A Dangerous Brownrider

Ierne Weyrhold - North Beach

Sarisia and Tiqueth are just emerging from their weyr, the brownpair looking a bit groggy as they move towards the water. Even though it's noon it's obvious the pair have been sleeping up until very recently, the red heads hair a total mess and the brown looking even grumpier than usual. After huffing about something Tiqueth moves into the water, leaving Sari to just plop down on the sand.

L'ton is strolling slowly up the beach, looking at each weyr in turn, as if he's trying to figure out which one he's looking for. However, the problem is solved for him as the door to one opens, and a familiar brownrider is emerging. Perking up at his sudden stroke of luck, he's tagging along after her, plopping down next to her. "Morning sweets.."

When L'ton approaches his rider Tiqueth growls, the brown sinking into the water so that only his head is held above it, eyes stuck on the bronzer. Sari however doesn't seem as grumpy, the brownie letting out a nice yawn before smacking her lips a bit. "Mornin' bronzer. What are ya doin' over here?" She asks with a smirk, leaning back on her elbows as she examines L'ton.

"Just came ta see how ya were doing.. Since Ah was lucky 'nuff ta meet that new spawn of yer sisters.. Figured Ah'd make sure ya weren't keeping any surprises from me." He replies with a grin, unbothered by the growl from Tiqueth, leaning towards her a bit as she's smirking at him. "What, ain't ya happy ta see me?" He teases her.

Sarisia quirks a brow when L'ton mentions 'surprises'. "Ya ain't gotta worry 'bout that with me, bronzer. I between often 'nough and I ain't plannin' on shootin' out anything any time soon." She rolls her eyes, glancing over at Tiqueth. The dragon lets out an irritated snap when he's ignored by L'ton, wading in further. "And sure, I'm happy. Yer better company than yer honorable Weyrleader." She lets out a snort at that, shifting a bit on the sands in order to sit up a bit more. "Shardin' pansy."

"Shards, him?" The mention of the Weyrleader, not even by name, is enough to make L'ton curse a bit, shaking his head. "Wish he'd take a long hop between, sometimes.." L'ton mutters, even if hte bronzerider doesn't /really/ mean it. At least not at this moment in time. As Sari sits up a bit more, L'ton tries to slyly put his arm behind her, scooting a bit closer. "What he do ta ya, though?"

"Him." Sari says darkly, her eyes narrowing a bit at the thought of K'ael. Oh, she hates him so! "Well first he knocks up Sur and now he's comin' 'round tryin' to see her and that shardin' brat." That was enough reason for her to hate the bronzer, but oh no the list went on! "Then he jus' up and leaves while I was talkin' to him. Shardin' pansy jus' /leaves/." When she was trying to steal his /marks/! Yes, that was really the whole reason she was upset, after all she'd nicked a few during Maiya's birth. She lets L'ton put his arm behind her, scooting a bit closer herself.

L'ton loops his arm around her as she scoots a bit closer, giving her a bit of a squeeze. "Ain't the only one he's knocked up. Though, Ah can't believe he never saw her before, but not that she's got it, he's finally coming 'round. Just makes me think he didn't wanna look at her, when she was fat." Of course, L'ton would never call Suri fat to her face, especially if its with a baby bump. "Shards, why'd he leave?"

There are many ways to get on Sari's bad side but the easiest were to be mean to Suri or to backstab her. When L'ton mentions K'ael lack of interest in her sister during her pregnancy she just glares at the water. "I should'a socked him." She mutters darkly, shaking her head a bit. "An' Suri ain't mind if he's got fifty girls pregnant at the same time. She jus' wants their seeds and she does the rest. Always been like that." When L'ton asks why the bronzer left she just shrugs a bit. "Somethin' 'bout me bein' a terrible person and that he ain't want to stick around me."

"Ah mean, Ah ain't great, cause Ah know Ah've got more than a few girls pregnant now, but Ah at least go ta see 'em, and take 'em stuff, ta make sure that they're comfortable, and they're doing 'kay. Ah mean, its just as much my thing, as theres." L'ton shrugs a bit shaking his head, and giving her a squeeze, to try and get her to relax. "Ya shoulda.. Ya ain't a terrible person, Sari.."

"Well I ain't care who ya knock up, so long as it ain't Sur." Sari makes sure to give L'ton a good long stare too. "She ain't need anymore brats and /I'm/ the one that's gotta deal with 'em cryin' and fussin' more than the dads." Tiqueth has finally bored of his swim, the brown moving out of the water in order to join them. He makes sure to plop down next to L'ton, hoping to get the bronzer wet with his constant shaking. When L'ton says she's not a terrible person she just blinks at the man. "Uh, if ya say so, bronzer." She does relax a bit more, amused by the rider for now. "So ya take pretty good care of yer girls when they're pregnant, huh?"

L'ton leans away from the dripping brown as he settles down, making a face before he's looking back at Sari, with a soft chuckle. "Ah ain't saying that ya dun do stuff ya prolly shouldn't.. Ah still have ta wonder what was up with that guy in the marketplace. But, Ah dun think that it makes ya a terrible person. If'n ya were, ya wouldn't care so much 'bout yer sister." He shrugs a bit, before leaning into the brownrider. "Like ta think so. Keeps my purse pretty tight, ta, in the end." Though, clearly, when it comes down to keeping marks in his pouch, or his fun in his pants.. he's far more willing to give up the marks.

Tiqueth gives off a draconic chuckle of sorts, glad to see the bronzer's annoyance. Score one for Tiqueth! "Well, we /all/ do stuff we shouldn't, really. I jus' ain't the type to hide it." Sari says back to L'ton, giving him a bit of a wink. "An' I ain't the most carin' when it comes to anyone else, only Sur." She says quickly, making sure the Istan knew she wasn't all into him. When L'ton goes ovre his philosophy on babies she nods her head, deep in thought. "So, what ya come to Ierne for, huh? Was it ta see someone else?" And her voice is a little more sultry than usual, the brownie laying it thick as she sits up right.

"Well, Ah suppose that's true, but Ah still don't think that it makes ya a terrible person." L'ton turns his head to look up at the brown again, shaking his head with a soft sigh. Oy. But then, Sari's laying it on thick, and L'ton his tilting his head, grinning at her. "Nah, Ah thought Ah told ya, Ah thought Ah'd come see ya, see how ya were doing.." He leans a bit into her, arching an eyebrow. "But, Ah dun wanna keep ya from whatever business ya had.."

"Well ya know, a lot of people ain't think the way ya do. Most of 'em jus' want to have nothin' to do with a ruffian like me." Sari says with a smirk, moving into to rest her head on the bronzers shoulder. "An' that leaves me with no one to play with." She nuzzles his neck a bit with her nose, tickling him a bit with her eyelashes to. She's ready to reel him in! "Oh, ya came to see lil' ol' me? Well, if'n I had any plans ya can be sure I'm cancellin' them for ya."

Thankfully for Tonny, his mark pouch is empty, having blown most of it on presents for various people, and so at least he can't get robbed blind in that way. However, he's falling for Sari's act, hook, line, and sinker, turning his head to try and give her a kiss, as she nuzzles his neck. "Ah never mind playing with ya, sweets.." He murmurs, grinning.

Thankfully for Tonny, Sari is totally unaware that the bronzer is broke. She keeps up the act, moving in for the kiss when they're both getting a nice cold shower curtosey of Tiqueth. The brown has seen quite enough of this sickening display, the dragon getting to his feet with an annoyed huff and moving off down the beach. "Don't mind him, he's jus' the jealous type. Maybe you an' me should go back to my place and warm up a bit?" Sari says while wiping her face off a bit, the water having stung her eyes.

L'ton leans to kiss her, before he's grinning, eyes lifting briefly to stare after Tiqueth, before they're back on Sari, and solely on Sari. "Ah think that sounds like a wonderful idea.. Ah mean, ya shouldn't sit around in them wet clothes.. ya might get sick.." He murmurs, stealing another kiss before he's getting to his feet to help her up.

Sarisia smirks before getting to her feet, using L'ton's help before dusting her pants off. "I think yer right. If I stay stuck in these I'm gonna get /real/ sick. Good thing I got some wine back home too, ya know, to heat us both up a bit." She gives him a wink before leading the way to her weyr, ready to strip and get down to business! Lucky for L'ton that she's not gonna try robbing him blind today, even if he's got no marks to begin with. She's looking more to a long term gig.

L'ton is more than willing to follow Sari home, even before the promises of wine. "Ah think that sounds like a wonderful idea.." And he's going along with her, completely unaware of her plans. And, quite possibly, unconcerned, even if he did know.

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