After the flight there was the lake trip, after the lake trip came the loss of all willpower and clothing. At some point they stumbled into one of the empty ground weyrs and L'ton found out first hand just how much of an idle threat Taira was making about biting. With the action over there now comes the warm fuzzy feeling, the slow returning to full sense and soon will come the realisation of what just happened. But for now Taira's happy to lie in his arms, curled up against his chest.

As of now, L'ton has yet to begin to regret his actions, despite the whole biting thing, thankfully that warm fuzzy feeling is still dominating his thoughts, as he keeps his arms around the young bluerider, tilting his chin to rest it softly against the top of her head, sighing contently. Fingers absently trace a line on her arm, and his eyes are closed, though slowly he's beginning to open his eyes, and look around him.

Taira lets out a little happy noise and burrows a little closer, boldly hooking ankle over ankle before she opens her eyes. There's a slight blinking as she tries to figure out why her bedroom wall looks different, but for now she's not too bothered by it.

L'ton chuckles softly at the sound that comes from Taira, squeezing her a bit, and letting her hook her ankle over his, his hand continuing to softly rub her arm. L'ton, however, remembers perfectly well where he is, and he's looking this way and that, before he's glancing down at the young woman in his arms, and he's tensing a bit. "Hey.." He says after a moment, looking at the top of her head.

Taira's hand was just moving to his chest, but then he spoke and broke the moment. That wasn't the right voice, and the shock is evident on her face. Very very slowly she tilts her head up, and the second she confirms that she's in bed with a 'strange' man there's another noise that comes from her - this one of panic. Immediately her head drops back down again, but that points her eyeline towards bits she really should not be looking at. "Oh shells." Her leg is snatched back and she shuffles away quickly so she can confirm that she just really messed up.

L'ton remains tense as she tilts her head up, and as she's panicking, he's quickly pulling his arms away from her, holding them up to let her move without any issue. As she shuffles away, L'ton is reaching for the covers, pulling them up, to cover both of them, and he's very, /very/ careful to make sure his eyes do not wander from her face. "Ah… Ah'm sorry, lil'bit.." He says, seemingly as worried as she is, despite his reputation.

Taira backs all the way up out of the bed. "Oh no. Oh no." She tries to not look at him, but can't help but stare — it even takes a moment before she realises she's standing there with nothing on and makes a snatch for the covers so that she can cover herself. "You… you…." She waves a finger vaguely at him, colour draining from her face as it all comes flooding back. What he did. More importantly, what /she/ did. "Oh shells."

L'ton snatches at the covers as she grabs at them, even as he's pointedly looking at anything but her, managing to hold onto the sheet to cover himself while she makes off with the rest of them. "Ah…" He shakes his head, only now looking back at her. "Ya, lil'bit.." He says slowly, scooting over, and nodding his head at the far corner of the bed. "Sit, lil'bit.. before ya fall over." He murmurs, already looking away, attempting to find the location of his clothes.

"You're naked!" Taira's voice is a squeak as she states the very obvious, "I need to go. I… have you seen my trousers?" Underwear she can go without, especially considering how small her chest has remained, she needs the essentials though. A quick hunt of the area around her comes up clothing free, and it's then that she takes his advice - sliding down the wall into a sitting position, blanket clutched to her.

"So are ya." L'ton says quite simply, shaking his head, and he finds his pants on the far side of the room. After a moment, to watch her as she's sitting against the wall, he's carting the sheet off with him to retrieve his pants. "There, only partially naked." He says, before he's finding her pants as well, and tossing them in her general direction. "But, ya tend ta lose 'em, when what happened happens, ya know. Ya'll probably want to get used ta it." And now the Istan is rambling on, gaze again anywhere but on the quite young bluerider. Shards.

Taira's reply is another "Oh shells." She grabs her trousers quickly, trying to figure out some way of getting into them without showing anything at all - no matter how close of a view L'ton already got. "You followed me. And… and…." There's a moment where it looks like she might burst into tears, but she fights it. Her breath catches in her throat, though, making it pretty clear how things are.

"Ah.. Ah followed ya, but ya came with me.." L'ton counters, pulling the sheet back over his shoulders, as he is now pacing. As she looks flustered, and if she's going to cry, he shakes his head, and quickly turns his back, to give her some sort of privacy. "Ah.. Ah.." And then he's shaking his head, still not turning around. "Is there.. anything Ah can do ta.. Ta make up fer it?" And then he's resuming his pacing, murmuring to himself that she's not *that* young each time he turns.

Taira is having a similar problem, only in her case he's old. And not her boyfriend. "I thought you were…." she pauses, she didn't think he was anyone else. She wasn't thinking. "Can… can we never talk about this. Ever. I… I don't even know who you are!"

"Ah.. Ah ain't gonna say nothing ta nobody, don't ya worry." L'ton says very quickly, as he spots his shirt out of the corner of his eye, and is grabbing that to pull over his head. "Shards." He murmurs again, turning to look at Taira. "L'ton.." He says slowly. "Least ya dun have ta worry 'bout that no more." He says, tugging his shirt into place.

Taira's jaw drops. L'ton. /The/ L'ton. Another "Oh shells." erupts and this time she's hiding her head under the blanket. It's very quiet, but there's a definit "No, no, no, no, no." coming from under the blanket. Still covered she says, "Can you just… turn you back for a bit? I need to get dressed and I can't do that if you're looking."

"What?" He says after a moment, surprised by her reaction, shaking his head as she pulls the blanket over her head. "Course, lil'bit.." He murmurs, and he's doing just that, even going so far as to sit down on the floor, back to her, so that the bed is between them, as he starts to pull on his boots. "Ah.. Ah'm still sorry.." He says slowly, not looking at her.

Taira peeks out, dropping the blanket quickly and then hunting around for her shirt. She finds her underwear first, stuffing it in a pocket, then finally finding her shirt. She edges around, trying to make sure she keeps out of eyeline, before quickly slipping into her shirt. Now safely clothed she sinks back down onto the bed. "Yeah, me too."

"Ah… Uh… Ah… Ah hope yer boyfried ain't ta mad. Ah really weren't planning on this.." L'ton says, and as she settles back down on the bed, he's slowly moving to join her, even if its on the opposite edge. "Ah.. ya can't be much older than my daughter… Ah…" And he shakes his head again, unable to look at the bluerider. "Ya dun say anything, Ah won't say anything?" He bargains.

"Oh shells, don't say that. Please don't say that." Taira shudders a little, "I'm sixteen, okay. It's not like I'm still a kid." Well not completely. Then her mind drfits back to Ly'am and how he's going to take this - they had a deal after all. Once again there's a slight lip wobble, bu she fights it. "He'll be… he'll… he's won a flight before, it'll be okay. Just… yeah. Don't talk." she falls quiet for a moment then adds, almost to herself, "Need to go between."

"Still.." L'ton says, staring at his hands, shaking his head slightly, finally turning to look back at her. "Ah… Ah ain't gonna say anything. Ya… Ya go… go *between*. Ah.. Ah'm gonna go see my weyrmate.." He mutters, finding his jacket, and leaving the sheet behind as he goes to get it. "Ah.. Ah hope it ain't too bad fer ya." He says after a moment, tugging his jacket on, and in a visible rush to get out, and get home to his woman.

Taira shakes her head, "Bit sore, but I'll live." Now that he's leaving she's finally calming down a bit, "I'm sorry about your… yeah." He'll find out the damage soon enough. Pulling her legs to her, she drops her chin to her knees. She'll let go when he's safely gone, but not yet. "See ya."

L'ton stops in his path, turning back to look at her, watching as she pulls her legs to her body. "Did Ah.." He starts slowly, moving back towards her, though its at the same cautious pace at which one might approach a cornered animal. "Lil'bit…" He says softly, moving to kneel down a few armslengths from her, just watching.

Taira shakes her head, "Don't worry, someone else got there first. Just a bit… yeah. You're not like him." Flight lust does tend to make things a bit more vigorous than normal, and she gave as good as she got in many ways. But now her mind's drifting back to their deal, teenage ideas that don't quite match up with reality. Her voice cracks a little, "Don't you have a weyrmate to get home to?"

"Ah… Ah understand." Hesitating for another moment, he's nodding and slowly standing up, reaching to gently pat her shoulder before he's retreating. "Go.. Go see yer blue, and yer boy.. Ah.. Ah'm sorry, but whatever's wrong.. it'll be okay." He tries to sound convincing as he lingers on the threshhold, looking back at her one last time.

Taira nods, not glancing over at him this time. "Sure. Just need to… you know. I'm sorry too. I hope your weyrmate's okay with… everything." There's a pause, then she adds, "You're not half as bad as you're meant to be." A compliment, or as much of one as he's going to get.

"Thanks… Ah think." He murmurs, shaking his head, and nodding at her one last time before he's quietly leaving, tugging on the collar of his shirt as he goes, finally starting to take note of the damage the teen did.

Taira waits till he's completely gone before she lets the wall drop completely. Angry at him, at herself, at Bhezuth, even at Ly'am for not being there, she finally allows the tears to come. After a time the tears dry and she calls out for the blue to come to the bowl. The long between follows, but rather than heading back to her weyr she heads out towards the weyr orchard. Her safe space.

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