves Zelik to sit on her lap facing them. She keeps a hold of his arms though as staying sitting is not one of his talents yet. "What do you think Zelik? Is daddy imagining things? Or are you real?" The baby gets distracted by something on the ceiling and looks away. "He thinks you're silly." She says with a smile for L'ton.

"Ah'm sure he does.." L'ton chuckles, snuggling himself into his weyrmate's side, even as he's pulling the blanket around both of them. As he rests his head on Mai's arm, he's busy making silly faces at Zelik, trying to get the infant to react, before he's turning to nuzzle at Mai's curves that are conveniently placed. An innocent look and he tilts his head to look up at her. "Nah, yer real.."

Zelik smiles that toothless baby grin at L'ton and his silly faces and even squeals a little at them. Mai grins and chuckles a little at the reaction from the baby and laughs even more when L'ton nuzzles her oh so innocently. "Umhumm, I'm sure an imaginary lady would be quite as squishy." She says sticking her tounge out at him a bit.

"Nah, yer not ta squishy, or not squishy enough. Which means that yer perfect, which means that yer my Mai!" L'ton strings together this declaration with a tooth grin to counter Zelik's toothless one, before he's going back to making more faces at his boy. "Hey my little boy.." And Tonny's leaning to give the boy a bit smooch, before he's straightening to give Mai one too.

M'iken laughs a little. "And you're my Ton. I hope you never change." She grins lightly and kisses him back, leaning in a bit for it to last a little longer. "I love you." She says softly, only to be answered by a kicking baby. "Oh you want attention too? You're just like your dad." She says pulling the baby onto his feet and holding him up so he can move his arms and legs around freely.

"Ah love you too…" Ton replies with a grin, trying to steal another kiss only to have the attention stolen by the little Shipton. Or, at least, half-Shipton. "Hey!" He murmurs, teasing the boy, shaking his head, and leaning against the brownrider, continuing to grin as the boy is moving around. "Ah can't believe how big he is.." He murmurs idly, shaking his head.

M'iken grins and turns her head to L'ton lightly now that the babie's doing something productive with his time. "I know, right? And he's just so pretty. He's gonna be trouble when he's older. I can see it in his eyes." There's a bright sort of grin on her face though, a mother's love perhapes?

"He is pretty, Mai.. Ya make the most wonderful babies… Could ya imagine a lil girl?" L'ton says, even as he's turning puppy dog eyes towards his weyrmate, looking from mother to son, and then back to mother. "Ah mean.. Ah think she'd be absolutely darlin', though we'd really have ta watch out fer her."

M'iken giggles a little. "Well I had a little help. Those are definately your eyes on that baby." She says before giving him a look about that remark on a little girl. "I can imagine a little girl, though I think Pi would kill me if I got pregnant again before she could pass the knot over and take on the wing." She can only assume from the talk that he wants another one to add to his brood.

"Well… Ah couldn't have done it without ya." L'ton counters, smiling at her, and then at the baby, resting his head on her arm. "Ah know, Ah know.. Ah just.. Ah can't get 'nuff of ya… And seeing a baby that's both of us.." He shakes his head, curling his fingers around her arm possessively, leaning to kiss Zelik again.

M'iken grins and chuckles a little. "Well, there's nothing I can do if I end up pregnant again because I'd gotten used to just not taking my birth control meds." She says looking a little sly. Though it totally counts as conspiracy at this point if she does end up pregnant again. "You'd think I'd want to avoid being sick all the time for a while, but this guy was totally worth it." She says, bouncing Zelik on her legs.

"Well, Ah know that they say the second isn't as bad as the first.. Ah mean, Ah hope ya'd be luckier.." He murmurs, perked up by the thought of another M'iken baby, beaming at her, leaning to tickle Zelik a bit. "Ah mean, that's totally feasible, though.. But Ah'd probably make sure ta get that knot first." He teases her, with a smile.

M'iken grins. "Yeah, that might be a good idea." She says about the knot passing. "And yeah, I've heard the second is easier too. Unless you happen to be talking to Ysa." She says with a grimace. Zelik gurrgles and kicks a little at that tickling.

"Well, honestly, Ah dun think Ysa wanted the first, Ah'm sure ya heard her." L'ton shakes his head, scooting closer to put his arm over her shoulder, resting his head against hers, smiling at Zelik. "So.. Niah.. wanted me ta ask ya something." He ventures, hoping that her good mood will continue, grinning at the baby.

M'iken nods lightly. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she didn't. But now she's got them I'm sure she wouldn't give them up." She snuggles up a little against him when he wraps his arm around her shoulders. "What's that?" She asks about Niah's question.

L'ton leans over to kiss her gently, nuzzling her neck, before smiling. "She.. she was wondering if after she's better if'n ya would mind if'n she might try fer another baby. She.. She said she wouldn't, if'n ya don't want her ta. But, Ah think she wants a lil'girl ta." And L'ton is staying close, hoping it'll end up positively.

M'iken mmm's lightly at that nuzzling to her neck and sets Zelik down on his bum on her legs to give her arms a rest. "Why would I care whether or not she has another baby?" She asks, being just a little mean in her own way. "She going to entice that nice greenrider into giving her a little girl?" She asks, still smiling a little at least.

"Well. Ah… Ah guess she wants… a full sibling for the boys." L'ton ventures slowly, biting his lip, cuddling closer into her, turning puppy dog eyes at her. "Ah.. Ah mean, like Ah said, if'n ya dun want that.." He shakes his head quickly, making a face at that greenrider. "Ah.. Ah dun think she wants anything ta do with greenriders, after the beating that last one gave her.." He shudders, and tighten's his hold on M'iken. No one'll do that to her!

M'iken sighs lightly. "You can do whatever you want L'ton." She says, working her say out of his arms and the blankets to stand up and walk around with Zelik a bit.

L'ton is leaning back then, biting his lip as she gets up to walk around, and he's hesitating a moment before getting up to follow after her, following a few steps behind, reaching to lightly rest a hand on her shoulder, if she lets him. "Ah.. Ah dun wanna make ya angry, Mai. Ah.. Ah love ya.."

M'iken turns around when his hand touches her shoulder. "Then why do you keep agreeing to things like that? 'Oh I want a baby so bad, give me one L'ton.'" She says doing her best impression of a puppydog look and sounding utterly pittiful, before a frown pops onto her face and she turns back around to go put Zelik in his crib.

"Ah.. Ah didn't agree. But, she was all beat up, and.. Ah told her Ah'd ask. Ah mean, Ah couldn't say no, not the way she looked.." He shakes his head, biting his lip, and staying frozen to the ground as she frowns and goes to put their son to bed, staring down at his feet with a soft sigh.

"Just do it then." She says, playing with Zelik's feet. "Doesn't matter what I say anyway, if she manages to get you alone after she's all healed up she can just pull that pitiful little face on you and you won't be able to help yourself." Mai stands up straight and spins the mobile on the crib, trying to distract herself as much as the baby.

"Mai.." L'ton says softly, slowly crossing the room to join her as she hovers over the crib, trying to wrap his arms around her. "Ah.. Ah ain't touched her in weeks." He says slowly, shaking his head. "If.. If ya say no, then Ah won't. Ah'll make sure.." Somehow? L'ton is too embarrassed to look at his weyrmate, however, instead focusing on the spinning mobile.

M'iken at least doesn't try to shug him off when he wraps his arms around her. "Oh, weeks. That's nice to know." She says, spinning the mobile again. She not embarassed to look at Ton, just a little on the moody side. "Why do you have to ask me about these things? I mean it's one thing to know you're doing stuff with other women, it's another thing entirely for you to come and ask my permission. What do you think I want to say?" She loves him, in an unbareable devistating kind of way, but she doesn't want to be asked things like this.

L'ton tightens his hold on her, leaning to rest his chin on her shoulder, biting his lip. "Ah.. Ah didn't meant ta upset ya, by asking. Ah.." He shakes his head, sighing softly. "Ah, just thought it was what Ah should do." Biting his lip again, he tilts his head against hers, trying to pull her back a little bit, so that they're close.

M'iken shakes her own head lightly and lets herself be tugged back. "Don't ask me about stuff like that again. Ok? If you really want her to have another one of your children, then by all means; do what you think is best." She folds her arms and just stands there, watching Zelik in the crib looking up at them curiously.

"Ah.. Ah won't." He says softly, giving her a gentle squeeze, leaning against her to look over her shoulder at Zelik, smiling at the baby, even as he's resting his head on Mai's shoulder. "Ah'm sorry… Ah love you." He says again, softly, even as he's taking half a step back, to turn her towards him, maybe.

M'iken sighs lightly. "I love you too." She says, letting herself be turned around. Her arms stay crossed though as she frowns at L'ton, her brows furrowed together in a very hurt looking expresion.

L'ton lifts a hand to gently brush her cheek, before he's trying to smooth the wrinkles out of her forehead, trying to gently hold her. "Ah'm sorry love.. Please.. Forgive me?" He says softly, looking honestly guilty, reaching for her hand.

Mai's hurt expression turns to one of someone who wants to cry and leans forward that little bit and burries her face in Ton's shoulder. When he reaches for her hand, she holds onto his tightly. "Of course I forgive you, it wasn't that big of a thing anyway." She says softly.

"Aw, dun cry love.." He murmurs softly, folding his fingers through hers, giving her hand a squeeze, gently turning the ring on her finger, even as his other arm is going around her, rubbing her back gently, and leaning to kiss the side of her head. "Ah don't mean ta hurt ya.." He murmurs softly, continuing to rub her back.

"I'm not crying." She says a little defiantly, she's not. She really wants to, but she's not. She wraps her free arm around his neck and keeps her face burried in his shoulder. The moving of her ring causes a little twitch in her arm. She hasn't taken it off since the day she put it on, so it's a little odd to feel it moving.

"Okay love.." He murmurs softly in agreement, as he continues to spin the ring around her finger, though he's not making any move to take it off - he never would. As she wraps her arm around his neck, he's leaning to kiss her softly, rubbing her back. "Come on, Mai.." He's murmuring softly, trying to steer her back to the couch, so he can at least hold her close.

M'iken follows along with him, letting him steer he back over to the couch. Once there she plopps back down and curls up against L'ton and wraps the blanket back over her. She'd like nothing mroe than to let the subject drop and just cuddle for a while, pouting.

L'ton will try and distract her, though. Joining her on the couch, stretching out and pulling her down, cuddling with her and offering a few quick kisses, clinging to his Mai.

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