Umniyath Rises

Ista Weyr - Ista Hall Entryway
This is the Entryway for 'Ista Hall'. The Hall has been built out of an old excavated weyr. The entry of the weyr has been blocked off with a black wooden wall with a set of double doors. The doors have a large oval window in each etched with the device of the weyr, a smoking mountain. The entryway seems to be in a mix of styles with the walls and ceilings the natural rock wall, with a black stained wooden floor.
In the middle of the room is a reception counter in black lacquered wood with orange inlay around the edge. There is orange leather couches here and there about the room provide a comfortable place to sit. On one wall is a tapestry map of Pern with the Weyrs, Holds and Craft halls noted upon it while on another near the entryway is a map of Ista Weyr. There are double entry doors about the room leading to other parts of the Hall, as well as a door to the south that leads to the Sable Sands Bar.

Khufuth> Umniyath moves into the center of the bowl, her hide glowing rather brighly despite the grey winter afternoon. She has sent out the call, it is time for her bardic circle. To listen to the stories told by bronze and brown, and those occasional ambitious blues. They do have interesting stories to tell as well and how she will listen as she stands there preening to their attention, holding court for her suitors as they each try to impress her with their tales.

Khufuth> Khufuth is following Umniyath from their shared weyr, lured by the glow of her hide, the request for stories, and by her mere presence. Crooning softly, he's shuffling to settle near her, wings outstretched, as he watches her. He'll not be the first to start his tale, but he will hope that it catches her interest nevertheless.

Lisle is of course well distracted in her work getting the Hall back up to reopening status. From the looks of things it is nearly done. New curtains are up, the couches have been reapolstered. All the metal furnishings have been shined up. All in all it is looking ready to open yet again. This pet project of hers from so many turns ago, refurbished and cleaned up to open again. The little junior weyrwoman is scuttling about with her ever present clipboard, "Make sure those tablecloths are ready Anira…Lars can you check on how those tables are coming…" Her normally soft spoken voice has a bit more volume, a bit of a sharper edge today.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth has never been one to ignore Umniyath, the golden beauty always pulling him from whatever else he was doing to join her very circle. Rumbling to the other males that dare approach her, there's a snap of brassy jaws, and the Weyrsecond's bronze rocks back onto his haunches, trumpeting again, as the tales are due to begin. One blue who dares edge closer is the recipient of a draconic laugh, and a flutter of pale wings, before he's turning his head to croon at the gold once more. What story can he tell you, pretty one? What story will keep you by his side?

K'ris promised that he'd help Lisle in any way possible, when it came to getting the Hall back to its previous grandure, and aside from keeping her company breakfast and dinner every day, he's being doing just that. For now, he's simply running errands, and for now, its a large stack of tableclothes that are settled in his arms as he's meandering after one of the assistants, just waiting to be told where they go.

Khufuth> Azaeth swoops down from the skies above, his massive self casting an ominous shadow on the ground below. There's a few broad swoops before he lands softly on the ground. There's a rumble to Umniyath in greeting. Azaeth has never been one to mince words, so she'll find his tales curt, yet often too true. What heroism can he entice this lady with? Perhaps a tale of rescue, as he picked a fair maiden from the skies? Or the time he fought off a pack of lesser dragons for her hand (or claw) to be his own?

L'ton would be a poor Weyrsecond if he didn't keep an eye on the going ons of the Weyr. Of course, he also has enough things to avoid that he's now meandering through the Istan Hall, hands shoved in his pockets, whistling to himself. With a nod to K'ris, and a grin, he's pausing by Lisle, reaching to pull the clipboard out of her hands. "Ya've done good, Lis.." He says with a chuckle, trying to see what's left, even after he looks back at K'ris once more. "Good ta know he ain't letting ya work ta hard."

Khufuth> A permanent shadow fixed against the wall that day, Zaruath is usually never so close to the queens when they were about to rise. But his eyes were now curiously transfixed on the golden form of Umniyath that was once his clutch mother, not that he even recalls that. Or seems to care. There's a curious spark alighting in his body and his thin form separates itself from the stone, slithering against the surface as an inconspicuous stalker, perhaps the villain of a story? Though the rising hum from the brown's throat is the beginning of a warning towards those gathering larger bronzes and the beginning of his flight ballad to an Istan Queen.

Khufuth> Umniyath seems not disturbed by the arrival of a lone blue and a couple of the smaller browns, her attention seemingly equally shared to each suitor. They each have a tale to tale…oh one day she might even allow a blue to catch…that would make a fine tale indeed. She flares out her wings in a rather magnificant display before turning neatly and heading toward the feeding grounds, «The skies do beckon, let us feast before we depart…»

F'yr had been looking for a good place to hide, not quite a sight to be seen around the Weyr lately. The brownrider was known to have been in a sour mood (yet again) and she doesn't look any happy to be sulking her way along the wall of the busy hall, coming from who-knows-what-parts, but definitely not the bowl. In fact, her hair is a bit of a disarray and she looks like she found some strange place to nap. When her blue eyes spot Lisle, though, she can't help but hesitate and start running a hand to smooth down her long hair, offering a more formal nod and wave in case the goldrider were to look her way.

Since it's Azaeth that's been drawn to the proddy gold, K'ael has to search out her lifemate himself. Though these days it's not hard to guess where Lisle might be tucked away, so he books it right to the function center, where he knows she's been keeping herself busy overseeing the renovations. In he runs, already looking quite distracted and nursing a flask he's just had to refill. His eyes scan the area for the goldrider, and after spotting her he moves her way. "Hello." The greeting is mostly meant for Lisle, but is broad enough to cover anyone else in the area. He does spot F'yr though, and gives her a bit of an eyebrow raise.

Khufuth> Khufuth turns his head to peer at the blue, crooning softly to him, before the sandy brown is stretching his wings, offering the lurking shadow Zaruath a greeting as well, attention slowly drifting back to Umniyath. As he continues to watch her, like the great Sphinx watches the desert expanses, the lightly hued brown is bowing his head to her, and stretching his neck out, in an attempt to gain a token of her favor. < We shall all feast, in your honor. It will see us to the world of the clouds.. > Khufuth replies, before he's turning in pursuit.

Unlike her dragon who seems to draw even more around her when she is proddy and ready to fly, Lisle seems to be trying to avoid any such contact. Standing in a corner so as to not get surrounded by people, an action she may not even realize she is doing. As K'ris enters she hardly notices, her focus on her clipboard, but L'ton's voice nearly makes her jump and clutch at her clipboard, "Ah yes…um no…he does not…" She says almost stuttering and her emerald gaze seeks out her weyrmate to see F'yr instead and she gives a clip nod to the woman. She blinks as more riders seem to suddenly appear, the Weyrleader amoung them, "The hall is not yet open again folks…"

Khufuth> Dhonzayth trumpets again to Umniyath, spreading his wings out, taking up as much space as he can, and pushing the other dragons from his sides. « We all wish for the gold.. » The brassy bronze says, ripples of copper escaping from his thoughts, a bit of a chuckle in his voice. The tale telling will begin soon enough, but for now, its a long hop, showing off his form, and then Dhonzayth is in a lazy glide after Umniyath and the others. « It will be a tale to tell all. »

Khufuth> Azaeth though, looks quite disgusted at the smaller dragons being there. He huffs at a blue, and then snaps his jaws at his brown clutchmate. Unworthy suitors! Oh well, it made no difference to him, he had little trouble removing those who did not qualify from the sky. He matches the queen's own display with his own, his iron crafted wings unfurling and then launching the large bronze into the air. He floats along after the gold slowly off towards the feeding grounds for a bit of a snack before the chase.

K'ris is freed of the various tableclothes, as the woman he was helping as him deposit them on a nearby table, and its then that he's glancing in the general direction of the feeding grounds, tensing, and then looking at the other riders who have mysteriously - or really not-so-mysteriously - begun to appear in the Hall. Swallowing noticeably, he straightens his shoulders before moving to try and intercept some of them, moving quickly to Lisle's side, and wrapping his arm around her rather posessively, silent all the while - each of the other male riders getting a look of 'back off' - particularly that one who is making her fuss. Cocky bronzeriders.

L'ton leans away from K'ris, at the look, but clearly isn't overly bothered. While the Weyrleader and the other brownrider get a brief nod, he's still trying to get a look at the clipboard. "Ya gotta be almost done, Lis. Ain't she?" And he's looking at K'ris, expecting him to answer the question if she does not, before he's shaking his head, and looking back at Lisle. "Cause, if ya ain't, Lis, Ah.. think its time ta take a break. Of all yer hard work might be fer naught.." He murmurs softly, sparing a look at the others working. "They might not appreciate it, much, all of us, going after ya."

Khufuth> Zaruath doesn't care for any attentions from his fellow brown chaser, baring his sharp teeth at Khufuth for a moment and pausing in his melodious voice. The gold deserved his full focus, ready to give her whatever she wanted. But how can he when there were the brute bronzes like Azaeth, who gets a crack of his tail and a louder hiss. «What you need, my dear,» he drips his deep voice towards Umniyath, raining smooth crimson droplets. «Is an artist to weave words into the sky with you. The bronzes are too dimwitted to know any better.» Might as well start striking early this time. And his body, low to the ground, is quick to lunge its way towards the pens after the golden queen, wings a-quivering in anticipation even before the blooding begins.

Khufuth> Umniyath walks neatly to the feeding ground, tail flickering behind her invitingly but always just out of reach should someone advance on her. She launches herself right before the fence and glides over the feeding pens, «Tell me a story lads, who is worthy of my favour, Bronze, brown or blue!» She calls out in challenge as she drops down onto a large bull, the beast squirming in her claws and squealing as she sinks her fangs into its neck. The squeals die down as its lifeforce is drained away and she looks up to watch her suitors dining with her as blood drips from her maw. Her whirling gaze then lights on another beast and she pounces over to the buck and is a bit kinder this time, snapping its neck before sinking in her fangs.

"I know, ma'am," F'yr admits about the Hall being closed. Her eyes start moving towards the others gathering and then she suddenly goes stiff, standing straight with wide-eyes and a paling face even behind the light sunburn that still marrs her features. "Faranth… Faranth, /no/," she mutters, turning her head in the direction of the bowl. With a shudder she realizes it's too late, and she scoots herself over towards the wall, away from most of the other riders and especially Lisle. She'll hang out here, thank you very much. And cry, probably.

K'ael grins to Lisle. "I think they ought to be able to handle things from here. Most everything has been done… or is being done. You can take a few minutes to relax here with us. We've all come out to see you…" Her weyrmate gets a grin from K'ael. If he intended to fight them off he should have brought himself a weapon. K'ael spots F'yr skittering off and intends to follow her. At least there would be a good view of the goldrider and he would be away from her glaring weyrmate. And L'ton.

Khufuth> Khufuth is drawn after that flicking gold tail, the golden thread that will lead him through the labyrinth to the gold's heart, if all goes well. Respectfully paused, he lets the gold enjoy her first kill, before he too is launching himself over the fence, bringing down a large bull of his own, the beast crying out before it falls still and silent, and Khufuth is dropping his muzzle to drain it of its blood, rivlets disappearing into the ground as quickly as footsteps disappear in shifting sand dunes. As Umniyath is moving to her second beast, he lingers on his first, beginning his tale. « Ours are not the first, to rely on tunnels and paths, to protect themselves from danger. » He says, before he's pausing his tale to turn his attention on a second beast.

Lisle just stands there, knuckles white as they grip the clipboard. Her gaze sharpens, then unfocuses on each face before her, starting to get caught in her lifemate's flight, and she jumps at the touch of her weyrmate, eyes unfocused on his face for a moment as she brings up the clipboard like a shield. Then there is clarity once more and her gaze moves to the general direction of the feeding grounds and there is a gasp and a hand goes to her lips. "Oh…" She looks around the room and with a gesture of her fingers to those not party to the flight, "Everyone out! No more work today….Out now!" Of course she could leave instead, but with knowing looks the residents and nonflight riders quickly make their way out. Still L'ton's question gets unanswered. Her face pales as she looks around the room to look clearly upon her suitors once more. Her weyrmate, previous suitors and close friends…not awkward at all.

Khufuth> Zaruath uses his massive wings to glide gently after a powerful leap from the ground to pass the fence. A wind picks up the skinny brown, allowing him to hover over the scattering herd for a brief moment before (but only after Umniyath gets her kill) dropping like a rock onto the back of a large beast. It goes down screaming, and stays there kicking legs and groaning even as the brown's teeth sinks into its tender back, ripping at it enough to bleed but not kill yet. «Listen to not just me, my dear, but everything else, as it can tell you a tale you've never heard before.» There's a manic tone to his voice, though, darker and warmer than any blood they must be drinking and a dark cackle as the animal slowly screams itself until it couldn't scream anymore. Nature's music to accompany the morbid tale. Once dead, Zaru moves on to a second beast, disposing it in much the same way yet tearing out its innards to smear against his talons.

Khufuth> Azaeth grumbles and snaps again at his brother. «Call us dimwitted, yet you are the one out here chasing a gold far out of your league. Come back when you've grown a few meters.» Once the lady of the hour has made her selection of beasts, Azaeth swoops in, then drops himself onto one. Its legs and neck snap with the force of the blow, leaving a lifeless carcass with which the bronze can drain. He tears back any soft flesh at the throat and chest to create a wound big enough to fill his muzzle. The bronze's eyes, a deep swirl of red remain fixed on Umni, even as he tosses the first beast aside to move onto a second.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth was telling the truth - everyone desires gold, no matter the consequences, no matter the price they have to pay, and the brassy bronze is no different. Gliding overhead to the feeding pens, he hesitates just long enough to allow the gold first kill, before he's downing one of his own - a beast which is then left for the gold's own enjoyment as the pale bronze offers what hospitality he can to the gold, watching her for a moment, before turning and quickly snapping at another beast, taking this as his own. The feast has begun. « You and yours know, it is traditional to give to visitors, to give to those who are important. Once, there was a great ruler, who found an important man in his garden - he did what was right, and gave him all he could want, for many days. Food, drink, all. » Dhonzayth croons, shifting to nudge the beast at Umniyath again, mimicking the words of his tale, before picking a second beast of his own to drain.

Khufuth> Umniyath looks up from her second kill and her third is dispatched even quicker before she quickly launches to the air, blood raining from her maw as she alights. «The feast is done, for now we dance to the tales of old to songs of love and woe.» She calls out as her large wingsails draw heavily against the air to propell her into the sky, her tail continuing to flicker tantalizing behind her. Oh she wants to be caught, just not yet. Not until her suitors prove themselves with feats of strength and tales to behold.

Awkward was just F'yr's middle name apparently. The short teen was rocking on her heels and wrapping an arm around herself, as if the loose shirt she wore was not protection enough. But the flight lust from her lifemate was getting to her, seeing that her eyes kept darting towards Lisle and they started to get a hard edge around them, especially when they focused in on K'ris. Grr. K'ael is barely given a glance, but when she realizes he was suddenly there near her she upturns her lip to him as if she were her lifemate and then sulks down more into herself. "Stupid dragons," can be heard muttering from the girl, over and over.

"Almost done.." K'ris replies curtly to the inquiring bronzerider, glaring at him, even as he's the one to gently give Lisle's clipboard another tug, keeping her at his side, and swivling slightly to put himself between Lisle and L'ton. As F'yr and K'ael retreat, the brownrider looks surprisingly victorious, straightening up a little bit, particularly as the others in the hall are shuffling out. "Lisle… Are you sure?" He murmurs softly, gaze still keeping an eye on the others.

L'ton nods absently to K'ris, having completely forgot the question that he so recently asked, instead he's hmming softly to himself. The other male riders get a similar look from L'ton as they've been getting from K'ris, as he lingers near the goldrider he has known for so many turns. Thankfully, though, he's not making a grab for her, so there'll be no fight (yet) to ruin Lisle's flight, nor all the hard work she's put into the Hall.

Khufuth> Khufuth has finished his second, and only just, the sandy brown's slower pace leaving him off guard as Umniyath suddenly takes to the skies. Fumbling for a moment, he is finally aloft after her, wings snapping out to push him hurriedly away from the ground, ever upwards, ever after that golden tail that is his guiding thread. Each sandy wing stroke is like a small dust storm, rising through the Istan sky, as he is always in pursuit. « Once, there was a young man, who had a horrible fate awaiting him. After his people had suffered a great loss, they were forced to suffer one each year, as their children were given to the enemy's god - led through the great maze beneath the city. » And, as Khufuth begins his tail, he begins to weave in and out of the labyrinth of thermals, hoping they will help him in his own quest.

Khufuth> Azaeth cracks his second beast's ribcage like he's cracking a nut. A smaller beast, this one is, but still provides Azaeth with a few good drinks. Just so it doesn't go to waste, he makes sure to tear out the heart and a few other vital organs to swallow down with the last bits. There is no time for a third, which is just as well. Hopefully without the few last bits the smaller chasers would tire out more quickly. As the gold takes to the skies, Azaeth pulls his blood soaked muzzles free. It looks a bit like warpaint on the bronze, and he gives a trumpet worthy of battle as this one begins. His powerful legs launch himself into the air, and then his wings take over from there as he begins the ascent towards the golden prize. «Let us write our own story. One to be passed down through the ages by man and dragon alike. One of dirt and rock, sea and sky. One of a fair maiden and a suitor, fastest, strongest, largest in the land!»

K'ael blinks a bit at F'yr's reaction to him. She looked a bit comical growling at him like that. He'll let K'ris think he's won, for now. Only time could tell what the outcome of this charade would be. His flask is tucked tightly against himself, he won't even offer it to F'yr. At least not with her acting like she was. He was liable to get bit at that rate. The bronzer just leans back against the wall and keeps his eyes fixed on Lisle for now.

Khufuth> Zaruath was ignoring his bronze brother completely. He'll prove the bronzes wrong of course, by outwitting them all with his storytelling. His ballads of life and love and loss, of patience for the underdog of dragons (not that he actually considered himself an underdog). Squishing innards under his feet, he jumps and easily flaps his way skywards, his slim body not needing too much effort to catch the closest thermal to send him up. The dark brown remains below the queen, his melodious humming climbing its way up towards her as he starts with vivid pictures… «A tale to last generations, my dear, is what we shall craft together with our words and bodies, our voices combined.» Its blood lust disappears, leaving behind more welcoming trails of blue, a soothing voice to lull the queen into his own story, starting with a dragon that didn't grow like its siblings, couldn't fly like the elders, but knew how to make beautiful things out of everything around him.

Lisle yanks her clipboard from K'ris as he tries to take it from her and even backs a step away from him, "You must prove yourself like all the rest…" her voice holds a detached quality to it, eyes going focused then unfocused as she backs herself into the corner, her clipboard remaining a shield. "All must prove themselves…" She challenges as her dragon does to her followers. So small she is, but right now she seems to have a presence that exceeds that.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth croons sadly as his beast, and his hospitality, are left untouched, spreading his wings out in a rather pathetic posture. Yet, despite it being ignored by Umniyath, the brassy bronze makes no attempt to reclaim what was given freely to the gold - to do so would be a major affront to his sensibilities, instead he's pouncing yet another beast for himself, sacrificing it for the good of the bronze, the good of the chase. Draining the animal of its essence, he's settling in to prepare for the golden beauty to launch. It doesn't seem he has long to wait, as soon she's declaring the feast has drawn to a close, and he's launching off the ground after her, taking his place amongst her heavenly court, preparing to give her anything she could desire. For now, however, that seems to be a tale of love and honor, of lessons learned, and battles fought. Fighting his own battle with the other suitors, he continues his tale. « After many days, the man was returned to those who honored him, those who appre
ciated the hospitality he was shown, and, for his kindness, his host was offered a gift. The man chose that all he touched would be turned to gold - gold is what he, and all around him - desired most. » And the essence of Dhonzayth's story rings true, as they fly in pursuit of the glowing gold.

F'yr is all about trying to protect herself for the moment, with what little sense that remained in her mind. She clenches her fist and turns her head this way and that, her eyes barely keeping away from Lisle too long which just makes her groan in frustration. "I'm gonna tear you apart," she finally grumbles, but that could have been directed at K'ael for all anyone knew. Except that it's then added with a quick dark: "I hope you break /both/ wings." Grumble, grumble. She takes a step forward, and then back to find the solid wall behind her.

Khufuth> Umniyath draws herself higher and higher into the air, until she reaches the low clouds, heavy with moisture not yet shed. Disapearing into its cool embrace before bursting through the top and dazzling in the light of the low setting sun casting its orange glow as a radiance on her hide. She warbles in triumph at her feat of finding the sun, almost seeming to pause in the air so that all could admire her sudden brilliance. The pause is all too brief before her wingbeats strike the air as she wings higher, «Watch me dance, sing your tunes, chase me high, to the moons!»

"You're going to lose it, and then where will you be." K'ris mutters to Lisle, a bit taken aback by her reaction, looking at her in surprise as she's moving away from him. With another turn to look at the others, he's following her towards the corner, though even he does not make another move, just leaning against the wall for the support that he had so recently had from Lisle, closing his eyes as he joins his lifemate far above.

L'ton chuckles softly at the reactions of the others, before he's smirking as even K'ris is on the receiving end of Lisle's standoffishness. Finding a bit of wall of his own, he's settling himself nearer to Lisle than most of the others have dared, even as he's folding his arms across his chest, tilting his head against the wall, sighing softly, the bond with his lifemate growing stronger by the moment.

K'ael blinks, then chuckles a bit when Lisle turns on her own weyrmate. Ouch. But it's not too long before the tiny blonde next to him is threatening him as well. He raises a brow at F'yr. "Huh?" Then he frowns. "That's not very nice. I might need my wings for later." He scoots away from F'yr a bit, in case her dragon did make a lunge for Azaeth, he didn't want to be caught in the middle of a fight with the brownrider.

Khufuth> Khufuth continues to follow the twists and turns of the invisible maze, forced to follow their paths as the other larger males are able to pursue the gold more directly. Suddenly, as she's cast aglow by the setting sun, the golden thread of her tail is set ablaze, and even Khufuth finds glory in this. Rejuvenated, he continues to climb above the obscuring clouds - the golden glow ever in sight, and ever just out of reach. « Love, though, is like a string. No matter the twists and turns, no matter the dead ends in the way, no matter the false starts - love will always lead you in the right direction. Love lead the boy in the right direction, as he was forced into the great maze, with only a single thread to guide him. » Khufuth's attention is still on the golden thread that leads him on his own chase. « Love makes one brighter than the moon! » He trumpets loudly, continuing his pursuit.

Poor K'ris, Umniyath does make her own choice in the skies. Sometimes she will fly for Lisle, choose someone she 'needs' but today she flies for herself. Her lifemate is content, is settled and happy. Unknown to her weyrmate this standoffishness is the ultimate of compliments in Umniyath's books. That he has made her so happy she need not protect her Lisle for this flight. Lisle takes one shaky breath after another as she leans back against the wall, letting it support her instead of any one person. One might call her trapped, but she feels even more secure, in a place where she can watch everyone. A sharp look gets sent to L'ton as if to warn him from getting nearer then her gaze shifts to K'ael and F'yr, not yet turning her anger against them, but there is a warning there all the same.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth becomes one with the moisture laden clouds, brassy hide blending in with the grey masses as they continue on their own journey across the sky, interrupted only momentarily by the passage of the dragons on their own chase. Rising from the clouds, catching sight of Umniyath's radiance, even Dhonzayth flounders for a moment, blinded by her golden glory. And then, her wingstrokes begin again, and with a croon, he's trying to find his beat, settling into a quick rhythm once more, as he continues to rise after her. « Gold dazzles all who see it. Gold is enough to turn the hearts of even the darkest. And yet, when all one touches turns to gold, one cannot eat. One cannot drink. One cannot appreciate what riches were already there. » Dhonzayth lectures a bit, even as he continues after the very same gold that has dazzled all of their senses.

Khufuth> Azaeth hits cloud, his warm wings covered with bits of condensation from the clouds and the flight up. He continues the chase upwards until they hit clear sky once again. The bronze makes sure to let out a thunderous roar to the gold upon his emergence. He was still there! Maybe the other chasers were not, but he was. The beads of water glisten on the bronze's wings and back, accentuating his musculature even as he works them to follow after her. The bronze is not one for singing or dancing, the best he can project are the taps, or other battle tunes. Instead he'll concentrate on the chase, pumping his wings hard and fast to close the gap between them.

K'ris will simply remain where he is - leaning against the wall, his weyrmate within an arms reach of him, even though he knows now not to touch. However, even the brownrider has surrendered to his lifemate, and now is letting the brown do the work, hoping that his luck will hold.

L'ton flicks his gaze open long enough to see the warning look from Lisle, before he's grinning, and slowly shaking his head. "Ain't moving, lil'bit.." He murmurs softly, as he does, in fact, stay right where he is, eyes closing again.

Khufuth> Zaruath soars up, Unmiyath's constant shadow in the skies as she continues towards the very heavens. His wings never strain as one expects, large enough to keep him afloat and after the daylight's brightest star. But the brown was the opposite, the darkness that surrounds the stars and the moon, singing as backup to shove the real beauty in the spotlight. The queen's story, her song, he can only enhance it. And that little broken dragon that didn't match up to the others continued to make the world more beautiful for the queen of all dragons. For what were wings and claws and teeth without acknowledging the beauty of the earth? Zaruath's forehead might be overgrown and his face unnaturally shaped, but he knew how to outfly and outsing his competitors, working through the skies as if it were the shadows that he zips and slips into, making sure to follow the queen's every move.

Khufuth> Umniyath reaches the pinacle of her flight and seems yet again to pause in the sky, arched in an elegent pose. Oh yes she is showing off today. She will make sure these boys know they are fighting for the greatest of prizes. She then arches her back and falls over backward and lets gravity take her into a freefall dive which she twists out of and snaps out her wings right above the cloud bank, her tail trailing into the cloud sending up wisps of moisture. She will show these boys she is not some old gold, she still has the moves in her.

F'yr looks surprised at the words coming out of K'ael, as if she couldn't believe that he can talk! "Wha—?" she asks, half fuzzily and slightly confused at his comment. But she sways a moment and then shakes her head fiercely at the bronze, shaking her hand at him as if it was her that dismissed him away from her. She scared him off, right? Now it's a downright leer towards Lisle, licking her lips as she takes a few steps away from the wall, just in case. Whether she needed to run at someone or run away from someone.

Khufuth> Khufuth hesitates in a thermal, letting it continue to carry him upwards, even as his thread has stopped moving, stopped guiding him, and instead is there. Love aglow, he's caught in awe, before his savior of the skies is launching herself backwards, and dropping away, back towards those clouds that they labored through so recently. Remembering that as she falls, he is rising, he's hurriedly pushing himself out of the thermal, folding his own sandy wings to dive after her, letting the moisture of the clouds lick at the dry sand of his belly, as he levels out, continuing his pursuit, the thread once more there to guide him. « The young man, he followed the thread, he followed it through the twists and turns. He escaped the dangers of the maze, escaped his fate to create a new one. » Khufuth own wings remain spread as he works hard, fleeing from the other males, and ever towards the golden Umniyath.

Khufuth> Azaeth is used to the golds showing off, though that didn't meant that it made Umniyath's form any less beautiful and enticing to him. But he's not used to golds showing him 'the moves'. The moves were usually saved for the greens! But if the lady of the hour wanted a bit of excitement, he could help provide. He takes a sharp left turn, his wings shifting him around until he's facing down towards the gold, and off he goes! Gravity works well for his bulk, and he zips along after her at a rather alarming speed. If one of the blue should be in his way… well, that would be the end of their chase this time around. When she stops above the clouds the bronze's wings extend, pressing down the air below him and slowing his decent so he can continue the horizontal chase after Umniyath. Even this big boy has some moves! Uninteresting as they are.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth watches Umniyath reach the pinnacle of flight, the pinnacle of golden perfection, the pinnacle of all that they desire and continue to strive for. Brassy wings keep him aloft, as he watches in awe, taking in every move that the golden queen makes, every beautiful nuance of Umniyath's flight, taking in her beautiful, youthful display. As she becomes a slave to gravity, he's doing much the same, folding his wings and dropping down to the clouds. « The man, he thought he would appreciate his gift, he thought it was all he could need, until he touched his daughter, and she turned to gold as well. He was heartbroken, and pleaded to be saved from the curse. » Dhonzayth, meanwhile, continues to be a slave to the gold, as he follows after her, unwilling to give her up without a fight.

Khufuth> Zaruath's music takes a dramatic pause as the golden star shines up at the climax of her upward flight, and then it takes a thunderous turn as she points downwards, and he tilts his wings and lets the wind out to follow like a dark missile. His thin form drops faster, swerving out of the way of any of the other chasers that might have tried the same move. The story has taken to colors, to music, to illustrate in pictures of the world he has traveled without any words of all the gorgeous things that life has to offer. Or rather, what he might be able to offer the Istan queen as he dives after and finally pulls up into a corkscrew, wings twisting before they snap back out to catch the air so that he can remain in her sights, moving out of the shadow and turning into a guardian that is ready to make his move when she decides she couldn't continue this story on her own.

Khufuth> Umniyath glides along the upper surface of the clouds. This flight will be a test of endurence and already the lone blue and a couple of browns and one old bronze has dropped out of the race. She skims the clouds until the are well over the forest surrounding the Weyr, though unseen below. Finally though she gives a bellow of challenge. This is the time boys, make your move. «Who will catch me tonight, you must fight for the privalage!» She declares and again it is to the darkening sky that she ascends, letting the red glow of the setting sun light upon her glowing hide. Making her look like a fireball in the sky, with that comet of a tail to tease the boys who chase her. More do fall out of the race until four are left. The gold glances over her shoulder, she will watch them show off to her…she dances in the sky between the quartet left in the chase, remaining …just out of each of their reach until she is ready.

Khufuth> Khufuth has outlasted many of the other suitors, as they all fall short of the ultimate freedom that is Umniyath, none of them having the golden thread to guide them to her heart. Skimming over the clouds, wings tiring, the sandy bronze is unwilling to give up, as the setting sun is his very witness. With a new burst of energy, given to him by her very challenge, he's winding and turning, sliding in and out of thermals to find the best spot to watch her from, to finish his tale in the glory of the red sun. He can only hope that his story has intrigued the golden queen Umniyath enough to let him linger with her throughout the night. « The boy turned the last corner, and saw the setting sun in the distance, red against the horizon. But, he was not alone, for as he wound up the last of the thread, he found his love, and he pulled her into a long embrace - Love conquered. » And, as Khufuth is finishing his tale, the brown is dropping after Umniyath, longing to pull her once more into his own embrace, and to twine the threads of necks and tails together, in Rukbat's glow, talons and neck outstretched.

Khufuth> Azaeth is a big meanie. He's glad to see the unworthy fall away from the chase. Unfortunately he still catches a few glimpses of his clutchbrother hanging on as the battle continues. Off they race over the plains of fluffy white for what seems like an eternity. How perfect it would be, if only there were not any other chasers around. But there was no time to dwell on wishes of victory celebrations just yet. The victory must be earned, first! When Umni issues her final challenge, he rushes in with the rest of the herd. The growl that escapes from Azaeth muzzle is deep and loud like thunder roaring across the sky. If it is a fight the lady wants, he can provide. As he ascends there is a shove or a lash for any of his comrades who dare to come too close or to try and hinder him. Up and up he goes, ready to take her up in his claws at the moment she deems proper.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth seems to take heart, as the pack begins to thin, and as there are only four suitors left after the great test of endurance, he has found a new burst of energy, a new meaning to his quest. Brassy hide is licked with wisps of moisture from the clouds, each stroke stroke of his pale wingsails creating twists and curves in the fluffy whiteness, before he ascends after her, following her yet again to the peak, keeping her court in the darkening heavens. As the firey golden Umniyath continues to tease them, he is unwilling to leave his tale unfinished. « The man, he got his wish. He washed in the river, turning it to gold, as the power washed away from him, and his daughter was returned to him. It was then, he realized that what he had was more precious than all the gold in the world, and that his daughter was worth a thousand times her weight in the metal. Just as you are. » Dhonzayth trumpets his intentions, before he's attempting to slide into place with her, wings and talons outstretched, hoping to show her how much she is worth, if he may be judged worthy.

Khufuth> Zaruath remains in the skies, much to the surprise of many observers most likely. The brown that had trouble flying, that was told he couldn't last or even catch— well, at least he lasted for now! His wings straining, the leading edge rakes against the clouds as he pushes every bit of air behind him to draw himself closer. His vibrating vocals are trumming with energy as the music draws up to its final stanza and the competitors draw to a close around the shining queen, one which makes his ichor boil in his body to have, the dragon in his story growing above all the others, that was able to accomplish more than anyone else! If only… if only. Zaru's dark wings ache, his music halts as he snaps towards the more aggressive bronzes, especially his clutch brother, and he aims to slip himself into any crack so that his dark embrace can hopefully manage to snag himself the impossible.

Khufuth> Umniyath teases each male still in the chase, trying to drive them higher and faster. Challenge them to the ultimate test. She side slips to Khufuth, the weyrmate. He is strong for a brown…but he is not what she seeks today. Then to the other brown. Oh what an accomplishment that this little brown is still in the race. Her tail flickers just out of his reach and she gives an encouraging warble to him, but again she sideslips just out of his reach as well. It is to bronze she wishes to give herself today and she positions herself between the strong bronzes, both her children, but those memories long lost. They are not hers anymore. She angles from one to the other, indeciveness apparent in her motions, but also is weariness she can not hold this decision any longer. It is to the larger of the pair that she faulters into, whether by intent or exhaustion it is not clear, but it is beneath Azaeth she finds herself trapped.

Khufuth> Khufuth fails to embrace Umniyath in this flight, and as he clutches only air, he trumpets, crying out his loss, even as he spirals quickly down, towards the forest below, unwilling to bear witness to the large bronze's catch.

Khufuth> Dhonzayth finds himself with out the golden queen, without that which he valued so very much. Spiraling, and spiraling again, he cries out, echoing Khufuth's own words, lashing out at Azaeth from a distance, before he's falling groundwards as well.

Khufuth> Azaeth keeps a close watch on Umniyath's movement. This way. That way. Finally Azaseth spots an opening for himself, and moves in to grasp her. There's one last trumpet of triumph before the large bronze descends with his prize.

Khufuth> That tail! Zaruath was nearly sure that victory was his, trying his hardest to reach her when she moves aside instead. Even as he tries to redirect his flight back to her path, exhaustion sweeps through him so heavily that he shudders and starts dropping away fast from the other losing competitors, crooning mournfully at his own loss to the point that he has no energy left to even wish ill on his bronze brother. Or strike Azaeth, seeing he was so far away. His wings lock enough to glide him to safety, away from forest and rock and back to the bowl where he can rest for about a decade.

K'ris lets out a cry, eerily similar to that of his brown far above, at the realization that not only was Khufuth not the lucky one, but that Azaeth was. Its then that his eyes are snapping open, and he looks far more defensive than the normally meek man could be expected to be, and he's turning a long, cold glare on the young bronzerider, hands balling into fists at his side. With a final look at Lisle, biting his lip, even though he's still reluctant to leave his spot, between her and them.

K'ael finally moves away from the wall as the flight comes to a close. There's a sharp eye for anyone near the goldrider and a look that only means one thing: back away. His muscles tighten as he approaches K'ris. There's only a few seconds that K'ael can hold back Azaeth's temper, then if the brownrider doesn't step aside he'll be shoved aside by K'ael.

From L'ton's reaction, its clear that its just another reason to hate K'ael. Hesitating for a moment, looking to K'ris, and almost feeling sorry for the brownrider, before he's taking off to meet his lifemate, and go beg for pity from his weyrmate.

Coming back to, F'yr looks like she wants to lose her breakfast in the corner. Which she is very likely to do, seeing how she was swaying all dizzy-like then. She takes a moment to compose herself and try to figure out which way is which, not even interested in the potential fight over Lisle. She'll have to hear about it later, but for now the teen was going to run out of there as fast as her short legs can carry her, probably to go barf in a bush. Or hide. Or both.

As the end drew near the flight, Lisle just pressed herself into the corner and closed her eyes, breath catching in her throat. So completly lost with her lifemate she is, conflicting emotions dash across her features. Triumph, sadness, regret and victory…for each one passed and chosen. As the catch is made she lets out a rush of breath and her clipboard drops to the ground from nerveless fingers and when she opens her eyes it is with Umniyath gaze she does look. There is a look to K'ris, a brief moment of clarity, so close in front of her, her fingers reaching out to him, but there is confusion on her face. She is drawn there but right now…it does not seem right, and confusion tightens her brow and she looks past him to the departing L'ton and F'yr before settling on K'ael.

K'ris wouldn't stand a chance, and while the brownrider would likely sacrafice whatever he could, to prevent the man that hurt his weyrmate so badly from touching her, he sees the look on her face, and withdraws in a rush, hoping that the pair do not end up at their Weyr.

K'ael doesn't have to punch anyone, hooray! He doesn't want to be known as that weyrleader guy who punches other guys after a flight. That was not a good guy to be known as. Once K'ris has removed himself, he takes hold of Lisle's hand for a moment… then decides to just scoop her up and run. There he goes! Off to the guest weyrs, most likely.

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

M'iken is laying in bed, one leg slung over her bent knee that's bouncing slightly. She knew about the flight, felt it in her core, but rather than participating in it, she sent Meluth over to another area so she could stay and watch over Zelik so he wouldn't end up alone all night. So now she's just waiting to see whether or not L'ton won or if he's comming back.

L'ton is coming back, and the bronzerider seems to be dealing with both a bit of anger, as well as a whole lot of the lust that comes with the aftermath of a flight. Dhonzayth, for his part, can't be off the ledge quickly enough, once L'ton is on the ground, the bronze going to find some other way to busy himself for the time being. L'ton's stalking pauses only for a moment, to spot Mai on the bed, before he's zeroing in on her, reaching for her shoulders, aiming for a long kiss in greeting.

M'iken hears when Dhon lands and takes off again, internally breathing a small sigh of relief. When she sees L'ton she sits up just in time to be grabbed for that kiss, which she sinks into readily. Her hands move to rest on his arms, attempting to keep him there for a nice passionate kiss she's been itching to plant on him since she noticed the flight.

Thankfully, goldflights tend to effect everyone in the vicinity, not just those lucky (or unlucky) enough to be involved directly. As Mai sits up into the kiss, hands resting on his arms, L'ton seems to relax, moving to wrap his arms around her, pulling her into him as he settles down on the bed with her, not letting go. "Mai.." He murmurs, pulling away for breath, before he's giving her another kiss. Thank goodness Zelik's in bed.

It could be viewed as a lucky break, but had L'ton not come back up to the weyr, it would have been a long evening indeed for Mai. When she's pulled into bed she wraps herself around his body, wanting to be close to him. "I'm so glad you're here." She murmurs out, before kissing him back. hopefully Zelik will stay asleep, he's been there for a while now…

"Ah'm so glad that yer here, ta, Mai.." L'ton says, rolling to pin her to the bed, looping his leg over hers, keeping them pinned, as he's hurriedly kissing her neck, her collarbone, her ears, everywhere. "Ah was worried ya'd have gone off.." He says softly, fingers exploring her body, even as his kisses do the same.

M'iken mmmm's lightly when she's pinnned to the bed and his lips move all around her. Her hands get to work trying to get his clothes off so she can get her fingers pressed against bare skin. "Where would I have gone?" She asks playfully, turning her head in an attempt to capture his lips with her own.

"Mmm, dunno. Somwhere ta hide, or something." He says softly, pulling away far enough to pull his shirt over his head, fingers finding hers to do the same, chuckling as he catches her for the kiss. "Hey there, beautiful.." He murmurs, hands curling at her sides, fingers plucking at her waistband.

M'iken is happy when his shirt is finally gone and just shakes her head lightly. "Ah, well, I suposse that could have happened, but then I wouldn't have had you up here and with me now, would I." She says, lifting her torso off the bed a little so her own shirt can be pulled off. "Hey yourself." She says, grinning toothily. Reaching down to unfasten her pants she helps with those as well, eager to get them off.

"Mmm, then Ah'd be all 'lone with a drink, wondering where my beautiful weyrmate got herself off ta." He says softly, grinning back at her before he's tugging her pants off, and then his, sending them flying across the weyr, before he's pressing himself against her again, enjoying the feel of skin on skin. "It dun matter, cause Ah have ya all ta myself.." He murmurs, as he begins to trail kisses, laying claim to her.

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