Senkyou's Surprise

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)
Sail is pinned up above the bed, the bed is made with a sea blue quilt. A dresser and set of drawers sits on one wall, a trunk sits in front of a mirror that is jagged, no frame and looks to be a large piece of broken glass. Two windows remain open most days, curtains also made of sail, hang in front of them. To one side is a kitchen area, small and very compact. Not far from that is a sink and shower, no soaking bath just a shower and a set of towels.
A Skybroom frame is painted a unique shade of brown, almost matching the hide of Dulacth. Long curtains cover windows on both sides of the dragon couch, the curtains at first glance look like beads but a further examination would show tiny rocks having been threaded together by fishing wire. Small and larges rocks lay all over the place, all colors shapes and sizes can be found. The couch in the middle of the weyr is large enough for a bronze at full growth, and scattered with those "Special" must have rocks that Dulacth sleeps with like teddy bears.

The day is coming to it's close the day only getting colder. Senk is waddling around. In her weyr are a few of her wingriders and she is having a meeting. Sitting around a table she looks uncomfortable, feet on a chair. The meeting has just adjourned and they are filing out, leaving her to look over there paperwork and make sure all the ducks are in a row. Standing up she moves with her hand on her back, putting some tea on and exhaling tiredly, puffing her cheeks out slightly and rubbing her hand down her side.

L'ton has been lurking it seems, having been told that the wingleader is in a meeting, but now they're filing out, he's going against the flow, and turning sideways to squeeze through the now open door, a squishy package held over his head. As the last of the wingriders are out, he's pushing the door shut, setting the large squishy package and a smaller, firm package, on the table. "Ya okay, Senkya?" He questions, even as he's moving towards her, holding his hands out in an offer to rub her back.

Senkyou glances up as he enters, her body stiffening and she crosses her arms over her stomach, "I'm fine, babe is just bein' a pain in my side." Grumbling she moves over towards the packages, they've caught her eye and she's smiling. "Dulacth keeps chitter at me, saying I should see a healer. Been to them yesterday.." Muttering she moves to grab the smaller package, "These for me?" Asking and sitting down at the table.

"Lil one's fer ya, big ones fer the baby.." L'ton tells her with a smile, shaking his head. "Senkya, if'n ya sit on the couch, Ah'll rub yer back some… Maybe it'll get her ta settle, so yar side don't hurt.." He won't, at least for now, push the baby issue. He's smarter than that, particularly as Senkyou is for the moment distracted.

Senkyou shrugs her shoulders, unwrapping the small one and placing the box on the table just before opening it. "It's nothin, it'll ease up like it always does." Wincing a bit she gets comfortable again and sets to unwrapping the babies gift, she is oddly subdued. "Yu could go get some more tea, I need a shower and Zal needs to be picked up from the nannies."

The small box contains a necklace and a bracelet, both very bangle-ish, though the coppery material is etched with darker spots. The larger package is another one of the large blankets, large enough for both mother and child on those chilly nights.. like tonight is quickly becoming. "Maybe it will, but Ah hate ta see ya in pain.." He says, wrinkling his nose, but going to fetch her some tea for good measure.

About 45 minutes later.

[DTU/Project] Dulacth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( Mine wonders if your will be back soon? )

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth projects to Dulacth . o O ( He is coming! He has Zalyu, and the tea. )

[DTU/Project] Dulacth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( Mine wonders if yours has a sharp belt knife? )

It's just like senk to get in this sort of pickle, at first she isn't very easy to find. The weyr is quiet, and she has ended up on the floor near her shower. Sitting looking shell shocked, her shirt and the area around her a real mess. Sitting on her chest is a sobbing infant, she's got a towel over the baby and her eyes are about twice the normal size. Help!?

L'ton is back within just a few minutes of Dhonzayth's message, Zalyu on his hip, however it seems that the message about a knife is enough to set him at a run. THe tea is just tossed at the table, and Zalyu is plopped in his crib as L'ton is rushing though the house, looking for Senkyou. "Senkya!?" He calls out, before he's sticking his head in the shower, doing a double take before he realizes tht there's Senkyou. And a baby that wasn't there before. "Shards.." He just stands there, staring.

Senkyou isn't sure yet what to make of all this, still looking overwhelmed she says. "I-I.. Is just.. I went to take ma shower an'" Lost on her explanation. "I ain't sure what it is yet.. I haven't really looked." She is unsure about her words, stuttering a bit. With L'ton just staring she says, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Do yu, do you got the knife? We need the knife." Looking at the blonde little child, for a newborn the baby has a good deal of blonde curly hair, and a nose that matches L'ton's.

L'ton continues to stare for a moment, before her words finally snap him out of it, and he's shaking his head, looking around him stunned for a moment. "Ah… Ah do.." And he's fumbling for his knife, testing it on his thumb to make sure it is still sharp, before he's cutting the umbilical cord, tying it off like he's seen the healers do, even if its not the neatest it could be. And then, he's hurrying to find a towel, to try and gather up the baby, wrapping her up and drying her off. "Its.. Its a girl." He murmurs, even as he's unsure what to do with the baby. "Ah.. What do Ah do?"

Senkyou doesn't let him take the baby at first, "Girl?" She questions and then nods. "I think.. I think a healer might be needed. Keep the babe warm, hold her close." Advising, the baby isn't crying as loudly as she should nor moving as much. "We need a healer, I think I can walk to the infirmary just a lotta blood." She gulps looking at her bathroom floor. "She's.. she's ok?" Asking L'ton, who's just as new to this as she is.

"Ah… Ah think so.." L'ton stammers, opening his jacket to tuck the tiny baby against his body. "Ah.. Ah can get a healer ta come back if.. If'n they can help her ta.." And then he's shaking his head, with a bit of a smile. "Its.. Its gonna be okay, Senkya. She's gonna be okay.." And he's rubbing her a little bit, trying to encourage her to cry, even as he's waiting for the brownrider to tell him its okay to run for the Healers.

Senkyou shakes her head, "I just wanna make sure she's ok." Bracing herself on the shower and wall she pushes herself up off the floor. For a long moment she looks dizzy, like she might faint and the she grabs a towel and wraps it around herself. "I'll go.. think I need the infirmary, it's so cold. Keep her warm." She orders, though not in enough of a tone to make it sound like an order. The baby responds to the rubbing, getting louder as her color improves. "Come on. Dulacths got someone to come watch Zal." Gripping onto the wall she looks dizzy again, "Shards, never tried to get up this soon before." Shaking her head.

L'ton keeps the infant tucked against his body, continuing to rub her until her crying seems sustained. Then, zipping his coat a bit higher, so she's only exposed enough to breath - even then there's a towel thrown over his shoulder and loosely over her head to protect her from the cold, he's holding out a stabilizing arm to Senkyou, pulling her to his side to begin a hurried pace to the infirmary.

Senkyou gets to his side and gets moving. Shivering she looks down at the sleeveless shirt she is in and shakes her head. Hurrying along they get to the infirmary in a timely manner, though it's a bit slow as Senkyou isn't yet up to jogging. Arriving in the infirmary a healer quickly gets Senkyou in a bed, seeming more concerned about the brownrider then the baby. Someone else quickly offers to take the newborn off L'tons hands, the small journeywoman saying, "She got a name?" The baby is being weighed and measured while senk is taken care of. The babe weighs in at 6 and a half pounds. "WOuld you like to explain what happened?" The healer gently cleaning the blonde little girl, definetly tons. Ha. He definetly slept with her!

L'ton just stares as Senkyou's ushered off, watching her, even as the baby is taken from him, and he's blinking a few times, realizing his hands are empty. "Ah.. Ah left, just ta get her some tea, and Ah came back and they was in the shower like that. Ah.. Ah cut the cord, best Ah could, but Ah ain't never done it before.." And all the while L'ton is inching closer to the healer with the baby, staring in awe at the girl. "Oh, uh… Zoniya." He replies after a moment, blinking up at the Healer.

The healer nods, and looks at the quick cutting he did. "Belt knife?" The journeywoman asks, raising and eyebrow and shaking her head. "We'd better start her on some antibiotics then, belt knives aren't known for being clean." Coming back with a needle that looks to big for the tiny baby arms, "Zoniya, will momma agree with that?" Asking as the she glances to where they've got Senkyou. "Still trying to stop the bleeding on momma, she's a cutey. You the father?" making casual conversation while she pokes at the new baby.

"It.. Its all Ah had.." L'ton stammers, shaking his head, and dropping his gaze guiltily. A look that only gets worse as the needle appears and the baby is poked with it. "Ah.. Ah think so. She.. never said what she wanted, so." He shakes his head, looking nervously at Senkyou, and then back at the baby. "Is.. Is Senkya gonna be alright?" He asks nervous, nodding absently at the question of the baby's parentage. It's clearly obvious, now.

The healer hooks the IV up to the baby, "There we go." Making notes a chart, the healer fills out her paperwork and says "I'll go see how she is. You can stay here." Walking into the curtained area, and after a short moment comes back, "Still working on her, you can come back in a few hours if you'd like." Offering and moving the IV line so that she can wrap the baby up, "Would you like to hold her for a bit?.. Another healer said something about her being taken to some hold. That'll have to wait, supposed to contact a Telira when she's ready to go." Looking a bit suprised and sitting down to watch her charge.

L'ton continues to linger over the baby, smiling down at her, even though she's hooked up to the IV. As the Healer returns, L'ton shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah'll wait, til Ah'm sure she's okay.." At the mention of the baby being taken away, he hurriedly shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah think there was some sort of mix up. She ain't suppose ta go nowhere… Dun send her off without me knowing?" He asks, a bit pathetically, even as he's glancing back at Senkyou's curtained corner.

The healer gives on last nod and quietly goes about her work, "We'll inform you. It sounds strange to me, having a baby so young sent off." It's about 3 hours later that the small healer is back, "You can go see momma, we can take the babe in there with her if you would prefer." Senks sitting up, a few shades paler but looking like herself.

L'ton sat, and minded his own business for the better part of those three hours, though he did keep a watchful eye on his newest child. Finally, he's being told that he can see SEnkyou, and he's gathering up Zoniya carefully, taking the girl to go see her mother. "Senkya?" He murmurs nervously, moving to her bedside.

Senkyou smiles a bit, reaching out for the baby hesitantly. "She ok?" Asking and pushing her hair out of her face, the brownrider for all the meds and tubes looks ok. "I was told ya decided to name her." Looking at the baby in his arms, "Without even asking me." A pathetic little pout, "Zal ok? Is my floor ok?" Of course she worries about the floor.

"She.. She's okay." L'ton says after a moment, handing the little girl over to her mother, and daring a soft kiss to Senkyou's forehead. "Zoniya… If'n its okay with ya. Ah.. Ah thought it was pretty. Goes good with Zalyu." And then, he's squeezing her shoulder very gently, nodding his head. "Zal's fine.. Ah think yer floor'll be okay ta. Good thing ya were in the shower, though.."

Senkyou looks at the IV line and raises and eyebrow, "Why they poken on her, she just got here" Holding the little girl close to her she says, "Yur kinda cute.. for a kid I'm not keeping." Sighing and looking down at the little angelic face. "I don't know if I can part with her.. she's sorta grown on me." At his name she says it "Zoniya.. Zoniya.. I guess it works, it's yur choice really." Looking tired she says, "Gonna have to wait, told yu she was yurs." She just had to get that in.

"Said just in case the knife weren't clean.." L'ton says, reaching to touch the soft hair on the newborn's head, and then to brush a lock of Senkyou's hair back as well. "Ah.. Ah think that ya'd be sad, if'n ya sent her off… And, Ah mean, look at her.." He shakes his head with a bit of a smile. "Ah.. Ah guess ya were right, though."

Senkyou yawns and sags, "Yu take her for now, I'll sleep on it." Giving the baby a gentle kiss on the forehead she offers her back to L'ton. "I.. I would be sad, but I gotta do what's best for her. I bet some holder would spoil her rotten." Kissing the babe again and as soon as she is back in L'tons arms she is trying to get more comfortable.

L'ton cradles the baby near his body, smiling down at her, and then at Senkyou. "Ah think between the two of us she'd be plenty spoiled, Senkya dear." He comments idly, reaching to pat her arm briefly. "Ya get some rest.. Ah'ma let Zoniya get some, ta, cause Ah think she could use it." He comments, looking for the Healers to help him resettle the baby.

The healer that was watching her earlier takes the baby off his hands, settling her back in a little corner for the babies watched more carefully. Senkyou gets to sleep. It's been a long day, and the new childs future is still questionable. Though for now she is comfortable at xanadu. For now.

L'ton watches Zoniya for another moment, before smiling and moving towards the exit - he unfortunately has things to take care of, even if he'd rather not leave them right now.

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